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Tennis Strategy
Incorporating strategy techniques backed with tennis tactics can help coaches and players up their changes of winning.

The Importance of Muscle Memory in Tennis
To build a truly complete athlete, one whose mental and physical skills are working in unison, it is important that we spend time talking about memory with our players and utilizing drills that strengthen memory.

5 Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game Today
Strategy and overall approach tennis tips you can apply to your game today!

7 Proven Tips To Develop Your Net Game
With these solid tips to develop your net game improve significantly

How To Coach A Tennis Match On Game Day
Coaching on the day of the match can be the difference from a win or loss, here are few tips to help coach on game day.

Tennis Equipment List
Tennis is one sport that requires sufficient equipment to compete. This includes racquets, balls, shoes and apparel

10 Essential Tennis Drills Every Coach Should Know
Coaching a tennis team requires you to prepare the players both mentally and physically. These tennis drills will do just that!

Gaining Skills
Basic tennis skills to build up the fundamentals of your game.

Coaching skills
Essential skills for being a tennis coach.

Tennis Drills
Tennis drills to improve your tennis game

Tennis Basics
Rules, tips, and news! Playing Tennis.

Tennis Strokes
Learn the various types of tennis strokes.

Coaching Tennis
Advise, tips, and drills to help you become a better tennis coach

A Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering The Serve
Learn how to master your serve in 5 steps. With these tools and enough practice anyone can make their serve a powerful weapon.

How to Successfully Hit a Two-Handed Backhand
In order for a player to reach their full potential, they must develop a reliable backhand that can hit winners.

How to Beat a Serve-and-Volley Player
When facing a player that utilizes the less common serve-and-volley strategy, remember the importance of finding and finishing your chances.

How to Handle an Elite Server
Being matched up against a player with a top serve requires some knowledge to compete. Here are way to compete against a top server.

6 Simple Warm-up Exercises For Tennis Players
Prepare yourself for tennis practice and games in less than 10 minutes with these simple warm-up exercises.

How to Dominate the Clay
This article breaks down the essentials of mastering the clay court in tennis

How to Build Up Your Doubles Game
While the majority of people focus on learning to play singles, most of them fail to truly understand the basics of doubles tennis

The Ultimate Guide to Buying New Tennis Shoes
In tennis, there are many underlying factors, including surface and material, which you must be knowledgeable about before purchasing tennis shoes.

How to Be a Successful High School Tennis Coach
These four tips traits are essential for good tennis coaches and coaches of all sports. Which ones do you need to work on?

Lessons from the Positive Coaching Alliance
At the heart of PCA thinking is the belief that all coaches should be “double goal coaches,” with the teaching of life lessons as important a component of winning as the final score.

Modern High School Tennis Coaching Obstacles
A brief look at some of the unique challenges facing varsity tennis coaches. What to do with tournament players? How do you motivate today's athletes?

How to Become a Grass Court Specialist
Dominating on grass is different from other surfaces. It requires speed, a decent slice and even a little luck.

Drills to prime a tennis team for a match.
Whether it be serving practice or groundstroke work, a pre-game exercise should take on a personalized approach to prepare the player.

How to Dominate the Hard-Court
In order to dominate playing they hard court, make sure you keep these tips in mind

How To Administrate A Youth Tennis Team
5 Essential pieces of advice when coaching a youth tennis team

How to Master The One-handed Backhand In Tennis
The one-handed backhand brought Justine Henin and Roger Federer fame, but few use it today. Learn the

Tennis 101: Getting The Right Grip
It's time to get the right tennis grip. Which tennis grip is best for you – Continental grip, Eastern grip, or Western grip?

How To Run A Tennis Practice
Coaching tennis starts with a great practice. Here are the top things to remember when coaching a practice session

About Playing Tennis: Expert Tips and Tutorials
Learn to play tennis: how to teach and coach. Get tennis coaching tips and instructional techniques, tutorials and best practices for youth players.

One vs. Two: Which Backhand Shot is Best for You
There are advantages and disadvantages for using a one-handed or the two-handed backhand. Understanding these pros and cons will make choosing the right swing easier.

Playing Doubles and Loving It
Some truly love the doubles game. Maybe it's the constant net play, the kibitzing during match play, or maybe it's the unique challenge of trying to work “as one” with a partner.

Improve Your Tennis on a Budget
While improving at tennis may be more difficult with limited resources, there are strategies to help circumvent the need for abundant wealth.

Communicating Effectively to Enhance Player Performance
Whether it is a non-verbal gesture, a guttural moan, or a heartfelt monologue, effective communication is necessary to teach and create a sense of teamwork.

To Push or Not to Push, That is the Question
Despite employing a frequently successful style, being called a “pusher” isn’t high praise.