Computing Center Sitemap - Page 83 2013-07-16

Comdex 2001: Fast Wares, Good Prices, Small Crowds
Security concerns (and products) draw interest, standards emerge, and the PC makes a comeback.

WinDVD Pushes PC DVD Boundaries
Intervideo's upgraded tools help you store video and enjoy emerging high-quality audio.

Friendly Greeting Hides Worm
Users think they're opening an electronic greeting card, but they may be passing on a virus to their Outlook contacts.

Last Chance for Cybersecurity Law
Late-session legislation likely to focus on homeland issues, but tech bills are still in play.

Colorize Old Photographs
Add a little life to old black-and-white photos--the easy way.

Lease or Buy?
We discuss pros, cons, deals, and tax implications.

Where the (Palm OS) Apps Are
PalmSource's Expert Guides are a gold mine for people in search of specialty apps for Palm OS-based handhelds.

Microsoft Rolls Out MSN Search Beta
Software giant says the final version will be available next year.

Sharp Unveils First Blu-ray Disc Recorder
Device features two optical drives and a 160GB hard drive for storing content.

Global Wi-Fi Access Deal Makes World Wireless
Agreement creates instant access to 20,000 wireless hotspots in 11 countries.

Pentium M Draws More Buyers
Sales of laptops using Intel's mobile processor are picking up.

New MyDoom Attacks May Signal 'Zero Day'
Latest version of worm occurs just as PC vulnerability is discovered.

Hot Gadget Previews at CES 2005 Awards
Best in consumer electronics displayed at CES Innovation Awards.

Can You Still Build a PC for Less?
You can't beat vendors' low-end PC prices, but building your own power desktop might save you some cash.

Yahoo Drops Out of AOL Bidding
Rejection leaves Microsoft, Google, Comcast among potential buyers.

Linux Gets Some Retail Respect
Micro Electronics sells Linspire, widening exposure for alternative operating system.

Microsoft's Web. 2.0 Draws Skepticism
Analysis: Marketing ramps up, but does Microsoft yet 'get' the Web?

Accton Designs Skype Handset
Cell-like phone will support Internet telephony service.

Microsoft, Cisco Team on VoIP
Pair will support a protocol that eases links between networks to boost Web telephony in business.

Sony Stops Shipping Controversial DRM Code
Hacker attacks on Sony's XCP stealth software prompts pull.

Stores on eBay Gain RSS Feed Capability
Buyers may now receive info feeds from specific stores.

Comdex Preview: Can You Say Internet?
Systems take a back seat to all things Internet at the tech industry's biggest show.

NVidia Unveils Notebook Graphics Chip
Comdex announcement expands mobile product line with a follow-up to the GeForce2 Go.

Prototype Tablet PCs Take Spotlight
Microsoft rallies support for its Tablet PC spec; first products expected in spring.

Compaq Unveils Ultra-Slim Desktop
Sleek Evo D500 is nearly notebook-sized, and will feature Intel's latest chips.

Digital Focus: Tricks for Tricky Lighting
Compensate for low light, fix underexposed photos.

Image-Shrinking Tool Hits New Lows
Image-compression technology in MyPhotoZip is impressive, but not a panacea or a standard.

Cybersecurity Efforts Funded
Congress urges focus on academic instruction, workplace standards, ongoing programs.

Home Office: Need a New Pointing Device? Read This
Best advice on mice and related gadgets.

Invasion of the Video Game Ads
Ad networks target online gamers as next big audience for product placements.

First Look: $100 Video Editing Apps Square Off
New entry-level programs from Adobe and Pinnacle bring plenty of editing power to desktop directors.

AOL Enters the Online Travel Market
New service will compete with sites like and Expedia.

SBC Tunes Into IP-Based TV
Company is developing a fiber network that will deliver TV and data to homes.

E-Mail Authentication Faces Hurdles
Cost, different standards remain the key challenges in the fight to craft an antispam plan.

First Look: Wearable Camera Debuts
Deja View's pricey miniature video camera lets you play back the highlights of your life.

Is Your Domain Name Being Hijacked?
New rule creates potential security flaw for domain name transfers.

Be A Media Player
Build up a music library with Windows Media Player 7.

When Love Came to Town: A Virus Investigation
Here's a chronology of the investigation of the Love Bug virus, the most prolific virus of 2000.

Xircom Unveils Tiny PDA, a Revamped REX
Personal digital assistant is the size of a credit card, with touch screen and hot keys.

Iomega's Predator Reshapes CD-RW Drives
$269.95 external USB CD-RW drive combines sleek design and an upcoming choice of interfaces.

Top 5 Advanced HTML Editors
Create Web pages that contain Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and frames, with these authoring tools.

Fireworks, Dreamweaver Get New Look in Updates
Fireworks 4, Dreamweaver 4 put powerful Web site production behind a new Macromedia interface.

Instant Applications From Iomega
Iomega marries the concept of the self-bootable disk with a common imaging activity--the digital photo album.

Gates Wows Comdex Crowd With Tablet PC
Declaring the end of the browser age, Microsoft chair offers wide-ranging technology display.

Tiny Digicam Shoots and Scores
Kodak's slim DC3800 is a stylish digital camera that fits as neatly in your hand as it does in your pocket.

Toshiba Serves Up a Small-Biz Appliance
Notebook giant plans simple server package for businesses small and smaller.

Intel Demos Low-Power Chip, 1-GHz PIII
High-speed chip takes backseat to ultra-low power Transmeta challenger.

Digital Focus: Accessory Lenses, Choosing CompactFlash Cards
Three kinds of accessory lenses and how to use them; plus, how to choose memory cards.

Sony Unveils Potpourri of Consumer Gadgets

USB 2.0 Trudges Toward Adoption
Vendor support for the new standard is growing slowly, but mainstream ubiquity proves more elusive.

Next-Generation Cell Phones Debut at Comdex
Comdex showcases smarter, faster phones for carriers rolling out their next-generation networks.

Intel Launches Low-Power Server Chip
Chip giant takes another shot at Transmeta, introducing low-heat chip and chip set package.

Airport Security Adopts Wearable Computers
Checkpoints will use lightweight wearable computers to track, apprehend suspects via face recognition.

Home Office: Do Your Own Hardware Upgrades
Do-it-yourself upgrading, the ultimate tank game, how not to be a schmendrick.

HP Speeds Up Midrange LaserJets
LaserJet 4200 and 4300 add workgroup-friendly features and speed, replacing the 4100.

HP Unveils Pair of IPaq Pocket PCs
IPaq Pocket PC H5450 provides biometric security and built-in wireless support; H1910 trims weight and price.

Tech Takes Role in Fighting Terrorism
Biometrics, databases, and simulations provide tools for physical and digital security.

Wireless Internet on the Cheap
Inexpensive hardware, inexpensive wireless services.

Listen to Digital Tunes
Search for and listen to your favorite tunes with Windows Media Player's music library playlists.

Three Minutes With Fred Cohen, Virus Trends Tracker
Originator of 'virus' term holds forth on benevolent viruses, liability, and avoiding dangerous code while surfing.

Sync the Day With PCsync
PCsync makes transferring files between machines easy and speedy, but installation is a pain.

Netscape 6.0 Ships as Offspring of Open Source, AOL
Lean, stable browser upgrade follows standards, but can it lure back IE converts?

Broadband Wireless Comes to Pocket PCs
OmniSky and Metricom team for high-speed service, starting early next year.

Corel Unveils Imaging Apps on Tap
CreativeAnywhere and e-Too offer graphics tools for Web-based e-mail and digital camera users.

Play MP3s on Your Cell Phone
Samsung and Sprint merge cell phone and MP3 player to the tune of $400.

Doin' the Election Limbo
From animations to ballot spoofs, Web wags are having fun with the current presidential standoff.

Dell Gets Serious About Sound
Vendor announces high-quality THX-certified PCs and ships audio receiver.

Organize Outlook E-Mail
Is your Outlook in-box messier than a teenager's bedroom? Here's help.

Fight the New, Intrusive Web Ads
Web bugs, annoying pop-ups and pop-unders, how alcohol makes you dumb.

Virtual Keyboards Let You Type in Air
Samsung and Senseboard are developing wearable keyboards for use with PDAs.

Compaq P720

Camtasia Turns PC Demos Into Movies
$150 screen-capture program lets you make self-running screen-capture videos with voice narration.

Projectors Lighten Up at Comdex
Lightware, Compaq break three-pound barrier; Sony, Toshiba expand projector families.

Web Browsing Revisits Three Dimensions
Browse3D previews at Comdex, offering another alternative view of the Web.

Wireless LANs Gain Speed at Comdex
Proxim, Intel, others show first 802.11a wireless networking products, which hit speeds up to 54 mbps.

Mobile Computing: The Newest Wireless Technology
We demystify 3G, a high-speed wireless data and voice network technology.

First Tests: Intel's 3-GHz Pentium 4
Hyperthreaded desktop CPU delivers mixed results, but systems embrace it.

Microsoft Outlines Security Policy
Year-old Trustworthy Computing plan prompts building security measures into every project, exec says.

Copyright Cops Target Workplace, Schools
Music industry renews piracy fight with correspondence and courts, while colleges and companies consider their liability.

Tax-Free Online Shopping May End
States take first steps toward standard sales tax plan that includes Internet purchases.

Senators Crack Down on Pirates
Bipartisan bill would strengthen copyright, boost penalties, and target camcorders at movies.

Wireless Incompatibilities Alleged
Chipmaker Broadcom accuses rival Atheros of being a 'bad neighbor' in wireless nets.

Data Breach Bills Unlikely to Pass Before 2006
Frequency of notifications one sticking point in legislation.

Spending the Morning with an Xbox 360
Microsoft opens an Xbox lounge to give Japanese gamers an early turn at the console.

Google Dumps Fees For Analytics Tools
Web service Google Analytics will now be available for free, with more page views allowed.

New Pentiums Support Split PCs
Intel's newest chips are tuned to support virtualization, running several operating systems.

Sharing the Music
Export your Windows Media Player 7 playlists or import friends' lists.

What Makes Johnny (and Jane) Write Viruses?
Forget the stereotypes--virus writers range in age and outlook, but many share an undeveloped sense of ethics, researcher finds.

Kill Viruses Before They Infect Your System
Here's a little wisdom on macros, attachments, backups, and antivirus programs.

Make Your Cell Phone Live Longer
Electric Fuel's disposable batteries and recharging kits let you talk longer.

LCD Monitors for the Rest of Us
New models from NEC-Mitsubishi and Samsung make sleekness more affordable.

ASPire Awards Honor ASP Success Stories
Group celebrates companies that are proving there's heft behind the ASP hype.

ATI USB Tuner Puts TV on Your PC
ATI simplifies TV viewing on the PC with a $99 TV Tuner card that plugs into a USB port.

WordPerfect Opens a New Office
Upgraded office suite adds features requested by loyal users.

A Palm-Size VAIO?
The CLIE puts multimedia features in your hand, but it doesn't differ much from Palm-based brethren.

ATI Brings Multi-Monitor to the Masses
Radeon VE improves multiple-monitor support with HydraVision management utility.

Neo 35 Provides Music on the Move
SSI Computer's portable MP3 player goes from car to stereo through its docking stations.

Predicting the Future Handheld
The fewer functions the better for future handhelds, says Comdex panel on digital innovations.

Mobile Computing Tips: Broadband To Go, Safe Notebooks
Wired and wireless Net access, plus new high-security notebooks.

Hyundai ImageQuest Q770

First Look at Microsoft's Xbox
Analysis: With the game console's debut, PC components enter the computer gaming world--mostly for the better.

Serious Magic Brings TV Effects to PCs
Visual Communicator provides backdrops, animation, and even a teleprompter.

Senate Considers Biometric Border Patrol
Antiterrorist bill would build digital fingerprint database, design "smart" visas, and scan travelers.

Technology Cooks Chili for Good Cause
Comdex ChiliFest benefits efforts to find missing kids in United States and worldwide.

Web Radio Expected to Stay Online
Last-minute legislation permits negotiated royalty rates for small Webcasters.

Here Comes BTX: Should You Care?
New industry standard should offer cooler, quieter systems--so why isn't anybody rushing to embrace it?

Adobe Readies Acrobat 7.0
New products will include a free Acrobat reader with reviewing capabilities.

Blinkx Unveils Smarter Desktop Search
Free application creates topic folders on your PC and fills them with the files it finds.

Pioneer Eyes 510GB Optical Discs
Discs would offer 100 times the capacity of today's DVDs--but when will they be available?

McAfee Enhances Spyware Protection
Antivirus company offers improved anti-spyware app to users for a fee.

Yahoo Upgrades Its E-Mail Service
Portal says DomainKey use will protect users from ID theft and phishing scams.

First Look: Primera Labels Discs With Style
The Signature Z1 CD/DVD Printer brings thermal ink label printing to homes and small offices.

Chip Makers Set Sights on Digital Video Recorders
Devices seen as good entry point to consumer electronics market.

Pentium 4 Reaches the Speed Limit
Processor at 3.8GHz may mark the end of Intel's speed race.

Turn Digital Photos Into Polaroids
Bring back a sense of a bygone era and add space for comments on your photos.

That Time of Year Again
It's never too early to start thinking about holiday gift-giving.

More From the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD Front
Our series on the battle between the next-gen optical formats continues with reports on the latest salvos--and what they mean to you.

Microsoft Recruits Allies in Antitrust Case
Software giant wants U.S. government to intervene in European Commission investigation.

BlackBerry Gets a Boost
Justice Department urges court to reconsider patent ruling, noting widespread use of RIM systems in government.

Microsoft Targets Sony 'Spyware'
Windows Antispyware will detect, remove Sony's controversial copy protection technology.

Yahoo Revamps Shopping
New 'social commerce' features add pick lists, recommendations to online Shoposphere.

Microsoft Updates Plans for 64-Bit Computing
Announces updates to Windows Server 2003 and Virtual Server 2005.

Vendors Warn of New Sober Variants
This mass-mailing worm is circling the Internet again.

Hole Found in Widely Used VPN Gear
Bug makes VPN products vulnerable to a denial of service attack.

Pump Up the Bandwidth
Tweak Windows Media Player 7's playback performance for your PC's processor and Net connection.

Three Minutes With Jennifer Granick, Computer Lawyer
Criminal defense attorney assesses antivirus laws, First Amendment rights of coding, and educating young hackers.

Freeze! Drop That Download!
From toughening laws to making virus writing seem uncool, industry and government are trying everything to stop virus writers.

FastTrack Schedule Now Tracks Resources
A formerly simple project-visualization tool takes on added complexity with expanded capabilities.

Napster, Bertelsmann Say: 'Don't Fight Us, Join Us'
One music company cut a deal with the defendant, but success will require additional players.

Home, Web-Enabled Home
X-traWeb's MAX system will deliver home automation for the Internet age.

U.S. Robotics Previews Minor Upgrade in V.92 Modems
Emerging standard will let you pause surfing to take calls, but your ISP must assist.

Cars, Dolphins, Bad Teeth--This Is a Computer Show?
Analysis: Beyond the pavilions and by the hot-dog stands are high-tech wannabes with dreams displayed on folding tables.

Home Wireless Wars Heat Up at Comdex
HomeRF and 802.11b compete to let you share files, connections, and media in your home.


Comdex 2001: Picks and Pans gleans the best, the worst, and the weirdest among exhibitors and events.

Minolta Dimage 7

Olympus Camedia C-4040 Zoom

Casio QV-4000

Kyocera Finecam S3

Dell Inspiron 4100

Gateway Solo 9550xl

HP Pavilion N5430

WinBook Z1 Celeron-750

WinBook Z1 PIII-800

Fujitsu LifeBook C Series

IBM ThinkPad R30

Toshiba Portege 4000

HP Omnibook 6100

Comdex Report: Notebooks Keep Evolving in 2002
Watch for portable PCs to get faster chips, better graphics, more connectivity, and maybe a new look.

Home Network Choices Grow
Analysis: Comdex product showcase helps sort out the emerging standards.

Visioneer OneTouch 8920USB

Epson Perfection 2450 Photo

HP Scanjet 5490c

ABS Performance 1

Gateway 300X

HP Pavilion 7965


More Tricks With Backgrounds
Use layers to swap out backgrounds and improve your photos.

Entertainment Pack Rat
Record your favorite shows--then store them away for a rainy day.

Get the Most Out of Your DVD Recorder
Whether you're recording TV shows or converting your VHS tapes to disc, these tips will help.

Gates Touts Software Magic
Microsoft exec announces new tool designed to make patching simpler.

Windows-Based PDAs Prove Popular
Shipments of devices running the Palm OS have declined sharply, researcher says.

Sony Plans Portable Blu-ray Disc Drives
New component could allow players small enough to fit in notebook PCs.

Nokia Demos Mobile Call Using IPv6
Internet Protocol version 6 will improve VoIP quality, other wireless services.

Easy-to-Read Fonts
Typefaces designed for your screen, a technology that improves text display, and a catalog with hard-to-find office supplies.

Newest Gadgets Cut the Cord
This month we look at sleek new cell phones, cameras that print wirelessly, and new battery technology.

Fraud Threatens E-Shopping
Online merchants could lose $2.8 billion this year, study warns.

Mobile Linux Group Launches
Standards forum promotes use of Linux on phones and other mobile devices.

Democrats Urge Tech Focus
Congress should fund math education, fuel options research, and tech business, leader says.

AMD Plans Four-Core Opterons by 2007
Chip maker execs tell plans for multicore systems, Hypertransport technology.

Sony Yanks Copy-Protected CDs
Two weeks on, spyware-style copy protection's flaws prove too much for the market.

Analysts Urge Caution on Windows Vista
Plan ahead and don't be quick to upgrade large installations, Gartner suggests.

Microsoft Strikes Deal for Cable-Ready Media Center PCs
New CableCard function in equipped PCs will allow you to dump your cable box next year.

Keystroke Logging Increases, Security Firm Says
Use of software that illegally records your typing patterns has become more widespread, says iDefense.

Google Base Debuts for Hosting All Content
New service will move Google deeper into user-generated content.

A Laptop That Can Travel as Baggage?
Panasonic ships rugged ultralight notebooks that it claims can go on airport carousels.

Name That Tune
Download artist, album, and track names using Windows Media Player 7.

Three Minutes With 'Doctor Owl,' Virus Writer
A young virus writer describes his motivation and denies responsibility, while dreaming of creating a 'new breed' of undetectable virus.

Modular Projector Delivers Portability Without Compromise
Proxima's affordable UltraLight X350 XGA projector is light, bright, and just right for road warriors.

Picks and Pans of Fall Comdex
Amid the Vegas glitter, we spot a lot of shiny trinkets and some gems.

Pushing the Portable MP3 Player Envelope
At Comdex, portable digital audio players morph into all sorts of electronic devices.

Canon S630 Color Bubble Jet

Compaq IJ650

HP Color Inkjet Cp1160

Canon S800

Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX

HP Photosmart 1315

Comdex Preview: Mobile Connectivity Rules
A leaner show still features a broad selection of flat screens, tech gadgets, and big names.

Do You Speak Spam?
Here's a glossary of spammers' tactics--and how to avoid them.

Consumer Electronics Come to Comdex
High-tech TVs and digicams, new DVD burners and storage tools debut.

New Virus Appears as PayPal Scam
Antivirus vendors offer prevention, fixes for snoopy Mimail.

Judge to Rule on Linking Policy
Key question: copyright infringement or an effort to quash criticism?

Got a Group? Keep Them Working
Great tools for sharing files, tracking changes, and managing your far-flung empire.

Autumn Brings Gamers' Delights
Handheld game devices and satellite radio receiver vie for gadget fans' attention with camcorders, big LCD TV, and more.

Faster, Smaller, Better
Handheld computing remains at the forefront of innovation. Our expert tracks its rise and recommends today's best palm-size PCs.

Where's the Software?
Mining for Palm programs online.

Bluetooth in Action
Hands-on reviews of cool gadgets.

Seagate Ships 400GB Hard Drive
Device uses NCQ technology to prioritize a PC's requests.

Microsoft Talks Security, Seriously
Efforts to ease patch management are just part of the process, exec says.

Microsoft Turns On IPTV
SBC agrees to use the company's Internet-based television platform.

MPAA Sues First Movie Swappers
Industry group will offer a free program to help users find and eliminate illegal files.

New AOL Software Gives Added Security
Service provider revamps spam and spyware defenses, offers account lock to members.

AMD-Fujitsu Venture Plans 'Mega' Japanese Chip Plant
Spansion sinking nearly a billion dollars into flash memory production. Claims Microsoft Destroyed Evidence
Charge revealed in lawsuit document filings.

ITunes Video to Go
Download video to your notebook to watch on-screen or on your TV.

Head Gear
This month's gadgets include a camcorder for the slopes, MP3-playing sunglasses, and an electric kettle that can be activated via SMS.

Moving Up the Phone Chain
New cell phones seem to come out every day. Is it time for you to upgrade? Depends on how you use it.

Switching Carriers
Avoid the pain of getting new phone service.

Ring a Ding Ding
Where do you find those cool ring tones?

Eizo FlexScan S2410W
Pricey monitor caters to pros, but even novices will appreciate its versatile screen settings and delicious image quality.

Who's Running the Internet?
It depends on whom you ask, say delegates to a conference on Net governance.

Vista's Security Scrutinized
Hackers' latest tactics and the next Windows' weapons are hot topic at conference.

Google Analytics Struggles With Popularity
Increased demand for newly free service clogs access for newcomers and regulars.

Nintendo Adds Parental Controls
Revolution system will sync with built-in game ratings.

Microsoft Readies Office 12 Beta
Technical prerelease version of office software suite becomes available to testers.

Sony, NEC to Merge Optical Drive Businesses
Unnamed new company will develop, produce both HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats.

New Details on Intel's High-End Desktop Chip
New Asustek motherboard provides support for the Pentium Extreme Edition 955 processor.

Viruses 2000: A Special Report

Epson Stylus C80

Lexmark Z53 Color Jetprinter

Lexmark Z43 Color Jetprinter

Canon S600 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Canon S300 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Canon S500 Color Bubble Jet Printer

Epson Stylus C60

HP Deskjet 940c Color Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 845c Color Inkjet Printer

Lexmark Z33 Color Jetprinter

Four New Windows Media Center PCs Ship
Gateway, Alienware, ABS, and Cyberpower roll out entertainment PCs for your living room.

Trend Micro Updates PC-cillin
Security suite PC-cillin 2003 offers virus alerts, improved e-mail, and Web page scanning.

Gates, Ballmer Tout Tablets at Comdex
Microsoft chairman admits the new tablet PCs may not be perfect, but says they will grow on you.

Planar Unveils Extremely Fast LCD
New flat-panel monitor offers clearer video, by rendering images at almost twice the speed of most LCDs.

New Digital Devices Strut Their Stuff
A do-it-all phone, a fashion-minded MP3 player, and an adjustable flat panel share the spotlight at Comdex.

Gates Describes Home Full of Smart Gadgets
Upbeat Comdex keynote pushes home media, tablets, online clocks, and digital hijinks.

NVidia Unveils GeForceFX Graphics Chip
New high-speed chip to offer more life-like video, due on graphics boards next year.

Digital Focus: Clean Up Scanned Images
Use an image editor to wipe away dust, eliminate scratches, and fill-in tears.

Nvidia Cranks Up Notebook Graphics
GeForce FX GO5700 exploits DirectX 9, should ship early in 2004.

Your Touchpad Could be Talking
Synaptics builds speakers into touchpads for tighter notebook design.

ATI To Tivo-Ize Networked Homes
Software update turns All-in-Wonder-equipped PCs into digital video servers.

Axentra Unveils Personal Server
Via-powered Rumba shares basic services for small offices, homes.

Online Backup Services
Safe, simple options for backing up. Plus: A lesson from Kim Novak.

Acer Hints at Smart Phone Launch
Company to Offer 3 Devices with Bluetooth and GPS Capabilities

Gateway Expands Media Center PC Lineup
Prices for entry-level models will start at about $800.

Web Security Flaw Settlement
FTC charges that Petco Web site left customer data exposed.

Microsoft, Yahoo Extend Contract for Web Ads
Renegotiation may provide glimpse into Microsoft's search plans.

AOL Developing File-Backup Service
Members could have automatic access to easy backup on AOL servers.

Surprises in Digital TV Sales
Large DLP sets gain acceptance; prices for smaller LCD sets plummet.

Study Claims E-Voting Irregularities Found in Florida
Even if so, state presidential results wouldn't shift.

Apple 23-Inch Cinema HD Display
Images on this big LCD look gorgeous, but Windows users can't change screen settings.

Great Online Sources for Finding New Music
Some of the best Web sites, Internet radio channels, blogs, and podcasts to broaden your musical horizons.

Polywell MiniBox 939NX-MCE
Fast, stylish, and compact, this Media Center PC is well suited to both office tasks and entertainment.

This Media Center PC offers a nice assortment of multimedia software, and an impressive LCD.

Shuttle XPC G5 8300mc
This compact Media Center PC has living-room looks, but skimps on ports and expansion options.

HP Media Center m7260n Photosmart PC
This midsize-tower Media Center PC performs well on both multimedia and office tasks, but avid gamers should look elsewhere.

HP Pavilion d4100e
This Media Center PC comes very well equipped with lots of storage and plenty of processing power--and it carries a big price tag.

Unused Digital TV Channels Could Increase U.S. Wireless Access
Federal action could allow unused channels at lower frequencies to be used for unlicensed wireless networks.

Revisiting the Digital Divide
U.N. summit invites collaboration on human issues as well as tech.

RealNetworks Promotes Wireless Streaming
Updated Helix Server Unlimited supports streaming multimedia to handhelds.

Kids' Laptop Hits World Spotlight
MIT developers show U.N. delegates a prototype of its $100 laptop designed to promote tech around globe.

Microsoft Picks Partners to Fight Phishing
Security firms boost malware protections in IE, MSN, and Vista.

Spammers Pay Fines Imposed by FTC
Convictions under CAN-SPAM Act stem adult-oriented e-mail.

Samsung SyncMaster 242mp
Eye-popping graphics make this a great monitor, but motion artifacts render it an iffy TV.

Acer AL2416Wd
Inexpensive monitor delivers excellent image quality, but no extras.

Microsoft to Beef Up Legal Training
Plans outlined in court document.

A PC for Bargain Hunters
Dell's new SmartStep is one of the cheapest PCs around, but is it a deal for you?

CD-RW Bargains Continue
Tough markets for vendors benefit buyers--and other bonuses are ahead.

SafeWeb Dumps Free Online Privacy Service
Anonymous consumer surfing service abandoned in search of profits through an enteprise product.

Digital Focus: An Easier Way to Print
Tricks to use and traps to avoid; all about resizing.

Wireless Add-Ons Enhance Devices
From super-secure cell phones to Bluetooth headsets and truly mobile homes, untethered is in.

Comdex-Goers Size Up Budget PDAs
Dell, HP, Fossil, Samsung, Sharp and others join in PDA parade of new devices, apps.

Diskeeper Update Defrags in Background
Diskeeper 7.0 Second Edition offers quick defragmentation option and free-space optimization tools.

Sun's McNealy Takes on Microsoft
Chief exec amuses attendees, but delivers a serious message about competing with the software giant, starting with its Office suite.

BenQ Unveils Gaggle of Consumer Gadgets
LCD TVs, wireless hubs and keyboards, cameras and a combo card reader/DVD player sparkle at Comdex.

Copy Control Complaint Desk Opens
Formal public comment on DMCA invited for one month, then feds will reconsider act.

Home Office: Latest Tricks for Fighting Spam
News, tips, tricks, and Mama Bass's Kitty Litter Cake.

Xcelsius Enlivens Excel
Spreadsheet add-on brings Flash support to worksheets.

Tape Drive Alternatives Unveiled
Iomega, Nexsan, Fastora show cheaper, high-capacity storage solutions.

CMS Speeds Desktop Backups
New Velocity series uses Serial ATA for faster data transfer.

ViewSonic Shows New Projectors, LCDs
Lightweight, low-cost projectors, new line of monitors debut.

Holiday Shopping Guide 2003
Best buys for any techno-gadget lover on your list: from music players to PDAs to digital cameras. Ho-ho-ho.

Gift Ideas Under $100
Tech treats on a budget.

When Money's No Object
Great gifts and gadgets for $200 and up.

LCDs Grow in Size, Shrink in Price
Samsung, HP, NEC, ViewSonic unveil supersized flat panels for lower cost.

Sybari Blocks IM Viruses
Antigen provides tools to secure messaging on Microsoft's Live Communications Server.

Apple's ISight: A Webcam and More
Software developers have made the ISight good for much more than just video chat.

Let the Handheld Games Begin
Nintendo, Sony ready rival portable gaming devices. Which one will gamers go for?

First Look: HP's Hefty Media Center Notebook
Pavilion ZD8000 is a TV lover's dream, but it's no lightweight and it doesn't come cheap.

Discount Desktops: How Low Can You Go?
Here's what you need to know to get the most desktop for your dollar at any price.

Yahoo, SBC Extend Internet Pact
Companies will offer new online services that go beyond the PC.

RIAA Files New Lawsuits
Another 761 people are accused of illegally swapping music files.

HP LaserJet 1320
This tiny printer can perform automatic double-sided printing, but prints graphics very slowly and has a limited paper capacity.

New Sober Variant Spreads
Worm is traveling by e-mail, but does not appear to cause much damage.

First Look: IPod Brings Music to Your Photos
Apple's latest offers a brilliant color screen and photo capabilities, but the price is high.

Lexmark E232
Disappointing print quality and high toner costs drag down the E232.

Lexmark T632n
Fast printing and lots of paper-handling options distinguish this high-priced printer, but it suffers from poor output quality.

AG Neovo X-19AV
A tough glass screen adds appeal to this unit.

Dell UltraSharp 1905FP
Feature-packed model delivers excellent screen quality.

Eizo Nanao FlexScan L768
Advanced settings and features mark this pricey monitor as a professional tool.

HP F1903
Handsome metallic unit turns in disappointing performance.

LaCie Photon19vision
The first LCD from this company makes a creditable impression.

LG Electronics Flatron L1930B
Regal-looking monitor strikes a pose for viewers from all angles.

Pentium 4 Ships: A Disappointment at 1.5 GHz
Long anticipated CPU boasts a new design and 1.5-GHz speed, but doesn't yet deliver the expected performance boost.

Under the Hood: An Inside Tour of the Pentium 4
Next-generation CPU with NetBurst microarchitecture boosts instruction volume (and processing speed).

Digital Focus: Photo Printer Secrets for the Holidays, Connecting to a Serial Port
Turn your ink jet printer into a holiday gift-making machine; connect your camera to a serial port.

Gateway E-3600

Symantec Raises Subscription Rates
Chasing viruses is costly, so hunters pass along the expense to subscribers.

Home Office: Deadlines? Ignore 'em and Dig Into This
Monster chainsaws, Zork, pumpkin gross out, other great time wasters.

New Devices Support Data Entry in Style
Mouse, keyboard, pen devices support ergonomics, application-specific functions.

Nokia Phones Add Keyboards, Cameras, and Style
Latest models go vertical, rather than trying to package everything in a single handset.

HP Displays Its Desktop of the Future
Agora concept PC offers integrated collaborative tools and a hardware design that keeps your desk clean.

Eizo Shows Off Sizable Displays
Monitors debuting at Comdex include a 50-inch plasma display and some smaller (and more affordable) alternatives.

Maxell Shows Small, High-Capacity Discs
Double-sided discs, 4X DVD-R, and 2X DVD-RW media are in the works for 2003.

Mobile Computing: Notebook Substitutes
Powerful PDAs, hearty handhelds, and other alternatives to porcine portables.

Comdex Fall 2003: Picks and Pans
Here's the good (lots!), bad (a nagging robot), and just plain ugly (that would be the USB massager).

Tablet PC Claims Nine-Hour Battery
Electrovaya says Scribbler Tablet PC SC 2000 can run all day without recharging.

Is It Film or a Camera?
Hybrid digital camera models blur the lines but promise the best of both worlds.

MP3 Without a PC
DigMedia's MusicStore offers a low-cost way to play MP3 files through your stereo, but it falls a little short on quality and convenience.

Quantex Microsystems Site Appears Closed
Once prominent direct-PC vendor's site displays only logo; announcement on corporate future may be made soon.

Office XP Tips: Put PowerPoint Presentations on the Web
Make your presentations available to anyone with a Web browser.

Fight the New, Intrusive Web Ads, Part 2
How to protect yourself, using ZoneAlarm, and techniques for handling technophobes.

Wired Travel and Dining Guide to Thanksgiving
Tips for navigating highways, airports, and the kitchen can be found online.

Microsoft Runs Out of Win XP Family Licenses
Underestimation of demand is only one of several confusing aspects of the OS license.

Mobile Computing: Pain-Free Portable Computing
Ergonomics to go: tips, products for comfortable computing on the road.

Lindows vs. Windows: Round 3.0 CEO Robertson on the latest rev, online distribution, and battling Microsoft.

What's New in Palmland
Straight from the PalmSource: CEO David Nagel discusses the PDA wars.

New Tools Can Tame Your In-Box
Creo and Sentrybay offer Outlook add-ons to organize your e-mail and block viruses.

Quiet CPU Cooling System to Ship in January
Active Cool's thermoelectric system fits on top of most CPUs to block thermal throttling, system crashes.

AOL Puts AMBER Alert Service Online
Digital bulletins about missing children offered to anyone, through e-mail, messaging, or wireless device.

Preparing the Net for Terrorist Attacks
The Internet mostly held up on September 11, but sites and services should prepare backups now, report advises.

DVD Player Guide
New DVD players give you lots of choices. Here's the latest on what's available to help you with your buying decision.

Samsung Unveils LCDs, Printers
SyncMaster 172X monitor is crafted for multimedia with faster response time.

Netizens May Get a Brief Tax Break
Ban on Net access tax may get a DSL exemption, temporary extension.

AOL, Macromedia Bring Flash to IM
Browser-free instant messaging functions will be available in Macromedia Central applications.

Go Online for Holiday Travel Help
Surf your way to an easy trip by taking advantage of the Web's resources.

Meet Average-Joe Spammer
The spammer next door says business just ain't what it used to be.

BlackBerry Ruling Could Come This Week
A long-running patent battle over the BlackBerry e-mail device appears to be wrapping up.

AIM Worm Spreads
Security firm traces source to Middle East hackers.

Privacy Protection Plan Goes to Senate
Congress considers legislation requiring customer notification in case of data security breach.

Google Patches its Base
Flaw enabled data theft from new content-hosting service upon its recent launch.

Spyware Foes Push New Law
Senate committee approves antispyware bill, but measures have stalled in the past.

Firefox 1.5 Nears Shipment
Release Candidate 3 is still in testing, despite rumor of frozen code.

Toshiba Boosts Flash Memory Speed
NAND flash memory could support 12MB-per-second transactions next year.

Walkman Ships at a Discount
Sony aims new A-series models at the iPod priced lower than announced.

Olympus SP-500 Ultra Zoom
Easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera carries a long zoom lens.

TiVo Recordings Will Be Available to iPod and PSP Users
TiVo subscribers will be able to use the TiVoToGo service to transfer TV to video players.

First Look at the Xbox 360
The online aspects rock, but you'll want to upgrade to take full advantage of Microsoft's console.

Microsoft to Open Office Document Format
Microsoft will offer its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document formats as open standards.

Researchers Publish Code for Critical IE Bug
Bug involves the way the Microsoft browser handles JavaScript.

Intel, Micron Team Up on Flash Memory
The two manufacturers form a new company to manufacture NAND flash memory chips.

Interactive TV Brings New Tricks to the Old Box
Microsoft, AOL rally to lure couch potatoes to surf along.

Big, Bright and Budget-Priced
InFocus's LP340 sets new standards for entry-level projectors.

See Me, Hear Me
New version of Inetcam's streaming-video software brings you face-to-face, even when you're miles away.'s Mobile Computing Tips: Work From Your Car; Notebooks That Travel Light
Hands-free phone cradles, OnStar caveats, superlight notebooks.

Chem USA ChemBook 4025

Dell Inspiron 8200

Talkin' 'Bout Tablets
Write on, say many of those checking out Microsoft's newest platform at Comdex.

Comdex Fall 2002: Picks and Pans
No jackpots in the annual Vegas product parade, but we still found some gems and some notable oddities.

Panasonic Toughbook W2
This ultraportable has features designed to handle rough-and-tumble treatment.

Toshiba Portege M100
Great battery life and performance distinguish this ultraportable from the pack.

Stuck in the Office?
Microsoft's application suite is massive and--at times--complicated. Here's a clutch of useful tips to help you get more out of its three most popular apps.

Get Media Savvy
Streaming audio and video from your PC to the living room has long been a hassle. Will new devices make it easier?

Holiday Shopping List
Find media devices for your favorite music and movie lovers.

Internet Movies
How do movie download sites compare with Netflix?

Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents
Practice embeds hidden, traceable data in every page printed.

Bofra Worm Spreads by Banner Ads
Attacks exploit IE flaw, and allow attacker to gain complete control of your PC.

ICQ Updates Its Web-Based E-Mail
Service offers 2GB of storage, wireless access, and video e-mail--for a fee.

Firefox Excites Web Browser World
Microsoft breaks its silence on plans for IE, while AOL breathes life into Netscape.

Philips Brilliance 190P5EB
This retested model impressed our jury with strong all-around graphics performance.

Software-Based Radio Gains Support
FCC approves the technology that could transform wireless communications.

Samsung SyncMaster 193P
Retested monitor looks less impressive the second time around.

Sharp LL-191A
A bright, even screen and excellent text display are this monitor's best features.

ViewSonic VP912b
Unsurpassed image quality, a bevy of features, and a reasonable price make this 19-inch LCD a winner.

Advueu ADV191DT
Appealing speakers-as-stand design saves space, but sacrifices flexibility.

NEC MultiSync LCD1935NXM
Inexpensive monitor displays text well, but disappoints with graphics.

Planar PL1910M-BK
Bargain hunters will be pleased with this monitor's high-quality images and low price.

Iiyama ProLite E481S
Inexpensive unit offers several color presets, but controls are confusing.

First Look: Voice Rec Gets Better
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 works well as a dictation tool, but its PC controls are still limited.

Shooting in RAW, Part 1
If your camera has a RAW capture mode, and you've been wanting to try it out, now is a good time.

A French Penguin Visits
The Free Agent takes Mandriva Linux 2006--the successor to Mandrake Linux--for a test drive. The experience is less than magnifique.

A New 'Malicious Marketplace' for Internet Attacks
The SANS Institute report on 2005's top Internet vulnerabilities finds a trend toward attacking common user applications.

Google Suspends Analytics Sign-ups
Strong demand requires temporary moratorium on new subscribers while Google bolsters the tools.

Microsoft Beefs Up Windows Live
Beta-test version adds hosted e-mail, messaging services.

ITunes Edges Out Music Stores
Music download service is selling more tunes than traditional retailers, researchers say.

Sony Sued Over Copy Protection
Texas, Electronic Frontier Foundation both file claims over controversial XCP software on CDs.

ABS Mayhem G4 Revolution
This portable has a graphics switching capability unique among laptops.

Asus W2U00VB
Lavishly featured entertainment laptop is beautifully designed, except for its unergonomic keyboard.

Gateway CX200
This Tablet PC has a nice wide-screen display, but it's heavy and sluggish.

WinBook A710
This 17-inch wide-screen laptop costs just $1100 and performs well, but it has some usability issues.

Olympus Stylus 800
Water-resistant camera has a strong set of features and produces good-quality images.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1
Expensive, attractively styled point-and-shoot camera offers multiple aspect ratios, but image noise is a problem.

Samsung Digimax i5
This slim budget camera will fit easily into a pocket or handbag, but battery life is short.

E-mail Scammers Pose as FBI, CIA
Spam attempts to trick users into installing the Sober worm.

Potential Tax Credit for Tech Training
Congressional bill would allow a tax credit of up to $2500 for IT training.

Intel Pioneer Grove Recalls Life's Lessons
Is escaping disease and oppression good training for leading a tech firm?

Take Turkey Day Family Portraits
How to take classic and not-so classic photos.

New Linuxes, Old Problems
Several new distributions make communicating with a Windows network more difficult than it should be.

Are Desktop Search Programs Ready for Prime Time?
Copernic Desktop Search does the work without Google's security flaws.

Philadelphia Faces Wi-Fi Woes
Proposed law could prevent the government from offering broadband access.

HP Quietly Begins Blogging
Company's employees have been posting their thoughts on tech topics.

Thomson, VeriSign Secure Multimedia Content
Companies will offer a service that authenticates movies, music, and games.

AMD Releases New Mobile Sempron
Will the chip maker ever overcome Intel's advantage in the notebook market?

Safeguard Your Valuables
Protect your computer, your home electronics, and your memories with this week's tips. Plus, a whole new take on Stephen King's "The Shining."

AOL Updates AIM
Instant messaging service AIM Triton adds e-mail, enhanced contact management, and some catch-up features.

Froogle Adds Local Referrals
Google links online shopping search with contacts for brick-and-mortar retailers for faster buys.

Late BlackBerry Slows Subscriptions
RIM finds fewer new customers after delayed shipment of newest handset.

AOL Partners With Web Video Vendor
Brightcove will supply video self-publishing system to AOL, other online service providers.

Browser Makers Agree to Standards
Security improvements include green address bars to identify trusted sites and restrictions on pop-ups.

Microsoft Makes RSS a Two-Way Street
Proposed 'extensions' to specification allow multidirectional synchronization.

Kodak EasyShare-One
Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera's wireless capability may help photo sharing, but the price is disappointingly steep.

Ten Tips and Tricks
Battling spam takes a keen understanding of your e-mail program; here's how to spam-proof your in-box.

HP Ships Small Business Storage
StorageWorks line is repackaged, repriced for small and midsize businesses.

House Approves Antispam Bill
First nationwide antispam law expected by year's end.

Legal and Quasi-Legal File Sharing
Tools, tips, and a Napster update. Plus: Stay out of jail.

Holiday Shopping List
Find media devices for your favorite music and movie lovers.

E-Voting Problems Found in Maryland
Reported incidents were likely a small percentage of actual problems, group says.

Linux Server Sales Hit a New High
For the first time, sales top $1 billion in one quarter, researcher says.

Microsoft Will Replace Fake Copies of XP
U.K. users will be able to replace pirated versions of Windows that they have purchased.

JFK Reloaded Game Causes Controversy
Game invites users to play the role of JFK's assassin, causing some observers to wonder whether video games have gone too far.

Casio Exilim EX-Z55
Ultraslim camera has big, bright, 2.5-inch LCD and a quick trigger.

Nikon Coolpix 4800
point-and-shoot offers a long zoom and carries an attractive price.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150
Sony packs 7-megapixel imaging into its compact DSC-P line.

It's Raining Net Appliances, but Where?
Everyone and their brother seemed to have a Net appliance at this year's Comdex. But how and when they'll be available wasn't entirely clear.

Fujitsu LifeBook P2000

Gateway 600X

What Can You Squeeze Into a USB Pen Drive?
Vendors of the key chain-sized drives get creative, cramming music, biometric locks, tiny cameras, and other extras into the storage devices.

More Image Editing Tips
A great trick for improving indoor photos.

Geek Tech: Simple Upgrades Gone Bad
It's supposed to be simple, so why does it go so wrong so often?

Wave Good-bye, SoundWorks for Me
A Bose Wave radio beater IDs the songs for you.

Will Consumers Change Copyright Law?
As the music industry readies another round of lawsuits, file sharers may challenge the claims.

Legal Music Downloads Double
Paid music services take off, with Apple's ITunes leading the way.

What You Should Know About Firewalls
It's 2 a.m. Do you know what your PC is doing? If not, you're probably not running a firewall to protect your system from hackers and malcontents.

Holiday Shopping List
Find media devices for your favorite music and movie lovers.

Ruggedized Notebooks
These notebooks can take what the world dishes out.

Do Elections Need a Technological Upgrade?
Government study considers whether the Net could help restore voter confidence.

Digital Focus: Edit Images and Create Composite Photos
Use software to turn two bad photos into one great one.

Micro Express NP1020A

Sharp Actius GP20

Home Office: Office 2003 Is Here, Plus the New ExplorerPlus
What we liked and didn't about Microsoft's latest efforts.

The PDA Pundit: Palm or Pocket PC? It's All About the Apps
Software is an important part in the process of choosing a handheld; if you already own a PDA, that choice may come down to what you already know.

Internet Movies
How do movie download sites compare with Netflix?

Online Identity Theft: Many Medicines, No Cure
Anti-phishing applications, smart cards, and new authentication technologies are vying for your support.

PDA Phones Deliver All-in-One Convenience
Kyocera Smartphone combines a Palm and a mobile phone into a device you can get your hands around.

Excite@Home Launches Software Service
Cable broadband provider offers customers subscription-based access to hundreds of games and programs.

QuicKeys 2.0: A Control Freak's Best Friend
This feature-packed $50 utility automates repetitive tasks, and then some.

Microsoft Tailors Its Tune to Appeals Court
Attorneys assess Microsoft's all-out assault on federal judge, adversaries, and competitors in latest legal brief.

Digital Focus: Gifts for Camera Buffs
Great camera gift ideas, must-have add-ons, and a creepy Praying Mantis.

Home Office: Hot Gifts for a Cool Home Office
Gifts, gadgets, and geegaws; make the most of road rage.

Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100

Nikon Coolpix 4300

Feds Fail to Pass Child Porn Laws
Despite vows to crack down, legislators couldn't agree on the definition of virtual child pornography.

Mobile Computing: Camera Phones
Our buying guide tells you everything you need to know.

Vengeance for the Holidays
Tribes: Vengeance is a worthy update; plus, a first look at Half-Life 2.

Mobile Presentations on a Shoestring
AverMedia's portable, affordable AverEPack delivers presentations without a PC, but it forces you to leave the multimedia at home.

Put a Photo Album in Your Pocket
Album To Go software takes advantage of Handspring Visor Prism's color capabilities.

Dot-Com Deaths Won't Kill Internet Economy
Companies continue to embrace the Net with positive results for themselves and customers, study says.

Microsoft Updates FrontPage Beta
Second prerelease version adds image-handling options, monitoring tools.

Office XP Tips: Shortcuts for Word and Outlook
Menus, dialog boxes, mouse clicks... who's got that kind of time?

Gift Guide: Hot Gifts for a Cool Home Office
Pedometers, cheap laser printers, wild mice, how the CIA spends your tax dollars.

L&H Technologies Regain Voice With ScanSoft
ScanSoft acquires speech technology, including Dragon and RealSpeak, from L&H's ashes.

Mobile Computing: Shopping at SkyMall
We evaluate the high-tech offerings in this catalog, found on most airlines.

Move Into the House of the Future
Planned community Playa Vista builds in technology to make life easier.

Two Sleek Cell Phones With Handy Data Entry
Sending text messages and entering contacts in your phone's address book can be a whole lot easier with a keyboard-equipped handset.

Chip Sales Forecast is Bright
Consumer electronics devices are expected to fuel expected 6.8 percent growh, group says.

Microsoft Updates Hosted Apps Suite
Collaboration services for small and midsize businesses enhanced.

Kazaa Must Screen Illicit Downloads
Australian judge orders file-sharing site to implement keyword list to combat piracy.

Analyst Amends Windows Critique
Gartner 'clarifies' recent advice on Windows Vista upgrade policies.

Opera Patches Browser Security Holes
Incremental update fixes flaws involving Flash Player, Linux and Unix.

Web Poll Notes Xbox 360 Glitches and Glee
Some gamers relate shutdowns without warning, while others play on happily.

Olympus EVolt E-500
Entry-level SLR digital camera brings 8 megapixels and a 2.5-inch LCD to the fray.

Dell Unloading Old PCs in Costco Stores
PC maker supplements its direct sales by offering computers at low-cost retailer.

Google Tests Pay-Per-Call Ads
Search giant joins AOL, Verizon, and Yahoo in interest in new ad model.

Netgear Settles Lawsuit on Wi-Fi Speed Claims
Class-action lawsuit disputed data speeds Netgear claimed for networking devices.

Log On With Marvel: Spider-Man Starts an ISP
Marvel and IConnect join forces to offer an ISP service themed around comic characters.

VideoWave 4 and MovieDVsuite 3.0: Movies Made Easy?
Two inexpensive applications take very different approaches to desktop video editing.

Say What? Voice Recognition Giant Goes Bankrupt
Lernout & Hauspie reorganizes, but its troubles don't sound the final bell for voice technologies.

Remove Unwanted Icons From Your System Tray
Follow these steps to regain lost screen space--and system resources.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717

HP Photosmart 850

Going Wireless Outside the Office
WANs, LANs, and PANs--here's an introduction to what's out there and where it's headed.

Live a Little! Remove the 'Irk' From Work
Play tunes in Firefox, tame testy cursors, and make clear video calls.

First Look: Portable Speakers Pack Punch
Klipsch's $100 ProMedia Ultra 2.0 speakers put desktop-quality sound in a package you can lug around.

HD-DVD Gains Hollywood Support
Several movie studios choose a side in the battle of DVD formats.

Satellite Failure Hits Broadband Users
StarBand is hoping to provide temporary dial-up access to affected customers.

New File System Constrains Treo 650 Storage Capacity
PalmOne will offer free memory card to address the problem.

Sony, IBM, and Toshiba Reveal Additional Details on Cell Chip
Initial versions of PlayStation 3 chip will not be produced with a cutting-edge chip-making technology.

Pick the Perfect Present for Your Camcorder
If your camcorder has been good, it deserves something nice for the holidays. Here are my suggestions.

Online Shoppers Fear Identity Theft
Surveys show e-shoppers like the convenience, but are wary of online fraud.

IBM Plays With Podcasts
Experiments trim meetings, boost communications--inside and outside the company.

Samsung Boosts Size of Flexible LCD
Newest prototype of VGA display panel measures 7 inches.

Is Xbox a Money Pit?
Microsoft is losing money on the consoles, but seeding the market, researchers say.

New TiVo Service Promotes Ads
Free service will let subscribers search out, jump to ads of interest.

Second Sample of Windows Attack Code Posted
Hackers release software that can cause an unpatched Windows PC to crash.

Sony Adds RSS, Windows Media Audio to PSP
PlayStation Portable firmware upgrade now available.

Security Expert: More Sophisticated Net Attacks Likely
Coordinated cyberattacks could be nationally damaging, says one cybersecurity expert.

Quit Making House Calls
Give yourself a break this holiday season--get needy friends and family an online tech support service.

Put Your VHS Tapes on DVD
Moving your video collection to DVD can be straightforward, painless, and--if you pick the right strategy--affordable.

Sony's Audio Player Adds MP3 Support
New hard drive-based device features 20GB of storage.

LG Unveils Big, Pricey Plasma TV
71-inch HDTV comes with a home stereo system and components painted in 24-karat gold.

New Netscape Browser Supports Internet Explorer
Preview version seeks best of both worlds, is based on Firefox.

Universities Struggling with SSL-Busting Spyware
Experts call Marketscore software a privacy threat.

A Guide to PC World's Star RatingsA Guide to PC World's Star Ratings
Our star ratings give readers a quick assessment of a product's overall quality, value, and performance.

Nokia Unveils Smart Phone
New Nokia 9300i sports a keyboard, supports Wi-Fi, and accepts push from several networks.

Vista's Features Nearly Complete
Microsoft still on target for early 2006 release, exec says.

Mozilla Updates Firefox on Schedule
Open-source Firefox 1.5 browser is now available for free download.

Updated Yahoo Mail Gets RSS Reader
Yahoo Alerts and prerelease Web mail service both support RSS functions.

Intel Nurtures Multimedia PCs
Chipmaker will certify applications for Viiv PCs, due to ship in early 2006.

Microsoft Opens OneCare Test
Prerelease versions of security program are available for free download.

NEC Debuts Laptop Without a Hard Disk
Aimed at corporate users, the PC Parafield reduces risk of losing loads of sensitive data if notebook is lost.

Humax DRT-400
A TiVo and DVD recorder in one, this model provides the simplest means of recording TV programs and archiving them to disc.

Microsoft to Test Classified Ad Service
Software giant to test a service by year's end.

Lite-On LVW-5045
This DVD and hard-drive video recorder is reasonably priced, but it's a bit clunky to use and slow at transferring video.

Congress to Explore National E-Waste Standard
Under consideration: Tax breaks or up-front fees for consumers who purchase electronic devices.

Panasonic DMR-EH50S
This DVD recorder provides excellent image quality and includes an SD Card slot for still images.

Pioneer DVR-633H-S
Expensive DVD and hard-drive video recorder supports dual-layer recording, but its video quality is only middling.

Toshiba RD-XS54
Pricey DVD recorder has useful and innovative features, and delivers top-notch image quality.

Samsung DVD-VR325
This unit combines a DVD and a VCR in a single stylish device, with great image quality.

Samsung DVD-TR520
Dual DVD model can copy videos from one disc to another.

Sony RDR-VX515
This combination DVD and VHS recorder has some nifty features, but its poorly designed remote makes it awkward to use.

CyberHome DVR1600
This bargain-basement model has all of the basic features, but its image quality is so-so and its remote is difficult to use.

Make Free Video Calls With Skype's New Software
The Internet telephone innovator announces Skype 2 software with video calling and other improvements.

Philips DVDR3355
This reasonably priced unit has average image quality and limited editing tools, but its support for VCR Plus+ codes simplifies recording.

NVidia Unveils Titanium Line of Graphics Chips, Boards
ASUS, Gainward, VisionTek, and others adopt new chips, which replace part of GeForce2, GeForce3 line.

Tragedy Triggers Tall Tales Online
E-mail hoaxes and rumors proliferate in aftermath of attack.

Surf the Web and Save the Earth
Internet service provider EcoISP donates a portion of your monthly fee to the environmental cause of your choice.

Digital Focus: Scanners for Photographers
We demystify scanner specs and explain what matters most.

T-Mobile Sidekick Debuts
Always-wired PDA/phone packs plenty--AIM, e-mail, conversation--into tiny package.

Vote on Webcaster Royalties Dropped
Sponsor pulls bill, citing progress in negotiations.

Home Office: Best Tips from Readers
File management, file sharing, and keyboard shortcuts.

Palm Refreshes Tungsten, Zire PDAs
Tungsten T3, Tungsten E, and Zire 21 boost memory, software in new versions.