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Twelve Angry Men
A study guide for Reginald Rose's courtroom drama,

'Twelve Angry Men': Meet the Characters of the Drama
Unnamed but deeply personal characters, explore the jurors' personalities of '12 Angry Men.' It is the ultimate courtroom drama without the court.

"The Crucible," a Play by Arthur Miller: Plot Summary
Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials. Get an overview of this famous dramatic play's plot and its cast of characters.

Character Analysis: Mama Nadi From Nottage's 'Ruined'
The Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, 'Ruined' tells the horrors of war-ravaged Congo. Discover how the main character, Mama Nadi, navigates this tragic time.

Our Town by Thorton Wilder -- Our Town Themes and Plot Summary
An exploration of the character, plot and themes of Thorton Wilder's

Life Lessons from Thorton Wilder's 'Our Town'
Childhood, marriage, death, and the afterlife. Explore four life lessons portrayed in Thorton Wilder's play popular and classic play, 'Our Town.'

Summary and Analysis of David Mamet's Play 'Oleanna'
A look at a complex drama of miscommunication and sexual harassment. Explore the plot and character analysis of the two-person play, 'Oleana.'

Oedipus the King
Plot summary, character analysis, and classic monologues from Sophocles' Greek tragedy,

Why is Sophocles' 'Oedipus the King' a Great Play?
Explore a quick, humorous plot summary of Oedipus the King (or Oedipus Rex) by the best playwright of Ancient Greece, Sophocles.

Explore the Play 'Fences' by August Wilson
Arguably the playwright's most renowned work, August Wilson's drama 'Fences' focuses on Troy Maxson, restless trash-collector and former baseball player.

Discover 'The Marriage Proposal' by Anton Chekhov
Anton Chekhov's 'The Marriage Proposal' is a fantastic one-act comedy filled with brilliant characters. Learn how it differs from Chekhov's serious plays.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Meet Rebecca Nurse: 'The Crucible' Character Study
A character study of Rebecca Nurse, a saintly grandmother who is one of the martyrs from Miller's play, 'The Crucible' about the Salem Witch Trials.

Who is Judge Danforth? 'The Crucible' Character Study
Judge Danforth is the foreboding ruler of Salem's courtroom in Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible.' Explore Danforth's character in this witch trial tragedy.

"The Crucible," a Play by Arthur Miller: John Proctor
'The Crucible' is filled with tragic characters, not least of which is John Proctor. Discover essay help and a character analysis the play's protagonist.

'The Crucible' Characters: Meet Reverend John Hale
Reverend John Hale is the idealistic witch hunter in 'The Crucible.' Explore this character and how he grew through from Arthur Miller's famous play.

Summary of All My Sons by Arthur Miller
Plot summary and character analysis of Arthur Miller's

Act One of "All My Sons": A Play by Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller's 'All My Sons' is an American classic in the theater. Read the summary of act one and introduce yourself to the 'all-American' Keller family.

The 5 Most Controversial Plays of the 20th Century
An older generation's controversy is the next generation's banal standard. The fires of controversy often fade as time goes by.

Discover William Inge's Play 'Picnic'
Explore the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1953 play 'Picnic' by William Inge. At the heart of it are the desires and regrets of the people in a small Kansas town.

Examining Yasmina Reza's "God of Carnage" Play
The plot of Yasmina Reza's play 'God of Carnage' may begin with a fight between two young boys, but it reveals the true character of their parents.

Play Review: 'Dead Man's Cell Phone' by Sarah Ruhl
Sarah Ruhl's

Setting and Characters in Act Two of the Play "Clybourne Park"
Summary of Act Two Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris, including discussion of characters, setting, and plot.

A Summary of Act One of Bruce Norris's Play "Clybourne Park"
A summary of

Improv Games
A collection of improv games. Each one develops a performer's creativity and quick-thinking skills. Ideal for theater students and seasoned actors.

What Is the Historical Background to "Les Miserables"?
An overview of the historical context of Victor Hugo's

How and Why to Play the "Yes, And" Improv Game

Storytelling Improv Games to Improve Actor' Skills
Use this collection of improvisation activities and theater games involving storytelling to hone actors' skills and increase spontaneity.

Theater in Ancient Rome
What made Roman theater unique? Who were the greatest Roman playwrights? How were plays in Rome different from plays in ancient Greece?

Character Study of Torvald Helmer in Ibsen's "A Doll's House"
An in-depth character analysis of the well-meaning yet antagonistic husband from Ibsen's tragedy.

"A Doll's House" Character Study: Dr. Rank
Analyze the fascinating nuances of this often overlooked character from Ibsen's masterpiece,

"A Doll's House" Character Study: Mrs. Kristine Linde
Mrs. Kristine Linde, Nora's somber, lonely friend, seems like a minor character at first. Yet, she helps to shift the conflict of the play.

Music-Based Improv Games for Young Actors
Try these three music themed drama games and activities to build your students' acting skills.

36 Tongue Twisting Enunciation Exercises for Drama Teachers
Use these 36 classic tongue twisters with your drama students to improve enunciation and elocution.

Drama Activities
Welcome to the land of Improv where anything can happen and everything does. Discover theatre games, improvisational techniques, and friendly ice-breaker activities.

"Create a Commercial" Activity to Break the Ice in Your Classroom
This activity combines academic and theatrical education while also helping students to connect with one another.

Ice Breakers: Circle Games for Young Actors
These improvisation activities are designed to help young students and performers become more comfortable. It's also a great way to learn names.

Who is the Character of Mrs. Malaprop?
The character of Mrs. Malaprop led to the creation of the word malapropism. Learn about the character and the term.

An Actor's Guide to Laughing on Stage
It's not easy to create a natural laugh on stage or in front of a camera. Here are tips to find your own on-stage laughter.

Theatre Basics and Advice
Trying out for a play for the very first time? Or are you curious about what it takes to direct a successful show? Whether you are a student, a drama teacher, or just a longtime lover of the Theatre, all of the bases are covered here.

Acting Tips - Advice for Actors
Acting Essentials and Advice for drama students. Learn how to memorize lines, understand stage directions, and improve your theater skills.

The Importance of Being Earnest
Plot summary and study guide to Oscar Wilde's delightful romantic comedy, 'The Importance of Being Earnest.' Character analysis of Wilde's protagonists.

Oscar Wilde - Author of "The Importance of Beind Earnest"
Life and works of playwright, novelist and poet: Oscar Wilde. Study Guide for

A silent frozen picture made by actors to depict a significant moment in a play

A silent frozen picture made by actors to depict a significant moment in a play or a story

Is it Drama or is it Theatre?
Drama becomes Theatre, which then informs Drama... Or perhaps it is more of a continuum - an activity that has its roots in the pretend play of toddlers and reaches its highest level of sophistication in an exquisite professional production.

Drama as process instead of product
Ideas, strategies, directions, and advice on drama as a learning method.

One Act Plays for School Groups
Check here for detailed descriptions of short plays suitable for production by young people in educational settings.

"Ah, Wilderness!"
The prolific playwright Eugene O'Neill, known for his tragedies, wrote one lighthearted play subtitled

"The Bully Plays": The final 8 plays in the collection
Choose from among all 24 plays in this collection and create a production that suits your actors, performance space, and production goals.

"The Importance of Being Earnest": Jack and Algernon
A look at the leading male characters in Oscar Wilde's popular comedy, Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff

Laugh Lines
Need a brief play or two to use with students in acting class? Scripts for play competitions? Something different for the stage? Try this anthology.

An Actor's Guide to Crying and Tears
Does the role you're playing require you to cry? Here are a few

“Here We Come” Group Energizer Theatre Game

"Check Please"
Looking for a play with a cast of strong, extreme characters that interact with normal characters to generate conflict and comedy?

Radio Drama as a Classroom Comeback
Motivate students to examine required curriculum reading to rehearse and present as radio dramas.

The Honorable Urashima Taro
A Japanese folk tale with lots of characters offers performing groups a creative way to bring another culture to life on stage.

"Aliens vs. Cheerleaders"

Jeff's parents argue loudly and long behind a closed door. How much of their words and actions has their young son witnessed and internalized?

Audition Tips - How to Succeed at Auditions
Learn how to put your best foot forward at auditions.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Circle Tableau Game gets students thinking, reacting, and cooperating.
A Theatre Game that provides practice in Ensemble Playing, Taking Direction, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Remaining Frozen.

Plays and Drama: Information, Ideas, Inspiration
Set the stage in your drama classroom with play plots, scenes, monologues, acting advice, improvisation, theatre games, and more with

Tableau with "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
Use drama with

Sure, we live in an age of HDTV and YouTube videos. Still, the Theatre not only survives but thrives. From Sophocles to Neil Simon, stage plays deliver a unique and often powerful experience. Explore the drama, the history, and the merriment of classic plays and lesser known gems.

"The Dining Room"
Check this play out if you are looking to accommodate a large cast or if you are a directing or acting student looking for scenes for classroom work.

"Evita"- the Musical
This beloved and controversial figure in Argentina’s political history remains a powerful icon of charity, fashion, and ambition for the world.

History of the Stage
This page summarizes and analyzes the keypoints throughout the history of drama. Inspect the roots and branches of the performing arts. Discover how the past has shaped present day plays.

What is "Cheating Out"?
Cheating Out, Ad Lib, Off Book, Chewing the Scenery, Breaking Curtain, and Papering the House - Speak like a theatre person!

Sometimes finding the right monologue is all an actor needs in order to win the role. This page offers a variety of single-person scenes ranging from comedy to tragedy.

Recommended monologues and advice about auditioning for roles

Nora Helmer Monologues - A Doll's House Monologues
Monologues from

Comedic Female Monologues - Funny Monologues for Actresses
A collection of original comedic monologues for female students and actresses.

Funny Monologue for a Young Woman From "Tomorrow's Wish"
This original female monologue from a play by Wade Bradford may be used by students, actors, or directors for educational or professional purposes.

Death of a Salesman Study Guide - Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman
Explore the characters, themes, and plot devices within Arthur Miller's classic drama,

"Death of a Salesman": The American Dream Theme
How do the characters Willy, Ben, and Biff Loman differently define the American Dream in Arthur Miller's American tragedy?

Musicals - Musical Theater
Discovery the power and toe-tapping fun of Musicals. Whether from Broadway, the West End, or Children's Theatre, Musicals are a unique artform that combines storytelling with song. Learn more about musical legends such as Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Llyod Webber, Rogers and Hammertstein, Kander and Ebb, and many more Tony Award winning composers.

"The Normal Heart"
What happens when no one will heed the warnings about the real and present danger of the unnamed plague taking the lives of gay men in the 1980s?

"Slavs!" by Tony Kushner
Kushner lays out the political and social issues of a changing Russia for his audience and leaves them to mull over the possible answers.

The unscripted spontaneous playing of a scene by actors

Theatre and Improv Games to use in and out of school
Here is a list of links to theatre activities and advice for drama teachers, theater students, acting troupes, summer camp programs, or party-goers.

The Stanislavsky Method - Acting Techniques
A brief overview of Constantine Stanislavsky's life and his introduction of a unique method of acting that is still studied and practiced

"Trifles," a Play by Susan Glaspell
Read this summary of the plot and characters of this 1916 drama about a murder loosely based on true events in the early part of the 20th century.

Theater Glossary - Stage Terminology
A glossary of theater terms, explains stage directions, script terminology, and the behind the scenes phrases essential to all actors and crew members.

Theatre Basics: How to Cold Read for an Audition
You are handed a script that you have never read before. How can you deliver your character's lines brilliantly? Here are some ways to warm up to cold readings.

"Degas, C’est Moi"
Ed wakes up one morning and decides that he is Edgar Degas, the old master painter known for his love of painting dancers and people in motion.

"The Miss Firecracker Contest"
Carnelle remembers sight of her cousin riding atop a Fourth of July float crowned in glory. Can she erase her past by winning the local beauty contest?

Here I search for the good, the bad, and the oh-so ugly plays of the dramatic world. I offer detailed criticism of classic and contemporary plays. I consider a wide range of interpretations as I analyze each dramatic work.

Their father named the brothers Booth and Lincoln. One wants to forget about his life as a card shark and one wants become master of Three-card Monte.

"The Importance of Being Earnest": Gwendolen and Cecily
Oscar Wilde's play features two female characters who have several excellent scenes together and provide the source of conflict in this romantic comedy.

"Rent" - The Rock Musical
Mark is filming a documentary about the lives of his friends and the homeless and the hungry on the streets of New York at the turn of the century.

The Member of the Wedding
Frankie, who is enchanted with her older brother's upcoming wedding, can’t seem to find her place among her peers or in her own family.

The Last Night of Ballyhoo

"Another Antigone"
Her professor informs Judy that she will fail if she does not re-write her paper on an approved topic. Judy defends her topic, but will she graduate?

Ancient Greek Theater, An Introduction
Here are some brief basic facts about ancient Greek theater, including some information on Thespis, the first actor.

Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw - Themes of Man and Superman
Shaw strips away social expectations with his witty battle-of-the-sexes comedy.

"Man and Superman" Study Guide
It's the start of the story of two rivals: John Tanner values his freedom. Ann Whitefield wants Tanner as a husband.

How to Block a Play - Stage Directions
What does it mean to block a play? Every move that an actor makes on stage falls under the larger term “blocking.” Here are a few blocking basics.

"Witness for the Prosecution"
Was the murderer the last person known to see the victim alive or was it someone else? This Agatha Christie courtroom drama keeps you guessing.

"The Foreigner"
When everyone in the lodge thinks that Charlie does not understand a word of English, people speak freely around him and he learns some dark secrets.

"Am I Blue" - One-Act Play for Two Young Actors
Looking for a dramatic work for teen-age thespians? Try Beth Henley’s 1972 one-act,

"How I Learned to Drive"
A woman nicknamed

How to Memorize Lines
Memorizing lines takes practice and constant repetition. However, there are a few ways to make the memorization process run smoothly and quickly.

"Art"- the play by Yasmina Reza
In this play, Serge buys a modern art piece for $200,000. Marc can’t believe he paid such an extravagant amount of money for a mere white canvas.

Children of a Lesser God
How can a man who can hear and a woman who is deaf merge their two worlds and forge a lasting relationship in which there is true communication?

"Othello": A Live Summary
When students create Human Slide Shows of key scenes in

"Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn - Physics Science Play
In 1941, a German physisist met with a Danish physicist. The mystery and controversy that surrounds this historic encounter is explored in this drama.

Butterflies Are Free
The whimsical girl next door might just help the young man who is blind break free from his mother's overprotective instincts.

One Act Plays and Two Person Scenes - Drama Resources
Resources and information about one act plays and two-person scenes.

"The Death and Life of Sherlock Holmes"
Looking for a period piece, a gripping adventure, and a rich series of characters for actors to explore and develop? Try this play!

Three More Short Comic Plays
A guessing game with God, a send-up of movie director Quentin Tarantino, and a first date gone wrong: These are the plot lines of 3 short comic plays.

Theater Glossary - B
A glossary of theater terms: from backdrop to burlesque.

"M" Theater Glossary - From "Make-up" to "Musical"

"K" Theater Glossary - From "Key Light" to "Kill"

J - Theater Glossary From "Jack Kinfe Stage" to "Juvenile"
J - Theater Glossary From

Theater Glossary - "I" From "Improv" to "Intermission"
Theater Glossary -

H - Theater glossary - "H" From Half to Hotspot.
Theater glossary -

"L" Theater Glossary - From "Laugh Line" to "Line Rehearsal"

Aeschylus - Father of Greek Tragedy
Considered by historians to be the creator of Greek Tragedy, Aeschylus is remembered for plays such as:

Albee, Edward - Author of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" - Edward Albee
Biographical and critical resources for Edward Albee dramatic writing, including an analysis of his most famous play,

C - Theater Gloassry
Drama terms and theater glossary:

D - Theater Terms - "Dark" to "Dialogue"
Glossary of theater terms - drama terminology for theater students and professionals. Dark, denouement, deus ex machina, delivery, dark.

Classic Comedy Monologues from "Pygmalion" - Female Comedy Monologues
A collection of the best monologues from George Bernard Shaw's comedy

Edward Albee Play - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee
Student resources for Edward Albee's

You Can't Take It With You - Classic American Comedy
The classic American comedy,

Piano Lesson, The
Study Guide for August Wilson's

E - "Entr'Acte" to "Exposition"
E - Theater Glossary -

F - Glossary of Theater Terms
F - Glossary of Theater Terms. Plays/Drama.

G - Theater Glossary
G - Theater Glossary. Plays/Drama.

A Doll's House
Henrik Ibsen's

Antigone by Sophocles - The Ancient Greek Drama Antigone
Antigone by Sophocles is one of the greatest plays of Ancient Greece. The character Antigone represents literature first great feminist heroine.

A Raisin in the Sun - Lorraine Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun
An overview of

Lillian Hellman - Author of The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman
Resources for one of the most compelling voices of dramatic literature, Lillian Hellman author of the lesbian drama

Oleanna by David Mamet - Sexual Harassment Drama

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie - Creator of Peter Pan
Peter Pan is also known as

The Glass Menagerie Play - Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie
Drama resources for Tennessee Williams' classic play,

Themed Plays - Any Occasion Plays
A collection of different themed plays - seasonal plays, comedy plays, holiday plays, fantasy plays, mystery plays. Different genres, events and themes.

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov - Synopsis and Character Study of The Seagull
Resources, synopsis, character study of Anton Chekhov's

The Laramie Project - A Play About Matthew Shepard
The Laramie Project is a documentary-styled play that analyzes the death of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay college student who was brutally murdered because of his sexual identity. The play was created by playwright/director Moiss Kaufman and and members of the Tectonic Theater Project.

Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen - Plot Summary, Study Guide and Characters
Study guide and plot summary of Henrik Ibsen's

Comedic Male Monologues
A collection of comedic monologues for male performers. Funny monologues for men.

David Mamet Plays - Speed the Plow, Oleanna, and Glengarry Glen Ross
Overview of David Mamet's plays, including

Miller, Arthur - "Death of a Salesman" and "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
Articles, study guides, and reviews of Arthur Miller's plays: The Crucible, Death of a Salesman and others.

Dramatic Monologues by Sophocles
A selection of powerful monologues from the

Monologues of Mother Characters - Dramatic Female Monologues
A collection of famous (and infamous) mother characters from throughout the history of theater. Perfect for audition monologues or drama student workshops.

Dramatic monologues by poet - playwright Robert Browning.
Dramatic monologues by poet - playwright Robert Browning.

John Patrick Shanley
Overview of John Patrick Shanley, the Playwright / author of

George Bernard Shaw - My Fair Lady and Pygmalion by Shaw
Review, study guides and articles about one of the greatest playwrights in the history of theater, George Bernard Shaw. Author of such plays as Pygmalion, Man and Superman, Major Barbara, and Saint Joan

Sophocles - Oedipus the King and Antigone by Sophocles
Links and resources to the most studied playwright of Ancient Greece, Sophocles. Author of Oedipus Rex (Oedipus the King) and Antigone.

Williams, Tennessee - "The Glass Menagerie" and "Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams
Explore the life and work of Southern playwright Tennessee Williams, author of

Wilson, August - Author of Fences by August Wilson
Educational resources for one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century, August Wilson. Author of

Harold Pinter
Information on Harold Pinter, author of

Useful links and articles related to Aristophanes, one of the more humorous playwrights of Ancient Greece. Aristophanes was renown for his social commentary and literary wit.

Barrie, James Matthew - Creator of Peter Pan - J. M. Barrie
J. M. Barrie, famous for bringing life to that flying rascal Peter Pan, wrote more than just his renowned children's play. Besides writing

Brecht Bertolt (Berthold) - Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertholt Brecht
Information on Germany's most famous playwright of the modern era. Author of Mother Courage and Her Children, an anti-war play.

Anton Chekhov - Uncle Vanya, Cherry Orchard, The Seagull by Anton Chekhov
Chekhov, Anton - Russian Playwright. Writer of The Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, Uncle Vanya, and countless short stories.

Christie, Agatha - Playwright Agatha Christie
Resources for Agatha Christie, the queen of suspense.

Experiences and Anecdotes
There have been lots of amazing moments not only on stage but behind the scenes. On this page theater lovers can read about the sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic true stories of professional and amateur cast members.

Henrik Ibsen - Author of A Doll's House and Hedda Garber by Henrik Ibsen
Explore one of Europe's most prestigious dramatists, Henrik Ibsen. Author of

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Play Version of Ken Kesey's Novel
Analyze the themes and characters from Dale Wasserman's stage adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel,

Playwriting Contests
A month-by-month annotated list of playwriting contests. There's a wide variety to choose from. Some competitions offer cash prizes. Most offer a staged performance of the winner's play.

Stage Craft
For a director, every play generates new challenges as well as creative opportunities. Learn how to cast a show, block a script, motivate actors, and put together a terrific show. Also, find valuable resources to the many technical aspects of the stage.

William Gibson - Author of "The Miracle Worker"
Biography of playwright William Gibson, author of

Alan Ayckbourn - Author of "The Norman Conquests"
Information on Alan Ayckborn, author of

"W" Theater Glossary - From "Wardrobe" to "Work Lights"

"Y" Theater Glossary - "Youth Theater"

The Little Mermaid - Stage Play
Free-to-use play,

Studying Dramatic Literature
Resources for drama students: activities, writing tips, reading tips, audition information.

Playwriting Business
This site is ideal for anyone who has ever wanted to write a play and see his/her work performed on stage. Hundreds of theaters seek new playwrights every season. Shouldn't you be one of them? Find out how to create and market plays.

Theater Terms: Naturalism and Noises Off

O - Theater Glossary: From

P - Theater Glossary. Plays/Drama.

A glossary of theater terms: query letters and quick change.

R - A glossary of theater terms: from rain box to royalty.

Streetcar Named Desire, A
Scene by scene plot summary and character analysis of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

S - theater glossary: safety curtain, scenographer, scrim, stage.

"T" Theater Glossary - From "Technical Rehearsal" to "Typecasting"

"U" Theater Glossary - From "Understudy" to "Upstage"

"V" Theater Glossary - From "Vaudeville" to "Vomitorium"

Gymnasium of Doom
A comedy play about an evil gym teacher and an idiotic adventurer named Montana. Great play for middle school.

Cowboys and Idiots - Free Scenes
The opening scenes from the play

A History of Messy Rooms - Play for Children

Rainbow Connections
Rainbow Connections is a free-to-use script for students and non-profit groups. It was originally performed in 2010, and features many opportunities for young actors.

Welcome all students, actors, directors and theater enthusiasts. Learn about the lives and struggles of the world's most brilliant dramatists. Each profile offers a comprehensive biography and an overview of the playwright's career.

"My Client Curley"
A talent agent signs Curley the dancing caterpillar on as his client, catapulting the insect into American hearts and headlines in this one-act comedy with lots of roles.

What is Story Theatre?
Story Theatre is the creative dramatic presentation of one or more stories told by a group of actors who play multiple roles and provide narration.

Performing a Monologue: How to Prepare
To make the performance more than just reciting lines in front of your drama class: Research the play; develop a unique character; do enunciation exercises.

Comedy by Moliere Author of Tartuffe or The Hypocrite
Character Analysis of Tartuffe - Plot / character summary of comedy by Moliere Author of Tartuffe or The Hypocrite.

"Henry V" by William Shakespeare: Three Monologues
The text and context of three monologues in

"Lion and Mouse Stories"

Three Words Improvisations
Detailed directions and resources: Student actors decide on the characters and context of a scene that will somehow employ three words chosen at random.

Drama as a Teaching and Learning Method
The educational use of drama: information, ideas, tips, instructions, and resources for using drama as a teaching and learning modality.

Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang
A brief study guide and acting tips for Christopher Durang's comedy: Beyond Therapy, a play about a bisexual man who falls in love with a lonely woman, and the therapists that get in their way.

Creon's Final Monologue from Antigone - Antagonist from Sophocles' Play Antigone
Creon's Final Monologue from the play

Theatre Basics
Resources for students and teachers, including acting tips, exercises, theatre etiquette, and facts about many aspects of theatre.

Tips for Writing Children's Plays and Scripts
Writing a children's play might seem easy at first. However, creating a script for young audiences, not to mention young performers, offers its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Find out the best strategies to write and market your first children's script.

Susan Glaspell - Biography

An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein
Beloved children’s poet and author Shel Silverstein presents all the grown-up craziness his imagination can dream up in ten short comedic plays.

7 Reasons to Love "Les Miserables"
Why do we love Les Miserables so much? A list of the top seven reasons Les Miserables is one of he best musicals ever made.

George Bernard Shaw's Biography and 6 Major Plays
The life of Irish / British playwright George Bernard Shaw, author of over sixty plays including

Playwright Oscar Wilde, Biography and Plays
The life of Oscar Wilde (1854-1900),with a summary of his best-known comedies,such as

Two Person Scene from "Man and Superman"
Two person scene from George Bernard Shaw's

Romantic Scene from "Man and Superman" - Two Person Scene
During the second part of this wwo person scene from George Bernard Shaw's

Comedic Female Scene from Shaw's "Pygmalion"
A terrific comedy scene for female performers. In perhaps the funniest scene of the play, Liza has been trained how to speak the “Queen’s English.” Although she pronounces things perfectly, she still chooses “lower class” words.

"Terri and the Turkey" - Thanksgiving Day Play
In this short Thanksgiving play, a young girl saves the life of a Thanksgiving turkey. A family-friendly Thanksgiving skit.

Overview of "The Cuban Swimmer" by Milcha Sanchez-Scott
Plot summary and analysis of

Creon's Dramatic Monologue from "Antigone"
In this ancient monologue by the Greek playwright Sophocles, the ruler of Thebes issues a stern command to his subjects.

Torvald Helmer's Dramatic Monologue from A Doll's House
In this monologue, Torvald Helmer, the male lead in

Trigorin's Comedic Monologue from "The Seagull"
Chekhov's play

Play Summary of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons" Act Two
Act Two of Arthur Miller's

The Philosophy of Avenue Q Lyrics - Part Two
Puppets have long since talk children and adults messages. The hit Broadway show

The Philosophy of Avenue Q Lyrics - An Analysis
Puppets have long since delivered moral messages to children and adults. The hit Broadway show

Overview of the Musical "The Phantom of the Opera"
Why do so many love this musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is the longest-running show on Broadway? Why do some hate it?

Characters & Themes: Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz
Plot Summary of The Baltimore Waltz - Characters and Themes from Paula Vogel's Play

Stage Directions - Abbreviations for Plays
Use this handy diagram to remember where stage left, right, down and up are located on the stage itself.

The Harold Long Form Improv Game Activity
The Harold is a Long form improv game that can last from 10 to 45 minutes (or beyond)! If done well, this improv game can be absolutely mesmerizing. A terrific drama actiity for students or seasoned actors.

Themes and Concepts in G. B. Shaw's "Man and Superman"
This theme analysis of

Theme and Philosophy of "Man and Superman" - G. B. Shaw
This theme analysis of

Male Villain Monologue from "Mermaid in Miami"
Funny monologue from

Character Analysis of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
George and Martha, the main characters of Edward Albee's

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" -- A Character Analysis of George and Martha
Continuing on with the analysis of George and Martha, the main characters of Edward Albee's

The Best, Most Famous Plays by Harold Pinter
Explore the best of Harold Pinter's plays, briefly analyzing the themes and characters within Pinter's unique dramas:

5 Reasons to Support Your Local Community Theater
Community theaters offer opportunities to young talent, teach vital skills, and build community spirit.

Prop Manager - Definition and Examples in Plays
What does a prop manager do? How do I become a prop manager?

Eugene O'Neill's "Emperor Jones" & Portrayal of Blacks
The Eugene O’Neill play “Emperor Jones” explores race through an immoral black protagonist, with white values, who attempts to colonize an island.

Memory Play - Definition and Examples in Plays
What is a Memory Play? Plays/Drama.

Inflection - Definition and Examples in Plays
What is inflection? Plays/Drama.

Groundlings - Definition and Examples in Plays
What is a Groundling? Plays/Drama.

Profile of Anton Chekhov's Life and Career
A brief biography of Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright and short story writer.

"Back to Summer" - Royalty Free Play for Children

Back to the Summer - Act Two - Free Children's Theater
The second half of a royalty free play,

"The Piano Lesson" Themes - Sutter's Ghost
An analysis of Sutter's ghost and the supernatural themes found in August Wilson's

Plot Summary of "Man and Superman" Act Two
Plot summary and analysis of

Setting Ideas for Improv and Sketch Comedy
An alphabetical list of settings for improvisation exercises and sketch comedy, from an art gallery to a zoo.

Comedic Female Monologue from "Symbolism"
Mrs. Craig's Monologue - Comedic Female Monologue from

Themes and Characters in "The Sisters Rosensweig"
Character analysis of The Sisters Rosensweig. Themes and essay ideas for Wendy Wasserstein's The Sisters Rosensweig

Henry Higgins from Shaw's "Pygmalion" - Male Monologue
Classic Comedy Monologue by George Bernard Shaw. In Act Two of George Bernard Shaw's

"Santa's Lap" - Christmas Improv Drama Game

"The Piano Lesson" - Study Guide, Themes, and Symbols
In Pittsburg in 1936, a brother and sister struggle for possession of their family's heirloom. Who will prevail?

Monologue from "Cyrano de Bergerac" for Male Actors
In this romantic monologue for a male actor, Cyrano de Bergerac professes his love for the beautiful Roxanne. And she happily returns that love. The only problem? Cyrano is pretending to be the handsome soldier Christian. He hides in the shadows below her balcony and delivers this vividly descriptive monologue about the power of love. If only he had the courage to reveal himself! but of course, that's all part of the drama of Edmond Rostand's

Female Monologues of "Bad" Mother Characters
A collection of monologues from the most devious and fascinating mother characters in theater.

Short Comedy Monologues for Actresses
Each of these comedic female monologues may be used by students, actors, and directors for educational and theatrical purposes.

Short Comedy Monologues for Actresses
Each of these comedic female monologues may be used by students, actors, and directors for educational and theatrical purposes.

Review of "Carousel" by Rogers and Hammerstein
A critical review of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical Carousel.

Classic Scenes and Monologues from Shaw's "Pygmalion"
A collection of comedic monologues by George Bernard Shaw for male and female actors. Classic scenes from

Yoohoo! A Theatre Warm-up
Try this energizing warm-up in theatre classes or with any group that could use a shift in energy!

"All My Sons" - A Live Summary
Students determine the 3 or 4 most significant events in a scene and present them in a sequence of slides along with a pertinent line of dialogue.

Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities
Anna Deavere Smith's script, taken verbatim from the words of her interviewees, holds up a mirror to a community's reaction to tragedies.

These Shining Lives
Women earn 8 for each watch face they paint. If they are fast enough and neat enough, they can earn over $8 a day - and an early trip to the grave.

The Art of Remembering
As Rebecca clears out her closet, her boxes full of memories play out on the stage. Who will preserve these memories when she is gone?

"Sunday in the Park with George"
The people in the painting by Georges Seurat and the characters in the musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine - Who's Who?

"Antigone" by Sophocles
What happens when young Antigone defies Uncle Creon, buries her brother, and faces death?

Playwright Arthur Miller Biography
A look at the life and works of the playwright of

A Given Circumstances Activity
Focus on the “who, where, what, when, why, and how” of the characters in a dramatic scene or monologue or improvisation.

A Man for All Seasons - Summary and Characters
A summary of the plot and characters from Robert Bolt's play,

Anton Chekhov - Biography and Profile
A brief biography of Russian playwright and short story writer, Anton Chekhov.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Time Flies
After an evening out, May and Horace become increasingly delighted to discover that they have a lot in common. All is well until they turn on the TV.

Three generations of highly intelligent and freethinking women attempt to reconcile years of family dysfunction in this drama by Lee Blessing.

Reading "The Skin of Our Teeth"

"Mulatto: A Tragedy of the Deep South"
Can Robert, a young man of mixed-race, get his white father to acknowledge him as his son in Georgia in the 1930s?

"The Film Society"
“How do the generations born to privilege in a beloved land - a land they call home - adjust to a shift of power?”

Where Are You?
Can students work together in pairs and use only movements and mime to establish a setting? No words or sounds allowed.

"Our Town" Plot Summary: Act One
A plot summary of the first of three acts of the classic drama of turn-of-the-century life

Our Town Plot Summary - Act Two - Synopsis of Our Town
Summary of the second act of

Plot Summary of "Our Town" - Act Three
Delve into the third act of Our Town, Thorton Wilder’s acclaimed play about small town American life and the fleeting, precious nature of time. Page 3.

"Dancing Solo"

Radio Drama: Staging the Production
New to the genre of Radio Drama? Here's what you need to know - in words and photos - to get started on a successful production.

17 Quotations for Theatre Students
A list of quotations to motivate, inspire, and get theatre students thinking, reflecting, and discussing

Matilda The Musical
Loads of roles for singers, dancers, and actors plus many marvelous musical numbers make “Matilda” a surefire future favorite for school productions.

Moliere's Death and the Color Green -Theater Superstitions
How did Molire die? Was is it unlucky to wear green costumes on stage? Find out the answers to both of these questions with the origin of this fascinating theater superstition.

10 Cool Facts About the Broadway Musical "Hello, Dolly!"
Carol Channing originated the role of Dolly Levi, and never missed a single performance.In Wall-E, the lonely robot dances along to a Hello, Dolly song.

Samuel French Inc. - Play Publishing Company
Samuel French has been publishing and marketing plays since 1830. They are the definitive resource for stage plays and drama instruction books.

Boo! Hiss! Grumble! Villains in Melodrama and Drama
In tongue-in-cheek melodramas of the 1800s, villains wore black capes and laughed menacingly while they curled their long mustaches. Oftentimes these sinister

Dramatists Play Service - Play Publishing Company
A concise review of Dramatists Play Service, a play publishing company that specializes in popular, award winning shows -- many of which have been performed on Broadway.

Process Drama: Teacher-in-Role
Change the nature of your interactions with students by playing a role and you may just increase their engagement in lessons dramatically!

Playwright Competition - August Playwriting Contests
List of playwriting contests for the month of August. Includes: BMI Workshop, Kennedy Center's New Visions, and the Yale Drama Series.

August Wilson's Pittsburgh Cycle - a Synopsis
In the early 1980s, playwright August Wilson decided that he wanted to create a cycle of ten plays, one play for each decade. Collectively, they would become known as the Pittsburgh Cycle -- all but one take place in the city's Hills District. August Wilson's 10 play series is arguably one of the finest literary achievements in contemporary drama.

"August: Osage County," a play by Tracey Letts: Analysis
Brief synopsis, characters and themes from one of the greatest American plays of modern theater.

"The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler
An analysis of one of the most debated and discussed theater experiences of the 1990s: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.

"High Dive"
Audiences dive right into the play along with the actor on stage? How one playwright created a one-woman show with a supporting cast of 35.

Two More Plays from "Laugh Lines"

Dorine's Monologues in Moliere's "Tartuffe"
For young females in search of a classical monologue, Moliere's cheeky and clever Dorine has quite a few worth examining.


Open Scenes - Longer Versions
These scenes have 21 - 24 lines for two players, created to give the actors more time to develop the scene and characters.

"The Glass Menagerie," a Play by Tennessee Williams
Summary of the plot, setting and characters of the popular 1945 family drama, the playwright's first big Broadway hit.

Summary of The Glass Menagerie - The Glass Menagerie Characters and Plot
The second part of an insightful character analysis of Tennessee Williams' play:

"Families" - A Theatre Game
Give actors practice in to fully committing to a scene without overdoing it and upstaging one another. Help them practice sharing a scene.

Seven Monologues for Young Females
Seven monologue recommendations for young female actors: Each piece is short in length - some as short as 45 seconds. Some a bit longer.

One play with four monologues for young females

"The Shadow Box"
An uplifting (and even funny at times) play about three terminally ill patients and their loved ones coming to grips with death? Try

Scenes for Young Females in "The Children's Hour"

Comic Roles for Casts of Three to Six Actors
Looking for substantial roles for three or more actors with total cast size of no more than six? Need scripts that are brief? Check out these plays.

Short Comic Plays for One Male and One Female
Looking for a M/F scene to perform (or assign) in acting class or a 10-minute play to include in a production? Consider these humorous scripts.

"A Piece of My Heart"
Six women choose work that takes them to Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War. This play - based on true stories - examines their decisions and experiences.

Open Scenes, Continued
Use these tips and questions when teaching theatre students how to do Open Scene exercises in acting classes.

"Amber Waves" - a personalized glimpse into disappearing family farms
When their harvest fails to allow a family to afford planting in the spring, the risk of losing their farm brings them together in remarkable ways.

Scenes for Young Females in "Crimes of the Heart" Act 1
Beth Henley's play

More Laugh Lines - This time specifically for male actors
Three brief plays that feature only male actors. Two of them are one-man plays - excellent monologue material!

"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"
Christopher discovers his neighbor’s dog killed with a pitchfork. After being wrongly detained for the incident, he decides to investigate the matter.

Play Analysis - Sample Essay of Man and Superman
Sample of a well-crafted student-written essay by Elliot Staudt. The essay analyzes the themes found in George Bernard Shaw's play, Man and Superman. It explores Nietzsche's philosophy and the political goelas of the Fabian Society.

Character and Theme Analysis of "Man and Superman"
Here's a sample of a well-crafted student essay by Elliot Staudt that analyzes the themes found in George Bernard Shaw's play Man and Superman, and explores Nietzsche's philosophy and the political goals of the Fabian Society. Page 2.

Plot Summary of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov - Synopsis of Act Two - The Seagull
A synopsis of Act Two of Anton Chekhov's

Plot Summary of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov - Synopsis of Act Three of The Seagull
Here's a helpful synopsis of Act Three of Anton Chekhov's play

Plot Summary of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov - Synopsis of Act Four - The Seagull
A synopsis of Act Three of Anton Chekhov's

"The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov: Plot Summary,Introduction
Overview and synopsis of Act I of this slice-of-life drama set in the Russian countryside in the 19th century.

Top Ten Musicals of the 2000s
Best Musicals of the Decade - A list of the top ten Broadway musicals of the 2000s - from Urinetown to Avenue Q to Wicked to In the Heights. What's your favorite musical of the decade?

Top Ten Musicals of the Decade (2000 - 2009)
Here's an annotated list of the Best Musicals of the Decade (2000-2009), everything from Urinetown to Avenue Q to Wicked to In the Heights. What's your favorite musical of the decade? Page 2.

Planned Improvisations as a Pre-Writing Strategy
Use this dramatic writing activity to involve students in scripting sections of novels or descriptions of a historical episode that they are studying.

Planned Improvisations Based on Text
Step-by-Step instructions for involving students in planned improvisations based on text

Seriously Scary Halloween Plays of Classic Monsters
Most Halloween productions are playful spoofs of worn out movie monsters. Although campy shows are a blast, there's nothing quite like getting thoroughly

"In a Room Somewhere"
The only way for five adults to exit a room located somewhere is to reconnect with and soothe their anxious, abused, ignored, or angry inner child.

"When She Had Wings"
This is a script that soars - literally! Suzan Zeder's play about a girl and the aviatrix Amelia Earhart is one for youth theaters to scan the skies for!

Synopsis of "Everyman" (Part Two)
The Summoning of Everyman - A Plot Summary and Study Guide for the medieval morality play,

"Everyman," A Medieval Morality Play by Anonymous
A guide to the plot,characters and themes of the anonymously written play from the 1400s formally entitled

Setting the Stage for Successful Classroom Dramas
Increase the productivity in your classroom drama sessions: Two tried and true recommendations for successful classroom dramas

"The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds"
Looking for strong dramatic female roles? The script is over 40 years old, but it's still worth considering for production, scenes, and monologues.

"Cinema Limbo" - Two Person Play - Ten Minute Scene - Part Two
This ten-minute play is a comic, two person exchange between two movie theater employees. It is a short play by Wade Bradford, and it can be used, free of charge, for educational purposes and amateur productions. Page 2.

"Cinema Limbo," 2-Person, 10-Minute Play by Wade Bradford
The complete text in two pages of this free ten-minute play, which is a comic, two person exchange between two teenage movie theater employees. Page 1.

"Next!" - An Improv Theatre Game
If you need a quick-paced improv exercise that is terrific for large groups and allows for participation by many players try

"Wiley and the Hairy Man"
When young Wiley meets the Hairy Man deep in the swamp, can he trick the creature three times and get him to leave him alone for good?

"Step on a Crack"
It used to be just Ellie and her dad, Max - an unstoppable, TV-dinner-eating, joke-telling team. What happens when Max remarries?

"Ozma of Oz: A Tale of Time"
On this dramatic trip, both Dorothy and her Uncle Henry in his wheelchair travel to the magical land of Oz for some new adventures.

"The Play Called Noah's Flood"
An entire village collaborates to produce a play called

"Mother Hicks"
Can Tuc, Girl, and Mother Hicks overcome barriers of ignorance, nave assumptions, and aggressive demeanors in a small town in 1937?

The Good Times are Killing Me
If you are looking for a compelling play for a young mixed-race cast, you may want to take a look at

Process Drama: Hotseating
Give your students the opportunity to question a literary character or person from history with the Process Drama strategy called Hotseating.

Baby Theatre
Live theatre in which children can make noise, wiggle, ask questions, go up on stage, touch props and costumes, and dance with the actors? Yes!

Scenes for Young Females in "Crimes of the Heart" Acts 2 and 3
Beth Henley's play

29 Improv Opening Lines
Student actors can struggle with creating an opening line for an improvisation. Here are 29 opening line possibilities to get them started.

"Epic Proportions"
Recruit everyone you know to audition and and sign up all the extras you can find! This comic play needs a larger-than-large cast!

"15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play"
Character gender and name changes, doubling or tripling of roles, and expanding the cast to accommodate close to 70 cast members! All adjustments OK!

"Picnic at Hanging Rock"
Looking for a full-length play that features a large number of female characters who get to dress in turn of the 20th century costumes?

Lots of characters, mismatched furniture, badly painted flats, an unstable door - sound like a play that your group could do?

"Show and Spell"
Five students compete to be Waytown County’s 37th Annual Spelling Bee champion. Who will win? Who deserves to win?

How Elizabeth Proctor's Character Shapes "The Crucible"
This character study of Elizabeth Proctor of Arthur Miller's

"Macbeth": A Live Summary
Engaging students in Human Slide Shows of key scenes in

"Romeo and Juliet": A Live Summary
Engaging students in Human Slide Shows of key scenes in

"Julius Caesar": A Live Summary
Have students create Human Slide Shows of key scenes in

"The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet"
“Verona’s the place from where our play is picked.Two families lived there, and man were they ticked.

"The Absolute Most Cliched Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe"

"Song of Extinction"
A play that rolls themes of love, loss, family, destruction of the rain forest, Khmer Rouge genocide, extinction of a species, and more into 26 powerful scenes

“The Children’s Hour”
What happens when a young student in a boarding school for girls tells her grandmother that the female founders of the school are lovers?

"Small World"
Three couples on first blind dates: Man 3 dated Woman 1 and Woman 2. Woman 3 dated Man 1 and Man 2. What do their conversations reveal and what is the truth?

Open Scenes
Open scenes - also called Content-less scenes, Ambiguous scenes, Spare scenes, Skeletal scenes - are great exercises for acting classes.

"Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit"
Characters from fairy tales, rhymes, and fables appear as witnesses, jurors, victims, neighbors, officers, and judges in this TV-inspired drama.

"The Whole Shebang"
What would it take for a graduate student to earn a M.U. (Masters of the Universe) degree?

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Fifth Period"
Can Tommy trade and bargain and arrange dates for almost every student in his grade in order to be free from the bullies?

"Darcy’s Cinematic Life"
Darcy tries to daydream her way through the struggles of a high school teenager, but reality always comes crashing back down on her.

"13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview"
Two college interviewers must find an acceptable applicant for the fall semester or they will both be fired. Their choices are astonishingly awful.

"The Audition"
Overbearing parents, a frazzled stage manager, egos, awkward love scenes, and unexpected friendships all figure in to auditioning for the school play.

"The Green Bird" A Commedia dell'Arte Play in Three Acts
Looking for a play with a large cast? Produce this script and simultaneously, your students will learn about an important genre in Theatre History.

Producing "The Green Bird"
Read more about using bold sets, costumes, masks, and make-up to convey the tone and spectacle of this play and acting style immediately.

"The Green Bird" - Character Descriptions
This Commedia dell'Arte play can accommodate 15 actors, 6 dancers, and an unlimited chorus of mimes who play soldiers, servants, trees, and monsters.

Why do Actors and Theater People Say “Break a Leg?”
Here's how the phrase “Break a leg” became part of theatrical tradition.

"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury

"The Code Breaker"
Teenagers living inside a place called The Orb are oppressed by computers. What happens when they see evidence of a better world?

“Broken Hearts: Three Tales of Sorrow”

"My Days as a Youngling" - a play about John Jacob Niles
A dramatization of the childhood of American folk singer and composer who spent his life preserving folk songs from Appalachia and the Midwest

The Boy Who Talked to Whales
Young audiences should walk away from this play feeling like they really can make a difference in the world.

Object Race
A game that works well for actor preparation also works beautifully in classrooms with students who do not necessarily have any interest in theatre.

The Boy Who Stole the Stars
Nicholas chooses to count the stars as his summer science project and as a way to spend time with his grandfather who has Alzheimer's Disease.

"The Arkansaw Bear"
Characters learn that the skills and stories one generation passes on to the next, generation after generation, become a form of immortality.

"Noodle Doodle Box"
A play about living and playing together, caring, sharing, and friendship. Two clowns figure out how!

Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

"Dance party!"
Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

"Freak out!"
Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

Directions in words and photos for large group warm-up that will energize and focus participants

"The Odyssey"
This one-act play that chronicles five of Odysseus's adventures has enough roles to accommodate 32 actors.

Looking for a theatre production for an all-male high school? Try this adaptation of

"Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales"
If you are looking for a simple to produce play to accommodate a large cast, incorporate music, and appeal to family audiences, this is it!

Group Mirror: Practice in the Acting Skill of Concentration
Concentration is an acting skill that actors practice repeatedly so that they get better and better. This introductory exercise will help young actors.

Group Mirror: Practice in the Acting Skill of Cooperation
Give young student actors an active experience of cooperation--working together as an ensemble--with this basic introductory drama activity.

Which character has greater obstacles to overcome--the teenager with learning disabilities or the teenage perfectionist?

"What Are You Doing?"
Give students practice in these Theatre Skills: Taking Direction, Observation, Concentration, Cooperation, Adjusting Body and Voice, and Following cues.

"Grounded" - A Great Source for Monologues for Females

Broken Rainbows

Each member of the Mozart family struggles to find out what defines them as they tour Europe playing for royalty in this play by Mary Hall Surface.

Most Valuable Player
A play about Jackie Robinson's career, temperament, and challenges, as well as race relations and the slowly changing attitudes of the 1940s and 50s.

Subtext is the focus in this Alter Egos Improv Theatre Game
What happens when two actors play characters while two other actors play their alter egos, the psyches of the characters?

"The Road to Mecca"
Should a government, church, or other organization decide how eccentric elderly people live their final years? This play inspires this conversation.

"Long Day's Journey Into Night": A Live Summary
Engage students in rehearsing and presenting Human Slide Shows of key scenes in O'Neill's play to increase engagement and motivate close reading.

"Competition Piece"
A large cast one-act play full of wacky characters and exaggerated circumstances within the preparation of three plays for a high school theatre competition

Taking a Child to the Theatre: Choosing a Performance
What should you consider before taking a child to a big production meant for an audience of both adults and young people?

"Many Moons"
Here's a simple

"The Matchmaker"

"The Bully Plays": The first 8 plays in the collection
Read about this collection of 24 ten-minute plays about bullying and the effect of being a bully or being bullied.

The Bully Plays: The second 8 plays in the collection
More of those ten-minute plays that are especially suitable for performance by mature middle school students, high school students, and young adults.

"The Good Doctor"
For a strong sense of author Anton Chekhov’s take on the human condition via playwright Neil Simon’s wit and pithy dialogue, try

An Open Scene for Acting Practice: "The Adele Scene"
Give student actors practice in making choices to communicate character, setting, and circumstances with the open scene called

“Captain is Coming”—A Warm-up to Promote Teamwork
Directions for a warm-up for a large group of people or students when you want to get everyone up, moving, and working together

National Core Arts Standards for Theatre
How to navigate the National Core Arts Standards web site specifically for the Theatre Standards


Playwright Berthold Brecht: Life, Work, Political Views
German playwright Berthold (also spelled Bertolt) Brecht was the author of

5 Creative Ways to Analyze Plays - Student Involvement
Creative classroom activities designed for English / Drama students to analyze plays through creative writing, performing, Myspace pages, verbal debate, and even comic books!

5 Creative Ways to Analyze Plays - A Creative Analysis of Dramatic Literature (Page 2)
Creative ways for students to analyze dramatic literature, plays, and the work of playwrights. Page 2.

Cassandra's Rant - Comedic Female Monologue
Cassandra's Rant - Comedic Female Monologue - Parody of Greek Mythology

Funny Monologues for Men by Wade Bradford - List
A collection of links to original comedic male monologues for use in auditions and drama class.

"All My Sons," a Play by Arthur Miller: Character Analysis
Study Guide for this modern tragedy: A look at the character Joe Keller, the father of the play, and the five members of his family

Nora Helmer's Monologue From a Doll's House
A monologue from Act Three of Henrik Ibsen's

Improv Game - 60 Second Fairy Tales
For a good exercise in impromptu storytelling, try performing a well known fairy tale in one minute flat. Drama classes and acting troupes alike can use the “60 Second Fairy Tale” to sharpen improvisational skills. It's also a great game for families and kids.

The Best of William Shakespeare Countdown, 7 to 10
Wade Bradford explains his Top 10 list, starting with 10.The Taming of the Shrew, 9. The Merchant of Venice, 8. Othello, 7. Romeo and Juliet

Juliet's Monologues From Shakespeare's Tragedy
Complete text of the best of Juliet's monologues from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Improv Game - Freeze Tag
This improvisation activity is a terrific theatrical exercise for performers at any level.

Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw
Plot summary and character analysis of

Elf Monologue - Brumbly the Elf - Comedic Monolog
Elf Monologue - Brumbly the Elf - A Comedic Monologue for men, women, and young performers.

History of Messy Rooms - Free Play for Children
Why Do I Have to Make My Bed, or a History of Messy Rooms is based on the picture book by Wade Bradford. This free play may be used for educational purposes. It is a funny play for young students that teaches about history and family.

"Noises Off," a Play by Michael Frayn
'Noises Off' is a satire of life in the theater, presenting a hilarious play-within-a-play by an ambitious director and his troupe of mediocre actors.

Advice for Drama Teachers - Rehearsal Activities
Advice for drama teachers and directors working with a large cast. A reader asks: Any suggestions for what I can get those with smaller parts to do while they are not on stage? They are really struggling with just watching the rehearsals (when not involved), and since it's a class, I feel I should be making them do something, since they are also getting a credit for the course. I'm just not sure how to make the best use of these students.

"A Dolls House," a Play by Henrik Ibsen: Nils Krogstad
Character study of Nils Krosgstad, who can be downright diabolical, in this 19th century tragedy.

"Cyrano de Bergerac" by Edmond Rostand: Nose Monologue
The full text of the speech by the big-nosed character Cyrano de Bergerac providing examples of humorous insults about his nose.

"How To Kiss A Girl" Monologue - Funny Female Monologue
A humorous monologue about a Southern Belle giving advice to a young gentleman who is preparing for a date.