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Fruit Fly Studies Bring New Understanding
At at the heart of any pest control effort is understanding the pest, and research is continually conducted to do just that.-- especially with fruit flies!

Are You Allergic to Cockroaches, Mites, or Mice?
Allergies are nothing to sneeze at! But they can be triggered by cockroaches, mites, and mice.

The Impact of Climate Change on Tick Distribution
Current research is showing that climate change is having an impact on pest presence and problems, notably that of ticks and the diseases they spread.

Termite 5: 5 FAQs, 5 Busted Myths, 5 Prevention Tips
Why are termites a threat? Can termites really demolish my home in 2 weeks? How do I prevent termites. My friend said ... is that fact or myth?

Top 12 Considerations in Hiring a Pest Control Professional
Sometimes it is better to hire a pest control professional than to try to do it yourself. This guide provides 12 things to consider in selecting a technician.

The Lone Star Tick
Like the deer tick, the lone star tick can bite people and their pets, and transmit disease.

The Tickborne Meat Allergy
Tick bites can cause a number of diseases, and recent research is also linking the bite of the Lone Star Tick with meat allergies.

How to Safely Use Insect Repellents on Your Skin
Using insect repellents that are applied to the skin can significantly help keep mosquitoes and ticks from biting. Find safe use tips from EPA.

7 Questions about Insect Repellents
Questions are asked and answered on options and use of insect repellents, particularly against mosquitoes and ticks.

EPA Makes Insect Repellents Easier to Use
New tools from EPA make it easier to understand what products work to repel ticks and mosquitoes and how long they will last.

Destructive Termites Evolving in U.S.
Two major termites of the U.S. are joining to create destructive hybrid colonies.

Top Termite Cities of 2015
20 cities of the United States are considered to be Top Termite Cities. Is your city among these?

It Is National Pest Management Month
Celebrate National Pest Management Month and protect your home from emerging pests.

Chicago and Ohio Cities Top 2014 Bedbug Cities List
Is your city among the top in bedbug infestations? Or are your travels taking you into a top bedbug city?

Spring Pests
Spring brings warm weather and flowering plants, but it also brings pests emerging from their winter homes. Find out about the common pests of spring.

Overwintering Insects
Many insects survive the winter by overwintering in various ways. Find out how and why insects do this and what problems can be caused when they emerge.

Pesticides in Food: Is Organic Safer?
Should pesticides be used to control pests on food? Are organic foods safer for your family from a pesticide-exposure point? Should you pay the difference for organic … or does it really matter?

Pesticide Misuse against Bedbugs Causes Infant Death
The misuse of phosphine against bedbugs caused severe injury to a family and resulted in two deaths.

Disease-Carrying Fleas Infest NYC Rodents
A new study has found that plague-carrying fleas are prevalent on rats in New York City.

12 FAQs and Answers on Boxelder Bug Control
How do I get boxelder bugs out of my house? And 11 more questions and answers about boxelder bugs and their control.

Questions and Answers About Mice
How do I know if I have mice? And other frequently asked questions.

Will Birdbaths or Herbs Attract Rats?
A reader asks if birdbaths or herbs attract rats, and how to keep them out of the home.

All About Raccoons
Raccoons are very common across the U.S. that can become aggressive and spread disease to people and pets. Learn more about raccoons.

Why Do Bees Sting … and other Questions about Bee and Wasp Stings
Bees sting in self-defense but many die anyway.Why do bees sting? Why do some bees die when they sting, but some don't? Where does it hurt most to get stung?

Your Top 10 Pest Control Articles of 2014
Winged, flying ants and spiders were the top two About Pest Control articles for 2014, with rats, mice, skunks, flies and mosquitoes filling the other slots on your Top 10 list.

Rodents Transmit Hantavirus
Hantavirus is a potentially deadly disease that can be passed from certain mice species to humans. It is important to take precautions against contact and contamination.

Ticks - How to Prevent Ticks From Spoiling Your Summer Fun
Most reported cases of Lyme Disease in the U.S. occur during the summer months, the prime season for camping, working in the garden, berry picking, and picnicking.Ticks, the leading carrier of diseases infecting humans in the U.S., detect shadows, body odors and exhaled carbon dioxide as their potential hosts walk through tall brush and weeds, or sit on the ground.


Termite Facts: Did You Know ... ?
Did you know that termites cause more than a billion dollar in damage every year ... and other facts about this infamous, destructive pest.

Getting Rid of the Fruit Flies that Fly In Your Home
How do you get rid of fruit flies? What works and what doesn't? Real-world experience provides the answer.

Three Steps to Flea Control
Fleas that come in on your pets can cause intense irritation, can transmit disease, and can even hop onto and feed on humans. But they can be controlled. Learn how.

Control Spiders in the Home
This article explains how to take control and get rid of spiders in your home.

Venomous Spiders
Most spiders of the U.S. are harmless, but the hobo spider, black widow spider, and brown recluse spider can be dangerous - but their bite can be prevented.

12 Steps to Prepare for Flea Control Service
Fleas may get onto your pets and into your home from the outdoors or from other animals that have fleas. If you choose to work with a pest control company for service, there are steps you will need to take to prepare.

The Deer Tick - Identification and Prevention
The bite of a deer tick, or blacklegged tick, can cause Lyme Disease in people and pets. Prevent tick bite with these tips.

Your Top 10 Pest Control Articles of 2013
Ants? Rats? Spiders? Mice? What were the Top 10 Pest Control articles that drew the most attention in 2013?

Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Professional
When you need a pest control professional, ask questions of both the company and the technician to ensure you get the pest control service you want, need, and pay for.

How to Find a Local Pest Control Company Safely
When you have a pest problem that you can't control yourself, how do you select a trustworthy pest control company? Find out in this step-by-step approach.

How to Get Squirrels Out of the Attic
All about squirrels in the attic: How do squirrels get into the attic? Why are squirrels attracted to attics? And … How do you get rid of squirrels?

House Dust Mites & Control
Dust mites are so tiny that nearly 100,000 could fit on your pillow ... and cause sneezing, itchy, runny nose. Find out more about these mites and their control.

Pest Control: There's an App for That
Find iPhone, iPad, iPod apps on Pest Control. Includes a selection of identification, reference, education, professional resources and games.

Find Pesticide Information
How much do you know about the pesticide products that are used around your home? This article contains sources for information on all registered pesticides.

5 Steps to Cockroach Control
What works to get rid of cockroaches? Follow the 5 Steps to Control and learn about some chemical options.

Things to know about Carpenter Bees
Carpenter bees can nest in and damage soft wood of your home. But how do you know if the bee you see is a carpenter bee, a honey bee, or a bumble bee?

Controlling the Biting Bed Bug
Steps to take to help prevent bed bugs from coming into your home - and what to do if they already have.

Something Is Stealing My Mouse Bait!
Had you ever set a mousetrap and had the bait disappear without the trap going off? It could be a rat, a cricket, or even a slug stealing your bait!

Cockroach Videos: See How They Run
Five videos about the history and actions of, new discoveries about, and even a bit of fun with cockroaches.

Why cockroaches Survive
Cockroaches are considered to be one of the hardiest groups of animals. And this resilience can make their control a homeowner's nightmare. Learn more about why cockroaches have survived and why we can't simply live together in peace.

Selecting Pesticides And Other Pest Control Products
When you have a pest problem, what do you do? How do you select a product? How can you find out more about that product?

Termites Cause Damage Across the U.S.
Whether they occur frequently or rarely in the area in which you live, termites can cause major damage.

The Huntsman: The "Banana" Spider
Although not native to the U.S., the Huntsman spider has been found hiding out in cars, behind sun visors, and in crates of bananas. Learn more about this huge spider.

All about cockroaches
Cockroaches are not just nuisance pest, they can cause damage and spread disease. Learn all about cockroaches and their control through related articles and videos.

Common Cockroaches: Oriental and Brownbanded
Cockroaches are one of the most common -- and the most disgusting pests. Two common cockroaches are the oriental cockroach and the brownbanded cockroach.

What Pests Are The Most Annoying?
Which is the most annoying pest? A buzzing fly? A biting mosquito? A pesky ant? The article includes survey results from across the 'net.

Insects that Heal
Insects have been used to cure a variety of illnesses since ancient times, and today's scientists are finding that bugs may be just cure that's missing.

8 Questions and Answers about Deer Mice
Deer mice and known to carry and transmit hantavirus to humans. Find out more FAQs about this cute but deadly mouse.

Tomato Hornworms - Identification, Damage and Control of Tomato Hornworms
Tomato hornworms dine without remorse on nightshade vegetables,( tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplants) in the home garden, even killing young plants. However, they can be controlled with least-toxic pest control methods such as hand picking, attracting/releasing parasitic wasps or by spraying Bacillus thuringensis, variety kurstaki, onto the garden soil as caterpillars emerge to feed.

Managing the Moth Fly
A common household pest, moth flies are most often seen buzzing around drains - thus their common name: drain fly. Though they can become quite a nuisance, they can be managed.

Asian Longhorned Beetle Threatens the U.S.
Introduced to the U.S. in the 1990s, the Asian Longhorned Beetle is a threat to hardwood trees because of its lack of natural predators and limited options for control.

Cicada Damage and Control
17-year cicadas do not harm humans, but can damage plants. What they do and how to control cicadas.

Chipmunks and their Control
Chipmunks can be a nuisance and cause damage to your plants and the foundation of your home. Learn more about this wildlife creature -- and how to control and get rid of chipmunks.

Skunk Control and Prevention
How to control skunks and prevent them from seeking shelter in and around your home.

Controlling cockroaches
Cockroaches may be disgusting! But they can be controlled. Following are some tips for control ...

Asian Longhorned Beetles - Controlling Asian Longhorned Beetles
Hitchhiking to North America in the mid 1990s aboard shipping crates, Asian Longhorned Beetles are devastating deciduous hardwood forests not only in the U.S. and Canada but in Europe and the United Kingdom as well. Pupae burrow or tunnel into the host tree's heartwood, literally sucking out its life and eventually killing it.

Wild Pigs - Profile of Invasive Wild Pigs
Wild or feral pigs have thrived due to a lack of natural predators in North America and most of Europe, adapting to an incredibly diverse variety of climes and eco-systems, from dripping rainforests to arid deserts and nearly everywhere in between.In addition, their diet is whatever they can see although their noses are said to be more discriminating than their eyesight.As pests, wild pigs can infect domestic swine with crippling viruses so care must be taken to prevent interactions.

Controlling Pest With Pests
We may not like sharing our homes with insects, but many can be beneficial - and provide pest control themselves in our gardens and yards.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 10: Wildlife
Our survey showed that wildlife, such as rabbits, bats and squirrels, are among the top pests that bother people in and around their homes. Learn about wildlife pests, their behaviors and methods of control.

Pesticides in Food
Pesticides were used on most foods you eat. Is it safe? Who regulates them? And what about organic? Read more to find out more about pesticides in food.

Pesticide Safety
Five Guides for Pesticide Use. Pest Control.

Ten Common Pest Control Terms
Pest control is the control, management, or kill of any of a several types of pest, generally through the use of pesticides. But what is a pest? And what are pesticides?

What Is Integrated Pest Management?
IPM is today's term for responsible pest control. But what is it and how do you apply it in your home?

German Cockroaches - Description, Habitat and Control of German Cockroaches
Pests in homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, and offices, cockroaches contaminate food and eating utensils, stain and defile surfaces, destroy fabric and paper products. Why worry? German cockroaches are believed to transmit disease-causing organisms such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, hepatitis virus and coliform bacteria. Also, asthma associations suggest that up to 60% of urban residents are allergic to the feces, saliva and urine of cockroaches.

edible insects, insect recipes, eating bugs, bugs as food, insects, eating insects, bugs for dinner, natural pest control,
Eating bugs may not what you would normally think of as natural pest control, but people in many parts of the world eat grasshoppers, beetles, and even bees. And it's catching on in America.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 2: Flies
Our survey told us that the second most bothersome pest to homeowners is the fly. Find out why flies are such a problem and what you can do for control

Preventing and Controlling Pantry Pests
Prevention and control techniques for pantry and stored product pest infestations.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 1: Rats and Mice
Our survey showed that the number one pest of homes are rodents. Learn why rats and mice are a problem and what you can do to control them.

Imported Fire Ants Are a Fast Spreading Pest - Only Cold Weather Slows Imported Fire Ants
Found in densities ranging from 20-800 mounds per acre, imported fire ants are expected eventually to colonize at least 25% of the continental United States, their rampant spread tempered only by their cold weather sensitivity.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 4: Spiders
Our survey showed that spiders are among the top pests that invade homes. Learn about spiders, spider behaviors and spider control.

The Skunk and The Dog. A True Tale of De-Skunking
If you have ever had a run-in with a skunk, you will want to read this hilarious article on how one woman dealt with The Skunk and The Dog

Heat and Drought Increases Bug Problems
A hot, dry summer can increase problems with certain insects and bugs. Read more about these -- and what to do.

Control Clothes Moths
Clothes moths can cause serious damage to wool and other fabrics. Learn how to get rid of clothes moths and prevent infestations.

Indoor Bug Prevention Without Insecticides
Pesticide-free tips to prevent your home from becoming an opportunity for insects. Includes chemical-free strategies for indoor and outdoor pest control and insect prevention, including insect-proofing the home structure itself.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home
It is easier to prevent pests from coming into your home than to get rid of them once they've established themselves and made your home their own. These FAQs tell you how.

Bed Bug Videos
Seven Bed Bug Videos covering everything from checking your hotel room and avoiding bringing them home to detection and control in your own home, as well as some natural tricks to stop the itch if you are bitten.

Black Fly Bites and Control
Black flies bite - and it hurts. But you can prevent it. Find out more about black flies, prevention and control.

Identification, Prevention, and Control of the German Cockroach. Part 2
German cockroaches are the most common cockroach in homes and businesses in the U.S. Learn how to control German cockroaches in this informative article.

All About Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes are not only a great annoyance and irritant during outdoor activities in the spring and summer, they can be vectors of serious disease. Read all about mosquitoes.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 3: Ants
Our survey showed that the number 3 pest of homes are ants. Learn why ants are a problem and what you can do to control them.

Get Rid of Mystery Bugs
Have you ever been bitten by a

Identify and Control Fungus Gnats
Do you have tiny flying insects buzzing around your houseplants? They may be fungus gnats. Found out what these are and how to control them.

Wildlife Safety Tips - Raccoons
Raccoons are not just nuisance wildlife, they can also cause a great deal of damage to homes and harm people. Protect yourself and your family with these tips.

The Skunk and The Dog. A True Tale of De-Skunking. Part 2
If you have ever had a run-in with a skunk, you will want to read this hilarious article on how one woman dealt with The Skunk and The Dog. (Part 2)

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 7: Mosquitoes
Our survey showed that mosquitoes are among the top pests that invade homes. Learn about these biting pests, mosquito behaviors and mosquito control.

New Ways to Repel Mosquitoes
Mosquito bites can be itchy, annoying, and even the cause of disease. But the USDA and military are finding new ways to repel them.

Cockroach Control Videos: See How to Control Them
Five videos showing a variety of methods of cockroach control – from organic to drowning to manufacturer recommendations.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 8: Bed Bugs
Our survey showed that bed bugs are among the top pests that invade homes. Learn about these biting pests, bed bug behaviors and bed bug control.

New Ways to Repel Flies and Sand Flies
Flies and Sand flies can be very annoying and spread disease. But the USDA and military are finding new ways to repel them.

Control Ant Budding
When an ant colony gets too crowded, some ants will take their group and walk out to start a new colony. Find out more about these ants - and how to control them.

Bats and Bat Control
Dispelling myths and telling the realities of bats and their control.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 5: Cockroaches
Our survey showed that cockroaches are among the top pests that invade homes. Learn about cockroaches, cockroach behaviors and cockroach control.

Rodents Spread Disease Through Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Other Insects
Rodents can carry disease and spread them to you through the bites of ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, sand fleas, and lice. Find out what these diseases are and how to control them.

Fire Ant Identification, Control and Prevention
Fire ants are common problems of the southern U.S. This article answers common questions such as: What do fire ants look like? What damage do fire ants do? How can you control fire ants?

Control of Thief Ants or Grease Ants
the tiny grease ants commonly invade homes across the U.S. But they can be controlled.

How to Control Ants
Ants are one of the most common pests of homes across the U.S. Find out how to control ants and how to keep ants out of your house.

Identification, Prevention, and Control of the German Cockroach
German cockroaches are the most common cockroach in homes and businesses in the U.S. Learn how to identify and control the German cockroach.

All About Common Ants
Ants are one of the most common pests of homes. Find out more about many common species of this nuisance pest

IPM Pest Control for the Homeowner
For best results in pest control, identify the pest, learn about it, then control it. Learn how.

IPM Plans - How to Write an IPM Plan
Integrated Pest Management(IPM), principles may be applied to a variety of crops and plants in a home or commercial setting from flowers and shrubs to vegetables and fruit. The goals of IPM are to reduce the damage caused by a range of pests from insects, weeds, and nematodes to birds, deer and fungi while limiting costs, protecting the environment and maintaining health for humans, pets and non-pests.

All About Skunks
What skunks look like, what skunks do, and why skunks spray noxious odors. And what you can and can't do about them in your state.

Black Squirrels are Gray Squirrels
Did you know that squirrels can be as short as 5 inches or as long as 36 inches, and some fly? Find out more about squirrels.

Keep Squirrels From Stealing Bird Seed from your Feeder
Squirrels often steal food from bird feeders. Here are 10 Tips on keeping them out of yours.

Controlling Pests that Pester You. Part 9: Plant Pests
Our survey showed that plant pests, such as mites, thrips, and aphids are among the top pests that invade homes. Learn about these and other plant pests, their behaviors and control.

Control of Lawn Grubs
In many parts of the U.S. grubs are among the most common and most damaging yard and garden pests. Find out more about these lawn-damaging pests and their control.

Control Japanese Beetles
In many parts of the U.S., Japanese beetles and grubs are among the most common and most damaging yard and garden pests. Find out more about these beetles and their control.

Non-Chemical Control of Plant Pests: Aphids
Aphids can be damaging plant pests, but they can be controlled through non-chemical means

The Scorpion's Sting
Where are scorpions found? How dangerous is it? How can it be controlled?

The Pesticide Label
A guide to pesticide labels: What is on them and how to read them.

11 Questions and Answers on Pesticides and their Use
Some common questions and answers about pesticides, their hazards, and their use.

How to Get Rid of Flies in the Home
Perhaps the world’s most widely distributed insect and certainly one of the most annoying, house flies can be controlled by best practices of sanitation, thorough physical exclusion and by a diligent practice of least toxic, chemical and non-chemical measures.

Bed Bugs - Control of Bed Bugs at Home and on the Road
Bed Bugs are oval, wingless and round-bodied, rusty-red insects about 1/5 inch long. They are the only blood-sucking insects with round bodies and wingless adults. In addition to humans, bed bugs also feast on the blood of bats, birds and rodents.As nocturnal insects, bed bugs hide in crevices of mattresses and upholstery during the day and feast on victim's blood while they are sleeping.Simple, natural pest controls include frequent vacuuming, reducing clutter and sealing cracks and crevices.

Bed Bugs – Yesterday and Today
Where did bed bugs come from? Why did they disappear, more importantly, why did they reappear? And what is their status today? A brief history of bed bugs in the U.S.

Prevention Tips for Top Bed Bug Cities
Is your city on a Top 50 or Top 10 list of Bed Bug-infested cities? What can you do to prevent bed bugs?

Cover Crops in the Garden - How to use Cover Crops as Mulch and to Control Pests
Farmers have historically used living mulches such as alfalfa and clover to decrease soil erosion, suppress weeds and to supplement nitrogen however USDA studies have confirmed that living mulches also host thriving communities of pest predators. These insect enemies, primarily arachnids and ground beetles, ate from 13-51% more pest pupae in test crops such as corn and soybeans, than in mulch-less control plots. So these bio-dynamic ground covers can be used in farm and home garden IPM programs.

Are You In a Bed Bug City?
Two pest control companies rank top bed bug cities. Is your city on the list? ... And if it is, what can you do?

Why are bed bugs so hard to kill?
New research has shown that the bed bug's

What Is That (Squash) Bug In My House?
Pest Control.

Do You Need Winter Pest Control? Part 1
Pests don't go away in winter. Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoon, and bats may all infest your home.

Flying (Asian) Cockroach: Overview and Control
The Asian cockroach looks a lot like the German cockroach but has one significant difference: The Asian cockroach can fly! Read more about the recently introduced pest.

Cornfield Ants Are Not Just In Cornfields
Contrary to its name, the cornfield ant is found just as often in lawns as in fields. Find out more about this ant and its control.

What is this bug?
Identifying little bugs can be difficult, especially when it is a

10 Challenges of Cockroach Control
Cockroaches are a disgusting but complex pest, which makes them difficult to control. Find out why.

What Attracts Pests
Why are pests attracted to your home? ... and what can you do to prevent them!

Bed Bug Facts
Bed bugs were cave dwellers until humans helped them hitchhike across the universe. Today bed bugs that find a ride into your home cause a social stigma that is difficult to overcome. Read more bed bug facts.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Step-by-Step
Step-by-step bed bug guides to inspect, identify, prevent, and control bedbugs from New York State IPM Program at Cornell University.

The Non-Pest Luna Moth
The Luna Moth is a beautiful, unique pest that is becoming endangered in many areas of North America.

Increasing Pests Increase Need for Pest Control
A new report shows that pests are continuing to increase thus increasing the need for pest control. Find out why and what to do.

Professional Bed Bug Prevention Tips
Whether you are in or traveling to a top bed bug city-- or any other city, these tips will help to prevent bed bugs in your home.

Control Japanese Beetles and Grubs
Japanese beetles and grubs cause significant damage to plants, but they can be controlled. Find out how.

A Six-Step Strategy for Slug Control
Slimy slugs can cause damage to gardens and yards. Find out how to get rid of these slippery creatures.

Prevent and Control Bed Bugs
Using EPA recommendations to prevent and control bed bugs.

Everything You Want to Know about Ticks
Ticks are active throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and their bite. They are an annoyance, but worse, their bite can cause disease. Read more about ticks and protecting against their bite.

Do's and Don'ts of Bed Bug Control
As tiny as they are, bed bugsare one of the most troublesome and difficult-to-control pests. But they can be controlled.

Light Brown Apple Moth Control - How to Identify and Control the Light Brown Apple Moth
Preventing the establishment of invasive species is always the best method, however when a population is seen as a pest by powerful business sectors, government officials may intervene as they did in California.

Lawn Pest Control - Controlling Lawn Pests, Part Two
A beautiful lawn that is as easy on the eyes and barefeet as it is on the environment is a matter of planning and follow-through. This article identifies some common insect pests that plague lawns and suggests proven organic control methods.

Birds - Control Pest Birds in the Home Garden
Birds undeniably gobble up insect pests in the garden yet they also eat entire fruits and vegetables or pick at them, making them unedible or totally unattractive for the gardener's table. Therefore, the gardener's focus of pest control in the garden is to protect plants or trees from bird predation through physical barriers or methods that cause the potential bird goodies to be less appealing

Beneficial Nematodes - How to Use Beneficial Nematodes as a Natural Pest Control
Nematodes, those microscopic, yet dastardly wormy pests of the garden, usually are known for their damage; gnarled tomato, pepper, corn and potato roots or weakened stems and dying tissues on onions and chrysanthemums. Yet the root knot species responsible for these acts of garden mayhem are the outlaw cousins of the beneficial species that enrich the living soil by breaking down organic matter in addition to preying on a smorgasbord of pests.

Rodents in the Home - How to Identify House Mice
House Mice seem to be an endlessly adaptable pest, living in a range of environs from the blazing tropics to the frozen Actic tundra. Although more than 300 separate varieties of House Mice are known, there are some common distinguishing characteristics that all House Mice share.

Pest Bird Control
Do balloons, plastic snakes, and fake owls really scare away pest birds? Will sound and flashing lights keep pest pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows from roosting? Find out what really works to control pest birds.

Stink Bug FAQs
What are stink bugs? Why are they called that? What damage do they cause? Find out all about stink bugs in this Stink Bug FAQ.

Profiles of pests related to pest control. This section includes detailed descriptions of all silverfish and firebrats.

Do It Yourself pest control and pest prevention of roof, wood and paper-destroying insects, including silverfish and firebrats.

Identification of home damage, specifically soil damage around your home, as it pertains to pest control. This includes identifying soil damage from insects, including ground hornets. Soil damage around your home can also be caused by rodents, including mice, rats, squirrels, moles, voles, chipmunks and ground squirrels.

Identification of home damage, specifically paper damage, as it pertains to pest control. This includes identifying paper damage from insects, including termites and silverfish. Paper damage can also occur from rodents, including mice, rats, and squirrels.

Identification of Wood Damage
Identification of home damage, specifically wood damage. Distinguishing water rot from insect and rodent damage to wood. This includes wood damage from insects, including termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood-boring beetles, and acrobat ants. It will also include damage from rodents and other vertebrate pests, such as squirrels, rats, mice, birds, and bats.

How to Get Rid of Rabbits in the Home Garden
Due to their persistence and sheer abundance, rabbits can quickly become a pest in the home garden if not barred entry with fencing or deterred by organic repellants. This article discusses how to keep bunnies out of your flowers and vegetables.

Corn Earworms - Pest Control and Prevention
Sweet, ornamental, field, Indian and popcorn are just a few types of this annual vegetable that we know for large ears of kernels. Practicing crop rotation, or NOT planting in an area where it has been grown in the past two years is one of the first steps in corn pest prevention. There are various pests that affect corn seedlings, corn leaves and corn ears and the following is a discussion of one of the more common corn pests: Corn Earworms.

Cockroaches: Surviving 400 Million Years and Still Going Strong!
Cockroaches eat everything that humans do, some things that humans will not touch. They live in moist, warm and dark environments, so good sanitation is always the first method of cockroach control.

Grass Lawns - Pest-Free Grass Lawns Built Using Organic Methods
With a little bit of sweat and informed planning, lawns can be kept disease, weed and pest free without the use of inorganic fertilizers and toxic herbicides and pesticides. Here are a few simple tips to reach that goal.

Garden Slugs - Get Rid of Garden Slugs by Using These Products
Least-toxic garden slug controls are available commercially that do not harm either the environment or endanger pets, humans and other wildlife as toxic pellets and baits do. The following products, while not totally benign, are designed to get rid of garden slugs.

Pesticide Safety - Safety Must Come First When Using Pesticides
Some home, garden, school and workplace pest populations may be controlled with pesticides when all reasonable pest control efforts have been exhausted. However, safety precautions, like reading and heeding the product labels and wearing protective equipment must always be the first priority of any applicator.

Garden Slugs - How to Get Rid of Garden Slugs, Part 1
Garden slugs may be slow moving but they are methodical and persistent and a few of them can mow down a garden almost overnight.Various methods can be used to rid the garden of these pesky snails, ranging from handpicking to trapping and placing barriers, to using biological controls such as ducks, beetles and beneficial slugs.

Rats and Sanitation - How to Keep Rats Out of the House, Garden and Yard
Using metal cans with tight fitting, secured lids, set on a platform off the ground and away from garages or the house will go a long way toward rat-proofing household garbage. Meticulous sanitation in and around the yard, especially under fruit trees or concerning pets, will help close the deal on marauding rats.

Pest Control Companies - How to Choose a Pest Control Company
You may contract a pest control company to manage prevention or infestations of a wide range of pests from ants, roaches and moths to termites, ticks and fleas. Many factors should influence your decision from the company's reputation and licensing status to your satisfaction of their answers to your questions and a complete understanding of every portion of a contract.

How to Get Rid of Garden Slugs
Pest snails and slugs munch on a variety of garden, farm adn orchard produce from salad vegetables to potatoes, brussel sprouts and cereal crops, hibiscus, orchids, apples and pears. Step inside to learn all you ever wanted to know about these slimy pests.

Lawn Pest Control - Controlling Lawn Pests, Part One
A beautiful lawn that is as easy on the eyes and barefeet as it is on the environment is a matter of planning and follow-through. This article identifies some common insect pests that plague lawns and suggests organic control methods.

Woodchucks: Nature's Soil Aerators but a Garden and Orchard Pest
Woodchucks prefer to live on stream banks and gullies or on the edge of forested areas that border open land. Burrow entrances can be located by looking for excavated holes with dirt or rocks pushed to the side, although side entrances may be much more well hidden.Woodchucks enjoy a varied vegetarian diet from orchard fruit to field grasses like clover and alfalfa and garden staples like corn, beans and peas.

How to Grow Pest-Free Roses
Roses can be grown organically in the home garden through planning, timely, informed and continued efforts. Pests can be controlled and disease minimized, leaving time to enjoy blooms on the bush or trellis or in the vase. Step inside to learn how.

Controlling Mosquitoes in Your Home and Garden
Like most pests, mosquitoes can be controlled by arming yourself with knowledge and applying common sense preventive measures.

Dampwood Termites - Description, Habitat and Control of Dampwood Termites
Dampwood termites can generally be kept from infesting wooden structures if wood dampening or rot is eliminated. In addition, drying up leaks, removing clutter and shutting down termite freeways into the home are simple, yet effective deterrents.

Horticultural OIls as Insect Control - How to Use Horticultural Oils as a Natural Pest Control
Horticultural oils are effective when used as pesticides, cheaper than beneficial insects and safe for applicators, gardeners, families and pets. In addition, using less or no synthetic pesticides increases the numbers and diversity of beneficial insects as well as enhancing the health and sustainability of the environment.

Squash Bugs: Banish Them From the Home Garden
Do your squash leaves have pale green patches, with older patches that are turning brown while the vines themselves are wilting? If so, Squash Bugs are probably to blame. Step inside to learn how to control them, Squash Vine Borers, and Cucumber Beetles.

Head Lice: Get Rid of Head Lice
Head Lice are tiny, ( 1/10

Termites: How to Identify and Treat Termite Infestations with Least-toxic Methods
Termites have six well defined legs, straight antennae and thick waists. Subterranean species feed on wood, eating between the grain and filling the void with dirt. They require moisture and their nest must contact the soil. Conversely, drywood termite species live above the ground, cut across the grain of wood and do not fill the void with dirt.

Keep out House Flies
Get rid of house flies and keep flies out.

Keep Spiders Away
Get rid of spiders and keep them out of your home.

Get Rid of Mice
Get rid of mice in four steps. Pest Control.

Get Rid of Ants
Get rid of ants step by step. Pest Control.

Rat Traps - Proper Placement of Rat Traps Brings Better Results
Spring operated rat traps are widely available to rid a house, school, or workplace of rats, however proper placement of the rat traps ensures that more rats and mice will be caught. For best results, bait the rat traps with pieces of hot dog, bacon, liver or a trail mix of fruit, raisins, marshmallows or peanut butter rolled in oats. Or bait the rat trap with whatever the mice or rats have been gnawing on in the cupboard or attic, since you are probably going to destroy it anyway.

Argentine Ant - Pest Control and Prevention
Ants are the most abundant of all social insects, with an estimated 1 Quadrillion (15 Zeroes), of them on earth at any one given time. They live in colonies with 3 distinct castes: workers, Queens and males, each with specific functions within the colony.

Copper Fungicide - Organic Copper-based Fungicides and Vine Crops
Available in liquid (to be sprayed) or dust from nurseries, garden centers and online, Copper is a natural fungicide that will control a wide variety of diseases on vine crops such as melons and cucumbers in addition to potatoes, tomatoes and roses. Specifically, Copper is effective against leaf spot, anthracnose, black spot on roses and tomatoes as well as downy and powdery mildew. Copper can even be combined with rotenone and used as an insecticide.

Carpenter Ant
Carpenter ants favor nest locations made of, or near wood, such as frame houses, woodpiles, attics and hollow trees. These ants can be physically barred from a home by sealing all cracks in walls, joists and slabs, in addition to removing adjacent shrubbery and overhanging trees. Fireplace woodpiles should be located away from the home, any water leaks and rotted wood, especially in ceilings or attics, repaired and dried up. Diatomaceous earth and silica gel can be applied where ants are noted. Page 3.

Photo of common household mosquito. Page 2.

Rat Droppings in an Attic
Rat droppings in attic insulation leave no doubt that the pesky rodents have take up residence. Page 4.

Female and Nymph Ticks
A size comparison of a female dog tick and the much smaller nymph. Page 3.

Striped Skunk
Striped skunks usually avoid human and pet contact but when threatened will stomp their feet and raise their tail in warning before dousing the intruder with a gagging perfume that is as hard to remove as it is easy to avoid. Page 2.

Identifying Tomato Diseases: Using a Five Step Method to Uncover Tomato Diseases
Tomatoes can be susceptible to a plethora of diseases, their symptoms visible as spottted, yellow, curled or wilted leaves, fruit with rotted ends, spots or covered in white mildew or stems that are stunted, cracked or filled with holes. Following a step-by-step method can lead to easy, early detection before the disease consumes the tomato plant or spreads throughout the garden.

Termites are not just for breakfast anymore.
Termites are a staple of the diet for some rainforest natives.

Common Fly
Common fly causes a gentleman some concern.

Common Household Pests
Common household pests such as rats, mosquitoes and carpenter ants will move from your home surroundings when you physically bar their entry, eliminate their chosen habitat and dry up or remove all food and water supplies.