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What is Podcasting?
What is Podcasting, what draws people to listen, and why are so many people beginning to make their own podcasts?

Setting Sample and Bit Rates - About Podcasting
Setting Sample and Bit Rates. Podcasting.

Setting Up to Record a Podcast in Audacity
Setting Up to Record a Podcast in Audacity

Choose your File Export Type - About Podcasting
Choose your File Export Type. Podcasting.

Setting Audio Levels - About Podcasting
Setting Audio Levels. Podcasting.

Podcasting: Listening and Recording Basics and Beyond
Podcasting is a growing medium. It brings your voice to your audience. Learn how to get started listening and creating podcasts with these tutorials.

Review of Audacity Audio Editor - About Podcasting
An in-depth review of Audacity, the free, open source audio editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Using Visuals to Get Your Podcast Website Noticed
People are visual. Even audible learners will be attracted to podcast artwork that stands out. Get noticed with podcast artwork that reflects your show.

Tips and tools for publishing, promoting, and getting a podcast noticed.
All about ways to make a podcast public and to get more views in a productive way.

Creating Podcast Cover Art Using Photoshop and Canva
We have already discussed best practices for designing podcast cover art. Now it's time to put the concepts to the test with two simple cover art designs.




Best Practices for Creating Podcast Cover Art
Podcast cover art is often the first impression a potential listener encounters. Learn how to create stunning podcast cover art using solid design principles.

How to Listen to Podcasts - About Podcasting
A simple, beginner's guide to listening to Podcasts.

How to Listen to Podcasts - About Podcasting
A simple, beginner's guide to listening to Podcasts. Page 2.

Distribution and Services
You've got your new podcast done, so now what? Learn how to take your podcast public: iTunes, RSS, and which hosting services are best. Get the lowdown in the articles below.

5 Ways To Make Money With a Podcast From Traffic to Cash
Podcasting is a growing medium, and making money podcasting is alive and well. Learn five strategies used to make money podcasting in your chosen niche.

Keeping Your Guest On Track In an Interview Podcast
Being a podcast guest and having guests on your podcast packs a huge array of advantages. Learn how to make the most of a guest interview on podcasts.

What is Podcast Metadata? How to Create and Edit ID3 Tags
We dive into the world of MP3 metadata to find the best and easiest ways to create ID3 tags that will make your podcast stand out and really shine.

ID3 Tags and Show Notes
Ever wonder how your mp3 player knows the name and date of the file you're listening to? That's an ID3 tag, and they're not just for music anymore. Learn how to make ID3 tags and show notes for your podcast, and give your listeners something nice (and informative) to look at.

Recording Equipment
There's a lot of options, so we'll take a look at some proven combinations of microphones, recorders, and software to get you up and running fast. Chances are, you may already have most of what you need! Then, learn what gear you can add in the future to make your podcast even better.

From Booms to Pop Filters: Accessories for Your Podcasting Setup
We discuss how and why podcasting accessories like boom arms and pop filters can make your show sound more professional and make recording easier.

18 Podcasts About Game of Thrones
It's difficult for Game of Thrones fans to get enough Game of Thrones. Keep the discussion going with these 18 podcasts about Game of Thrones.

Types of Podcasts
Take a brief tour of all the permutations of podcasts. Learn about learncasting, mobilecasting, photofeeds,and more.

All About Feeds and How To Create One For Your Podcast
A podcast RSS feed is required to syndicate and continually update your podcast subscriber content. Learn all about RSS feeds and how to create them.

Practical Ways To Market Using A Podcast
Podcasts are easy to consume and an easy method for marketers to reach their audience. Learn tactics to get your product in the hearts and minds of listeners.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Podcast Show Notes
This article will explain how to get the most out of your podcast show notes. SEO, formatting, content, style, and readability are all explained.

Podcast Mysteries Unraveled: 12 Steps to Your First Podcast
It seems like there are a lot of steps to podcasting, but this article breaks it down to four simple categories with 12 steps. This is how to podcast.

Getting Started With Podcast Hosting
Having a reliable media host is the best way to ensure that your podcast is heard by the masses. This article will tell you how to get started.

Basic Equipment for Starting a Podcast
Getting started podcasting can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Follow this quick guide to learn what is needed to get started.

Best USB Microphones for Podcasting
It's fast and easy to get started podcasting with a USB microphone. Here are some beginner and advanced USB microphone options to consider.

Basics / 101
What is podcasting and why is it the web's hottest trend? In this section, we'll talk about the narrowcast revolution that allows anyone with a microphone to access a worldwide audience. From recording equipment to software and RSS feeds, find out what you need in order to start your own transmission.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Adding Music
In this section, you'll learn about podsafe music, where to find it, and why it's important for you to understand how copyright law affects podcasters. Whether you want some music for a cool intro, or you plan to use music throughout your podcast, we'll cover the basics that will get you on your way.

Editing Tutorials
What to edit depends on what kind of a podcast you want to make. Some strive for podcast authenticity by recording everything in one take. Others use sound and story to create other worlds in our minds. Whichever approach you take, these tutorials will show you how to tighten it up, mix it around, or just make it disappear.

Using Effects
Effects can range from subtle to startling, and everywhere in between. Whether using some EQ to beef up a voice, a compressor to tame a scream, or some reverb and delay to create a comedic moment, once you learn to use these tools, your biggest problem will be wanting to use them too much.

Making Your Own Music
Podcasters often use music to create a mood, or brand, for their podcasts. Hip and tech savvy? Serious and newsy? If you have a musical bent, you may want to consider making your own music. With the latest software, it's not hard, and no one else will be using the same song, because it's uniquely yours.

Recording Tutorials
Get in and get out information on how to get it done. Learn about foundational principals in audio that can be used anywhere, no matter what software or hardware you use.

Recording and Editing Tips - About Podcasting
These are some tips for recording and editing which I have learned (sometimes the hard way) through my recording experiences.

Recording and Editing Tips for Making a Podcast
Use these tried and tested tips for recording and editing your own podcast. Page 2.

Microphone Technique for Podcasters - About Podcasting
Microphone Technique for Podcasters

Watch Your Pace and Use Mind Games - Techniques for Podcasters
Podcasting. Page 2.


Planning Your Podcast - About Podcasting
How to choose a show format, and basic questions to ask about your audience and using music.

Reducing Background Noise and Ambiance - About Podcasting
Tips on reducing background noise and ambiance while recording your podcast. Page 2.

Adding Music to a Podcast in Audacity - About Podcasting
In this tutorial, we will look at how to add music to a podcast in Audacity.

Adjust the Track Volumes - About Podcasting
In this tutorial, we will look at how to add music to a podcast in Audacity.

Fade the Music Out - About Podcasting
In this tutorial, we will look at how to add music to a podcast in Audacity.

Reducing Background Noise and Ambiance - About Podcasting
Strong, clear voice recordings can not only add credibility and professionalism to your podcasts, but also make them easier to edit and mix.

Position Files - About Podcasting
In this tutorial, we will look at how to add music to a podcast in Audacity.

PreSonus FireBox FireWire Audio Interface - About Podcasting
Your Guide puts the PreSonus FireBox through the paces, and sees if this compact interface has what it takes to be the heart of your podcast studio.

Top Software Picks For Podcasting - About Podcasting
In this article, we'll look at the different capabilities for some of the best and most widely used programs. Here are my picks for the podcast recording all-stars!