Computing Center Sitemap - Page 84 2013-07-16

Internet Sales Tax Looms
Many states sign on to streamline tax collection, clearing the way for widespread online sales taxes.

PC World Spotlight on Affordable All Purpose Printers

Welcome Back, EMusic
Revisiting the best music store for indie music fans.

Microsoft Tests MSN Messenger 7.0
Updated chat client allows users to send more personalized messages.

Linksys Launches Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gear
New products include 802.11g/a cards for both notebooks and desktops.

Security Flaws Found in RealPlayer
Malicious Web sites, RealMedia files could be used to delete files from vulnerable PCs.

Panasonic Storage Gets Smart
Upcoming Secure Digital memory cards will double as smart cards.

RIAA Sues Another 762 Over File Sharing
Total number of suits filed by the music industry since 2003 exceeds 5500.

Two Words from Bill Gates: Computer Science
Microsoft founder also tells college students outsourcing jobs is not a 'zero-sum game.'

Location Reigns Supreme With Future PCs
MIT conference looks at the future of location-based computing.

How It Works: Hard Drives
It's one of your PC's vital organs. Here's what keeps the heart of the computer beating.

Maxtor Debuts Fast, Huge, Portable HD
Maxtor offers 80GB and 40GB affordable, external FireWire drives.

Digital Focus: Airbrushing, Transferring Video Tape to DVD
Here's how to clean up your photos and transfer your videotape to DVD.

HomeRF Wireless Networks Gain Speed
Proxim's Symphony HomeRF products are the first to match speed of archrival 802.11b.

Compressed Audio vs. CDs: Can You Tell the Difference?
Are you able to distinguish between the two? Our tests reveal some surprising results for those who love--or hate--listening to MP3s.

Prodigy Raises Monthly Fee
ISP is the latest to boost prices, even though AOL's July increase may have slowed subscription growth.

Congress Debates Security vs. Civil Liberties
Privacy advocates, government prosecutors express opposing concerns in federal hearings about proposed anti-terrorism law.

Home Office: New Tools for Home Office Workers
Manipulate PDF files, learn all about Klez, play a killer game of cricket.

Tougher Child Porn Laws Proposed
Family of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart supports the PROTECT Act.

Move Data Between PDAs
Hate your PDA? Change devices and take your data with you.

Software Pioneer Looks Back--and Ahead
Philippe Kahn speaks out on Borland, camera phones, and the future.

Graphics Chip Makers Scrap Over Half-Life
Consumers are the first winners with game bundle--but stay tuned.

Delay-Free Defrag
Run Defrag before Windows loads for a faster finish.

McAfee Office: Updates, Additions Create a Solid Contender
Comprehensive utilities suite adds Internet security and a cleaner interface.

NSI Will Support Asian Language Domain Names
Names in other languages besides English will be available in following months.

Need to Update Your Backup? Sony Takes Trade-Ins
Tape backup vendor gives rebates to users who turn in older drives.

Another Deadline? Here's Some More Great Ways to Goof Off
More great ways to watch the time sail by.

Selecting Text in Word, Using Find and Replace in Excel

CenDyne Lightning 24x10x40

QPS Que Internal 24x10x40x CD-RW

LG Electronics GCE-8160B

Harmless.EXE Files Fall to Virus Threat
Caution often outweighs fun when its comes to virus protection on the Internet.

Mobile Computing Tips: Portable Hard Drives
Sleek, rugged, pocket-size, fairly affordable, versatile, and convenient storage on the go.

Digital Camera Test Images
We use a range of subjects to judge photo quality.

Falcon Northwest Mach V

Gateway 700XL

Tangent Medallion 4000D

Voodoo Computers Egad Obsidian Black

Gateway 500XL

ABS Conquest SP

NuTrend Centra 2

Sys Performance 2800

Xi Computer 4286 MTower

New Tungsten Boasts Big Storage
PalmOne's Tungsten T5 comes with 256MB of flash memory, so you never risk losing your data.

No Frills, All Thrills: Software That Just Works
Forget fancy; these plain-looking programs serve their purpose with little fanfare and at low cost.

Windows' Checkered Past
The System File Checker prevents crashes and fixes broken files.

Intel's Travails: A Mother(board) of a Disaster
The chip giant's once-sterling image has been tarnished this year by missteps and miscues, none worse than the company's problem-plagued, Rambus-based 820 chip set.

Talk Like an Egyptian
Transparent Language's newest tutor has plenty to teach, but it could use some refinement.

Netscape Revamps Site and Browser Beta
Netscape stomps bugs in preview browser and upgrades portal to service small business.

Your Feedback on the New
The new site offers many improvements but also--unfortunately--some bugs. Here are the main ones that have been reported and what we're doing about them.

Clone One PC's Settings to Another
SkyDesk protects and moves system settings from one PC to another.

Compaq Recalls 1.4 Million AC Adaptors
Tom Spring,

New Pocket PCs Cater to Connected Travelers
As Microsoft launches its latest OS for handhelds, half a dozen vendors unveil new models.

Dell Inspiron 8600
The chunky Dell Inspiron 8600 has some nice extras.

Polywell PolyNote 3015AW
Attractive wide-screen laptop turns in top-speed performance.

IBM Puts Security at Your Fingertips
ThinkPad T42 series notebooks now feature an embedded fingerprint reader.

Fox Film Trots Towards Blu-ray
Movie studio won't commit to a format for releasing its films, however.

Microsoft Eyes Lighter Versions of Longhorn
Operating systems would be designed for specific server tasks, company says.

How Can We Stop IM Worms?
Traditional antivirus technology may be too slow to protect users, researchers say.

ABS Awesome 6500
This system offers stylish looks, strong performance, and plenty of features for a fair price.

ABS Awesome 4300
This desktop system has above average performance and an extensive set of features, but the monitor is disappointing.

Sys Technology Sys Performance 3700+/64
It may look plain, but this system is fast, and its graphics look great.

Longhorn Component to Spur Old-School Viruses?
Microsoft says the scripting platform, called Shell, is not final.

Clip 'n Save Data
Microsoft's ClipBook keeps often-used text and graphics handy.

Intel's Travails: Once and Future Notebook King?
The chip giant's once-sterling image has been tarnished this year by missteps and miscues. Now competitors target one of its greatest strongholds: notebooks. Can Intel fend them off? In a three-part series, examines Intel's woes and the competitors that profited.

Mail Droplets Keep Falling on My Desktop
Service lets you access Web-based e-mail, messaging, and photo sharing offline from your desktop. Affiliates Close Their Digital Doors
Priceline WebHouse Club joins Perfect YardSale in ranks of failed Priceline affiliates.

Yahoo Lends an Expert Hand
New service has plenty of advice to offer, but you never know where it's coming from.

Imaging Made Easy
MGI's new version of PhotoSuite adds Web features to a competent image editor.

Sign at the Digital X: E-Sign Law Takes Effect
Businesses see huge savings in electronic documents, but standards issue looms.

PC World Poll Highlights Privacy Concerns
Our online poll shows most readers are concerned about giving the government more power for online surveillance.

First Look: Voq Cell Phone Needs Work
Sierra Wireless promises easy corporate syncing, but we hit some snags.

So Portable, It's Disposable
Digicams you can ditch, a tiny TV, and other gadgets for when you're on the go.

Casio Combines LCD, Fingerprint Sensor
Technology will allow the addition of biometric security to cell phones, PDAs.

Sanyo Shows HD-DVD Player
Company hasn't said when the device will be available.

Sharp Displays 65-Inch LCD TV
Company claims the HDTV is the biggest of its kind.

Sony's Vaio X: Like TiVo on Steroids
New device offers 1TB of storage, can record seven channels simultaneously.

Polywell Poly 939VF-FX53
This fast PC has an attractive industrial look and an excellent sound system, but it comes with a CRT.

Micro Express MicroFlex 38A
This speedy PC comes with an excellent sound system and delivered high frame rates in our video game tests.

HP Media Center PC M1050y
Loaded with features and a huge LCD, this pricey multimedia system almost does it all.

CyberPower Gamer Infinity 8000 Dream
System with gaming styling offers solid performance and a great-looking monitor at a reasonable price.

Adobe Does Document Security
Deal will allow companies to digitally authenticate PDFs.

Transmeta's M8800 Efficeon Processor Powers Down
New version of the processor uses only 3 watts of power at 1-GHz speed.

Which Candidate Is More Tech-Friendly?
Partisan panel debates presidential candidates' stand on technology issues.

Ultra-Tiny Transistors Won't Be Key to New PC Performance Gains
Chips have become so tiny that atomic-level defects cause serious problems.

Spyware Bill Passes House
Congress to try for SPY ACT law by year's end.

The Search for Cheaper Ink
Third-party inkjet cartridges may have a poor reputation, but one retailer is promising high quality for half the price.

Moving Pictures
Thanks to digital music players, listening to MP3s is commonplace. But what if you want video on the go? Here's how to pull it off.

Movie Download Scams
Beware 'free' and 'unlimited.'

HP Scanjet 4890 Photo Scanner
This flatbed churns out photo and film scans in a flash, but getting good image quality requires some fiddling.

Finding Online Video
Search tools are just catching up.

Microtek ScanMaker S400
Pleasing images and a great software bundle make this versatile scanner a worthy contender.

Epson Perfection 4490 Photo
This feature-rich flatbed delivers attractive photo and film scans, but at a premium price.

Epson Perfection 3490 Photo
Attractive scans, easy automated features, and a nice price make the Epson Perfection 3490 Photo hard to beat.

Canon CanoScan LiDE 60
This compact scanner is inexpensive and reasonably fast, but getting good image quality takes some tweaking of settings.

Canon CanoScan LiDE 25
This svelte scanner's low price isn't enough to offset its pedestrian speed and lackluster images.

Umax Astra 6700
This affordable scanner is fairly fast, but it's held back by flat image quality and other shortcomings.

Telephony Road Rules
Windows 98's Location Manager can keep you connected while on the go.

Robots on the Web: Can Robby Come Out to Play?
AmigoBot follows controls via the Web, providing remote eyes and entertainment (for a price).

Limited Liability Companies and Nolo's Not-so-Limited Software
Converting your company into an LLC is a snap with LLC Maker.

Map Your Palm for an Urban Safari
JunglePort stocks your handheld with custom city guides, maps, and references.

Broadband in Homes Changes Media Habits
Study finds broadband-equipped homes try Web radio and other streaming content, but drop TV time.

Spam Slayer: Doublespeak in the Spam Wars
Some big spam opponents also want the right to send spam. Who wins when they play on both sides?

Amax AMD Max 3200+

PC Power & Cooling SleekLine 3000MX

MPC Millennia 920i Professional

HP Pavilion A250n

Zap PC Annoyances, Part 3
Fixes for e-mail, software, and hardware annoyances; finding that lost screw.

The PDA-less Pundit
A used Treo 600 gets big bucks on EBay; or, how to finance your next tech toy by selling your last one.

Your Boss Is Watching
There was a time when folks could freely surf the Internet at work. Not anymore. Our expert debunks ten myths of workplace privacy in an online world.

Don't Click Send!
Here are seven e-mails you don't want circulating.

Law Hits Home
Is your personal e-mail really private?

PalmOne Eyes Mobile E-Mail
Deal with Microsoft will allow users to access e-mail without third-party software.

AMD Sheds Light on Dual-Core Plans
Upcoming Opteron chips will occupy the same space as single-core models.

Fujitsu Readies Nocona-Based Servers
Systems will use 64-bit version of Intel's Xeon processor.

Hitachi, Toshiba Show Portable Fuel Cells
Devices to power to PDAs, cell phones, and laptops could be available next year.

Actiontec wireless kit with GT704WR router
This wireless kit is moderately priced, but the setup process is awkward.

New Cool, Quiet Laptop Hard Drives
Western Digital's Scorpio drives promise stinging performance.

Belkin wireless kit with F5D7231-4 router
Stylish looks and first-rate setup software make this wireless kit an excellent choice.

Buffalo wireless kit with WHR3-G54 router
The AOSS feature on this Buffalo wireless kit makes setting up the network easy, and the kit is the fastest we tested.

D-Link wireless kit with DI-624 router
The D-Link Wireless kit has good performance and is moderately priced, but the setup process lacked polish.

IOGear wireless kit with GWA502 router
The cheapest kit we tested, but the setup process was awkward and there's no weekend or evening tech support.

Linksys WKPC54G Network Kit
This wireless kit from Linksys is very moderately priced, but it lacks some of the high-end features of others.

Netgear wireless kit with WGT624 router
This wireless kit was exceptionally easy to set up, and it comes with a great selection of security features.

Peace-of-Mind Backup
If you don't have a emergency data backup plan, you need one.

Don't Call Me, Really
Some states have opted to close loopholes in the national Do Not Call Registry so their residents get added protection against telemarketing. Businesses are fighting back.

EMachines Rolls Out Holiday PC Line
Cost-conscious consumers can take advantage of new PCs priced between $399 and $999.

Privacy Concerns Pushed to Front Lines
Feds must explore, explain any effect on privacy by new policies or practices, under pending legislation.

Web Music Keeps Streaming--For Now
Music labels, Webcasters reach compromise that won't kill small online stations with stiff fees.

Clean Your Camera
Housekeeping tips for better photos and fewer problems.

Dell M5200n

HP LaserJet 1300

Samsung ML-1750

HDTV From A to Z
Everything you need to know about high-definition television--which sets to buy, how to record programs, and less-expensive alternatives.

Portable Video Players
Here's the big picture on small video players.

First Look: Polaroid's Snazzy Photo Printer
Thermal printer produces great-looking snapshots, but they don't come cheap.

Canon Introduces LCOS Projector
New lens technology creates a versatile sub-$5000 projector good for home theater or business.

Will Microsoft Makes Its Browser Better?
Success of alternative apps like Firefox may be putting pressure on the software giant.

New Trojan Kills Adware
Program isn't entirely benevolent: it also downloads files to infected PCs.

Pioneer, Sharp Let Blu-ray Play
Prototype products include the first such drive for use in a PC.

Security Concerns Shelve MSN Messenger 7
Beta testers find flaws in a new feature of the instant messaging app.

The Web, Take 2.0
Tomorrow you may be participating in the Internet, not just viewing it.

Google Sends Out an SMS
Wireless users can query the search site via text messages.

A Magic Notepad
Connect the dots between your thoughts with this deceptively simple text editor with a twist.

Digital Focus: Foolproof Photo Printing
Printing great photos is not always easy--but we're here to help.

SonicBlue Unveils Two Rios
Newest flash players offer FM tuners, upgradable storage.

Alienware Area-51

Home Office: Annoyed With Your PC? Read This Now
Our favorite fixes for the most aggravating problems.

HP Business Desktop D325 Microtower

Gateway Unveils Home Theater
Consumer electronics line expands with KAS-303 theater and LCD-TVs.

HP Presario S5300nx

Picking Your Perfect PCI Express PC
Intel-based PCs are shipping now and AMD systems with the technology are on the way.

Dell Recalls Laptop Power Cords
Certain adapters may pose a risk of fire or electrical shock.

BenQ Readies IPod Rival
Hard-drive based digital audio player will be available by the end of the year.

DataPlay Discs Stage a Comeback
Optical storage format had been highly anticipated in 2001, but never made it to market.

Find the Web's Worst Security Flaws
The SANS Institute identifies the top 20 Internet vulnerabilities of the year.

Fujifilm FinePix E550
Fujifilm's E550 delivers more megapixels for fewer bucks.

Canon PowerShot A400
Bargain point-and-shoot is short on features, but may fit your sense of fashion.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F88
Pocketable camera combines a rotating lens with an optical viewfinder.

First Look: RemoteTV Offers Slick Media Streaming
Belkin's latest product lets you effortlessly share digital content within the house, but is it lawful?

Yahoo's Yang Looks Back on 'Amazing Ride'
Cofounder reflects on company's first ten years at Web 2.0 Conference.

Ads or No Ads?
The latest version Eudora 4.3 adds ads to your e-mail screen--here's how to make them vanish.

How It Works: Graphics Boards
How today's graphics boards deliver that 3D image from your PC to your screen.

Back Up Files With Ease
Streamline your backup process with these shareware utilities.

Encarta Spanish: A Class in Itself
Microsoft's interactive personal classroom surrounds you with Spanish.

Introduce Your PDA to Monday Night Football
Shadowpack WAP service and Web sites interpret Dennis Miller's weekly shtick on the gridiron.

Virgin's Net Appliance: It's Clearly Inexperienced
Analysis: After struggling with Webplayer, this Net junkie is still waiting for a good Web surfing appliance for my living room.

Service Offers to Beam Coupons to Your PDA
SUMmedia's now distributes coupons by Palm and mobile phone as well as Web.

Digital Focus: Archive Old Photos, Video on a Notebook
Find storage strategies for photographers, a tiny memory card reader, and how to transfer video to a notebook PC.

IBM Shows Fall Line of Notebooks, Desktops
New systems bolster lines with focus on security, wireless connectivity, and manageability.

ZoneAlarm Pro Update Blasts Ads, Cookies
Personal firewall's Release 3.0 eases ad-loading and tames Java, ActiveX.

AMD's Sanders Calls Pentium 4 a Step Backward
AMD launches Athlon XP, promises better performance at lower megahertz than P4.

Home Office: Ready for the XP Service Pack? Read This
Preparing and installing the service pack; fun with duct tape.

Microsoft Readies XML Editor
XDocs expected to join Office family of applications in 2003, Ballmer will announce.

FreewayTech Velocity I35

Amax ICube

Report Card on the Patriot Act
Government cites successes, while privacy watchdogs say failures and problems aren't publicized.

Best Buy Vpr Matrix 253R

Broadband Speeds at Dial-up Prices?
Artera launches "virtual broadband" service, pushing dial-up speeds on the cheap.

Mobile Computing: Many Happy Returns
Understand return policies and avoid getting stuck with a lemon.

Laptop Era Dawns
Is your next PC a notebook?

Tech Execs Give Hint of Future
Battles against piracy, spam, and intruders remain priorities.

What You Lose With Light
Eudora 4.3's Light mode vanquishes ads--and some features. Here's a list of what you won't get when you scale down.

Kodak, Circuit City Team on Photo Services
Traditional photo-finishing leader pairs with PC retailer to push Web services.

Big Computing From a Little Notebook
IBM's X20 notebook offers Clydesdale power but Shetland-pony size.

Shrink DV to MPEG-2 for Polished Home Movies
Campeg converts digital video to compressed MPEG-2 for playing on DVD.

Intel Readies 1-GHz Mobile Pentium III
Chip giant will offer high-speed products and low-power CPUs next year.

Office XP Tips: Multiple Documents, Mailbox Cleanup

Tricks and Treats for Halloween
Dress up your desktop, load inane files, scare your boss.

SnapStream Streams TV Over the Net
SnapStream lets you schedule recordings, view shows remotely through your PC.

Mobile Computing Tips: Wireless Web Served at Starbucks
We test a new service from Starbucks; plus tips for travelers.

High Tech Ready to Rebound?
Job cuts are down, but no one's ready to predict a full recovery--yet.

Microsoft Opens Passport to Scrutiny
Source code for server portion will be released, encouraging interoperability with other single-sign-on specs.

DirecTV-EchoStar Merger Rejected
Competing satellite broadcasters will keep prices low, FCC says.

How to Pick a Perfect PC
Apple's got the style; AMD and Intel promise the power. Which one's right for you?

Trillian Gets Video Functions
Vibe Phone adds video messaging to consolidated IM client.

Keep Topics Together
A new feature in Eudora 4.3 lets you group message threads together.

HP Omnibook XE3

IBM Unveils IntelliStation Powerhouse Desktops
Entry-level E Pros start at $1400 but can serve as workstations, while M Pro and Z Pro pack power.

Changes at the New
We're making steady progress on fixing the problems that you have noticed.

Take Your Scanner on the Road
Abera's new handheld devices will transfer color scans back to your PC using infrared or USB.

Musician Rundgren Tries Posting Tunes (Securely)
SecureMedia technology permits music downloads but lets artist be the boss.

The Paperless Office Vexes and Indexes
Computhink's The Paperless Office is a complex and powerful document management solution, but it has a few quirks.

Honeywell Unveils Wireless Web Appliance
Pricey WebPAD provides broadband Web access on a mobile Internet appliance for your home.

Who Knew Excel Could Do That? Ten Top Tips
Make your spreadsheets work harder and give them a polished look with these nifty tricks.

E-Mail Calamities
Enjoy these true stories about e-mail messages going terribly wrong. And be thankful that they didn't happen to you.

Focus on the Incredible Shrinking Digital Camera
They're still (barely) thicker than credit cards, but a large selection of tiny cameras is emerging.

Is Distributing Spyware a Crime?
Proposed law suggests fines, jail sentences for guilty parties.

Microsoft to Announce Media Center OS Update
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 supports DVD burning, HDTV, and improved support for mobile devices.

FTC Sues Alleged Spyware Distributors
Companies are accused of infecting PCs, and then selling spyware-blocking software.

PC Makers Sued Over LCD Technology
Honeywell says the 34 companies are infringing on its patents.

MPAA Revives P-to-P Lawsuit
Group is asking the Supreme Court to overturn decision in favor of file-swapping networks.

Mattel Designs Handheld for Tots
Juice Box personal media player will use 3-D memory chips.

Microsoft Still Hopes to Settle With EU
Even though its appeal is ongoing, the software giant hopes to make a deal.

Cool Halloween Photos
Special tricks for night shots, spooky pumpkins, and scary costumes.

Keep Eudora Quiet
If Eudora 4.3 thinks you're avoiding its ads, it'll holler. Here's what makes it unhappy.

Add Network Storage in Minutes
Grow the storage on your network by 60GB instantly, with Quantum's Snap Server 2000.

Dazzle Ships Video Capture Tool for Windows Me
Capture video with $49 Dazzle EmMe on your Windows Me system, without having to install a card.

We Like Speed, but Price Drives Memory Choice
DDR will reign, thanks to its price/performance combination, Microprocessor Forum panelist says.

Where's Transmeta?
Manufacturing delays and slow U.S. acceptance leave upstart maker of low-power chip undaunted.

Take Action Photos
Manage the special challenges presented by digital cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burning
Burning can be complicated. So can buying the burner. Read on for answers to five of the most frequently asked reader inquiries.

First Look: Surfing on Your MSN TV
Updated Internet appliance adds home networking features.

French Cinemas Silence Cell Phones
New law may allow theaters to install cell phone jammers.

Microsoft Announces Media Center OS Update
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 supports DVD burning, HDTV, and improved support for mobile devices.

JVC Sides With Blu-ray Disc
Company is the latest to choose sides in the next-generation DVD format battle.

Critical Flaws Found in Windows, Office
Microsoft issues patches for holes that could allow remote attackers to gain control of your PC.

Worm Crawls Through MSN Messenger
Funner worm, which spreads via IM, is rated as a low threat.

Make Your (Computing) Life Easier
A personal database, a virtual ruler, and some terrific jazz sites.

Mobile E-Mail Draws Chatter
Handheld vendors partner up to produce mobile e-mail options.

Palm PDA Swaps Wi-Fi for Storage
New Palm T|X is all about wireless communications.

Unobtrusive Ads
How to minimize the annoyance factor of Eudora 4.3's onscreen advertisements.

How It Works: Viruses
They're the "common cold" for computers; we'll show you how they operate and how to protect your PC.

Sony's Transmeta: Longer Life, Less Performance
Exclusive tests find Crusoe-equipped PictureBook gains run time but sacrifices processor power.

Grolier 2001 Encyclopedia: The Student's Best Friend
With improved online resources and easy navigation, this package is a smart buy for parents and teachers.

Wire More Americans, Consumer Study Says
Groups fighting digital divide urge Congress to fund Net access for more of country.

PlaceWare Revs Up Web Conferencing
New features and services point out that interactive meetings are tools for small and midsize businesses too.

Cobalt Updates Qube Office Internet Appliance
Qube 3 features Net access, e-mail, file sharing, hosting, and a firewall in an 8-inch box.

Spam Slayer: Hot Tips to Cool Off Spam
Eight ways to stop the spam tsunami before it hits your e-mail in-box.

FileMaker Ships Task Manager App
Task Manager works with FileMaker database to help track, manage daily work.

Sharp Ships Notebook With 3D Screen
LCD creates 3D images without custom glasses, enticing gamers seeking realistic scenes.

Spyware Primer
Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and one cool cat.

New Choices in Digital Entertainment
PC and home theater make sleek package, while new portable music devices abound.

Lycos Builds Web Circles
New social networking site lets users share photos, videos, and more.

Cell Phones Double as Credit Cards
Motorola will test handsets that include wireless payment functions.

Is Interest in Online Music Fading?
ITunes remains atop the market, but fewer people are buying, researcher says.

Microsoft Refreshes Mac Office
Service Pack 1 fixes security flaws, updates individual applications.

Lost Cell Phone, Take Two
Even more common-sense tips for dealing with your loss.

Latest HD-DVD-vs-Blu-ray Salvos
The propaganda war between backers of competing next-generation optical drive technologies heats up--again.

Windows Media Center Edition Gets Big Update
Few new features, lots of bug fixes.

Crazy 8s: Hands on MSN and AOL
Battle of the (version) 8s shows MSN gaining ground, but AOL knows its membership.

Xpass Consolidates Your Web Site Passwords
Sensiva's new password manager encrypts, stores your collected logons to accelerate access and surfing.

Shoot Products for EBay
The best way to sell online is with great photos--here's how to take them.

Kubi Tools Boost E-Mail Collaboration
Kubi Client adds features; Server offers central storage for peer-to-peer collaboration.

Lawmakers Hammer on Spam
Everybody has ideas, but nobody has a sure cure for spam--yet.

Transmeta Unveils Low-Power Processor
Efficeon TM 8000 ready to rival Intel's lowest-power Pentium M chips.

Maxtor Technique Pushes Hard Drive Capacity
Perpendicular recording breakthrough could support next-generation disk platters.

Antispam Activists Win (and Lose) in Court
Lawsuit is thrown out, but spam fighters must pay the tab.

Digital Camera Tips
Use a camera to give presentations, save meeting notes.

How to Buy a Rear-Projection TV

First Look: OQO Handheld PC Fails to Excite
Design and performance issues hold back this very cool idea.

Almost One in Four Businesses Pirate Software
Violations appears to be commonplace, even though professionals agree it is risky.

Starbucks Serves Up Digital Music
In-store CD burning service will be installed in coffeehouses in Seattle and Texas.

Study Details Mobile Phone Dangers
Long-term use increases the risk of developing tumors, new research indicates.

Dell Displays New TVs, Music Players
Products coming this holiday season also include new photo printers.

Intel Shelves Plans for 4-GHz P4
Company will break its promise to deliver a speedier chip, shifts focus to dual-core designs.

ATI's New Graphics Cards, and Why You Can't Have Them
NVidia's rival finally brings its new technology to market, sort of.

Microsoft Updates MSN to Release 7
New features: revamped interface, personalization, and custom alerts, plus a broadband push.

U.S. Borders to Get High-Tech Locks
Tech-savvy terrorists must be countered with biometric security, closer immigration scrutiny, senator says.

Digital Focus: Create Eye-Catching Color Effects
Spice up your photos and make them distinctive.

Banias: The Mobile Chip to Beat?
Analysts are impressed with mobile processor's combination of performance, low power consumption.

Low Price Beats Chip Speed, Says Via
'Nehemiah' will hit 1 GHz, but company considers price a better draw than speed for most applications.

Home Office: Still Annoyed With Your PC? No Wonder...
Another heaping helping of fixes for vexing PC problems.

Microsoft (Finally) Patches IE Flaw
Serious security hole allows Qhosts-1 and other Trojans to hijack browsers and redirect surfers.

How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV

How to Buy an Integrated Home Theater Audio System

How to Buy an MP3 Player

How to Buy a Wireless Phone

How to Buy a Digital Camera

Are Hackers Now Gunning for the Mac?
Macs still have fewer bugs than Windows PCs, but Apple moves to plug security holes before problems crop up.

Sharp Boosts Zaurus Storage
Linux-based handheld gains a 4GB hard drive.

Broadband by Power Lines Moves Forward
FCC clears the way for more companies to offer the alternative form of Net access.

Halo 2 for Xbox Leaked Online
Microsoft promises to take action against those responsible.

Has Your PC Gone Phishing?
Study shows most attacks come from exploited PCs beloging to DSL or cable customers.

Microsoft Issues Patch for SP2
Update fixes crashes caused by incompatibility with hidden advertising app.

AirDefense Locks Up Wi-Fi
Software maintains security on laptops when they're outside the network.

Oracle Pushes Users to Patch
New exploits could affect customers who never applied patches for known database flaws.

Smart Browsing in Navigator
Don't know a URL? Use natural language to find it.

Top Five Windows Me Files
Give Windows Me a boost with this assortment of shareware programs.

Handspring's Visor Line Gains Color, Options
Handspring's newest PDAs are still larger than sleek Palm V but accept Springboard peripherals.

Handspring Gets Colorful
Handspring springs into action with a color Visor to challenge Palm's offering.

Featured Files: Protect Yourself
Keep your PC private with these files, highlighted in the November 2000 issue of PC World magazine.

OmniSky Updates Wireless Service for PDAs
OmniSky 2.0 expands to support Pocket PCs plus faster e-mail, color, and integration between Web and apps.

Digital Focus: Punch Up Contrast, Make Slides
These little-known image editing tricks can make marginal photos great.

AOL 7.0 Ships With Broadband-Friendly Features
Small improvements and new functions are designed to please users of all levels.

Digital Doctors May Be in Your Future
Health official foresees a role for online consultations, diagnoses--with safeguards.

Wireless 911 Service Slowly Appears
Industry, government join efforts to install geographic location services for emergency calls.

Home Office: Create Great Newsletters, Brochures, and More
Check out my favorite tools and some inexpensive options, but beware of the angry penguin.

NEC Equips LCD With Speakers
ValueStar T, shipping first in Japan, touts 'surround effect' with speaker behind screen.

ACLU Campaign Challenges Patriot Act
Privacy unnecessarily threatened under broad surveillance powers, civil liberties group charges.

Mobile Computing: Notebook Warranties
Warrantees, extended warrantees, warrantees you've never heard of--all explained.

ITunes Comes to Windows
Apple adds songs, shopping services, and stars to online service.

IM Poses Legal, Personnel Problems
Businesses ponder how to keep messaging technology from becoming a liability.

Quick Stock Quotes
Use a little-known Navigator trick to get the status of any stock.

Meet Audrey, 3Com's Wired Appliance
Stylish Web appliance supports e-mail and browsing, as first member of 3Com's Ergo family.

The Incredible Shrinking Projectors
Philips's ultracompact XGA projector weighs less than 3 pounds but costs a hefty $6000.

AMD Revs Ahead With 1.2-GHz Athlon
Gateway, others ready systems with newest Athlon while Intel's Pentium stalls at 1 GHz.

MSN Mobile Update Supports Text Services, Content Choices
More MSN Web services make their way to wireless phones with revamped MSN Mobile.

Acer Notebook Supports Security Cards, Wireless
Thin-and-light notebook includes smart card reader and ships Bluetooth-ready.

FCC Urged to Act in Broadband Battle
Industries resist heavy regulation but want an equal footing in rapidly growing broadband market.

Smart Tags: A Cool, But Controversial, Feature
New feature can save retyping of names, addresses, and more.

Shopping for a New PC? Bring This
Find deals not ordeals, buy only what you need.

Does Anybody Understand AMD's New Chip Names?
Athlon XP model numbers puzzle salespeople, but they're not deterred from recommending AMD over Intel chips.

Do Windows XP and AOL Play Nicely?
Despite mixed messages over compatibility, Windows XP users should pick AOL 7.0--or else.

Mobile Computing: Bed, Board, and Broadband Access
Hotels that offer high-speed Web access; remembering the Apple Newton.

PKZip Gets New Outlook on E-Mail Compression
PKWare's popular tool now integrates with Microsoft Outlook, offering one-click access to its features.

DOJ Describes Its Cybersurveillance (Sort Of)
Congressional inquiry satisfied, but some want more details about how Patriot Act power is being used.

Patriot Act Amendments Offered
Bipartisan bill demands closer scrutiny of surveillance of potential terrorists.

Cells Get Audio Savvy
Mobile phones are getting more and more entertainment-focused. Are consumers ready?

Keep Your Schedule Online
Use Netscape's free online calendar to store your appointments.

Cardexpert GeForce2 MX

Build a Webcam Robot With Latest Lego Kit
Vision Command adds new dimension to Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System.

AT&T Joins Prepaid Net Access Crowd
Growing selection of pay-as-you-go Internet services provide backup for travelers and broadband users.

Hyundai ImageQuest L70A

Adobe's Story Retold
On company's twentieth anniversary, founders recall switching strategies, ducking Microsoft, and keeping the faith.

BenQ FP781

Epson Perfection 1660 Photo

HP Scanjet 3570c

KDS Radius Rad-7c

HP Scanjet 5500c

Envision AOC LM720

Finally: A Cell Phone You Can Throw Away releases $40 disposable cell phone, supporting most metro markets.

Web Radio Faces Costly Future
Last-minute delay prevents deal before higher royalties kick in.

Tracking Spam to Its Source
Legitimate mortgage lenders inadvertently support--and get tangled in--spam traps.

Intel Sets Cruise Control on Pentium 4
Chipmaker to focus on technology and features instead of megahertz

AOL Tests Desktop Search
Upcoming browser will feature tools for finding files on your PC.

Microsoft Shows Small Business Software
New Navision 4.0 application includes financial, e-commerce, and CRM tools.

Can Laser Printers Fight Crime?
Emerging technology uses a printer's fingerprint to trace and verify documents.

Photograph a Sunset, Part 1
Learn all about timing your shot for best effect.

Lots of News in Handheld Land
A new HP IPaq, new services, and new Palm PDAs: It's been a busy few weeks.

Goings On About Town
Use a Navigator trick to find out what's happening in your area.

Online Celebrities Hit Circuit for Yada, Yada, Yada
Confab attendance gets digital boost when gossipfest, interviews go online.

How Will Maxtor/Quantum Merger Affect Hard Drives?
Merger may help settle a hectic market for drive manufacturers, but it will slow innovation.

Flashy, Hip Design for Iomega's HipZip
Iomega joins the digital audio revolution with its snappy-looking HipZip music player.

Read This E-Mail to Improve Your Speech
Vocabulary Vitamins offers a daily dose of online tutorial that boosts your word power.

Intel-Rambus Relationship Shows Signs of Trouble
Barrett's dissing shocks memory company and shows a strained relationship.

Epson Perfection 1650 Photo

Canon CanoScan N670U

Father of Internet Offers Forecast
IP addresses can keep up with Net's growth, but the infrastructure may need a boost, Cerf says.

Minolta-QMS Magicolor 6110 GN

MonsterMail Launches E-Mail Filtering Service
Service protects your in-box from viruses and spam.

More About Taking Action Photos
Focus controls, virtual motor drive, and panning.

First Look: PCI Express Graphics Boards You Can Afford
New chips from ATI and NVidia offer more bang for your buck, but early tests show a clear leader.

AMD Readies Powerful Desktop Chips
New Athlon 64 processors will compete with Intel's Pentium 4 Extreme Edition.

PC Sales Suffer a Setback
Dell remains on top of the worldwide market, research shows.

Cell Phones Focus on 4 Megapixels
Mitsubishi's new technology should lead to handsets with high-resolution cameras by next year.

NEC Delays Fuel Cell Launch
Alternative power source for notebook PCs won't be available next year.

Does Google Desktop Search Pose Risks?
The powerful search application may be too good at what it does, experts say.

E-Voting States Brace For Problems
Nearly 30 percent of U.S. voters will cast their 2004 ballots electronically.

Attack of the PC Zombies!
Just in time for Halloween, computers seem to be possessed by ghoulish goblins. In reality, hackers are exploiting software holes to take control. Do you know what your PC is up to?

Zombie Repellant
Learn how to protect your PC.

Peep Show Run Amok
Racy images hide a hacker's code.

Of Keyboards and Computers
Keep your keyboard crumb-free, boot up faster, and read the latest spaghetti study.

New Vote-by-Phone Plan Considered by Defense Department
Pentagon eyes phone voting for military, overseas.

Quick Searches
Use Navigator's Smart Browsing to access multiple search engines.

Pegasus Mail: E-Mail Made Easy
Free, full-featured e-mail application is good for beginners and power users alike.

As the Web Turns: Streaming Video Saga Premieres invites deskbound soap opera fans to follow streaming adventures of the hip and troubled.

FBI Still Hunting With Carnivore
Enhanced Carnivore could intercept phone calls, according to documents obtained by privacy group.

A Printer for All Seasons
Hewlett-Packard's PhotoSmart 1218 provides a versatile solution for printing photos and text.

HotLinks Invites You to Help Build a Web Directory
Surfers save bookmarks and feed the Web's latest search tool, the HotLinks Guide.

Outsmart Scammers
Don't let phishers reel you in with counterfeit e-mail and sites.

Utility Combines Photo-Sharing, Chat
Picasa's Hello enables instant, narrated image-sharing.

More on Fighting Spyware
How to tell if that utility you're about to download has spyware.

Whiz-Bang Cell Phones
Two new Motorola handsets will appeal to text-messaging addicts and fashionistas, respectively.

Intel to Ship Dual-Core Xeon in 2006
Company denies the chip has been delayed, but many had expected it sooner.

Nvidia Puts a Firewall on a Motherboard
Upcoming chip set will include built-in security features for your PC.

Microsoft To OK One License for Multicore Chips
Dual-core processors to be considered single chip, company says.

Intel Developing Optical Connect for Laptops, Servers
Optical links will be cheaper, quieter, and smaller than copper ribbons, company says.

NEC Shoots to Regain Supercomputer Title
SX-8 system estimated to be almost twice as fast as IBM titleholder.

No Go-Ahead Stamp for Microsoft's Passport
Ambitious online identification program scaled back.

Wireless Dial-Up
The author tests a product promising an easy, wireless Internet connection.

Red, White, and You
Who runs Web sites where you can apply for a job, get help paying for college, or even file your taxes? Uncle Sam knows. Check out some of the best government sites your money can buy.

Political Discourse
Bloggers scrutinize government.

Tracking Cybercrooks
The tools feds use.

First Look: Apple's Video-Ready iPod
New iPod has a nice screen that displays video, but it's still primarily an audio player.

Pentax Optio 430RS

Toshiba Recalls Some PDAs
Certain models of Pocket PC E740 have a flaw in their backup batteries, threatening data loss.

Is Your Congress Member Tech-Friendly?
Technology Council rates officials, releases voters guide to friends, foes.

Digital Focus: Master Your Camera's Flash Modes
Auto flash, fill flash, red-eye reduction, and more--all explained.

Instant Messaging Gets the Picture
Five vendors prepare affordable video chat programs.

Speedy Searches of E-Mail Offered
Stata Labs says Bloomba can find, sort e-mail and block spam.

First Office 2003 Users Weigh In
Revamped Outlook, collaboration functions highlight new features, beta testers report.

Smart Phones and Hybrids
Phones, services, acronyms, and technologies you need to know.

First Look: Big Sound for Small Spaces
Niro 400 package offers easy setup and good audio, but falls short on surround sound.

Intel Boosts Centrino's Speed
Wireless package now includes a 2.1-GHz Pentium M processor.

HD-DVD Drives Find a Place in the PC
NEC, Toshiba will put the next-generation DVD technology in desktops and laptops next year.

Samsung Shows 5-Megapixel Camera Phone
Device will capture high-resolution still images and video--and it still makes phone calls.

Google Security Holes Surface
Company patches one search engine security flaw and is notified of another.

Strong Server, PC Sales Boost Microsoft Revenue
The company's earnings beat Wall Street expectations.

Intel Switches Off LCOS TV Chip
TV chip cancellation joins a long list of 2004 canceled projects and missteps.

PR Piñata: Turn LPs Into CDs
A question that's music to the Duo's ears leads to a Piñata prize.

Digital TV Date Pushed to 2009
Senators consider hastening mandatory transition to digital broadcast signal.

Firefox Downloads Top 100 Million
Mozilla browser continues to make headway on IE, despite some glitches.

Dell: Dual-Core Xeons Will Win
Loyal Intel customer says chip giant's next-gen CPU will dominate.

Microsoft Amends Music Player License
Under antitrust threat, company won't require vendors to agree to exclusive bundling deal.

Bank of America Delays Security Update
Rollout of stronger user authentication slows, but some customers already use the service.

Microsoft Patch Problems Continue
Some Windows 2000 users could be unprotected even with recent patch.

Top Five Bandwidth Utilities
Beef up your Internet or modem connection with these shareware utilities.

Acer TravelMate 743TLV

Yahoo Funks Up Messaging
Instant Messenger gets noisy, colorful update featuring animated themes.

Digital Focus: Focus Tips, Moving Pictures Between PCs
We demystify a focusing tool called "Unsharp Mask."

Microsoft Unveils Office 11
First beta reveals XML support enhancing collaborative functions, plus updated Outlook.

Dell Inspiron 4150

IBM ThinkPad R32

WinBook J4

Microsoft Smartphones Arrive--AtLast
Cell phones running the new OS are now available, but customers in the U.S. may have to wait just a little longer.

Best Buy Unveils Ultrawide Notebook
Multimedia-ready Vpr Matrix 200A5 is suited for viewing DVD movies.

Toshiba E-Studio 6CP

Siemens Shows Stylish GSM Phones
Handsets bundle MP3 players, browsers, cameras--and more nontraditional designs are in the works.

HP Color LaserJet 4600n

Toshiba E-Studio 20CP

Xerox Phaser 8200/N

New Cybersecurity Efforts Considered
Senate pushes more funds to keep consumers, businesses, and country free from online threats.

Home Office: Have a Trippy Halloween
Slimy buck teeth, a rat in a can, and how to clean eggs off of your house.

Could Spam Kill Off E-Mail?
Some users avoid their in-boxes because of the onslaught, report says.

Senate Squashes Spam
Federal antispam legislation could pass Congress this year.

Making Dual-Booting More Livable
This month, the Free Agent goes under the hood to make booting into Windows simpler. Because sometimes, you just gotta game.

Epson Announces New Photo Gear
Products include two cameras and a photo viewer.

TDK Launches 400GB Data Cartridge
Pricey Product will offer low error rate.

Intel Outlines Wireless USB Security
Company backs 128-bit encryption, support for home LANs.

Yahoo Buys E-mail Search Company
Will Yahoo take on Google's popular GMail?

Asus MyPal A730
Feature-packed PDA has a built-in camera and a great screen, but a few rough edges.

HP IPaq Rz1715 Mobile Media Companion
Lightweight PDA wants to entertain you--but you'll need a full backup band of memory cards to let it.

Garmin IQue 3200
Reach your destination without asking for directions--but don't expect many PDA extras from this GPS unit.

HP IPaq Hx4705
This Pocket PC sports a touchpad, but using it isn't exactly intuitive.

Grand Theft Auto... Stolen!
New version of popular game leaked before its October 26 release.

Turn Down That Noise
Hate your modem's squealings when you connect? Banish them.

Windows Me Survey

The Napster Knockoffs: Are Their Tunes Different?
An Analysis: Sounding out the competing (and maybe litigation-free) music-sharing sites.

Broadband Compass Points Way to High-Speed Surfing
Revamped eSynch tools include broadband planning and management programs, plus tips.

Digital Focus: Time for Win XP? Why JPGs Shrink
The new OS offers some slick features for digital photographers.

Luxury Never Comes Cheap
NEC's LCD 1850X delivers a crystal-clear picture, a wide viewing angle, and pivoting, but it'll cost you.

IBM ThinkPad T23

PC Power and Cooling SleekLine 1000

Micro Express MicroFlex 1200C

Sys Performance 1800

Brite Pollux

ABS Conquest SB

Micro Express MicroFlex 1500A

HP Vectra VL420

IBM Sued Over Hard Drive Quality
Customer seeks class action suit status and damages for allegedly crash-prone Deskstar drives.

Home Office: More PDF Tools, Some Halloween Tricks
Get ready for Halloween, manage complex documents, pat me on the back.


Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301

Compaq Presario 1510

Fold-Up Digicam Ships at $50
Argus offers digital imaging tools on a budget, but sacrifices some features for price.

Prices Drop on Giant LCDs
Costs plummet by 79 percent on 19-inch displays, and more deals are expected.

Mobile Computing: Put Outlook on Your Palm
We pick two utilities for moving data from Outlook to Palm PDAs.

More Patriot Act Amendments Unveiled
Bipartisan plan to amend surveillance practices gains steam in Congress.

Are You Ready for Election Day?
The Internet's chock-full of information and persuasion to help you solidify your vote. Here's a quick guide.

Been There, DUN That
Dial-Up Networking on the fritz? It's troubleshooting time.

Reach for StuffIt at Crunch Time
Aladdin's venerable StuffIt file compression software for the Mac is finally available for Windows.

Symantec Offers Web-Based PC Checkups
Security Check debuts with online tools to scan your PC for viruses and other security risks.

Broadband Drives Home Nets, Slowly
Wanted (says analyst): simple networks for home high-speed access.

Intel Goes Wireless for Gamers
Intel launches wireless PC peripherals for surfing and gaming without wires.

Fast Net Access Could Invigorate Your TV
Consumers will freeze time, answer e-mail, and order videos through interactive TV.

More Smart Tags, Multiple E-Mail Accounts, Conflict With Acrobat
Use third-party tags, handle multiple e-mail accounts, deal with Acrobat conflicts.

Videoconferencing: Attend Meetings From Home
The basics, the extras, everything you need.

Dell Inspiron 8100

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S85

ABS Performance 1

Dell Dimension 8200

Falcon Northwest Mach V

Polywell Poly K7-1400DDR

Compaq Presario 5000Z

Dell Dimension 4300

Falcon Northwest Talon 3.1

Gateway 500X

NuTrend Athlon Mega 3

Sites Offer to Cloak Questionable Content
Internet Content Rating Association's voluntary plan draws endorsements from major sites, parent group.

The Changing Face of Windows XP
Has Microsoft's newest OS lost or modified more features than the average beta?

Mobile Computing: Internet Access at Airports
Need to hit the Web before a flight? We rank sites for six major airports.

ATI Offers Best Radeons on a Budget
Radeon 9500 and 9500 Pro will bring high-end technology to users with lower-end budgets.

HomePlug Networks to Pick Up Speed
Power-line adapters get smaller and cheaper, and in a few years will be fast enough for streaming multimedia.

CyberPower Titanium Gamer Force Pro

Voodoo Egad V28400

Apple IMac

Dell Dimension 8250

Gateway 700X

MSN 8 Launches With a Few Surprises
Microsoft enlivens MSN with Disney deal, proprietary browser, and services that draw on its desktop expertise.

HP Pavilion Media Center 883n

Compaq Presario 6000

Dell Dimension 4550

Emachines T2200

Gateway 300S

ACLU Sues for Details on Federal Snooping
Civil-liberties organizations want data on the scope of surveillance under Patriot Act.

Polywell Poly 865RF-3200

Camera Phones Get the Picture
Are combo devices poised to explode, pushing networks to new heights too?

Epson Faces Consumer Suits
Complaints in three states claim printer vendor cuts off ink cartridges before they're empty.

PalmOne Unveils Treo 600's Successor
Treo 650 boasts a high-res display, an improved keyboard and camera, a removable battery, and more.

Fear of Phishing Hurts Banks
Fear of phishing scams turns consumers away from the convenience of online banking.

Intel Examining 'Indoor GPS' Technologies
Chip maker says indoor Wi-Fi could be more secure, precise.

Microsoft Lags on Antitrust Compliance
Tech review of documentation finds continuing problems with protocols, which Microsoft must share.

Ipevo Sells Skype Phones
Taiwanese company targets VoIP customers in the U.S. with new handsets.

Vending Machines Sell IPods to Go
Shop-in-box featuring players, digicams, and snacks are appearing at airports, malls nationwide.

Flock Founder Hopes New Browser Will Fly
'Social browser' integrates RSS, blogging, photo- and file-sharing, plus bookmark options.

Startup Unveils Low-Power CPU
P.A. Semi's dual-core chip hits high speeds at low wattage, say industry veteran founders.

Microsoft Touts Office 12's Smarts
'Business intelligence' enhancements to Excel, SharePoint are focus of Webcast.

A First Look at AOL 6
It's more than just a pretty interface: AOL releases Version 6 with enhanced e-mail, calendar, and access options.

Internet World Draws Surfers to New York
Dot-com hopefuls, wireless services, and Net appliances lead the players seeking a home run at show.

AOL, Microsoft Revive Browser Wars
Competing portal services release rival clients.

New Controllers Make Desktop Hard Drives Faster
RAID controllers for desktop Ultra DMA/100 hard drives promise to allow them to live up to their potential. Do they deliver?

AOL Exec Expounds on the Wired Life
Internet World keynote forecasts wireless, broadband connectivity, and long buddy lists.

A Field Guide to PC World's PC WorldBench 4
Our industry-standard benchmarking application upgrades apps and adds support for Windows XP.

Gateway Solo 1200

Epson PhotoPC 3100Z

Toshiba PDR-M81

Nikon Coolpix 995

Toshiba PDR-M61

Casio QV-2900UX

Olympus Camedia C-2040 Zoom

HP Photosmart 318

Canon PowerShot A20

Nikon Coolpix 775

Olympus Camedia D-510 Zoom

ABS Performance 6

Dell Dimension 2100

Gateway 700C

HP Pavilion 7905

DirecTV Pushes Broadband, Sans Satellite
Company challenges cable providers by bundling television and high-speed DSL services.

Software, Hardware Vendors Tout XP Apps, Hardware
Fifty vendors vie for XP attention at Windows XP launch event in NYC.

It's Showtime for WinXP
Bill Gates rolls out Windows XP to fanfare and controversy in New York. Adds CD Burning to Service
Rhapsody subscription service now lets users transfer some tracks to disc--for a price.

Radio Head
Satellite radio rocks when you want selection instead of schlock.

Dell Axim X30
Dell's newest Axim adds better security, Intel's latest mobile chip, and Bluetooth to its predecessor's impressive feature list, at a slightly lower price.

Averatec AV6200H60
Low-cost notebook makes a fine laptop/DVD player combination.

Dell Inspiron 700m
Strong performance and wide-aspect screen distinguish this lightweight laptop.

Dell Latitude X300
MediaBase dock turns 3-pound laptop into a versatile virtual desktop.

Dell Shows New Small Business Servers
Systems, which start as low as $500, don't require advanced IT skills.

Intel Prepares for the Next 20 Years
Chip maker plans for smaller, faster, less power-hungry processors.

Pentium M Finds Its Place
Notebook chips will likely support location-based services by 2006, Intel says.

Your PC May Be Less Secure Than You Think
Most users think their computer is safe from adware and spyware--but they're wrong.

Fujitsu LifeBook P7010D
Slim, light, secure notebook keeps on ticking with long-lasting standard battery.

Gateway M320XL
Stylish silver-and-black laptop boasts an 80GB hard drive and built-in DVD burning.

Gateway M520XL
Inexpensive desktop replacement comes loaded with features.

Sys Technology WideView
Top performance meets low price in a system that makes a few trade-offs.

Google to Help Microsoft Promote Windows
The search engine's toolbar is included in new Windows XP "Partner Pack."

IBM Offers Companies Monthly Security Report Service
Experts will rate potential severity of business security threats.

How We Test
The PC World Test Center uses a variety of rigorous performance tests and tools to conduct a fair and impartial analysis of major products under review.

A Guide to PC World Ratings
Our ratings give readers a quick assessment of a product's overall quality, performance, features, and design.

Photograph a Sunset, Part 2
Here's how to choose the best settings for shooting a glorious sunset.

Leaping Lizards, It's SUSE Linux
The Free Agent takes SUSE Linux 10.0 for a spin.

Google Describes its Wi-Fi Pitch
San Francisco evaluates proposals for citywide free Wi-Fi.

Fujifilm FinePix S9000
The S9000 has 9 megapixels and a long zoom, at a price that's close to SLR territory.

Panasonic DMC-FZ20
The DMC-FZ20 has the longest zoom of any camera we've tested, but is a little light on resolution.

Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro
Though it gives you a unique wide dynamic range feature, the S3 Pro is pricier than competitive models.

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D
The Maxxum 5D has features that will appeal to point-and-shooters, as well as to some budget-minding advanced photographers.

SAP Updates Small business Suite
Revamped Business One adds filtering tools and navigation aids.

E-Voting Progress Assessed
Government report suggest continued work on security and certification.

PC Vendors May Get Vista Next Summer
Microsoft wants to ensure newest Windows is loaded on systems for 2006 holiday sales.

Intel Changes CPU Road Map
Some chips killed, others delayed to ensure compatible configurations.

Canon Readies Wi-Fi Camera
Ixy Digital Wireless will ship in U.S. as well as Europe, Asia.