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Buying A Kitchen Sink
Buying a kitchen sink requires making a series of decisions. This guide outlines the factors that should be considered when buying a kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sink Configuration
A outline of the different kitchen sink configurations available. There are various configurations and types of kitchen sinks to choose from when buying a new sink. Page 2.

Kitchen Sink Materials
When buying a kitchen sink a major choice is the type of material the sink is made of. This guide covers the various kitchen sink materials available to choose from. Page 3.

Installing An AquaSource Faucet
An AquaSource faucet is an economical option for replacing an old or faulty bathroom faucet. There is a wide range of AquaSource faucets to choose from, but these instructions are for a two handle WaterSense bathroom faucet.

Replacement Toilet Caps
Toilet caps are not only decorative elements, they also serve a sanitary purpose. It is easy to lose toilet caps, but fortunately it is very easy to install replacement toilet caps in just minutes.

Roots In Drain Lines Can Cause Stoppages
Frequent toilet stoppages can be caused by roots in drain lines growing in from under the concrete slab. If you have a toilet that is frequently blocked, look for the common signs of roots in the drain and learn how to solve this problem.

How To Use A Compression Sleeve Puller
When replacing a compression stop valve a compression sleeve puller can be very useful. Use a compression sleeve puller to remove the compression nut and brass sleeve of a compression angle stop.

Dual Outlet Angle Stop Valve
Changing a regular angle stop into a dual outlet angle stop can provide a connection for an extra water supply line. A dual outlet angle stop valve can be useful for a water filtration system and many other uses.

Plumbing Safety Basics
Plumbing safety basics can help you to avoid injury and complete your projects successfully. These plumbing safety do’s and don’ts should be followed when doing any project whether big or small.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist
Regular plumbing maintenance can keep your home’s plumbing system working properly. This plumbing maintenance checklist can help you stay organized.

Hiring A Licensed Plumber
Large plumbing projects usually require hiring a licensed plumber to get the job done right and legally. With a little patience and work it can be simple to hire a licensed plumber.

How To Install a Vacuum Breaker
Pressure vacuum breaker installation can be is easy and is often required by local building codes. Learn how to install a vacuum breaker yourself to save on the cost of installation.

Tub Waste and Overflow
When you are installing a tub it is pretty much necessary to replace the waste and overflow. Installing a new tub waste and overflow can be a bit of a project so be prepared and recruit a helper.

Swamp Cooler Maintenance Products
Keep swamp cooler maintenance and repairs to a minimum with a few products. Prevent problem by treating water with a few products that take care of swamp cooler maintenance for you.

How to Replace a Tub Spout
A worn out tub spout can leak or it can stop diverting water to the showerhead if it is a diverter tub spout. Usually, replacing a tub spout is the way to go to fix either of these problems.

Mobile Home Tub Trap
A mobile home tub trap is different from a site built home trap. It is mostly found under a tub when an overflow is not present. A mobile home tub trap is a double nut trap with a flange on the end that allows for the trap to sit tight under the skirting

Dryer Vent Installation
A dryer vent installation is a fairly straight forward and easy project. A couple of things to keep in mind during a dryer vent installation are that the most direct and shortest route is best and the vent duct should be accessible for lint removal.

Drain Cleaning Bladder
When you are dealing with a difficult drain stoppage that is due to sludge, build up, or grease sometimes you can clear the drain with a drain cleaning bladder. A drain bladder fills up with water and forces high pressure water through the drain line to clear a stoppage.

Buying A Showerhead
Before buying a showerhead from the many choices at the store take a second to get an idea of what types of showerheads are available so you can get the most from your purchase.

Shower Water Filter
Shower water filters are a good way to improve the water quality in your shower. If you have sensitive skin and hair but do not want to install a water softener then shower water filter may be right for you.

Adhesive Type Tub and Shower Surround
Adhesive type tub or shower surrounds are often very inexpensive to buy and they offer a quick renovation for any tub or shower.

Tub Refinishing
Tub refinishing is one way to deal with an old, scratched bathtub. Tub refinishing is less costly and less involved than a tub replacement project.

Sink Hole Cover
Cover an extra hole in your kitchen sink using a sink hole cover.

Troubleshooting a Garbage Disposer
Troubleshooting a garbage disposer can be fairly straightforward. Don’t rush to replace the disposer because troubleshooting a garbage disposer could save you some money and time.

Troubleshooting a Garbage Disposer - Clogs and Leaks
Troubleshooting a garbage disposer that is clogged or leaking can be fairly easy. To save time and money try troubleshooting a garbage disposer before replacing it. Page 2.

Before Buying a Pedestal Sink
Pedestal sinks can be really cost effective and can maximize space when remodeling a bathroom. But, before you rip out your old vanity to install a pedestal sink there are some things to consider.

Replace a Reverse Osmosis Filter
Replacing a reverse osmosis filter is an easy do it yourself project. It is recommended that the pre and the post reverse osmosis filters be changed about every six months or so while the membrane can go for a year or more without being replaced.

Under Sink Water Filter Replacement
Under sink water filters are very popular because filtering your own water is much cheaper than buying bottled water and it is a handy way to have filtered water for a variety of uses. Under sink water filter replacement should be done on a regular basis so it can continue to provide clean great tasting water.

Under Sink Water Filter
An under sink water filter is a great way to have clean water at your fingertips and save money on bottled water. When selecting an under sink water filter the first thing to consider is what you want to take out of the water.

Utility Sink Faucet
Installing or replacing a utility sink faucet is an easy project that usually takes only a few minutes. Here is a step by step guide for how to remove and replace a utility sink faucet in an existing sink.

Installing a Vessel Sink Faucet
Vessel faucets are taller than the average faucet so that they can come up over vessel sinks which are often mounted on top of the countertop. Using a vessel faucet can also give you more space on the vanity top because of the single mounting design.

How to Winterize a Sprinkler System
If you live in an area where winter temperatures dip below freezing it is necessary to winterize a sprinkler system before winter to keep it from freezing. If you decide that you’d like to winterize a sprinkler system yourself there are just a few steps to follow.

Automatic Drain Valve
An easy way to drain irrigation lines is to install an automatic drain valve at each low point in the sprinkler lines. Adding automatic drain valves is as easy as adding a tee.

Replacing A Pressure Vacuum Breaker
Replacing a pressure vacuum breaker is often necessary when the brass components break or when it needs a repair and you can’t find replacement parts. Changing a pressure vacuum breaker usually consists of cutting some PVC and re-plumbing it.

Yard Drain Maintenance
Yard drains, also called area drains or landscape drains, divert water from the yard to the street storm drain or another area. Regular yard drain maintenance helps keep water from collecting in your yard.

Installing A Toilet Seat
Installing a toilet seat is a breeze since there are only two bolts that hold the seat onto the toilet bowl. The steps to installing a toilet seat vary slightly depending on the type of mounting.

Replacing A Toilet Fill Valve
There are quite a few valve selections when it comes to replacing a toilet fill valve. Replacing a toilet fill valve with the little adjustable anti-siphon toilet fill valve is quick and easy.

Fluidmaster Fill Valve Repair
Fluidmaster fill valves can be repaired by just replacing a seal inside the unit. If your Fluidmaster fill valve is not shutting off all the way or not filling quickly like it did when it was new then replacing or cleaning the seal will most likely fix the problem.

Water Alarm
Even a slow leak can cause significant damage to the surrounding area. A water alarm can be installed in out of the way places to alert you at the first sign of a leak.

What Is Hard Water?
What is hard water and what, if anything, should you do about it? Hard water is a common concern for many homeowners so it is important to know how it can affect household plumbing.

Water Softener Systems
There are various types of water softener systems to choose from. Deciding which of the many water softener systems is right for you can be overwhelming without some background information.

How to Plan Plumbing Routes
Planning plumbing routes is the first step to any remodel projects. The most important thing to consider when planning your plumbing is to try and make it as easily as possible for making your connections. With a little creativity and this helpful advice your plumbing projects should go off as headache free as possible.

Diagram of a Common Homes Drain system
If you were ever curious as to how waste water leaves your house and enters city sewage or a septic system then you've come to the right place. Follow the path water travels as it exits your house. Included is a basic diagram of a home drain system.

How a Septic System Works
Do you have a septic system? Ever wonder what's in under your front yard? View a diagram of a simple septic system and find out more about how the process works.

Diagram of a Hot Water Tank.
This page contains a cut away diagram of a water heater.

Moen Faucet Cartridge Replacement
Learn to use the T-Handle Moen cartridge puller for a Moen faucet cartridge replacement.

Moen Faucet Cartridge Replacement - Remove The Handle
Remove the Moen faucet handle to expose the cartridge. Page 2.

Moen Faucet Cartridge Replacement - Remove The Faucet Clip
Remove the Moen faucet clip before removing the cartridge. Page 3.

Moen Faucet Cartridge Replacement - Attach The Puller
Attach the Moen puller to the cartridge and remove the cartridge. Page 4.

Moen Faucet Cartridge Replacement - Replace The Moen Stem
After the removing the old Moen stem replace it with a new stem. Page 5.

Thermocouple Replacement - Fix A Water Heater With A Thermocouple Replacement
Repair a water heater that will not stay lit with a thermocouple replacement.

Thermocouple Replacement - Disconnect The Valve End Of The Thermocouple
Start a thermocouple replacement by disconnecting the control valve end of the thermocouple. Page 2.

Thermocouple Replacement - Remove The Pilot End Of The Thermocouple
To remove the thermocouple pull the pilot end out of the pilot housing. Page 3.

Thermocouple Replacement - Install The New Thermocouple
Complete the thermocouple replacement by installing the new thermocouple. Page 4.

Sink Strainer - How To Replace A Sink Strainer
Step by step guide to replacing a kitchen sink strainer.

Sink Strainer - Remove The Sink Strainer
How to remove an old sink strainer. Page 2.

Sink Strainer - Prepare Drain And Sink Strainer
Clean the sink opening and arrange sink strainer parts for installation. Page 3.

Sink Strainer - Apply Plumber's Putty
Apply a roll of plumber's putty on the new sink strainer. Page 4.

Sink Strainer - Install The New Sink Strainer
Install the new sink strainer. Plumbing. Page 5.

Sink Strainer - Reinstall Drain pipes
Complete the sink strainer installation by connecting drain pipes. Page 6.

How To Install a Swing Joint Sprinkler
How to install a swing joint sprinkler head.

What You Will Need
Things you will need to install a swing joint sprinkler head. Page 2.

Remove The Old Sprinkler Head and Nipple
Start by removing the existing sprinkler head and the nipple that attaches it to the water line. Page 3.

Making The Swing Joint
Combine the elbow joints to make the swing joint. Page 4.

Connect The Elbows To The Water Line
Connect the elbows to the water line. Page 5.

Connect The Sprinkler Head
Connect the sprinkler head to the new swing joint. Page 6.

Adjust The Placement Of The Sprinkler Head
Adjust the sprinkler head placement as needed. Page 7.

Alternate Configuration For A Swing Joint
An alternate configuration for a swing joint. Page 8.

How To Use a Telescopic Repair Coupling
Step by step guide to repairing a broken sprinkler line using a telescopic repair coupling.

What You Will Need To Use a Telescopic Repair Coupling
Things you will need to repair a broken sprinkler line using a telescopic repair coupling. Page 2.

Measure and Mark
To repair a broken sprinkler line using a telescopic repair coupling start by measuring and marking the broken line. Page 3.

Cut the Broken Pipe
Cut out enough of the broken pipe to make room for the telescopic repair coupling. Page 4.

Gluing the Joints
Glue the telescopic repair coupling onto the two ends of the broken pipe using PVC glue. Page 5.

Check Seal and Back Fill
Check the seal on the telescopic repair coupling before back-filling the hole. Page 6.

Plumbing Tools
Plumbing tools.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 2.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 3.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 4.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 5.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 6.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 7.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 8.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do. Page 9.

Replacing a Hot Water Tanks Dip Tube
The dip tube in a hot water tank delivers the cold water to the bottom of the tank so it can be heated. Over time, the tube can deteriorate. causing the cold water to cycle around the top of the tank. This will make cold water to be pulled in with the hot water.

Working with PVC Pipe
PVC is the standard building material used for drain lines in almost all construction. Working with PVC pipe is easy enough for most home owners to do.

Kitchen Plumbing Guide
This is a comprehensive guide to kitchen plumbing. With all of the use that kitchen appliances often get, it is no wonder that many plumbing problems can come up. This Guide can guide you through repairs, replacement and maintenance projects.

Basic Plumbing - 3 Things You Should Know
Before starting any do it yourself plumbing projects there are some basic plumbing safety guidelines you should know. These three guides can give you a good start towards a successful diy plumbing project.

How To Turn Off The Gas Meter
How to turn off the gas at the gas meter in an emergency or when you suspect a gas leak.

Installing a Dishwasher
Whether you are replacing a worn-out dishwasher or installing the first one in the kitchen, the almost the same. If the dishwasher is new to the kitchen there are a few things to consider, mainly cabinet size.

Replacing a Water Heater's T&P Valve
The temperature and pressure valve on a hot water tank functions as a safety release for if/when a tank malfunctions. But what if the T&P valve malfunctions? Let's take a look at how the valve works and the process for replacing it.

Diagram of a Garbage Disposal
This is a diagram of a common garbage disposal.

Kitchen Repair and Remodels
The kitchen is considered by many to be the heart of a home. With dishwashers, garbage disposals, and other appliances, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to make repairs.

When people think of plumbing the bathroom is usually the first place that comes to mind. It is also where most plumbing problems take place. Here's the place to find out everything you need to know to maintain and repair common bathroom plumbing issues.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures
Information regarding the purchase and instillation of new kitchen or bathroom fixtures, from wide-spread faucets to center mounts. DIY articles on common faucet and fixture repairs.

Garbage Disposal
The scourge of the sink to some and must have for others. Often misused and neglected, it's a tough life for a garbage disposal. Find out how to care for your disposal. Everything from unjamming it to keeping it clean. Step-by-step guide to installing a new disposal.

Water Heater
Water heaters are essentials in any home. Find more about common problems water heaters have and how to fix them. Learn about the pluses and minus of a traditional tanked water heater and new tankless heaters. Get information on buying a water heater and installing it.

Ever wonder how a dishwasher drains? Or maybe what causes them to leak? Get answers to all your questions here, from installation to service.

Septic System
If your home is equipped with septic system, there isn't much to do about it. Learn more about maintenance, like how to keep it clean and when you should have it pumped out.

This page describes how a toilet works and how to purchase one. It also covers common toilet problems, like slow flush, low flush and running. If you have questions on pulling and resetting a toilet, the answer is here.

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