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The 4 Most Dangerous Words in the Stock Market
When investing in stocks, always beware of those 4 most dangerous words,

Do Not Read This
Taking the road less travelled in stock market investing is one of the keys to investing very well. Learn what trends you should sit out and what not to.

3 Stock Market Tips That Pay
There are three tips which an investor can use to quickly and effectively profit from penny, mid-sized, and blue chip stocks.

5 Profit-Killing Emotions for Investors
There are 5 major emotions in stock market investing, and any of them can hurt your trading results.

Ancient Words of Wisdom for Stocks
There are some words of wisdom in stocks which can really help your investment results.

Stop-Losses Are the Most Important Trading Tactic
The most important aspect of investing is using stop-loss orders, as this limits your downside risk, while allowing for upside gains.

The Guide to Penny Stocks and Risks
What are penny stocks, and why are they so popular? Discover the risks, opportunities, unique aspects of these exciting investments. Learn more.

17 Tips to Investing Well
There are 17 tips to investing well, learned from the volatile world of risky penny stocks.

2 Rapid Response Actions for Investing Incredibly Well
2 actions you can take to rapidly react to anything your investments throw at you.

"Penny Stock for Dummies" Book Review
The new revised edition of

4 Differences Between Big and Small Stocks
There are 4 major differences between big and small stocks, which investors should consider.

3 Awful Times to Buy Stocks
There are three types of times which investors should avoid, and know that their holdings may be at risk.

Cut Losses Early and Let Penny Stock Gains Run
Cutting your stock market losses early, while letting your gains run, is very effective in the world of penny stocks.

6 Proven Financial Ratios for Penny Stocks
There are 6 financial ratios which have been proven to uncover the winners from among all the penny stock companies out there.

The January Effect Begins Now
Every year 3 events happen which give rise to the January Effect, which typically results in prices of stocks increasing.

9 Simple Steps to Perfect Investing
These 9 simple steps will dramatically improve your investment choices and results.

5 Instant Investment Mistakes
5 mistakes which can cost investors in penny stocks, or any type of investment.

The Big ETF Warning
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be very dangerous to investors, due mainly to their daily slippage rates.

Penny Stock Resources and More
Some of the best movies, books, and websites about penny stocks and speculative investing are reviewed. Learn more about penny stocks.

Invest Like Peter Leeds - Step 1
By looking into a company's balance sheet, you can assess whether or not they will remain solvent, and may be an excellent investment.

Stocks Make a Great Gift!
If you are pressed for time (or have a tight budget), these considerate gifts are perfect for the investor in your life.

3 Thanksgiving Bargains in Stocks
Thanksgiving can be a great month to pick up some bargains in stocks, and there are three reasons why you should not walk away during the Holidays.

8 Keys to Penny Stocks Profits
There are reasons why so many people gravitate towards penny stocks, but there are just as many negative connotations (most of them are justified)!

When To Hold Losing Stocks
How do you know when to sell that losing stock, and when you should hang on for the recovery?

5 Ways to Know When to Sell
There are 5 clues which will help you know when to sell a stock, and by learning them you will make better trading decisions.

Debt Ceiling Crisis Explained
The debt ceiling is a complicated concept for many investors, so here it is explained in language that can finally be understood.

5 Must-Avoid Stocks
There are five types of stocks which I avoid at all costs, including airline companies, products of sin, and those vulnerable to new technologies.

How Mass Media is Poisoning Your Trades
The mass media controls much of what you see and do, and unfortunately the majority of that influence comes from fear.

Advice From 5 Great Stock Market Investors
Some of the best investors of all time also have the most meaningful theories and philosophies.

Branding in Business and Stocks
When branding is done well, it can give a business many advantages over their competition; higher price points; greater sales; better word of mouth.

Bitcoin, Pot Penny Stocks, Tulip Bulbs?
There have been dozens of stock market manias and stampedes, and there will be more coming up in the future years... and months.

Profit from Penny Stocks in 6 Steps
There are six simple steps which everyone can take to profit from penny stocks.

Must-Read Features of 2015
From 2015, these are the top

Interest Rates Explained Incredibly Simply
With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates for the first time in 9 years, many people do not even remember how this event will affect them.

Quick Gains from "Gapping" Stocks
When stocks

The Weird Tactic to Becoming a Great Investor
To become an excellent investor, try using this one surprising tactic - find stocks which drop in value.

6 Strang Facts About Penny Stocks
There are some unique and surprising facts about penny stocks which may change your outlook on these small investments. Learn more about penny stocks.

You Profit From Standing Out
By anticipating where the masses of investors are moving, you can position yourself to profit ahead of time.

3 Wisest Stock Market Quotes
There are some powerful quotes or words of wisdom intended for life, but these are the 3 which apply the most appropriately to the stock market.

Empty Mud Pit for Sale? SOLD!
A unique indicator, which may express that we are in a real estate bubble, is playing out with a burnt down home, a mud pit, and a sold sign.

Economic Indicators Are Your Secret Weapon
There are three types of indicators which measure economic data. They are leading (what will happen), lagging (what has happened), and coincident.

Unless You Know 1 Thing, Do Not Buy Stocks
There is one thing that every investor should understand - if they don't know about business, they should steer clear of buying stocks.

Huge 2016 Presidential Race Spoiler
Be keeping an eye on the winner-take-all Electoral College States, you can easily know how the upcoming 2016 Presidential election will play out.

Paris Terrorism Will Not Derail Stocks
The recent terrorist attacks in Paris were shocking, and may initiate a new world order, but they will not derail the stock market.

Only 43 Shopping Days Until Economic Collapse!
The year 2016 may hold some problems for the American, and also the global, economy.

Penny Stocks - Not Just for Scam Artists Anymore
There are several ways to avoid risks in penny stocks, and even more when it comes to finding the best low-priced investments on the markets.

Surprising Penny Stock Facts
The are five surprising facts about penny stocks which may change your outlook on this type of investment.

5 Types of Financial Ratios
All financial ratios are divided into five main categories; liquidity; valuation; performance; activity; leverage.

How to Create a Fortune in Penny Stocks
How to turn a small investment into a significant amount through penny stock trading.

Pot Penny Stocks
Pot penny stocks and cannabis companies were driven to overvalued levels by the investor stampede.

Embrace the Stock Market Chaos
Chaos and meltdowns in the stock market should not be frightening, but rather seen as moments of opportunity.

4 Ways Fantasy Football is like Penny Stocks
There are many similarities between picking a fantasy football team and finding the truly high-quality penny stocks.

4 Must-Ask Penny Stock Questions
There questions which every penny stock investor should ask, and the answers will help them know if low-priced shares are appropriate for them.

Top 10 Stock Market Tips
These are the top 10 tips for anyone who wants to become an excellent stock market investor.

4 Profit Angles as World Out of Oil
Based on current resources and daily usage, the world will run dry of oil by 2068.

1 Thing Stocks Hate More than Bad News
Uncertainty will do more to derail stock market investments than bad news ever could, and this truth plays out over and over again.

Poker is Just Like Investing in Stocks
Some of the best investors are also great poker players, and here are 9 reasons why.

Top Stock Screeners (Do They Save Time and Make Money?)
Stock screeners are a good start to finding potential investments, but they have limitations.

Trading Windows Provide Quick Profits
Trading Windows in penny stocks involve the big moves, which happen over short time frames.

Current Penny Stock Scams
There will always be penny stock scams, but it is easy to avoid falling victim to the promotional schemes.

Best Stock Brokers for Penny Stock Traders
The best online discount brokers for penny stocks have low commission rates, and do not require a significant amount of money to open an account.

The Single Biggest Risk to Every Investor
Confirmation Bias is the single biggest risk to every stock market investor. Overcoming this subconscious force will enable more profitable trading.

Paper Trading (No Risk, Zero Cost, Big Results)
By Paper Trading, investors can refine a successful strategy, without any risk or cash requirements.

4 Revelations from Trading Volume
Trading volume in penny stocks can provide clarity of when the trade, and how to lock in profits, in four specific ways.

Famous Companies Traded as Penny Stocks
Many well-known companies are either trading as penny stocks, or they have at some point.

Price Drivers in Penny Stocks
The forces driving prices in penny stocks are quite different than what moves larger, blue chip companies.

The 7 Types of Penny Stocks
There are seven types of penny stocks which every investor needs to know.

The Pros and Cons of Penny Stocks
There are many pros and cons to penny stock investing, and traders should know all the risks, pitfalls, benefits, and potential for profit.

Where Do Penny Stocks Trade?
There are many stock exchanges where penny stocks trade. Some improve your odds of success in low-priced shares, while others add to your risk.

6 Penny Stock Myths
There are 6 prevalent myths in penny stocks, and the realities behind them may surprise you, and quite possibly make you a better investor.

Penny Stocks 101 - Getting Started
Penny Stocks 101 walks you through getting started investing, how to avoid the risks, and making that first trade. Learn more about penny stocks.

Racism, Default, Debt, President: Small Answers to Big Problems
Between fiat money, racism, debt, and elections, there are many big problems in this country. Hopefully short answers will help people fix them...?

The 4 Horsemen of the Financial Apocalypse
There are four issues with the economy (and the stock market) right now, any one of which could set off a major correction.

6 Abstract Aspects of Every Great Stock
When looking for the best stocks for investment, you will quickly find that many of the winners are doing these 6 things right!

The Frightening Reality About Oil
Worldwide oil supplies are diminishing, probably at a faster rate than you realize, but at least there is something you can do - help raise awareness.

What Is Really Controlling Oil Prices
Oil prices are controlled by the decisions of traders in London and Manhattan, which explains the out-sized volatility we see in the commodity.

Price Drivers in Penny Stocks
There are certain aspects which drive the prices of stocks. The opportunity comes from seeing the price drivers that others are overlooking.

How to Trade Penny Stocks Using Trading Charts
Technical analysis can be a useful part of an overall penny stock trading strategy. Learn about the benefits and risk of low-price shares.

Are Penny Stocks Appropriate for You?
The first step in trading penny stocks is to decide whether or not this type of investment is appropropriate for you.

Small Business Success (From a Stock Market Analyst)
There are many tactics which lead to small business success, and they are the same as the strategies which make for winning investments.

Profit from Soaring Gold Through Producing Stocks, Not Explorers
There is a big difference between production companies in gold, and those which are in the exploration phase.

Personality Traits of the Best Investors
The world's most successful investors have certain personality traits that aid success. Learn what personality traits the best investors share in common.

New to Penny Stocks? Start Here.
Anyone can get started with penny stocks, even as a complete beginner, if they avoid the dangers and invest in high-quality companie

Time to Buy Silver With Both Hands
Historically, it takes about 60 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. That ratio is out of sync right now, but it will return to normal.

Negative Interest Rates Explained Simply
Negative interest rates are springing up all over the world, and are going to show up here in America next.

4 Best Stocks Under $5 for Trading for Less
This article discusses 4 penny stock picks which are trading for prices just under $5 per share, all of which were analyzed by Peter Leeds.

2 Concepts Combine for Stock Market Profits
When you combine the two most important stock market concepts, you will benefit from your investment moves. Learn more stock profit concepts.

4 Penny Stock Picks to Select
Most penny stocks are terrible investments. However, the high-quality types which my team analyzes tend to rise to the top. Learn more.

Apple versus Terrorists and FBI
Apple is a company at the center of the battle between privacy and security.

With Stocks, Check Your Ego at the Door
When trading stocks, try to think and act like a robot, rather than letting your ego guide your decisions.

Penny Stocks? You Must be Kidding!
Penny stocks have cost people a lot of money, which has resulted in them getting a bad name in the industry, and even among your friends and family.

What If the Stock Market Didn't Exist?
The world would look very different without a stock market.

We've Got Money Wrong
The American dollar is a fiat currency, meaning that it is not backed up by anything, such as gold or a promise of redemption value.

10 Penny Stock Tips to Get You Started
The 10 tips which can bring any penny stock investor up to speed quickly, while limiting their losses. It is all as simple as it sounds, so let's get to it.

Flat Tax
Our Nation may benefit from changing to a flat tax system, by costing less, being easier to understand, and reducing waste.

Will Oil Make a Comeback?
Oil prices are low from recent historical standards, but several factors may be pushing prices even lower, or (in the case of some price drivers) higher.

Investor Stampedes and Stock Market Manias
Investor stampedes and stock market manias are costly and expensive, but they keep showing up every few years.

Know When to Buy or Sell Any Stock
The Relative Strength Index is a great technical analysis tool which displays whether an underlying stock is overbought or oversold.

The Cure for Low Oil Prices: Low Oil Prices
As commodity prices fall, producers reduce output. This eventually leads to a much reduced supply, so that any demand will cause prices to rise.

Penny Stock Questions and Answers
The most common questions which people have about penny stocks are discussed in this article. Get the answers so you can make the most educated investment.

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