Physical Therapy Sitemap - Page 3 2016-09-26

Strengthen Quads With Wall Slides Exercise
Wall slides are an effective way to strengthen your quadricep muscles. Learn how to do this exercise.

The Unhappy Triad Knee Injury
The Unhappy Triad refers to a knee injury involving the medial collateral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament, and the medial meniscus.

TENS-Electrical Stimulation for Pain Relief
What is a TENS unit and how is it used in physical therapy for pain relief?

Stage 2 Pressure Ulcers
Physical Therapy. Page 2.

Stage 3 Pressure Ulcers
Learn about stage 3 pressure ulcers. Page 3.

Stage 4 Pressure Ulcers
Stage 4 pressure ulcers in physical therapy. Page 4.

Walking With a Cane
How do you walk with a cane? Learn how to use a cane properly and how to safely walk with a cane

Trigger Point - Definition of Trigger Point
What are trigger points and muscle knots and how can physical therapy help treat them?

Things You Didn't Know About Physical Therapy
Learn about direct access, hospital physical therapy, and other things you didn't know about the physical therapy profession.

Review of Website
Review of, a website to purchase ice, heat, and therapy wraps to manage musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

Use an Elastic Band to Help Treat Your Foot Drop
If you have foot drop, your physical therapist can teach you to use an elastic band to help lift your toes and temporarily normalize your walking ability.

The Anterior Tibialis Muscle of the Lower Leg
Learn about the tibialis anterior muscle and the problems that may occur with the muscle. Physical therapy can help with anterior tibialis weakness, tightness, or pain.


Causes of lymphedema are reviewed as well as lymphedema management by massage and other therapeutic techniques.

Skin Wounds and Pressure Sores
Skin ulcers, wounds, and pressure sores are discussed. Treatment and prevention managment of skin lesions are reviewed.

Careers in Physical Therapy
physical therapy careers, jobs in physical therapy, physical therapy schools, licensing in physical therapy

Education in Physical Therapy
About Physical Therapy education category includes information on PT degrees, programs, schools and more.

Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses
A resource dedicated to assisting physical therapists find appropriate continuing education programs. Find conferences, workshops, or online courses in your specialty of interest.

Physical Therapy Job Assistance.
An online resource for physical therapists looking for positions. Available job listings and headhunters will be provided as well as sites for posting resumes.

Physical Therapy Journals
A listing of online physical therapy journals for enhancing professional education.

Physical Therapist Journals, Continuing Education, Organizations
The practicing physical therapist's guide to professional organizations, online physical therapy journals, and physical therapy continuing education programs.