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About Sugar Gliders
Sweet, petite oh-so-neat sugar gliders are rapidly becoming the must-have exotic pets due to their relative ease of care and their amazing personalities.

About Exotic Pets
Here is a collection of articles about exotic pets including birds, bearded dragons, chinchillas, hermit crabs, hamsters, and rabbits.

About Birds
Birds are some of the most amusing and beloved exotic pets. Here is some info about our fine feathered friends.

Bearded Dragons
The bearded dragon is the most popular pet lizard of all. Read about their habits and proper care.

Chinchillas as Pets
Chinchillas are now among the most sought-after exotic pets. Here is some history and background about these cuddly critters.

Fabulous Ferrets
Ferrets are the third most popular pets of all, after cats and dogs. Read about their specific characteristics and care.

Gerbil Info
Gerbils are among the most popular small pets of all. Here is info about how to care for these cute rodents.

Skunks as Pets
Despite their smelly reputations, skunks are wonderful pets. They are also very high-maintenance. Read all about their proper care.

Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs have been popular pets for centuries. Here are some important tips about these lovely pets.

Hamsters as Pets
Hamsters have been very popular small pets for more than 70 years. Read about their history, their care and specific supplies they need and love.

Hermits Crabs as Pets
Hermit crabs are popular pets at seaside resorts. Ocean City, N.J., even hosts an annual hermit crab beauty pageant! Here are some tips about their requirements.

About Leopard Geckos
Leopard geckos are popular pet lizards for a number of reasons. Read all about what these cute little critters need to survive, and thrive.

Rabbits as Pets
Rabbit are arguably the most adorable, enchanting of all the small exotic pets. Here are some important tips for their care.

Fancy Rats as Pets
Fancy rats are quite the

Steppe Runners as Pets
The steppe runner is rapidly becoming a rising reptile star due to its lively personality and affectionate nature. Be the first to learn about these delightful lizards.

Pet Snakes Tips
Snakes are some among the most popular pet reptiles. Here is some important info about their characteristics and care.

5 of the Hottest Trends in the Pet Business
Growth in the pet industry continues and pet parents are spending big money in particular segments. Discover the hottest trends in the pet business.

Fussie Cat Causes a Fuss - Cat Food Review
After reviewing Fussie Cat, I received a letter from a reader who was convinced that some of the ingredients were questionable. So I did some research, and the results were surprising.

Safe Flea and Tick Treatments for Pets
There has long been controversy regarding flea and tick remedies for pets that contain pesticides. Read about some safe, natural alternatives.

Dog Barking Deterrent: First Alert Bark Genie Review
A barking dog can be a nuisance and pet parents who have tried other behavior deterrents may want to give the Bark Genie a shot. Read the review.

Pets in Japan - A Booming Industry
The Japanese pet industry is among the international markets that is booming. Learn about how the people of this culture pamper and spoil their pets.

Best Pet Fish for Beginners
Acquiring pet fish for the first time is a memorable experience. Here are some tips for getting the neophyte fish hobbyists on the right track.

Dogs in Game of Thrones - The Northern Inuit
Learn about the Northern Inuit dogs who portray direwolves on the hit HBO series

Starting a Pet Business - A Step-By-Step Guide
A comprehensive guide to what it takes to start a pet shop, a potentially lucrative yet complex and costly undertaking.

Tropical Fish Store Startup Guide
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own local tropical fish store? Learn all about the factors one needs to consider before embarking on this undertaking.

In-Store Event Ideas For Pet Stores
In-store events are terrific for promoting a pet store, and for attracting new and repeat customers. Here are some handy tips for planning successful events.

Dog Daycare Startup Tips and Suggestions
With today's hectic schedules, dog daycare services are very much in demand. Here is comprehensive info for those who wish to launch such a business.

How to Write a Pet Business Plan
Here is a step-by-step business plan guide for new (or even established) pet businesses, which includes the company description and marketing strategy.

How to Get Dog Groomer Certification
One does not require certification to become a dog groomer in the U.S. The head of International Professional Groomers, Inc. tells how to go about this.

Meet the Exotic Repitle - The Steppe Runner
Meet the lively and lovable steppe runner, a reptile that's brand new to the American pet industry, which is rising star on the exotic pets stage.

Guide To Naming a Business In the Pet Industry
Coming up with the right pet business name is a very crucial step that should not be taken lightly. Here are some helpful tips for naming a pet business.

Orbiciser Leak Proof Pet Ball
Meet the Orbiciser leak-proof small pet exercise ball. Read about what makes this pet product so innovative.

Puppy's First Pet Grooming - Tips for Groomers
A puppy's first trip to the groomer is a very momentous occasion, and can be rather traumatic. Here are some tips for dealing with your young pooch clients.

Pure Vita Holistic Pet Food Review
Read a review of Nutrisource Pure Vita canned and dry kitty foods, a line of holistic dog and cat foods made by the family-owned company in the U.S.

How to Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Business
For pet groomers who are considering taking their businesses on the road, here are in-depth tips for starting a mobile pet grooming operation.

Are Fish Tank Shoes a Myth or a Reality?
The fish tank as decorative art is all the rage, but fish tank as a fashion statement? These shoes are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Review of Soft Paws Pet Nail Caps
Because declawing cats is so controversial and frankly inhumane, there is now a large market for products that serve as alternatives to this practice. Here is a review of Soft Paws, long-lasting, attractive vinyl nail caps for cats that work wonders.

The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure
The Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure is the purr-fect gift for the crazy cat ladies in your life!

Promotional Ideas for Pet Shops
Here are some fun and creative ways to promote a pet business on a shoestring budget, from hosting a dog show, to writing articles for a local newspaper.

Marketing Strategy for Pet Shops
Marketing strategy ideas for for pet shops - a guide to marketing a pet shop for little or no cost.

Advertising Ideas
Here are some great advertising ideas for pet shops that are fun, creative and cost little or nothing.

Purr & Simple Cat Litter
A review of Purr & Simple, a unique new natural cat litter that is safe for pets and the planet.

Are Pet Foods Made In Thailand Safe?
With so many natural pet foods now made in Thailand, consumers are understandably concerned if these are safe. I spoke to the owner of Weruva about this.

The World Pet Market Trends and Booms
The global pet market is booming and some countries are seeing rapid growth. Discover where the world pet industry is seeing the biggest increases.

Online Pet Stores Guide
Online pets stores are all the rage, thanks to the convenience this offers to customers. Here is some background info for those who are considering this retail route.

Tips and Tools for Starting Your Own Online Pet Shop
As a followup to the article about the growing popularity of online pet shops, here is an article about tools and some helpful tips about getting started.

Pet Shops
This site is for those in the pet industry: Pet store owners, managers, franchise owners, pet boutiques, pet service outlets, online-only pet stores, breeders, pet manufacturers, pet distributors and pet salespeople.

How to Become a Pet Groomer (Detailed Tips)
Read all about what it takes to become a pet groomer, with these in-depth business tips.

Skunks - Exotic Pets Profile
Skunks are becoming increasingly popular pets. They're also high-maintenance. Here are some important factors to consider for pet retailers.

Tips for Starting a Self-Serve Dog Wash
Self-serve dog wash businesses are springing up around the globe, enabling those in the pet industry to really clean up, literally and figuratively.

Hermit Crabs
Hermit crabs are very unique pets. They are also highly misunderstood, especially when it comes to their care. Here is a guide for retailers who want to get a claw up on the competition.

Mother's and Father's Day Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers
Great Mother's and Father's Day gift ideas for pet lovers, that are nice alternative to the usual boring presents.

Dogs Clothes Stop Dog Shedding
There are so many awesome types of dog clothes on the market that help Fidos to look fashionable. Then there's the line of Doggie Hairnets. Not only are these cute and chic, these pooch duds aid in the reduction of dog shedding! Read all about the Chicago dog lover who invented this unique brand of canine couture.

Doggy HairNets - Clothes to Stop Dog Shedding
Many types of dog clothes help your dog look fashionable. But then there's a line of Doggie Hairnets for the reduction of dog shedding!

Dogs Clothes Stop Dog Shedding
There are so many awesome types of dog clothes on the market that help Fidos to look fashionable. Then there's the line of Doggie Hairnets. Not only are these cute and chic, these pooch duds aid in the reduction of dog shedding! Read all about the Chicago dog lover who invented this unique brand of canine couture.

New Puppy Pet Supplies
New puppies require specific age- and size-appropriate supplies in order to get off to a good start in life. Here are some ideas for retailers.

Pet in Japan
Kitties enjoy lofty pursuits in this cat-friendly house in Japan.

The Cat House Craze in Japan
Meet some Japanese architects who have designed cat-friendly houses and architecture, including Fauna+Design.

A kitty commode fit for royalty!
Cats even get their own specially designed commode in this awesome cat-friendly house in Japan.

Japan Cat House
This cat-friendly house in Japan is a virtual kitty paradise!

Japan Cat Houses
Now that's what you call a scratching post!

Stella & Chewy's Raw Diet Pet Food
Stella & Chewy's raw, frozen and freeze dried pet dinners is one of the latest products to enter the natural pet food market. Read all about it, and the rating Omar gave it.

Tropiclean Pet Dental Care Products Review
Pet dental care products are must-haves for pet retailers. Here is a review of the Tropiclean line of Fresh Breath Made Easy pet dental care products.

Pet Product Trade Shows You Need to Attend
Pet products are a booming industry; discover the best pet trade shows to attend in the U.S. and abroad.

Pet Shops Magazines
A list of the top trade publications for those in the pet industry.

How Pet Groomers Can Prevent Injuries and Accidents
Even the best pet groomers are not immune from injuries and accidents involving pets, their employees and themselves. Read about some important safety tips.

Pet Groomer Shows
There are a number of pet groomer shows around the world, in which top pet stylists get to show off their skills. Here are some of the top events.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Ocean City, New Jersey
With its numerous, hilarious hermit crab events, including the world-famous Miss Crustacean Beauty Pageant, Ocean City, N.J., is arguably the crab capital of the universe. Read all about the long, successful relationship between the seaside resort and its beloved population of lively decapods.

Top Pet Shops Blogs for 2012
Here are the top Pet Shops blog posts for 2012.

Hot Dogs! The Top Dog Breeds in the U.S.
Here is info about the three most popular pooches in the U.S., and special notes about the types of products and services they may need.

The Best Natural and Organic Cat Litter Brands
More pet parents are looking for natural and organic cat litter. Discover the best earth-friendly brands that are worth stocking in your pet store.

verywell. Pet Shops.

Cat Litter Products
A collection of articles about cat litter, litter boxes and other kitty potty supplies for the discriminating feline.

Pet Groomer Business Tips
Here is a collection of handy articles with tips for successfully running a grooming business, from best products to marketing and more.

Cat Grooming
Pet grooming services for cats are more popular than ever. Read about some of the top services now available for felines.

Specialty Grooming Services
There are all kinds of specialty pet grooming services now available for animals, from puppies to seniors, cats and small animals. Here are some handy tips about this growing market.

Pet Groomers Guide
In-depth articles for those in or considering careers in the growing pet grooming industry, with start-up tips, news about trends, must-have supplies and more.

The Paw Tweet Journal©
Read The Paw Tweet Journalę, a publication within my site that provides roundups of late-breaking pet industry news. Whether it's news about pet food, pet grooming, pet legislation, pet food recalls and anything having to do with the pet industry, you can find it right here.

The Paw Street Journal©
Read The Paw Street Journalę, a publication within my site that provides roundups of late-breaking pet industry news. Whether it's news about pet food, pet grooming, pet legislation, pet food recalls and anything having to do with the pet industry, you can find it right here.

Social Media
A collection of helpful articles about using social media to promote a pet business.

Social Media Tips for Pet Shops
Social media are great marketing tools for any business, especially small pet shops who may lack advertising and promotions resources. Here are some tip for effectively utilizing these platforms.