Computing Center Sitemap - Page 80 2013-07-16

FileMaker Updated to Version 7
Database goes fully relational, enhances security and Web access.

Pop-Up Ad Foes Go to Court
Trademark claims fuel complaints against online pitches and adware unwittingly downloaded.

Bass's Report From CES
Better late than never: Hot news from the technology front.

Sony's Vaio PCs Get Down to Business
Updated notebooks, new Web site designed to attract more business users.

Yahoo Beefs Up Small Business Site
Site features ten times more content and new search functionality.

Samsung Flashes 7-Megapixel Camera Phone
Handset includes advanced photo features, but still makes calls.

Microsoft Previews MSN Messenger 7.0
Upcoming application will offer improved video chat capabilities.

Sharp Revamps LCD TV Lineup
Six new models will be available in Europe mid-year, company says.

Logitech's Sexy New Entertainment Accessories
Company shows IPod, PSP extras at giant CeBIT show.

Hackers Grab LexisNexis Info on 32,000 People
Individuals' names, Social Security numbers, and passwords all compromised.

More BlackBerry Alternatives
Readers present options to Research In Motion's BlackBerry.

Your Phone Records in Peril
Unscrupulous companies have conned phone records from carriers in order to sell them. Will Congress protect your privacy?

nVidia Launches Three New Graphics Chips
In our initial tests, the company's 7900 and 7600 chips demonstrate a solid performance punch.

CeBIT: Intel, Microsoft Share Origami Details
Following weeks of speculation, the first three ultramobile PCs are officially launched.

CeBIT: Shuttle Chases Mac Mini With Smaller PC
The upcoming X100 will feature Intel's Core Duo chips and Windows XP.

Intel, AMD Stumble Toward Your Living Room
Both chip makers promise home media convergence devices--but can they get the products to work?

CeBIT: Novell Launches Next-Generation Linux Desktop
OS is finally "good enough" to replace Windows, company says.

CeBIT: Hands On With Samsung's Q1 Origami Handheld
Our reviewer calls it light, interestingly designed, and expensive.

CeBIT: Samsung Shows 10-Megapixel Camera Phone
Handset also includes a music player, a video recorder, and a document viewer.

CeBIT: Fujitsu Shows Smaller, Faster Palm Vein Sensor
Biometric security device is also cheaper than the company's previous model.

CeBIT: Sony to Launch Blu-ray Vaio PCs in Midyear
Blu-Ray Disc drive to come in both Sony desktop PCs and notebooks.

Microsoft Patches Trip Up Windows Media Player
Three security patches may cause player performance problems.

CEBIT: Origami Devices--Will Anyone Buy Them?
Market ripe for Origami, creator says.

CEBIT: AMD Plans New Laptop, Desktop Chips
Expect processors, first by AMD to support DDR2, by mid-year.

Microsoft Unveils Office 2003 Beta 2
Prerelease suite gives first look at note-taking, XML apps.

Sharp's New Notebook Gets in Sync
Ultraportable notebook easily transfers data to your desktop PC.

Help With Your Hobbies
Into movies or music? How about biofeedback?

You Can't Copy That
The DMCA strikes again: Two judges order 321 Studios to stop selling its DVD copying software.

Patriot Games
As the government tries to protect you from terrorists, will it invade your privacy? Here's some new technology that's made privacy advocates nervous.

Will Wal-Mart Track You?
Radio tags on products.

Identity Theft Gets Phishy
How to protect yourself.

Toshiba Revamps Satellites, Tablet
Portege Tablet PC and new Satellite notebooks enhance multimedia functions, storage.

Will Your PC Kill the Video Store?
Blockbuster sizes up online movie rentals and adopts the advantages for its own service.

Spring Cleaning
A little cleaning and tuning, and your notebook will run like new.

The Palms That Won't Be Palms
PalmSource is preparing to launch an OS for budget-priced cell phones--but the devices that use it won't be true Palms.

First Look: Audio Player Is All Flash
OLED-based MobiBlu looks good, but suffers from a complex interface and a hefty price tag.

AMD's 64-Bit Chips Go Mobile
Notebook vendors already are offering systems featuring the new Turion processors.

Asus Claims Thinnest, Lightest 15-Inch Laptop
Company isn't saying how much the portable PC will cost.

Microsoft Expands Media Center Availability
PCs running the premium version of Windows XP will hit 20 more countries.

Samsung Phone Features a Hard Drive
Windows-based cell phone includes 3GB hard drive for storage.

Netviewer Ready to Rival WebEx, Microsoft
Company's new Web conferencing service will compete with big name products.

Microsoft Scoops Up Groove Networks
Acquisition should add more collaboration features to Office.

World's Most Powerful Computer Doubles in Size
'Compact' supercomputer is about as large as half of a tennis court.

Kaspersky Unveils a Slew of Security Products
Applications are designed to protect businesses, home users, and mobile devices.

Notebooks Offer a Sneak Peek at AMD's Chips
Mobile 64-bit Turion processors won't be available until next month, but products are being shown at CeBIT.

DVD+RW Will Hit Higher Speeds
New drives, discs, and recorders should be hitting stores later this year.

CeBIT: RIM Adds Instant Messaging to BlackBerry Server
Company also shows a Bluetooth-enabled smart card reader that can be used to secure devices.

CeBIT: MSI Shows Solar-Powered Laptop, MP3 Player
Experimental devices use solar panels to recharge and extend battery life.

CeBIT: Seagate, Secude Show Encrypted Laptop
Fortified computer features hard drive and software encryption.

Company is showing a recently developed optical disc drive that can write to HD-DVDs.

CeBIT: Linux Vendor Targets Small Businesses
Collax plans to launch its software in the U.S. later this year.

CeBIT: Mio's Smart Phones, PDAs Call on GPS
Company shows off new cell phones, MP3 players, and GPS devices.

CeBIT: Samsung Shows Flash-Disk-Based Laptop
Company continues to develop more stable solid-state disks.

CeBIT: Blu-ray Backer LG Prepares Competing HD-DVD Drive
Blu-ray Disc backer hedges bets on new optical-disc format.

CeBIT: An Origami With a Via Processor
The SmartCaddie is the first announced Origami device without Intel inside.

CeBIT: IPTV to Reach Critical Mass This Year
Microsoft executive predicts sharp jump in company's IPTV users by end of 2006.

IDF: Intel Upgrades Its Platforms Alongside New Chips
Platforms will build on efficiency gains of new dual-core processors.

Top 5 Firewall Utilities
Protect your PC from suspicious activity on your network or the Internet.

Create a Party CD on Your PC
Want to use your PC to create your own custom music mixes with your fave CDs? Follow our simple steps, and you'll be whipping up party CDs in no time.

Stop That Spam
Eating more spam than ever? Here's how to keep junk e-mail from ruling your in-box.

Linux Security Flaw Found
Application, OS vendors prepare patches to plug hole that leaves many Linux programs vulnerable to intrusion.

Fake Domain Name Sales Curtailed
FTC, British authorities team to shutter sale of bogus domains marketed with pitch of patriotism.

Creative Buys 3Dlabs, Challenges NVidia
Consumers could win the next round of graphics card wars, as competition heats up.

Digital Focus: Put Your Loved One on a Magazine Cover
Use a photo and image editing software to create a neat gift.

First Tests: Intel's Centrino
Notebooks gain speed, battery life with new mobile technology.

Tiny, Quirky Digital Cameras Debut
Vendors are showing a slew of extra-small, stylish digicams.

Tablet PC Tales
Real users talk about their experiences--bad and good.

Plextor DVD Drive Hits 12X
Two multiformat drives debut, one sporting a Serial ATA interface.

Spam Law Feedback Sought
FTC asks consumers to comment on CAN-SPAM Act and help plan a Do Not Spam registry.

When It Comes to Graphics, Keep It Discrete
TurboCache and HyperMemory sound fast, but can they compete with cards that use "real" memory?

Sun Readies StarOffice 8
Software will feature better interoperability with Microsoft Office, and an improved look.

Faster ExpressCards Shown at CeBIT
New technology is designed to be the successor to the PC Card standard.

A Mobile Phone That Controls a Rolling Camera
Sony Ericsson shows remote-controlled camera on wheels.

AMD Says It Will Stick with DDR Memory in 2005
Chip maker has no plans to support DDR2 this year.

Fantasy Game Players May Be Security Risks
Dungeons & Dragons players are suspect to Israel Defense Forces.

Do You Need a Digital ID?
Security experts debate new ways to curb identity theft and boost e-commerce.

Toshiba Develops Detachable Display
Device combines the convenience of a Tablet PC with the computing power of a notebook.

Mozilla Ditches Browser Suite
Foundation will focus on Firefox browser, Thunderbird e-mail client.

Microsoft Delays Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2
Final version of the developer's tool set is scheduled to be released in September.

Toshiba Shows a Working Fuel Cell
Despite its progress, the company says it is delaying commercialization of the technology.

Microsoft Skips Media Center Update
For the first time in three years, software giant won't update the OS.

MusicTeller Designs an ATM for Digital Tunes
Kiosk service tests dispensing digital music to specified players (for a fee).

Pioneer Puts Movies on DVDs More Affordably
Pioneer's $995 DVR-A03 combines recorder, burner so you can burn CDs or DVDs for your home player.

Handspring Unveils Thin but Still Expandable Visor
Visor Edge trims Handspring Visor down to Palm V size but keeps Springboard for expansion.

Digital Focus: Improve the Background in Your Photos, Part II
More image editing tricks. Plus: digital zoom demystified.

How Much Government Snooping Is Okay?
Poll says most Americans are willing to sacrifice some privacy to help nab terrorists.

HP Shows Edit-on-Disk DVD Drives
Two DVD Writers to ship this spring; external drive supports both USB and FireWire.

Home Office: PC World Turns 20--Here's What We Learned
Life without a PC; Bass 15 years ago; dBaseII retrospective.

New Games: Action Aplenty, LessGore
Up-close animals, runaway lawnmowers, bridge-building, and more await.

How to Find New Music
Feel like you're in a rut with your listening preferences? Here are some great ways to find new tunes.

CeBIT: Organized Chaos Serves Attendees
Exhibits organized by type help show-goers navigate the gigantic event.

CeBIT Attendees Dodge Picket Signs
Workers protest IBM's plan to lay off 600 employees in Germany.

Both Biggest, Smallest Showcased at CeBIT
From enormous screens to feature-packed phones and skinny laptops, trade show offers extremes.

Video Still a Challenge for the Web
Even advocates acknowledge the wall remains strong and tall between TV and the Internet.

Passing Notes, Internet Style
Communicate from anywhere with WebLink Wireless's e-mail service and Motorola's compact pager.

Database Marketers Tell How You Get on the Lists
FTC Hearing examines 'trust deficit' between marketers and consumers.

Office XP Tips: Fast Access to Key Files; Outlook Time-Savers
Use Word's Work menu and Outlook's right-click tricks.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Beware of Sleazy Web Sites and Spyware
Underhanded Web sites, spyware, and how to protect yourself from them.

Compaq Revamps Presario's Style
Home PC line offers many storage, CPU options--including new 1.73-GHz Athlon.

SanDisk Expands Flash Storage Capabilities
New Cruzer product, 1-GB card offer convenient but pricey media.

Mobile Computing: Hertz In-Car GPS
We take this rental car service's navigation system out for a spin.

Tech Wars: P-to-P Friends, Foes Struggle
Arms battle escalates between P-to-P piracy and copyright-protection efforts.

AOL Services Migrate to Cell Phones
AIM, mapping, radio, and other services will be available on mobile devices through some carriers.

More on Mac Security
Some advice after a handful of mostly harmless worms shows that Macs are vulnerable to attack.

PC Sales Expected to Slow in 2006
Mobile PCs will remain popular, but fewer users will replace their desktops, analysts say.

Got Wireless Security?
GetNetWise and Symantec team up to offer a wireless security primer.

First Look: Olive's Music Server Has Great Sound, Clumsy Interface
Pricey Musica offers plenty of features but is hard to use.

CeBIT: T-Mobile Blends Cellular, Wi-Fi Service
Customers will be able to roam across networks without losing their connections.

CeBIT: A New Look for Laptops
Dutch company unveils a notebook designed for the fashion conscious.

CeBIT: High-Def Without the High Price?
Company plans to launch a cheap optical disc for high-definition video storage.

CeBIT: A World of Uses for USB Drives
A memory stick that doubles as a VoIP phone is just one of the devices on display.

Security Hole Found in GPG Crypto Program
Flaw could allow attacker to place code in signed e-mail.

CeBIT: No Mobile VoIP Without High-speed Uplink
Don't look for Internet telephony on your cell before 2007.

Keep Viruses at Bay

Digital Camera Sales Boom
Internet users embrace digital imaging as prices fall, but long-term storage remains an issue.

PeoplePC Broadens Membership Pitch
Company offers members of its PC/Internet service good deals on peripherals.

Welcome to the '50s: Web Films Use 3D Glasses
Internet World: New technologies make three-dimensional Web images a reality.

Inktomi Gets Relevant
Internet World: Improved relevance technology and news analysis mean better searches at MSN and AOL.

Logitech Shows Cloth Keyboard for PDAs
Portable presentation tool, keyboard selection join Logitech lineup.

Battle Intensifies Over Right to Copy
Consumer, industry groups joust in Congress over rights and wrongs of sharing, seeing, and storing digital entertainment.

Internet Access Tax May Not Be Dead
Rumblings from Congress, the Joint Committee on Taxation, and the FCC suggest such taxes may be possible.

Smaller SD Memory Card Coming Soon
TransFlash card will offer 128MB of storage for cell phones and other portable devices.

Yahoo Messenger Bites Into BlackBerry
Chat application will come preinstalled on the wireless e-mail devices.

Broadband Satellite Takes Flight
Inmarsat is one step closer to launching 3G broadband services to mobile users.

Microsoft Settles With
Software giant will pay $60 million to end antitrust, patent-infringement suit.

Wireless Home Showcases Futuristic Technologies
A smart medicine cabinet and a remote-access baby-monitoring system grace this week's cellular telecom trade show.

Fixing Torn and Damaged Photos
Repair tears, scratches, and other natural and unnatural disasters that befall a photo.

Faulty McAfee Update Wreaks Havoc
VirusScan update prompted users to delete good software along with viruses.

Microsoft Thinks Small
Company will release new software, financing plans at its first Small Business Summit.

PCAnywhere 12 Gets Back to Basics
Symantec's remote-control software adds new features to improve connectivity.

Judge Rules PlayStation Copyright Case Will Go On
Sony pledges to appeal federal judge's ruling in Immersion case.

DOJ Lowers Number of Subpoenaed Google Search Records
Federal judge indicates he's looking favorably on government's new request.

Remote Access Apps Square Off
Heavy-hitter Symantec and rookie Expertcity go head-to-head with remote access applications.

Privacy Watch
A handful of insurance and medical industry companies want to sell your personal data, but you can stop them.

IBM ThinkPad T21 2647-57U

ZoneAlarm Introduces a Friendlier Firewall
Latest update, version 2.6, offers improved security, network compatibility, and easier setup.

Cyber Patrol Update Promotes Safe Surfing
Internet World: SurfControl's revamped Web filter tool limits access to chat and newsgroups as well as sites.

Gateway Solo 1400b LS Pro

WinBook N3 1.2

Creative Labs PC-CAM 600

NVidia Taps DDR330 for Next NForce Chip Sets
NForce 615-D, 620-D expected to appear in boards from MSI, Asustek, Leadtek and others next quarter.

Copy Controls: Fair Use or Foul Play?
Hollywood, techies, and Congress wrangle to control what digital video you can store, swap, and see.

What Do You Wear With Your PDA and Cell Phone?
Two high-tech sports jackets have pockets for all your stuff.

Top 10 Laptop Essentials
Got laptop? Whether you're working from your office or on the road, you'll appreciate our expert's picks for must-have accessories.

Groove Gets Into File-Sharing
Updated collaboration program enhances security, adds alerts, and provides new tools.

Linksys Speeds Up 802.11g Lineup
SpeedBooster products for home, small business enhance network throughput, enhance security.

Photograph an Aquarium
Here's the best way to snap underwater critters at home or at a public aquarium.

The Skinny on Burner Bundles
Every retail drive comes with software. But not all software bundles are created equal. Here's how to understand what you're getting.

Online Bankers Get More Satisfaction
Those who pay bills online are happier with their bank and its security, report says.

Nokia Slashes N-Gage Price
Handheld gaming device and its games will be available for less.

WebTV Virus Writer Sentenced to Prison
Virus had caused WebTV users to dial 911 instead of their local access number.

Windows XP May Gain Longhorn Features
Support for the WinFS file storage system may be added to the existing OS.

Intel Readies Xeon MP Upgrade
Processors will feature faster clock speeds and a much larger memory cache.

AT&T Puts WiMax to the Test
Two corporate customers will test the wireless broadband technology later this year.

Does Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Have an Evil Twin?
Identity thieves are going wireless in their quest to steal your personal info.

Get Ready For Amp'd Mobile
A new wireless provider for the youth market debuts at CTIA show.

Mapping Mania at CTIA
Why splurge for a dedicated GPS mapping system when you can get the driving guidance you need in your cell phone?

Study Finds Botnet Attacks Worse Than Expected
German researchers say hackers control more than a million PCs.

Desktop Anti-Spyware Not Up to Snuff, IT Pros Say
Professionals surveyed found spyware problems same or worse using PC-focused software.

First Look: Maxtor's NAS Offers Simple Solution
New Shared Storage Drive offers affordable, easy-to-use networked file sharing.

Even More Free Stuff
Free Microsoft Office 2003, teleconference calls, scanner software, faxing services, and egg-peeling tips.

Casio Exilim EX-S600
This small, thin camera doesn't sacrifice much in its quest for portability.

Nikon Coolpix P2
This model can upload images wirelessly to a PC, but battery life is low and image quality is only average.

Nikon Coolpix S4
This camera's unusual design offers some flexibility in shooting, but doesn't make up for its bulkiness and low battery life.

Mvelopes: Save Money With This Service
Online budget service helps you track where your money goes.

Fujifilm FinePix E900
This pricey 9-megapixel camera takes very sharp photos and is easy to use.

Olympus FE-120
Budget camera sacrifices features, but takes great photos in automatic mode.

Kodak EasyShare C663
This camera makes taking photos simple, but it doesn't come with many advanced features.

Kodak EasyShare V570
Interesting camera offers two separate lenses and CCD sensors.

Microsoft Patches Up Office
Updates fix critical security flaws found in Office suite.

Motorola: Razr Problem Is History
T-Mobile, Cingular had halted sales of the popular phone after a flaw was found.

RFID Tags Subject to Viruses, Study Says
Radio tags used to track goods are not as secure as previously thought, researchers show.

New Browsers Prove a Tough Sell
Opera is the latest browser to past the Acid2 test, but can it lure users away from IE?

PlayStation 3 Officially Delayed
November launch date gives Microsoft's Xbox a year's head start.

Adobe Fixes Critical Flash Vulnerabilities
Both Windows and Mac systems are affected.

Broadband Video: Standards Set for National Compatibility
Principles approved for attaching consumer electronics devices to broadband video networks.

Magistr Worm Emerges, Scarce But Deadly
Rare but destructive new worm threatens data and system configurations.

Tech Industry Straddles Party Politics
Study finds computer industry supports issues, not candidates or parties, in its growing contributions.

Master Exposure Metering Modes
We demystify this underused feature and help you take better shots.

Your Questions Answered
Answers to reader questions about buying and using PDAs.

Toshiba Updates Multimedia Notebooks
New Satellites aim to deliver multimedia at a range of prices.

More CES Winners and Losers
Audio devices of all kinds, cell-phone zappers, and a DVD rewinder.

Game On!
Tear yourself away from your work--new video games will soon be afoot.

New Choices in Digital Music Players
Other great gadgets emphasize quality: high-end camera phone, camcorder, and more-affordable SLR digicam hit some markets.

Microsoft Preps Paid Search Program
Keyword-based ad program would be similar to those offered by Google and Yahoo.

Google Expands Gmail Access
For the first time, site visitors may be able to try the free e-mail service.

Companies Lining Up to Root Out Rootkits
As interest in these stealth programs increase, more detection tools appear on the market.

Ezmax MP3 Player Calls on VoIP
Device includes software for sending and receiving Internet-based phone calls.

Tech Worker Sentenced to Prison for Hacking
IT manager will serve five months for hacking into his previous employer's network.

First Look: Pricey Fujifilm S3 Takes Fine Photos
New pixel technology is hard to quantify, but high-quality images speak for themselves.

Bush Names New FCC Chair
FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin named to succeed Michael Powell.

Microsoft to Offer Indigo Preview
New Windows communications portion of Longhorn will be revealed.

Too Many Choices May Slow Consumer Electronics Spending
Analyst says simplification, education can overcome the stall.

Clever iPod Tricks
Use your iPod to mix drinks, keep up on e-mail, or record a TV program.

nVidia's New Graphics Chips for the Rest of Us
High-end GPUs may get all the glory, but nVidia's reasonably priced 7600 GT should please the average PC user.

Virus Encrypts Data, Demands Ransom
Trojan horse asks you to pay $300 to regain access to your documents.

Sony Plans Camera, GPS for PSP
Handheld gaming device will also gain VoIP functionality later this year.

Feds Get Low Marks for Computer Security
Department of Homeland Security is among the federal agencies receiving a failing grade.

Lenovo to Lay Off 1,000
Pressures in desktop business prompt move.

Microsoft Goes Public With Its Hacker Conference
Information from BlueHat event posted online.

Microsoft Sues to Prevent Bootlegging on eBay
Eight users targeted for selling counterfeit copies of company's software online.

Make Your Own Digital Photo Gifts
Here's how to create a digital photo collage, a custom greeting card, and a mock magazine cover.

Color Phones, PDAs Highlight WirelessShow
Combo devices, more connectivity choices on display at CTIA.

Which Way Will Wireless Go?
Mobile devices and services vie for hearts and minds at wireless show.

More Help With Hobbies
Build a stereo system, fly a kite, embroider a pillow, waste time at a weird Web site.

Viruses Try New Tactics
Bagle/Beagle variants use passwords, images, and atypical payload files to trick victims.

Booze Sites Accused of Targeting Teens
Study finds that underage surfers frequent alcohol company sites, and it's hard to stop them.

Avoid Cell Phone Woes
The best advice: Pick a good plan that offers maximum coverage and minimum hassle.

The Big Picture on Small-Screen Players
Ready for a pocket-size video player? Here's what you need to know before you take your shows on the road.

Google Reaches Out to Local Businesses
Business owners can submit their info to the local search index.

Can IRiver Become an IPod Killer?
Company hopes its digital audio players will lure users away from Apple.

Study: Gamers Are Gluttons for Music
Those who spend hours playing video games also are big consumers of music and audio devices, IDC says.

Top 5 Internal Hard Drives
Need more storage? The top-ranked internal hard drives will fill the bill. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 10 Point-and-Shoot Cameras
Easy to use, point-and-shoot cameras are a great choice for the casual photographer. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 17-Inch LCD Monitors
These 17-inch monitors are the best in the class today, and they're relatively affordable. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops
Ideal for the mobile professional, these notebooks stand out for their low weight and small footprint. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Mainstream Graphics Cards
These are the top mainstream graphics cards today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Power Graphics Cards
These are the top power graphics cards today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Value Graphics Cards
These are the top value graphics cards today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Women Gamers Move Up the Charts
The 'girlz 0f destruction' team lives in gaming commune to hone skills.

Top 5 Networked-Attached Storage Devices
These are the top networked-attached storage (NAS) devices today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

A Petite but Finicky Windows Mobile Handheld
The Pharos Traveler GPS 525 packs GPS and Wi-Fi into a tiny package, but usability and performance sometimes disappoint.

HD-DVD, Blu-ray Disc Drives Coming Soon
Launch dates for next-generation DVD products are drawing near.

Judge Validates Legality of Google's Caching Practice
Search giant has won a copyright infringement case that sought to establish some of its key search engine functions as illegal.

Top 5 Cookie Managers
Block cookie files, or choose to accept them, before they reach your hard drive.

Files Highlighted in Our April Issue
Make long-distance calls, block ads, and replace Microsoft Office.

Expo Highlights Ways to a Wireless Life
Smart phones, new services, even bluetooth jewelery take center stage at CTIA show.

HP Pavilion 552

HP Pavilion 950

Olympus Announces Two Budget Digicams
Consumer-friendly D-380 and D-520 Zoom join Camedia line of digital cameras.

PowerDesk Powers Up With Release 5
Updated file organizer merges functions, supports thumbnails and other new views, and adds playlists.

Digital Focus: Turn Photos Into Drawings
Use editing software and tracing features to convert photos to sketches.

Wireless PDAs Offer Something for Everyone
New devices debut from Samsung, Hitachi, Sharp, and RIM.

PDA Apps for After Hours
Find the best movies, TV shows, and restaurants.

Going Hollywood: How to Choose the Best Digital Camcorder
Check out the latest technology trends in camcorders. Plus: Want to convert your aging videotapes to DVD? Here's how to get started.

DotPhoto Offers Right-Sized Digital Photos
New service lets users order photo prints designed for digital images.

ILife '05: Must-Have or Must Avoid?
Apple upgraded its suite of multimedia applications. Should you buy it?

Comcast Does Digital Video Recording
Cable company offers a TiVo alternative--but can this device compete?

Google Opens Up to Open Source
New site offers free access to the search giant's source code.

Yahoo Readies Blogging Tool
Free service will be available in beta by the end of the month.

Sony Sees Movies on the PSP
Full-length films will be available on the UMD format when the device launches in the U.S. next week.

First Look: Sony's Impressive PlayStation Portable
A dashing display helps this handheld gaming device overcome some minor flaws.

Palm Debuts Two Slim, Expandable Handhelds
New M500 line adds Secure Digital slot to Palm V design, but initial expansion options are limited.

Intel Launches 1-GHz Mobile Pentium III
Exclusive tests of five 1-GHz notebooks show the new chip delivers.

Glitch Wipes Out Many Tripod Sites
Sites go MIA as a result of a technical glitch that caused an overzealous sweep by the host.

Microsoft Readies a HailStorm of Web Services
Prepare to play (and pay) with consumer services positioned to populate Microsoft's.Net universe.

Digital Focus: All About Tripods, Best Camera Settings
The best tripods for digital cameras, optimal settings for photos, soundtracks for home videos.

Alienware Aurora DDR AMD XP 2000

Will Anybody Listen to Napster's New Tune?
Service prepares new format, but music industry risks a sour note by trying to control everything.

HP-Compaq Merger: All Over But the Counting
Earnest shareholders gather to grill CEO, who claims merger approval.

Home Office: A Few Very Cool Utilities
A slew of tools, two jobs you don't want, and a mind-reading site.

Flashy Mobile Phones, PDAs Debut
Newest handsets do double duty with built-in camera features.

Wireless Service Hits DSL Speeds
High-speed--and hassle-free--wireless access is coming soon.

Gateway E-2000

Building a Big Little PC
In which the author learns that the best PCs don't always come in big packages.

6-Megapixel Cameras Focus on Consumers
Konica Minolta and Olympus unveil low-price, high-level digicams.

Are Biometrics Coming to a PC Near You?
Feds investigate adopting biometric 'passwords' to stop identity theft.

Intel Changes Chip Names
New naming scheme considers processor features, not just clock speed.

Update Your Tax Software
Update just before you file to keep software bugs at bay and stay abreast of late changes.

CTX International PR960F

NEC MultiSync FE950+

LG Flatron 915FT Plus

ELSA Gladiac MX

Tool Brings PowerPoint, With Video, to Pocket PCs
CTIA Wireless 2001: Presenter unveils service that puts PowerPoint presentations on Pocket PCs as well as the Web.

Juno's Revised Service Agreement Irks Users
Free Web service wants to download client, use customers' PC power in for-profit 'supercomputer.'

Office XP Tips: Password-Protect PowerPoint Presentations
Add passwords to PowerPoint 2002 to protect your work and your data.

Steve Bass's Home Office: More Sleazy Web Sites
Porn sites, dialer software that bilks you, other nasty tricks.

Gateway 300SE Special

Premio Apollo 850R

Polywell Poly 880NF-2000

Protesting the E-Filing Penalty
Tech-savvy taxpayers question why they must pay for the privilege of filing electronically.

'Wrong Page, Sucka!'
Error pages don't have to be boring 404s--Webmasters get creative with dead ends.

Mobile Computing: Backup Strategies for the Road
Travel is always dodgey; protect your data and worry less.

Gateway E-4000

MPC Millennia 910i Xtreme

Polywell Poly 845PE-2400

ABS Excellent 4450

Judge: Google Must Hand Over Index Data
Search giant does not have to provide the government with search queries, judge rules.

Is Microsoft Working on Another Secret Project?
Chip maker Transmeta reveals that it is helping the software giant build...something.

Microsoft Refreshes IE 7 Beta
Software giant also will preview its Atlas framework at the MIX 06 show this week.

Put Your Antispyware Apps to the Test
New product called Spycar is designed to test the effectiveness of antispyware software.

Apple Update Fixes Safari Problem
New security patch fixes a bug found in an earlier version.

Microsoft Cracks Down on Phishing
Company unveils a global initiative to fight cybercriminals.

Sprint Nextel Sues to Stop Sales of Phone Records
Lawsuit accuses company of using fraudulent tactics to access mobile phone logs.

Microsoft Admits Internet Explorer Mistakes
Software giant waited too long to innovate, Bill Gates says.

Dell UltraSharp 1707FP
Monitor for the ergonomically minded can tilt, swivel, pivot, rise, and lower.

NEC MultiSync 70GX2
This attractive, expensive monitor has impressive image quality.

ViewSonic VP720b
This 17-incher displays better graphics than text.

Asus PM17TU
This Asus shows fine text and graphics.

IBM ThinkVision L171p
17-incher offers smooth physical adjustments.

Samsung SyncMaster 740BF
Basic display shows sharp text and bright graphics.

AG Neovo P-17
LCD offers extra video inputs, a subwoofer, and an extra-hard screen, but its price is a showstopper.

Calculate on the Cheap
Use online tax services to calculate your return, then fill out the paperwork by hand.

My Favorite Free Utilities

Visioneer OneTouch 8800 USB

Microtek ScanMaker 5700

Canon CanoScan D2400UF

Even UltimateTV Has Its Limits
Microsoft describes interactive TV tools to tempt the couch potato.

EMachines T4160

EMachines T1400

Yahoo Puts Fees on Some Mail Services
Newest charges are imposed for POP3 mail access and autoforwarding.

Adobe Unveils Versatile Acrobat Update
Previewed at FOSE, update accepts input and links to databases, as suited to Web-based applications.

PayPal Draws Ire of Stranded Customers
Vocal minority claims the popular payment service ignores customer complaints.

Sonicblue Files for Bankruptcy
Consumer electronics will sell off ReplayTV, Rio, GoVideo.

Headaches in Fine Print
Sometimes you have only yourself to blame when your inbox fills with spam.

Biometric Passports Set to Take Flight
Your next passport may be electronic, but will it be any more secure?

What Are the Web's Worst Security Problems?
Phishing scams and spam are on the rise, while botnets are shrinking, Symantec says.

ICQ Finds Its Voice
AOL's other instant messaging app is now available in version 5.

AOL Previews Travel Search Site
Pinpoint Travel is designed for travelers who shop around online.

Dell Sees Red Light for White Boxes
PC maker ends its white-box program, but will still use resellers to reach small businesses.

Barry Diller's IAC Group to Acquire Ask Jeeves
Billion dollar deal for search engine expected to enhance conglomerate's Web holdings.

Google Removing Agence France Presse From Google News
Search giant to drop French news agency after copy-infringement complaints.

Ireland Putting Digital Films in Every Cinema
Country hosts first national network of digital screens.

More Digital Photo FAQs
Photo sharing, photo naming, 35mm equivalents, and the dreaded E18 problem.

No Copying From First High-Def Players
The first HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc players will ship soon--without any support for consumer copying.

Site Sues Over Exclusion From Google Index
Web publisher says Google's action has greatly harmed its business.

SRS Releases Document Detective 2.0
Document-cleaning software can identify and remove hidden data and meta data.

Google Launches Financial Web Site
Google Finance will compete with similar sites already offered by Yahoo and Microsoft.

First Alpha Release of Firefox 2.0 Is Imminent
Browser will include a feature designed to make it easier to find and return to recently visited Web pages.

IRS, Security Company Warn of Tax Phishers
Taxpayers should be leery of e-mails that purport to come from the IRS.

Microsoft Readying PSP Challenger, Reports Say
Published reports claim that Microsoft is developing a portable gaming device that also plays video and music.

Trojan Horse? Researchers Warn of Trojan Hearse
A new type of rootkit malware sends personal information to a Russian server.

Windows Vista Release Pushed Back to January 2007
PCs with preinstalled consumer versions of the OS won't be available until after the holiday buying season.

Free Mapping Services Improve Graphics, Features
Sites such as Windows Live Local and Yahoo Local Maps are establishing new standards for online mapping, which overall remains a terrific Internet resource.

Windows Vista Delay: Good News for Apple?
Delay could prompt holiday shoppers to check out Apple's wares--and it might force PC vendors to offer incentives to keep customers from straying.

Digging for Details
If the situation demands it, add itemized records to your tax form.

Lexmark C720n

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2200 DeskLaser

Polywell Poly KLX-850D

AMD's 1.3-GHz Athlon Bests Fastest Pentiums
Vendors are ready with a broad selection of systems, fortified with DDR-ready chip.

March Madness Spreads on the Web
Find NCAA tournament information, coverage, contests, and do-it-yourself comparisons online, but not live broadcasts.

Microsoft, VeriSign Warn of Security Hole
Windows users risk infection if fooled by bogus digital certificates.

Nikon Coolpix 5000

Olympus E-20N

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707

Sys Performance 2000+

Compaq Evo D300v

Plextor Ships Fast, Writable Combo Drive
PlexCombo boosts CD recording to 20x, includes DVD reader.

NEC MultiSync FE950+

Caliber Alps DT1310i

Sony CPD-G410R

Dell P992

Polywell Poly 880NF-1700

Compaq P920

Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454

Samsung SyncMaster 950b

Gateway 300X

KDS Xtreme Flat XF-9p

Sony Offers Peek at Future PlayStation
Faster, more lifelike, and way more wired games are goals of Sony's research labs.

GPS Cell Phones
Armed with a GPS-enabled cell phone, you may never get lost again.

Onfolio Organizes Your Web Searches
New software helps you manage and share information you find online.

New Service Simplifies Wireless Surfing
Handmark Express delivers news, maps, and more, without annoying ads.

A Neat Photo Gift for Someone Special
Here's a great way to arrange and present a group of photos.

Mo' Beta Builds
One of the many neat things about Free Software is that you get to play with stuff before it's officially done.

Novell Plans Linux for Small Businesses
Suite, coming later this month, will include desktop and server software.

IBM Fights Spam With FairUCE
New technology fights unwanted e-mail by identifying Internet domains.

Panasonic, Samsung Show New MP3 Players
One new model features a flashy diamond-encrusted design.

Texas Sues Vonage Over Emergency Service
Suit highlights VoIP's shortcomings on 911 emergency calls.

MCI Adds Thousands of Wireless Hotspots
Telecom carrier broadens business Wi-Fi access in more than a dozen countries.

Cool New Gear--for Macs and PCs
The scoop on Apple's Mac Mini and iPod Hi-Fi Dock, plus other goodies like a $3000 CD Player.

Ring Tones Are Music Too
When your cell phone rings, it's not just notification, it's music marketing at work.

GPS Systems: More Than Just Maps
TomTom's Go 300 leads the pack, but Garmin's StreetPilot c300 is a good deal.

Microsoft Plans IE Update After Bugs Found
Browser upgrade could come early next month, but timing is uncertain.

Will PlayStation 3 Outsell Xbox 360?
Despite the delay, Sony's console is expected to dominate the market, researcher says.

Yahoo Messenger Comes Calling
IM client gains a previously announced Internet phone capability.

Kazaa, SpyAxe Called Badware
Applications are among the first identified by the group.

Windows Head Out After Vista Delay
Microsoft Office VP will take over Windows development, reports say.

Dell Snaps Up Alienware
High-performance PC maker to complement Dell's offerings.

IE Worries Continue With Additional Critical Bug
Third major flaw found in Microsoft browser this week.

TaxCut Rapid Finder
Search for help outside the normal help files using TaxCut's Rapid Find search tool.

Olympus Camedia E-10

Olympus Camedia C-3040 Zoom

Olympus Camedia C-2040 Zoom

Gateway Performance 1300

Micron Electronics to Sell MicronPC
Service, support, and sales to continue uninterrupted, executive says.

Clicks, Bricks Urged to Team for Survival
Internet-only businesses need to expand to traditional sales if they hope to survive the year, IDC study says.

Photo Backup Tips and Tricks
Your photos are precious--don't lose any more to technical glitches.

Ink Jet Labeling--Not Perfect, but Not Bad
Epson's R300 photo printer does a credible job of printing labels directly onto special media.

Political Smears Thrive Online
Presidential campaign camps push video, other ads into your in-box.

Tips That Survived the Test of Time
Get more from Microsoft Office and Windows, and all kinds of hardware.

Yahoo Desktop Search Goes Past the PC
Utility can now index Yahoo Messenger sessions, online address books.

Microsoft Files Appeal in Eolas Patent Case
A $520 million judgment against the software giant already has been thrown out.

What's a Cell Phone, Anyway?
As the latest models prove, today's cell phone is part TV and radio. Tomorrow's is part electronic wallet and homing device. Which will you prefer?

Phone, Infected?
Yes, Virginia, there are cell-phone viruses.

You Are Here
Global positioning goes handheld.

First Look: 2.0 Looks Good
Beta of free office suite adds a database app and tweaks existing tools.

Digital TV: What Are We Waiting For?
Broadcaster opposition, consumer confusion are slowing the transition from analog to digital.

Mozilla Patches Firefox Hole
Foundation denies that the browser is attracting more hackers as it gains market share.

Yahoo Boosts Web Mail Storage
Free accounts will soon include 1GB of storage space, as well as improved virus protection.

Upgrade Your Smart Phone
Owning the latest and greatest can cost you. Here's how to work the system.

Snap It and Get Fit
New gadgets help you keep fit, and take better photos.

Robots Are in the House
They're cute, cuddly, and great for tidying up around the home. But personal robots are just beginning to take shape.

Built to Hack
Some bots have back doors.

Robot Competitions
From desert to classroom.

PCs Will Be Ready for Vista, Despite Delay
Hardware makers will have products ready for Microsoft's next OS--whenever it's ready.

PayPal Goes Mobile
New service will allows mobile phone users send money and buy products via text message.

Office Consumer Editions to Follow Vista Into 2007
Delay in availability of home versions of Office 2007 keys to OS pushback.

Largest U.S. Fine Ever Levied for Spam Violations
Internet marketer to pay $900,000.

Yahoo to Discontinue Yahoo Plus Premium Bundle
Notifies users that subscription bundle of fee-based premium content and services will end in April.

Virus Update, Windows Tricks
Whale photos, the Beagle variant, a wrecked Ferrari.

Tax Time!
If you've waited this long, consider filing your taxes online. It can be fast and easy--and your refund shows up in a flash. Here's how to decide.

Compare Tax Sites
Pick the right one for you.

Tips for E-Filing
What everyone should know.

Cell Phones Got Game
American Idol, Xbox games, even crossword puzzles come to mobile phones.

Wireless Services Expand
CTIA News: Cheap directory resources, scanning services, GPS tools, and EarthLink's mobile entry.

Newest Cell Phone Features
Watch original programming, pay for meals, and more options you may or may not want.

Choosing a Camcorder
Spring is here--it's time to think about buying a camcorder for your summer vacation. Here's how to choose the right one.

Have Flat-Panel TV Prices Flatlined?
If you're longing for a sleek LCD or plasma TV, now may be the time to buy.

Photo Essay: Fans Wait Out Sony's PSP
Some waited more than 24 hours in line to buy the highly anticipated portable gaming device.

PC Sales Slower Than Expected
Buyers are coping with high energy prices and rising interest rates, IDC says.

HP Preps New Media Center PCs
Older models are disappearing from store shelves, while one new PC has made an early appearance.

Sony May Unite Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD
Top exec says the two competing formats may come together.

First Look: OCR Upgrade Fast but Not Foolproof
Readiris Pro 10 ups processing speed, but overpromises on ability to read hand-printed items.

Toshiba Ordered to Pay Lexar $380 Million in Flash Case
California court finds Toshiba liable for theft of trade secrets.

HP's H6315 Phone on Hold at T-Mobile
Users reported a myriad of software glitches with the Treo competitor.

Top 5 External Hard Drives
External hard drives aren't as fast as internal models, but they are great for backups and are easy to install. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Spring Heralds Hi-Def Gadgets
Sony's new HD camcorder and Blu-ray Disc player lead the pack this month.

Microsoft Readies Internet Explorer Changes
Next security update will include changes made in response to a patent dispute.

Vista Problems Might be Larger Than Microsoft Admits
Beta testers say test versions of new OS coming a month or more late.

Top PC Pranks for April Fool's Day
Wreak some havoc on a friend or a good-natured coworker.

Latest Windows XP Beta Adds Strict Copy Protection
Updated OS adds stability, but comes with upgrade issues and copy-protection controversy.

Protect Your Anonymity on the Web
Delete cached files, use a pseudonym, and send encrypted e-mail.

QPS Que Internal 32x10x40x CD-RW

Yamaha CRW3200EZ LightSpeed3

Gateway E-1800

Digital Focus: More on Tricky Lighting
Tips for photographing your kids' karate class and other tricky situations.

Dell, IBM Ship Competing Laser Printers
First look at workgroup printers differing in pricing, options.

Overheated Notebooks
Keep your notebook from getting too hot.

CTIA 2004: Picks and Pans
From pen-shaped phones to cellular jewelry, here's what was on display at the annual cell phone show.

Camera Phones Hit 1 Megapixel
Stylish, high-resolution digital camera phones offer options for images fit to print.

Dual DVD Drives Take Over
More vendors adopt DVD +/- drives, easing choices for customers.

Yahoo Back in Court Over Nazi Items
Internet giant wants the court to declare that a French ruling cannot be enforced in the U.S.

IBM's Sametime Comes Calling
IM app will be linked with VoIP systems, mobile phones, and traditional telephony systems.

File Swappers Find New Ways to Trade Tunes
E-mail, IM, and even IPods are becoming popular alternatives to peer-to-peer networks.

HP Photosmart R717
Several screen modes, plus in-camera help, get newbies off to a sure start.

Canon PowerShot A510
Canon gives its bargain-priced, compact PowerShot a 4X optical zoom.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33
This slender camera sports a lovely 2.5-inch LCD, and navigating the controls is a breeze.

Olympus Stylus 500
A large, bright LCD sets this fast point-and-shoot camera apart.

Fujifilm FinePix F450
This camera's enticingly small size doesn't mean you should settle for its short battery life.

P-to-P Case May Have Far-Reaching Impact
As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the Grokster case, some say the future of technological innovation is at stake.

Casio QV-R62
This compact 6-megapixel camera offers plenty of scene modes, but scores low in battery life and image quality.

Jury Orders Toshiba to Pay More in Lexar Case
Total damages against Toshiba now total more than $465 million.

Apple IPod Mini 6GB
Mini gets a boost from greater capacity and extended life.

Creative Zen Micro
Creative's colorful Micro is a capable 5GB audio player.

Three Tools That Make Cookies More Palatable
Some Internet cookies are helpful, some are harmful. These three tools help you distinguish friend from foe.

NEC PowerMate 2000

Dell Dimension L933

Microsoft Extols Windows XP's New Look
Next-generation operating system gets a facelift befitting its internal improvements.

Microsoft Signs Tablet PC Vendors
Unlike Web appliances, Tablet PCs will pack the power of a full-fledged PC with the input ease of a pad and paper.

Rio Riot: Big Music for Big Pockets
SonicBlue's pricey new digital audio player offers capacious hard drive storage, an integrated FM tuner, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries--but it faces stiff competition.

Digital Cameras Invade Connected Homes
Ownership could surge past 60 percent of wired homes in 2003.

Gainward GeForce3 PowerPack Ti/450

Asus AGP-V8200T2 Deluxe

Home Office: Bass's Surplus Tips and Cool Tools
Nifty tools, reader comments, leftovers, and follow-ups to tips.

Canon CanoScan 5000F USB

HP Scanjet 5550cHP Scanjet 5550c
This USB 2.0 scanner includes a snappy automatic document feeder, but its image quality isn't great.

First Serial ATA Drives Hit Store Shelves
Seagate's 80GB, 120GB drives now available in Best Buy stores.

Mail Call: Contact U.S. Troops Digitally
With limited access to snail mail, troops in Iraq log on to stay in touch.

Is Bluetooth Better on the Mac?
A head-to-head comparison of Bluetooth on Windows and the Mac shows that there's something to the Mac mystique.

New DVD Copying Program Debuts
321 Studios introduces DVDExtreme DVD/CD authoring product while still fighting Hollywood.

Stuck on Katamari Damacy
Who knew that the act of rolling up stuff into a ball could be so fun--or so addictive?

Polywell Poly 880K7-1200

Internet Security Downloads
Surf anonymously, block cookies, build a firewall, and protect yourself from viruses.

Microsoft Opens Tech Center to Nurture.Net
Gates dedicates Silicon Valley site, the newest effort to woo corporate customers.

Office XP Tips: Find Outlook Messages Quickly
Handy commands that help you sift through piles of e-mail.

Steve Bass's Home Office: Fend Off Web Hazards
Real-time virus scanners, Trojan-horse checkers, other best defenses.

Future Gear: Will You Be Assimilated?
Can we wear computers without becoming cyborgs?


ATI Radeon 7500

Mobile Computing: Ideal Notebook Alternative
A compact device that acts like notebook without all the weight.

Cell Phones Offer Serious Fun
New handsets offer multiplayer gaming and music apps.

Epson Perfection 3200 Photo

Microtek ScanMaker 6800Microtek ScanMaker 6800
It's no speed demon, but this unique flatbed offers automatic photo restoration that works wonders.

Toshiba Satellite 5205-S503

Is the U.S. Waging a Virtual War?
Security experts speculate on tactics, warn of dire consequences.

Fujifilm FinePix 2650 Zoom

Canon PowerShot S230 Digital Elph

Olympus Stylus 300 Digital

Kyocera FineCam S5

Lycos Enters Internet Phone Fray
Lycos Phone will compete with similar products from Skype and Yahoo.

EBay Shuts Down Site Selling Account Info
Russian Web site was offering eBay and PayPal customer login and password info for as little as $5.

Fujitsu Plans 200GB Laptop Hard Drive
Drive could be available in computers by the end of the year.

TomTom Go 300
Top-notch design, slick GPS maps, fast lookups, and optional services justify the Go 300's price.

Garmin StreetPilot c330
The c330's simple, easy-to-use interface and reasonable price make for a good value in GPS if you don't need extras.

Microsoft Opens IE Bug Database
Users will be able to report bugs found in the Web browser.

Lowrance iWay 350c
The iWay GPS device is loaded with features not usually found at this price--but it falls short in several respects.

Magellan RoadMate 360
The RoadMate GPS device has capable navigation and well-designed search, but its hardware buttons add bulk.

Fine Digital FineDrive 400
GPS unit has a handsome screen, but its built-in MP3 player doesn't work while the navigation system is on.

Researcher: DRM Has Deep Flaws
DRM won't protect the music and film industries from illegal file sharing, researcher says.

Microsoft Word: Essential Formatting Tips
Make your documents and company look a million.

May Top of the News Stories

IBM NetVista A40p

Project Management for Beginners
Project KickStart 3 takes the complexity out of planning projects.

Intel, AMD Take Speed Wars on the Road
Customers could enjoy notebook price drops as AMD challenges Intel for mobile-chip supremacy.

The Palm Becomes a Palette
Artists explore PDAs as a medium, with downloadable dancers and video exhibitions.

Gateway 600XL

IBM ThinkPad R40

Sharp Actius MV12W

Coming Soon: Movies on Your Cell Phone
Get Hollywood on the phone, plus new entertainment options for PCs.

Flash Moves Beyond the Browser
Macromedia Central offers access to Web data, whether you're online or off.

How We Test
Have questions about our charts? We have answers.

First Look: Roxio Revs Easy Media Creator
New version bolsters backup and image slide-show capabilities and adds stability.

Cable Modem Case Heads to the Supreme Court
Court will examine whether broadband cable networks must be open to competing ISPs.

Mark Cuban to Finance Grokster's Fight
Internet millionaire lends his support to the peer-to-peer company's legal battle.

Will Sony Have to Stop Selling PlayStations?
Company loses $90 million patent infringement judgment, is ordered to halt sales.

Compaq Presario V2000
This sleek, lightweight unit has a great screen and outstanding battery life.

Dell Inspiron 6000
An extremely high native resolution of 1920 by 1200 helps this Dell notebook stand out from the crowd.

Gateway M460X
Though it's well designed, the M460X has a disappointing keyboard.

Gateway M210S
This lightweight 14.1-inch widescreen has a front-mounted SD slot.

HP Compaq Business Notebook nc8230
The nc8230 is a 15.4-inch wide-screen notebook for the road.

Micro Express 259iA1
This wide-screen notebook has a stark but appealing design.

Fujitsu LifeBook N6010
Huge and heavy, the LifeBook N6010 has a beautiful 17-inch wide screen.

Microsoft Will Label Windows Versions That Don't Contain Media Player
Software giant agrees to naming convention in European antitrust case.

Adobe Set to Update Its Creative Suite
Professional graphics software package currently includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and GoLive.

Resizing Your Digital Photos
Resize manually or with tools, for e-mail or for the Web.

Don't Can Spam, Cube It
Device called the Spam Cube protects computers on a small network from junk e-mail, viruses, and phishing attacks.

Security Vendor Patches Dangerous IE Bug
Microsoft may wait until April 11 to release an official fix for the critical browser flaw.

Vista Delay Won't Affect PC Sales, IDC Says
Growth for the PC industry is still expected to slow in the coming years.

Small Businesses Get Security Help
Business group, tech vendors launch a program to protect against data breaches.

Sony Stays Mum on New Walkman Reports
Images and details of purported new series of digital music players appeared online.

Google Zaps Official Blog by Mistake
An external user took control of the address after Google employees accidentally deleted the blog.

Microsoft Cuts Price of MSN Dial-Up
Move is intended to attract AOL subscribers unhappy with a recent price hike.

Supreme Court Weighs eBay Patent Case
Court considering whether injunction should be granted in case where patent infringement had previously been established.

Harmless Hijinks for Home and Office
Annoy your friends and colleagues with my favorite computer gags.

Dell OptiPlex GX150

Ten Top Word Tips
Cruise through your work with these ten timesaving Microsoft Word tips.

LOL :)-- A Guide to Internet Lingo and Emoticons
With just a few keystrokes, you can quickly convey laughter, disbelief, and other complex emotions on the Net. Here's the lingo you need to know.

Unsafe at Any Bandwidth?
Is the connected car a death trap? New reports suggest it might be.

All's Fair in Politics and Spam
'Tis the season: Candidates and special interest groups are turning to your in-box to convince you--and your friends--of their cause.

Dell Dimension 2400
Dell keeps it cheap and simple with its entry-level PC.

HP Compaq Business Notebook Nc6000
This business notebook offers epic battery life and a slew of useful features.

Dell Inspiron 5150
Big but stylish portable turns in long battery life and respectable performance.

Make a Photo Collage
Here's a great way to showcase and share pictures from a special occasion.

ISPs Join to Fingerprint Internet Attacks
Coalition hopes shared information will make quicker response to hacker attacks possible.