Computing Center Sitemap - Page 78 2013-07-16

WinBook X512
Affordable ultraportable has media center-like software for managing CD and DVD playback.

HP to Drop iPod
Apple's iTunes remain on HP PCs, but music players will exit from product lineup.

Compaq Presario 1800

Epson PhotoPC 3100Z

Casio QV-3500EX

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S75

Sparks Fly in Graphics Card Wars
Customers, game developers could be losers when vendors blast standards.

Intel Unleashes Speedy Notebook CPU
Exclusive PC World tests show impressive performance boost in first Tualatin-based notebook.

Digital Focus: Compose Great Photos
Isolate the focal point, fill the frame, learn the rule of thirds.

LG Electronics GCE-8400B

Pacific Digital Mach 48 CD-RW

Customers Reassured Amid Telecom Turmoil
FCC head seeks greater clout to keep service intact, though embattled executives promise support.

Samsung SW-232

Plextor PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A

Forgery Bill Could Criminalize Copying
Protecting non-physical authentication could extend legislation to digital material, threaten fair use.

Home Office: More Web Sleaze
Sick of fending off threats from the Net? Me, too. Also, "nonsense" defined.

IBM ThinkPad G40

The Secret Cost of Notebooks
Repairs can rapidly raise the price premium of portable systems.

Casio Exilim Pro EX-P600
The EX-P600 sets the standard for in-camera help systems.

Sun's Take on Linux
Forgetting that his mama always told him not to look into the sun, our Free Software guru takes a look at Sun's edition of Linux.

Toshiba Satellite P25-S670
A big screen and the Microsoft Media Center OS create a near-perfect entertainment notebook.

I Want My MobiTV
Service lets you travel with live television streamed to your cell phone.

Blogging on the Run in Boston
Cingular sponsors students capturing vignettes of convention via cell phones with cameras.

Sharp LL-T15G4
Business monitor delivers premium-quality text at a moderate price.

ViewSonic VG510s
Monitor touted for graphics delivers exceptional text.

Microsoft Plugs 'Critical' IE Hole
Users urged to not wait for Windows XP service pack, and to apply cumulative patch now.

Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom
Olympus makes its latest Ultra Zoom smaller and improves its video capabilities.

Canon PowerShot Pro1
Canon packs 8-megapixel imaging in a surprisingly small and functional package.

Olympus EVolt E-300
This rugged SLR is fast and can shoot in long bursts, but it requires specific lenses.

HP DVD Writer Dvd200i

Pioneer DVR-A04

Sony DRU-120A

AOL Readies Enhanced Video Site
Portal will offer video-on-demand channels from companies like MTV, TNT, and TBS.

Microsoft to Charge for Office 2007 Beta 2
Users will have to pay $1.50 to download a copy of the software.

LCD TV Price Declines May Not Last
Looking for a bargain on a big, flat-panel TV? You may want to buy soon.

Linksys Small-Business Wi-Fi Grows Up
Company unveils new products designed to bring big business features to small shops.

Nonprofit May Manage Boston's Wi-Fi
Mayor suggests a different approach for citywide Internet access project.

Vista's Voice Recognition Stammers
System proves a bit hard of hearing in demo for financial analysts.

AOpen CRW1232A

Perfect Pictures With a Double Exposure
Compensate for bad lighting conditions with this slick trick.

Fast Downloads, Beyond Browsing, Dancing Doodles
Speed up downloads with the power of sharing, do more in one browser, and bring stick figures to life.

Tech Conference Promotes Philanthropy
Nonprofits, kids services are part of the program at Computer Associates event.

This Internet Phone Call's for You
Steve's guide to making cheap calls over the Internet.

Sharing Photos Is Easy; Printing Them Is the Pits
Online photo galleries can lift the load of printing photos. But offloading that task to friends and family may frustrate them.

AOpen Shows Intel's Answer to the Mac Mini
Small form factor PC is designed for living rooms and entertainment centers.

Microsoft Adds Support for RAW Images
Windows XP and Longhorn will give users better control over digital images.

Transmeta Sells Crusoe Chip Line
Hong Kong company will acquire the chip maker's older technology.

Microsoft To Make XML the Default in Next Office
New Microsoft Office Open XML formats will be the default in the next versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Laptop Security, Part 1
When it comes to security, we're all disasters waiting to happen. Adds Blog Search
Bloglines RSS reader also gets a search makeover.

Yahoo Unveils Video Site
Company hopes to capitalize on the growing popularity of online video services.

Skype, Vapps Team for Free Conference Calling
New service allows users to conduct free calls with as many as 500 participants.

F-Secure Patches Web Console Bug
Security firm urges updates to close possible vulnerability.

Group Adds Alternative to Net 'Tiers'
Think tank plan would give ISPs leeway in Net neutrality, but set minimum standards.

Kazaa Set to Hatch Points Program
Swapper software will offer prizes, cash for space on your hard drive.

Spam Wars Get Serious
Congress sizes up a selection of antispam proposals.

Acer TravelMate 655LCi

Alienware Area-51m

Dell Inspiron 8500

Gateway 600X

Toshiba Satellite 2455-S305

Apple PowerBook G4 (17-inch)

Telling of Terrorist-Tracking Tech Tools
Civil liberties groups, some lawmakers remain wary of deep databases.

Contax TVS Digital

Minolta DiMage F300

Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph

HP Photosmart 935

PC Troubles? Try Troubleshooting
PCs suffer weird problems that seem to appear out of nowhere. Fight back.

Last-Minute Freebies
When stuff you don't need anymore absolutely, positively has to leave your premises--right now!

Flat-Panel TVs: Time to Go Skinny?
They're getting bigger and cheaper. No wonder more people are buying new-fangled LCD and plasma TVs. Which is better?

Digital Projectors
One family's LCD TV alternative.

Top 10 LCD Monitors
15-inchers for your computing life.

Windows Media Player Revamped
Microsoft refines copyright-protection scheme to better support portable devices.

Wearable Tech Helps in a Crisis
Emergency crews find crucial data fast by using rugged portable devices.

Live Anywhere Adds Platform
Microsoft endorses Brew technology for gameon mobile phones and other handheld devices.

HP Hit With Funlove Virus Again
Company inadvertently distributed a virus with a printer driver, security vendor says.

Phishing Scam Takes Aim at
Social networking site is increasingly a target for identity thieves.

Flaw Found in Windows XP, Server 2003
Security hold could lead to denial-of-service attacks on certain applications.

AOL Restores E-Mail After Glitch
Delayed messages are delivered, but cause of the outage is unknown.

Mozilla Squashes Bugs
Firefox, Thunderbird users urged to update to patch serious flaws.

Microsoft Drops PDF From Office
Update: Support for Adobe's format withdrawn after legal threat. Customer Data Stolen
Theft of more than 200,000 credit card numbers reported.

Schools Cry Bully Over Microsoft Licensing Fees
Audit requirements are forcing some schools districts to consider open-source software.

Spammers Claim Rights, Too
Opt-In Marketing Services challenges antispam efforts, organizations in court.

Digital Focus: Wildlife Photography at the Zoo
Take great animal shots without risking life, limb, or poison ivy.

Amax Elite 6033D

Gateway 400SP Plus

Gateway 450X

Micro Express NP1024A

Toshiba Satellite Pro M15-S405

Pentax Optio S

Adaptec Tools Turn PC Into Media Center
VideOh adds video recording, editing functions to an existing PC.

Toshiba PDR-4300

Three Minutes: Godfathers of the Spreadsheet
As VisiCalc turns 25, originators Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, and Dan Fylstra recall when people wondered what a spreadsheet was.

Avoid VoIP Gotchas
Voice over IP can save you money, if you can avoid the traps.

A Tangled Web of Taxes
The rise of tax-free voice-over-IP phone services gives new urgency to the ongoing debate over Internet taxation.

Apricorn's USB Hard Drive Goes Portable
EZ Bus Mini models need no AC adapter to give up to 40GB of storage capacity.

Spam Gets Dangerous
What isn't getting blocked is turning vicious, warn security experts at e-mail conference.

Be a Blog Author
Weblog editors let you create posts offline, with all the embellishments you want. You'll never be at your blog server's mercy again.

Sharp to Sell 65-Inch LCD TVs
Mammoth HDTVs won't come cheap, and they may not be easy to come by.

Nvidia's Next Graphic Chips Coming Soon
Upgrade to the popular GeForce 6800 line will be available next month.

Are Virus Writers Creating a Super Worm?
Recent rash of Mytob worm variants has some security experts concerned.

Look Familiar? Apple's IPod and Mini Designs 'Inspire' Other Makers
Look-alikes for Apple's music players and tiny desktop show up at Computex trade show.

Sys Performance 1700

Files Highlighted in Our July Issue

Avoid Windows XP Envy
Power up your current OS (and have fun) with these Windows favorites.

NVidia Unveils NForce PC Chip Set
Company to challenge Intel and Via with strong graphics, PC performance.

Critics Say Orbitz Stokes Web Airfare Wars
Airlines partner to launch shared site, but rivals and regulators consider antitrust concerns.

Verizon Drops DSL Fees
Latest deal cuts monthly costs for do-it-yourselfers, and plugs retail partners.

Minolta Ships Speedy Small-Office Laser Printer
PagePro 1250E prints 17 pages per minute and costs $299, with add-on copier option.

QuickTime 6 Preview Debuts
Apple offers downloadable beta, touting its MPEG-4 support and add-on real-time network support.

Frequently Asked Photo Questions
Answers to the most nagging questions about editing, printing, and hardware.

Home Office: Burn a DVD, Go to Jail
Do's, don'ts, and other good advice. Plus, more Clippy bashing.

Microsoft Updates Project
Product 2003 will feature tighter integration with Office.

Privacy Policies Neglected, Abused
Surfers and sites urged to pay closer attention.

Clean Up Your MP3 Collection
Tunes in a tizzy? Here's how to get them organized in a few easy steps.

Government Computers Still Exposed
Agencies describe bug-patching problems that render systems vulnerable to cyberattack.

Polywell Poly 830K7-1000

AMD Launches Multiprocessor Athlon
Processor and chip set could challenge Intel's dominance in workstations and small servers.

Via Demos P4 Chip Set, Low-Power CPU
Company shrugs off patent issues, plans imminent release of first DDR-based chip set for P4.

ELSA Gladiac 920

Home Office: Bass's Top Tips for Better Computing
Troubleshoot, dodge disasters, find a lost taskbar.

Archos Puts 20GB in Your Pocket
MiniHD 20GB puts data in 6.5-ounce package for easy transport.

Digital TV Faces Copy Controls
Industry report recognizes problem of piracy, but proposed remedies meet with dissent.

Mobile Computing: Gifts for Grads and Dads
Small notebooks, powerful PDAs, and mobile multimedia.

Music Downloads: Is It Time to Pay?
You've heard the saying "I got it for a song." But how much is a song really worth? That's one question music lovers are asking now that Apple's ITunes digital music store has opened its online doors.

Microsoft Plays Politics
Its antitrust experience has awakened the software giant to the benefits of funding trips and campaigns.

All-in-One Security Suites: Chat Transcript
Senior Associate Editor Narasu Rebbaprada answers questions about security and privacy during her live Web chat on May 30.

COMPUTEX: Acer Predicts PC Market Rebound
Companies are working together to attract buyers, executive says.

COMPUTEX: Intel to Launch Chip Offensive
Company will introduce new dual-core chips designed for desktops, notebooks, and servers.

COMPUTEX: BenQ Readies Blu-ray Disc Burner
Drive, coming later this year, will be able to read and write CDs and DVDs.

COMPUTEX: Toshiba Claims Highest-Density Hard Drive
Device is expected to be used in a new audio player designed to rival the iPod.

Microsoft Live Labs Releases New Security Services
One Web-based service provides authentication; another connects P-to-P applications.

Tech Support When You Need It
Sites, tips, and advice for getting tech support when you need it.

Acer Veriton 3200

Net2Phone Brings Voice Over IP to Telephones
VoiceLine service debuts, accepting inbound Internet calls from any phone.

Tomorrow's Displays Are Looking Good
Look for thinner, brighter, finer, cheaper monitors--both large and tiny--in the near future.

MicronPC Refocuses on Small Business, Niches
Under new ownership, PC vendor shifts to government, small business, and education amid price-cutting competition.

AMD's 1.4-GHz Athlon Sets Benchmark Record
Polywell system, among the first to use newest chip, tops PC WorldBench scores; 950-MHz Duron also ships.

CardScan 600c Pulls Business Cards Into Your PIM
Dedicated business-card scanner and contact manager lets you deep-six that dog-eared stack of cards.

Mobile Computing Tips: Take a PDA Instead of a Notebook
Tips and tools that make a handheld device as useful as a notebook.

Can the Net Even Be Made Safe for Kids?
After court strikes site-blocking law, debate rises over whether software or laws can do the job.

Could Broadband Become the Law?
Lieberman's push for universal access draws both support and concern over playing technological favorites.

A Night in the Hotel Room of the Future
PC World tests the gadgets and gizmos of a roving techie's dreams.

Webbys Recognize Best Sites
Digital awards revealed online only in their seventh year.

Secret TiVo Tips and Tweaks
Whether you want to check the time or add more channels or storage to your favorite digital video recorder, we can show you how.

Reports: Apple to Switch to Intel Chips
Steve Jobs is expected to make the announcement on Monday, published reports say.

Lenovo Readies ThinkPad Tablet PC
Convertible version of the ThinkPad X41 is expected to be announced this week.

Dell Readies High-End PC Line
New category will consist of desktops and notebooks priced between $1200 and $3500.

Vendors Show Skype, VoIP Handsets
Hardware makers are hoping to capitalize on the popularity of Internet telephony services.

Xi MTower 64 AGE-SLI
Powerhouse performer with massive storage should appeal to high-end gamers.

Gateway 9310XL
Inexpensive power system boasts large-scale storage and high-quality surround sound.

What bugs you about Windows?

Sophisticated media PC is worthy of a place in your living room.

It's Official: Apple Switches to Intel
Steve Jobs says getting OS X to work with both IBM and Intel processors has been in the works for five years.

Low-cost media center PC will appeal to price-sensitive customers.

Citigroup Loses Data on 3.9 Million Customers
Urges customers to protect identity after computer tapes with personal info don't arrive.

Who Is Controlling Your Bluetooth Phone?
Researchers describe new way to attack you, even if phone security features are on.

More on Your Photos and the Law
More thorny questions and commonsense answers.

Improve Web Video, Send Windows for a Loop
Watch HD video, see crisper video IM, and navigate your open windows in a whole new way.

COMPUTEX: Acer to Launch HD DVD Laptop
Computer, coming later this month, will also feature a 20.1-inch screen.

COMPUTEX: Kingston Shows First Portable Media Player
Memory maker readies its own iPod rival.

COMPUTEX: Acer Plans LCD TV Push
Notebook maker is turning its attention to products for your living room.

COMPUTEX: Shuttle Offers Complete Media Center System
Company won't offer a barebones Media Center PC, saying it requires special training to configure the systems.

HP Aims New Notebook at Small Businesses
Compaq 6325 will feature an optional 11-hour battery and docking station that has its own 160GB hard drive.

Net2Phone Sues Skype
Company claims eBay and its Skype unit have infringed on its VoIP patent.

COMPUTEX: Intel Looks Beyond Entertainment With Viiv
Intel's Viiv platform may eventually include communications, e-health and home automation tools.

COMPUTEX: Intel Chip Set Marks Start of AMD Offensive
P965 Express chip set will work with new Core 2 Duo desktop processors.

Samsung May Switch Origami CPU to AMD
Intel may no longer be inside ultraportable device, says report.

Toshiba Equium 8000S

Economic Woes Hit PC Sales
Analysts blame general economic downturn for declining U.S. PC sales and lower growth overseas.

Handspring Accepts Trade-Ins for New Visors
Handheld vendor gives $100 for its own or competitors' products when you buy the latest Visor Edge.

Compaq Ships Presario With 1.4-GHz Athlon
Home computing family supports AMD's newest, fastest Athlon and Duron chips.

Dell Inspiron 8200

Did Toshiba Flub Notebook Fix?
Solution for shutdown-prone Satellites leads to performance problems, say some frustrated owners.

Repair Scanned Photos
Got lots of photos that looked abused? Scan them and clean them up.

The 411 on 911
Access to 911 emergency services is one of the most controversial issues in VoIP today. Here's what it's all about--and what it means for you.

Big Screens and Better Prices
Many 42-inch plasmas now cost less than you might expect.

LG Electronics 42PX4D
This loaded plasma TV offers every feature you could want, and for the most part it displays good images--with some notable exceptions.

Though not as flashy as most competitors, this plasma panel offers serious performance for videophiles.

Pioneer PDP-4350PU
An uneven performer, this plasma TV breezes through some tasks and stumbles in others.

Panasonic TH-42PX25U/P
The TH-42PX25U/P offers sufficient evidence that Panasonic can make good TVs, but it could have done better with this plasma model.

Dell W4200HD
The slick design and low price are appealing, but this plasma TV doesn't stand up to the big dogs on image quality.

Sony WEGA KDE-42XS955
This plasma TV set's weak color diminishes the overall picture.

Fujitsu P42HHA40US
This bare-bones plasma panel is pricey, especially considering its minimal features and so-so overall performance.

Philips 42PF9966/37
Gorgeous color and a unique lighting system make this plasma TV appealing, but a few missing features give us pause.

Microsoft Releases Patching Tools
Long-delayed Microsoft Update, Windows Server Update Services are now available.

Does Firefox Contain an Old Security Flaw?
Updated browser has reintroduced a seven-year-old vulnerability, security company claims.

Apple Faithful Learn to Like Oranges
Industry analysts and Mac users weigh in on the company's decision to use Intel processors.

Why Aren't Portable Media Players More Popular?
Makers of the devices are hoping the addition of digital TV will spur sales.

Canon PowerShot A520
The 4-megapixel PowerShot A520 offers a generous 4X zoom and many advanced controls for a low price.

Kodak EasyShare Z740
The EasyShare Z740 simplifies photo sharing and offers a powerful 10X zoom, but its manual controls are difficult to use.

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
Here's how to protect your privacy and your data with strong passwords--plus some ideas for tormenting squirrels.

Guide to PC World's Top Printer Tips and Tricks
Here's a detailed list of PC World's most useful printing guides, tweaks, tips, and tutorials.

AOL Users: You've Got E-Mail Ads
Pitches are sliding from welcome pages to perch in messages, in latest fund-raising effort.

Microsoft Enhances MSN Spaces
Networking functions, Gadget support will join blogging and hosting services.

COMPUTEX: Microsoft Still Working on Tiny Haiku PC
Origami ultra-mobile PCs are just part of a growing family of small PC devices.

Man Settles Charges of Google AdWord Misuse
Man pays $2000 for allegedly using Microsoft name to trick consumers into buying ineffective antispyware products.

COMPUTEX: Via Readies Vogue PCs
Users will be able to dress up their computers with a case to fit their own style.

COMPUTEX: Nvidia's Quad SLI Not on Display
Drivers for the high-end graphics technology are not yet available.

HP Recalls Digital Cameras
Photosmart R707 is deemed a fire hazard from overheated battery.

COMPUTEX: No DDR3 Memory This Year, Intel Says
Market won't be ready for the third generation until 2007, manager says.

AOL Users Object to E-Mail Ads
Even longtime customers threaten to quit after AOL puts ads into e-mail messages.

VisionTek GeForce3

Three Minutes With Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
Blockbuster's nemesis discusses online DVD rentals, movies via broadband, and surviving the dot-com fallout.

Watch for Falling Prices!
PC World editors sniff out bargains so you don't have to.

I-Drive Turns Corner, Ends Free Web Storage
Online storage services shift focus, leaving customers seeking backup alternatives.

Dell Inspiron 2650

Everything You Didn't Know About JPEG
Though it's nearly universal, the JPEG format is still confusing.

Disco Umbrellas and Other Gadgets
From mice to multimedia, check out some new products for home, work, and on the road.

Cell Phone Gripes? We Want to Hear 'Em!
This is your chance to vent about problems you've encountered with your cell phone service.

DVD-RAM Hits Surprising Speeds
Rewriteable DVD formats may soon equal the performance of their write-once relatives.

Cool Gifts for Dads and Grads
Need to fork over more presents for loved ones? We've got your back.

Google Woos Book Publishers
Search giant uses a publishing conference to promote--and defend--its Google Print service.

Toshiba Readies Write-Once HD-DVDs
Discs, which will offer three times the storage of today's DVD-R discs, will be available next year.

Microsoft to Ship Modified Windows XP
A version of the OS without Windows Media Player will be available in Europe next week.

Top 5 Internal Hard Drives
Need more storage? The top-ranked internal hard drives will fill the bill. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 External Hard Drives
External hard drives aren't as fast as internal models, but they are great for backups and are easy to install. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 SLR Cameras
Single-lens reflex cameras offer powerful features and the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, so you can shoot like the pros. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Laptop Security, Part 2
Tips on protecting your data, should fate--or a criminal--separate you and your notebook.

Your Privacy Under Siege
The government wants Internet firms to store records about you so that it can have them if necessary for an investigation. Should you worry?

First Look: Toshiba's HD DVD-Playing Notebook
New Qosmio G35-AV650 lets you play high-definition content almost seamlessly.

Congress To Vote on Net Neutrality
Lawmakers debate allowing ISPs to restrict or enhance access.

TiVo Delivers Internet Video to TVs
New TivoCast service will allow subscribers to watch Internet videos on their television.

Man Accused of Selling Hacked VoIP Services
Miami man is charged for allegedly stealing phone services and then reselling them to unknowing customers.

AOL Offers Security Tool
Free diagnostic tool checks security settings of PCs and home networks.

Google Develops Browser Sync Tool for Firefox
New utility does not work with other browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Defends Antipiracy Tool
Does utility track activity after verifying Windows is a legit copy, user asks.

Google Crushes Competitors
Search engine handles nearly 60 percent of Web's queries, study shows.

Microsoft Readies a Dozen Patches
Tuesday update will patch Word bug, change how IE handles ActiveX controls.

Toshiba Portege 4010 Standard Splinters
PKWare, WinZip format changes jeopardize compatibility.

Drive Image 7 Beefs Up Backup
PowerQuest expands disk-imaging program's media support.

Booming Web Scam
Phishing is on the rise: Don't get tricked into divulging personal information online.

Don't Buy Your Next PC Just Yet. Honest.
Intel's upcoming chip set will offer PCI Express, faster memory, and a host of other new features.

Internet Cleanup Revamped
Aladdin enhances anti-spyware, identity protection features of security utility.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Canon makes a faster and smaller version of its consumer digital SLR.

Hotel Business Centers
Our criteria for finding the best of the bunch.

What's In a Name?
PalmSource will be renaming its OS, and Microsoft wants you to think "Windows Mobile," not "Pocket PC." Should you care?

HP Technology Lets Chips Live With Mistakes
Manufacturing technique will allow future chips to work in the presence of multiple defects.

Online Gamer Sentenced to Death for Murder
Dispute over the ownership of a virtual sword led to a real-life killing in Shanghai.

Seagate Boosts Notebook Storage
2.5-inch hard drive will use perpendicular recording technology to offer 160GB of storage.

Amax V4550+
This small desktop PC cuts a neat figure for tight spaces, but it lacks top-end components.

EMachines T6212
This sub-$1000 machine covers the basics, but little else.

Shuttle XPC P2500g
Loaded system in a compact case goes after gaming big dogs--and almost keeps up.

Olympus C-7070 Wide Zoom
Olympus boosts its rugged, wide-angle digital camera to 7 megapixels.

Monthly Update Time: Microsoft Plans to Issue 'Critical' Fixes
Also expect update to company's Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Canon PowerShot S70
This expensive, bulky point-and-shoot gives you more resolution and better picture quality than its competitors.

Oversold Security Threats?
Research firm names its top five overhyped risks.

Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital Elph
Easy-to-use camera is small enough to take everywhere, but its images aren't quite as nice as we'd like.

Top 5 All-Purpose Laptops
These laptops can do it all and are a great choice for most notebook users. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Power Laptops
These laptops are on the heavy side, but they're ideal replacements for desktop PCs. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes so check back frequently for the latest info.

Acer Ferrari F-20
Sports car design and fantastic wide-screen image quality cost less than you might expect.

Philips 200WB7
A full range of physical and screen adjustments doesn't cost a fortune in this wide-screen monitor.

NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2
Excellent wide-screen monitor makes a decent TV as well.

Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP
With a few adjustments, this wide-screen offers lots performance at a low price.

Asus PW201
This wide-screen monitor offers good performance, smooth adjustments, and entertainment inputs at low price.

Acer AL2051W
This bare-bones model offers good image quality for little cash.

Sony MFM-HT205
More television than desktop monitor, this attractive unit includes a TV remote.

ViewSonic VX2025wm
Inexpensive model is simple to use, but thin on features.

Roxio BackUp MyPC Deluxe 2006
Though unchanged since its last incarnation, BackUp MyPC is still a highly capable backup program.

Uniblue WinBackup 2.0 Standard
Backup app is easy to use but lacks disaster-recovery features; backing up open files costs extra.

EMC Retrospect 7.5 Professional
Powerful software offers numerous features, but its complex interface makes it better suited to IS professionals.

Genie-Soft Genie Backup Manager Professional 7.0
Easy-to-use package offers good media support and some great features, but its lack of disaster-recovery tools is limiting.

NovaStor NovaBackup 7.3
Program balances ease of use, price, features, and media support; the next update looks promising, too.

Panasonic PV-GS500
The PV-GS500 takes top-notch video and offers lots of manual controls for serious videographers.

Panasonic PV-GS300
This step down from the PV-GS500 has three CCD sensors, and offers serious shooters a lot of features.

Sony DCR-HC36 MiniDV Handycam
This low-cost MiniDV camcorder is easy to use, but video taken in low light is of below-average quality.

Canon Elura 100
This very small and low-cost camcorder offers a true wide-screen display, but lacks manual focus.

This boxy camcorder has three CCD sensors, but lacks a viewfinder and suffers from low battery life.

Canon Optura 600
This camcorder is very small and portable, has plenty of buttons for easy operation, and sports a bright LCD.

This camcorder has a very long zoom, but its low price is reflected in its low video quality.

Apple's iPod Goes Retro
Computex show sees debut of valve amps for iPods.

Watch for 16GB USB Flash Drives this Year
COMPUTEX: Storage vendors put big capacity into ever smaller devices.

Intel Unveils Network Visions
Secure VoIP, high-end wireless chips, and personal sensors are in your (near) future, researchers say.

COMPUTEX: With Vista, Bonus Laptop Displays?
Notebook vendors show outside-the-case secondary displays for easy access, enabled by next Windows.

Users of Aged Windows Face Risk
Microsoft warns of security problems for Windows 98, 98 SE and Me, all finally phased out.

McAfee Readies SiteAdvisor Enhancements
Web-blocking, e-commerce, and antiphishing features will be added to the software.

Microsoft Can't Patch Flaw in Windows 98, ME
Software giant had promised to fix the critical flaw, but now says that won't happen.

Could Your VoIP Phone Be Wiretapped?
Court upholds ruling requiring Internet phone providers to offer wiretapping capabilities to law enforcement agencies.

WinBook N4

AMD Pushes Athlon to 1.8-GHz
First tests find Intel, AMD match performance--but Athlon XP 2200+ is the better buy.

Volunteers Sought for Real-Time Web Translator
Worldwide Lexicon prepares peer-to-peer network of online dictionaries and translators to promote on-the-fly translation.

Digital Focus: Experiment With Black and White
Convert photos from color to black and white for dramatic effects.

Microsoft Gives FrontPage Preview
Office 2003 program sports enhanced XML, data integration tools.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
Twelve shortcuts that are more efficient than clicking a mouse and dragging a pointer.

AIM Hosts Online Meetings
AOL adds voice conference and Web meeting functions to its Instant Messenger.

Mapping the New Internet
Expert says it will take a new attitude to squash spam, wire your washer, and identify the next IM.

Dual-Core CPUs Arrive
Yes, they're tempting--but here's why you should wait to buy one.

Intel, Nokia Team on Mobile WiMax
Companies want to see the wireless networking technology standardized soon.

Chip Industry Gets Its Groove Back
People are buying more laptops and mobile phones, driving processor sales.

Toshiba Revamps Its IPod Drives
Smaller hard drives could lead to smaller digital audio players.

Fujifilm FinePix F10
This understated point-and-shoot specializes in low-light photography and offers top-quality images.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7
This compact camera takes very sharp photos and displays them on a large, bright LCD.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S90
This point-and-shoot offers some manual controls and a big LCD for a low price.

Best Products of 2006: Chat Transcript
Senior Writer Alan Stafford discusses the year's finest gear in a June 6 public chat.

Sceptre Soundx S7300

Top 5 Video Tools
Instead of watching a summer blockbuster, create your own.

Password Snafu Blocks Internet Access for Millions
MindSpring users at EarthLink encounter day-long 'authentication error.'

Nintendo Ships Game Boy Advance
High-powered portable video game player rolling into U.S. stores over the next two days.

Seagate Rolls Out Supersize Hard Drives
Company's latest budget drives store up to 40GB per platter, double the amount on average drives.

Downloads FAQ
If you have questions about finding, downloading, or opening files in our library, you'll probably find the answer here.

Digital Focus: Add Wild Special Effects
Use image-editing tricks to shrink the kids and put them in a jar.

Consumers Face Wiretapping Fee
FBI demand for new surveillance functions force telcos to upgrade equipment, forego new customer services.

Home Office: Want to Copy DVDs? Try These Tools
Great software, slick tips, and a word from our lawyers.

Philips Unveils Mirror TV
Pricey combo device lets you watch TV, data, or yourself.

Odds Go Against Online Gambling
Congress cracks down on Internet payments to virtual casinos.

So Long, Sony; Hello, Zire 72 and Axim X30
Sony gives Clie a rest; two hot new PDAs arrive.

PC World Spotlight on Budget PCs

Acrobat Hits Devices--Via Linux
Sony is first to put PDF in car gadget; Linux-powered cell phones and other consumer devices may follow.

Projectors Gain Power, Shed Prices
Benq, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and Epson show lower-cost models that don't skimp on features.

Privacy Watch
Not sure how to read the legal mumbo-jumbo of a privacy policy? Here are the finer points you should look for.

Home Office: More of Bass's Top Tips for Better Computing
User groups, AOL tricks, keyboard tips,

Future Gear: The Real Pocket PCs
Forget PDAs. True PCs are coming to your pocket.

Watch for Data Projector Prices to Drop
New models from NEC, InFocus, and BenQ tend toward high end, but a sub-$1000 projector is on the horizon, experts say at Infocomm.

Quantum Boosts Tape Drive Performance
SDLT 320 increases storage capacity by 60 percent through greater data density and efficient compression.

Hollywood, Techies Square Off Over Copy Locks
Consumer advocates charge entertainment industry exaggerates piracy losses, while copyright-holders call controls a minor hassle.

Mobile Computing: More Great Gifts
MP3 players, digital cameras, photo printers, and a slick FM-radio gizmo.

New ZoneAlarm Toughens Firewall
Version 4 improves e-mail protection, hacker-tracing, and VPN support.

Intel Says More Efficient Chips Are Coming
Researchers have found a way to cut power consumption by 35 percent, company says.

MessageLabs Offers IM Security Software
New product will encrypt communications sent via consumer IM clients.

Worm Attacks Yahoo E-Mail
Mass-mailing worm exploits a vulnerability in the Web-based e-mail, but its impact is low.

How Widespread Is Malware?
Microsoft's security tools find malicious software on nearly one in every 300 PCs, company says.

AOL Tests Webmail Enhancements
Upgrades include integration with AOL photo management service.

Microsoft Corporate Security Client a Year Away
Forefront Client Security to replace Microsoft Client Protection.

Microsoft Touts Exchange 2007 Mobility Features

Slow Modem? Turbocharge It

First Look at Netscape 6.1
Netscape goes bug hunting: New rev offers minor new features but adds stability.

Political Cybersquatters Parry for Position
Motivations from money and ideology to comedy prompt the Net-savvy to snap up potentially valuable domain names.

Mobile Computing Tips: Stay Connected Without PC Gear
Computing resources for travelers who don't want to lug their equipment.

Will Big Media Choke the Net?
Debate brews over digital fallout from FCC's hands-off approach to media ownership.

Firefox Still Chipping Away at IE
More mainstream users are discovering the alternative browser.

Intel Chip Prices Remain the Same
Decision not to lower prices indicates a strong PC market.

Are Security Threats Really Overhyped?
Some experts say VoIP security and mobile viruses already are serious problems.

Nokia Switches to Open-Source Browser
Browser, which will run on Series 60 phones, will feature components of Apple's Safari.

IBM Sees Its Power Processor as Its Next Linux
Despite Apple rebuff, company works to build coalition to nurture Power processor adoption.

Judge Tosses Parts of Novell's Antitrust Suit Against Microsoft
Suit hinges on marketing of WordPerfect and QuattroPro software programs.

Britney Spears Ranked Top Virus Celebrity
Edges Bill Gates as celebrity most associated with malicious software carried by e-mail.

Adding Frames and Borders to Photos
A frame in the right color and style improves the look of a photo.

E-Commerce on a Budget
If you sell on the Web, you need a way to collect your money. Fortunately, there are tools for businesses of all sizes.

Another Suit Filed Against Vonage
Lawsuit says the company failed to disclose information about problems with call quality ahead of its IPO.

Google Earth Gets an Update
App features a revamped user interface and a larger index of satellite images.

Judge Denies Request to Block Google Earth
Skyline Software Systems claims Google's app infringes upon its patents.

Microsoft Gets Chatty With New Webcams
Cameras can initiate videoconferencing sessions in Windows Live Messenger and help create photo blog entries on MSN Spaces.

Major Microsoft Patch Releases Block Infected E-Mail
Software giant releases largest collection of security patches in more than a year.

Two-Pound Projectors Go on Parade
InfoComm Event highlights touch-screen plasma monitor and sleeker, simpler presentation tools.

Access Your PC From Your PDA or Phone
AlertWire's Omni 2.0 shrinks your PC application for display and control on anything with a browser.

Transmeta Loses a Vote on Eve of Crusoe Update
One doubtful vendor shelves new notebook, fearing chip supply problems.

Brother HL-4000CN

Minolta Magicolor 3100 DN

Xerox Phaser 6200N

Copy Your Old Videos to DVD
Putting videos on DVD is easy--and it's not outrageously expensive.

Spam Wars Hit the Next Battlefield
Do Not E-Mail registry, labeling, and other preventive measures considered as new weapons.

Wireless Projectors Step Up
Epson, Toshiba are first to take advantage of more robust Wi-Fi transmissions through 802.11g.

Better Photos From Your Camera Phone
Five ways you can take better photos with your phone.

What's Next for LightScribe?
It's been six months since DVD burners with LightScribe labeling technology shipped. Where will HP take LightScribe from here?

T-Mobile Expands Wi-Fi Hot Spots
Company also discloses just how many people are surfing wirelessly.

Epson Unveils Color Lasers for SOHO Users
Machines are designed for small businesses and home users interested in upgrading their printers.

Epson Keeps Rival Ink Cartridges Out of U.S.
Printer maker has reached a deal with a third-party cartridge manufacturer it had sued.

Samsung Goes QWERTY for Cell Phones
New handsets include built-in cameras, full keyboards, and e-mail access.

HP Moves AMD Turion Processor Into Updated Laptops
Select new Compaq Pavilion and Persario notebooks use the new chip.

Microsoft Patches Critical Bugs in IE, Windows
Updates close holes that could allow attackers complete control of your PC.

Broadband Bonanza
Cable and DSL were never the only high-speed Internet game in town--it just seemed that way. But today there are more viable options than ever.

Get Good Service
Not all ISPs are created equal.

Dial-Up Die-Hards
Can you boost that speed?

Top 10 Value Desktop PCs
These well-priced desktop PCs are well equipped to handle the tasks most people need to perform. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Internal DVD Drives
These are the top DVD burners today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Bad Ideas, Good Ideas
Some real stinkers, plus a few terrific products.

Top 5 20-Inch Wide-Screen Monitors
These are the top 20-inch wide-screen LCD monitors today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Picasa Adds Web Albums
New feature lets users upload photos to a Web page, much like Flickr.

eBay Adds Skype Feature to Auctions
Sellers will be able to add a "Skype Me" button alongside their product listings.

MySpace May Auction Off Its Search Business
Parent company may seek a partner to boost revenue from the popular social networking site.

Internet Pioneers Warn of VoIP Wiretapping Problems
Government-mandated wiretapping could cause serious Internet security problems, they say.

Where 2.0: New Sites Put Your Life on the Map
Web sites let you personalize maps to share the times and places of your life.

VA Ignores Cybersecurity Warnings
Government auditors tell House panel that they can't force VA officials to comply with their recommendations.

E-Mail Virus Count Drops
Antivirus firm Sophos says our e-mail is safer than it was last year.

eBay Adds Blogs, Wiki
Auction site continues community-building efforts and adds new information-sharing features.

Canon CanoScan D1230UF

Visioneer PhotoPort 7700

Mustek BearPaw 1200CU

Sony Launches EVilla (Not a Net Appliance)
One-box system delivers e-mail and Web content by dial-up, but Sony dubs it a 'network entertainment center.'

Dell Ditches Live Online Support
PC maker drops its Net-based Resolution Assistant, calling it less than effective for tech support.

Fake a Soft Background
A favorite image editing trick, plus how to rename pictures easily.

When Good Discs Go Bad
Ever wonder what makes a disc bad? Here's why they vary in quality, and why you should worry about the discs you've entrusted with your data.

Who's Seeding the Net With Spyware?
Young surfers pick up paychecks for posting misleading pitches armed with invasive programs.

The Cell Phone Shuffle
Now that you can keep your phone number when you switch carriers, should you change your provider? We asked the experts.

Cell Phone Plans
How to pick the right one.

The Latest Cell Phones
They're not just for talking.

Your PC May Be a Haven for Spies
Malicious spyware appears more common than believed, says EarthLink report.

Tips for Gabbing on the Net
More on Skype and VoIP, plus a headless magician.

HD Camcorders, Tiny Music Players, and Nine-Ink Printers
Talk of changes in giant-TV technology, flash hard-drive memory, and new external storage options surface this month in Asia.

Fujitsu-Siemens Recalls Faulty Laptop Batteries
Units may overheat and pose a fire risk, company says.

Yahoo Scoops Up Dialpad
Internet giant will use Dialpad's technology in its own VoIP service.

In-Flight Cell Phone Systems Gain Altitude
Systems for making cell phone calls on airplanes will be ready later this year, but regulatory hurdles remain.

Ericsson, Napster Team for Mobile Phone Music
New music downloading system will allow operators to deliver songs to cell phones.

Another Way to Master Your Digital Video
DivX Media Format package includes a player, MP3 support, and conversion tools.

Toshiba Announces New Entertainment Laptops
Qosmio line accompanied by new widescreen Satellite notebook.

Voice Over Wi-Fi On the Way
VoIP's 'cousin' may be here in about two years.

Ultra Mobile PC Update
The UMPC: Bigger than a PDA and smaller than a notebook.

Netscape to Take On Slashdot
Can a Web site get Netscape-dotted? New Netscape portal hopes to give Slashdot and Digg a run for their money.

HP Pavilion dv5000z
Media Center notebook combines strong features and intelligent design at an appealing price.

Toshiba Satellite P105-S921
Toshiba's powerful laptop comes with a reasonable price tag.

Lenovo 3000 C100
Low-cost, all-purpose laptop is speedy, but its design won't dazzle.

Microsoft Offers an ActiveX Reprieve
Users can request a way to undo ActiveX changes included in latest IE security patch.

Motorola, Others Launch Mobile Linux Group
Foundation hopes to create a Linux-based platform for mobile devices.

AOL Sends AIM to Work
Company has started testing AIM Pro, a workplace version of its IM service.

Asus A6Jc-Q029H
This peppy, reasonably priced notebook blends business and consumer features.

Gates to Scale Back Microsoft Role in 2008
Will move to full-time charitable foundation work in two years.

Gateway NX560XL
This solid notebook lacks frills, but its battery options are very good.

Ray Ozzie: Bill Gates's Successor at Microsoft
Creator of Lotus Notes and Groove Networks steps into software giant's chief software architect position.

HP Pavilion dv5000t
Long battery life and a great screen encourage you to take this speedy desktop replacement on the road.

The Wit and Wisdom of Bill Gates
The Microsoft icon has had plenty to talk about over the years. Here are some of his notable quotes.

Analysis: What Gates's Departure Means for Microsoft
The departure of Bill Gates, the public face of Microsoft for decades, could actually strengthen the company.

WinBook T230
The light, compact WinBook would be a great travel notebook if not for its short battery life.

This stylish Media Center Edition notebook has tons of storage space, but it's a sluggish performer.

Iomega Unveils Multiformat DVD Burner
Super DVD Drive combines DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM in one unit.

Bugs and Fixes Update
Microsoft made a mistake: The company says it didn't fix general performance problems relating to XP's service pack.

What's Behind Gmail's Popularity?
Gmail auctions. Gmail as a babe magnet. Enough already!

Multimedia Gone Mad?
Summer gadgets include a high-capacity media player and photo storage unit, plus cell phones to sing along with.

Printing on the Go
Use these Internet services to print when you're away from a printer.

Next-Generation Gaming
Industry experts analyze Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Nintendo's Revolution.

Household-Friendly Electronics
IRobot's Scooba, Gateway's new LCDs, and Epson's Storyteller promise to simplify everyday tasks.

U.S. Delays Biometric Passport Requirements
Countries covered by the visa waiver program will have until 2006 to issue biometric passports.

Study: AOL Leads in Zombie Infections
Internet giant's customers account for the highest percentage of infected PCs, researcher says.

Skype Does Videoconferencing and More
Third-party vendors unveil products that extend the capabilities of the VoIP service.

Fee-Based Content Available From Yahoo Search
Yahoo Search Subscriptions service indexes sites like The Wall Street Journal Online.

Mac OS on a Dell? Dell Favors, Apple Opposes
If it's available, happy to offer it to customers, says Dell chairman.

A Notebook for Desktop Lovers?
Dell's potent XPS M1710 notebook--outfitted with a few extras--makes this desktop fan see the power of semiportability.

20 Great Low-Cost Utilities
These tools can address a host of problems, ranging from cluttered hard disks to sluggish performance. Most are free or offer a free trial period.

Digital World Insider: iPod and iTunes Entertainment Extras
Accessories expand your player's usefulness; Apple to offer anime?

Vulnerability Found in Microsoft Excel
Flaw discovered just days after the software giant issued a large collection of patches.

Blu-ray Disc Players, Movies Coming Next Week
Battle over next-gen DVD formats moves to store shelves.

Finance Sites: Yahoo Leads, Google Lags
Google's site has not yet gained the popularity to challenge other financial sites.

Microsoft Antipiracy Tool Still Irks Users
Users are reporting flaws with the Windows Genuine Advantage program.

New McAfee Falcon Antivirus Software Now in Beta
Race to place paid antiviral protection on your PC is hot and heavy.

Phishing Scam Uses PayPal Secure Servers
Scripting flaw makes fake page with valid security certificate possible.

Three Minutes with Andrew Gavil
Antitrust law specialist considers whether consumers can win as the Microsoft antitrust case draws to a close.

Exego Brings PC Files to Your Cell Phone
Verizon launches service designed to send wide range of PC applications to select phones.

Digital Focus: Traveling With Your Digital Camera
Packing it, protecting it, letting security guards have their way with it.

Spam, Bam, Thank You Ma'am
Confused by the barrage of information written about junk e-mail? Our expert attempts to answer all your questions--once and for all.

Stupid Spam Tricks
Delete these messages when you get them.

Seagate Supplies Enhanced Notebook Drives
Momentus hard drives will bring quiet storage to major notebook vendors.

Best Gift Sites
Great ideas for dads, grads, and nomads.

Net Radio Made Easy
Mercora offers a legal way to share tunes and a simple way to DJ a Webcast.

Microsoft Builds Its Own Peer-to-Peer App
System, called Avalanche, is similar to the BitTorrent file swapping service.

Google Expands Mobile Search
New service only links to pages that have been formatted for mobile devices.

PC Sales Stay Strong
Low prices and high demand for laptops will drive sales, researcher says.

Epson Hits Another Ink Cartridge Maker
Environmental Business Products will stop selling Epson-compatible cartridges.

AOL Readies Amped-Up Web Portal
Hopes to join MSN and Yahoo as online powerhouse.

Trojan Horse E-Mails Suggest Trend Toward Targeted Attacks
Individuals with significant economic or commercial information are key victims.

Hot Fun (Downloading) in the Summertime
Recipes for mixed drinks, easy-roasted barbeque ribs, and more.

Two MP3 Recorders Go Portable
Archos Jukebox stores 6GB of files, while Olympus aims for business users.

Maxtor Rolls Out 80GB and 100GB Hard Drives
Technology stretches single-platter storage from 20GB to 40GB on new DiamondMax drive.

Asus A1300

Fujitsu LifeBook E Series

Seagate Unveils USB-Based Hard Drives
DiskStor pair offer user-friendly setup and bundled applications, but relatively slow performance.

Digital Focus: Choose the Right Exposure Mode
All about exposure, aperture, shutter priority, and flash memory.

Toshiba Ships Pricey Wireless MediaCenter
Magnia SG20 intended to evolve into a digital hub for the home, linking PCs, stereos, TV, and more.

Who's Buying Into Copy Controls?
Entertainment industry bolsters its digital rights testimony with targeted campaign contributions.

Home Office: Tech Help When You Need It
Great tech help for cheapskates and Internet geeks.

CeBIT Comes to America
Show preview: Mobile devices, wireless wares, and array of business gadgets debut.

Lexmark C912dn

Panasonic KX-CL500

Nero All-in-One Authoring Updated
Ahead packs CD, DVD burning, data backup, and more into Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition.

Handspring Unveils Next-Gen Treo
Treo 600 is first phone-PDA hybrid based on the Palm 5 OS.

Toast With Jam 6: Rip, Edit, Burn
Roxio's CD/DVD recording suite puts a wealth of tools in one box.

Exabyte's New Tape Drive Acts Fast
Traditional backup media updates to handle high capacity with faster speeds and notable efficiency.

Micro Express NP2850A

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600

Imation to Ship DataPlay's Tiny Discs First
Matchbook-size optical drives draw interest from music companies, MP3 player vendors.

MicronPC Millennia Max XP2

Home Office: Even More Top Tips for Better Computing
Check out keyboard tricks and Word tweaks; fry ants with a magnifying glass.

Xi Computer 2100+ MTower SP

Xi Computer 4240 MTower SP

Premio Athena 845D

Micro Express MicroFlex 2100A

Newsgroups Get a New Life
Usenet's ranks swell as surfers seek community and free stuff--raising interest in other camps.

Mobile Computing: Notebook Alternatives
Small lightweight devices that can help you out of a tight squeeze.

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2300W

Time-Scout Monitor Limits Kids' PC, TV Time
Device helps parents track, manage children's use of electronic devices.

Spotwave Boosts Indoor Wireless Signals
SpotCell devices amplify, extend scope of wireless coverage.

Wearable Videocam Records Your Life
DejaView's Camwear 100 continuously captures 30-second clips.

Multitalented Mouse Controls More Than PCs
Gyration's Media Center Remote navigates TVs, music players, slide shows--from a distance.

KeyTec Makes Any Monitor a Touch Screen
Magic Touch Add-On Kit puts your PC's power literally at your fingertips.

First Tests: Intel's New Chip Sets
They support the graphics-enhancing PCI Express bus as well as new video and audio technologies.

First Look: AIM Phoneline and Skype 2.5
The new features in both of these Internet calling services work as advertised--but are they worthwhile?

First Look: I-O Data's USB-Based Blu-ray Burner
Like other Blu-ray drives, the BRD-UM2/U is expensive, but you get a well-rounded software bundle with it.

Google Pages Used to Host Trojan Horse
Free Web hosting service was being used by hackers trying to steal money.

Can Ultra Mobile PCs Live Up to the Hype?
Microsoft's marketing campaign may have backfired, Samsung says.

Windows Live Messenger Ready for Prime Time
First major service in the Windows Live suite of Web apps to go live.

Hate Your Monitor? Here's Help

WinBook Z1

Compaq Presario 17XL460

Polywell Poly K7-1000

IBM NetVista A60i 6832-22U

HP Gets Funky, Shows Digital Entertainment Center
Due before Christmas, the pricey wired device will bring digital music to your living room.

Mobile Computing Tips: Keep Your Notebook in Top Shape
Do-it-yourself notebook maintenance, Tablet PCs, McDonald's broadband.

Olympus Camedia 520 Zoom

Olympus Camedia D-380

Kodak DX4900 Zoom

HP Photosmart 812

Canon Powershot S200

Three Minutes With Mark Eppley
LapLink's chief, a pioneer in mobile computing, sees the Net making true portability a reality.

CeBIT America 2003: Picks and Pans
Gadgets and goodies were sparse but splashy at inaugural event.

Wi-Fi Roundup: Signal Boosters, Smaller Units
Buffalo, Viewsonic, 3Com expand Wi-Fi wares at CeBIT.

Crisp LCDs Offer Big Picture
Eizo Nanao, LG Electronics unveil jumbo flat monitors.

SnapPro Syncs Cell Phones, Address Books
FutureDial program eases backup, transfer, and saving of phone data.

High Tech Tools for Your Wrist
Watching it at CeBIT: Checking out wristwatches with more.

Hollywood History Goes Online
IBM, UCLA Film and Television Archive team to put vintage newsreels on the Net.

Garmin Readies GPS-Equipped PDA
Handheld iQue 3600 will be available to give directions this summer.

Slaying Spam-Spewing Zombie PCs
Spammers are teaming with hackers and virus writers to create zombie PCs. Here's how to wake yours from the dead.

Enhanced Wi-Fi Gear Prices Drop
Products expected this month claim MIMO capability--and have $100 price tags.

Japan Dreams of Robot Moon Base in 2025
Advanced humanoid robots could take over mining, telescope-building chores for humans.

Security Breach Exposes 40 Million Credit Cards
Network vulnerabilities allowed an outsider to access the info, company says.

Report: Google Readies PayPal Rival
Search giant will launch its own online payment system, according to published reports.

IRiver Unveils Flashy MP3 Players
New models include a touch-screen operated model, and a flash-based version of the H10.

PayPal Gets Down to Business
New online payment services are designed for small and mid-sized companies.

Another Development in High-Capacity 1-Inch Disks
Japanese researchers show tiny 10GB prototype with boosted capacity.

Microsoft's MSN to Deliver Local Search Option
Local Search service will help MSN users find businesses and people.

Killer Photo Accessories
Four great products that will make digital photography even more fun.

Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Which Has the Early Edge?
The next-generation disc formats are here--and so are hints of where the format war is going.

Web-Enabled Handsets Deliver a Squeaky-Clean Internet
Strict decency standards imposed by some cellular carriers on content may affect text and images sent between users.

Blu-ray Movies Hit Stores Today
Sony home entertainment executive discusses the quality and technology behind today's launch.

MiniDV Camcorders
MiniDV camcorders deliver features for novices and serious videographers--for as little as $400.

Microsoft Offers Help With Excel Bug
Software giant is working on a patch, but won't say when it will be released.

Opera Plans Desktop Browser Push
Version 9 of the alternative Web browser will be launched today, blogger says.

Microsoft Sets Its Sights on Artificial Intelligence
Company releases a software development kit for the robotics market.

Fusion Launches Free VoIP Phone Service
Efonica service is designed for people who don't understand technology, company says.

Computer Worm Lures Victims With 'Naked World Cup'
Disguises itself as pictures from nonexistent 'Naked World Cup.'

First Look: T-Mobile's Smooth Sidekick 3
The latest version of Danger's PDA/phone features an MP3 player, a trackball, and a great keyboard.

Feds Pump Up Intellectual Property Protection Efforts
Department of Justice opens up 12 new offices to fight cybercrimes.

Toshiba PDR-M61

Olympus Camedia Brio D-100

Kodak DX3500

Canon PowerShot A20

HP Pavilion 9800

Compaq Presario 7000T

USB 2.0: Fast Connection Is Slow to Market
Backers say the next-generation PC interface is coming soon, and they mean it this time.

Hughes Sweetens Satellite Sound, Sights
Renamed DirecWay, service will add music, download speed, and multimedia functions.

Falcon Northwest Mach V

Dell Dimension 8200