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Rabies Laws: What Age Should Puppies Get Vaccinated?
Learn about rabies and laws state-by-state for age requirements for first puppy rabies vaccinations.

The Easiest Way to Stop Puppies & Dogs From Chasing Cats
Learn why dogs chase cats and how to stop your puppy or dog from chasing cats in this step-by-step training article.

Introducing Puppies and Babies Properly
Learn proper introductions of dogs and babies with explanations on the best way to safely introduce your puppy and babies.

How to Stop Puppies from Jumping on People
Puppies jumping up and mouthing people can be dangerous; refer to these 10 tips from expert trainers to stop puppies from leaping and mouthing.

Ear Mites: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn about the life cycle of ear mites, symptoms of ear mites, and what to do about them in puppies.

Seizures in Puppies - Understanding Epilepsy in Dogs
Learn about the etiology of puppy seizures, the signs of canine epilepsy and what you can do for dogs with seizures.

Puppy Fleas - Symptoms and Treatment Tips
Understand flea life cycle and how to control, prevent and treat fleas on your puppy. Include information on the latest development in flea treatment.

Natural Remedies for Dog & Puppy Hot Spots
A discussion of why dogs get hot spots, and methods to treat them with home remedies and dog first aid.

Giardia in Puppies - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn about giardia symptoms, treatment for giardia and how puppies get the disease along with ways to prevent the parasite infection.

How to Treat Anal Gland Infection in Puppies
Learn about scooting, puppy's anal gland infection and how to treat the issue and maintain healthy glands.

8 Tips to Cure Puppy Insomnia
Learn about treatments, training and natural remedies for insomnia in this article about helping puppies sleep.

Puppy Care Must Knows - Food, Grooming,1st Aid & Travel
Learn what and when to feed, care for puppy fur, ears, eyes, teeth and nails, how to medicate and give 1st aid, and travel tips with--or without--your puppy.

How Puppy Fur, Hair, Whiskers and Coat Grow
Learn about puppy fur, types of puppy hairs, dog whiskers, and how puppy fur grows in this article about your puppy's coat.

People Food for Puppies: A Guide to Feeding Table Scraps
Learn how to offer healthy treats with people food for puppies in this article about safe table scraps for dogs.

Puppies Ear Mites: Treatment with Natural Remedies
Learn how to treat ear mites in 10 easy steps with these natural remedies for puppy ear mites.

How to Express Anal Glands in a Puppy
An explanation of puppy scooting behavior, anal glands, plus step-by-step instructions how to express your puppy's anal glands.

How to Brush Puppies' Teeth
Learn how to clean dogs teeth and train them to accommodate home dental care with this step-by-step process.

Christmas Tree Puppy Safety
Learn about Christmas tree puppy safety in this article with tips for keeping holiday dogs safe around ornaments, tinsel and more.

Six Training Tips for Puppy Car Travel
Learn how to ease pet travel fears with step-by-step training to make car travel a fun experience.

10 Tips for Living With A Blind Puppy
Learn how to care for your blind puppy by following these tips for living with a blind dog and helping him adjust to the environment.

Advice on Traveling with Your Pup
Tips and advice for traveling near and far with your dog or puppy, for however long you may be there, and for what ever means you arrive there. We have advice your pup can take with him from being a young, carsick pup going camping for the first time, to his senior days moving across the country.

Veterinary Care for Your Puppy
Read about puppy health care treatments including spay/neuter, cropping and docking, dental care, vaccinations, parasite, microchipping and common diseases and nursing care for puppies.

Puppy First Aid
These step by step puppy emergency first aid articles save puppy's life. Find home remedies for puppies, natural care cures and treatments and more for injuries and health issues.

Puppy 101
Learn how to find and choose a puppy, compare boy vs girl, mutts vs purebreds, grooming, exercise, equipment needed, care cost and time required, and what to expect puppy development stages.

Distemper: Puppy & Dog Signs, Treatment & Prevention
Distemper in puppies is the most common canine infectious disease of the nervous system. Most dogs will be exposed to distemper during their lifetime.

Bringing Puppy Home - Everything A New Puppy Requires
Learn what puppy supplies you need, how to name puppies, ways to puppy proof, socialize and establish

Puppy Training 101
Learn to train puppies, what equipment you need, where to find dog training classes, and how-to for clicker and lure training, crate training, potty training, socialization and obedience. Puppy introductions cover other pets, children and strangers.

Puppy Separation Anxiety - Behaviors and Treatment
Learn about puppy separation anxiety, common dog separation behaviors, and tips for how to relieve upset puppy feelings when your puppy is left alone.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Puppy Food
What should you feed your puppy? Tips and advice on different types of dog food, raw food for your dog, and how to choose the best food for your pup.

Education for Your Pup
All Things Training! Puppies.

Taking Care of Your Puppy While You Are Injured
As you handle your injury, just remember that even if you are not able to take care of your puppy and need help, you are not a failure as a dog owner.

Walking Your Puppy When It's Too Hot Outside
Keeping a puppy happy and exercised during the peak of summer can be challenging. But with a little time and creativity, your puppy will be satisfied!

Spaying and Neutering - When To Neuter A Puppy
Refer to this spaying and neutering article to understand how puppies are sterilized, why they should be neutered, and when is the best time to spay and neuter your puppy.

10 Ways To Help Stop a Puppy From Barking
There are many reasons why your puppy barks. We discuss several common reasons for why your puppy is barking, and what you can do to help him relax.

Why Puppies Eat Poop, and 10 Tips To Stop It
Puppies will eat poop. The frequency increases after one year of age. The good news is most pups outgrow the habit! Here are some tips and advice.

Puppy Teething Timeline - What to Expect
Info, tips, and advice on puppy teething - when your puppy will get her puppy teeth and her adult teeth, and when she will lose them.

Stages of Newborn Puppy Development - Birth to 12 Weeks
This article explains puppy emotional and physical development week by week from a newborn puppy at birth until 12 weeks of age.

Puppy Vomiting - Why Do Puppies Vomit?
Why puppies vomit, the difference between vomit and regurgitation, and how to treat your puppy's stomach and make her feel better.

My dog chews on everything!
A dog that chews on everything in the house can be very frustrating. Let us show you how to stop your dog from chewing up all of your stuff!

Why Dogs Jump
A dog jumping on you can be an annoying thing, but there are different reasons and solutions for this. What is your dog saying through her actions?

Best Puppy Sources
Learn how to find a puppy and evaluate good vs bad puppy sources from dog breeders, shelters and rescues, use puppy temperament tests for predicting puppy personality, and more.

Games For Your Puppy
Learn how and why puppies play, and fun puppy activities you can enjoy with your puppy including canine sports, dog shows, and performance trials like agility, flyball, tracking, herding, doggy dancing and more.

Everything You Need To Know For Your Puppy
Seasonal tips and advice to make the most of your puppy's life, as well as fundamentals and need-to-know information on raising your perfect puppy.

Celebrating Holidays with Your Dog
Tips and Advice for Celebrating The Holiday With Your Dog

Breeds At A Glance
This puppy breeds finder offers

Why Your Dog Eats Everything
Learn about why your puppy eats dirt, grass, or other weird items. Tips and advice on what to do if your puppy has been eating non-edible items.

Puppy Sunburn First Aid and Prevention
Advice for puppy sunburn - learn how to prevent sunburn, how to give first aid for your puppy's sunburn pain, and how sunburn on your dog occurs.

Building a Routine With Your New Puppy
Learn why puppies become confused if humans don't use consistent rules and routines; and how to create rules and create a routine for your puppy.

How to Talk to Puppies With Dog Language
Understand puppy communication, body language, vocalization, and calming signals for your dog in this article about dog communication.

Puppies: Electrical Shock First Aid
First aid for electric shock symptoms in your puppy. How to recognize and prevent electrical shock dangers for your dog.

Swallowed Foreign Objects and Puppies
Learn first aid tips for puppy choking, and what to do if your puppy swallows dangerous objects like coins, string or sharp objects.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got My First Puppy
Looking back on my first puppy, I realize that if it could be done wrong, I did it. I caused irreparable issues, but you can learn from my mistakes.

How Hot Is Too Hot For My Dog?
Summer is here! And with that comes all the great opportunities to take your puppy places! But with summertime comes the heat and humidity.

Puppy Body Language - Understand Silent Puppy Talk
Dogs can't talk, but they can certainly communicate! Learn about dog body language, what your dog is trying to tell you, and more in this article.

How to Bathe and Groom Your Puppy
Bathing your dog doesn't have to be an ordeal! Read up on the best practices for giving your dog a bath, and how to make it tolerable for everyone.

Why Puppies Bite: Teaching Bite Inhibition
Puppies bite! But, they don't have to! Learn why puppies bite, how to stop puppy biting, and teaching bite inhibition in this comprehensive article.

Understanding Dog Talk and Canine Communication
Learn how dogs communicate, and learn how to understand how your puppy talks to you and other animals with sight, sound, smells and body language.

Puppy Shots and Vaccination Schedules
Learn about puppy vaccinations, puppy immunity, puppy shots, and the recommended puppy vaccination schedule in this comprehensive article.

How and When to Make Puppies Vomit
Why would you ever need to make a puppy vomit? Find out why vomiting may be helpful for your puppy and how to make your puppy vomit in this article.

Keeping Summer Safe and Fun for Your Puppy
Professional tips and advice to keep your puppy safe this summer whether you are camping, hiking, swimming, or enjoying a cookout in your back yard.

Why Do People Get Puppies?
Why do people choose to adopt a puppy? Why a puppy instead of an older dog? Or for that matter, instead of a cat, bird, bunny or ferret?

About Showing Your Puppy
Study your breed standard. Research the current top winning dogs of your breed online. Do you still think you want to show your puppy? Great!

Puppy Digging
Spend the time needed to discover the underlying reason for your puppy choosing to dig! Punishment will not stop her from repeating the behavior.

Exercise for Puppies
A puppy that is properly exercised will be, of course, tired, but also more willing to work for you because you have a developed a strong bond!

All About Training Equipment: An Honest Discussion
Think of training equipment in the same way you think of tools in a tool chest they are only as effective as the skill of the person using the tool

Taking a Puppy On a Road Trip
Even the most car-loving dog may not be comfortable stuffed in the backseat for hours. Here are considerations to make before road tripping with your dog.

Pros and Cons of Neutering Puppies
Learn about the potential risks of neutering, and how the less expensive and pain free non-surgical sterilization of puppies using Zeuterin injection may be a solution.

Puppy Grooming Tips: How to Teach Puppies to Love Grooming
Professional dog groomer Louise Kerr explains how to prepare your puppies for grooming to accept handling and grooming equipment in this step-by-step guide.

9 Fun Ways to Keep Puppies & Dogs Cool in Hot Weather
Learn how to keep puppies and dogs cool with these 9 easy inexpensive safety tips about summer fun.

Pet Food Recalls
Read this dog treat recalls list and pet food recalls to stay up to date about the latest pet product recalls that affects puppies and dogs. Find out why recalls happen, how to identify recalled pet products, and what you should do if your puppy's food, medicine or other product has been recalled.

Pet Food Recalls
Read this dog treat recalls list and pet food recalls to stay up to date about the latest pet product recalls that affects puppies and dogs. Find out why recalls happen, how to identify recalled pet products, and what you should do if your puppy's food, medicine or other product has been recalled.

Pet Food Recalls
Read this dog treat recalls list and pet food recalls to stay up to date about the latest pet product recalls that affects puppies and dogs. Find out why recalls happen, how to identify recalled pet products, and what you should do if your puppy's food, medicine or other product has been recalled.

Poisonous Foods for Puppies
Learn what poisonous foods for puppies to avoid when you treat puppies with people food. This article explains what people foods are poisonous for puppies, and the warning signs to get emergency veterinary help.

How to Teach Your Dog Where You Do Want Her to Go Potty
A key to housebreaking your puppy is to teach her where to go potty. Watch your puppy to determine what she does just before she starts to go potty.

How to Teach Your Puppy Where You Do Not Want Her to Go Potty
The first thing everyone should teach their puppy during housebreaking is where NOT to go! Remember the message you are conveying to your puppy is

How To Housebreak Your Puppy in 5 Steps
You can use these five concepts to teach a dog of any age, of sound mind and body. You will find that all five concepts weave together to teach your puppy what you expect from her.

About the Three Rules of Puppyhood
Allowing freedom before your puppy has earned it, leads to her learning unwanted behaviors. Your puppy must grow and mature, with your guidance.

Becoming a Show Dog: Getting Started
Do you have the perfect puppy? Have you considered showing her in a dog show? There's much more to showing than showing up! Here's how to get started.

Build a Relationship with Your Puppy in 3 Ways
So you've got a new puppy! Now you have to build a relationship with your new puppy. Here are the 3 Basic Building blocks you and your puppy need.

Housebreaking Made Easy
Step-by-steps, explanations, and troubleshooting for housebreaking Your puppy

How to Teach Your Dog To Hold It When She Cannot Access the Potty Area
The concept of teaching your puppy to ‘hold it’ is often the missing link in housebreaking attempts. Confinement is the best way to teach your puppy to ‘hold it’.

How to Teach Your Puppy A Phrase for Going Potty On Command
A key to housebreaking your puppy is to teach her a phrase or word to actually make your puppy go potty when you want her to go potty. You are going to intentionally condition your puppy to feel the urge to eliminate when she hears a certain word or phrase.

Puppies and Ticks - Signs, Treatment & Prevention
Learn about tick life cycle, tick diseases, and removing and preventing ticks on your puppies.

How to Train a Puppy to Be a Therapy Dog
Learn about therapy dog training and what's required to be a therapy dog in this article about therapy dogs. Read this article by puppies.About.com guide Amy Shojai to learn what's required for your puppy to become a therapy dog.

Clicker Train a New Puppy in Seven Steps
Refer to this clicker training article to learn what is clicker training, how it works, and how to clicker train puppies in 7 easy steps.

How to Train a Puppy to Come When Called
Learn how to train a puppy to come by referring to this puppy training article on training recall. Read 8 tips for how to train puppies to come from puppies guide Amy Shojai in this puppy training article.

Socializing Puppies - How to Socialize - Puppy Socialization
Read this article about socializing puppies to learn why it's important and 10 easy ways how to socialize a puppy.

Puppy Love: Are Dogs Capable of Love?
Read this article about puppy love to to find out 12 ways puppies show love to owners and other dogs and pets.

Cold Weather & Puppies Safety Tips: Prepare Puppy for Winter
Learn how to acclimate your puppy to cooler weather and keep him safe with these 5 cold winter weather safety tips.

Puppy Eyes and Puppy Vision
Learn about puppy eyes, and what dogs see in this article about dog vision. This article explains puppy vision, how dogs see, and can dogs see in color.

Puppy Ear Infection Symptoms and Treatment
Learn about puppy ear infections in this article that describes dog ear infection and treatment. This article explains what signs to watch for, and the various kinds of ear infections, as well as ways to prevent puppy ear infections.

Training Deaf Puppies and Dogs
Learn about deaf puppies, what causes deafness in dogs, and how to train a deaf puppy in this article.

Conflict and Dominance Aggression in Puppies
Learn to recognize and solve puppy conflict aggression, formerly called dominance aggression, in this article about dominance aggression in dogs. Use these 7 training tips to resolve conflict aggressive in your pup.

Puppy Feeding: Setting Up a Schedule
Find the answers to your puppy feeding schedule, how often to feed puppy food, and what to feed, which depends on the individual puppy, its breed, size, and age.

Do Puppies Shed? Keeping Your Puppy Coat Healthy
Learn about how and why dogs shed, difference in coat types, and how to keep the fur from flying. This article explains why low shedding dogs are different, and how shedding can cause problems with mats and dog hot spots.

Puppies Teeth,Teething & Tooth Care
Learn about puppy teeth and dog dental care in these articles.They explain teething timeline and include how to brush dog teeth.

Puppy Parasites: Fleas, Ticks, Worms, Mites
Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat puppy parasites in these articles about fleas, ticks, mange, and fungus and worms.

Puppy Parasites: Fleas, Ticks, Worms, Mites
Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat puppy parasites in these articles about fleas, ticks, mange, and fungus and worms.

Puppy Food 101: Labels, Myths, Calories, Schedules, Recalls
Read these articles to learn about choosing puppy food, reading puppy food labels, how pet food is tested, and how much to feed. These articles address best puppy food choices, what people food for puppies is safe or dangerous, and nutrigenomic diets for improving puppy health.

Training Puppies, Dog Behavior & Canine Communication
These articles about humane training and dog behavior explains dog communication, solving behavior problems, and how-to tips for potty training to obedience commands.

Puppy Care - Dog Health - Vet Care - Pet First Aid
These articles describe puppy care and puppy health needs written by Puppies Expert Amy Shojai. Learn about puppy first aid and home remedies, vet care and puppy vaccines for treating or preventing dog diseases and puppy parasites.

Puppy Breeds, the B List
Review this alphabetical list of puppy breed articles, for dog breed names beginning with the letter

Puppy Breeds, the B List
Review this alphabetical list of puppy breed articles, for dog breed names beginning with the letter

Puppy Breeds, the A List
Review this alphabetical list of puppy breed articles, for dog breed names beginning with the letter

Puppy Breeds, the B List
Review this alphabetical list of puppy breed articles, for dog breed names beginning with the letter

Puppies Allergies & Allergies to Dogs
Learn how to treat your allergies to your puppy as well as your dog's itchy skin with these articles about flea allergy, atopy and dog skin allergies, contact allergies and puppy food allergies.

Cute Puppy Pictures - Puppy Breeds - Share Pictures & Stories
Read articles, stories and tips with cute puppies pictures, breed information, mixes and designer dogs. Learn tips and share your cute puppy pictures, dog story and more.

Taking Cute Puppy Pictures
View this collection of cute puppy pictures from Puppies.About.com breeds at a glance, and more. Share your own cute puppy pictures and stories here.

Canine Coronavirus In Puppies
Learn about the signs, treatment, and prevention of Canine Coronavirus in this article. Find out what is canine coronavirus and how to protect your puppy from infection.

How To Puppy Proof Your Home & Yard & Save His Life!
Learn how to puppy proof your home and yard and keep puppies safe with these 10 puppy proofing tips from puppies.About.com expert Amy Shojai.

Stop Puppy Problem Chewing - 8 Training Tips That Work
Read these 8 puppy training tips to stop puppy chewing. Learn why puppies chew and how to redirect normal puppy chewing behavior.

Dog Breeds (Little and Big) and Breed Development
Learn about dog breeds, and what is a dog breed and purebred dog in this article explaining how dog breeds develop.

Bad Dog Breeders? Buyer Beware Questions to Ask Breeders
Read this article about dog breeder questions to ask, and how to recognize buyer beware signs about dog breeders. This puppies.About.com article by puppies expert Amy Shojai lists warning signs and questions to ask dog breeders before you buy your puppy.

Five Tests to Predict Puppy Temperament
Learn how to predict a puppy's personality with these five tests best performed between seven and ten weeks of age.

Before You Buy A Puppy: 7 Questions To Ask
Refer to this buying a puppy article to answer 7 questions before you buy or adopt a puppy. Learn 7 important questions to consider before you buy or adopt a puppy in this buying a puppy guide.

Best Dog For Me
There are more than 400 dog breeds and countless mixtures, and the 'perfect puppy' won't be the same for each person. Read these articles to review the pros and cons of various options, including boy or girl, mutt or breed, big to small, care and exercise requirements, and costs involved.

Share Cute Puppy Stories - Brag About Puppies - Puppy Love
Share stories about benchmark firsts, awards, adoption stories, how smart s/he is, overcoming a challenge, or rave about a wonderful veterinarian, shelter, rescue or breeder.

Solve Common Puppy Behavior Problems - Dog Behavior 101
Dog behavior expert Amy Shojai offers how-to tips to solve barking, biting, chasing, chewing, digging, wetting and more, explaining normal dog behavior, puppy communication, and where to find behavior help.

Choosing Puppy Toys - Pet Supplies Reviews - Dog Products
These reviews and articles explore puppy products, puppy books, puppy toys, and training tools and more for your new puppy.

7 Common Puppy Diseases - Symptoms, Preventions & Cures
Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat the most common puppy diseases and conditions including parvo, distemper, puppy vomiting, puppy diarrhea, fleas and ticks.

First Aid for Snake Bite in Puppies
Learn pet 1st aid for snake bite, a dog's snake bite symptoms and treatment, and to recognize poisonous snakes in this first aid article for puppies.

What You Need to Know About Coccidia and Your Puppy
Learn what is coccidia in this article that explains the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of coccidia in puppies and how to prevent coccidia in dogs.

11 Ways to Banish Your Allergies to Pets
Read about dog allergies and allergy to pets in this article about dog allergies treatment. Learn how to treat your allergies to pets with 10 simple home treatments for reducing dog allergies.

Do Our Pets Go to Heaven? What Does Religion Say?
Read this article about what is heaven like by Rev. Craig Sturm and Puppies Guide Amy Shojai to learn about pets in heaven. Refer to this article to learn what religions say about pet loss, animal souls and do puppies go to heaven.

Why Bloat Can Kill Your Puppy and What to Do
Learn how to recognize bloat in puppies and what dogs are at greatest risk for gastric dilation volvulus (GVD). This article explains the symptoms, treatment, and ways to prevent and reduce the risk of bloat in puppies.

Calming Signals and Dog Communication
Read this dog communication article about how dogs calm each other down using canine calming signals.

4 Ways Puppies Play - What is Bad Play?
Learn the 4 major kinds of puppy play, and how to recognize and stop inappropriate play.

Introducing a Puppy to an Older Dog
Read this article to learn why introducing a new puppy to dogs is important when bringing a puppy home. Refer to puppies.About.com expert Amy Shojai's how-to advice for introducing your new puppy to resident dogs when bringing a puppy home.

Choosing a Compatible Second Dog
Refer to this puppies.About.com article about dog and dog compatibility and how to chose your 2nd dog. This article by puppies guide Amy Shojai explains how to choose a new puppy based on how he'll fit into your pet household. Read how to choose compatible pups that your resident dogs, cats or other pets will most easily accept.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

When To Take Your Puppy to The Vet
Being aware of what is normal for your puppy alerts you to potential issues when the pattern changes.

Medical Conditions that Transfer from Puppies to Humans
A zoonotic disease is one that can be passed between humans and puppies. These diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

What is Normal For a Puppy
The import thing to remember is that a normal puppy is alert, energetic and playful!

Health Insurance for Your Puppy
Even with the best training illness and injury can certainly happen. Be prepared to obtain the best veterinary care for your puppy!

Puppy First Aid Kits
Since accidents happen quickly, it is important to have a first aid kit for your dog on hand! List your puppy’s veterinarian contact information.

Coping With the Death of a Puppy
The human/animal bond is deep and precious. It doesn’t matter how long you shared life with your puppy, the loss is real.

Poisons and Your Puppy
It is as important to

Puppy Crafts and DIYs
Whether you are the creative type, or bored, or looking to save money - your pup is unique, so make her gear just as special as she is!

About Training a Puppy to Be a Good Car Passenger
If the only place that your puppy goes in the car is the veterinarian then don’t be surprised if she does not enjoy car rides! Go play often together!

Rehoming a Puppy
While not pleasant, sometimes re-homing it is the best choice for you and the puppy. It is important to be honest about the reason you are rehoming!

About Puppies in Cold Weather
Some feel that an animal is capable of more than a human, but they are quite similar to us when it comes to some things, such as staying warm!

How to Give a Puppy as a Gift
A puppy can be the perfect gift to teach kindness, patience, nurturing, and respect. A puppy should not be used to teach responsibility.

Boarding Your Puppy this Holiday
Leaving your puppy in good hands allows you to enjoy your vacation! You can be guilt free knowing that your puppy is too busy playing and learning!

Does Your Puppy Really Know What She Did Wrong?
Choose the relationship over anger and punishment. You will be rewarded with a puppy that loves, trusts and respects you!

All About Retrievers
A good breeder has more questions for you than you have for them! She will know her bloodlines and will present you with the documentation for genetic issues.

About Thanksgiving and Your Puppy
Enlist the help of family members and your company to help you keep your puppy safe and happy this Thanksgiving!

Training Your Blind Puppy
It is crucial that you build a relationship with your puppy built on love trust and respect. Think of yourself as your pup’s seeing eye dog.

About Traveling With Your Puppy
Time spent preparing your puppy to travel will help this to be a wonderful adventure!

Types of Retrievers
Allow me to remind you that rare breeds are always rare for a reason. The rarer the breed the smaller the gene pool is.

About Raising your Deaf Puppy
Living with a deaf puppy is both rewarding and challenging! One of the first challenges can be discovering that your puppy is deaf.

The Delight of Terriers
You will discover that life with your Terrier is both entertaining and a constant challenge!

4 Pumpkin Puppy Treat Recipes for Fall
Pumpkin is the trend, and for good reason! And we've found a way for your dog to get into the seasonal fun!

A Tail of Friendship
When someone brings their dog in for training, they can often be embarrassed for whatever reason. It's okay, we still remember our first puppy!

My puppy seems to be sneezing in reverse, what do I do?
Reverse Sneezing is harmless in and of itself, but it can be scary. Remain calm, help your dog how you can, and comfort her after the experience.

About Introducing Your New Puppy To Your Existing Dog
It is so exciting to bring home a new puppy! There is no guarantee your prior-existing dog will agree! Spend time thoughtfully introducing your pets.

Games to Teach "Come When Called"
Playing games may seem a normal part of life with your puppy, but it can also be a very valuable tool to help train your dog to

What's the Difference Between Retractable Leashes and Long-Lines?
Long lines teach your puppy to listen to your verbal directions. Retractable leashes teach your puppy to be in control of her environment.

Tips for Dogs That Hate Halloween
Be careful that you don't ask too much of your dog on Halloween! It's a lot for a dog to take in! You must look out for your dog's best interests.

Tips for Dogs That Love Halloween
Halloween has become more of an elaborate celebration in recent years. It is a good holiday for your dog to partake in if she likes it!

Why is a Dog Leash So Important?
Keep in mind that while you are bigger, stronger & smarter, your puppy is faster than you! Your off-leash dream-dog cannot learn that she is faster!

What You Should Know About Raising Two Puppies at Once
Raising two puppies at once has many pros & cons, but know that it will double your expenses, triple your care & training time, & halve your attention!

How to Take Settle-Down to the Next Level
Impulse control seems to be the biggest issue for most puppies. This exercise teaches your puppy to control her desire to ‘just do it’.

How to Prepare Your Puppy to Be a Therapy Dog
Therapy teams provide comfort, stress relief or just a laugh! If you and your puppy enjoy visiting people, you may consider becoming a therapy team.

4 Reasons Respect Training is Important To Your Dog
Usually we write about why Respect Training is important FOR your puppy. But we also want to share a few reasons why it is important TO your puppy.

Everything You Need To Know About Doodle Breeds
Doodles are entertaining, fun loving, intelligent and trainable. Many families are attracted to the low shedding or non-shedding coat of these pups.

5 Autumn Goodies Your Pup Needs
With fall finally here, make sure your dog has all the best gear to go along with it! From the obvious, to the obscure, we've got you covered.

5 Things to Take on a Hike with Your Puppy
Taking along your dog really is special treat as they get to see the world. That being said, prep for your dogs trek is just as important as your own!

10 Places to Take Your Puppy This Fall
The heat and humidity of summer are starting to subside, the leaves are soon going to change, and it’s time to brave the great outdoors yet again!

How to Teach Your Puppy to Relax
Your pup already knows how to get excited. She does not yet the know the path out of excitement. This game teaches her to return to a state of relaxation.

Puppies and Skin Problems
Learn about puppies and skin problems in these articles about skin problems in dogs. These articles describe the causes and treatments for different dog skin problems in puppies.

Dog Hay Fever - Atopy Allergies Symptoms & Cure
Learn about atopy and dog skin allergies in this article about itching in dogs. This article explains canine atopic dermatitis symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of puppy skin allergies and itching in dogs. Home care tips for soothing your puppy's skin allergies are including in this article about dog skin allergies.

How to Remove Skunk Smell From Puppies Sprayed by Skunk
Read this article to learn how to remove skunk smell from puppies sprayed by a skunk using three easy to use home remedies. Learn about why skunks stink, and why puppies get sprayed in this article about how to remove skunk smell from your pets.

Heartworm Disease, Treatment and Prevention in Puppies
Learn about canine heartworm, heartworm treatment and prevention, and how the disease affects puppies in this article about dog heartworms. This article explains the heartworm life cycle, how to prevent heartworm in puppies, and how the disease is treated.

5 Must Haves For a Puppy On a Boat
Necessities for the Boating Dog. You don't want to just leave your puppy behind, so we have a list of the Top 5 Must Haves for a Puppy on a Boat!

Top 5 Dog Mysteries
Surely you've wondered why your dog does some behaviors. Here are 5 basic, instinctual dog behaviors that are very common and often misunderstood.

6 Health People Snacks for Your Puppy
Running low on dog treats? Just want something new? Try these low-calorie, low-fat “treats”! They're packed with vitamins and probably in the fridge!

5 Ways to Structure Your Dog's Life Into Yours
Ever see those dogs who never take their eyes off their person? The kind of dogs that play with their owner hang onto their every word?

3 Methods to Using Treats in Training Your Puppy
Using treats to teach new behaviors increase your puppy’s enjoyment of learning as well as your enjoyment in training. Thoughtful usage will increase learning and decrease food dependency.

Chinese Crested Puppies: Breed At a Glance
This article offers you a

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppies: Breed At a Glance
This article offers you a

Canaan Dog Puppies - Breed At a Glance
This article offers you a

Clumber Spaniel Puppies: Breed At a Glance
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the Clumber Spaniel breed.

Collie Puppies: Breed At a Glance
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the Collie breed.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies: Breed At a Glance
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the Cocker breed.

Chow Chow Puppies: Breed At a Glance
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the Chow Chow breed.

Chinese Shar-Pei Puppies: Breed At a Glance
This article offers you a

Listeria Contamination Prompts Nationwide Pet Food Recall
This article lists the Bravo Dog Food and Bravo Cat Food products pet food recall due to Listeria contamination. Learn about Listeria food contamination and what to do about the May 2014 Bravo Pet Food Recall in this article.

Teaching Your Puppy to "Stay"

How To Handle Playful Puppy Biting
Playful biting happens when your pup is interacting with you as if you are a puppy. You must teach bite inhibition, not aim to stop all puppy biting.

How to Teach Your Puppy to Swim
Forget the old wives tail to just throw your puppy in to the water. She might learn to swim that way but probably won’t enjoy it.

What to Consider When Naming Your Dog
Choosing a name for your dog is very important! Puppies tend to take on the characteristics of their name. And yes, you can change a dog’s name!

About Managing Chewing and Destructive Behavior
Chewing and destructive behavior is the number one reason that puppies lose their homes. Prevention is the name of the game.

Indoor Potty Training Your Puppy
There are many valid reasons for choosing indoor potty training. And, it can be easy for you and your dog to transition to outdoor potty training.

Help Your Cat Get to Know Your New Puppy
Your cat likely does not think that you have improved her life by bringing your new puppy home! But,

How to Make Vet Visits Fun for Your Puppy
It is possible for your puppy to love going to see her veterinarian! It is often the restraint that a puppy objects to, more so than physical pain.

Teaching Your Puppy to Come to a Whistle
Teaching your puppy to come to a whistle is like taking out an insurance policy. Your dog's trust in you is very important to a whistle recall.

About Teaching the Command "Leave It"
The less you use the command

Teaching Your Puppy To "Wait"

The Four Reasons Your Puppy Does Not Want To Listen
Whether you choose to raise your puppy thoughtfully or without thought, it is not you that pays the price, it is your puppy.

About Giving Your Dog a Bath Like a Pro
Let’s face it – baths are part of your pup’s life. Here's how to make your puppy look like she just came from the grooming parlor, and enjoy it!

About Teaching Your Puppy to Catch and Fetch
Playing catch and fetch with your puppy is a great way to intentionally teach her good habits and build love (bonding), trust, and respect.

About Teaching The Concept of "Place"
The concept of

About How To Socialize Your Puppy
Most adult dog behavior issues are the result of poor socialization. It is possible to socialize an older dog, but much easier to start in puppyhood!

About Recognizing Stress In Your Puppy
Many unfortunate incidents with dogs can be avoided if you learn to recognize stress. Your pup is asking you for help when she shows you stress signs.

About Teaching Your Puppy to Sit, Stand, and Down on Request
Every obedience command is based on your puppy being in a required position. Teach your puppy a foundation of sit, stand, and down.

About Teaching Your Puppy Self Control
It is important for your puppy to develop impulse control and that she is not always in the spotlight. The best way to teach this is

Top 5 Things I Always Keep in My Puppy Drawer
A Puppy Drawer is not only a convenient place to keep things, it can be a real lifesaver when trying to find items quickly to help your puppy. I think the biggest thing to remember here is to always be prepared for whatever may come up with your puppies needs.

Playing Training Games With Your Puppy
Every word, every touch, and every interaction is dog training! The only real question is - what is the dog learning?

Teach Your Puppy To Come When Called
The last thing that a dog did is what's being praised/punished. In her mind, the last thing she did was not run away, it was she allowed you to catch her!

The Easy Way to Leash Train Your Puppy
Leashes are just a fact of modern puppy life. That does not mean that your puppy got the memo about this! The important thing is to avoid fighting your puppy.

Advice on Feeding Time for Your Puppy
It is important for your puppy to understand that you provide her food. Choosing a food, where, and how you feed your puppy are all important to consider.

The Difference Between Chew Toys and Play Toys for Your Puppy
Even a small puppy can cost thousands in damage in a short period of time. The fact is that puppies enjoy chewing! Here's how to give her an outlet.

What to Look For When Adopting a Puppy
The less time and money that you have to devote to training, the more you need to choose a puppy thoughtfully. Think with your head instead of your heart.

Handling Your Puppy and Gentle Restraint
At the vet or groomer, it is often not pain or discomfort that causes a dog to become aggressive - it is restraint. Here's how to make your pup comfortable.

About Using Outdoor Confinement With Your Puppy
The puppy that lives outside is in charge of her environment most of the time. The yard puppy loves you, but really doesn’t care much what you think about her behavior!

How to Help Your Shy Puppy Gain Confidence
Nothing melts our heart more then a shy, fearful puppy. The earlier that you begin to help your puppy build confidence, the better!

How to Teach Your Dog To Tell You When She Needs to Go Potty
Teaching your dog to tell you she needs to go potty can be an extremely beneficial “trick” to teach your dog. Your goal is to teach your puppy a reliable way to tell you she has to go outside to potty. It may take time, but this is worth taking some time to train properly!


Puppy Parvovirus - Signs, Treatment and Prevention
Read this article about canine parvovirus to learn about transmission of the disease, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of puppy parvo.

Rabies Vaccine Reaction (Symptoms, 1st Aid, Treatment)
Learn the signs of a rabies vaccine reaction in this guest article by Caryl Wolff. This article explains what is a rabies vaccination reaction and how to recognize side effects from your puppy's rabies shot.

Potty Training Puppies - How Often Do Puppies Poop
Learn how long puppies can

How to Leash Train Puppies, Step by Step
Learn how to leash train puppies with these 14 easy steps to training puppies.

Stages of Puppy Development - Ten Weeks to Two Years
Read this article on stages of puppy development to learn how puppies mature from twelve weeks to two years of age.

Puppies - Train Them to Wait or Stay
Learn how to teach a puppy to wait and stay to prevent your puppy from becoming a door-dasher, injuring others or hurting herself.

Ringworm in Puppies - Symptoms and Treatment
Learn about ringworm in puppies. This article describes ringworm symptoms, ringworm treatment for dogs, and how puppies get ringworm.

Puppy Tail Docking Procedure and Controversy
Read this article about puppy tail docking to learn what's involved in tail docking surgery. Learn about why dog tail docking exists and how it's done to decide if puppy tail docking should be performed on your puppy.

Puppies and Chocolate Poisoning (Signs and Treatment)
Read this article about puppies and chocolate poisoning to learn what happens when dogs eat chocolate. Learn about signs of chocolate poisoning and what to do if a dog eats chocolate with these first aid tips.

Dog Kennel Cough In Puppies
Read this article about dog kennel cough in puppies to learn about kennel cough symptoms, home remedies treatments and prevention.

Demodex: Demodectic Mange in Puppies
Learn about the symptoms and treatment of demodex mites and how demodectic mange affects your puppy. This article explains what is red mange, and why puppies are affected by demodectic mange.

Puppies: Sarcoptic Mange, Diagnosis and Treatment
Learn about sarcoptic mange in this article about the signs and treatment of puppy mange and canine scabies. This article explains what is mange, how puppies get scabies from sarcoptic mites and how to deal with puppy mange.

Puppies With Diarrhea - How to Treat It
Learn about puppies with diarrhea, why puppy diarrhea is so dangerous and how to treat dog diarrhea in this article by Puppies Expert Amy Shojai.

Puppy Strangles - Disease Overview and Treatment
Learn to recognize the symptoms and causes of puppy strangles disease in this article about juvenile cellulitis and canine pyoderma.

Poisonous Plants for Puppies - First Aid Tips
This how-to article lists top puppy toxic plants, the symptoms of poisoning, and first aid for poisonous plants to save your puppy's life.

Cleaning Puppy Stains, and Why It Must Be Done Right
Learn why cleaning puppy urine is difficult and the proper way to eliminate potty stains from puppy bathroom accidents.

How to Take Puppy Temperature
Learn what is normal puppy temperature, what causes puppy fever or low body temperature, and how to take your puppy's temperature.

Puppy Dehydration - Symptoms & Causes
Learn about puppy dehydration in this article that describes symptoms and causes of dehydration in puppies and how to treat it.

10 Common Reasons for Puppy Panting
Learn what constitutes normal puppy panting, why your puppy pants and causes for your puppy breathing fast in this article about puppy panting. This article explains dog panting, and why excessive panting in dogs can be a problem.

What to Do When Puppy Won't Eat - Anorexia Causes & Cures
Learn the causes and cures of puppy anorexia and how to stimulate a dog's appetite when your puppy refuses to eat.

Hypoglycemia: All About Low Blood Sugar in Puppies
Learn about low blood sugar in puppies, in this article about hypoglycemia in puppies. This article describes what are low blood sugar symptoms in puppies, and first aid for puppy hypoglycemia.

Crying Puppy - Puppy Communication and Vocalizations
Learn why do puppies whine in this article about crying puppies, barking and puppy sounds to learn about dogs communication and puppy vocal language.

How to Stop Your Puppy From Digging
Read this article about puppy digging to learn why puppies dig and how to stop the behavior. This article from Puppies Guide Amy Shojai provides 10 ways to stop dogs digging.

Why Puppies Eat Grass
Learn about why puppies eat grass in this article about dogs eating grass. This article explains what's happening when dogs eat grass and if it's normal and when to call the veterinarian about grass eating and vomiting.

Lost Pets - 6 Tips How To Find Lost Puppies
Read this article about lost dogs to learn 6 tips how to find a lost puppy. This article explains what to do about a missing pet and how to find lost pets.

Dog Marking - Dog Lifting Leg - When Do Puppies Lift Legs?
Learn why dogs urine mark and when do puppies lift legs to pee, and what dogs learn from sniffing scent communication left by urine.

Fat Puppy - What Is Puppy Obesity?
Read this article to learn how to recognize a fat puppy and what you can do to prevent puppy obesity. Learn why obesity in dogs can cause health problems, and how a fat puppy can turn into a fat dog by reading this article about puppy obesity.

Fireworks Fears? 11 Top Dog Tips for Puppy Thunder Fear
Relieve puppy fears and noise phobias when your dog fears fireworks, thunder storms and other scary noises with these 11 expert training tips.

Puppy & Dog Constipation, Cures & Natural Home Remedies
Learn about causes of puppy constipation symptoms and natural home treatment in this article about what to do if your dog is constipated.

Giving Fluids to Puppies
Learn how to give subcutaneous fluid therapy at home in this how-to article on administering SubQ fluids to pets.

Reducing Diet for Fat Puppies - Fat Puppy Food
Learn how to safely slim down your fat puppy with these puppy reducing diet tips. This article offers weight management tips for your fat puppy diet.

Puppies Immunity - Immune Response - Immune System
Learn about puppies and immunity in this guest article about the puppies' immune system by Caryl Wolff. This article offers a brief overview of puppies and immunity.

Puppy Cataracts - Blind Puppies - Juvenile Cataracts in Dogs
Learn about cataracts in dogs and what dog breeds are most often affected. This article discusses congenital cataracts and juvenile cataracts in puppies.

Whipworms in Puppies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments
This article describes the symptoms, causes and treatment for whipworms, and how to care for your puppy and prevent dog whipworms.

Health Benefits of Puppies
Learn how puppies and dogs provide emotional and physical health benefits, reduce stress, prevent childhood allergies, and prolong lives.

Belgian Malinois Puppies: Breed At a Glance
Learn about the basics of care, size, attitude, training, health issues and more in this description of the stately Malinois breed.

How to Solve 11 Common Canine Behavior Problems
Learn about common canine behavior problems and how to solve them with these articles about puppy nipping, puppies chewing, and puppies barking. Solve common puppy behavior problems with these articles that explain why puppy eats poop, how to stop puppy jumping up, and how to deal with puppy digging, fireworks fears and thunderstorm fears.

Choosing Safe Toys For Your Puppy
Learn how to choose safe puppy toys based on activity level, how puppies play, and dog breed preferences. Read about what homemade toys for dogs work well.

Introducing Puppies to Kids and Toddlers
This article explains how to introduce puppies and toddlers. Learn about introducing a new puppy and children in this article about puppies and kids. Safety tips and behavior advice helps ease introducing a new puppy and children in this article about puppies and kids.

Mixed Breed and Designer Dogs - Definition and Description
Learn the difference between mixed breed dogs, designer dogs and hybrid dogs in this article from puppies.About.com Expert Amy Shojai.

Puppy Rescue - What Is Purebred Rescue - What To Expect
Learn how to prepare for purebred puppy rescue adoptions in this personal experience article by Leslie H. Nicoll, PhD, MBA, RN.

Puppy Hugs? Hugging Dogs Can Be Dangerous
Learn why hug your dog day and hugging puppies could be dangerous to you and your pets. Read this behavior article that explains what

Bored Puppy - 7 Ways to Reduce Problem Behaviors
Learn about bored puppy behavior, how to relieve dog boredom, why puppies get bored and tips to relieve boredom and destructive behaviors.

Scared Puppy - Dog Fear - Symptoms & Solutions
Read this article about scared puppies to learn what puppy fear looks like and what you can do. Learn why your scared puppy acts like a fearful dog in this article about fear.

Jealous Puppies - When Puppies Argue - Reducing Competition
Learn about jealous puppies behavior, and how to manage dog aggression and reduce puppy sibling rivalry in this article to help pets get along.

Jealous Puppy - My Pet Hates My Date - Symptoms & Solutions
Read this article to learn what to do when your jealous puppy hates your boyfriend or girlfriend. Learn how to introduce new people to your puppy and cure jealous dog behavior. This article explains puppy behavior toward the owner's boyfriend or girlfriend, and how to keep the peace.

Puppies & Music - Music Therapy for Pets
Learn about puppies and music therapy, and how music can have therapeutic benefit for sick or fearful puppies, reduce separation anxiety and noise phobias.

Why Dogs Roll In Stinky Stuff - Puppies Rolling In Poop
Read this article to learn why dogs roll in poop. Learn why puppies and dogs like to roll in dead animals, poop, and stinky stuff.

Tail Wagging - Dog Language - What Do Puppy Wags Mean?
Read this puppies article about dog language and what tail wagging means to learn how to speak dog. Tail wagging is part of puppy dog communication, and these tips help owners understand tail wagging dog language.

How to Training A Puppy to Down & Stay
Learn how to teach your puppy to lay down and stay in this puppy training article. Read this article to learn 10 steps to training a down and stay.

Puppy Pain - How Pets Show Pain - What to Do
Learn the signs of puppy pain and how you can provide pain relief in this article about pet pain management.

Tick Paralysis in Dogs & Puppies - Symptoms & Treatment
Learn about what is tick paralysis and how to protect your puppy from diseases from ticks in this article about tick paralysis. This article explains the symptoms and treatment for puppies stricken with tick paralysis.

Hook Worms - Symptoms & Prevention
Learn about the symptoms and treatment of puppy hookworms, how puppies get hook worm, what symptoms to watch for, and how to prevent hookworm in dogs.

Canine Lyme Disease - Symptoms, Transmission, Treatment
Learn how to protect your puppy from Lyme Disease in this article that describes canine Lyme disease symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Puppy Heart Disease - Signs & Treatment
Learn about congenital heart disease in puppies in this article that explains how pulmonic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosis and other puppy heart conditions are treated.

Roundworms & Puppies: Symptoms & Treatment
Learn about symptoms and treatment of roundworms, how dogs get roundworms, and why it's important to treat puppies to protect children from this parasite.

Puppies, Food & Salmonella Symptoms & Treatment
Learn about salmonella in pet food, food recalls and puppies in this article about food poisoning in dogs, symptoms and treatment.

Cure Puppy Car Sickness - 6 Home Remedies that Really Work
Read this article to learn how to prevent and soothe car sickness and motion sickness in puppies and dogs.

Dog Bite Treatment - Pet 1st Aid for Animal Bites
This puppy first aid article explains how to treat bite wounds. Learn how to give pet first aid for animal bites in this article about caring for puppies.

Frostbite in Puppies: Symptoms, Treatment & Dog 1st Aid
Learn about frostbite in puppies in this article about symptoms, treatment, prevention and first aid.

Puppy Insect Stings - Bug Bites 1st Aid - Allergy Emergency
Learn how to give first aid for puppy bee and wasp stings, ant bites, spider bites and scorpion stings in this article about dog first aid for insect bites and stings.

Why Dogs Chase Cars - How to Stop Puppies Chasing Cars
Learn why puppies chase cars, bicycles and cats and how to stop the chase. This article explains puppy chasing and how to deal with inappropriate dog chasing behavior.

Puppies Treatment - Medicating Puppies - Eyes, Ears & Skin
This article explains puppies treatment for administering eye medicine, ear medicine, skin medicine and oral liquids for puppy health problems.

Puppies Treatment - How to Pill Puppies - Medicating Dogs
Read this 5-step how to article to learn how to give your puppy a pill and when you can use treats to hide pills to medicate your puppy.

Vacations With Pets, Puppy Boarding & Finding Dog Sitters
Learn about your puppy boarding options for vacations with dogs. This article explains the information you'll need to give doggie hotels, puppy sitters, or to take the puppy with you for a vacation with your puppy.

Puppy Grooming: Cutting Dog Nails, Trimming Puppy Claws
Learn why clipping dog nails is important and how to trim puppy nails in this article on puppy grooming and proper dog claw care.

Puppy Ear Grooming - How to Clean and Pluck Dog Ears
Learn about cleaning puppy ears in this article about grooming your puppies' ears. This article explains what's involved in ear grooming and how to clean a dogs ears.

Puppy Grooming for Fur, Bath, Teeth, Ears, Nails & Skunk Stink
Read these 10 articles about puppy grooming to learn how-to tips about bathing, brushing teeth, cleaning ears, and coat care.

Puppy Winter Safety - 6 Winter Safety Articles for Pets
Learn how to keep your puppy safe with these winter safety tips for puppies. These articles describe the symptoms, first aid, and treatment for frostbite, hypothermia, drowning, carbon monoxide and antifreeze poisoning and how to save your puppy's life.

Disabled Puppy? Why Adopt Pets with Handicap or Disabilities
Learn about disabled puppies in this article about adopting handicapped pets. This article explains how puppies become blind, deaf or 'other abled

Puppy Heat Stroke - Symptoms, 1st Aid & How to Prevent
Learn how to recognize and give pet first aid for puppy heat stroke in this article about heat stroke first aid for puppies.

Cropping Puppy Ears - The Procedure & Ethical Questions
Learn what's involved in cropping puppy ears in this article about dog ear cropping. This article explains what's involved and the ethical question of cropping puppy ears.

Cold Weather Hypothermia Danger? Pets 1st Aid Saves Lives
This first aid article explains what is hypothermia in puppies, its causes and how to treat hypothermia in dogs and save your puppy's life.

Dog Tail Injury - Puppy Tail 1st Aid - Healing Hurt Tails
Learn why injury happens, how to give tail first aid and bandage injured puppy tails, and ways to prevent further problems in this article about dog tail trauma.

Dog Shame? Why Puppies Acts Guilty, What It Really Means
Read this article about dogs emotions for insight into dog shame and your guilty dog. Learn whether canine emotions include shame or guilt in this article that explains why your puppy looks and acts guilty.

How to Find A Puppy: Can Your Puppy Seller Pass This Quiz?
To find a puppy, use this puppy seller quiz with 10 questions to ask to find the best puppy source and avoid problem puppy pet sources.

Puppy Sibling Rivalry? What to Do When Dogs Fight Over You
Learn about sibling rivalry and why friendly pets sometimes engage in dog fights over owner attention. Find out how to recognize and manage puppy aggression that looks like sibling rivalry.

Puppies & Holidays - Hazards, Safety Tips & Puppy Fun
These articles offer first aid for chewing Christmas lights or poison, and puppy-safe holiday tips, including giving puppies as a gift, holiday costume tips, and finding veterinary bills help.

7 Poisons for Puppies - Poison First Aid - Poison Symptoms
Learn what is poisonous to dogs and avoid puppy poisons with these articles about common puppy poisons. Find puppy and dog poisoning first aid help in these articles that describe what is poisonous for dogs and puppies.

5 Must-Know Tips for Crate Training Puppies
Read why you should crate train puppies, how to choose the ideal crate, and 5 easy steps to crate training puppies.

Dog Competition - Dog Trials - Puppies & Dog Sports
Read this article about dog sport and dog competition to learn what dog training is necessary for your new puppy to participate.

Puppy Play - 7 Reasons Why Puppies Play Games
Read this article about puppy play and why puppies play by puppies.About.com expert Amy Shojai to learn 7 reasons puppies play.

Puppy Play - How & Why Puppies Play - Playing Safety
These 5 articles explain how and why puppies play, safe hot weather games, puppy proofing toys, and doggy sports to consider with your new baby dog.

Puppy Names - Best Dog Names - Do's and Don'ts
Learn the do's and don'ts for choosing the best name for your new puppy. Read these tips to find out how purebred puppies are named and how to select the ideal dog name for puppies.

Puppy Training Equipment - Collars, Halters & Leashes
Find out what kind of collar, halter and leash is best when buying puppy training equipment. Learn how to properly fit dog collars and what are dangerous training tools to avoid with puppies.

Rabies - Description, Symptoms, Prevention, Quarantine
Learn about rabies and how to protect your puppy in this article about how the virus is spread. This article explains rabies symptoms and prevention, and how you can protect your dogs and puppies from this deadly illness.

What Makes Puppies Happy?
Find out ways to make your puppy happy in these articles that suggest ideas for spending quality time with your puppy. Learn how puppies express happiness so you can recognize what your puppy likes best.

Puppy Grooming: What You Need to Know
A puppy coat can change as the dog matures. The color, pattern, and coat type varies between breeds, affecting the level of grooming care needed.

Diseases Spread By Tick, Mosquitoes and Fleas
Learn about ticks diseases and other puppy vector borne disease in these articles about dog diseases carried by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. These articles describe the symptoms, prevent and treatment of puppy diseases transmitted by ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.

Homeopathic Remedies for Puppies
Learn about homeopathic remedies for puppies in this article that explains what is homeopathy. This article describes how homeopathic remedies are made, stored, prescribed and administered to puppies, and the philosophy homeopathic veterinarians use.

Canine Hip Dysplasia in Puppies - Symptoms and Diagnosis
This article explains hip dysplasia in puppies, how it is diagnosed as well as what medical management options can help puppies with hip dysplasia.

Puppy Health - Veterinary Care
This section explains how to find a veterinarian, and what veterinary health care your puppy needs. Topics include puppy surgery like spay/neuter, cropping and docking, dental care, and microchipping. You'll find answers about normal puppy health, common puppy diseases and conditions with nursing care and first-aid tips, and recommended preventive care like vaccinations, deworming, and parasite treatments to keep your puppy in tip-top health.

Comfort Zone - DAP Comfort Zone for Dogs
Read this review of Comfort Zone for Dogs to learn about DAP, dog appeasing pheromone, and reducing puppy fear. Learn the pros and cons of using fear-reducing dog appeasing pheromone called Comfort Zone for Dogs in this review of Comfort Zone with DAP.

Thundershirt Review
This review of the Thundershirt for dogs discusses relieving dog anxiety. This review discusses how the Thundershirt works and helps dogs with fireworks fears, noise phobias and other anxious dog behaviors.

10 Puppy Toys from Planet Dog
Refer to this list of 10 puppy toys from Planet Dog for entertaining and fun games for your puppy. These earth friendly puppy balls and puppy chews make great toys for your energetic puppy.

Review: Puppy-Safe Waterless 2-in-1 Shampoo
Read this review of Planet Dog's Puppy-Safe Waterless Shampoo to learn more about grooming options for your puppy. This review explains the benefits and how to use Puppy-Safe 2-in-1 Waterless Shampoo from Planet Dog.

Review: Puppy Bumpers Safety Collar
Read this review of Puppy Bumpers safety collars to learn how to keep your puppy from squeezing through fence rails. Learn how Puppy Bumpers safety collars works to keep puppies and small to medium size dogs from escaping through rails of fences, balconies and gates.

Musher's Secret
Read this review of Musher's Secret, a dog paw protection product for working and playing dogs. This review describes a paw protection product for dogs made from natural waxes for dogs exposed to cold and snow as well as hot and abrasive surfaces.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder Profile: Janice Koler-Matznick
Read this breeder profile of Janice Koler-Matznick and her kennel Rhodesian Ridgebacks of Kandu. Learn about what questions to ask and answers to seek when looking for your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.

Prevent Adverse Vaccine Reactions in Puppies
Learn about vaccine safety and how to prevent adverse vaccine reactions in puppies in this article by guest author Caryl Wolff. Read this article about how to prevent vaccine reactions in your puppy.

What Is A Vaccine Reaction
This article by guest author Caryl Wolff explains what is a puppy vaccine reaction. Learn about vaccine reactions in dogs in this article about puppy vaccination side effects.

Puppy Vaccination Schedule
Read this question and answer interview about puppy vaccination schedule, vaccinations and puppy shots by guest author Caryl Wolff. This article offers a Q & A with holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Dodds and conventional veterinarian Dr. Linda Breitman covering puppy vaccination schedule, vaccine reactions and what puppy owners need to know.

Dog Registration: Dog Associations
Read this article about dog associations and dog registration to learn what they do. This article lists contact information for dog associations around the world, as well as various dog trials and sports sanctioned by dog clubs.

Puppy Photo Tips - How To Take Pictures
Refer to these 5 puppy photo tips to learn how to take cute puppy pictures. These 5 tips explain how to take pictures and provide easy rules for taking cute puppy pictures.

Photo Backgrounds - Puppy Images - How To Take Pictures
Read this article about photo backgrounds and why it's important to remove clutter background in puppy pictures.

Quarantine - Bringing Puppy Home - Sick Puppy
Learn about why you should quarantine new pets and how it prevents a sick puppy from making other dogs sick when bringing your new puppy home.

Hotel Manners: How to Train My Puppy
This article explains what hotel manners are needed when traveling with a dog. Learn how to train a puppy for acceptable hotel behavior when traveling with your pet.

Puppy Food: Dog Food Testing
Learn about puppy food and dog food analysis in this article about how companies test pet food. This article explains puppy food labeling laws and how a pet food nutritional claim is validated by pet food companies either through chemical analysis or feeding trials.

Puppy Food: Dog Food Labels
Read this puppy food article about dog food labels to learn about ingredients and how to compare foods. Learn how to read puppy food labels to understand how to choose dog foods based on food ingredients. Find out how to compare dog food on a dry matter basis.

Puppy Food Calories
This article explains puppy food calories and puppy energy needs. Learn how to calculate how many calories your puppy needs and what to look for in puppy foods.

How To Restrain A Puppy
Learn about ways to safely restrain a puppy including homemade dog muzzles to keep your dog and you safe during pet medical treatments.

How to Give Puppies As Gifts
Read this article about how to give puppies as gifts to learn what questions to ask before giving puppy gifts. Learn 4 thoughtful steps to giving puppies as gifts in this article about how to give puppies as gifts.

Dr. Linda Breitman
Read this brief biography of Dr. Linda Breitman. This is a bio of veterinarian Dr. Linda Breitman.

How to Massage A Puppy
Learn how to massage a dog in this article about puppy massage and dog physical therapy. This article discusses dog massage, puppy massage techniques and how underwater treadmill therapy can help puppies.

Carbon Monoxide Puppy Poisoning
Become aware of the signs of carbon monoxide puppy poisoning by reading this article about carbon monoxide symptoms. Learn how carbon monoxide poisons pets and owners, the warning symptoms, and how it's treated in this article.

Porcupine Quills and Puppies
This article offers first aid tips for puppies with porcupine quills, and how to remove porcupine quills from your dog.

Puppies CPR
Learn how to administer puppy CPR in this article about cardiopulmonary resuscitation and puppies. This article explains how to give CPR for small puppies, medium size puppies and barrel-chested puppies, including pet acupuncture resuscitation.

Tapeworm Symptoms, Transmission and Prevention
Learn about puppies with tapeworms in this article that describes tapeworm symptoms and how tapeworms are transmitted. This article explains how puppies get tapeworms, tapeworm symptoms, how tapeworms reproduce and how to prevent puppy tapeworms.

Puppy Abscesses: Description,Causes,Diagnosis,Treatment
Learn about what causes puppy abscess and signs of abscess in this article about abscess in dogs. This article explains how to identify dog abscess, how to treat abscesses and what your veterinarian will do to treat your puppy's abscess.