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Market Your Company by Publishing A Book
Should you write a book to market your company? A book can be a marketing tool to introduce you and your business to potential customers.

Malice Domestic - Tea and "Cozy" Murder Mystery
Malice Domestic and their Agatha Awards celebrate the traditional

Major Romance Publishers - from Avon to Zebra
Major Romance Publishers - from Avon to Zebra

The Dangers of Sitting and Healthy Habits for Writers
Writing is usually a sedentary endeavor. Counteract the huge health danger of the writing profession — sitting — with this hints.

U.S. Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstores: Overview, Importance
Bricks-and-mortar bookstores can effectively and uniquely promote books to consumers and are important to book sales.

Independent Booksellers & Unique Local Benefits
Independent booksellers have a claim on the hearts of many readers and authors for these unique reasons.

How to Get the Most Value From A Cookbook Photo Shoot
Gorgeous food photography is a must-have for today's cookbooks. Here's how to keep the costs of high-quality food photography in check.

How to Market A Book - Frontlist vs. Backlist Strategy
New titles are promoted differently from those that have been on the market for awhile. Learn about frontlist vs. backlist book marketing strategies.

Should You Self-Publish Your Book? Reasons to DIY
Thinking about self-publishing your book? Start by reviewing your expectations and read this to determine your chances of successfully self-publishing.

Book Publicity Basics from Your Publisher
Effective book publicity is vital to a robust book launch. Here are the basic elements that an in-house publicity department will likely provide.

Book Marketing Basics
Book marketing basics — the baseline tools to make books visible to booksellers, wholesalers and libraries.

Writing Romance - About The Romance Fiction Genre
Writing a romance novel? It pays to know the hallmarks of romance fiction — and learn about this lucrative book publishing industry genre.

How to Use Social Networks to Promote Your Book
How to use social networks to promote your book - a Q&A with book promotional consultant Sandra Beckwith

Intro to Kid's Book Publishing
Wondering how to publish a children's book? Publishing books for kids has a very different set of rules than writing for adults - learn them here.

New York City — The Epicenter of U.S. Book Publishing
New York City is the epicenter of the U.S. book publishing industry and a cultural hub for writers, readers, booksellers, and publishing pros.

Book Publishing Basics - What is Trade Publishing?
Trade publishing, is the business of publishing books for general audiences. Learn what is - and what is not - a trade book.

Vanity Presses and Self-Publishing Today
While vanity presses have long existed, today's technologies make it easier to create and distribute self-published books into the marketplace.

City Lights: San Francisco's Iconic Beat Bookstore
City Lights: San Francisco's Iconic Beat Bookstore

The Mysterious Bookshop - An Award-Winning NYC Mystery Bookstore
For over 30 years, the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City and its proprietor, Otto Penzler, have been venerated and award-winning mystery book institutions.

Mystery Writers of America (MWA): Making Crime Pay
Mystery Writers of America (MWA) and their Edgar Awards are dedicated to supporting those who write mysteries and / or about crime in any form.

How to Write A Good Book Title - Insights and Examples
Learn insights and examples about how to write a book title that sticks in the minds of readers and helps sell the book.

Booksellers for Authors - Differences & Why They Matter
For book publishers and authors, the relationship with any bookseller is symbiotic and different booksellers have different advantages for authors.

Book Reviews - Important to Authors
A good book review is an important tool to help sell a book to readers. Learn about the types of book reviews and book reviewers.

Jessica Treadway Talks About The Writing Life
What's it like to be a writer? Award-winning author Jessica Treadway (Lacy Eye) shares insights on authorship, book publishing, and the writing life.

The MWA Edgar Award Nominees and Winners
The Mystery Writer's of America Edgar Awards honor the best writing in the genre. Read about the awards and this year's nominees.

Five Steps to Building An Author Platform
How do you build an author platform? Here are five mostly free steps to effectively building your own author platform.

Social Media Best Practices and Etiquette Basics for Authors
Social media is arguably the most important book marketing vehicle today. For authors on social media, here are the basics of how to behave.

Social Media for Authors – Social Media Platform Overview
Social media is a major component to an author's marketing efforts. Here are the major social media platforms and their advantages to authors.

Subscription Book Services: An Overview
When subscription book services began to emerge as business model for book sales, three players Scribd, Oyster and Kindle Unlimited quickly took the lead.

Getting Your Book Published - How to Get Started

Market Research - The Key to Positioning Your Book
Market research helps you look good to agents and editors and can help your book successfully reach its target audience.

Getting Your Book Published
Getting Your Book Published - The step-by-step overview of the process of publishing a book

How to Create A Community Recipe Book
Got recipes? A community recipe book is often a labor of love and can be fun and rewarding. Here's how to compile and create a community cookbook.

Being a Librarian — What Professional Librarians Do
About being a librarian - for those who love books and gathering information, here are facts about being a librarian.

All About Libraries - Ancient Times to Modern Day
Libraries have been repositories of books since ancient times. In today's book industry, libraries represent a market for books. Read about libraries.

Borders Group History - Demise Of A Bookstore Chain
The Borders Group Inc was the second-largest US bricks-and-mortar chain before its liquidation in 2011. Borders' history Part 2 - decline, liquidation.

Understanding Book Advances and Royalties
Book royalties and book advances are the means by which publishers pay authors for their work. Learn how book royalties and advances are calculated.

Writing a College Textbook Proposal
Writing a college textbook proposal is a vital step in getting a textbook published. It

Hard-Boiled to Cozy - Types of Mystery Novels
Hard-boiled or cozy, soft-boiled or suspense — if your goal is to write mystery, you need to know the difference. Learn the major types of mystery novels.

A Literary Agent's Advice to Children's and YA Authors
Writing childrens' books is the dream of many aspiring authors. Here, a top kid's book agent shares her best advice for kids and Young Adult writers.

The 2015 MWA Edgar® Award Winners & Full List of Nominees
The 2015 Edgar Allan Poe Award nominees and winners from the Mystery Writers of America MWA honor the best in mystery and crime writing.

2015 ALA Newbery, Caldecott, King, and Prinz Awards
2015 Newbery Medal, 2015 Caldecott Medal, 2015 Coretta Scott King Award winners, and 2015 Michael L. Prinz Award winner and Honor Books.

How to Plan A Cookbook Photo Shoot
Expert food photography planning advice for aspiring cookbook authors. She tells us how to plan what, what makes for a successful photo shoot and more.

To Market Your Company, Attract Clients--Publish A Book
Publishing a book can help attract new clients and market your company. Read how a book can be a marketing tool to introduce you to customers.

Should You Publish With A Hybrid Publisher?
Should you publish with a hybrid publisher? Hybrids offer an alternative to traditional and self-publishing and might be a good fit for some authors.

Book PR Advice for Hybrid- and Self-Published Authors
Hybrid publishing works well if you are a self-starter, have an appropriate budget, have good book PR support - and take this publishing advice.

Marketing Your Book with SEO - Book Metadata
Marketing a book with SEO is critical for maximizing online book discovery and book sales. And it starts with understanding book metadata.'s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers an e-book self-publishing service with the distribution capability of the online retail giant,

Self-Publishing Services Round-Up
Here's a handy overview of the most popular self-publishing services, along with links, so you can learn more about their features and pros and cons.

How to Get An Entry Level Book Publishing Job
The book biz has its own set of parameters for wannabe employees. Here's advice on how to prepare for your entry level book publishing job interview.

Major Departments In A Publishing House
From editorial to marketing to contracts, read about the major departments in a publishing house.

Freelance Editorial Costs for Authors
To put your best pages forward — to engage an agent, secure a book contract, or ensure your self-published book is readable — consider editorial help.

Things to Consider about Self-publishing Ebooks
From formatting to pricing to metadata, there are many technical considerations for self-publishing an ebook. Self-published children's ebook series creators Nicole and Damir Fonovich share with us their most important self-publishing take-aways.

How to Write A Cookbook - Ingredients for Success
Writing and publishing a cookbook means having not only recipes but organization, photos, vision, and more. Learn the ingredients for cookbook writing success.

Audiobooks 101 - About Audiobooks and the Audiobook Industry
Audiobooks are a $1 billion industry and has experienced explosive growth. Read an overview of audiobooks and the marketplace.

Marketing Your Self-Published Book - Indie Author Tips
Both traditional- and self-published, Donna Fasano's books have sold 4 million copies worldwide. Get her tips for indie distribution and marketing.

How to Self-Publish an Audiobook
Self-publishing an audiobook can provide both traditional and indie authors with new readers and more revenue. Learn how to turn your book into audio.

The Big Five Trade Book Publishers in the U.S
The Big Five book publishers are the major trade book publishing companies in the US - read who they are, here.

Sell More Books By Engaging Book Clubs
You can sell more books by engaging book clubs — if you're lucky enough to get onto their radar screens. Learn how to find and market to book clubs.

About Book Marketing - An Overview
Trade book marketing helps get books in front of the consumer and helps boost book sales. Learn about a publisher's book marketing department.

How to Market Your Book - Timing for Book Sales Success
Timing is everything in book promotion. Here's how to market your book in a timeframe that helps your sales success.

Types of Booksellers: A Survey of Where Books Are Sold
Booksellers come in many types — bricks-and-mortar, on-line, bookstores, specialty store — even subscription. An overview of the types of booksellers.

Bookstore Basics - Marketing and Merchandising
Bookstores need to market themselves as well as their wares. From bags to website, here are some bookstore promotional tactics.

R. J. Julia Independent Booksellers — A Profile of R. J. Julia
As one of the largest independent booksellers in the Northeast — and one of the most admired in the country — R. J. Julia is a community hub and a place where the staff is passionate about reading and about placing the right book in the hands of a reader.

World Book Night: About World Book Night U.S.
World Book Night is a celebration—and promotion—of books and reading. Held on April 23, the event is sponsored by a wide variety of publishing industry businesses and associations. Read more about the significance of this event to the book industry and to readers.

Popular Book Festivals Around the United States
From Brooklyn to Los Angeles and everywhere in between - learn about popular book and literary festivals around the U.S. open to the general public.

Book PR Tip - Hook Your Book to An Upcoming Occasion
Book PR Tip - for maximum publicity exposure for your book,

Hashtags for Authors and Book Marketing Pros
If you're a writer or publishing pro, these Twitter hashtags will help you connect with like-minded authors and build a community of readers.

Tips for Producing An Effective Online Book Trailer
How to produce an online book trailer - tips for producing an effective trailer for your book.

Create A Book Marketing and Publicity Campaign
Creating a book marketing and publicity plan will help spread the word about your finished book, whether you're DIY- or traditionally published.

The Subscription Model for Books
The subscription model for bookselling and its potential impact on authors, publishers and readers.

Book Marketing Strategy: Putting the Campaign Together
Book marketing gets books in front of readers. Learn some of the strategic thinking and pro tactics that go into book successful marketing campaigns.

Launching A Book
How to Launch A Book: A successful book launch sends a new book into the hands of book buyers.

Regional Independent Bookseller Fall Trade Shows
All in one place - dates and locations of the Regional Independent Bookseller fall book publishing trade shows, vital events for book marketing.

Free and Review - Giving Away Copies to Promote A Book
Free and review books are marketing and publicity tools to help promote new books.

The London Book Fair Responds To A Changing Book Market
Like the industry as a whole, the London Book Fair is expanding new programs and making key changes to stay relevant and adjust to marketplace shifts.

The Codex - The Early Bound Book
A codex is a term for pages bound together, the early physical form of what we now call a book.

eBooks - Books in Electronic Form
The term ebook (or e-book) is a conjunction of the words “electronic book,” and refers to a book which made available digitally, usually downloaded.

History of the Borders Group
The Borders Group Inc was the second-largest US bricks-and-mortar chain before its liquidation in 2011. Part 1 - early years, the first superstore.

Printing Press vs. Digital - Young Readers Ask
Print vs. digital is a huge topic for all of book publishing these days — readers ask about historic perspective on the topic.

Frankfurt Book Fair - The World's Biggest Book Event
The Frankfurt Book Fair has a 500-year-old history and is today the world's largest book fair, attracting a global audience of book industry pros.

Book Festival Programming — How Book Fairs Choose Authors
How book festival programmers choose authors and books for their events. Learn how to get on the lists for these great book promotion opportunities.

Profile of Len Riggio, Founder of Barnes & Noble
From bookstore clerk to publishing retail innovator, read about Leonard Riggio, the founder of Barnes & Noble,

Barnes & Noble As Book Publisher
Barnes & Noble has a long history as a book publisher as well as a bookseller. From bargain books to e-books, read about B&N as a book publisher.

Barnes & Noble - "The World's Largest Bookstore"
Discounting, publishing, e-tailing -- learn about the history and bookselling innovations of Barnes & Noble,

Month-by-Month Key Book Publishing Events
A month-by-month listing of some of the key annual conferences and events for publishers, booksellers, authors and/or the reading public.

About World Book and Copyright Day, The Day of the Book
April 23 is a traditional day to celebrate books — it's

Should You Be Opening a Bookstore? Bookselling Basics
For many booklovers, opening a bookstore seems to be their dream career. Independent booksellers enjoy being a community hub, and take pride in the fact they're encouraging reading in both adults and children. Of course, the realities of starting a bookstore are complicated. If you’re considering buying or starting a bookstore, read some basics about bookselling.

A Traditional Publisher's Many Book Sales Departments
There are many outlets to sell books. Each traditional publishing book sales department has its own markets, its own distinct customer bases.

Expert Tax Deduction Tips for Authors
When it's time to file your taxes as a book author, the more you know, the better. Here are some suggestions for book author tax deductions.

Sales Tax Facts for Book Authors
Authors who sell their own books directly to readers may be obligated to collect and remit sales taxes. Read what you need to know about sales tax.

Guide to Becoming A Ghostwriter
If you're a writer interested in becoming a ghostwriter, here's you should know about this

How to Get (or Get More) Ghostwriting Business
If you're thinking of becoming a ghostwriter, or have done some ghostwriting and want to do more, here's advice on where to find ghostwriting work.

How to Self-Publish Children's Books or Ebooks
Do you want to self-publish a children's book or ebook? Learn from authors who have done it, the owners of Luca Lashes.

Basic Outline of a Book Contract
What terms are included in a book publishing contract? The standard book contract encompasses a lengthy number of clauses covering important manuscript, legal and financial points in a book's life cycle and an author's livelihood. Learn about the typical clauses of a book contract.

What is a Book Contract?
A book contract is the legally-binding agreement between an author and the book publisher that dictates assignment of rights, obligations, and money.

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month
NoNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month and Camp NaNoWriMo are virtual community events that encourage and support novel writing.

How to Write - Books for Instruction and Inspiration
How to write and how to be a writer - these books offer pro instruction on the writing craft and inspiration on how to navigate the life of a writer.

How to Make Booksellers Love You: Part 1 – Getting Your Book into the Bookstore
How to make bookstores love you — authors: follow these DOs and DON'Ts of good author-bookseller relations.

How to Plan Authors' Media Interviews
A media interview is a great opportunity to spread the word about your book to a wider audience. Here are strategies for successful media interviews.

The Young Adult Book Market
The Young Adult (YA) fiction genre is a genre aimed at teens. Want to publish a YA book? Learn about the Young Adult books market.

To Write A Mystery, Learn About the Genre. Here's How.
Wondering how to write a mystery novel? If you're an author who wants to write a mystery, here's info to help position you within the genre.

Literary Agent Insight - Digital Book Publishing and the Author's Bottom Line
Literary agency CEO Tim Knowlton of Curtis Brown Ltd shares insights on book sales to publishers, distributor pricing, ebook contract terms, and piracy.

Book Design — Creating a Selling Book "Package"
Book design is important in order to appeal to potential readers and maximize sales. Here are some factors to consider in book design and packaging.

The Book Production Process, Copyediting to Shipping
Learn about the book production process, starting with copyediting through to printing and binding and/or coding for distribution as an e-book.

Six Steps to Getting a Literary Agent
How do you get a literary agent? Do your homework, be professional, say thanks - and make your book or proposal stand out.

What You Should Know About Being a Published Author
Facts about being a published author, what the average author can expect in terms of money, marketing and more when publishing his or her first book.

How to Be A Writer - An Interview with Author Gina Barreca
Author, humorist and professor Gina Barreca elaborates on what keeps her writing (hint: it has something to do with paying her bills).

Types of Book Publishers--Different for Different Books
There are different types of book publishers for different books: trade publishers, academic and professional, self-publishing services - and more.

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is a non-profit professional organization for children's writers and illustrators.

A Key Tool to Market Your Book - The Author Questionnaire
An author questionnaire is a key, basic book marketing and publicity tool, used to help home in on author connections and audiences for the book.

The Parts of a Book — Contents
What is a book? From front matter to back matter, here you'll find a listing and description of the parts of a printed book's content.

The Man Booker Prize
The Booker Prize (officially, the Man Booker Prize) is a major literary award presented each year for a novel published in English in the U.K.

The Man Booker Prize Winners - 1968 to Present
The Man Booker Prize winners get bragging rights to one of the most prestigious and lucrative literary awards. Here's the list of winners since 1968.

The Six Habits of Highly Successful Authors
Want to finish writing a book? Here are some practical habits that can help you go from staring down a blank screen to piling up the manuscript pages.

Overview of the Book Publishing Process
Wondering how a publisher gets a book from writer to reader? Here's an overview of the publishing process from editorial to bookseller.

The Importance of Book Jackets
Most readers do indeed judge a book at least in part by its cover. That's why book publishers have whole departments dedicated to their creation.

Tax Tips and Information for Book Authors
Book authors face some unique issues when filing their taxes. Here's a round-up of tax-related issues that affect those who write books.

How to Come Up With A Good Book Title
Coming up with a great book title is part art, part science, part market knowledge. Learn about writing good book titles and subtitles.

Get Your Manuscript Ready to Be Published
Make sure your manuscript is the best it can be before you hit the

Book Editing - Submission Through Final Manuscript
How do you work with a book editor? Read about book editing, the first step in the process of going from manuscript to published book.

Baker & Taylor - A Profile of the Wholesale Book Distributor
Baker & Taylor is a leading wholesale distributor of books, videos, and music products. In business since 1828, the company is especially known for being a wholesaler to libraries and other institutions as well as to retail booksellers. Read the history of Baker & Taylor and physical and digital book and entertainment distribution services the company provides today.

eBook Sellers — Where to Sell Your eBooks Online
eBook sellers are the channels that bring your ebook to the reader. If you are self-publishing a book with the hopes of profiting, distribution through these digital retailers are critical to your book's success. Read about the major players and some speciality ebook sellers.

Self-Publishing: Considerations for Choosing A Publishing Service
Which publishing service should you choose to help you self-publish your book? It depends on whether you want to create a print book or an ebook, whether you want to potentially see your hardcover on a store shelf or allow your family and friends print-on-demand. Read about some of the factors you should consider when you compare publishing services.

About Ghostwriting and Hiring a Ghostwriter
What is ghostwriting? Learn about the practice of paying someone to write under your name — and what to look for when hiring a ghostwriter.

Book Blogs - Good for Authors, Good for Readers
Book blogs provide a resource for book discovery and marketing. Here are the various ways book blogs can serve authors and readers.

Tips For Setting Up Author Readings and Book Signings
Author appearances are an important part of a book marketing campaign. Here are some tips on how to have successful author readings and book signings.

Subtitles Help Sell Books-How to Write a Great Subtitle
A book's subtitle works with its title to draw in potential readers. A good subtitle helps market and sell a book — read how to write a good subtitle.

All About Ghostwriting
All about ghostwriting and being a ghostwriter.

Promote Your Book with Twitter
The social media network Twitter is an instrument that connects members with their enthusiasms, a virtual gathering place for special interest communities. Learn why Twitter's unique qualities make it a great

To Help Get Your Novel Published - Use Reader Feedback Wisely
Increase your chances of publishing your novel by asking for—and learning to effectively use—constructive feedback from readers.

Book Festivals - Bringing Authors, Publishers, and Readers Together
Book fairs and festivals bring books and authors and the publishing world to the reading public to celebrate and showcase books and authors.

What Does A Book Agent Do To Get Your Book Published?
Do you need a literary agent? What does a book agent do to get your book published? Learn about the vital roles that agents play for their authors.

BookExpo America - BEA - Publishing's Largest US Event
BookExpo America - BEA - is an annual publishing industry trade show and conference held in the U.S. Learn about BEA and when and where it's held.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Tips On Publishing A Book To Attract New Clients
If you're looking to market your company and attract new clients by publishing a book, here's how to get started.

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing
What does it mean to

How A Festival Promotes Children's Literacy
Literacy is a cornerstone of an effective society, and organizations like Plum Creek Children's Literacy Festival are helping connect kids with books.

Publishing A Book With A Hybrid Publisher
What's it like to put out a book with a hybrid publisher vs. traditional or self-publishing? Read an author's insights about the pros and the cons.

Literacy and Early Book Reading - Vital Life Skills
Literacy, the ability to read and write, is vital to the public and to the publishing industry and most effectively fostered by early book reading.

About Hybrid Publishers
A hybrid publisher falls between a traditional publisher and a self-publishing service. Learn about the critical differences in the publishing models.

How to Stay Motivated - Tips for Book Writers
How do you stay motivated to stick with the long writing process and finish your book? Here are some tips that will help.

Should You Attend A Book Publishing Conference?
Book publishing conferences can be great for gaining industry info and editor and agent contacts - if you know what to look for. Learn here.

The Audiobook Market - Listeners, Habits, Book Discovery
The Audiobook Market – who are the audiobook listeners, what are their buying and listening habits, and audiobook discovery

Audiobook Publishing Insights - Producing Quality for Listeners Today
Audiobook Publishing Insights - producing audiobooks for Listeners Today with

Audiobook Narration Insights from An Expert
Audiobook Narration Insights from An Expert - A Q&A with Ideal Audiobooks Publisher and Award-winning Narrator Amy Rubinate.

The Man Booker International Prize and Special Prizes
The Man Booker International Prize is awarded bi-annually to recognize a body of fiction work by a living writer publishing in English.

Big Magic Lessons for Writers
Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear provides unique insights on how to navigate the wild ride that is the writing life.

Agatha Christie-Inspired Advice for Authors
Agatha Christie maintains her status as the world's best-selling author and her habits have much to teach writers about both the craft and the career.

Strong Growth in Audiobook Sales
Strong growth in audiobook sales 2014, both dollar and unit expansion, according to APA survey.

Agatha Christie, the Best-Selling Novelist of All Time
Agatha Christie. The life and career of the best-selling novelist of all time.

Major Romance Publishers - Part 2
Major Romance Publishers - Part 2 - Harlequin, Kensington and more

Digital First Romance Publishers
Digital-first Romance imprints of major publishers offer advantages to both the publisher and the author who aspires to publish in the genre.

How to Deal with Writing Distractions
There will be times when family obligations, holidays, or day jobs distract you from book writing. Maximize forward movement with these tips.

Tips For A Great Author Photo
Authors photos are critically important to book marketing and publicity. Here are pro tips on how to take a great author photo.

Social Media Strategies for Authors - Beyond Beginner
Authors can make their social media more efficient and effective by strategically leveraging these tactics, tools, and time spent.

Taylor Swift & Amanda Palmer Teach Authors About Money
The creative economy is different than other economies. Here's what music pros Taylor Swift and Amanda Palmer teach authors and artists about money.

Book Blogging Best Practices
Best ethical practices for book bloggers.

The Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative
The Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative sheds light on one-sided contract terms and spurs publishers to offer more equitable deals.

The Truth About Your Book Publishing Contract
Is your book publishing contract fair to you, the author? A

Celebrating Indie Booksellers in the U.S. and Canada
Origins and current info on Indies First Campaign, Independent Bookstore Day, Canadian Authors for Indies Day, celebrations of independent booksellers.

Book Discovery - Librarians and Book Bloggers
Book discovery - how book bloggers and librarians help put books in the hands of readers. Learn more from Kelly Jensen, youth services librarian.

Fair Use and What It Means For Authors

How to Find and Hire A Ghostwriter
Ghostwriters can help authors who have expertise, a vision or a platform but who need help writing. Learn what you need to know about hiring a ghostwriter.

Intellectual Property and Digital Piracy Issues
Digital pirates are large-scale, for-profit entities that steal creative work and risk all the jobs created by the creative work and the U.S. economy.

Book Authors and Money - A Round Up of Articles
Book authors and money - from royalties to taxes to ancillary efforts to boost the bottom line. Here's a round-up of some of the most popular articles.

Income Opportunities for Authors Beyond the Book
Authors can maximize their income with speaking engagements, online classes, direct book sales, and more.

How to Sell and Promote Self-Published Books at B&N
Learn how to sell and promote self-publishing books at Barnes & Noble with NOOK Press programs and the advice found here.

The 2015 SIBA Book Award Winners and Finalists
The 2015 SIBA Book Award Winners and Finalists, given by the Southern Independent Bookseller Alliance to honor great books of Southern origin.

Jewish Book Fairs
Jewish Book Fairs and Book Festivals celebrate Jewish culture and can be great opportunities for authors to get in front of an audience.

Market Your Book With SEO - Keywords in Metadata
Keywords are critical book metadata for SEO and, therefore, help connect books with potential readers. Learn how to choose book keywords.

How to Brand A Book - 9 Rules From Dummies
What does it take to develop a brand as an author or a line of books? Learn from these 9 take-aways from one of the most successful author-brands.

Book Industry Grows in 2014
The Book Industry grew in 2014. Children's, Young Adult books drove 4.6% book industry growth in 2014, with audiobooks and subscription services also experiencing growth.

Elements of An Effective Author Website
The elements of an effective author website help make it an easy-to-navigate space where people can easily find out more about the author and book.

Podcasting for Writers - Pro Insights and Tips
Many authors are turning to podcasts to build their brands and promote their books. Broadcast pro Susan Davis shares her podcasting wisdom.

Content Marketing for Authors
Content marketing is a promotional tactic. Employed strategically and deployed correctly by authors, content marketing can build audiences for books.

2014 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalists & Winners
The 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalists and Winners - NBCC prizes awarded in 2015 honoring distinguished books from the 2014.

2015 Youth Media Awards - Alex to PrinZ
2015 Youth Media Award and Honors Recipients - Alex to Yalsa - Sibert, YALSA, William C. Morris and more

2015 Pulitzer Prize Winners for Letters
The winners and finalists for the 2015 Pulitzer Prizes for Letters are.

2015 RWA RITA Winners and Finalists - 1
2015 RWA RITA Award winners and finalists for Best First Book, Best Contemporary Romance; Best Erotic Romance, and Best Historical Romance.

Getting and Giving Good Book Blurb
Book blurbs, like book reviews, are third party endorsements used to attract a reader to buy a book. Here's how to get and give good book blurb.

How to Write A Cookbook - Proofreading Is Critical
Proofreading a cookbook is critical in order for the recipes work when the reader tries them. Ensure that your cookbook is accurate with these steps.

Cookbook Writing Research - Food and Cookery Resources
For cookbook writing research, these institutions provide historic culinary and food culture resources for recipe background, context.

How to Write A Cookbook Proposal - Tips for Getting Started
Cookbook proposals have more requirements than other book proposals. Learn the ingredients for a successful cookbook proposal.

Cookbook Writing - What You Need to Know
How to write a cookbook,a round up of articles.

Keys to Book Blogger Success
The keys to successful book and author blogging from expert blogger and YA specialist Kelly Jensen.

How to Get Published by a Major Publisher
Being published by one of the Big Five publishing houses has advantages. Here's what you'll need to catch the attention of a major publisher.

Advantages of Being Published by A Big Five Publisher
Being published by a Big Five or other major book publishing house generally has a high bar to entry, but there is much value in that relationship.

How to Test Recipes
When you are writing a cookbook, recipe testing is vital to ensure that readers can make the dish as the author intended. Here's how to test recipes.

Write A Cookbook Right - Ethical Recipe Writing
Writing a cookbook requires ethical recipe writing — that is, appropriately crediting recipe sources and inspirations.

How to Write Recipes - Advice and Tips
How to write cookbook recipes for maximum appeal and cooking success.

Food Photography Planning Tips for Cookbook Authors
Food photography is expensive and cookbook authors should plan well. Start with these tips.

How Organize and Write A Community Recipe Book
Whether featuring potluck recipes or ethnic specialties, community cookbooks have long been popular. Here's how to start your community recipe book.

How to Write A Cookbook – Tips for Personalization
The best recipe books are highly personal. Learn how to make yours a reflection of you and the food, culture and philosophy you want to share.

Literary Agent Wisdom From Curtis Brown Ltd.
Curtis Brown Ltd is one of the world's leading literary agencies a history that spans a century. Here's decades' worth of literary agent wisdom.

How A Book's Film and TV Rights Get Sold
How a book's film and TV rights to books get sold: film and TV agents like Curtis Brown's Holly Frederick sell dramatic rights to producers.

Living the Writing Life - 5 Essential Rules for Authors
Are you looking for advice about living the writer's life? From writing - a lot - to finding your own path, here's a roll-up of the core rules.

Jewish Book Month
Jewish Book Month is an annual celebration of books of Judaic interest and culture promoted that takes place in the month preceding Hanukkah.

Publishers Help Broaden Author Reach and Revenue Beyond Books
As markets and profits and staffs shrink, publishers are offering authors assistance with how to broaden their reach and earnings beyond books.

How Much Money Does An Author Make?
How much money does an author make? How much money does a self-published author make? Get some insights here. Learn more here.

A Literary Agent's View: What Authors Need to Know About Publishing Today
Literary agent and CEO of Curtis Brown, Ltd. in New York City, Tim Knowlton shares what authors need to know if they want to break into the business.

Whither Amazon? Or: Towards Rebalancing the Book Publishing Ecosystem
Amazon domination of book distribution can be tempered with emerging market factors. Amazon's market domination has proven to be a double-edged sword.

Publishing Ecosystem cont'd - Authors, Stores, Readers
Authors, booksellers, readers in the book ecosystem - all need to uphold the value of books and to price books accordingly.

2015 Audie Awards - Winners and Finalists
2015 Audie Awards from the Audio Publishers Association - complete list of winners and finalists - 1.

2015 Audie Award Finalists, Continued
More 2015 Audie Awards from the Audio Publishers Association - complete list of winners and finalists (part 2)

Choosing An Agent - What Authors Need to Know
What Authors Need to Know About Choosing An Agent - Tim Knowlton Shares His Advice for Finding the Right Literary Representation

Why Your Literary Agent Should Be an AAR Member
When choosing a literary agent, authors should look for Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR) membership. Learn more about it.

Hiring a Freelance Book Publicist - Advice from a Pro
Publicity is key to a book's success. Here's what look for when hiring a freelance book publicist—and how to maximize his or her efforts.

California Bookstore Day - Celebrating Independent Booksellers
California Bookstore Day (CBD) is a festive day-long celebration of independent bookstores.

2015 Regional Independent Bookseller Fall Trade Shows
Here's an early preview of the dates of the 2015 Regional Independent Bookseller Fall Trade Shows as available, along with links about the individual shows.

Film Or TV Deal? What Book Authors Need to Know
When the film and TV rights to a book are on the table, here's what's important to know about the deal.

About BookCon - An Event for Book Fans
BookCon is a consumer convention where readers can mingle with authors and celebrate books at

What Makes A Book "Right" for Film vs. TV?
What makes a book appealing for adaptation by film or TV producers? Learn what makes a book movie or television screen worthy.

How To Design A Book - Tips From An Art Director
When readers do judge books by their covers, what kind of thinking goes into a book cover design? Book package design? Learn about book design here.

About the Job of A Book Editor
All about the job and the career of a book editor. Learn about editorial and other skills required and the career path of an acquisitions editor.

Five Top Academic Publishers
The top five academic publishers who publish for scholarly and academic audiences.

What Is Copyright and Why Is It Important to Authors?
Copyright legally protects original works of authorship — learn why copyright is vitally important to authors and publishers.

Book Jobs - How To Get a Job in Book Publishing
Want a book job? Whatever book-related career you envision, here's what you need to know about how to get a job in book publishing.

Book Publishing By Category
Whether they are kids books or cookbooks or romance or sci fi or audio — different books appeal to different readers — and are shelved (literally or virtually) at booksellers and bought by readers accordingly. Learn about the specifics of the different categories here.

Subsidiary Rights - Potential Author, Publisher Profits
Subsidiary rights are potentially important sources of author and publisher income. Read about film, translation, audio and other sub rights.

Start Marketing Your Book Early - 6 Steps for Success
Advance book marketing is important to establish or build an audience that will come to the book during its launch, help create sales momentum.

How to Get Your Novel Published

Hobbyist vs. Pro — Tax Guidelines for Book Authors
Not every book author can claim to be a pro. Read about the critical distinction the IRS makes between book authors hobbyists and pros.

Publishing Rights and Royalties - Questions Answered
Publishing rights and book royalties determine how much money an author earns. Here are Q&As about publishing rights and self-publishing fees.

Advice on How to Copyright a Book
How do you copyright a book? Do you even need to? Here are the answers to common questions about books and manuscripts and copyright.

Editorial Assistant to Publisher - Editorial Department
Many people looking to find a job in book publishing set their sights on the editorial department. Learn about editorial jobs at a book publishing house.

Leverage Online and Offline Social Networks to Promote Your Book
Promote your book by leveraging both online and offline social networks. Read tips on how to effectively tap into your networks to get the word out about your book.

Movie- and TV Tie-Ins - Marketing Synergy, Book Sales
The relationship of a movie or TV show to a book creates a marketing synergy. Learn about movie and TV tie-ins.

Creating an Author Website — A Vital Book Promotional Tool
Your author website is a vital book marketing tool, where readers, periodical editors and publicists find out more about you and your work.

How To Write A Book Proposal - Getting Started
A book proposal is the sales vehicle used by non-fiction authors and their agents sell books. Learn about book proposals and how to get started.

How to Write A Better Book Title — A Case Study
Becoming a better book title name generator — a case study on how to write a better book title.

Romance Writers of America and the RWA Annual Conference
The Romance Writers of America (RWA) annual conference is an opportunity for romance writers of all levels to network and build skills.

Book Proposals — Elements of an Effective Book Proposal
A book proposal is the sales tool with which you pitch your book. From cover letter to sample chapter, here's what your book proposal requires.

Manhattan NYC Bookstores
A list of popular Manhattan, NYC bookstores for book-loving visitors and New York City natives alike.

Textbooks: An Overview of Textbook Publishing
Textbooks are books that accompany a specific class or subject at the school or university level, and suggest a curriculum for the particular subject.

What Is An Author Platform?
A platform gives an author some type of public forum from which to address — and promote books to — a established potential readership.

Johann Gutenberg and Invention of the Printing Press
Gutenberg is credited with being the inventor of the printing press, and the father of the modern printed book, and a world communications catalyst.

Publishers as Booksellers and Vice Versa
Historically, trade publishers published books and booksellers sold them. But the roles of publishers and booksellers have become more fluid.

Step #5: Socialize your book title and solicit opinions
Be your own book title generator - Get opinions about your top book title choices

Step #4: Research your book title's competition
Be your own book title generator - Research to see if there's competition for your book title selections

Step #3: Refine your book title
Be your own book title generator - Refine your book title

Step-by-Step - How to Write a Good Book Title
Be your own book title generator - How to Write a Good Book Title - step-by-step

Step 1: Determine what ideas you want to get across
Be your own book title generator - Determine what ideas you want your book title to get across

Step #2: Brainstorm book title ideas
Be your own book title generator - Brainstorm book title ideas

verywell. Publishing.

Bookselling and Bookstores
Bookstores and bookselling - about the business of selling books to the retail consumer.

All About Book Publicity
Publicity gets books in front of the media — print, radio, TV, etc. The media, in turn, can potentially get books in front of hundreds, thousands or millions of potential readers — which is why publicity is critical to a book's sales success. Read about book publicity — how it works, and how you can work it.

Social Media for Authors and Books
Social media is an increasingly important book promotion tool. Read these expert strategies and tips for maximizing your book's social media exposure.

Acing Your Public Appearances
Advice on how to make a great impression at author appearances - during signings, readings, TV, radio, tours.

The Writing Life
Making a living as a writer takes... practice. Practice like yoga or meditation is a practice. This category doesn't teach writing — but it does give some advice and hints to better weather the challenges — and better practice — the writing life in order to keep the pages flowing.

Authors and Money
How much money does a book author make? What tax tips are there for authors? What's the impact of digital publishing on an authors bottom line? Read about these money issues and more.

About Digital Publishing
Online retailers, ebooks, apps, self-publishing and more about today's digital publishing landscape.

Book Bloggers, Book Clubs and Other Book Forums
Book readers of any and every kind are vital to the book publishing industry. Learn about consumer book blogs, reading forums, book clubs, and other places book lovers discover what to read.

Book Awards and Literary Honors
Awards and other literary distinctions can help enhance the sales of books and the careers of authors and sometimes even come with cash. Learn about the honors bestowed by the different literary and book publishing communities.

2014 Notable Events
Book awards and other notable book publishing events in 2014.

Book Publishing Circa 2015
Literary awards and other events in 2015

Ghostwriters and Ghostwriting
Whether you're an author in search of a writer, or a writer in search of income, learn all about ghostwriters and ghostwriting.

Read more about poetry and poets.