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Learn to protect yourself, your information and your business with our simple privacy guides and breakdowns of legal terms, privacy laws, and the latest in privacy and security from

Privacy Policies Simplified
Simple, easy to understand explanations of what is in the privacy policies of the major search, social networking, games, and e-commerce websites that we use every day.

Privacy Laws (Domestic)
What are the federal and state laws that govern our privacy in the United States?

Data Aggregation
How does information about you get pieced together by retailers, advertisers, other corporations, and the government? This page explains the what and the how of data aggregation and details the legal implications of corporate surveillance of customers.

What Are the Laws that Protect Our Privacy: Tort Law
Tort laws help regulate how we treat each other. Four torts, known as

Why Do We Have Privacy Policies?
Privacy policies developed as websites regulated themselves. Now they are often required by law. But do they protect consumers or corporations?

Delaware Passes Comprehensive Privacy Law
Delaware's comprehensive online privacy protection law is modeled on California's.

The Future of Privacy at the Supreme Court
Justice Scalia decided several Fourth Amendment cases against the government. He did not, however, support broad privacy rights.

Apple and the FBI: Encryption
What is encryption? And why was the FBI's demands on Apple so troubling to encryption advocates?

Twitter. Privacy Issues.

Supreme Court
Privacy at the Supreme Court. Privacy Issues.

Legal Terms
An easy to understand glossary of legal terms.

Apple. Privacy Issues.

Athletes and Privacy
A sports star fights ESPN for disseminating medical information that he considered private. But is it also newsworthy?

The FBI and Apple Fight Over an iPhone
Some background on the FBI's demand that Apple help it break the iPhone's encryption.

Internet Speech
A federal court rejects certain provisions of a law regulating the anonymous online activities of sex offenders because they were too broad.

Privacy Torts and "Revenge Porn"
Civil liability in

The Drone Wars
Drone use is becoming increasingly popular. There are few rules protecting our privacy from these surveillance tools.

A Tort Law Response to the Jennifer Lawrence Invasion of Privacy
Can Jennifer Lawrence sue the hackers that stole and released her photos under the tort of public disclosure of private facts.

How Hulk Hogan Lost a Privacy Case to Gawker
Hulk Hogan tried to sue Gawker for reporting on his sex tape, arguing the website violated his privacy. He lost. Here's why.

U2, Apple, and the Privacy Implications of "Pushed" Downloads
Apple's decision to automatically push a U2 album to iTunes users without their consent has irked some and raises privacy concerns.

The Complaint Against Snapchat
The FTC moved against Snapchat for violating the substance of its privacy policy.

Tell Your License Plate to Smile, Because it’s Probably on Camera
One company is assembling a database of license plates, and the government has access to it.

Is Big Brother Following You to the Pump?
Vehicle mileage tax proposals may be in the future, but they raise significant privacy concerns.

Yelling on Yelp
If You Have Nothing Nice to Say on Yelp, Do Not Yelp Anything at All

Privacy Law (International)
What are the laws that govern personal privacy outside the United States and, in particular, in the European Union?

Data Transfers Across the Pond
The European Union declares an international treaty regulating data transfers between the US and the EU unconstitutional.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How to Protect Your Privacy
How to use the privacy functions on websites to protect your privacy.

E-Commerce. Privacy Issues.

Social Networks
Social Networks. Privacy Issues.

Search and Seizure
What can the government search and when can the government seize your belongings without a warrant? We describe the basic laws you need to know to protect your privacy rights from an overzealous police officer or government agent.

Facebook. Privacy Issues.

Protection from Up-Skirt Photographs Shot Down
Can photographers in public places take

Does Apple Intercept our Communications?
A lawsuit fails to prove that Apple ever intercepted customers' messages.

New York's Highest Court Strikes Down Anti-Bullying Law
New York court says anti-cyberbullying law infringes First Amendment freedoms.

Can I Interest You in a "Permacookie"?
The use of permanent cookies to track our internet habits is raising privacy concerns.

Healthcare Providers Violate HIPAA
CVS is not alone among health companies that have violated, and continues to violate, its customers' privacy.

Unauthorized Posting of Images as Privacy Invasion
Individuals who post unflattering images of others on a humor website could be liable under a privacy tort theory.

Streaming Services and Personally Identifiable Information
Can streaming video services reveal information about their customers?

Privacy in the Workplace
When employees use Internet access at work for personal communication, they open themselves up to surveillance from employers.

The Politics of Privacy: CISA
Congress sneaks the law into must-pass legislation, allowing a privacy-defeating proposal to become law.

Uber Settles Action on "God View"
Uber settles with the New York Attorney-General's Office for violations of its privacy policy related to inappropriate use of the

Candidates Weight Privacy and Security
Presidential candidates often talk about national security and surveillance. Some of them use that rhetoric to justify limitations on freedom.

Can You Bring A Claim Against Facebook for Tracking You?
Federal court rejects lawsuit from Facebook users who objected to Facebook's data collection practices.

Google. Privacy Issues.

Free Speech and the Right to be Forgotten
Citing different free speech rules in different countries, Google declines to apply the

Smartphone Passwords Protected by the 5th Amendment
Law enforcement cannot compel smartphone users to reveal their passwords.

Fourth Amendment
Fourth Amendment. Privacy Issues.

California Protects Personal Data from Government
California enacts legislation that brings state search and seizure law into the modern era.

Europe Strengthening Privacy Protections
The European Union is on track to pass additional comprehensive privacy regulations.

Data Compilers' Secret Scores
We know nothing about a vast, multi-billion dollar industry that gathers, aggregates, and analyzes our personal information. That is dangerous.

Users Saying No to Intrusive Apps
If an app asks for too many permissions, many users are likely to to decline to download the app.

TV (Privacy) Guide
Privacy and related legal issues that pop up on television, in movies, and other media.

Privacy and "The Simpsons"
Americans' concern about their privacy has permeated the culture, as evidenced by The Simpsons take on the government surveillance.

American Internet Companies Losing Cases in European Courts
Facebook loses a data gathering case in Belgium on privacy grounds, plans to appeal. European privacy rights are likely to win.

Trans-Atlantic "Safe Harbor" Declared Invalid
European court strikes down agreement that exposed European citizens' personal data to U.S. government surveillance.

Privacy Problems
Tell us what you think. How would you answer these vexing problems of privacy law and policy?

Apple, Your Health, and Your Privacy
Apple's HealthKit app allows us to log, track, and record health information, but it also requires us to consider privacy implications.

California Court Limits a Credit Card Privacy Law
A California court restricts the law's ability to protect individual's zip code information during certain transactions.

NY Cyberbullying Law Gets Overturned
New York's highest court strikes down an anti-cyberbullying law, leaving victims nowhere to turn.

Authorization of NSA Surveillance Programs Set to Expire
Section 215 of the Patriot Act may expire on June 1, 2015, but NSA surveillance programs may continue anyway.

Protecting Your Privacy While Looking for a Tryst
If you're looking to have an affair, you go to Let's see how the website protects user privacy.

Obama's Plan to Protect Student Privacy
The Student Digital Privacy Act limits the ways in which companies can use students’ sensitive information.

Supreme Court Considers Warrantless Searches of Cellphones
Supreme Court asked to determine whether police need warrants to search cell phones incident to arrest.

Searching Cellphones Upon Arrest
The Supreme Court says the Fourth Amendment requires police to get a warrant if they want to search an arrestee's cellphone.

Police Body Cameras
Body cameras worn by police during on duty hours may increase accountability, but they may also make it harder for police to do their jobs.

Police Body Cameras, Part II
Police are now wearing cameras on their person to record all interaction. This improves accountability, but does it also invade privacy?

Massachusetts Protects Social Media Passwords
Massachusetts takes steps to protect employee social media usernames and passwords.

Delaware Online Privacy and Protection Act
Delaware passes a law protecting the personal information of some of its residents.

Mint's Privacy Policy's privacy policy outlines how it collects and uses your data.

No Gender Pay Gap in Privacy Field, Report Finds
There may not be a gender pay gap in privacy, but there is one in other fields. How do we fix that?

A United States Attorney Goes After
By going after Rentboy, federal law enforcement is simply applying old law to a new medium.

Online Dating
Privacy on online dating websites and apps.

Tinder's Privacy Traps
Tinder exposes users to privacy invasions through its sharing of location data.

Experts Object to CISA
A group of law professors objects to CISA. Their arguments have merit.

Cybersecurity Law Passed by Senate, To Become Law
A new cybersecurity measure appears to endanger personal privacy.

The Cloud
The Cloud. Privacy Issues.

Using Copyright to Combat Revenge Porn
Can copyright law be used to combat nonconsensual pornography.

The Problem of Autocomplete
Google's autocomplete makes our search experience better. It also raises privacy concerns.

The California Electronic Communications Privacy Act
California Governor Jerry Brown signs landmark digital privacy protection law, going far beyond federal protections.

What the Ashley Madison Hack Teaches Us About Privacy
We may think Ashley Madison users deserved it, but we should try to put ourselves in the shoes of hacking victims.

Feminism and Privacy
Privacy was once used to allow domestic violence to continue. Does that mean privacy is inconsistent with feminism?

The Anti-Privacy Activities of Anti-Abortion Activists
Some activists on the right are using tactics that invade women's privacy in order to discourage them from getting abortions.

Protecting Student Privacy
A landmark California law protects students from data tracking and mining.

Privacy and Drones
While states are starting to outlaw drone use by private individuals, some hobbyists are running up against the new statutes.

The Snowden Revelations Part 1
Released documents show that the NSA sought and obtained telephone metadata from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

Snowdens Revelation 2: PRISM
One of the NSA's largest surveillance program, PRISM allowed the NSA to capture enormous amounts of metadata and content from non-US citizens.

The USA FREEDOM Act was supposed to reign in the NSA's eavesdropping program, but it may be used to further invade our privacy.

YouTube. Privacy Issues.

Is Privacy About Separating Ourselves from Others? Part I
When we are asked what we mean by

Using the Tort of Breach of Confidentiality to Combat Revenge Porn
The tort of breach of confidentiality can support victims of revenge porn who are looking for redress against their harassers.

Is Privacy About Separating Ourselves from Others? Part II
Although we are used to thinking about privacy as the right to separate ourselves from others, such an udnerstanding actually weakens privacy rights.

Cyber Criminals Use Starbucks App to Steal Money from Customers
Hackers are using the Starbucks mobile app to siphon funds from linked credit cards, bank, and PayPal accounts.

Speech on the Internet: Blumenthal v. Drudge
Blumenthal v. Drudge set the tone for an's Privacy Policy
How the job search site collects and uses your data.

Opting Out of Targeted Online Advertising
You have the right to opt out of targeted online advertising. We can help you understand how to do it.

Internet Pirates Can Stay Anonymous, Federal Court Says
Federal court rejects use of DMCA subpoena to unmask BitTorrent pirates.

Police Body Camera Legislation Spurs Privacy Debate
Police body cameras offer opportunities to hold police accountable, but also raise significant privacy concerns in the post-Snowden era.

Federal Revenge Porn Bill Possible
A proposed new law to criminalize revenge porn is modeled on child pornography statutes.

Stingray: A Threat to Privacy in Law Enforcement's Hands
New police technology is the latest challenge to the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on warrantless searches.

Bumble's Privacy Policy
Bumble App's privacy policies. Privacy Issues.

Wearable Vulnerability: The Apple Watch Raises Privacy Concerns
The Apple Watch raises several privacy concerns. Consider the following risks and steps to take to protect yourself.

Why We Should Be Concerned About NSA Surveillance
We should all be concerned about our privacy even if we have nothing to hide.

Privacy Experts
Privacy Experts. Privacy Issues.

Microsoft. Privacy Issues.

LinkedIn. Privacy Issues.

Blog. Privacy Issues.

Yahoo. Privacy Issues.

Gunshot Detection System Raises Privacy Concerns
Technology that will allow New York City police to detect the origin of gunshots may raise privacy concerns.

How to Respond to "Revenge Porn"
The law currently makes it difficult for revenge porn victims to seek justice. Perhaps we need a new approach.

Edward Snowden: Life as a Whistleblower
The actions and whereabouts to date of the man behind the largest leak of classified government information in U.S. history.

Edward Snowden: Life Before the Leak
The tale of how a gun-owning geek transformed into an infamous whistleblower.

President's Proposed Data Breach Law To Unify Rules Across the States
If enacted, a federal consumer-privacy law will trump existing state laws protecting consumers’ sensitive, personal information.

Verizon: In the Cookie Business
Verizon customer online privacy is in danger due to supercookies tracking cellphone activity.

The MeWe Social Network
A social network for those concerned about their privacy.

ClassDojo, Children's Privacy, and Labeling
Teachers are using ClassDojo to track their students. Parents should be aware of the platform's privacy policies.

Boston Children’s Hospital to Pay $40,000 Over Data Breach
Boston Children's Hospital settles lawsuit over allegations of breach of health privacy.

"The Right to be Forgotten," An Update
After the European Union made its decision on the right to be forgotten, the real work implementing the ruling begins.

TurboTax's Privacy Policy
Here are the policies that protect your personal information with TurboTax.

FBI Takes Down Internet Black Markets
An internationally coordinated take-down of illegal websites raises questions about anonymity shields on the internet.

Privacy Settings on Facebook
Follow these steps to protect your privacy on Facebook.

Retail Stores Are Tracking Their Customers
Brick-and-mortar retail stores are using our cellphones to track our behavior.

Accessing Cell Phone Location Data Requires Warrant, Court Says
The NJ Supreme Court takes steps to protect New Jerseyans from warrantless searches of their cell site data. Will the federal courts follow?

Privacy Reform in Canada
Canada is taking steps to protect Canadian citizens from spam and data tracking. Will the United States follow?

Can Facebook Share Your Data With Other Companies?
Facebook and its partners are selling your data to third parties. One federal court just said that was perfectly legal.

Revenge Porn Part I: The Problem
Revenge porn is a devastating problem that victimizes women and sexual minorities. Part I of this series outlines the problem.

Twitter's New Harassment Policy
Twitter recently changed its harassment policy to respond to critics who said it was inadequate. Here are the changes.

TurboTax's Privacy Policy
TurboTax collects a significant amount of personal information to help you file your taxes.

Walt Disney's Privacy Policy
Disney's website collects information about those who visit. Here's how it works.

Apple's Touch ID Not Protected by Fifth Amendment
A court in Virginia says the police can force you to unlock your Apple device using your fingerprint on the Touch ID.

The Apple Watch and Privacy in Health Data
The Apple Watch can collect troves of personal health information. This is raising privacy concerns for some.

Tinder's Privacy Policy
How Tinder collects and uses individual's personal information.

"Apple Pay" and Your Privacy
Apple's new

Searches Incident To Arrest
What can the police search without a warrant when they arrest you.

OK Cupid's Privacy Policies
OK Cupid's Privacy policy. Privacy Issues.'s Privacy Policies collects a plethora of information. Here is a summary of its privacy policies and suggestions for how to protect yourself.

The Fourth Amendment in a Digital Age
Technology has changed. The Fourth Amendment needs to change with it.

Privacy in Email
Do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the content of the emails you send?'s Privacy Policy and Practices's privacy policies and practices

What Does a "Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" Really Mean?
What does it means to have a

Cookies and Web Beacons
Cookies and web beacons help websites track who you are, what you do online, and what you're interested in. How do they work?

Privacy Law
Privacy Law. Privacy Issues.

Bl1999. Privacy Issues.

Bl2000. Privacy Issues.

Bl2001. Privacy Issues.

Bl2002. Privacy Issues.

Bl2003. Privacy Issues.

Bl2004. Privacy Issues.

Bl2005. Privacy Issues.

Bl2006. Privacy Issues.

Bl2007. Privacy Issues.

Bl2008. Privacy Issues.

Bl2009. Privacy Issues.

Bl2010. Privacy Issues.

Bl2011. Privacy Issues.

Bl2012. Privacy Issues.

Bl2013. Privacy Issues.

Bl2014. Privacy Issues.

Privacy Policies
Privacy policies of major websites, social networks, and Internet intermediaries.

Privacy In the News
Current issues and events in privacy law and policy.