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Gaining Skills
How players, coaches, and parents can help develop basketball skills for young players.

Youth Basketball
Youth basketball tips, drills, advise, and practice plans.

Basketball Conditioning
Tips, drills and advise to keep you playing your best.

Basketball Drills
Great drills to reinforce youth basketball fundamentals.

Coaching Basketball
Tips, techniques, and drills to help youth basketball coaches instill the fundamentals.

Basketball Techniques
Here are several basketball techniques you could use to improve your game.

How to Efficiently Score in Traffic
Whether it be a pump fake or the euro-step, you need different moves to get shots off when you enter the paint.

Don't Overlook the Bounce Pass in Your Game
A coach who wants to instill the fundamentals of the game should make bounce passing an important part of his practices.

Make Rebounding a Priority in Youth Basketball
A rebound either brings the end to an opponent’s possession or continues to give the offense the chance to score a basket.

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How to Make Free Throws into “Freebies”
A key factor in making free throws is confidence. These drills will make you truly believe that free throws are easy points.

How to Pulverize Defenders like James Harden
Harden makes it look easy, but with these simple tricks you'll be on your way dominating the paint in no time.

5 Basketball Drills for Kids
When choosing drills for youth practice, it is best to find ones that stress fundamentals, while keeping a lively mood.

Ball Handling
Improve your skills handling the basketball.

Basketball Shooting
Ideas, tips, drills, and techniques for improving your shooting in basketball.

6 Pregame Warmups To Get Your Youth Basketball Team Ready
Here are 6 great warmup exercises your team should perform before taking that first tip of the game

5 Ball Handling Drills To Help You Dribble Like Steph Curry
It's Steph Curry's ability to handle the rock that opens up his legendary shot. Think you have what it takes? Use these 5 ball handling drills to win.

Expert Basketball Tips and Coaching Advice
Learn how to play or coach basketball, and discover the latest youth basketball tips, instructional techniques, tutorials and best practices.

Transition Basketball and Its Vital Importance
The transition game is usually speedy, and involves quick decision-making and crisp passes, but it’s defined by the hustle put in by the players.

Stretch Before Every Basketball Game and Practice
Whether an athlete is playing basketball, playing soccer, football, or just going for a quick run, it’s always crucial to get the muscles loose.

Roles and Responsibilities of Each Position
Basketball coaches usually determine positions by matching players up based on height.

‘Pick’ a Good Way to Teach Basketball Screening
A screen, or pick, is a blocking move made by an offensive player against a defensive player to free a teammate to an open space.

Best Ways to Practice Dribbling
The best way to improve dribbling skills is to practice. There are dozens of ways to do so. All you need is a ball and some space.

Players Can Be Aggressive on the Court While Also Being Safe
Basketball can be physical and sometimes injuries are unavoidable. But there are times when being smart can prevent injuries on the court.

Keep Youth Basketball Practices Creative and Fun
A coach needs to find the proper balance between teaching basketball skills and keeping it fun. Of course, both can be achieved simultaneously.

Moving and Cutting Without the Ball on Offense
It’s important to note that just because an offensive player might not possess the ball, that doesn’t mean they are exempt from taking part in the offense.

Box Out to Snag Those Rebounds
Gaining possession is made possible by rebounding, which gives control of the ball from one team to the other.

Building Team Chemistry as a Basketball Coach
A team that jells with chemistry has a greater chance of winning games than one whose players have too many individual objectives.

Perfect Free-Throw Shooting
The most important thing when developing a good and consistent free-throw shot is a tough mentality.

Preparation Precedes a Strong Basketball Practice
A coach's preparation will produce productive practices and help maximize fun on the basketball court.

What Will Be Called a Foul, and What Will Not
Here’s what officials typically look for as sure-fire fouls in youth basketball.

Running Inbounds Plays in Youth Basketball
When running structured plays, you must start slow with your younger players. Try these techniques to help your team grow.

What To Look For When You Watch Basketball
Diehard athletes need to take a break away from their sport of choice. But, they can keep their mind in the game by watching professional or collegiate-level games.