Computing Center Sitemap - Page 81 2013-07-16

Company Backs Off Bounty for Mac OS X Virus
Contest is cancelled after concerns about legal liability were raised.

Orb Offers Free Remote Multimedia Access
Service allows you to connect to your PC over the Web to access audio, video, and images.

Industry Group Sets Out to Secure VoIP
Group is working to classify threats, establish requirements for secure service.

Phishing Attacks Still Climbing
Anti-Phishing Working Group also says there was increased malicious software use last month.

Japan Tightens Personal Data Protection
Many companies doing business in Japan will be required to take better care of personal data.

HP Taps NCR's Mark Hurd as New CEO
Background as a turnaround specialist appears to be the key to his selection.

Supreme Court Justices Question Peer-to-Peer Lawsuits
Legal actions could have chilling effect on the U.S. technology industry, some justices indicate.

Supreme Court Asks Why Cable Broadband Lacks Regulation
Justices ask why cable modem services face fewer restrictions than other telecom offerings.

Matters of Importance
Copyright issues, phishing scams, hearing loss, Macs, and a hot new video game.

Free Agent: Dual-Boot Basics
With a dual-boot setup you can have your Windows and Linux too, but things can get tricky. Here's how to deal with some common problems.

Intel to Bundle Security Features With New Chip
Conroe processor will be bundled with hardware-based technologies in a package called Averill.

New York Likely to Accept Microsoft Antitrust Deal
Software giant will pay as much as $350 million to settle the class-action lawsuit.

After IE Attacks, Microsoft Eyes Security Betas
Software giant has no immediately plans to change its patching schedule, however.

EU Warns Microsoft Over Vista Features
European Commission spokesperson says features of 2007 OS may trigger new antitrust inquiry.

Celebrity Mice Going, Going, Gone
Martha Stewart and others make art out of computer mice for charity.

NuTrend Athlon Ultra 2

Pacific Digital PDC 8832ei

Samsung SM-308

Iomega Predator

Files Highlighted in Our May Issue
Remove Trojan horses, delete junk e-mail, and synchronize your bookmarks.

DSL Hell: NorthPoint Strands Thousands
Customers scramble for access as company unplugs network and service providers seek alternatives.

Last Chance for Snow Portraits
Exposure and image editing tricks to make the most of the last of winter.

Superfast Interface for PC Slots
PCI Express will be here soon. GeekTech's primer on the technology helps untangle specs from speculation.

Free Web Mail: Here to Stay?
Hotmail and Yahoo keep luring users to paid plans, but also enhance their free e-mail offerings.

Super-Duper Tools for Your Toolbox
Freebies that fix Windows, top downloads of 2004, on-screen psychedelics.

HP Brightens New Media Center PCs
Desktops include docking stations for IPods or HP digital cameras.

Toshiba Develops Fast-Charging Batteries
Technology could be powering your cell phone or laptop in the next three years.

AMD Offers a Sneak Peek at Pacifica
Virtualization technology will turn one PC into multiple virtual systems, company says.

Microsoft Launches Mobile Video Downloads
Service offers daily TV programming, sports, and news for Windows Mobile-based devices.

Xerox Pitches More Color for Business
Company debuts its first color multifunction device based on its solid ink technology.

Symantec Acknowledges Two Holes in Antivirus Products
Flaws could be used by hackers to crash PCs running the software.

Microsoft Gives Blaster Author a Break
Convicted teen will do community service, skip restitution.

No Comdex Gathering Again This Year
Granddaddy of tech trade shows still on hold, organizers say.

Dell Releases Its Lightest Laptop Ever
Designed with business travelers in mind, the X1 has a battery life of up to 6 hours, the company says.

Switching Wireless Carriers
Our writer's quest for a low price on a Treo 650 ends with a change of wireless carrier.

Do You Watch TV on Your Cell Phone?
Wireless carriers are delivering snippets of your favorite television shows, movie previews, news, sports, and more straight to your phone screen.

Is Apple Admitting an iPod Flaw?
Release of a software update to limit volume levels admits flaw, lawyers say.

Google, AOL Detail Partnership
Agreement reveals that Google will explore the market for graphical ads.

Panasonic Plans Its First Blu-ray Disc Player
Device will be available in September for less than $1500, company says.

Banks Hit With New Spoofing Attacks
Attackers made changes to legitimate Web sites, making the scams much harder to detect.

Gateway Launches Skinny Business Laptops
The E-100M is the company's first ultraportable notebook since 2002.

German Researchers Say 'Minority Report' Transparent Screens Possible
Claim made for first transparent OLED pixel technology.

Use a PDA as a Voice Recorder?
Learn the limitations, dos, and don'ts of this PDA feature.

HP Pavilion A820n
Economical PC comes with an optical drive that can burn labels onto discs.

Microsoft Expands Windows Piracy Check
More users will have to validate their OS before downloading software.

Nikon Readies New Digital SLRs
A manual for one model, the D50, was accidentally made available on the company's Web site.

Windows Server 2003 Made More Secure
Service Pack 1, now available, includes security and performance enhancements.

MessageLabs Offers E-Mail Encryption
New service encrypts messages to protect e-mail sent between business partners.

Dell Dimension 8400
Our updated XP Media Center system came with an excellent 19-inch LCD monitor.

ABS Ultimate M6
This muscular gaming PC scored top performance marks.

Gateway's High-End Laptop Sheds Weight
Company touts new M680 notebook as a performance or multimedia fit.

Monarch Furia Custom Desktop with PCI Express and SLI
Expensive gaming system comes with dual graphics boards in an SLI configuration.

Microsoft Files 117 Phishing Lawsuits
Software giant seeks to find, punish large-scale scam operations.

Penguin Advantage X8
Compact all-in-one PC offers mediocre performance but has a good LCD monitor.

Micro Express MicroFlex 40A
Though not the prettiest machine we've seen, it's one of the fastest.

Dell Dimension 4700
A good system for value-minded home and home-office users.

Transmeta Cashes In Its Chips; Eyes Services, Licensing
The company's future as a chip supplier is all but over.

Set Your Movies to Music
Looking for legal music to enhance your videos? Here's where you can find all sorts of cool tunes that won't get you in trouble.

Ads to Appear on Google Local Maps
Businesses will be able to buy graphical advertisements from the search giant.

Toshiba Launches First HD-DVD Player in Japan
Battle over next-generation DVD formats will now play out in retail stores.

Sprint Nextel Details Plans for 3G Upgrade
Mobile broadband network will feature much faster upload speeds, company says.

Intel Kicks Off Low-Cost PC Effort
Chip maker moves forward with plans to sell an affordable desktop PC in developing countries.

Software Company Argues Product Isn't a Trojan
Mobile phone spy program was labeled as malware by F-Secure.

No Vista, but 'Vista Capable' Stickers Instead
Microsoft hopes marketing program may ease Vista delay fallout.

New Generation of IE Malware Now Circulating
Exploit is based on earlier flaw but considered more dangerous.

Got Spam? Here's How to Stop It
Head off junk e-mail before it reaches your in-box with these tips and tools.

Dell Inspiron 8000

Ch.1 Internet TV: Big-Screen Web
Die-hard couch potatoes will love Princeton's 36-inch TV, but the big screen doesn't enhance Net surfing much.

Laplink Eases PC Moves With PCsync
Migration software adds Music Mover, Web access functions to synchronization toolbox.

Apple Revamps iBook
A conservative new thin-and-light Mac notebook looks nothing like its previous funky flavors.

IBM ThinkPad X23

Home Office: More Springtime PC Cleanup Tips, Part 2
Eliminate duplicate files, tune up your system, tweak the Registry.

Mobile Computing: Portable Printing
Slick printers and snazzy carrying cases--everything you need for output on the go.

Hidden Extras on Your DVD Movies
Think you're done with your DVD movie when the credits crawl by? Put your PC's DVD-ROM drive to work, and the fun may not be over. We point you to ten movies with great entertainment, exclusively for your PC.

Spam Shootout Starts
Marketers, spammers, critics, and lawmakers square off at FTC Forum.

Brother MFC-4420C

Canon MultiPass MP730

Dell Personal All-in-One A940

HP LaserJet 3330mfp

HP PSC 2210 All-in-One

Lexmark PrinTrio X75

Lexmark X5150 All-in-One Print Center

Do Antispam Measures Block Mail You Want?
Blacklists sometimes go too far, warn both marketers and activists.

Solutions to CD Nagging
Readers sound off about CD requirements; legally play copied games.

Consumer Alert: Ads That Look Like Bills
The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is conducting a review of Listing Corp., a company whose mailed marketing pitches look like domain-name invoices.

Invasion of the Wireless Sensors
Hand motions open a trash can and light a flameless candle. Plus, a mini R2-D2, a digital picture frame with music, and a fast new phone.

Mozilla Readies Firefox Security Patch
Developers also confirm they're dropping a bookmarking feature from the next version of the browser.

Epson Hits Online Ink Cartridge Retailers
Four retailers agree to stop selling third-party ink cartridges designed for use in Epson's printers.

Memory Prices Expected to Stay High
New manufacturing technology could cause shortages, which will likely mean higher prices for consumers.

Napster Offers Free, On-Demand Music
Users can legally listen to songs--for free--using the company's new Web-based music player.

Samsung 'Origami' Device Hits the U.S. Market
The Q1 Windows-based ultramobile PC now available online.

BlackBerry Maker Faces New Patent Lawsuit
Visto software firm claims RIM violates four company patents.

Best Napster Alternatives for Music Fans
If you're an MP3 junkie looking for a fix, we'll tell you which of the Napster alternatives works best.

Dell OptiPlex GX400

KDS ThinNote

Files Highlighted in Our June Issue
Get security patches, system utilities, Napster clones, and MP3 tools.

Dial-Up Networking
We explain the method most people use to connect to the Internet.

ABS Multimedia System XP

Verizon Joins Broadband Price Hike Parade
AT&T Broadband boosts cable prices as well; other DSL rates have already jumped.

Simple RF Weapon Can Fry PC Circuits
Scientists show device that could make the electromagnetic spectrum the terrorist weapon of choice.

Mobile Computing Tips: Getting Your Gear Through Airport Security
What to expect, and how to avoid problems and embarrassment.

Ergonomics Rules Go Voluntary
OSHA opts for guidelines, and while worker organizations complain, others say it allows for more choices.

If EBay Swallows PayPal, Customers May Suffer
Combining online giants would mean less competition and more problems, analyst says.

Spam: America's Unwelcome Export
Other countries try different tactics in spam wars.

Grab Bag From the Mailbag
Pump up your desktop with a program that runs many tiny utilities, and watch spyware-free screen savers for several planets.

Yahoo Blogging Service Boosts Content
Yahoo 360 will allow users to import photos and music from non-Yahoo applications.

Lenovo Completes Purchase of IBM's PC Unit
With the acquisition completed, PC maker promise new products soon.

AOpen's Even Smaller Pentium M-Based Desktop Cube
The XC Cube Mini MZ855-II is half the size of the company's previous cube PC.

Master Your Camera's Depth of Field
Master this concept and craft more powerful photos.

Should You Be Fired for Using the Internet While at Work?
Lines between professional and home lives start to blur.

Google Complains About IE Search
Latest version of Internet Explorer uses MSN as the default search engine.

Amazon Dumps Google for Windows Live
Online retailer is using Microsoft's search tools for its Alexa toolbar and A9 search engine.

Handheld Sales Still Slumping
More users are opting instead for portable devices that include phone functionality.

First Look: Lenovo ThinkPad X60s
Ultraportable workhorse lacks an integrated optical drive, but its design and performance are top-notch.

PC World Analysis: Deconstructing the Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi Hype
How to make sense of a gaggle of new, fast wireless products moving into stores and labeled 'Draft N-compliant'.

Will Vista Delay Last Longer Than Expected?
Microsoft says its next OS will arrive in January 2007, but one research firm doubts that claim.

Mozilla Patches Firefox Flaw
Version of the browser, now available, patches a known security bug.

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600

Micro Express MicroFlex 1333A

HP Pavilion BT858

Service Offers E-Mail at 40,000 Feet
Exclusive: We test Tenzing's new in-flight e-mail service.

Top 5 Spreadsheet Add-Ins
Avoid the pain and tedium of writing Excel formulas.

Samsung Puts Palm, Phone in One Neat Package
Color PDA fits inside Samsung I300 full-featured, normal-size cell phone.

Senate Weighs Broadband Bills
Competing legislation tackles how to promote cheap, available high-speed Internet access.

Kazaa Sneakware Stirs inside PCs
Altnet's dormant programs will awaken some time in May to ask for your cash, storage space, and system cycles.

Back Up Your Brain
Store your passwords, sing with confidence, and forget your worries with a fast-paced puzzle game.

Online Lotteries: Risky Business?
It's easy to play Powerball over the Internet, but its legality remains a gamble.

Print Anything, Anywhere You Go
Small enough to tote, portable printers complete your on-the-road office or traveling photo lab.

Sun's Grid Stumbles
Launch delayed for Net-based service that will sell storage, computing power by the hour.

Phishing Attacks Get More Sophisticated
Analysts see rise in Trojan-based key-loggers launched via e-mail and instant messaging.

Spread of Sober E-Mail Worm Variant Slowing
As always, PC users urged to update their antivirus software.

HP OfficeJet 7210 All-In-One
Packed with features, this networked MFP is fast and delivers high-quality prints and scans.

Canon Pixma MP760
Equipped with a built-in film scanner and a media card reader, the MP760 offers the kind of speed, quality, and features photographers will love.

Canon Pixma MP780
The MP780 is fast and professional at handling office tasks, offering built-in faxing and an automatic document feeder.

HP PSC 1610 All-In-One
Despite its low price, this MFP delivers high-quality prints, scans, and copies.

Lexmark P6250
The P6250 offers a good combination of features for the price, but speeds and print quality are mixed.

Epson Stylus Photo RX620
The RX620 prints beautiful photos and does a masterful job of scanning. But the device falters when printing text and graphics on plain paper.

Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 942
Dell adds media slots and a color LCD to its economical printer/scanner combo.

Brother MFC-5840CN
The MFC-5840CN's built-in networking lets you share it as a printer, scanner, fax, and memory card reader.

Lexmark X7170
The X7170 has appealing features for the office, but its scan quality is disappointing.

Microsoft Recruits Bloggers to Preview Longhorn
Software giant seeking developers and "super users" to evaluate latest OS.

Nikon Coolpix 7900
Nikon puts 7-megapixel imaging in a compact, nicely designed point-and-shoot camera.

Nikon Coolpix 5600
This small, 5-megapixel bundle produces terrific images.

Casio Exilim Pro EX-P505
This hybrid still and video camera falls short in image quality.

Olympus C-5500 Sport Zoom
Impressive image quality helps this model make its mark, despite some limitations.

Duck, It's a Microsoft Patch
The scoop on Microsoft's latest Security Patch screw up, plus some games that make your brain stronger.

Add IE Tabs to Firefox
Open IE-optimized pages in Mozilla Firefox, rename Windows Desktop icons, and use Caps Lock only when you want.

First Look: Canon's Sharp-Shooting PowerShot SD700 IS Digital Elph
The newest Digital Elph adds image stabilization for sharper images.

Skype Readies Version 2.5
Company also announces plans for a new conference calling service.

Microsoft Settles Antitrust Suit in California
Government entities will be able to obtain cash refunds for hardware and software purchases.

Opera Updates Mini Browser
Opera Mini 2.0 is designed to simplify mobile commerce.

Asus L8400

Dell Dimension L800CX

MSI StarForce 818

New Tool Saves Time and Money's Product Finder offers a wealth of buying information.

High-Tech Entrepreneurs Change Face of Charity
PC philanthropists have discerning generous streak, study shows.

CD Creator 5 Platinum Tangles With Windows 2000
Roxio offers tips, fixes if CD-burning software hits a snag on your PC.

Fix Perspective in Architectural Photos
Shooting buildings can be tricky; here's how to avoid and fix problems.

ATI Unveils Radeon X800 Chips
Newest graphics processors boost memory, pixels, and clock speeds.

Make Mom a Power User
Surprise your mom with a super-cooled PC case, new power supply, or network server.

R-Rated Cell Phones
As more handsets offer video content, the mobile phone industry is developing a rating system to keep minors away from the adult stuff.

PDA Sales Increase Sharply
Driven by demand for wireless devices, shipments hit a new high, researcher says.

HomePlug Networking Gains Steam
Sony joins the board of directors as the Alliance prepares to finalize its latest standard.

Apple Issues Security Patch
Update fixes bugs found in the Jaguar version of Mac OS X.

Music in a Flash
If the hard disk in your iPod breaks, you may wish you had a flash memory-based music player. But should it be an iPod Shuffle, or something else?

Digital Music Stores
Where to find legal downloads.

Top 10 Music Players
When only hard disks will do.

Cornice, Seagate Partly Settle Hard-Drive Dispute
Cornice agrees to stop producing some versions of its 1-inch hard-disk drives.

House Republicans Outline High-Tech Agenda for Congress
The High-Tech Working Group's priorities include controlling spyware, rewriting the Telecommunications Act.

Microsoft Offers R&D to Small Companies, Startups
Areas include gaming, databases, multimedia, and security, among others.

Voice Mail and E-Mail Together
Unified messaging services put faxes, e-mail, and voice mail in one inbox.

A Gated Net: The Sequel
A proposed federal law would make it easier for telecom firms to offer IPTV. But it would not prevent other content from ending up in the Net's slow lane.

Microsoft Chases Ad Revenue With AdCenter
Software giant's new online advertising sales platform is similar to Google's AdWords.

AMD Billboard Boasts of Lower Electric Bills
Chip makers use power efficiency, not just chip speed, to lure customers.

Web Sites Sued for Selling Phone Records
Five sites and their operators are accused of selling consumers' confidential telephone records.

First Draft-N Routers Don't Impress
The newest crop of Wi-Fi equipment generally fails to outperform previous products--and there's no guarantee that gear from different companies will work together.

Will Spam Choke the Internet?
Analysis: Pondering how to end the epidemic.

High-Tech Gifts for Mother's Day
Show your love with a new LCD monitor, phone, or modem.

The Computer Ate My Vote
As critical voices grow louder, and Congress takes note, should you be concerned about the security of electronic voting machines come November?

The Fastest PCs Ever?
So-called 64-bit computers are popping up everywhere, from names you know (Apple) and some you may not (ABS Computer). It's time to shed light on the 64-bit movement.

Top 10 Desktop PCs
64-bit takes on 32-bit.

Apple: World's Fastest?
Not very likely, and here's why.

Analyst: Expect a 64-Bit Desktop by 2006
With the industry poised to move, one expert says the transition from 32 bits could be swift.

Tech Execs Tell How Industry Can Grow
Trade group gives Congress a status report and wish list for global competition.

Microsoft Shows New Features of Windows Longhorn
Future OS will track all your contacts regardless of the type of communication.

Don't Lose Your Gadgets
Traveling is an invitation to lose your cell phone, notebook, or PDA. Learn how to avoid problems.

First Look: AskSam 6 Offers Database Flexibility
Latest version of free-form database offers a new interface and a dynamic folder view.

Is VoIP Service the Next Big Target for Hackers?
Saving money with Internet telephony is popular right now, but security issues could ruin a good thing.

Essential Sites for Home Office Dwellers
Whether you telecommute or own your own business, check out these great Web sites. They'll make your workload easier to handle.

Taxicabs With a View
Passengers will be able to view news, restaurant listings, and, of course, ads.

Bluetooth Meets Ultra Wideband
Some backers want the two wireless technologies to work together.

Technology Helps Disabled Workers
A Department of Defense program aids employees who are blind, deaf, or injured.

Lawmakers Question Controversial Section of Patriot Act
The provision lets ISPs give personal information to the government without usual checks and balances, lawmakers say.

Experts Say Business Network Attack May Be a Distraction
The real intent of DNS poisoning could be to test defenses or leave a small spyware app behind, say security analysts.

First Look: New Rhapsody Hits a Sour Note
Real's music service has a handy new player, but its portable subscription feature is way too buggy.

Asus W5A
Ultraportable keeps you connected with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in Webcam.

Toshiba Qosmio G15-AV501
Entertainment laptop lives large with big, wide screen and beautiful sound.

Sony Delays First Blu-ray Disc Titles
Initial eight titles will ship June 20, one month later than expected.

Microsoft Preps Critical Windows Patches
Software giant will also release fixes for Exchange flaws as part of patch Tuesday.

FTC Halts, Fines Spyware Operation
Court orders company to give up more than $4 million in profits.

AOL Dials Up Free Phone to PC Service
Online giant offers free phone numbers to 41 million AIM users, and readies its own rival.

Yahoo Faces Class-Action Spyware, Ad-Sales Suit
Antispyware activist files a lawsuit accusing Yahoo of placing ads with spyware vendors.

Digital Focus: Making and Copying Your Own DVD Videos
How to make and copy your own DVD Videos, plus solving weird memory card problems.

Windows Learns to Play Nicely
Microsoft unveils tools to smooth multimedia access, operation in homes.

Symantec Drops Norton Utilities
Long-lived product now available only as part of SystemWorks.

Creative Labs Takes Sound Blaster to USB
Enhanced audio cards forgo PCI slot to support even notebooks.

Airport Web Access, Part II
We look at terminals in the Midwest, Southwest, and West Coast.

Kids Site Seeks More Content
Congress considers how its mandated safe-haven site can better keep youngsters' interest.

Young Tiger Shows Strength But Has Room to Grow
The anticipated upgrade to Apple's OS X has some great new features, and a few rough edges.

ExpressCards More Desktop-Friendly
The newest breed of PC Cards is supposed to give you better performance than the CardBus PC Cards. Here's PC World's first take on them.

FCC's Broadcast Flag Overturned
Federal court strikes down regs that would limit viewers' ability to record and copy over-the-air hi-def TV programs.

Microsoft Revamps Security Hole Approach
Timely advisories to monthly Security Bulletins now in pilot program.

Asus S8600

HP Pavilion 7800

Handspring Trims Visor Prices
Visor Deluxe, Platinum drop $50 for Mother's Day, Father's Day shoppers.

Digital Focus: Resize Photos, All About Zoom
Tools and tips that help you shrink and enlarge your pictures.

New HP Retains Most Products
Compaq's IPaq supplants Jornada, and HP business PCs will eventually retire, in revealed merger road map.

SMC Shrinks Wireless Networking Down to Size
About the size of a bar of soap, EZ Connect 11 Mbps Wireless USB Adapter makes 802.11b networking a snap.

Home Office: A PC Tune-Up for Mom
How to provide (tech) support for loved ones.

HP Unveils Sub-$800 Color LaserJet
Networkable LaserJet 1500L targets small and home offices.

Microsoft Shows Tiny PCs, High-Tech Remote
WinHEC Innovation Room offers a peek at tech tools to come.

Music for Nothing; Tracks for Free
Download free music legally--here's how.

Samsung Shows Tiny Audio Players
YEPP digital music players measure 1 inch thick and weigh just about an ounce.

PC World Spotlight on Affordable Digital Cameras

Intel Changes Plans for Pentium 4
Company drops Tejas and plans a dual-core desktop chip for 2005.

E-Campaigns Gain Momentum Overseas
The U.S. is lagging behind South Korea when it comes to wired politics.

Web-User Satisfaction on the Upswing
Site visitors are more likely to finish Web tasks successfully, but site searches are still troublesome, according to a recent survey.

Gateway Solo 9500

Compaq Presario 7000Z

CD-R Media Prices to Triple This Summer
Temporary glut plus patent royalty demands prompt disc prices to climb.

Internet Phone Rates Are Rising
Yahoo is latest to impose fees on Net-based PC-to-telephone calls.

Home Office: Printer Tricks That Save Bucks
Use draft mode, speed up your printing, pack more onto a page, and play miniature golf.

Consumer Groups Protest Forced Spying
SonicBlue gets support in court, despite inactive privacy policy that permits user monitoring.

Latest Privacy Legislation More Lenient
Stearns bill draws mixed reaction, but 'opt-out' approach raises some consumer concerns.

Serial ATA II Approaches--Slowly
Next-generation storage specs revealed, a little at a time.

Intel Announces New Brand Name for Chips
Core 2 Duo will debut this summer, replacing Conroe and Merom code names.

Canon Pixma MP830
This speedy multifunction, which includes fax capability and a duplexing automatic document feeder, produces top-notch prints, copies, and scans.

Brother MFC-640CW
This well-priced, feature-packed multifunction includes fax capability and an ADF, plus ethernet and Wi-Fi networking.

HP PSC 1410 All-in-One
This inexpensive entry-level multifunction has basic features and limited speed, but for many users it may provide acceptable output quality.

PCs at Risk: Trojan Horses and Firewalls
How to prevent nasty hack attacks.

WinBook J1

Windows XP to Ship October 25
Microsoft is still tweaking next OS's copy protection to avoid irritating customers.

Send E-Mail, Collect $1 Million
New electronic-greeting site offers sweepstakes kicker.

Mobile Computing Tips: Best Web Sites for Travelers
Go online before you hit the road, prevent eye strain, death by cell phone.

Did Microsoft Flirt With Piracy?
Complaints about open-source software policy reveal piracy rap in France.

PentaZip Goes Multilingual in Update
Version 5.1 of compression utility expands language support, beefs up scripts and viewer options.

Feds Seek Broader Surveillance Power
Senate OKs lesser requirements for scrutiny, wiretap.

First Tests: AMD's Dual-Core Chip Delivers Real Power Boost
Our exclusive tests show this CPU is faster than Intel's dual-core Pentium EE 840.

Microsoft Readies New Mobile OS
Magneto OS, revamped version of Office for PDAs expected to be announced this week.

In-Flight Internet Crosses the Pacific
Japan Airlines will begin offering Internet access to passengers on select flights.

Critical Flaw Found in Firefox
Exploit code is already circulating online, security experts warn.

Build a Flag-Free HD Personal Video Recorder
Now's the right time to build your own digital TV recorder. We show you how.

PalmOne Preps Its LifeDrive
New line of PDAs, called mobile managers, expected later this month.

Boost Image Quality With Camera Settings
Learn about megapixels, compression, file formats, and putting it all together.

Samsung Shows Super Slim Cell Phones
Company says new handsets are the thinnest of their kind.

Verizon: Net Neutrality Limits Broadband's Potential
Verizon official says Net neutrality rules would prevent innovative new services.

VoIP on Cell Phones: Read the Fine Print
T-Mobile prohibits the use of VoIP services on its mobile phone networks.

Microsoft Patches Windows, Exchange Flaws
Monthly updates repair 'critical' server hole and address Flash glitch.

HP Shows Five Business Notebooks
Mobility Summit sees debut of compact notebooks with built-in 3G service.

Shield Public From Cybercrime Combat, Senator Says
Lawmaker wants to alter Freedom of Information Act to allow covert cybercrime-fighting tactics.

Fiber Optics Fans Foresee Lightning-Fast Web Access
SBC joins small but growing band of firms offering fiber-optic broadband.

Ready to Manage Your Household Online?
Connections 2001 conference finds 'cheap' and 'easy' are key consumer requests for home networks.

First Tests of Intel's New Pentium M
Vendors snap up 'Dothan' for speedy notebooks with long battery life.

Use the Histogram to Avoid Exposure Issues
Is a shot overexposed? Underexposed? The histogram can tell you--sometimes before you take the picture.

Shopping for the Best VoIP Service
If you're searching for the right Internet phone provider, check out these tips before you sign up.

Power Outage Hits EBay
Auction site was unavailable for a short period of time.

Sprint, Intel Team on Mobile WiMax
Companies will work together to support the high-speed wireless technology.

Future Intel Chips Signal Design Shift
Desktop, server, and mobile chips will share the same power-friendly design strategy.

Microsoft Unwraps Windows Mobile 5
New handheld OS offers increased reliability, improved hardware support, and a host of new features.

Sony Prepares WWAN-Equipped VAIO Laptops
T-Series notebooks will have built-in wireless wide area network technology, using Cingular's EDGE network.

Toshiba Expands HD DVD Capacity to 45GB
Backer of HD DVD technology announces boost that closes the significant capacity gap between rival next-generation optical discs.

Is Your PC Ready for Vista?
Yet more on Microsoft's upcoming OS and what it'll mean for your PC, plus some redecorating ideas.

Nintendo Adds Opera Browser to Wii
Gamers will be able to surf the Internet from Nintendo's next-generation game console.

Novell Pitches Microsoft Desktop Alternative
Open-source desktop suite includes OpenOffice business productivity apps and GroupWise collaboration tools.

Security Experts: Many Problems, Few Legal Solutions
Criminals are finding high-tech ways to make money, and laws will do little to solve the problems, some say.

Google Priority: Still Search
Maps, Finance, Mail and more won't detract from long-term focus, CEO says.

U.K. Will Ship Accused Hacker to U.S.
British court approves extradition request for 'Solo' who perused government systems.

Bill Would Let You Sue Spammers
Opponents suggest bill to fend off bulk e-mail could hamper growth of retail on the Web.

Shooting Spring Flowers, Part I
Photographing flowers can be tricky; here's how to avoid problems.

Gadgets Keep Getting Smarter
Smart (and big) displays, a clever DVD player, a megacombo set-top box, and other digital gizmos catch the imagination.

Xbox Gears Up to Challenge PlayStation
Microsoft focuses on online content, announces new games from EA.

What's Next for Consumer Gadgets?
Researchers describe a future with long-lived batteries, tiny devices, and new levels of convergence.

Sony, Nintendo Unveil Game Handhelds
Next-generation portable entertainment devices offer top-notch graphics and wireless capabilities.

Recycle PCs, Notebooks, and Components
All about recycling, reusing, and donating your old tech gear.

Yahoo Launches Low-Cost Music Service
Subscription service undercuts competing services from RealNetworks and Napster.

AOL Takes AIM at Web Mail
Users who upgrade to AIM 5.9 will be offered an e-mail account with 2GB of storage.

Next Microsoft Office Coming in 2006
Office suite will feature enhanced document sharing, more collaboration features.

Via Plans Sub-$250 PCs
Low-cost computers, which include a hard drive and a monitor, are designed for emerging markets.

Hitachi, Fujitsu Tout 100GB Notebook Drives
New hard drives offer more storage, faster media transfer than earlier models.

Google Ponders Blogger Enhancements
Search engine giant also considering Gmail integration with Blogger.

Lawmakers Set Their Sights on Spyware
New bill, which competes with SPY BLOCK, would strengthen enforcement of existing laws.

The Cellular Internet
The new form of broadband is going mainstream. Is it time to consider it?

First Look: Ultra Mobile PC Head-to-Head
New devices from Samsung and TabletKiosk could be viable laptop replacements, but they'll put a dent in your wallet.

Highlights From Google's Press Day
Company announces social bookmarking services, and an improved desktop searching app.

MPAA Trains Dogs to Sniff Out Pirate DVDs
Two black Labradors are being employed in the fight against piracy in the U.K.

Sony, Panasonic Announce New HD Format
AVCHD format is designed for use with high-definition camcorders.

French Copyright Bill Gives Apple a Break
Apple will not have share details of its FairPlay DRM technology.

Google Not in Microsoft Crosshairs, Ballmer Claims
But Microsoft CEO admits his company wants to replace Google as top Internet ad revenue recipient.

New Federal Cybercrime Bill Inadequate, Consumer Advocates Say
Critics claim proposed legislation falls short of protecting consumers.

ATI Beefs Up Radeon 9800
Graphics board maker boosts card to 256MB of DDR Memory.

First Tests: NVidia's 5900 FX Chip
GeForce FX 5900 Ultra takes graphics speed crown--barely.

More Cool Stuff for Mom
Nifty gifts to bring plus one you can wear--and a shameless plug for myself.

Zire 31, and Clie PEG TH55 Revisited
PalmOne offers color for beginning PDA users; the Sony way with handhelds.

Show Spotlights Toughest Tech Gear
Surveillance photos and PCs that survive sandstorms are among the wares for soldiers and spies.

Sony Drops PlayStation Prices
Price cuts, new online services, and cell-based workstation aim to juice console sales.

Nokia Pushes N-Gage-ing Games
New titles from Atari, Capcom are intended to lure more users to the wireless gaming device.

TriDef DVD Player Pushes 3D View
DDD's software could turn any DVD into a 3D movie (without the funny glasses).

Consumers' Digital Rights Debated
Proposed law would loosen copyright restrictions, permit some backups and use.

Gifts for Moms, Dads, and Grads
Spring gift-giving season is upon us: Give from the heart, without breaking your wallet.

The BlackBerry Software Story
BlackBerry software offerings are on the rise, and Handango can help you find them.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Takes the Stage
New console is actually a sophisticated, powerful PC cleverly disguised as a gaming system.

Boingo's Wi-Fi Access Takes Flight
Company will offer in-flight Internet access to its hot spot customers.

Google Learns How to Play Dodgeball
Search giant acquires, a text-messaging/social networking service.

MSN Snaps Up MessageCast
Technology will be used to add alerts to MSN's messaging services.

Robots Move From the Battlefield to Your Home
Military technology starts showing up in household devices.

Mozilla Fixes Critical Firefox Bugs
Alternative browser's security upgraded.

GeekTech: nVidia's Powerful, Complicated Quad SLI
If you have a huge monitor, love games, and have money to burn, you'll probably want nVidia's latest and greatest--but be sure your PC maker knows what it's doing.

E3 2006: Picks and Pans
From retro video games to scantily-clad booth babes, here's what we loved and hated at this year's show.

Sony Brings LocationFree TV to Macs
Remote TV platform will also be available on a wider range of mobile devices.

First Look: Sony's Slick New HD Camcorder
The HDR-HC3 brings high-definition video recording to the masses.

DOJ Asks Court to Extend Microsoft Antitrust Order Judgment
The DOJ and Microsoft agree to extend parts of the order against the company until 2009.

Symantec Considers Automatic Online Backup Service
Could be an alternative to Google Gdrive or Microsoft Live Drive online storage.

Top 5 Screen Savers
These picks range from Cezanne to lobsters to James Bond.

Digital Focus: Taking Silhouettes
Feeling artsy? Want to take a photo with mood? Learn to shoot silhouettes.

Sing Along With Your Xbox
Game console gains multimedia features, new online tools.

Sony's PlayStation Goes Portable
EyeToy add-on, enhanced Online Pack debut at E3.

First Tests of Athlon XP 3200+
Polywell, Sys systems show value of AMD's newest CPU.

Refurbished Notebooks
The rules have changed. Is that refurb really a good buy?

New Gaming Handhelds Enter Fray
Upcoming Gizmondo, Eve challenge Sony's PSP and the Nintendo DS.

Blog Development Tool Ships
Six Apart adds plug-in options, authentication tools to Movable Type.

When Is a Baked-Bean Can a Wi-Fi Network Antenna?
You can make high technology when you're competing in Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair.

Adventures in 64-Bit Computing
Building a 64-bit PC is fast and easy, until it comes time to install all the drivers.

Windows XP Slims Down for Older PCs
Microsoft readies a lighter version for users who want to upgrade their OS, but not their PC.

Microsoft Readies Its Antivirus App
Windows OneCare, which include a firewall, anti-spyware, and antivirus features, will be available in beta later this year.

Microsoft Beefs Up Wi-Fi Security
Software giant adds the WPA2 Wi-Fi security specification to Windows XP.

Storage Company OnStream Returns From Bankruptcy
Company's Advanced Digital Recording technology survives fiscal troubles.

AMD Launches Athlon 4 in Bid to Challenge Intel's Notebook Lead
Company introduces new mobile processors and escalates battles with Intel.

Microsoft Unveils Online Office XP Tools
Tools on the Web will let you access Web-based resources from within the Office suite.

Virtual PC Weds Windows and Linux
Don't choose: Virtual PC puts several operating systems on a single PC.

Digital Focus: Convert VHS Tapes to DVDs
Turn analog video into digital, fix a thorny printer problem.

Matrox Updates Graphics Processor
Parhelia-512 lures NVidia, ATI fans with greater speed and more colors.

Palm Programs to Get an OS 5 Checkup
As operating system update nears release, logo program will identify compatible applications.

Home Office: More Nifty Computing Gifts for Mom
Gifts that show you care: a RAID hard drive, a home-made personal video recorder, and more.

DVD Copying Program Revamped
321 Studios Meets Challenge in Court and Market.

Intuit Abandons Product Activation
Annoyed customer retains lawsuit over TurboTax function.

This Hard Drive Belongs in Mensa
Seagate proves you don't need to spin faster--just smarter--to get better performance.

E3 2004: Picks and Pans
Big games, small hardware, and one really loud show--the best and worst of this year's expo.

Retro Games Find New Life
Electronic gaming explores nostalgic titles, sequelmania for new platforms.

Wildseed Readies Chameleon Cell Phones
Plastic skins with embedded chips change and customize the Identity phone's personality in seconds.

Palm OS Version of Treo 700 Is Coming
Like its Windows Mobile-based sibling, the Treo 700p supports fast EvDO networks--and will be available from Sprint as well as Verizon Wireless.

FileMaker Update Ships for Windows 2000, Mac OS X
Web publishing, integration with server databases enhanced in FileMaker 5.5, available on several platforms.

Handspring Cuts VisorPhone Price, Boosts Browser
VisorPhone price drops $50, Google signs on, and MSN content is coming.

Does Your PC Harbor Zombies Waiting to Attack?
Unprotected broadband connections can leave your PC open to raids by malicious hackers.

Home Office: More Money-Saving Printer Tricks
Imaginary printers, supercheap refills, check printing, and Bruce Lee.

IBM ThinkPad A31

Online Free Speech Goes Another Round
After Supreme Court upholds most of COPA, digital civil libertarians brace for another battle over restricting kids' surfing.

ReplayTV Spy Order Delayed
Judge postpones order forcing Sonicblue to check user viewing habits for copyright infringement.

Mobile Computing: Guide to Wi-Fi Hot Spots
Where to find the hottest spots and services; plus pricing info.

Privacy Laws: Not the Answer?
Surfers need to take charge of their own security, experts say.

Reports: Apple, Softbank Plan iPod Phone
Cell phones will be able to play songs downloaded from iTunes.

Backdoor Found in Diebold Voting Machines
Company says it will make changes to the electronic voting machines before the November 7 general election.

AOL Tests Security Diagnostic Tool
Beta product helps users keep track of the security software and updates they need to protect their PC.

Microsoft Readies Dreamweaver Rival
Developers will get a chance to test Expression Web Designer, a Web layout and design tool.

Sprint to Sell the Treo 700p By End of May
Sprint announces pricing and service plans for the first Palm-based EvDO Treo. Domain Is Approved
ICANN approves creation domain. Contract goes to British firm.

DOJ Rebuffs Complaints About IE 7 Search Box
Feds have no plans to go after Microsoft over the search box in the new browser; search competitor Google's concerns fall on unsympathetic ears.

E-Books: A Cool, New Way to Read
Steve Bass tries out the latest e-books, software, and hardware.

Microsoft Xbox Ships in November With Games Galore
More than half a million units and up to 20 games scheduled to be available at launch.

Mobile Computing Tips: Great Palm Utilities for Business Travelers
Track travel details, calculate tips, download an alarm clock.

Toshiba Satellite 5105-S607

Will Fees Silence Web Radio?
Senators hear songs of concern before copyright office rules on royalty rates for Web-based radio stations.

Hollings Online Privacy Bill Stalled
Political maneuver prevents Senate committee from passing modified measure--for just a day.

PC Power Products Debut at E3
Gaming conference also sees easy home nets, app-specific keyboards.

This Matrix Runs Your PC
New game parallels movie, offers glimpses beyond 'Reloaded.'

All About HD
So you want to buy an HDTV. Here are some things to consider before you plunk down that credit card.

Digital Projectors Create a True Cinema Experience
You don't need an expensive big-screen TV to create your own home theater. Affordable digital projectors with great image quality are now more plentiful than ever.

MIT Eyes $100 Laptops
University has developed a plan to bring low-cost computers to children around the world.

Sober Worm Spawns German Spam
Worm variant sends political propaganda messages in both English and German.

Microsoft Updates Desktop Search Toolbar
Upgraded app allows users to preview documents found on their hard drives.

New Worm Targets AIM Users
Malware allows an attacker to gain remote access to your PC.

First Look: Mini-Notebook Offers Maxi-Power
Toshiba's Libretto U100 weighs only about two pounds, but features big-time performance.

Microsoft Prices New Accounting App
Office Small Business Accounting 2006 takes on Intuit Quickbooks with a $200 price tag.

Top 5 All-Purpose Laptops
These laptops can do it all and are a great choice for most notebook users. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Inkjet Multifunction Printers
These all-in-one printers are the best of their class, and are solid choices for small businesses and home offices. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops
Ideal for the mobile professional, these notebooks stand out for their low weight and small footprint. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

Top 5 Networked-Attached Storage Devices
These are the top networked-attached storage (NAS) devices today, but ratings and rankings can change quickly due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

The Gadget as Fashion Statement
What's the point in lugging around high-tech gear if it doesn't make you look good?

File Format Refresher
Lossy versus lossless and how to choose between the two.

Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Arrive
We demystify, test, and make recommendations on the next generation of DVD products.

First Look: Kaspersky's Best of Breed Security Suite
Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 offers top-notch protection, but its odd interface and high price may somewhat limit its appeal.

Hitachi Launches Its First Perpendicular Hard Drives
2.5-inch hard drives that can hold 160GB of data will be available by mid-year.

Creative Sues Apple Over the iPod
Creative asks court to block sales of the iPod, claiming it violates one of its patents.

AMD Launches Energy-Efficient Processors
Chips will cost 5 percent more, but customers will make up the difference through electricity savings, company says.

Sony Shows Smallest Vaio PC Yet
New Windows XP-based PC is about the size of a paperback book.

Apple's New Intel-Based MacBook Laptop Now Available
Laptop with 13-inch wide screen runs on an Intel Core Duo processor.

Sony Unveils PCs Equipped for TV Video Recording
VAIOs, due in June, feature a range of video recording, management functions.

Videophone Offers Clear, Free Calls Online
InnoMedia targets businesses with entry-level videoconferencing device.

Fast-Traveling Worm Carries Political Payload
VB-based Mawanella worm clogs servers to protest Sri Lankan violence.

Let the Game Console Wars Begin
E3 Analysis: Will an Xbox, PlayStation, or GameCube fit best in your living room?

Web Music Gets Legal (and Less Flexible)
Congress monitors ongoing disputes as MusicNet, Duet prepare to begin service.

Requiem for Napster
Analysis: Outlaw music site composed new tune for digital music, broadening listeners' expectations forever.

Hotmail Policy Raises Privacy Concerns
New view of Passport data leaves some customers unhappy with what they see.

HP Omnibook XT6050

When a Cell Phone Is Not Enough
The Personal Virtual Assistant will do your bidding--just say the word.

Free Search Bar Also Blocks Pop-Ups
YP.Com's downloadable toolbar operates cleanly, supports cross-site searches.

Organize Your Photo Collection
Has your photo collection gone from large to unmanageable? Here's help.

Picking the Right Media, Part 2
Our media buying primer continues with a look at archivable discs, printable discs, and more.

Yahoo, SBC Offer Free Online Security Suite
DSL subscribers will have access to spyware, virus, and e-mail protection.

Sony Shrinks HD Camcorder's Size, Price
Second-generation device will costs half as much as its predecessor, Sony says.

Seagate to Ship 120GB Notebook Drive
Company unveils a range of hard drives for high-performance, mid-range, and value notebooks.

Boeing Readies In-Flight TV Service
Live TV service for airline passengers will debut on select Singapore Airlines flights.

Motion Computing's New Tablet PC Design
Company says its LE1600 is lighter, cooler, and more powerful.

Top 5 SLR Cameras
Single-lens reflex cameras offer powerful features and the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, so you can shoot like the pros. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

More on Music
Yet another online music service, plus a nifty CD-trading site.

Format Wars Move to the Consumers
Blu-ray or HD DVD? You may help decide the winning format with your next PC purchase.

Lenovo 3000 C100
Low-cost, all-purpose laptop is speedy, but its design won't dazzle.

Fujifilm FinePix V10
Svelte digital camera offers a big LCD, but only average images.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB
The Barracuda 7200.10 750GB uses new technology to achieve 50 percent greater capacity--and top-flight performance--in our tests.

Microsoft: Our Mission is Search
Software giant will detail plans to add search capabilities to its business software.

AMD Takes Aim at Intel With Notebook Chips
New Turions will be the first 64-bit, dual-core processors to reach the notebook market, company says.

Microsoft Fires Back in Xbox Patent Dispute
Software giant files a countersuit against Lucent Technologies.

Dell XPS M1710
Geared toward gamers, this powerful notebook offers top-notch performance and graphics, for a price.

Yahoo Outlines Plans for 'Next Yahoo'
Portal to focus on social search, user content, CEO says.

Labels Sue XM Radio, Claiming Copyright Infringement
Suit also alleges illegal competition with established online music stores.

Asus W5F
Thin-and-light ultraportable runs fast and comes with built-in Web.

Dell Inspiron E1505
Value entertainment notebook has a good keyboard.

Gateway E-100M
Stylish business laptop will appeal to on-the-go users.

Micro Express P50CA
Value machine is terrifically fast but suffers from poor battery life.

Toshiba Tecra A6-S513
Toshiba piles on the value in this secure, long-running business laptop.

Get Into It: Devices Add Motion to Game Play
E3 showcases input devices that let you wave, nod, or kick your way through video games.

Pocket PC Gets Net Radio Tuner
Pick up tunes from 35,000 Net stations with a free download from

Watch Out: Next-Gen Games Will Follow You
Developers debate how games can be pervasive in your life without taking it over.

Cybiko Revamps Its Teen-Oriented PDA
CyX2 is slimmer, more capable, and has wireless chat along with more boring, practical functions.

Shooting Spring Flowers, Part II
Beyond the basics: Advanced tips for taking great flower photos.

Good-Bye CD-RW, Hello DVD
Not sure what flavor of optical drive is best for you? Read on to learn why a DVD burner should be your primary optical drive.

Get More Juice From Your Batteries
Keep notebooks, PDAs, and other battery-powered devices running longer.

Simple Ideas That Save Time and Effort
We look at flat-panel TVs that move via remote control, plasma TVs with built-in DVRs, and 45GB HD-DVD media.

First Look: PalmOne's Lively LifeDrive
Handheld serves as a capable laptop replacement, but stumbles as an audio/video player.

Yahoo Messenger Finds Its Voice
IM app will allow users to make PC-to-PC voice calls.

Google Desktop Search Goes to Work
New version of the search utility is designed for businesses, adding security and management features.

Software Piracy Remains Widespread
More than a third of the applications installed on PCs worldwide are illegal, study says.

Biometrics: From Reel to Real
No longer just Hollywood fantasy, biometric systems are about to touch your life. From fingerprint to iris scans, here's how the technology affects you.

First Look: HP's First 64-Bit-Ready Business PC
HP ventures into the 64-bit universe with the well-rounded DX5150 PC.

Biometrics 2010
What's ahead in ID technology.

ID, Please
At long last, a national card is coming.

IRiver Unleashes T10 Music Players
Candy-colored models store up to 1GB and are priced $200 or less.

Travel Tips, Part 1
Planning a summer trip? Here are my latest tricks, sites, and strategies.

Moving and Rocking Entertainment
This month's collection includes steering wheels and a reclining chair for gamers, a portable DVD player with two displays, and a sturdy laptop case.

Google Faces Lawsuit Over Search Suggestions
Toolbar directs users to pirated software, company claims.

Internet Gambling Operators Indicted
Former owners of a sports gambling site are accused of laundering $250 million in profits.

Skype Seeks Bulk to Avoid Being Blocked
Company says a large, loyal customer base is the best defense against network operators seeking to block its low-cost call service.

Samsung Readies Hybrid Hard Drive
Drive will include flash memory, allowing for better battery life and faster boot time.

Alternative Keyboards: Press Here for Extras
EluminX glows for your touch, Creative gets musical, and Logitech combo goes cordless.

Pioneer Unveils Multiformat DVD/CDUnit
New DVR-A06 burner adds support for DVD+RW.

Has Copyright Law Met Its Match?
Access by the disabled provides challenge to controversial DMCA.

Is Gmail the Hotmail Killer?
The inside scoop on Google's new free e-mail offering.

Designer Cell Phones Debut
Snazzy phones, tiny music players, a wrist TV, and high-capacity drives highlight Japanese product launches.

The Future of Windows
If Microsoft is to be believed, its next operating system will be revolutionary. How long will you wait for Longhorn? And will you want it?

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Locking down Windows.

Windows XP Tips
Make the OS work for you.

Broadband Adoption Urged
FCC considers wireless, new applications, and other technology to promote high-speed Internet access across America.

Computing in Coach Class, Part 1
Airline seats are getting more cramped. Here's how to make the most of tight spaces.

First Look: Netscape's Two-Headed Browser
Netscape 8 lets you view Web pages using either the Firefox or Internet Explorer engine.

Microsoft Reveals More Details on Office 12
Next-generation productivity suite will highlight collaboration, software giant says.

TDK Develops 100GB Blu-ray Disc
Prototype disc also can record data at twice the speed, company says.

Fujitsu Ships Palm-Vein Security System Overseas
Biometric security system identifies users through the pattern of veins inside their hand.

The Paper Chase: Pick the Perfect Paper for Your Printer
Stores have a mind-boggling array of paper types to choose from. No matter what kind of printer you own, here's how to select the right paper.

E-Passports Will Include New Safeguards
The State Department will likely use encryption and access control to mitigate acknowledged security risks.

FCC Requires VoIP Providers to Offer E911 Service
Emergency service call ability to be mandatory within six months.

Symantec Sues Microsoft to Stop Vista
Company claims Microsoft is wrongfully using its Veritas storage technology in the next version of Windows.

Microsoft Details Vista Hardware Requirements
New Web site outlines the minimum requirements for running both low-end and high-end versions of the upcoming OS.

Google Wants Your Trust
Consumer trust could open the door to more location-based services, Google says.

Creative Zen Nano Plus
This player delivers top-of-the-line audio quality for a low price.

Apple IPod Nano
Slender, lightweight music player has a bright color display and 4GB of flash memory.

Dell DJ Ditty
This tiny audio player is inexpensive, but it has a bad navigation system.

SanDisk Sansa c150
This audio player feels good in the hand--and sounds good to the ear--but you'll need a proprietary cable to connect.

SanDisk Sansa e260
The e260 offers many features, but they aren't always easy to use, and audio quality lags behind other players.

SanDisk Sansa m260
This flash player offers plenty of storage space and features for a reasonable price, but it's difficult to use.

MobiBlu DAH-1500i
The tiny MobiBlue "Cube" is trendy, but not practical

New Trojan Horse Targets Microsoft Word
Don't click! Malware loads after you open infected Word doc.

U.S. State Department Limits Use of Lenovo PCs
Will not use PCs from a Chinese company on a classified network, a lawmaker says.

Maxent MX-50X3
Plasma monitor provides enjoyable image quality for a lower price than a full-fledged TV--but it takes a bit of work.

Vizio P50 HDM
This HDTV plasma monitor is easy to set up, but its picture quality isn't thrilling.

Samsung HP-S5053
Impressive-looking HDTV boasts good image quality and plenty of extras.

Trillian Dumped From Google Pack
Popular Cerulean Studios IM application is no longer in Google's free software suite.

Canon S520 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Canon S820 Photo Printer

Lexmark Z45 Color Jetprinter

Companion Service Launches on Kazaa
Altnet's amended plan to sell content and expand its network opens for business this week.

Lexmark Z65 Color Jetprinter

First Tests Find 1.7-GHz Celeron an Iffy Chip
Intel cripples its next-generation value CPU, analyst says; and new chip set can't take up the slack.

Worm Targets Kazaa Users
Infections are rare, but Benjamin raises questions about safety of peer-to-peer services.

Digital Focus: Simple Bird Photography
Become a wildlife photographer without going into the wild.

Visio 2003 Enters Public Beta
Microsoft invites advance orders of diagramming tool.

Updated WinZip Alters Zip Format
Enhanced compression, new encryption incompatible with standard.

Who's Watching the Watchers?
Data-mining proposals scrutinized to balance privacy, security.

How to Unplug for a Vacation
Prepare for your time off, so you can be incommunicado.

Dell's Portable Player Likes Linux
Linspire's Lsongs digital music management program now supports Dell DJ player.

Sony's LCD TV Goes Portable
LocationFree models get programs, Web access via wireless technology.

How Portable Download Subscriptions Stack Up
We'll call these three new services The Beta Band, because none of them is ready for prime time.

Google's Home Page Gets Personal
Users will be able to view news, weather, and Gmail messages on the company's home page.

AMD Set to Launch Dual-Core Athlon 64
AMD Athlon 64 X2 desktop processor will be introduced later this month.

Samsung Shows 40-Inch OLED Display
Technology could lead to cheaper, better-looking flat-panel displays and TVs.

U.S. Army Invades E3
With helicopters and Humvees, the Army offers a real-life look at its video game.

Gateway Founder Resigns
Ted Waitt served as chair for 20 years.

Nokia Pushes Web Services on Symbian OS
Makes a stand against Microsoft's Windows Mobile.

HP's First AMD Turion-Based Notebook Helps Cancer Charity
Part of proceeds from each sale to benefit the Lance Armstrong cancer foundation.

BitDefender 9 Internet Security
The first full security suite from BitDefender combines best-of-breed antivirus protection with less-than-perfect adware and firewall protection.

McAfee Internet Security Suite
This easy-to-use security suite installs poorly and markets heavily, but is highly effective at stopping malware.

Windows Live OneCare
Microsoft's easy-to-use PC maintenance service offers solid, but not stellar, security protection.

F-Secure Internet Security 2006
This starkly designed security suite is better at detecting malware than at cleaning it up.

Panda Platinum Internet Security 2006
Security suite offers top-notch heuristics, speedy scans, and consistent overall protection.

Symantec Norton Internet Security 2006
Full-featured security suite offers top-tier protection, but it's a space hog.

Aluria Security Center
This low-cost security suite runs slowly and has holes in its malware protection.

CA eTrust Internet Security Suite
This unwieldy security suite bundles subpar malware detection with a superior firewall.

Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security
This comprehensive security suite is one of the easiest to use, but there are better performers.