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Baby Blanket Patterns to Make for Preemies
Whether you love to knit, crochet, quilt, or sew, you should be able to find a free baby blanket pattern in our collection.

Types of Preemie Hats to Knit and Crochet
Preemie hats are a NICU necessity and are great gifts for parents of premature babies. Find links to free preemie hat patterns to knit and crochet.

Catch Up Growth in Preemies
Learn the risks and rewards of catch-up​ growth in babies born prematurely. Understand the importance of striking a balance and why you can't force it.

Help Paying Your Premature Baby's Medical Bills
With the high cost of NICU care, parents of premature babies may get sticker shock when they see their hospital bills. Patients will get help paying.

When Will My Preemie Learn to Walk?
Learning to walk is an important milestone for any baby. Learn why preemies may learn to walk later, when to be concerned, and how to help your baby.

Early Intervention for Premature Babies
Early intervention is a group of federally funded programs carried out by the states. Learn more about these services for your premature baby.

Premature Baby Survival Rates
Survival rates for premature babies have increased dramatically. More are being saved at younger ages, and fewer long-term disabilities are being reported.

Why Preemies are at an Increased Risk for RSV
Respiratory Syncytial Virus can cause serious health problems in premature babies. Learn what you need to know about your preemie and RSV.

Your Preemie's Immune System
Learn more about infections and preventing infections in your premature infant and develop a better understanding your preemie's immune system.

The Ultimate Guide for New Preemie Grandparents
Is your grandchild a preemie in the NICU? Then you'll want to learn all the do's and don'ts and the wonderful ways you can help in this emotional time

About the NICU and Levels of NICU Care for Newborns
Here is what every parent of a preemie should know about the levels of care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and the staff who work there.

Finding Child Care for Your Premature Baby
Premature babies may have immature immune systems or developmental delays that make group child care impractical. Learn more about finding good child care.

Twins Sleeping Together: Is It Safe?
Should twins sleep together at home? Benefits of co-sleeping for twins are discussed, as well as possible risks.

Great Gift Ideas for NCIU Nurses
Celebrate the holidays, National Nurses Week, nursing school graduation, or share your thanks with one of these inexpensive NICU nurse gifts.

NICU Equipment and Procedures: ECMO, IVs, and More
Defines and answers questions about ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and other equipment as it's used in the NICU for preemies.

Blood Transfusions In the NICU
Answers questions that parents may have if their sick or premature baby needs a blood transfusion in the NICU.

Coping With the Death of a Baby
Grieving may feel like a process that will never end. Although these coping strategies cannot take the pain away, they may help make it easier to bear.

NICU Conversions and Calculations
Ever wonder how to calculate preemie weights, preemie calorie intake and preemie temperature conversions? I'll walk you through the NICU Math Basics.

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Lines in the NICU
Understanding how percutaneously inserted central catheters, also known as PICC lines, can help premature babies be healthy.

Infant Feeding Tips for Preemies
Feeding your premature baby can be complicated. Parents must choose whether to breastfeed or bottle feed, and may need to learn special preemie feeding tips.

What Health Concerns Affect a Moderately Preterm Baby?
A moderately preterm baby is one born between about 31 and 34 weeks gestational age. Moderately preterm babies need NICU care after birth.

Trisomy 13 - Patau Syndrome
Trisomy 13, or Patau syndrome, is a rare but serious genetic disorder. Premature birth is just one symptom of the disorder.

Celebrities Born Premature or With Premature Babies
A list of famous preemies including historical figures who were born early, celebrity preemies, and famous multiples.

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Oral Aversion in Infants and Preemies
Oral aversion is one type of feeding difficulty afflicting newborns and, in particular, preemies. Learn about causes, risks and treatment strategies.

The Use of Magnesium Sulfate in Premature Labor
Uses and side effects of magnesium sulfate, or mag. Mag can be used to stop preterm labor, prevent seizures, or prevent neurological problems.

Knit, Crochet, or Sew: Free Preemie Clothes Patterns
Preemie clothes are easy to knit, crochet, or sew and they make great gifts. Find free patterns for preemie hats, booties, bibs and baby blankets.

Car Seat Safety for Premature Infants
Preemies may be too small to fit in a car seat correctly and may have trouble breathing in a car seat. These safety tips are designed to keep preemies safe.

Family Pets and Premature Babies
Parents may wonder if pets increase a preemie's risk of respiratory problems. With some extra effort, you can safely have pets and preemies together.

Writing Your Preemie Story
Preemie mom and author Kate Hopper helps us understand the power of writing as a healing tool. Tips and suggestions for starting your NICU journal.

Tips For Breastfeeding a Premature Baby
Breastfeeding a premature baby is one of a preemie mom's most important jobs. These tips will help your breastfeeding experience off to a good start.

How to Help a Loved One With a Preemie
When a friend has a preemie in the NICU, it's hard to know how to help. Learn the best things to say, do, and give, as well as what not to do.

Premature Babies Born at 29-30 Weeks
Babies born at 29 to 20 weeks are called very premature babies. These babies weigh about 3 pounds at birth. Although they will need to be in the NICU for several weeks, these babies have an excellent chance of survival and a low rate of disability.

Premature Babies Born at 31-32 Weeks
Premature babies born between 31 and 32 weeks are called moderately preterm babies. These babies are still immature at birth, but with modern NICU care, most grow up strong and healthy with few long term effects of prematurity.

Premature Babies Born at 33-34 Weeks
Premature babies born at 33 to 34 weeks gestational age are called moderately preterm babies. Although these babies weigh about 4 to 5 pounds, they are still immature at birth and will need NICU care for several weeks.

Premature Babies Born at 35-36 Weeks
Premature babies born at 35 to 36 weeks gestation are called late preterm babies. Although these babies often look just like babies born at term, they are at risk for complications of prematurity and should be monitored carefully after birth.

Premature Babies Born at 23-24 Weeks
Premature babies born at 23-24 weeks are called micro preemies. Weighing between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds at birth, they face long NICU stays and have complex medical conditions.

Premature Babies Born at 25-26 Weeks
Babies born at 25-26 weeks are called micro preemies. Weighing about 2 pounds, these babies require long NICU stays but have excellent survival rates.

Premature Babies Born at 27-28 Weeks
Babies born at 27 to 28 weeks are called very premature babies. They weigh about 2 1/2 pounds at birth and, although they need intensive NICU care, have a greater than 95% survival rate.

Premature Babies Week by Week
Because fetal development happens so quickly, premature babies born at different gestational ages are very different. See pictures and read stories here.

The Ultimate Guide for Taking Your Preemie Home
Is your preemie getting ready to finally go home? This is your ultimate guide to being prepared. Here's what to learn, what to buy, and how to do it.

Preemie photos 31 weeks
Stories and pictures of babies born at 31 weeks, or 9 weeks early.

Pictures of Preemie Babies Born at 35 Weeks
Pictures of preemie babies born at 35 weeks.

Premature Baby Pictures Born at 36 Weeks
Pictures of premature babies born at 36 weeks, or 4 weeks early.

Preemie Photos of Babies Born at 34 Weeks
Preemie photos of late preterm babies born at 34 weeks.

Premature Baby Pictures 32 Weeks
Premature baby pictures and stories, 32 weeks or 2 months early.

Pictures Premature Babies at 33 Weeks
Pictures of premature babies born at 33 weeks, about 2 months early.

27 Week Premature Baby Pictures
Premature baby pictures and stories of babies born at 27 weeks.

Premature Babies Pictures 28 Weeks
Stories and pictures of babies born at 28 weeks.

Premature Baby Photos
Photos and stories of premature babies born 10 weeks early.

Pictures of Premature Babies
Here are stories and pictures of real preemies, including pictures of newborn preemies and older kids who were premature at birth, all sent in by their loving families.

Pictures of Preemie Babies Born at 26 Weeks
Pictures and stories of preemie babies born at 26 weeks.

Pictures Premature Babies Born at 23 Weeks
Stories and pictures of babies born at 23 weeks of pregnancy.

Preemie Photos of Babies Born at 24 Weeks
Stories and photos of premature babies born at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Pictures Premature Babies 25 Weeks
Stories and pictures of premature babies born at 25 weeks.

Neonatal Care and NICU Levels
Learn about the different NICU levels and levels of neonatal care, from well-baby nursery to level 4 NICU.

Social Security Benefits for Your Premature Baby
Some premature or low birth weight babies are eligible to get social security benefits. Learn about these benefits, called supplemental security income, or SSI.

What Is a Level 3 NICU?
Learn about what defines a Level III NICU, also called a subspecialty neonatal care center or Level 3 NICU.

Preventing and Stopping Premature Labor
Learn about the methods for stopping premature labor, along with how effective these methods are.

Risks and Prevention of Future Premature Births
Having one premature birth puts a mom at risk for having another. As you decide whether to have another baby, learn more about the risks.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) in Premature Babies
A patent ductus arteriosus, or PDA, is a common heart condition in premature babies. This article describes what a PDA is, the symptoms, and more.

Success Tips for Bottle Feeding a Preemie
Bottle feeding a preemie can be a great joy, but also a challenge. Premature babies may have trouble bottle feeding, but these tips can help parents learn to feed their preemies well.

Long Term Effects of Being Born Premature
Learn about the common long-term outcomes of being born premature, with descriptions of problems that preemies may face as they grow.

What Is Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) in Preemies?
Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) of the newborn is a serious complication of prematurity. Questions about IVH are answered in this article.

Overview of Anemia in Premature Infants
Learn about anemia in preterm infants, including symptoms, causes, and treatments.

The Best Children's Books about Prematurity
Top 10 Children's Books on Prematurity. Excellent choices for preemies and their siblings. Adorable illustrations, wonderful stories, great NICU Gifts

What Causes Premature Birth?
Premature birth has many causes, whether labor happens on its own or whether doctors decide that preterm delivery is best for mom or baby.

Preemie Story of 25 Week Twins
In this preemie story, a reader describes the birth of her 25.6-week twins, Kaitlyn and Grayson.

Just Breathe: Your Preemie and the Respiratory System
Respiratory Distress Syndrome. What is it? How and why does it affect premature babies? Learn more here.

Increase Your Milk Supply While Pumping
If you're pumping breast milk for your preemie in the NICU, you may wonder how to establish or increase your milk supply while pumping.

What to Do When Your Premature Baby Is Sick
Advice about when to call the doctor when your premature baby seems sick. Also, learn if a symptom is minor or requires immediate medical attention.

When Will My Preemie Learn to Sit Up?
Premature babies may meet developmental milestones later than babies born at term. Learn when parents can expect their preemies to sit up.

Lumbar Puncture or Spinal Taps in Babies
A Lumbar puncture, also called an LP or a spinal tap, is an important procedure to test for infection in premature or sick babies.

Top NICU Discharge Questions about Bathing your Baby
Some of your most asked questions as you transition your baby from the NICU to home can be found here along with practical answers and guidance.

Top NICU Discharge Questions about Temperature
If your baby is just out of the NICU, find answers to such common questions as when to call the pediatrician and how to tell if your baby is sick.

Top Questions about Visitors after the NICU
Find answers to your most pressing questions after your baby is discharged from the NICU, including how soon can she go out and can family hold her.

What Is The NICU Parent's Bill of Rights?
The NICU Parent's Bill of Rights is a must-read​ for all NICU parents and NICU nurses. Learn all about what it is and how and why it was created.

Health Problems Preemies May Face
Common health problems and illnesses that premature babies may face while they're in the NICU and beyond, symptoms of these illnesses, and treatments.

What Are the Risks of Disability After Premature Birth?
What are the risks of premature babies living with Autism, ADHD, Asthma, or Cerebral Palsy? You might be surprised at what the latest research shows.

The Importance of Kangaroo Care
The power of human touch and skin-to-skin care is great with premature babies. Learn more about this NICU practice.

Parenting your Preemie in the Neonatal Intensive Care
Important things parents can do for their baby while in the neonatal intensive care. How to empower yourself and care for your preemie.

Anemia and the Premature Baby
What is anemia? Why is it common in premature babies? How is it treated?

A Week by Week Premature Baby Guide- 29 Weeks through 31 Weeks Gestation
What to expect from your premature baby born at 29 weeks through 31 weeks gestation

Premature Baby Guide 26 Weeks through 28 Weeks
What to expect from your premature baby born at 26 weeks through 28 weeks gestation

Understanding the NICU Monitors
What to expect in the Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) What are all these wires and machines, what do they do, and what do these noises all mean?

Understanding Neonatal Jaundice
Did your baby have Jaundice? Did you baby spend time under

Understanding Atelectasis in Premature Babies
Definition, causes, and treatments for atelectasis, which causes collapse of the small airways in preemies through adults.

Preventing Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Preemies
Intraventricular hemorrhage, or IVH, can be one of the most serious consequences of prematurity. There's no treatment for IVH, but there are ways to help prevent it.

Overview of Reflux in Preemies
Reflux in preemies can be extremely difficult​. Learn what is reflux in preemies, why do preemies get reflux so often, how to improve reflux in preemies.

Tiny Reflections on Neonatal Nursing
Read the personal account of a nurse on finding gratitude in neonatal nursing. Read about th​e different things she is thankful for.

Premature Birth Facts and Statistics
Amazing and astonishing facts and statistics about premature birth that everybody needs to know.

How Steroids Are Used for Premature Babies
In the case of premature delivery, steroids save lives. Learn how steroids are used for premature babies to reduce the risk of birth complications.

Using Hands On Pumping to Increase Milk Supply
Using breast massage in a technique called hands on pumping can greatly increase a mom's milk supply when she is pumping breast milk.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Preemies
Breastfeeding a premature baby has many benefits, both for the baby and for the mom. Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding a premature baby.

When Can I Hold My Premature Baby?
Holding your premature baby for the first time is an important NICU milestone. These signs will help you know when you can finally hold your preemie.

Overview of Nutrition in the NICU
What you need to know about your baby's nutrition and feeding in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

NICU Milestones that Must be Met before Discharge
Discharge from the NICU is based on milestones, and a premature baby must typically meet the following criteria before they are ready to go home.

Preemie Doctors: The Role of Neonatologists
Learn how a neonatologist differs from a regular pediatrician when it comes to the care of premature babies (preemies) and high-risk infants.

How Much Should a Premature Baby Eat at Home?
Feeding premature babies enough breastmilk or formula to ensure good growth is important. Answers questions about preemie feeding.

Neonatal LINGO: Terminology Heard in the NICU
If your baby has to spend time in the NICU, you may be hearing a lot of unfamiliar language. Learn what you need to know as you navigate the NICU journey.

What is the Definition of a Micro Preemie?
The definition of micro preemie, risks and outcomes for babies born either less than 800 grams (1 pound 12 ounces) or younger than 26 weeks at birth.

Pneumothorax in Premature Babies
A pneumothorax is a type of collapsed lung where air leaks out of the lung into the chest. It can be mild or serious depending on the size of the leak.

Common Risk Factors for Premature Birth
You might be more at risk for having a preemie than you think. Learn more about risk factors for premature birth and how you can reduce them.

Donor Breast Milk for Preemies - What you Need to Know
Is donor breast milk safe for preemies? Learn all about donor milk - how it's processed, how it's kept safe, and why it's so important in the NICU.

5 Preemie Myths and Misconceptions
Debunking the common myths and misconceptions about premature babies.

25 Signs Your Baby Spent Time in the NICU
Did you have a premature baby? Spend time in the NICU? If so, you can probably relate to these 25 signs.

Introducing Solid Foods to your Premature Baby
If you're wondering when your premature baby will be ready to eat solid food, learn more about the recommendations and signs.

A Week-by-Week Premature Baby Guide: 23 - 25 Weeks
What to expect from your premature baby born at 23 weeks through 25 weeks gestation

Understanding Collapsed Lungs in Premature Babies
Collapsed lungs are a common, but serious, health problem in premature babies. Learn common causes of collapsed lungs and how they're treated.

Having a Premature Baby Is Hard
Prematurity is so many things - lonely, scary, overwhelming just to name a few. Here's the truth about how hard having a premature baby really is.

RSV in Premature Babies
Symptoms of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and when to seek medical attention. Also how to prevent RSV and information about the RSV vaccination.

Asthma in Childhood Has Been Linked to Premature Birth
Preemies have a higher risk of childhood asthma. Keeping an eye on asthma symptoms in your preemie will ensure your child stays safe and healthy.

What's the Definition of Ad Lib Feeding?
Ad lib feeding refers to feeding babies

Short Cervix and Preterm Birth
Short cervix happens when the cervix shortens before the baby is due. Learn how this condition is diagnosed and treated to prevent preterm birth.

Health Concerns of the Late Preterm Infant
Defines late preterm infants and lists possible complications faced by babies born between 34 and 37 weeks gestation.

Keeping Your Premature Baby Healthy During Flu Season
There are many things you can do to help keep your baby healthy during cold and flu season.

Preeclampsia: Prevention, Management, and Risks
Preeclampsia is a serious condition that can affect pregnant women. Learn about preeclampsia's risk factors, complications, treatment, and prevention.

Bilirubin Levels and Jaundice Risks and Treatment
High bilirubin levels can cause jaundice, or yellow skin and eyes, after birth. Learn about the causes, treatment and risk of this common condition.

How Do I Give My Premature Baby a Bath?
Answers readers' questions about giving your baby or premature baby a bath, with step by step directions for sponge baths and tub baths.

What Is a Preemie?
If your child was born early, concern for their health is valid. Here we answer what a preemie is, and what that means for you and baby.

What is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)?
A definition and explanation of CPAP as used in premature infants and pediatric patients. We also look at different types of CPAP and which is

Peripheral IVs and their Use for Premature Babies
Definition of a peripheral IV line, the insertion procedure, and the risks associated with premature infants.

Chronologic Versus Corrected Age
Actual age or adjusted age? Chronological vs. Corrected age? Understanding your preemie's age.

Blood Gasses and Preemies: Knowing Their Importance
A blood gas is an important and common blood test given to preemies. Blood gasses look at the acid/base balance and oxygenation levels in your baby's blood.

A Week by Week Premature Baby Guide:32 - 36 Weeks
What to expect from your premature baby born at 32 weeks through 36 weeks gestation

How to be a powerful champion for your premature baby
Having a preemie in the NICU requires you to learn how to be an advocate for your baby. Here are some of the basics to get you started.

NICU Strategy and Developmental Care
Developmental care is a strategy used in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) to help reduce the amount of stress that your preemie is exposed to.

Meet Emaan - a Preemie Born at 30 Weeks
An About Preemies reader shares the story of her daughter Emaan, born at 30 weeks due to premature labor.

How Does Reflux Affect Premature Infants?
Read all about reflux in babies who were born premature. The definition, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of reflux and GERD are included.

Can Stress Cause Premature Labor?
Labor is a complex process, but unmanaged stress is certainly something that may play a part in premature labor. Learn why and how to reduce your risk.

Chronic Lung Disease (CLD) in Premature Babies
Chronic lung disease occurs in about 20 percent of premature infants. Here we look at immediate and long-term treatment of this condition.

Does IVF Increase the Risk of Premature Birth?
Studies have shown that in vitro fertilization (IVF) can increase the risk for having a premature baby. Learn how to reduce your risks with IVF.

Premature Baby Books - Best Premature Baby Books for Parents
A list of the best books on premature babies, with links to full reviews by About Preemies and by parents of preemies.

Bringing Your Premature Infant Home
Learn the basics of baby care for your preemie, and how caring for a premature infant can be different from caring for a full-term baby.

Coping with Having a Premature Baby
Parents of a premature baby have many emotions to deal with, and may have trouble coping with all they're feeling. This article helps parents to identify and cope with their feelings, including special tips for fathers.

What is Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)?
Definition, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a serious medical condition that preemies are susceptible to.

What Is a Micro Preemie? - Extremely Premature Babies
A micro preemie is a baby born weighing under 1 pound, 12 ounces (800 grams) or before 26 weeks gestation. Learn more about micro preemies.

FAQs About Having a Very Premature Baby
Find out what long-term and short-term health problems a very premature baby (one that is born between 27 and 30 weeks gestation) might have.

When Can Premature Babies Go Home?
While they're in the NICU, premature babies (preemies) have several milestones to meet before they are allowed to go home with their parents.

Newborn Screening or PKU Test for Premature Babies
Describes the PKU test, or newborn screening test, focusing on how it relates to premature babies and term babies who have been in the NICU.

Infant Formula Suggestions for Premature Babies
Which formula is best for preemies? Although you should always choose a formula with your doctor, this article gives parents some basic knowledge about the different types of formulas that may be used for preemies.

5 Thoughtful and Inspiring Gifts for NICU Mom's
Meaningful and inspiring gifts to support and help parents of premature babies cope with the long and difficult days in the neonatal intensive care.

Feeding Premature Babies in the NICU
Feeding premature babies in the NICU can be frustrating, but patience and a few tricks can help your baby learn to eat better.

Baby Product Review: WubbaNub Pacifiers
WubbaNub pacifiers are cute. A plush stuffed animal is attached to the pacifier to help baby keep it in their mouth and give them something to cuddle.

World's Smallest and Youngest Preemies
The smallest premature babies ever born weighed only about half a pound and were born around 4 months early. Although they were very small at birth, many of these babies are thriving, or even heading off to college.

When Can I Take My Preemie Home From the NICU?
Parents often want to know when they can take their preemie home from the NICU. Babies will usually stay in the NICU until about the time they were originally due to be born, but some babies will have shorter NICU stays, and other babies will need to be in the NICU for much longer.

When Will My Preemie Learn to Talk?
Learning to talk is a complex milestone in that it's affected by many factors. Learn when your preemie should be learning to talk and how you can help.

What Does Adjusted Age Mean for Preemies
Doctors will use adjusted age to set expectations for milestones for your preemie. Learn how to calculate it and when you don't no longer need it.

Preemie Developmental Milestones: Using Corrected Age
Parents of premature babies worry about their child meeting developmental milestones on time. Learn how to use corrected age to know when.

When is the Best Time to Schedule a C-Section
Explains why the best time to schedule a c section birth is after 39 weeks, and lists some possible complications of late preterm birth.

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Preemie
If you are expecting your baby will be born early, you'll want to prepare. Here are 10 simple and important tips for being ready for the NICU journey.

Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in Premature Babies
Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is one of the more common health problems caused by being born early. Learn about how RDS can affect premature babies.

Learn all about the therapists who help preemies thrive
Have you ever wondered who Neonatal Therapists are, and what they do? Here's your chance to learn from Sue Ludwig, founder of the National Association of Neonatal Therapists.

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) in Premature Babies
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, or BPD, defined. We also look at prevnetion and treatment of BPD as well as long-term consequence of premature birth.

What Is an Incubator?
Learn how an incubator at a hospital can help premature and sick newborn babies stay warm, ward off infections, and maintain skin integrity.

Cerebral Palsy in Premature Babies
Preemies are at higher risk of cerebral palsy (CP) than full-term babies. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about CP and preemies.

What Is a Special Care Nursery?
Defines a level 2 NICU, or special care nursery, and the types of patients they can care for.

What is a Low Birth Weight Baby?
Learn the risks and issues associated with low birth weight babies, and how you and your baby may be affected by having a low birth weight.

What Are Bradycardia and Apnea in Preemies?
Together, apnea and bradycardia are often called the “As and Bs” and are common experiences for premature babies. Learn more about these conditions.

Vaccines in Premature Babies
Many parents worry about vaccinating preemies, and wonder which vaccine schedule to use. With a few exceptions, vaccines should be given on time.

Newborn Hearing Test for Premature Babies and NICU Patients
Defines the newborn hearing test, especially as it relates to premature babies and babies who have spent time in the NICU.

Is a G-Tube or NG Tube Right for My Baby?
Preemies who struggle with feeding difficulties may benefit from G-and NG-tubes, which provide nutrition needed for proper growth and development.

What Is a Nasal Cannula?
Learn about nasal cannulas, when they are used in the care of premature infants, and how they can help preemies breathe better.

Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and Its Effects
Definition, symptoms, effects, and treatment for this rare disorder that can occur during twin pregnancies.

Treatment Options for Acid Reflux in Infants
Infant reflux is a common problem, especially for babies born premature. There are many home remedies to help with mild reflux in infants, and medications and surgeries that can help cure GERD in infants.

Not Speaking Up NICU Mistake #6

Focusing Too Much on the Future NICU Mistake #7

Thinking You're Not Important NICU Mistake #8

Avoiding your Friends & Family NICU Mistake #3

Not Getting Involved in your Baby's Care NICU Mistake #4

Comparing Your Baby to Other NICU Babies NICU Mistake #5

Not Taking Care of Yourself NICU Mistake #1

Blaming Yourself NICU Mistake #2

The NICU is Hard
Surviving the NICU is a hard thing to do. It's even harder when moms are making these common mistakes. Learn what they are and how to improve them.

What Is a Tocolytic Drug?
Learn about what a tocolytic drug is, how it is used to delay preterm delivery, and the risks and benefits of using them.

Jaundice in Preemies - Causes, Treatments, and Effects
Jaundice is one of the most common health problems for newborn babies, including preemies.

Is actual or adjusted gestational age the best answer?
Are you unknowingly causing hurt when you ask about a baby's age? If the baby was a preemie, the answer may be yes. Here's why, and to do about it.

Herbs and Medications That Increase Breast Milk Production
Many herbs and medications can be used to increase milk supply. Learn which herbs and medications are most commonly used and which are most effective.

Premature Babies 101
Parenting advice for parents of preemies including coping with emotions, what to expect in the NICU, discharge day, and preventing preterm births.




















20 Beautiful and Inspiring Preemie Quotes
Hope, wisdom and inspiration for preemie parents. Having a premature baby can be difficult, and sometimes what you need is a little bit of inspiration.

How Much Breast Milk Should I Pump for My Preemie?
Here's how much and how often you'll need to pump milk for your premature baby, plus how to choose the right breast pump for the job.

Premature Labor - Signs and Symptoms of Premature Labor
Describes the signs and symptoms of premature labor and when to call the doctor if you think you are in labor.

How Taste Develops in Premature Babies, Week by Week

How Sight Develops in Premature Babies, Week by Week

How Sense of Smell Develops in Premature Babies, Week by Week

How Hearing Develops in Premature Babies, Week by week

How the Sense of Touch Develops in Premature Babies, Week by Week

How do your Preemie's Senses Develop?
A week-by-week description of how the senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight develop and what that means for premature babies.

How Long Should My Baby Use Preemie Formula?
Answers parents questions about how long they should use preemie formula, such as Neosure or Enfacare, for their babies.

Should Multiples Sleep Together in the NICU?
Cobedding twins and other multiples is common practice in many NICUs. Although there are benefits when twins sleep together, there may also be risks to the practice.

How High Frequency Ventilators Are Used in the NICU
High frequency ventilators (HFVs) are used to support babies who are born prematurely. Learn about how HFVs work and why they have better outcomes.

Retinopathy of Prematurity or ROP in Preemies
Retinopathy of prematurity, also called ROP, is a disease that affects the retina of the eye. ROP affects the blood vessels in a preemie's eyes, and is one of the leading causes of childhood blindness.

Respiratory Support for Premature Babies in the NICU
In the NICU, premature babies often need help breathing or maintaining good blood oxygen levels. Different types of respiratory support are available.

G-Tubes and PEG Tubes in Preemies
Many preemies have long term feeding problems and will need a gastrostomy tube, also called a G-tube or PEG tube, for nutrition.

Gestational Age: Your Growing Baby
Learn how to measure gestational age of your baby and how it is linked to pregnancy, your baby's birth, and developmental milestones in children.

Preemie Stories - Preemie Born at 33 Weeks
A reader shares the story of her daughter Madisyn, a preemie born at 33 weeks due to preeclampsia.

Preemie Parents Teach NICU Nurses
Preemie Parents teach nurses about the NICU and neonatal nursing.

Preemie Clothes for In the NICU
The day when your little one can finally wear preemie clothes is a special milestone. Parents may wonder what types of clothes their preemie may wear, when their babies can wear preemie clothes, and how to wash preemie clothes.

Book Review: For the Love of Babies: One Doctor's Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU
For the Love of Babies- Neonatal Intensive Care Book Review

Flu and Your Baby - Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
Answers parents' questions about the flu in babies born early or at term. Flu symptoms, treatments, and prevention are included.

Premature Babies and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
What Parents of Premature Babies Need to Know about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

A Preemie Memoir You'll Love - Anchored by Kayla Aimee
Anchored, by Kayla Aimee, is a must-read preemie story. NICU Nurse Trish Ringley reviews this heartwarming real-life story of prematurity.

Frequency of Pumping Breast Milk for Preemies
Establishing a milk supply by pumping breast milk can be a challenge for many moms. Here's what you need to know about pumping for your preemie.

Pumping for Preemie? 10 amazing ways to increase milk supply
Increase milk supply for preemie by using these home remedies. Simple and easy to try.

NICU Life Hacks
Learn simple yet awesome tricks to make the NICU journey easier. How to deal with dry hands? Missing your Baby? Dealing with NICU alarms? Read on....

NICU Life Hacks
Learn simple yet awesome tricks to make the NICU journey easier. How to deal with dry hands? Missing your Baby? Dealing with NICU alarms? Read on....

10 Things your NICU Nurses Wish You Knew
Having a baby in the NICU is stressful - use these 10 tips to survive the NICU.

Premature Babies and Edema
Edema is found more often in preemies. Learn the incidence, causes and treatments for this common condition and how you can keep your baby safe.






Find the Best Preemie Support Online
Knowing where to turn for help, when you find yourself experiencing the premature birth of a baby, can be difficult. Here are the top resources for NICU support, bereavement support, education, peer mentors, and much more.







The Best Books for Worst Grief - Pregnancy & Infant Loss
The best books for parents grieving the loss of an infant - whether through stillbirth, miscarriage, or the death of a preemie or infant in the NICU.

The Best Books for Worst Grief - Pregnancy & Infant Loss
The best books for parents grieving the loss of an infant - whether through stillbirth, miscarriage, or the death of a preemie or infant in the NICU.

The Best Books about Prematurity
A NICU Nurse reviews the Top 10 Books on Prematurity - from educational preemie & NICU books to inspiring preemie memoirs. Great NICU Gifts.

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Breastfeeding & Breast Milk for Preemies
The latest on supplying your preemie with breast milk

Why do Parents of Preemies get PTSD?
Kara Wahlin, NICU mother / licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, shares her story of PTSD in the NICU, and helps explain why the NICU can cause PTSD.

What is World Prematurity Day?
What is World Prematurity Day? A day to honor prematurity and the impact it has on families across the globe, raising prematurity awareness.


5 Amazing Facts about Breast Milk and Why it is So Important for Preemies
Human milk for human babies. What you need to know about this important medical aspect of NICU care.

So You Want to be a Neonatal Nurse?
Are you a new nursing school graduate looking to start your career in neonatal nursing? Here are the five must knows as you begin your RN journey.

Preeclampsia and Prematurity
Preeclampsia, what is it? How can I prevent it? Will I deliver early? What you need to know.

Glossary: Health Problems of Premature Infants
Definitions of common health problems faced by premature babies.

Glossary: All About the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Definitions of common equipment and procedures in the neonatal intensive care unit.