Pregnancy & Childbirth Sitemap - Page 11 2016-02-12

Before You Buy Baby Clothes
Before you buy clothes for your baby or a newborn layette, here is what you need to know about all those cute little baby outfits to keep your newborn safe and adorable.

What kind of parent will you be?
Parenting style says what and how you believe in raising your kids. What's your style?

Postpartum Warning Signs to Be Aware Of
Here are the signs that say you need to call your doctor or midwife if you see these postpartum.

Having Patience in Labor Can Prevent an Unnecessary Cesarean
Active labor starts around six centimeters. Plan for a longer labor and be happy if it doesn't happen. Page 10.

Trying to find a cesarean rate locally?
Figuring out what your local cesarean rates are can help you chose your place of birth. Page 11.

Delay Routine Things After a Cesarean
Delay routine procedures after a cesarean until you've had a chance to meet and bond with your baby. Page 12.

Have a Birth Plan for a Cesarean
One third of the births in the United States are cesarean sections. Page 8.

VBAC Planning Takes Support
Find online and off line support for your VBAC. Page 13.

Reputable Sources for VBAC Information Matter
Find reputable sources of information about vaginal birth after cesarean or cesareans. Page 9.

Breastfeeding is Possible After a Cesarean Birth
Having a cesarean does not mean that you have to give up on breastfeeding. Many mothers who have had a cesarean breastfeed successfully. Page 5.

Having an Induction of Labor Increases the Risk of Cesarean Section
Induction of labor can increase the risks of a cesarean birth. Page 4.

One Third of Births are Cesareans
One third of the births in the United States are cesarean sections.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is Possible for Most
Most mothers can have a vaginal birth after a cesarean birth. Page 2.

Your Choice of Doctor or Midwife Influences Your Chance of Cesarean Birth
The person you choose to be your doctor or midwife in pregnancy greatly influences whether or not you'll have a vaginal birth. Page 3.

Have More Than One Support Person for a Cesarean Birth
Ask to have more than one support person in the operating room for a cesarean birth. Page 6.

ICAN is a Source of Support
ICAN provides support for moms seeking information about cesareans, vaginal birth after cesarean, as well as cesarean birth after cesarean. Page 7.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
High blood pressure may be physiological or a reaction to stress or anxiety. There are many things you can do to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Water Birth for Pain Relief in Labor & Birth - Home Birth, Birth Center or Hospital
Many women are turning to water for pain relief in labor and birth, some even choosing to give birth to their baby under water. This can be done in a home birth, hospital or birth center setting.

Honor Cesarean Awareness Month
A look at some ways that everyone can celebrate Cesarean Awareness Month.

Prenatal Test Videos Explaining the Tests of Pregnancy
There are so many tests that you can get in pregnancy - do you know the who, what, where and when of these tests? Which ones make sense for you and which ones don't?

Pregnancy Pilates DVDs
Pilates is a great exercise for pregnancy. Here are some of the best pregnancy pilates DVDs available.

Aden + Anais Baby Products
Aden + Anais baby products are well known for their quality. Here are some of my favorite Aden + Anais products for parents and babies.

Birth Announcements Videos You'll Love
This collection of birth announcements are all done in video format. You'll see some really neat things here... Which would you like to do?

Fun Things for a Gender Reveal Party
A gender reveal party is a way to announce the sex of your baby, in a sort of way that resembles a baby shower. Have you heard of this new trend?

Online Baby Pools
Here are some online places to set up a baby pool for your friends and family to have some fun guessing your baby's statistics.

2013 Winners for Readers' Choice Awards for Pregnancy & Childbirth
After the nominations and voting - here are the winners of the 2013 Readers Choice Awards for 2013.

Finalists for 2013 Best Pregnancy Product
The finalists for 2013 Best Pregnancy Product have been announced. Be sure to make your vote count!

Finalists for 2013 Best Pregnancy App
The finalists for 2013 Best Pregnancy App have been announced. Be sure to make your vote count!

Baby Shower Gifts Under $30 - Presents for a New Baby
Baby Shower Gifts Under $30

Cesarean Section Prevention
Learn how to avoid an unecessary cesarean.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With T - T Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with T? Look through these baby names.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With V - V Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with V? Look through these baby names.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With X - X Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with X? Look through these baby names.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With Y - Y Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with Y? Look through these baby names.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With F - F Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with F? Look through these baby names.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With H
There are a lot of girl's names that start with an H, including some very popular ones like Hannah.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With L - L Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with L? Look through these baby names.

Baby Girl Names That Begin With O - O Baby Girl Names
Looking for a baby girl name that begins with O? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With R - R Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with R? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With S - S Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with S? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With T - T Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with T? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With V - V Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with V? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With D
If you love classic baby names for boys, there are certainly plenty in the D family. Though we've got some hot new names here too.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With G - G Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with G? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With H - H Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with H? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With K - K Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with K? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With L - L Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with L? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With N
Nigel? Noah? What's your favorite N name for a boy?

Baby Boy Names That Begin With O - O Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with O? Look through these baby names.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With P - P Baby Boy Names
Looking for a baby boy name that begins with P? Look through these baby names.

Paper Chains to Count Pregnancy Down
Use paper chains to help count down your pregnancy, you can even include pregnancy affirmations. Page 2.

A Rubber Band Ball to Count the Weeks
Fun ways to counter down your pregnancy visually.

Counting Down the Days of Pregnancy
Fun ways to counter down your pregnancy visually. Page 3.

Why would you need an unplanned cesarean section?
There are many reasons for unplanned cesarean section, what are they?

When should I see a fertility doctor?
You're trying to get pregnant, except that it's not working. When is it time to call in the big guns and see the fertility doctor?

How to Swaddle Your Baby Safely
Swaddling a baby is an age old tradition. Though many parents make some common mistakes that can lead to problems for your baby.

Caring for Your Newborn Baby
Whether you've ever held or cared for a new baby before, having your own baby raises the stakes. Here are some helpful tips on taking care of your new bundle of joy from diapering to bathing and beyond.

First Trimester Newsletter
The first trimester newsletter is designed to help you get your pregnancy off to an easy start and answer all of your questions.

Welcome to the First Trimester!
Here's a quick look at what to expect in this week's issue of the first trimester guide! Page 2.

The Price is Right Baby Shower Game
Here's a fun game that is easy to put together but high on laughs. How good are your budgeting skills?

Baby Moves a Lot in Pregnancy
Is my baby moving too much? Is it a sign of something bad like ADHD?

Gifts to Announce Your Pregnancy at Christmas
Here are some fun ways to announce your pregnancy this Christmas with cards and gifts that are personalized.

Save Money on Your Labor Needs
Here's a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get your labor bag ready.

Cool Baby Gifts - New Ideas for Baby Showers and Newborns
Are you looking for some cool new products for your baby or maybe as a baby shower gift? Here are some of the coolest things available...

Posh Strollers for Babies - Celebrity Owned Baby Strollers
Celebrities are known for having posh strollers, here are some of the hippest strollers around.

Small or Portable Places for Your Baby to Sleep - Bassinet, Portable Cribs, Co-Sleepers
Finding the right space for your baby will depend on many factors. Typically families choose a smaller space for their newborns. Here are some favorites.

Breastfeeding Covers for Nursing Mothers - Discreet Nursing
Breastfeeding covers are designed to help a nursing mother have a bit more privacy and to be able to nurse discreetly, even when nursing in public. These products are so much more easy to use than the standard blanket, not to mention attractive.

Sleep Aids for Baby - Baby Sleep Aids
A look at some of the popular sleep aids used for babies, including sound machines and stuffed animals.

Why not just schedule a c-section?
Why not just schedule a c-section?

Is it a boy or girl? FAQ
Here are the most frequently asked questions about whether your baby is a boy or girl, including when can you find out, how you can find out and how often they are right.

Creative Photo Pregnancy Announcements
Photo pregnancy announcements are pretty big right now. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Our House Will Grow by 2 Feet This Year
This is a fun pregnancy announcement using baby shoes and your shoes. Page 2.

Caution: Bump Ahead!
Here's a cute pregnancy announcement using road signs like Bump ahead! Page 3.

Sand Written Pregnancy Announcement
Are you a beach family? This sand inspired pregnancy announcement might be right up your alley. Page 4.

Conversation Hearts as a Pregnancy Announcement
This is a neat way to announce a new baby using candy conversation hearts. Page 5.

Church Signs for a Pregnancy Announcement
This is a fun way to make a fake church sign as a pregnancy announcement. Page 6.

Skywriting as a Pregnancy Announcement
This is a tutorial on how to use a sky writing font for your pregnancy announcement. Page 7.

10 Tips for Grandmas About Birth
Ever wanted to have a frank discussion with your mother or mother-in-law about birth? Here are some things she should know...

Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women
It's Halloween and you've got a huge pregnant belly - what do you? Perhaps it's another party that you need a costume for, either way here is helpful advice from some ladies who bare all!

Types of Bedrest in Pregnancy
Learn about protecting certain conditions of pregnancy with bedrest and the types of bedrest often used and why.

Calf Stretch in Pregnancy
Using the calf stretch in pregnancy is a great way to prevent and alleviate pain from leg cramps.

Belevation Support Maternity Briefs Review
A look at the Belevation Support Maternity Briefs for comfort in pregnancy.

Lansinoh THERA°PEARL 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Review
The Lansinoh THERA°PEARL 3-in-1 Breast Therapy are designed to provide both cold and warm relief from pain and swelling associated with breastfeeding. Here's our review.

Genie Bra Review
The Genie Bra has the plus of being able to last for many months of your pregnancy, read on for more details...

There's a Baby! Sibling Birth Preparation Video
This review looks at the sibling birth preparation film: There's a Baby! by Penny Simkin.

Kegel Camp App
The Kegel Camp App is designed to help make practicing your kegels easier.

Aden + Anais Crib Sheets
A look at the Aden + Anais fitted crib sheets for your baby's bed.

JJ Cole Breastfeeding Pillow
A review of the JJ Cole Breastfeeding Pillow that takes into consideration both form and function.

Shuga Bebe Couture Nursing Pillow Review
The Shuga Bebe Couture Nursing Pillow was designed to help alleviate some issues with regular nursing pillows. Our reviewer talks about what they tried and how it works.

Milkscreen Review
A look at the Milkscreen product that screens your breastmilk for alcohol after you've been drinking.

Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag Review
A review of the Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag for moms and dads.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack
A look at the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack as a diaper bag for mom or a baby shower gift.

Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD
The Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD is designed for in home yoga practice in pregnancy.

One Year to an Organized Life With Baby Review
One Year to an Organized Life With Baby guides you through an entire year to help you prepare for your baby and make it through your to-do list of pregnancy and beyond easily.

Great Birth Planning Tool or Baby Shower Game
Looking for a fun baby shower game with a bit of competition? This is also a neat game to play in childbirth class.

Pregnancy Perspective
If you live to be 72, that's 26,280 days. Pregnancy is a mere 280 days on average. A little perspective on those rough days can help. Page 17.

Pregnancy and Birth Knit Us Together
We should come closer together as women because of the shared experience of motherhood and pregnancy. Page 20.

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.
It is sad to hear of so many women fearing giving birth. There are things you can do to help conquer those fears before having a baby. Page 19.

Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder...
How do you feel about the body changes in pregnancy? Carrie Fisher nails it. Page 18.

7 People You Want to Avoid in the Hospital Waiting Room
The waiting room is full of people that aren't always so fun to be with, even when you're waiting on a new baby.

What should I eat in labor?
Wondering if there's an ideal menu for labor?

Figure Out When to Hire a Doula for Labor
You should look to hire a doula early in pregnancy for the best choices, but there is time if you just figured out you wanted a doula.

Stretch Marks are what?
Ever thought about stretch marks? Page 13.

Power to Birth
Women have the power to birth and it comes form within. Page 5.

A Baby Makes…
A look at what a baby makes out of your life…. Page 7.

Let Your Monkey Do It
Let go, your body knows how to give birth. Ina May Gaskin, midwife, and her famous quote on instinct. Page 6.

Look like a Goddess in Labor
Looking for a quote about what good support in labor looks like? Page 10.

Everyday that you are pregnant...
Sometimes being pregnant requires patience, even when you're really tired of being pregnant. Page 15.

Babies are nice...
Having a baby is special, but sometimes it gets lost in the every day of the postpartum life. Page 4.

Having kids is like a frat house...

6 Ways to Try Out Your Baby Names Before Birth
Choosing a name for your baby goes beyond simply selecting a few names and filling out the birth certificate. What would a responsible parent do? Try it out first!

Quotes and Inspiration for Pregnancy
Looking for inspiration in pregnancy? Here are quotes about pregnancy and parenthood to help you laugh and smile about the days to come.

The Power of Contractions
Worried about the power and intensity of labor? You're not alone. Page 2.

Know Your Options
You do have options when it comes to pregnancy and birth, don't let anyone tell you differently. Page 3.

If a doula were a drug...
Doulas can help you feel more calm and confident in birth. Page 11.

Sleep like a baby?
Do you worry about how well your baby will sleep once born? Page 8.

Labor Ends When…
It's common to believe that once the work over labor is done, you're home free. The truth is, it's just begun. Page 9.

I like trying to get pregnant...
Getting pregnant is usually more fun to think about than giving birth. What helps you? Page 12.

When do you become a mother?
A look at when you become a mother in this quote by Alveda King. Page 14.

Lollipop Tree for Baby Shower Decoration
A lollipop tree is a cute idea to help decorate for your baby shower, but it can also enhance a theme.

Lollipop Tree Supplies
Gather your supplies before you set about making your lollipop tree, your base is the key thing! Page 2.

Making the Holes for a Lollipop Tree
You have to be careful when making the holes in the styrofoam ball for your lollipop tree. Page 3.

Spacing the Suckers for the Lollipop Tree
How close the holes are does matter when making a lollipop tree! Page 4.

Finish Adding Suckers
The last few suckers are always the hardest! Page 5.

Decorating the Base
Decorating the base is just an added touch for your lollipop tree. Page 6.

6 Smells Pregnant Women Hate
Sometimes the pregnancy symptom that shocks you the most is that smells make you gag.

Winnie the Pooh Quotes for Baby
If you love Winnie the Pooh, classic or contemporary, you'll love these quotes.

How to Decide to Breastfeed
There is a lot to go into the decision of breastfeeding. But there are some things to keep in mind as you contemplate what you'll do when it comes to nursing your baby.

What Your Due Date Does NOT Mean
There are a lot of articles out there talking about what your due date means, here's a look at what your pregnancy due date isn't.

6 Ways to Prepare for Baby Before Birth
A few tips from an experienced mom on how to prepare for baby before the birth.

Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) of Birth Control
Have you ever heard about using breastfeeding as a method of birth control? Well, it can work if you follow three simple but key rules.

New Sleep Rules for Pregnant Women
Insomnia can be a real bear when you're pregnant, but in today's world, the reasons for insomnia go way beyond growing a baby.

Eating the Placenta: One Mom's Story
One mom shares her story of how she ate her placenta and why it helped her.

Skin-to-Skin With Baby
Holding your baby skin-to-skin after birth can really make a huge difference in how easily they adjust to life outside the womb.

Planning a Mother Blessing
If you're looking for a great mama centered celebration this pregnancy, here's your planning guide for the perfect Mother Blessing.

Modern Baby Names
A look at how modern baby names have developed from the cradle to the birth certificate.

How to Make Placenta Prints
A guide to making your very own print from your placenta.

10 Tips for the Hospital Ride
If you are planning to give birth in a hospital or birth center, you'll have to ride the car to the place of birth - you can do it painfully or more comfortably.

Scared to Take a Pregnancy Test
Taking a pregnancy test takes a certain amount of courage. Did you ever fear taking a pregnancy test?

Epidural or Nothing for Labor Pain?
A look at what some of the options are for pain relief in childbirth, including an epidural, but also including a wide variety of options that many people do not think about typically.

Is it safe to get a manicure in pregnancy?
Sometimes it seems like everything we do in pregnancy is a no no. Manicures and pedicures are a great treat to so many women, particularly in pregnancy, but are they safe for mom and baby?

How to Get an Epidural
Epidural anesthesia is the most common form of pain relief used in labor. Do you know what you need to know in order to get an epidural?

5 Things to Do in Labor to Prevent Boredom
Labor can be quite thrilling, but more often than not - it's downright boring. Here's how to cope.

Celebrating the Due Date
The day that becomes the focus of your pregnancy is the due date. While most women dread the due date - I'd like to show you how to celebrate it!

April Birthdays for Celebrity Babies
Celebrity babies who have April birthdays include...

Ways to Welcome a New Baby
Having a new baby is great, it's something you want to share with lots of people. But it can also be tiring to have guests or visitors. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your baby's greeting.

Things Not to Say to a Woman with Morning Sickness
A look at some of the really goofy things people have said to pregnant women in the throes of morning sickness.

January Birthdays for Celebrity Babies
Celebrity babies who have January birthdays include...

October Birthdays for Celebrity Babies
Everyone loves celebrity babies, here is a list of celebrity babies with October birthdays.

Tori Spelling and Baby Number Three
Tori Spelling anxiously awaits the birth of baby number three. Page 2.

Brown Discharge in Pregnancy
As if you needed something to worry about, a brown discharge may send you into a panic when you're pregnant.

I'm not going to tell you it's easy...
Here's a great quote on those days when breastfeeding has you down.

Three Demands of a Newborn
Everyone knows newborns are needy. This isn't a surprise. Here are somethings to think about meeting those demands. Page 2.

Spilled Milk
Ever spilled milk that you pumped? Page 3.

Do men feel cheated not getting to be pregnant?
A look at what dads and partners might be missing out on in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Page 4.

Planning a Shark Themed Baby Shower
Yes, you've now seen everything - a shark theme for a baby shower!

The Breastfeeding Life Cycle
A look at breastfeeding from pregnancy to weaning.

Trick or Treat Pregnancy Announcement
Use the standard call and response for Halloween as a way to surprise your friends and family with your pregnancy announcement. Page 5.

5 Things to Know About Group B Strep
Wondering what Group B Strep is and why you have to have that vaginal exam?

Things People Say About Homebirth
If you're planning a homebirth and have talked to others about it, chances are you've heard some ofthese.

Throwing a Thanksgiving Baby Shower
A Thanksgiving baby shower might be just what you need to get your long distance friends and family together to celebrate your impending birth and new baby.

How Do I Know My Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk?
New moms often want to know if their baby is getting enough breast milk in the early days. There are some simple ways to tell if your baby is getting enough to eat!

5 Things to Ask Before an Induction of Labor
Induction of labor can be done for many reasons, including reasons that aren't medical. It can also increase your chances of a highly interventive birth - know what the options are and what's going on before you get induced.

5 Things to Bring to Your Prenatal Appointments
How do you prepare for a prenatal appointment? Here are some things you should plan to have handy the next time you go to visit your doctor or midwife.

Post-Baby Fashion including Fashionable Nursing Clothes
We spend a lot of time talking about fashion in pregnancy, but we usually neglect the immediate period of time after your baby is born when it comes to fashion help. Here are some quick tips to help you look great, even after your baby is born even in nursing clothes.

Popular Alaska Baby Names
Looking for the most popular baby names from Alaska? Look no further, boy names and girl names for the last decade.

Do you have good hospital waiting room etiquette?
Are you planning to have people in the hospital waiting room when you give birth? Do you know what good hospital waiting room etiquette is?

How Many People Can I Have in the Delivery Room?
Ever wonder who you're allowed to have with you when you give birth? Do you wonder if that number will be limited by anything?

Breast References
Information on breastfeeding references.

Information on circumsicion, including the latest medical and policy statements.

Family Bed
Should you bring your baby to bed with you?

Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Information about severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, sometimes causing the need for hospitalization.

Newborn Testing
Newborn testing varies from state to state. Learn about the different options for screening your baby for different genetic and metabolic disorders and more.

Physical Attributes of a Newborn Baby
A far cry from the images must of us see in advertising, newborn babies have a very distinct look. From swollen parts to jaundice and birth marks, there are a lot of possibilities. Look here to see what the possibilities are for your new baby.

Breastfeeding with Pierced Nipples
How to breastfeed with pierced nipples.

Amniotic Banding Syndrome
Information on amniotic banding syndrome.

Down Syndrome & Trisomies
Information on the different trisomies.

Getting Ready for Your New Baby
Preparing for your new baby is more than just child proofing. What do you need to do to prepare your home and your hearts for your new baby? We've got answers.

HELLP Syndrome
Information on HELLP syndrome, a rare disorder during pregnancy.

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)
Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is one of the most common birth defects in children.

Information on this genetic testing and how it can be used in all stages of pregnancy to draw information about the fetus, like genetic problems and fetal lung maturity. Includes information on how the procedure is done and when.

Biophysical Profile
This test is commonly done towards the end of pregnancy to determine the health of your baby. It includes an ultrasound and a nonstress test.

Birth Advocacy
Birth advocacy is about standing up for what you need in your birth environment - whether that is keeping your baby with you after birth, being allowed to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) or ensuring epidurals are available at your hospital. Learn how to stand up for and know your rights when it comes to maternity care.

Childbirth Education Certification
Places to get trained as a childbirth educator.

Childbirth Information in Español
Pregnancy and birth information in Spanish.

Herbs & Pregnancy
What you need to know about herbal use in pregnancy.

Nonstress Testing
This test can be done in the later stages of pregnancy. It is more frequently used in cases where the mother is going past her assigned due date to ensure fetal well-being. In some cases it is done as a precaution after problems in a previous pregnancy or because of high risk factors such as diabetes, intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), etc.

Stress Test - Oxytocin Challenge Test (OCT)
The Oxytocin Challenge Test (OCT) or stress test is done at near full term pregnancy to determine how your baby deals with the stress of contractions. Sometimes this is done to determine the health of your baby and others to determine if your baby can handle labor.

Alphafetoprotein Testing
The alphafetoprotein (AFP) test is a screening test drawn from maternal blood usually between 15-17 weeks gestation to help find babies who suffer from neural tube defects (NTD) or Down Syndrome. Will you take this test? What are your options?

Birth Centers
Learn more about the option of a birth center for your labor and birth.

Due Date Commuities - Meet Other Moms-to-be
Join a group of women due at the same time you are to discussion the daily life of being pregnant and common questions that arise. I learned more from these types of groups than almost anywhere in my pregnancies. Find a group for you!

Online Childbirth Classes
A look at the free, online childbirth class offered that covers pregnancy nutrition, exercise, preparing for labor and childbirth, relaxation, pain relief in labor, epidural anesthesia, other medications and hospital procedures, cesarean section, breastfeeding and baby care.

Leg Cramps
Your resource for leg cramps in pregnancy, prevention, and dealing with it.

S - T - U - V
Pregnancy related words beginning with S - T - U - V.

W - X - Y - Z
Pregnancy related words beginning with W - X - Y - Z.

Attachment Parenting
The basics of attachment parenting, including philosophy and practicalities. From bed sharing and breastfeeding to gentle discipline.

Single Parenting
Single parenting is a fact of life for many families. Whether you are a single parent by choice or circumstance, these articles of information will help you.

D - E - F - G
Pregnancy related words beginning with D - E - F - G.

A - B - C
Pregnancy related words beginning with A, B or C.

Breastfeeding Problems
What to do if you have a breast feeding problem.

Baby Carriers - Slings, Mei Tai, Baby Bjorn, Baby Pouch
Baby carriers are great ways to help you maintain contact with your baby and yet to have an arm or two free to go about your daily life. Though a baby carrier choice is as personal as you and your baby. Here are some of our favorites.

Car Seats for Baby
Every baby needs a car seat. The choices are amazing in sheer number. How do you sort through and find the right car seat for your baby? We'll help you.

Labor and Delivery Dictionary - Glosasary of Labor Terms
Labor and delivery have some terms that are unique to them. So here you'll find even the toughest words defined from cervix to station and everything in between.

Second Stage of Labor - Pushing Your Baby Out
The second stage of labor is more commonly known as the pushing phase of labor. When the mother is completely dilated, she may begin to push when she feels the urge to push. The second stage is complete when the baby is born. The average second stage for a first time mother is about two to three hours. Positions for the second stage can help make the baby be born more quickly.

Forceps and Vacuum Extraction in Labor and Birth
Forceps and vacuum extraction are tools used in abnormal labors to assist in the delivery of your baby. Learn about why forceps or vacuum extraction would be used and what you can do to prevent the need for them in your labor. Using labor positon can help you avoid them, rotate a posterior baby and reduce the cesarean rate.

Pregnancy Test Reviews - Reviews of Pregnancy Tests
Read pregnancy test reviews on ease of use, how late your period has to be, how much hCG is measured in your urine and more.

Is it safe in pregnancy?
There are so many rules about what is safe in pregnancy and what isn't safe in pregnancy. So what makes the safe list and what doesn't?

Breech Babies
About 4% of babies are breech, learn what you need to know to give birth safely, vaginally or by cesarean.

Cord Blood
Information about cord blood banking.

Often called the unkindest cut of all, this surgical incision of the perineum is mostly unnecessary. Learn how to prevent it and what happens when it's necessary.

Pregnancy and Birth Dictionary and Glossary
Your pregnancy terms defined - from zygote and beyond.

Choosing a Place of Birth
Where should you give birth? A hospital? A birth center? Your home? Look at the practical and medical reasons to make a choice that is right for you and your baby, including insurance questions.

Swings, Play Centers and other Large Baby Toys
If you're in the market for a baby swing, a play center, bouncy chair or other large baby toy look no further! Here are our favorites.

Pregnancy Fears
Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy and wonder, but for many women and their families it is stressful and full of concern. Worry is something that many women complain about, though many are hesitant to talk about it during their prenatal visits because they think that their concerns are unfounded. Here are some of the more common worries that pregnant women have during their pregnancy.

Baby High Chairs
A high chair is a handy tool to have for feeding your baby or toddler, whether it is in your kitchen or dining room. It's also a personal choices with so many options. Which are right for you?

Baby Strollers
Baby strollers are a big part of your life with baby. Do you need an umbrella stroller or a double stroller? Which ones work best for what you need? Here's the scoop.

Blighted Ovum
Information about blighted ovum.

Baby Bottles and Breast Pumps
Here is the scoop on the latest breast pumps and breastfeeding products. From baby bottles to breast pumps and beyond.

Domestic Violence in Pregnancy
Domestic violence is prevalent in pregnancy, with homicide as the leading cause of death for pregnant women. Prenatal screening and well newborn visits provide screening opportunities for family violence as well as routine physical care.

Medication in Pregnancy
Everything you need to know about medications in pregnancy, what is safe and what's not.

Breastfeeding Information
The basics of breastfeeding, including getting off to a good start, handling common and not so common issues. Also includes information on how to pump, when to pump, which breast pump and more!

Ectopic Pregnancy
Everything you never wanted to know about the leading cause of maternal death in the first trimester, ectopic pregnancy.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Information on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) from personal stories to the latest information on protecting your baby.

Infant Formula (Artificial Breast Milk)
Infant formula is used when breast milk is not available for your baby. Here are ways to ensure that you are mixing your formula correctly from powdered formula to the concentrate. Also information on baby bottle choices and loving bottle feeding.

Baby Cribs and Places to Sleep
Buying a baby crib can be fun, but there are a lot of choices available. Do you know what to look for that makes a crib safe? What to do expect out of a crib? Maybe you're looking for a bassinet or Moses basket?

Pregnancy Skin Care
Your skin in pregnancy is very different. Here are products designed to help you glow and enjoy your pregnancy and new skin.

Preparing for Postpartum
When it comes to preparing for postpartum, a little planning can go a long way towards helping you plan for meals, your physical care, care of siblings. Sometimes this is enlisting friends and families or even the help of a postpartum doula.

19 Weeks Pregnant
Jen is 19 weeks pregnant with her first baby in this photo.

8 Weeks Pregnant with First Baby
I'm very excited I'm 37 and I though I'd never get pregnant as I only got married last year. . Page 12.

Nursing 1 Year Old in Pumpkin Patch
Nursing 1 Year Old in Pumpkin Patch. Page 2.

Nursing 2 Year Old in Pumpkin Patch
Nursing 2 Year Old in Pumpkin Patch. Page 3.

Nursing Six Month Old Twins in the Football Hold
Nursing Six Month Old Twins in the Football Hold

Where can I go for breastfeeding help?
When you are breastfeeding you need to know where you can turn for help, whether it be La Leche League or a lactation consultant from your hospital, you need a plan.

Baby Showers Decorations
Cute ways to decorate for the baby shower of your dreams. Do it your self crafts too!

Baby Shower Food
How to throw the perfect baby shower, including gifts, and shower games. Punches and more, add your recipes for baby showers!

Baby Shower Themes
How to throw the perfect baby shower, including gifts, and shower games.

A spiritual alternative to the traditional Baby Shower.
A spiritual alternative to the traditional Baby Shower.

Pregnancy with Multiples
Maybe you think you're pregnant with twins or more, perhaps because you've gotten so big so fast. Maybe you've just had an ultrasound or blood work that says it might be more than one. Here is the scoop on being pregnant with more than one baby!

Employment & Pregnancy
A guide to working and your rights and obligations while pregnant.

Baby Safety
How to keep baby safe from car travel to air travel and baby proofing your home.

Laughter is the best medicine so they say! Here are some cute things about pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting.
Laughter is the best medicine so they say! Here are some cute things about pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting.

Parenting After Pregnancy
Parenting is what comes after pregnancy. Are you ready for a new baby and all that this entails? If not, here are some ways to get ready and prepare not only your home but your life for your new baby.

The Nursery
The nursery should be a fun and safe place for baby, whether it's a room just for the baby or a part of a shared room. Here are some tips on decorating, designing and safety issues in the nursery.

Pregnancy Glossary for Words and Phrases Commonly Used in Pregnancy
A look at some of the common phrases, words and medical jargon used in pregnancy and childbirth.

Birth Ball for Ocho's Labor
Birth Ball for Ocho's Labor. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 13.

Birth Pictures - Photos from Labor and Delivery
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy! Page 10.

Kevin helps Robin in Labor.
Kevin helps comfort Robin in labor. Page 17.

New Baby - Birth Pictures - Photos from Labor and Delivery
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy! Page 19.

Newborn baby at birth - labor photos
37 weeks gestation, 6 lbs 5 oz Newborn baby at birth. Page 5.

Relaxing in labor.
Robin relaxes inbetween contractions. Page 14.

Cesarean Birth Picture - Suctioning
This birth picture if from a c-section. Page 22.

Birth Pictures - Photos from Labor and Delivery
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy! Page 16.

Birth Pictures - Photos from Labor and Delivery
Using an upright position to take away labor pain. Page 15.

Birth Pictures
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy!

Birth Pictures
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy!

Birth Photo - Newborn Baby
This is a birth photo of a baby boy who weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and 19 inches long. Page 28.

Newborn Baby Photo - Birth Pictures
Seconds after birth newborn baby. Page 6.

Pushing Twins - Birth Pictures - Photos from Labor and Delivery
Giving birth to twins - pushing. Page 12.

Cesarean Birth Photo - Baby's Head is Out
Cesarean Birth Photo - Baby's Head is Out. Page 26.

Resting in early labor - Birth Photo
Resting in early labor. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 11.

Cesarean Incision - Birth Pictures
This is the beginning of a c-section. Page 25.

C-section Birth Photo
Part of a c-section is to cut through the muscle layer. Page 24.

New Baby, Water Birth, 10 lbs 2 oz
This baby was born after a water birth. She weighed 10 pounds 2 ounces. Page 18.

New baby just minutes after birth!
New baby just minutes after birth! Page 8.

New Baby Born After Water Birth
Happy mom and baby after water birth. Page 29.

Birth - Brand New Baby Photo - Newborn Photo Gallery
This baby is just seconds old. This is right after birth, you can see the umbilical cord is still attached. She was born at 38 weeks gestation and weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces. Page 7.

Newborn Baby Girl just after a Water Birth
Newborn Baby Girl just after a Water Birth. Page 2.

Newborn baby at birth - labor photos
37 weeks gestation, 6 lbs 5 oz Newborn baby at birth.

Brand New Twin Girls at Birth
Brand New Twin Girls at Birth! Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 21.

Cesarean Birth Photos
This is part of a cesarean birth picture series. Page 23.

Baby's head molded after vacuum extraction.
Baby's head molded after vacuum extraction. Page 20.

Vaginal Birth Newborn Baby Photo
This is a baby just born! Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 4.

Water Birth Pictures
This baby is shown just after a water birth.

Birth Pictures
Birth pictures are one way to see what labor and delivery will be like when it is your turn. Here are some birth pictures for you to look through and enjoy!

40 Weeks Pregnant 1st Baby in Labor
40 Weeks Pregnant 1st Baby in Labor. Page 27.

40 Weeks Pregnant 1st Baby in Labor
40 Weeks Pregnant 1st Baby in Labor. Page 3.

42 Weeks Pregnant in Labor
42 Weeks Pregnant in Labor. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 9.

Can I get pregnant if...
There are a ton of myths and rumors floating around about how you get pregnant. Much of my mail box is filled with questions on if certain things help or hinder pregnancy. Here are some of the answers to those questions.

Strange Places to Take a Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy tests are easy to find and easy to take. Here are some stories of strange locations to take a pregnancy test.

Ever Taken a Pregnancy Test in a Store Bathroom?
Believe it or not, many moms can't wait until they get home to take a pregnancy test. Page 2.

Walk-a-Thon Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy tests are easy to find and easy to take. Here are some stories of strange locations to take a pregnancy test. Page 5.

Sneaking Urine for a Pregnancy Test
This mom had to resort to hidden maneuvers to take her pregnancy test due to relatives. Page 3.

College Pregnancy Test
There are plenty of pregnancy tests that happen in college dorm rooms. Page 4.

Class Six Breastfeeding, Postpartum, Baby Care
Welcome to the sixth class in the series of online childbirth education classes. This class focuses on life with baby, postpartum adjustment, breast feeding, newborn behaviors, sleeping and physical changes in your postpartum body.

Your Six Week Postpartum Check Up
Wondering what goes on at your six week check up? Page 10.

Bathing Your Newborn
Bathing your new baby is something lots of new parents have questions about. Here's what childbirth class can teach you to be prepared. Page 2.

Calming Your Crying Baby
Calming your crying baby is a skill all new parents need. Page 3.

Postpartum Physical Changes
Wondering what happens to your body after birth? Here are some of the physical changes that you can expect. Page 4.

Postpartum Bleeding
After you have a baby, you will bleed. How much you bleed will depend on many factors. Page 5.

Perineal Care After Birth
How to take care of your bottom after having a baby is an important thing to know. Page 6.

Postpartum Emotions Childbirth Class Online
Having a baby can really change your emotions. There are some normal variation and some that aren't so normal. Page 7.

Baby Feeding
Interested in learning about infant feeding methods? Page 8.

Postpartum Sex
Yes, there is sex after baby. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 9.

Finding a Baby Shower Theme
Deciding on the theme for your baby shower does not have to be a difficult process. Here are some places you can find quick answers to the right baby shower theme for you!

Stages of Labor
There are three stages of labor used to help you figure out where you are on your journey to giving birth.

Dads and Labor - Information about Dads and Labor
Every dad has concerns about labor. But knowledge is the key. Here you'll find great info on childbirth classes, books for dads, doulas and dads and more.

Breastfeeding Support
Information on finding support for breastfeeding.

Hospital Stay & Procedures
Everything you need to do to be prepared for your hospital stay.

Pregnancy Calculators & Tools
Due date calculators, ovulation calculators and more. From figuring out your due date to calculating the number of weeks you have left of your pregnancy, these simple tools will be helpful to you and your family.

Sexuality in Pregnancy
Yes, there is sex and sexuality after pregnancy is achieved. You simply have to be creative!

Is VBAC Good Idea?
Why a vaginal birth after cesarean may or may not be the right choice for you.

Health during Pregnancy
Health concerns during pregnancy and staying healthy!

Midlife Pregnancy
Information on pregnancy during mid-life and the special needs you may have.

Nutrition in Pregnancy
What to eat, what not to eat and how to eat while you're pregnant

Plus Size Pregnancy
Information on being overweight during pregnancy.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy
Pregnancy is one time in your life when you're supposed to gain weight. However how and when you add that weight and how to avoid extra weight can be an issue many mothers-to-be face.

Pregnancy and the Bible
Are you looking for Biblical references, Bible verses and baby names?

Beauty in Pregnancy - Make Up, Fashion, Hair Care, Skin Care
Who says that beauty and fashion have to go out the window just because you're pregnant? Here are the latest fashion trends and beauty tips for pregnancy and postpartum.

Belly Casting - Permanent Memories of your Pregnancy
Making a permanent memory of your belly with plaster casting is a great way to celebrate.

Staying Healthy & Fit
There is more to taking care of your pregnant body than taking your prenatal vitamins. Learn about nutrition, physical fitness apporpriate for pregnancy and how prenatal vitamins really work!

Symptoms of Pregnancy
When we think of the symptoms of pregnancy we usually think of morning sickness. However there are many symptoms that accompany pregnancy like nasal stuffiness, insomnia, swelling, weight gain and more.

Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy is an issue. On one hand most teens are not trying to become pregnant. On the other once they are pregnant they may not get the prenatal care that they need.

Elective Cesarean - Cesarean Delivery Maternal Request (CDMR)
Is it possible to ask for a cesarean birth to avoid a vaginal birth? What about if it isn't medically necessary? The debate rages on about elective cesarean, here is what we do know about cesareans and maternal request.

Scheduled Cesarean
What are the reasons a cesarean might be scheduled? How would a scheduled cesarean differ from an unplanned or emergency cesarean? When does it happen?

Unplanned Cesarean Section
Why might you need to give birth by c-section? What does it mean for you and your baby? What about future pregnancies? How will your cesarean be done and more...

Questions About Pregnancy Tests
Do you have a question about how the pregnancy test works? If the results you got are real - positive or negative? Or if some medication messes the pregnancy test results up? Look here for answers.

Pregnancy Tests
What to know if you're pregnant? Here are the basics on pregnancy tests, how they work and when they can be taken.

Top Baby Names by Year
Every year the Social Security Administration (SSA) compiles lists of the top baby names based on birth certificate data. Here are the top lists from various years.

Relaxation and Breathing for Labor and Birth
Relaxation and attention your natural breathing can be very helpful in any labor or birth setting. Even when using medications like epidural anesthesia in childbirth, forms of relaxation and breathing can help reduce stress and relieve pain. Here are some simple techniques to make your labor and birth more comfortable.

Water Birth
Information on water birth as an option for pain relief in labor and gentle birth.

Birth Videos | Childbirth Caught on Film
Birth videos are one way to watch a birth before your labor and childbirth. Some women enjoy this immensely, while others aren't so sure. Here are some of the best birth videos around.

Book Themed Baby Shower
Having a book themed baby shower is a great idea for a first or second time mother-to-be. And it's a great way to quickly build a library for the baby.

Life with Multiples
Breastfeeding, diapers, and double strollers! Oh my! How will you ever handle it all? Here are some tips from parents who have been there with multiple birth children.

Labor and Birth
Labor and birth are important things to learn about before the big day. Giving birth to your baby is a day you'll never forget, no matter how your baby is born. There is so much to learn about giving birth and caring for your new baby and your postpartum body.

Sex Selection - How to choose a girl or boy for your next baby.
Information on sex selection techniques for choosing a girl or boy for your next baby prior to conception like MicroSort®, Shettles Method, Ericsson Method, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and more.

Informed Consent in Pregnancy
How to get the information that you need to know about tests and procedures in pregnancy.

A Baby Shower Etiquette Guide
A simple guide for baby shower etiquette when dealing with friends and family who have experienced pregnancy loss or infertility. How to be polite and provide them with what they need in a potentially uncomfortable position.

Fun Due Date Facts - Birthstones, Flowers, Zodiac and More
When your baby is born there will be several things assigned to them including a birthstone, flowers associated with their birth month and a sign under the Zodiac, commonly known as a way to read a horoscope.

Preventing Anemia in Pregnancy
Iron is an important mineral in your diet and many women need iron supplements in pregnancy. This is what is missing when you're anemic.

What is a labor complication or intervention?
This online childbirth class is meant to give you a good idea of labor and birth from the comfort of your own computer. This class focuses on complications in labor, interventions in labor like fetal monitoring, induction, cesarean section and medications including epidural anesthesia.

Emotional Relaxation in Labor
Emotional relaxation has many benefits for labor. Page 10.

IV, Enema, Catheter for Labor
A look at some common interventions in labor, the IV, a urinary catheter, and enema. Page 2.

Fetal Monitoring for Labor
Fetal Monitoring is commonly used in labor. Did you know that there are multiple ways to do it? Page 3.

Amniotomy and Episiotomy in Labor
Amniotomy or breaking your water, is a common practice in many hospitals. Learn when this is needed as well as about episiotomy. Page 4.

Hospital Policy, Interventions and Medications for Birth
A look at how hospital policy plays a part in your birth. Page 5.

IV Medication in Labor
IV medications can be the right choice in labor. Page 6.

Forceps and Vacuum Extraction in Labor
Forceps and Vacuum Extraction have a place in modern labors b. Page 7.

Epidural Anesthesia and The Walking Epidural
Many women choose some form of epidural anesthesia for labor. Page 8.

Cesarean Section Class
Sometimes a cesarean birth is required in labor. Page 9.

A Man's Story of Miscarriage
A dad shares his thoughts about miscarriage and recovery. Page 2.

A Woman's Story of Miscarriage
One mom talks about her experience of miscarriage. Page 3.

A Personal Story of Miscarriage
A husband and wife share their personal stories of a miscarriage.

1 in 5 pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Here are the facts, how to tell if you're miscarrying, what to do and how to heal.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 6.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 2.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 8.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 9.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 3.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 7.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 4.

Baby Eight - The Ocho
Baby Eight - The Ocho. Pregnancy & Childbirth. Page 5.

Ocho's Belly Painting
Here is a photo gallery of belly painting for Baby Eight - The Ocho. Here the siblings enjoy welcoming a new baby by celebrating pregnancy and painting their mom's belly.

Boy or Girl Quiz
Test your pregnancy symptoms to see if you're having a boy or a girl based on the old wives tales.

Bed Rest in Pregnancy
What you can do when on pregnancy bed rest to keep from going insane.

Pregnancy from the Shadows
What to do when you're on bedrest. Page 2.

Questions about Home Birth
Here are the answers to some of the common questions about home birth, like isn't it messy and what happens to the placenta...

Antibodies & Blood Related Illness
The details of antibodies and what they do to pregnancy.

Asthma & Pregnancy
Will asthma effect your pregnancy or baby's health?

DES & Pregnancy
Information on how exposure to DES can aeffect your pregnancy.

Diabetes & Pregnancy
Managing and living with gestational diabetes, and diabetes in pregnancy.

HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy
A look at pregnancy planning, testing and treatment including breastfeeding for HIV and AIDS.

Birth Defects in Pregnancy
Birth defects are something that everyone worries about in one way or another. These can be genetic or environmental issues. Your doctor or midwife can talk to your about screening and diagnostic tests related to birth defects during your preconceptional health check up or at your prenatal visits.

Eating Disorders in Pregnancy
Pregnancy can be a very difficult time for those suffering from eating disorders. The need for weight gain is apparent and yet so very difficult for these individuals. Here you'll find information to help you.

Group B Strep
Group B Strep is potentially very dangerous, learning about screening and treatment to protect your baby.

Celiac Disease and Pregnancy
Celiac disease can be found in up to 1 in 200 people, though many do not know that they have this disease. Infertility and some pregnancy complications are associated with undiagnosed celiac disease. Learn about celiac disease, diagnosis, treatment, a gluten-free diet and more.

Surgery in Pregnancy
Having to have surgery while pregnant is something that can make you very nervous. But sometimes the surgery is necessary for emergent reasons and other times to help the pregnancy continue. Here are some of the more common surgeries that happen in pregnancy.

Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery
As more and more women undergo weight loss or bariatric surgery prior to pregnancy, there is an increased need for information concerning the proper care in pregnancy of a woman who has had this type of surgery.

Pregnancy and Epilepsy
Pregnancy and epilepsy? Here is information on dealing with this seizure disorder in pregnancy including information on medications.

Baby Complications
Complications can occur with the baby that are found during pregnancy either through blood work or ultrasounds and genetics testing.

Bleeding in Pregnancy
A look at the different causes and meanings of bleeding in pregnancy.

Chorionic Villus Sampling
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is done earlier in pregnancy to determine genetic problems. The results are also back more quickly, but just as accurately as other genetic testing.

High-Risk Pregnancy
Is your pregnancy at a greater risk than other women? Here you'll find information on complications and chronic conditions that can increase tehe risk for you and your baby.

Incompetent Cervix & Cerlcage
Information on diagnosis and treatment of incompetent cervix, including cerclage and bedrest.

Placenta Previa
Placenta previa, or a low lying placenta, is often found early in pregnancy. Many cases normally resolve, for others the complications can be great.

Preterm Labor
Preterm Labor resources, including prevention, treatment, and outcomes for moms and babies.

Sexually Transmitted Disease and Pregnancy
Information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases during pregnancy.

Allergies and Pregnancy
Allergies are something that bother many people. Pregnancy can directly impact not only your allergies but your allergy medications. How can you have a safe, comfortable pregnancy with allergies?

Anemia in Pregnancy (Low Iron)
Low iron can be a common problem in pregnancy. Learn ways to combat it.

Cancer in Pregnancy
Unfortunately some women will have to face cancer while pregnant. Here are some information pages about the types of cancer seen during pregnancy and how it is treated, including molar pregnancy.

Disease in Pregnancy
Try as one might to stay healthy, disease in pregnancy does occur. Here is what you need to know about diseases in pregnancy like rubella, chicken pox, fifth disease, the flu and more.

Heart Health & Pregnancy
What you need to know about your heart and common heart related problems during pregnancy.

Rh Factor
What does the Rh factor have to do with pregnancy, and how can it harm you and baby. A simple blood test can help you protect yourself and your baby.

Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy
Explore the effects of thyroid disease on fertility, and how to ensure a healthy pregnancy for a mother-to-be with thyroid disease.

Pitocin is a commonly used medication in labor and delivery for induction or labor as well as control of postpartum hemorrhage.

Urinary Catheter
A urinary catheter can be a normal part of labor and delivery, particularly if you have a cesarean section or epidural.

Viability of a Baby
Viability. Pregnancy & Childbirth.

Grand Multip
Definition of the term Grand Multip as it relates to pregnancy and birth.

Linea Negra
Many pregnant women get a dark line on their belly or a linea negra. But what is it?

Blighted Ovum
Blighted ovum is a form of pregnancy loss in the first trimester.

Vasa Previa
Vasa previa is a complication of pregnancy.

Intrauterine Pressure Catheter
What is a Intrauterine Pressure Catheter (IUPC) and why is it used in labor?

Uterine Rupture
The many definitions of uterine rupture.

This exercise can help you give birth more easily and help you get your body back after giving birth.

Labor Delivery Recovery and Postpartum Room
An Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum Room (LDRP) is one where you enter and use your entire stay at the hospital or birth center.

The definition of the word quickening.

L - M - N - O
Pregnancy related words beginning with L - M - N - O.

Small for Gestational Age
Small for Gestational Age (SGA) is a defined.

Stretch Mark Removal
A look at Stretch Mark Removal. Pregnancy & Childbirth.

Compression Boots to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
How do compression boots help prevent deep vein thrombosis after a c-section?

The definition of circumcision in a newborn baby.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
What is deep vein thrombosis and how can it hurt you postpartum?

Labor, Delivery and Recovery Room
A description of the vast majority of hospital birthing rooms.

O+12 Method of Conceiving a Girl
O+12 Method as a method of conceiving a girl is defined.

A definition of the word Lanugo.

The APGAR Score is a numeric value given to each newborn at the time of birth to indicate how well they are adapting to life.

Umbilical Cord Prolapse
A look at what an umbilical cord prolapse is and how it effects your pregnancy and birth.

Oxytocin is the love hormone, but it also plays a part in labor.

Bloody Show
A look at what bloody show is and what it means for labor.

Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy
What is a cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy?

General Anesthesia in Labor and Delivery
While general anesthesia is rarely used it can be an important tool in labor and delivery's pain relief arsenal.

Should I Worry About a Spinal Headache from an Epidural
Spinal headache is one of the risks of spinal or epidural anesthesia.

Do you know what preeclampsia is and how it effects your pregnancy and birth?

Dealing with stress in pregnancy
What you need to know about stress and how to deal with it during pregnancy.

Folic Acid and Pregnancy
Folic acid is an important B vitamin in your diet and many women take folic acid supplements in pregnancy.

Fears and Concerns About Labor
Let's face it, the thought of labor can be frightening. We don't do any one favors with the horror stories that get told to pregnant women. The good news is that most of our fears are unfounded. Here are some of the most common fears and when you should let worry leave and when you should ask for help!

Boy Ultrasound Gallery
Do you want to know what baby boys look like via ultrasound?