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Coaching Football
Drills, skills, strategies, tactics, and techniques to help football coaches develop their young players.

Tactics, tips, skills, and drills for your youth football offense.

Ideas for football conditioning.

Defensive strategies in football.

Running Plays to Install Into Your Offense
A strong ground game allows your football team to control the clock, wear down the defense, and succeed in short-yardage situations.

How to Dominate in the Red Zone
When you get the ball in the red zone, it is critical to put some points on the board. These strategies will increase those odds!

Win With Superior Tackling Technique and Philosophy
While it's not always possible to control turnovers, teams can do a lot to limit big plays with sure tackling.

Three Drills for Running Backs
Outside of quarterback, the running back may be asked to do more than anybody. These drills are designed to develop a running back’s skills and keep them sharp.

How to Develop a 3-4 Defense
Everything you need to know about developing a dominate 3-4 defense

Defensive Back
Knowledge, drills, and tips to improve your defensive back play.

Special Teams
Tips, drills, and advice for special teams.

Youth Football
Tips, drills, and advice for youth football

Quarterback Tips, Drills, and Advise

Tips, drill, and advice for playing linebacker

Football Parenting
Great information and

Improving Offensive Linemen
The offensive line is the backbone of your football team's offense. Master the position with these tips and techniques.


5 Receiver Drills to Build Skills like Julio Jones
Wide receivers are asked to perform a variety of actions. These drills will set a foundation for harvesting those attributes.

8 Pre-Game Warm-up Exercises Your Youth Football Team Will Love
Use these different exercises to prepare your youth football team for battle.

How to Win the Mental Aspect of the Game
While people often stress the physical part of football, you have to understand how to overcome the many mental challenges arising.

Developing a “Next Man Up” Defensive Line
Defensive linemen often have to compete in the trenches, which requires plus-strength as well as quality back-ups. Here is a blueprint to forming it!

How to Understand In-Game Concussion Awareness
One of the scariest parts about football is concussions. These tips will ensure you know how to handle a potential concussion during a game.

How to Win Without a Good Quarterback
Although the quarterback is an integral part to a team’s overall success, a well-balanced team can overcome some of the deficiencies of a poor QB.

How to Dominate the Strong Safety Position
The strong safety position is defined by physical play, but what else makes up an elite strong safety like Eric Berry?

Full Back - The Unsung Hero of the Backfield
The fullback doesn’t get a lot of praise, but the lead blocking he provides is vital to a successful rushing attack.

How to Rack Up Tackles at the Inside Linebacker Position
For any team, the inside linebackers are key cogs that need to utilize their athleticism and strength to stuff the runners.

Understanding the Various Quarterback Drop Backs
From 2-step to 5-step to 7-step drop backs, playing quarterback is a task that requires you to be prepared physically and mentally all the time.

Strong Safety Position - Breaking Down the Face of the Defense
A strong safety is unique breed in that they must be able to hit like a linebacker and cover like a corner.

How To Coach Linebackers: Essential Drills & Techniques
Use these drills and techniques to make your linebackers the most feared defensive players in your league.

How to Develop an Elite 4-3 Defense
The 4-3 defense is a common formation that consists of a four-player defensive line, three linebackers and four defensive backs.

How to Keep the Defense on Their Toes With a Quarterback Platoon
Possessing more than one talented quarterback allows a coach to have much more flexibility in his or her game plan

How to Become a Dominant Outside Linebacker
While outside linebackers get recognized for their sack totals, a lot of athleticism, technique and strength is needed to get to the quarterback.

How to Make a Name for Yourself Through Special Teams
Special teams isn’t the most glorious position if you’re a kicker, punter, or on kick coverage, but it does open up avenues to be a consistent starter.

How to Teach The Basics on Offense
One of the first things you have to do as a youth football coach is teach the basics.

How to Run an Effective Youth Football Practice
Learn how to coach a youth football team and help them develop a fundamental understanding of the game with this step-by-step guide

Playing Football: Expert Tips, Tutorials and Techniques
Learn how to play football or coach youth players. Learn the latest tips, instructional techniques, drills and best practices for coaching football.

How to Maximize Team Dynamics and Chemistry
Before you can defend the spread, you need to understand the spread and focus on concepts, rather than plays.

How to Build a Dominant Secondary
The Seattle Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” consists of a unique group of players, but the strategy can be duplicated by other football coaches as well.

Defending the Spread Offense
With more and more offenses implementing the spread offense it is crucial defenses have these focal points in there arsenal to stop it

Everything You Need To Know About Youth Football Equipment
Basic questions ever parent must know on youth football equipment for their child.

How to Become a Complete Cornerback
To get started at the cornerback position, players must understand and master these keys to becoming a complete cornerback

Why is JJ Watt So Good?
What makes JJ Watt so great? Here are the intangibles that set him apart from the rest on the NFL.

10 Essential Quarterback Drills That Maximize Accuracy
Football is a game or inches, use these quarterback drills to improve accuracy and it may be the difference in making the big play that wins the game

5 Leadership Lessons You Learn Playing Offensive Line
Five Leadership Lessons You Learn Playing Offensive Line Worth More than the Touchdowns You Won’t Be Scoring This Season

9 Defensive Drills Your Youth Football Team NEEDS To Run
9 defense drills that will get your defense ready to play

How To Build A Defense-Humbling Receiving Core This Season
Types of receivers your team needs to be successful, possession receiver, deep threat receiver, and slot receiver.

How To Implement A Running-Back-By-Committee Scheme
The running back position is the most injury-prone position in football. A committee scheme allows coaches to minimize injuries and max productivity.

How To Improve Your Football Teams Offensive Linemen
To be a great offensive lineman, you need strength. You need agility and finesse. And you need more tenacity than every other position combined.

Drills for Defensive Linemen
To help coaches develop better youth defensive lineman, they should include the Clock Drill and the Towel Drill in their practices.

Improve Your Catching Ability With These Drills
There are a few drills you can use to improve your catching skills all by your lonesome, should you be without a practice partner.

The Man In The Middle: Why Your Linebacker is the Best Defensive Player
The middle linebacker does the same job as the quarterback; only he does it for the defense. He’ll most likely be your best defensive player.

What’s the Difference Between a 3-4 and a 4-3 Defense?
Offense may be the most exciting part of the game and a favorite of your young athletes, but solid defense will ultimately lead you to more wins.

The No. 1 Job: Protecting the Football
Protecting the football is the most important thing a player must master. If he doesn’t hold onto the ball, he will never earn the trust of his coaches and thus won’t see the field.

Five NFL Athletes You Can Look Up To
Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and JJ Watt are shining examples of NFL players who are great on and off the field.

Teaching Proper Tackling Techniques
Tackling is one of the most physical activities in any sport, and one that can be the most violent part of football.

Prevent Fumbling With These Essential Tips
Fumbles mean turnovers, and a negative turnover ratio means losses. Give your team every chance to succeed with better ball security with these drills.

Drills to Help You Shed Blocks Like a Pro
Whether you're a linebacker or defensive back, you have to be able to get away from your blocker and make a tackle.

Drive Blocking Made Easy
There are many different kinds of blocks and drills to teach your players, but the first thing every coach should understand is that it’s better to master a few basic techniques first.

A Coach's Guide for Dealing with Pesky Parents
Some coaches have said that the biggest problem with youth sports today is the parents.