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Fall Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables that are in season in autumn - generally September to November.

Pumpkin Stuffed with Fontina, Italian Sausage and Macaroni
Looking for an easy and satisfying autumn dish that will knock everyone's socks off? Try this pumpkin stuffed with macaroni and cheese made with Fontina and Gruyere.

Spices and Herbs
Nuts, berries, bark, leaves, roots and shoots.

Citrus fruits: their mythology, history, and how they grow, as well as recipes.

Food Mythology
Stories and legends about food. Fruits & Vegetables.

Baking with Produce
Baking recipes that focus on fruits and vegetables.

Tropical Produce
Fruits and vegetables that grow in tropical regions.

Produce Science
Science of your favorite fruits and veggies.

Coffee and Tea
Posts about coffee and tea. Fruits & Vegetables.

Mango Martini
A tropical cocktail to help you forget your troubles.

The Curious Flesh Eating Enzymes of Pineapple and Papaya
There's a myth that pineapple and papaya can be corrosive. Is it true or not? Learn the facts and the science here.

5 Herbs You Should Be Using
Tired of thyme and ready to try something more than rosemary? Here are five affordable herbs that will freshen up your cooking routine!

Pineapple: Symbol of Friendship and Luxury
Pineapples have a curious mythological history. In some cases they represent war gods, but in others they're symbols of peace and friendship...

How Pineapples Can Eat Your Skin and Other Fascinating Pineapple Facts
Did you know pineapple juice can eat your skin or that the fruit is native to Brazil? Learn more about the pineapple here!

Mango Coconut Pancakes
Coconut pancakes studded with mango. Perfect for your next big brunch.

Mango Mythologies
Mangoes have inspired a number of amazing myths including races between the gods and marriages between trees.

Roasted Sunchokes
Roasted sunchokes are the newest side dish to sweep the nation! Easy and tasty!

Varieties of Mango
Most people think a mango is a mango. Not true! It’s like comparing a Navel orange to a Blood orange, or a Granny Smith to a Pink Lady...

Mango Hot Sauce
A spicy hot sauce laced with mango.


13 Fascinating Mango Facts
Think you know all there is to know about mangoes? Think again!

Safflower Oil 101
Is safflower oil healthy for you? Find out the honest truth once and for all.

What Does Caffeine Do to the Body?
What does caffeine do to your body and brain? Learn what the fifth cup of coffee is doing...

7 Health Benefits of Broccoli
Broccoli might be the super food you need. Packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and a few other surprises...

Types of Tea
A breakdown of the various types of tea in the world and what makes them unique.

Spring Fruits and Vegetables
Spring Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits & Vegetables.

Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition
Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition. Fruits & Vegetables.

Curried Ginger Carrot Soup
A savory and esay carrot soup spiced with curry powder and ginger.

Do Cherries Fight Gout?
Can cherries really fight gout. We've compiled the studies so you can learn the truth.

5 Spices to Cure Your Kitchen Ennui
Looking to mix it up with your spice cabinet? Here are 5 great spices to try that'll give your cooking a fresh, new flavor!

Nuts and Seeds
Articles and recipes using your favorite nuts and seeds.

Is Quinoa Socially Responsible?
There's a lot of talk about quinoa production harming indigenous peoples, but what is true and what isn't? Find out if your favorite grain is actually a villain.

Strawberry & Zinfandel Jam
A simple way to resuscitate bland strawberries using a bit of sugar and some red wine!

Olive Oil 101
What makes olive oil extra virginn or not?

Persimmon Oat Scones
Homey and rustic scones made with rolled oats, fresh Fuyu persimmons, and a dash of cinnamon.

Hazelnut Oil 101
How healthy is hazelnut oil for you? Find out and how to best utilize it in your kitchen.

Winter Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables that are in season in winter. Generally December-February in the Northern Hemisphere.

What Fruits and Vegetables Have Potassium?
What fruits and vegetables have potassium? (And what exactly does it do for the body?)

Top 10
Top 10 list of interesting facts about your favorite fruits and veggies.

Grape Seed Oil 101
Grape seed oil is quickly becoming one of the most sought after byproducts of wine making. Learn why this healthy oil is so sought after.

What Are Anthocyanins?
Curious as to why blueberries are blue? The answer is: anthrocyanins.

How is Coffee Decaffeinated?
How much caffeine is actually in decaffeinated coffee, and how is the coffee decaffeinated to begin with?

5 Hot Spices You Have to Try
Looking for a new way to test your heat tolerance in the kitchen? These spices bring the fire.

How is Coffee Grown and Produced?
Learn how coffee goes from bean on a plant to a brew in your cup?

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?
Ever have to run to the bathroom after your morning cup of coffee? Find out just why this happens.

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An index of categories in the

Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Scones
A simple scone packed with cinnamon flavor and juicy raisins!

Cool Boogie Cocktail
A simple cocktail using gin, grapefruit, and crme de violet.

21 Fascinating Facts About Peanuts
Which president was a peanut farmer and how many peanuts does it take to make a jar of peanut butter? Find out the answers and more fascinating facts about the humble peanut.

What Are Legumes?
Legumes are a staple in most diets, but what exactly is a legume and what defines it? Learn more here!

Roasted Cabbage with Salt and Vinegar
A simple side dish. Salty, sour, sweet. Delicious.

Root Vegetables
Information on edible tubers and roots.

Why Do Beets Turn Your Urine Red?
You at a lot of beets and now your pee is red!? What happened and how did it happen? No need to fear, it's all very natural...

What is Açaí?
Aa: Actual superfruit or total fraud?

Peanut OIl 101
Peanut Oil: flavor booster, food fryer, and all around awesome cooking oil. Learn about its history and whether or not it's good for the body.

Cooking Oil 101: Part 2
Why you should store cooking oils in the fridge and a list of some of the most popular cooking oils, their smoke points, and health benefits!

Cooking Oils 101: Part 1
Do you know the difference between the various types of cooking oils, their smoke points, and health benefits.

Can Grapefruit Interfere with Medications?
Grapefruit can interfere with the medications you're taking. Learn why it happens and what you can do.

Lemon Curd
A delicious lemon curd with a hint of vanilla. Extremely easy to pull off!

Why Do Onions Make You Cry?
Why do onions make you cry? Well, it has a bit to do with sulfuric acid...

The Elimination of Scurvy 4: The Discovery of Vitamin C
Two scientists finally uncover the cure for scurvy, Vitamin C. Yet it takes years before they truly understand its importance...

Elimination of Scurvy, Part 5: The Sweet and Sour of Lime Juice
Do limes prevent scurvy? For years, sailors believed they did and paid the price...

The Elimination of Scurvy, Part 2: James Lind and the Lemon
Numerous sailors suffered from scurvy until a scientist named James Lind stumbled upon a potential cure in lemon juice.

Elimination of Scurvy, Part 3: The Preservation of Lemon Juice
Once sailors learned that lemon juice could prevent scurvy they came across another problem: how to preserve it for long voyages?

Corn Oil 101
Corn oil is one of the most used cooking oils in North America

Elimination of Scurvy, Part 1: Vitamin C and the Ancient World
Scurvy ravaged the ancient world, partly because mankind wasn't aware of the importance of vitamin C.

Sesame Oil 101
The oil pressed from the tiny sesame seed is hiding more health benefits than you think!

Lamb and Leek Broth
A tasty and off-the-beaten-path broth brewed from leeks and lamb bones.

What Are Kumquats?
What are kumquats and how do you eat them?

Produce Trends for 2016
What will the food world be obsessing about produce-wise in 2016? Read our predictions!

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Cheese Crackers
The best damn cheese cracker you've ever had.

Health Benefits of Grapefruit
Grapefruit has numerous health benefits. Perhaps it's a grapefruit a day that will keep the doctor away...

Top Fruit and Vegetable Posts of 2015
The top posts on the Fruits and Vegetable channel at in 2015!

Cheese Bikkes
The best damn cheese cracker you've ever had.

Three Citrus Fruits You May Not Have Tried
Buddha's hand, citron, kaffir lime... What are these fruits and how do you use them in the kitchen?

What Can I Do with Tangelos?
Tangelos... What are they? Where do they come from? What to do with them?

Apple Soup with Juniper (Eplesuppe med enerbær)
An autumnal, flavorful soup whose laurels rest upon soup apples and pine-scented juniper berries.

Orange and Rosemary Polenta Cake
A delightful and easy polenta cake flavored with rosemary and topped with sugar-glazed oranges.

All About the Variegated Pink Lemon
Learn all about the Variegated Pink Lemon. A true chimera of the citrus world.

All About the Variegated Pink Lemon
Learn all about the Variegated Pink Lemon. A true chimera of the citrus world. Page 2.

Top Food Mythology Posts of 2015
Banana demons and golden apples. See the top food mythology posts on in 2015.

Sichuan Peppercorns 101
Sichuan peppercorns were banned from U.S. import for years. Learn the reason why, where you can buy them today, and what they taste like.

Varieties of Winter Squash
Do you know your Hubbard from your Delicata? Your Spaghetti from your Kuri? Learn about various winter squash here!

Magenta Slap Cocktail
Hibiscus and gin intermingle for a delightfully sweet-tart cocktail that will perk you right up!

Avocado Oil 101
Avocado oil possesses the highest smoke point of all other oils, but do the natural fats negate its great culinary properties?

Canola Oil 101
From cooking to keeping the trains running on time, canola oil is one of the most important agricultural products in the world.

Fig and Chai Muffins
A simple muffin packed with fresh figs and flavored with chai.

Upside-Down Persimmon Spice Cake
A fragrant upside-down cake laden with spices and fresh Fuyu persimmons.

Roasted Carrots with Harissa Aioli and Dukkah
Looking for a glorious and spicy carrot recipe to warm up your life? This lovely recipe from the epic Seven Spoons cookbook is sure to spice up the table.

Palm Oil 101
How healthy is palm oil and is it really bad for the environment? Learn the answers and more about palm oil here!

Almond Oil 101
How healthy is almond oil for you and how is it made? Learn all about it here!

Cider Press Cocktail
A delightful fall weather cocktail made with cider and hard cider swirled with smooth rye whiskey.

Ginger Tea Recipe
Need a soothing tea to calm the nerves and quell the stomach? This ginger tea is just the remedy!

The Sweet Potato in China
This tasty tuber is both a savior to many and a symbol of utter destituteness. China has a love-hate relationship with the humble sweet potato.

History of the Sweet Potato in China
Fruits & Vegetables. Page 2.

What is Bitter Melon?
What is bitter melon and how do you cook it? Learn more about this popular Asian vegetable!

9 Fascinating Facts About Pumpkins
Think you know everything there is to know about your favorite squash? Think again...

Interviews with tastemakers, chefs, authors, farmers, and others in the food world.

Sichuan Crisp Fried Wild Mushrooms
A light and crisp Sichuan dish of delightfully spiced mushrooms from Kian Lam Kho's,

Review: "Cooking from the Heart: The Hmong Kitchen in America"
A review of

Coconut Oil 101
Coconut Oil: Hero in the kitchen or villain for your health. Get the skinny (and the fat) here.

Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea, also known as agua de jamiaca, is a simple-to-make tart tea bursting with flavor!

All About Hibiscus
Hibiscus is sort of the chic tea right now. But did you know that it's a holy plant in Hindu culture and has unique health properties?

Maple & Sweet Potato Cake
An epic and easy sweet potato cake flavored with maple syrup that takes 5 minutes!

Apple Mythology: Golden Apples & Immortality
Apples have a long mythological history as the fruit of the gods.

Reisling Roasted Apricots with Lavender
A simple, easy preparation for apricots that delivers big on flavor with honey, wine, lavender, and vanilla bean.

Summer Berry Trifle
A simple summer berry trifle that will easily impress all of your friends.

Does An Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?
Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Possibly...

Why Do Cut Apples Turn Brown?
Why do apples turn brown when cut open? The answer is similar to why iron rusts: oxidation.

Tomato, Avocado, and Cucumber Salad over Yogurt
A delightful and easy summer salad served over refreshing yogurt. A meal in itself or an artful side.

What Are Pomes?
What exactly defines a pome? Learn about them in detail here!

Grape Mythology
Grapes play a key part in Roman, Greek, and Christian mythologies. Use for both blood of the lamb and sexual inspiration the grape does it all.

Varieties of Figs
Looking to try something different than a Black Mission fig? Learn about new and old varieties like the Brown Turkey, Zidi, and King!

Orange & Poppy Seed Pancakes
A simple off-the-beaten-path pancake made with orange juice, zest, and a handful of poppy seeds.

Grape and Lavender Galette
A sophisticated galette made with grapes and lavender. A unique way to finish summer and welcome fall.

Varieties of Lemon
We all know the Eureka and the Meyer, but do you know about the Yen Ben, Variegated Pink, or the Lapithkiotiki? Read more about the fascinating world of the lemon!

Fascinating Facts About the Humble Turnip
Turnip for what?! Jack-o-lanterns, ancient roots, and fighting the Jarramplas creature.

Can You Eat Sweet Potato Greens?
There is a vicious rumor going around that sweet potatoes are poisonous. If so they why do so many people eat it?

Citrus and the Origin of the Italian Mafia
How did the mafia begin? In part, due to a booming citrus industry...

Varieties of Table Grapes
Table grapes come in a variety of cultivars. Each has a unique color, flavor, and history.

Do Figs Contain Dead Wasps?
You may have heard the rumor that figs contain dead wasps. Well, the rumor is true. Learn more about the symbiotic relationship between figs and fig wasps.

Are Grapes and Raisins Toxic to Dogs?
Grapes and raisins are actually quite poisonous to dogs. Learn why and what to do in case on ingestion.

Blackberry and Rose Water Sorbet
A lovely summer sorbet that will help you beat the heat. Blackberries, rosewater, lemon... perfection.

Fig Jam with Ouzo
A simple and punchy fig jam spiked with the anise-y flavor of Ouzo.

Figs and Mythology
The fig may well be the most holy of fruits as it is a part of ancient Greek, Christian, Hindu, and African mythologies.

Garlic & Parmesan Bread
The best garlic and Parmesan bread in the world, ever.

Blackberry Mojito
A refreshing twist on a classic mojito using fresh summer blackberries.

Fascinating Facts About the Humble Cumin Seed
The curious world of cumin: history, science, and flavor!

Fascinating Facts About Corn
Think you know about corn? Think again...

Are Elderberries Poisonous or Edible?
Are elderberries poisonous or edible? The answer: yes.

Are Apricot Pits Poisonous?
Are apricot pits really poisonous? There's some truth to the matter, but there's more to the answer than you think...

Why Are Vanilla Beans so Expensive?
Curious as to why your favorite flavor can get so costly? Turns out there's a good reason for that hefty price tag!

Grilled Radishes
A simple spring and summer side that can compliment any dish.

Apricot Frangipane Tart
Looking for a fantastic apricot tart? Look no further! Apricot, shortbread, and almond all come together for a slice of heaven!

Funky, Weird and Disturbing Facts About the Strawberry
Think you know everything there is about the strawberry? Did you know the seeds aren't seeds and most strawberries have been crossbred with a flounder?

The Curious History of Allspice
Where did allspice come from and where did it get its name? Learn all about the curiously named all purpose spice, allspice.

Avocado Milkshake
Looking for a guilt-free but delicious dessert? Try this sultry avocado milkshake!

Apricot Cornmeal Cake
An easy and affordable to make corn cake punctuated with fresh apricots.

Do Avocados Make You Fat?
Do avocados make you fat? Learn about the good that avocados can do for you!

Tired of the Hass? Try These Other Avocado Varieties!
Looking to try something other than a Hass? Try one of these nifty avocado varieties!

Carrot and Vanilla Soup
A simple carrot soup flavored with ginger and vanilla bean.

Vanilla Hazelnut Butter
Making this simple hazelnut butter is a quick and healthy way to up your food game!

9 Facts About Rhubarb That Will Blow Your Mind
Think you know rhubarb? Think again! Learn about rhubarb in a court of law and rhubarb plants that grow larger than your house!

What Fruits and Vegetables Have Magnesium?
Looking to keep your energy up and your body healthy? Try snack on an avocado and get more magnesium into your diet!

Berry-Yogurt Popsicles
Delicious berry-yogurt pops to help you beat the heat in a healthy way!

What Fruits and Vegetables Have Iron?
What fruits and vegetable have iron and why does the body need it? Learn more here!

Easy Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam
A quick and easy strawberry and rhubarb jam scented with rose water.

Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar with Avocado, Lime, and Shell Pasta
A creamy mac and cheese using cheddar and avocados, seasoned with lime and chile peppers. A perfect spring mac that everyone will love.

Parsley Dough
A perfect parsley pasta from Marc Vetri's cookbook,

Garlic as Medicine
Garlic: Cure for blood disease and the common cold? Learn the truth about garlic as medicine.

What Fruits and Vegetables Have Vitamin A?
Vitamin A: What foods have it and what does it do for you?

Perfect Roasted Garlic
How to make beautiful roasted heads of garlic.

Best Instagram Vegan Instagram Accounts to Follow
Looking for the best vegetarian Instagram accounts? Here are our top picks!

What Foods Have Vitamin E?
Looking to get more vitamin E in your diet? These super foods are packed with it and will keep you healthy!

A selection of winter produce.
Fruits and vegetables that are in season during the winter.

What Are Nigella Seeds?
Nigella seeds: what are they and how do you cook with them? Learn everything you need know here.

Strawberry Rhubarb Rugelach with Oatmeal Streusel
A perfect spring strawberry and rhubarb rugelach from Mindy Segal's new cookbook, Cookie Love. A lovely twist on an old favorite.

8 Great Recipes That Use Green Garlic
Looking for recipes that make use of green garlic? We have you set from salads to soups to spreads!

What is Black Garlic and Laba Garlic?
Black garlic and Chinese green garlic (Laba garlic) are all the rage in the allium world. Are you in the know?

Interview with Nicole Cotroneo Jolly of "How Does It Grow?"
We chat one-on-one with Nicole Contrero Jolly about her web series,

Bombastic Banana Facts That You Did Not Know
Did you know all bananas are clones or that they're radioactive? The banana possesses many secrets...

Nang Tani: The Thai Banana Ghost and Other Banana Legends
Learn of the secrets of banana maidens and the mythical stories surrounding this curious fruit.

Ginger as Medicine: Reducing Pain, Nausea, and Inflammation
Can ginger really heal pain and alleviate nausea? (It can! Find out how!)

Ginger Tea with Lemon and Honey
Need a soothing tea to calm the nerves and quell the stomach? This ginger tea is just the remedy!

Turmeric: Mythology of the Holy Ginger
A holy member of the ginger family, turmeric is known for its flavor, color, and protective qualities.

The Ginger (Zingiberaceae) Family
Did you know ginger, galangal, turmeric and cardamom are all related? Learn more about the Zingiberaceae (aka Ginger) Family here!

Banana & Bourbon Caramel Oatmeal
A decadent way to start your morning. Oatmeal drowned in bananas cooked in fragrant bourbon and brown sugar caramel.

What To Do with Kumquats - 7 Flavorful and Easy Recipes
Looking for a way to use up kumquats in the kitchen? This is the resource for you!

6 Epic Coconut Recipes That You Must Try
Have an abundance of coconut milk, cream, flakes, or flour on hand? Here are some of the simplest and most affordable recipes to make use of them!

Celery Seed: The Millennia-Old History You Didn’t Know
The secret history of the celery seed revealed! The truth behind its medical history and food flavoring capabilities.

7 Ways Coconut Can Improve Your Sex Life
A healthy does of coconut can keep you and your partner going all night long. (And all day, too!)

What’s the Difference Between Coconut Milk, Cream, and Water?
Coconut milk? Coconut cream? Coconut water? Learn the difference in these similar (but very different) coconut products.

Coconut Milk Biscuits
Tender, flaky biscuits made with plenty of butter, a spritz of lemon, and coconut milk.

Coconut Thai Iced Tea
A sweet and caffeinated drink of flavorful Thai tea laced with fragrant coconut milk and studded with tapioca pearls.

Lemon Meringue Pie Cookies
Looking for an amazing lemon dessert for two? This lemon meringue pie cookie recipe by Christina Lane will knock your socks off!

Rustic Kumquat Marmalade
A rustic kumquat marmalade that will become your new favorite preserve.

Coconut Mythology: Severed Heads, Immortal Eels, and Ancient Sages
The mythology surrounding the coconut is both brutal and breathtaking. It often involves true love, terrible deaths, and sometimes a giant eel.

Can Poppy Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?
Can poppy seeds cause you to fail a drug test or even get you high? Learn the truth of this popular (and narcotic) spice.

Beet and Poppy Seed Pound Cake
An elegant and naturally pink cake with an earthy flavor, plenty of pop, and a sweet finish!

Meyer Lemon White Bean Dip
A simple white bean dip made bold with the flavor of Meyer lemons.

Produce Trends for 2015
What fruits and vegetables will be on trend in 2015? Here's our picks!

10 Amazing Pomegranate Facts
Think you know everything there is to know about the pomegranate? Think again.

Lemon Caramel Sauce Recipe
A sweet-tart lemon caramel sauce that can elegantly dress your dessert or cocktail. Or, you know, just eat it with a spoon.

10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are one of the world's greatest superfoods and for darn good reasons.

How to Bake a Sweet Potato
A simple baked sweet potato is the perfect side or a meal itself. The trick is knowing how to cook it just right!

What's the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
Fruits & Vegetables. Page 2.

What's the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
Do you know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?

Roquefort Macaroni and Cheese with Beets, Shallots, and Poppy Seeds
A lovely mac and cheese utilizing Roquefort cheese, burgundy beets, shallots, and poppy seeds.

Pomegranates and Greek Mythology
The pomegranate has a history rich in symbolism, but nowhere does it become more lurid and dangerous than in Greek mythology.

Ten Epic Cranberry Baking Recipes
When you absolutely, positively, must bake something with cranberries.

Persimmons: Fuyu vs. Hachiya
Persimmons come into season in autumn, and the two major varieties have big differences. So what's the difference between a Fuyu and a Hachiya?

What Exactly is a Berry?
Some of your favorite berries aren't actually berries. Forget the blackberry and strawberry. Think pumpkin, avocado, and coffee.

Cranberry Applesauce
A fine fall applesauce made with fresh cranberries, apples, and ginger.

American and Black Persimmons
American and Black persimmons are heirloom varieties in North and Central America. Unique in appearance and flavor they are worth seeing out.

How Are Cranberries Grown
Cranberries are one of the more curious fruits and how we harvest them is even curiouser.