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How to Become a Project Manager: 4 Study Options
Self-study, classroom or online learning: what's the best choice to become a project manager? Find out in this article.

10 Facts About PRINCE2 Certification
Did you know these 10 facts about PRINCE2 certification? PRINCE2 is an incredibly popular project management methodology. Learn more here.

9 Components of a Gantt Chart
The 9 critical components of a Gantt chart explained. These essentials will make your Gantt charts successful!

The Project Management Roles You Need on Your Team
The essential roles you need to have on your project team. It's not just the project manager and the project sponsor, you know.

6 Top Skills for Project Managers
Learn the six essential skills for project managers leading projects today.

The 7 Best PMP Study Guides
Find out which are the top study guides for passing the PMP exam. These 7 resources will help you prepare for and succeed in your exam.

The Role of the Project Sponsor
Learn what a project sponsor does on a project team. Find out how they support the project manager and help make the project successful.

Do You Need Your Team To Make Decisions?
Do you really need to involve your team in everything? Here are 3 decision-making models that you can use to work out if you would be better off getting several heads together or if you can make the call by yourself.

4 Risk Response Strategies for Negative Risks
Find out how to deal with risk on your projects. Learn the 4 things you can do to handle a project risk.

What is PMI?
What is PMI? This article answers that question and everything else you ever wanted to know about PMI!

4 Risk Response Strategies for Positive Risk
It's not all negative on projects. Learn how to deal with things that might go right to get the most out of your opportunities!

What is PMP?
Everything you need to know about the PMP credential from PMI. Learn the prerequisites for applying for the exam, what the exam involves and the subjects that it tests.

5 Alternatives to Gantt Charts
Gantt charts too complicated for your project? These five alternatives will help you plan and track your project without complicated software.

How to Assess a Project Risk
Learn how to assess a project risk with this 4-step guide.

5 Ways To Annoy Your Project Stakeholders
Learn what annoys project stakeholders and how you can change your behavior to get great results from your team, suppliers and customers.

What To Talk About In Project Team Meetings
This practical guide will show you how to run your project team meeting and what to talk to your team about. Run your team meetings with ease!

3 Ways to Track Your Project's Progress
Learn about the three ways you can track whether your project is going in the right direction. You'll always be able to keep on top of your work with these tips!

7 Things That Can Derail Your Project
These 7 things can catch any project manager unawares. Find out how to avoid 7 common pitfalls facing projects of all sizes and bring your project back on track.

5 Ways To Motivate Your Project Team
These 5 ways to motivate your project team will boost your productivity and make you seem like the best project manager ever to your colleagues!

The Role of the Project Board
Find out what a Project Board or Steering Group does and the role they play in project management.

How to Close A Project
Learn how to close a project successfully. Make sure that everything is tied up neatly at the end, and that you've got a successful result.

What is CAPM?
Find out if you are eligible to take the CAPM exam from PMI. Learn about the exam format and what will be tested for this credential.

How Qualifications Affect Your Job
Find out how project management credentials and certificates have the power to impact your career for the better.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Project Budget
Create a project budget in 5 easy steps. Learn how to estimate each task, calculate contingency and more.

What is APM?
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Association for Project Management.

What is a Project Milestone?
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about project milestones! Find out what a milestone is, how to use milestones on your project and how to report on them.

Kanika Sharma, Guest Author
Kanika Sharma's guest author bio for new Project Management Expert. She works as a writer at ProofHub. Recently, she has been writing for technology blogs.

How To Choose A Project Management Training Course
Consider these 9 factors when you choose your next classroom project mangement training course.

Patrick Mayfield, Guest Author
Read more about guest author Patrick Mayfield

What is Project Management?
Learn what project management is and how it helps you get business results.

Joseph R. Czarnecki
Read Joseph R. Czarnecki's full author bio on the Project Management site.

Galen Vinter, Guest Author
Learn more about project management guest author, Galen Vinter, co-founder of project management software firm ProjectPulse.

What Is APMP?
Everything you wanted to know about APMP, the project management qualification from APM. Find out how to apply and what happens during the exam.

Understanding Projects, Programs, Portfolios and Processes
Learn the differences between projects, programs, portfolios and processes.

The Project Management Life Cycle Explained
What is the project management life cycle? Understand the different types of life cycle in this article.

6 Ways to Prepare for an Effective Meeting
Prepare for your project meetings with these 6 foolproof tips. Get the most out of your discussions with proper planning!

How to Write A Business Case For Your Project
Learn what goes into a business case for a project and how you can write one.

7 Project Management Terms You Should Know
Learn 7 project management terms that everyone should know! This article explains common project management terms.

How To Outline Your Project’s Big Idea
Find out how to explain your project and get approval for it with a high level summary of your project's big idea. Learn what to include.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Project Management
Learn the 5 things you didn't know about project management. Which of these essential tips is new for you?

The Benefits Of An Agile Approach To Project Management
Have you considered Agile for your projects? Here's why you should.

What is a Project Charter?
Learn how to write a Project Charter and what needs to be included in this important project document.

Collaborative Project Management: What Do You Believe?
Find out why collaborative project management works in all environments and why those myths you've heard aren't true.

5 Reasons Time Tracking Is The Right Choice
Find out why project time tracking can make you a better project manager and give you more time in the day (not less, like you might expect!)

How to Assess the Impact of a Project Issue
Learn the 5 steps to assessing a project issue. This will make sure that you can always deal with problems on your projects, regardless of what has caused them.

6 Essential Tools for Project Managers
Find out what technology you need to keep your projects moving in the right direction, from scheduling tools to managing time.

5 Project Logs You Can’t Manage Without
These 5 project logs will help you record the details and stay on top of your project at all times.

The 12 Project Communications Skills You Need
Learn the 12 project communication skills you need to succeed at getting projects completed successfully.

What Project Managers Need to Know About The Cloud
Find out how project management is changing because of the cloud and what it means for your job.

How To Hold A Lessons Learned Review
Learn how to hold a great lessons learned or project-implementation review.

5 Reasons To Stay in Your Project Management Job
Learn the top 5 reasons for choosing to work as a project manager. If you are having a bad day at the office, read this!

How To Write Emails that Busy People Will Answer
Learn how to get busy people to read your emails with these great tips for clear communication.

5 Ways To Build Trust On Your Project Team
Learn how to quickly build trust on your project team. Essential for project managers starting work with a new group of people!

Managing Changes On Projects
The project change management process is easy when you know how! Find out how to manage changes on your projects with this comprehensive guide.

10 Project Management Software Apps Worth Looking At
The 10 best software tools for project management. Find out what you should be evaluating, whatever size your company and whatever sort of projects you run.

5 Tips for Making a Great First Impression
Find out how to make a great impression from your very first meeting. Great tips for project managers and their teams!

How To Find Your Dream Job in Project Management
Learn how to find your dream project management job and how the job you are in could well be the job you are looking for.

How to Write A Project Management Plan
Find out how to write a project management plan and what should be included in this essential document. Important reading for all project teams!

The One Flaw You Must Know About Lessons Learned Meetings
Learn the main problem with lessons learned meetings on projects and find out how you can avoid getting caught out.

How To Save Time And Write Better Project Status Updates
Want to save time on project status updates and make them more relevant to your team? This article will show you how!

What A Project Manager Does All Day
Learn what a project manager's role is and the kind of tasks you'll find in a project manager's job description.

How To Negotiate Like A Pro
Find out how to negotiate like a pro with these top tips.

How To Avoid Project Failure
7 Ways to avoid project failure. With these tips you'll become a pro at delivering your projects successfully every time!

What Is Kanban in Project Management?
This article explains exactly what Kanban is, its roots and how it can be used in project management today to drive productivity and boost collaboration.

5 Trending Topics in Project Management 2016
Find out what's trending in project management right now. Our expert discusses the top trends hitting project management and what they mean for you.

What is a Project Audit?
Learn what a project audit is and how to prepare. Project audits can be a positive experience if you approach them in the right way!

5 Tips for Project Meetings that Will Leave Everyone Feeling Accomplished
Learn how your meetings can be productive and efficient every time with these 5 tips.

7 Things That Disrupt Project Performance
These 7 things could disrupt your project performance and throw your whole team off. Here's what to look out for and how to deal with them.

What Can Project Managers Do About Bullying?
Find out what project managers and organizations can do about bullying in the workplace.

How To Hire A New Project Team Member
Looking to recruit someone into your project team? Here's everything you need to know about hiring new team members.

What is Project Scope Management?
Learn the basics of project scope management in this overview of what it means to manage your project scope effectively. We cover the 6 basic project management processes.

5 Essential Project Reports
Learn about the 5 essential reports for any project. Don't worry, they are easy and won't take much time to put together! The payoff is great information for the right people and a more organized project.

How to Deal With Difficult Stakeholders (Part 2)
Learn more about how to deal with difficult project stakeholders in Part 2 of my interview with Professor David Bryde.

Project Management Roles: The Project Board
Find out what role a project board has to play in project management. Learn who has a seat at the table and how this essential project governance group works.

15 Communication Tools for Your Projects
Wanting to spread the word about your project? Here are 15 communication tools you can use.

What is Project Time Management?
Understand the processes that go into project time management and see how each of these relate to putting together your project schedule.

Project Roles: What do Project Coordinators Do?
Could you do the job of a project coordinator? Find out more about this essential project team role and learn how you could contribute to making projects a success.

6 Effective Ways to Capture Your Clients' Project Requirements
Find out how to capture project requirements in 6 different ways. Give yourself the best chance of success with these techniques.

Practical Differences Between PRINCE2 and PMP
Find out the main differences between PRINCE2 and PMP certifications. Which one is going to be right for you?

10 Habits Of Successful Project Managers
Learn the 10 habits of highly successful project managers and how you can copy them!

The 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas
Get an overview of the 10 project management knowledge areas as defined by A Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide).

What is the PMI-RMP Credential?
Everything you need to know about the PMI-RMP credential, how to apply and what the exam is like. Should you go for the qualification? This article will help you decide.

What is PRINCE2 and Why is It Important?
Find out how PRINCE2 certification will help you as a project manager and the different levels of qualification available.

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How Does Kanban in Project Management Work?
Find out about how Kanban works in practice on projects and learn about how to make a Kanban grid work for your team.

Centric Digital Takes Project Management Paperless with Smartsheet
Learn about how one company made online project management tools pay off in a big way and find out how you can do the same.

4 Steps To Help You Be More Productive. And Happy!
Learn how to break a project down into tasks and then track them easily in this article.

The 10 Books Every Project Manager Should Read
The top 10 management book recommendations for project managers and leaders. A great selection!

How Resource Planning Can Save You Time
How to use resource planning to improve your project management. Learn how you can see what everyone is working on at a glance.

What To Include In Your Project Risk Register
Learn the things you should include in every project risk register. Includes examples so you can build your own templates.

How to Deal With Difficult Stakeholders (Part 1)
Learn how to deal with difficult stakeholders on projects in this expert interview with author David Bryde.

14 Skills to Awaken Your Strategic Perspective
Learn the key skills required to help you think strategically as a project leader. Based on new research.

Find Out About David Robins, Guest Author
Read more about guest author David Robins.

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Project Roles
All the roles you need on your projects to set up your team for success.

Edoardo Binda Zane, Guest Author
Read more about guest author Edoardo Binda Zane.

PRINCE2 Certification
Everything you need to know about PRINCE2