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Medical Marijuana: What is it and Where is it Legal?
Pharmacies in only a handful of states are allowed to sell medical marijuana, but there are moves afoot to change the laws in others—Here's what to know.

Linzess (Linaclotide) Approved for Chronic Constipation
U.S. drug makers Ironwood Pharmaceuticals and Forest Laboratories are touting the new drug's ability to ease intestinal pain for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

Ballooning Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease Predicted for All States
Projections based on current trends show more than 50% of adults in most states being obese by 2030.

Extortion Added to Risks From Using Rogue Drug Sites
Criminals running bogus online pharmacies have been posing as FDA officials to demand

What Does Bacon Have to Do With Pharmacy?
The world's largest pork processor is trying to calm consumers' concenrs over a predicted bacon shortage.

Prevent Errors That Draw the New Medicare Hospital Payment Penalty
Hospital readmissions for treatment of health problems arising prom preventable medical mistakes will draw financial sanctions under Obamacare.

More Compounded Drugs From NECC Linked to Meningitis
Pharmacists and doctors need to alert patients treated with cardioplegic solution or triamcinolone acetonide prepared by the compounding pharmacy about infection risks.

FDA Shuts Down Three Dietary Supplement Companies
Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies, Confidence, Inc. and Venus Pharmaceuticals must remove all their alternative medicine products from the U.S. market.

Inspectors Describe Visible Contamination at NECC Facilities
The compounding pharmacy being blamed for preparing and shipping compounded drugs that sickedned and killed patients with fungal meningitis failed to maintain sterility at its labs, according to FDA.

Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange Deadline Extended Again
Republican state executives appear to be stalling in order to derail implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Routine HIV Testing Could Open Opportunities for Clinical Parmacists
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has proposed major immune-deficiency disease detection guidelines.

Eliquis (Apixaban) Added as New Blood-Thinning Drug
Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer will co-market the newly approved tablets, which are indicated for the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation, or A-fib, caused by a problem other than a malfunctioning heart valve.

Choosing a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan
Every Medicare beneficiary has the option to change his or her Part D prescription drug plan each year. Pharmacists, especially those practicing in community and long-term care pharmacies, should be prepared to help seniors and adults with permanent disabilities find and judge PDP information. Pharmacists do need to keep in mind that they can cannot recommend one plan over another to a patient.

The Hatch-Waxman Act—How It Changed the Pharma Industry
Learn how Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration (Hatch-Waxman) Act changed the playing field for branded, generic drugs and big pharma.

Obamacare and Community Pharmacists: What It All Means
The Affordable Care Act has changed how community pharmacists handle Medicaid claims, DMEPOS sales and medication therapy management — Learn how so.

Order Your 2012-2013 Flu Vaccines Now
When making plans to administer injectable and intranasal flu shots, consider how your pharmacy can meet students and parents needs for school immunizations.

What DEA and State Drug Schedules Mean for Pharmacists
The DEA drug schedule is a list of controlled substances divided in 5 categories that differ by state—Find out what all of this means for Pharmacists.

Is Use of Antibiotics in Infants Linked to Childhood Obesity?
BMI data from a large group of children in England raises the question.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Medications
Also known as bulk pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, or APIs, make prescription and over-the-counter drugs work.

Importing Personal Prescriptions for Drugs—Is It Legal?
Want to order meds from Canada? You can only import prescription drugs for personal use from suppliers outside of the U.S. under certain conditions.

Nonsterile Drug Compounding & Pharmacy Standards
Nonsterile drug compounding is the millennia-old practice of preparing specific medication doses for patients to drink, swallow, insert or apply to the skin.

Medicare Beneficiary and Drug Compounding: What to Know
Wondering about Medicare beneficiary and drug compounding coverage?—Unless otherwise specified, Part B covers hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Meanings of Commonly Used Pharmacy Reimbursement Terms
Learn what pharmacy reimbursement terms like average manufacturer, and wholesale price, dispensing fees and FUL mean to calculate insurance payments.

Contaminated Compounded Drugs Continue Making Headlines
Massachusetts pharmacists and pharmacy technicians could need new specialty licenses to prepare sterile customized dosage forms.

Pharmacist Among 15 Arrested for Oxycodone Prescription Fraud in Colorado
Narcotic painkillers were illegaly obtained with forged orders and resold on the black market, according to the state attorney general.

Second New HoFH Drug Cleared by FDA
Kynamro (mipomersen sodium) injection from Genzyme and Isis joins Aegerion's Juxtapid (lomitapide) as recently approved medications specifically indicated to treat homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia.

Osphena (Ospemifene) Approved for Reducing Painful Sex After Menopause
The medication, which will be marketed by Shionogi Inc., acts like estrogen in women's bodies, strenghtening and triggering lubrication of vaginal tissues.

Medication Therapy Management—Benefits and Cost Savings
When pharmacists provide strategic medication therapy management (MTM) services to the patient, not only do patients benefit—but the pharmacy as well.

Pharmacy Merchandising—Best Ways to Boost Product Sales
There is an art to pharmacy merchandising—Learn how best to display items in your drug store to boost sales and maximize on customer and patient needs

Interview Questions for Pharmacists
Interviewing a pharmacist or pharmacy assistant can be difficult. But with these seven questions, you can narrow the field and hire the best candidate

Working in a Long-Term Care Pharmacy: What Is It Like?
Aside from being more clinical than retail, learn more about how a Long-Term Care Pharmacist role differs from those in a more traditional pharmacy.

What Exactly Does Pharmacy Billing Entail?
Pharmacy billing is one of the most difficult tasks in managing a pharmacy and requires significant technology equipment and knowledge to succeed

The Big Five: Health Insurance Companies
Five companies dominate the healthcare insurance field. Here's some information about them. Blue cross blue shield fortune 500.

Top Responsibilities of a Pharmacist
Pharmacist duties include more than filling prescriptions. They help patients treat disease, maintain their health and also provide counsel.

Top Five Pharmacy Benefits Managers
Very large pharmacy benefits management companies cover prescription drugs for more than 50% of Americans with health insurance.

How to Earn Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation
Eight leading pharmacy organizations established the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board in 2006 to certify the quality of drug compounding.

Why and How to Become a Pharmacist Immunizer
Pharmacists can help prevent disease by offering vaccination services to patients. A pharmacist immunizer can improve access and minimize disease

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Malpractice Insurance - Pharmacists, Students and Techs
Giving a patient a prescription drug other than the one prescribed, administering an incorrect dose of medication or incorrectly counseling patient on how to take a drug can make a pharmacist, student pharmacist or pharmacy technician liable for pharmacy malpractice. Carrying individual professional liability insurance can keep a pharmacy practitioner from losing everything in a civil lawsuit stemming from a medication error.

Drug Compounding - Definition and Examples
Drug compounding is typically practiced in specialty pharmacies, and is a throwback to the old days of pharmacy. Here is an overview

Pharmacy Associations in the United States
Get links and information about pharmacy professional and educational organizations, including AMCP, ACPE, AACP, AAPS, ACCP, AIHP, ASCP, BPS, ISMP, NASPA, NABP, NCPDP, PTCB and SNPhA. Links to to affiliated health care organizations for doctors, nurses, hospitals and drugmakers are also included.


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International Pharmacy Associations
Student pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists have professional organizations that represent their interests, provide educational opportunities and offer chances to connect with their colleagues in their home countries and around the world.

Mail-order patients have better cholesterol control
Mail-order patients have better cholesterol control

NABP Identifies Rogue Online Pharmacies
NABP Identifies Rogue Online Pharmacies

Will Pharmacists See More Medicaid Prescriptions With Obamacare?
Despite cost concerns and some resistance from state governors, public support for expanding Medicaid coverage is growing.

How Do You Save a Trillion Dollars?
An analsis by the Generic Pharmaceutical Association indicates Americans save $1 billion every other day by opting for unbanded prescription medications.

Medicare, Medicaid and the Ryan Budget Plan: Get the Facts
Yes, a Republican presidential victory in November 2012 could end Medicare as we we know it. No, no one knows exactly what that means for beneficiaries' out-of-pocket spending.

Could Arkansas Be the Next State to Allow Medical Marijuana?
A refendum on a compassionate use law has been approved for the November 2012 general election ballot, but conservative groups have sued to block the ballot initiative.

Heart Health Outcomes Not Improved by Taking Fish Oil Supplements, Study Shows
Patients need to know that relying on food sources of omega-3 fatty acids like soy could still provide benefits.

Massachusetts Voters Likely to Approve Medical Cannabis
Answers to a recent poll question concenring a November 2012 referendum on allowing compassionate use of marijuana indicates strong support.

How Did Contaminated Compounded Steroids Reach So Many Patients?
NECC may have broken state and federal laws by compounding and dispensing thousands of drug dosages without receiving prescription for individual patients.

Pharmacy Customer Service—How to give the best pharmacy customer service to ensure repeat visits
Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and store clerks must deal with many different people in diverse lines of work. Pharmacy staff can encounter rude customers, sick patients, pushy sales reps, unresponsive insurance company personnel and busy doctors and nurses. Discover what pharmacy can learn about excellent customer service from other industries.

Human Resources—How to get the most out of human resources in a pharmacy
Finding and retaining highly qualified, productive and satisfied employees requires following best human resources practices. Learn what to look for in staff members, how to read resumes, how to write and place job advertisements and how to train pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and clerks for your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Operations—Employees, products, vendors are all part of pharmacy operations
Pharmacy Operations: How do pharmacies work? A look at how the supply and distribution chain operates and how to handle relationships with these companies; how to best merchandise products for high sales; what's the optimal store layout; how to price products and when and how to have sales; how to market your store and your products; how to maintain good relationships with wholesalers; how and when to advertise; how to keep ahead of the competition.