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An Overview of Nicotine Withdrawal
Signs of nicotine withdrawal can include hunger, insomnia, dizziness, and much more. Learn whether what you're feeling is normal.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking
Weight gain during the holidays is common, but for new ex-smokers, holiday indulgences can get out of hand and put quit programs at risk.

5 Important Tips That Will Help You Protect Your Heart
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States today. Learn what you can do to promote heart health for yourself and those you love.

Facts about Hydrogen Cyanide in Cigarette Smoke
Hydrogen Cyanide is poisonous gas present in cigarette smoke and secondhand smoke, making it a danger to smokers and nonsmokers alike.

Things That You Can Do Instead of Smoking
Distraction is a valuable tool when you quit smoking and this list will give you plenty of ideas of things to do instead of lighting up.

Replacement Therapy for Quitting Smoking
Distraction is a valuable tool for early smoking cessation. Ex-smoker Leslie offers tips on how to stay busy and power through smoking urges.

Avoiding Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking
People who use bupropion hydrochloride to help them quit smoking sometimes experience a side effect of reduced appetite. Learn more.

Is Quitting Tobacco Hard? Maybe, but Do it Anyway.
Ex-smoker Steph puts the discomforts of smoking cessation in perspective in her quit story, written at a year smoke-free.

An Attitude Adjustment at Two Months Smoke-Free
At two months smoke-free, Brad got a powerful message about the value of smoking cessation after a chance encounter.

I Lost My Mom to COPD - Donna's Story
Ex-smoker Donna has lost both of her parents to tobacco. Her dad died of lung cancer, and months later, her mom to COPD. This is her story.

Practice Makes Perfect - Ellen's Quit Smoking Story
Through several attempts to quit smoking, Ellen learned what she needed to know to become smoke-free and stay that way for life.

Fool for a Cigarette - Bill's Quit Story
Bill's quit story illustrates how much control nicotine has over our lives once we start smoking.

How to Beat Junkie Thinking During Nicotine Withdrawal
Nicotine withdrawal puts unhealthy thoughts of smoking into our minds, but with knowledge of what to expect, you can beat junkie thinking down.

First Week of Smoking Cessation (Questions and Answers)
Common questions about the first week of smoking cessation, with answers from successful ex-smokers.

Weight Gain / Loss and Quitting Smoking - Maia's Story
In this personal quit story, Maia shares her feelings on gaining and losing weight after she quit smoking cigarettes.

30 Quotes About Inner Strength and Resilience
Tapping into your inner strength will help you overcome challenges, and these 30 quotes about strength will help to light that fire within.

Ambergris Tincture (Whale Vomit) in Cigarettes
Ambergris is a byproduct of the digestive process in sperm whales and is used in fragrance, food and cigarette manufacturing.

What Mainstream Smoke is and Why It's so Harmful
What is mainstream smoke and how does it differ from sidestream smoke? What's in mainstream smoke and how can it hurt me?

How Quitting Smoking Changed The Way I Think and Act
As smokers, we think life will be dismal without our cigarettes. These ex-smokers tell you why that's not true.

Tobacco Victim Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole died when he was 45 of lung cancer. He smoked upwards of three packs of cigarettes a day.

Why The First Year of Smoking Cessation is So Important
The first year of smoking cessation is critical for a number of reasons. Use it to your advantage to build a quit program that lasts a lifetime.

Patrick Swayze Succumbs to Pancreatic Cancer
Diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze, long-time smoker, succumbed to the disease 20 months later.

Losing a Loved One Who Couldn't Stop Smoking
A smoker for 56 years, Susan's husband suffered numerous health problems associated with smoking before it finally took his life.

8 Things Not to Say to Someone Trying to Quit Smoking
Support of friends and family is key for people who have quit smoking. Avoid making these negative comments to the ex-smoker in your life.

Important Facts about Nicotine You Should Know
Nicotine is addictive, but it also carries other risks to your health that you may not be not aware of.

28 Quotes About Persistence to Help You Keep Going
Persistence is a quality that will help you attain any goal you've set for yourself, and the quotes here will inspire you to do your best consistently.

Quotes About Smoking and Addiction
These quotes hit home if you've struggled with addiction. It steals in and takes control of our lives before we realize we've lost our free will.

Do's and Don'ts of Helping Someone Quit Smoking
When someone close to you has decided to quit smoking, the support you offer can either help or hurt them. Learn how best to help them.

World Cigarette Litter Facts That Will Shock You
Cigarette litter is a hazard to our environment, with trillions of cigarette butts tossed out every year worldwide.

6 Surprising Facts about Cigar Smoking
Many people are under the misconception that cigar smoking is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking, but it has its own set of dangers.

Four Steps That Defeat the Urge to Smoke
Education and preparation will help you commit to beating the urge to smoke. Use these tips to decipher and manage smoking urges, one-by-one.

The Truth About Smoking Pleasure and Nicotine Addiction
Most smokers think they like smoking, but the truth about 'smoking pleasure' has little to do with enjoyment.

Then vs. Now - Healing from Nicotine Addiction
The road to recovery from nicotine addiction is a winding path for most ex-smokers. Old associations to smoking that trigger junkie thinking are bound to pop up now and again.

This Too Shall Pass - Recovery from Nicotine Addiction
Looking at the big picture when in the throes of nicotine withdrawal will help you weather the ups and downs of nicotine addiction recovery.

Confessions of a Closet Smoker
The burden of smoking in secrecy is hard to bear, as Kay's quit story shows. If you're a closet smoker, her story will have meaning for you.

I Quit Smoking 10 Years Ago - CM's Story
Long-term​ smoking cessation brings benefits that wouldn't be possible if we continued smoking, as this ex-smoker's story shows.

Practical Tricks for Smoking Cessation
At a year smoke-free, Jenny describes the practical tricks she used to get through the tough days of nicotine withdrawal and beyond.

16 Benefits at One Year Smoke-Free - Marah's Story
At a year smoke-free, the list of physical and emotional benefits from quitting are impressive, as Marah shows us in her quit story.

Smoking and Heart Disease - Walt's Story
Open heart surgery was the splash of cold water that convinced Walt to quit smoking. His story is a stark reminder of the effects of smoking on our bodies.

How I Quit Smoking - Angel's Quit Story
Angel is a 65 year old fisherman from Chile who smoked for 46 years. This is his quit story.

It's Never Too Late to Quit Smoking - Dar's Quit Story
After 50 years of smoking, Dar's quit story illustrates that it's never too late to turn things around in ways that improve health and well-being.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation. Page 2.

Freedom After 40 Years - A Closet Smoker's Quit Story
Forty years of smoking in secret took their toll on Nenejune, but the freedom she's gained by quitting is all the more sweet because of it.

Why You Should Stay Away From Thirdhand Smoke
What is thirdhand smoke and what should I be concerned about with it? Is it dangerous for kids?

17 Ways Quitting Smoking Has Made My Life Better
In just six months smoke-free, Deborah has noticed a lot of positives that smoking cessation has brought into her life.

What Stopping Smoking Has Taught Me - Rhona's Story
Stopping smoking can bring some surprising changes into an ex-smoker's life, as Rhona details in her quit story, written at three months smoke-free.

The Painful Reality of My Life as a Smoker
In his personal account about why he quit smoking, Deck lays out the truth about what tobacco has done to his life.

10 Ways to Cope with Stress When You Stop Smoking
Stress is a powerful trigger for most smokers, especially when trying to quit. Here are 10 ways to deal with stress when quitting smoking.

Practical Tips for the First Week of Smoking Cessation
Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can be intense and hard to manage. These quit smoking tips will help you overcome smoking urges successfully.

Tips for Managing Your First Smoke-Free Weekend
The first smoke-free week and weekend of can be managed more easily with knowledge about what to expect and some preparation for the discomforts associated with nicotine withdrawal.

20 Quick Tips To Manage Holiday Stress Smoke-Free
For new ex-smokers, holiday stress can be especially challenging. Use these 20 tips to get through the holiday season smoke-free.

The Healing Process from Nicotine Addiction
Measuring your progress while healing from nicotine addiction is easier if you understand what to expect from recovery.

The Health Risks Of Cadmium In Cigarette Smoke
Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal that occurs in nature. Cadmium is commonly used in batteries and is present in high levels in cigarette smoke.

Radioactive Particles in Cigarette Smoke
Most smokers (and non-smokers) are surprised to learn that inhaled cigarette smoke contains radioactive particles that can lodge and remain in the lungs.

What are Paratracheal Lymph Nodes?
Paratracheal lymph nodes run along the sides of the trachea (windpipe) in the neck.

Everything You Should Know about All Types of Snuff
Snuff is a tobacco product that is available in a number of forms. Is it a safe alternative to smoking?

Are Roll Your Own Cigarettes a Healthy Way to Smoke?
People often think that smoking roll your own cigarettes is a

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

10 Practical Tips for Nicotine Withdrawal
What symptoms of nicotine withdrawal should a new ex-smoker expect to experience? What's normal and what isn't?

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation.

Famous Ex-Smokers and How They Quit
Famous smokers face the same struggles we do when trying to quit tobacco. See how several of them have quit and in some cases, why they quit.

6 Luxuries You Could Afford If You Didn't Smoke
Money that used to go up in smoke can fund indulgences that reward your efforts and offer tangible motivation to stay off cigarettes at the same time.

How to Avoid a Smoking Relapse (Impatience)
Patience with recovery from nicotine addiction will help you build a strong base for your smoke-free life and reduce the risk of a relapse.

Gallery of Lung Cancer Pictures and Illustrations
What does lung cancer look like? Find a gallery of lung cancer pictures here.

Important Facts and Figures About Smoking in China
The current statistics about cigarette smoking in China offer a compelling case for the value of anti-smoking legislation and education.

How Can You Treat Your COPD?
COPD is a respiratory illness that most often affects cigarette smokers. COPD is the third leading cause of death in America today.

The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Metabolism
Learn about how smoking, quitting smoking and exercise can influence your metabolism all at once.

12 Ways to Relieve Insomnia When You Quit Smoking
Insomnia is a common side effect of quitting smoking. These tips will help you weather this phase of smoking cessation more easily.

How to Overcome Cravings to Smoke in 5 Minutes
When you first quit smoking, nicotine cravings can make it difficult to not light up. Use these tips to quickly stop smoking urges.

Making Lunch - Rick's Quit Smoking Story
At 11 months smoke-free, Rick reflects on the benefits he's gained since quitting, and what he stands to lose if he smokes again.

Nicotine Withdrawal Tips From Successful Ex-Smokers
Get valuable advice on how to manage nicotine withdrawal from ex-smokers who have been through this phase of smoking cessation.

Thank God I'm Free - Diana's Quit Story
When Diana decided to quit smoking, she sought out all of the help she could get, including Chantix and our Smoking Cessation support forum.

A Secret Smoker's Personal Quit Story
Smoking in secret is hard enough, but when you decide to quit, it makes building a support network tricky.

Facts About How Secondhand Smoke Hurts Children
Air tainted with secondhand smoke is especially damaging to the delicate lung tissue and developing organs in children.

Is It Ever Too Late to Quit Smoking?
Older smokers may think it's too late to quit smoking, believing the damage from cigarettes has already been done. But quitting helps at any age.

Definition of a Vaper
Vaper is a slang term describing a person who

What is Hookah and is it a Safe Smoking Choice?
Is hookah smoking safer than cigarette smoking? Learn about the history, and the facts and potential health risks of hookah use.

4 Facts About E-Cigarettes You Need to Know
Are e-cigarettes a good way to quit smoking? What are the current facts and concerns about this smoking alternative?

FAQs About Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain
We worry about weight gain when quitting, but is it inevitable? Review the facts and what you can do to avoid this unwanted side effect of cessation.

Smoke-Free in 30 Days Book Review
Smoke-Free in 30 Days by Dr. Daniel Seidman offers insight into how nicotine addiction changes the mind of a smoker and how to quit successfully.

Leslie's Smoking Relapse Story, Part One
In part one of her story, Leslie describes why she was motivated to quit smoking at the age of 24.

How Smoking "Just One" Cigarette Helped Me Quit
Carlos learned the tough lesson of where smoking just one cigarette after quitting leads. His story will inspire you to not make the same mistake.

What is a Pack Year and How Does it Relate to Me?
A pack year is a number derived from the amount of cigarettes smoked and the length of time spent smoking, but what is it used for?

About Smoking Cessation Guide and Forum Moderators
About Smoking Cessation forum host, Terry Martin and several moderators manage this popular online community for ex-smokers.

Smoking Cessation Guide and Forum Moderators
I am Terry Martin, your Guide to Smoking Cessation. I found the key to permanent freedom from nicotine addiction through the support and education I received here at this website.

Smoking Cessation Guide and Forum Moderators - Michelle
Michelle is a forum moderator at's smoking cessation forum. She suffers from degenerative disc disease, a painful condition that she manages with grace. Smoking is a risk for this disease, and she has written about her journey with it, along with several other insightful articles to help folks quit smoking.

Smoking Cessation Guide and Forum Moderators - Dee
Dee used the smoking cessation forum at to help her quit smoking and since then as helped others quit smoking through her participation as a forum host.

Smoking Cessation Guide and Moderators - Penny
Penny (Austinpenny) is a moderator for the Smoking Cessation support forum.

I Thought I Had Nicotine Addiction Licked - A Relapse Story
This poignant personal story of smoking relapse provides valuable insight into the reality that settles in after lighting up once again.

How Do I Stop Smoking When Drinking Alcohol?
Is smoking once in awhile when I'm out for drinks a problem? I never thought so until recently I decided to stop and found that I couldn't do it!

Benefits at 3 Months Smoke-Free
At 3 months smoke-free, Marah details the benefits of smoking cessation she is experiencing week-by-week.

What You Need to Know About Nicotine
Nicotine is a colorless, poisonous chemical, derived from the tobacco plant. Nicotine is also extremely addictive.

How Myssi Became Smoke Free
On the road to a smoke free life, Myssi learned an important lesson - there is never a good reason to smoke. Find some inspiration in her story.

Why Am I Afraid to Quit Smoking? I Hate Smoking!
All smokers are familiar with that gut-wrenching fear of quitting as their quit day approaches. Why does it happen and how to manage it?

How Quitting Smoking Transformed My Life
Ex-smoker Sally share how the first three years of smoking cessation transformed her life. Become inspired by her story when it's time to quit.

The Three Types of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
There are three types of non-small cell lung cancer, and together they account for nearly all lung cancer cases today.

Quit Smoking Lessons - How to Prevent a Smoking Relapse
Learning how to recognize the markers of a smoking relapse in the making will allow you to navigate around it with your quit program intact.

Smoking and Cancer - Current Statistics for the U.S.
Approximately 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking cigarettes, but there are many other cancers associated with tobacco use also.

24 Disturbing Global Smoking Facts
How many smokers in the world today? How many cigarette filters litter our environment? These smoking facts and tobacco statistics may surprise you.

Diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer - Cheryl's Story
Cheryl was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, third stage B at the age of 56. This is her story in her own words.

Smoking Pros and Cons - 7 Positives, 50 Negatives
This list of pros and cons of smoking written by ex-smoker Jeff is heavily slanted and powerfully stated.

Diagnosed With Small Cell Lung Cancer
Gaylene is diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and it has spread to her lymph nodes and thyroid. Read more about her story here.

Risks and Symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism
A pulmonary embolism is a condition in which foreign matter or a blot clot traveling through the bloodstream blocks the pulmonary artery in the lungs.

Taking Back Control - Kevin's Quit Smoking Story
We don't start smoking planning to need a pack a day every day, but that is usually what nicotine addiction forces on us.

Cigarettes Are a Deadly Lie
Lesly's quit smoking story tears down the smokescreen and reveals nicotine addiction for what it is.

Things I've Learned Along The Way - Dee's Quit Story
At six months smoke-free, Dee has learned some important lessons about what makes a successful quit program.

What is The Nicotine Vaccine?
What is the nicotine vaccine and how does it work? What is the state of current research on this promising new quit smoking aid?

The Crazy Lies I Told Myself as a Smoker
The lies we tell ourselves so that we can smoke in peace are often far-fetched. Learn to pay attention and correct faulty thoughts as they occur.

Snacking and Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking
An increased desire to snack is common when we quit smoking, but why does it happen and what can we do to avoid weight gain?

20 Reasons Why Smoking Made Me Worry
All smokers know the nagging fear that smoking will make them sick. Here several ex-smokers share the worries that finally helped them quit for good.

Nicotine Addiction Recovery - Myths vs. Facts
Let's look as some common misconceptions about recovery from nicotine addiction that can hinder your chances for success.

How Quitting Smoking Can Affect the Medicines You Take
How does smoking interact with prescription medications and how are they affected when smoking stops abruptly?

A Year of Transformation - Karen's Quit Story
Reflecting back on this past year, is to look back at a year of transformation. Little did I know when I made the decision to quit smoking, what a profound effect it would have on my entire life and who I am.

Tips On How to Recover From a Smoking Relapse
Early cessation takes vigilance because thoughts of smoking can bring on a relapse if we're not careful. Use these tips to keep your quit safe.

Quit Smoking Aids - Cessation Products
A variety of quit smoking aids are available that help smokers quit in a gradual way. The most commonly used are reviewed, along with some others.

Nicotine Gum Addiction - NRT Addiction Concerns
Nicotine gum can be an effective quit aid, but can be addictive. If you're having trouble stopping nicotine gum, here's how to do it.

18 Months of H.O.P.E. Jenn's Quit Smoking Story
Quitting smoking is a process of gradual release from nicotine addiction, as Jenn describes in her account written at 18 months smoke-free.

A Year of Living Gratefully - Jane's Quit Smoking Story
The first smoke-free year is full of challenges and triumphs, as Jane shares in her quit story.

20 of the Best Quotes on Faith and Belief
It can be hard to carry on when you can't see the destination. Faith must play a part, and these quotes will inspire you to keep going.

32 Great Quotes about Attitude
How we think affects how we live. Make the most of your life by living consciously and use these quotes to help you do that.

Are My Breathing Problems a Sign of COPD?
A recent ex-smoker asks why she has not noticed better lung function since quitting cigarettes.

Why You Should Worry About Arsenic in Cigarette Smoke
Arsenic found in tobacco smoke is the most toxic the two types of arsenic. How does it get into cigarette smoke and what are the health risks?

Why Benzene in Cigarette Smoke Can Damage Your Health
Benzene in cigarette smoke accounts for half of all human exposure to this cancer-causing toxin in the United States today.

30 Inspirational Quotes About Change
Change can be difficult for many people, but it's an inevitable part of life. Quotes about change can help you find balance during life transitions.

Mandy's Personal Quit Smoking Story
Quitting cigarettes is doable for any of us if we take it one step at a time. If you need some inspiration​, take a look at this quit story.

Downsides of Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Nicotine replacement therapy can be a viable quit smoking aid, but does be risky if you're not careful.

What are Cigarettes and What's in Them?
What is a cigarette and how long has it been around? Take a look at the history and hazards they pose.

A Breath of Fresh Air - Susan's Quit Smoking Story
Susan quit smoking and 8 months later shares her perspectives about the journey she's been on.

9 Ways Smoking Damages Your Skin
Are you aware of the many ways smoking can damages skin and puts a smoker's health at risk? Let's take a look at how cigarette toxins destroy skin.

Lung Cancer Claims The Life of Paul Newman
A heavy smoker for many years, Paul Newman was private about the lung cancer that eventually took his life.

Ex-Smokers Describe Life After Quitting Smoking
Ex-smokers describe what life is like after quitting tobacco, along with the many ways it has improved their lives.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Nicotine Withdrawal
Deep breathing is a useful tool for immediately shifting your mind and body's reaction to smoking urges during nicotine withdrawal and beyond.

How COPD Stole The Quality of My Life - Sue's Story
Sue's story offers insight into how debilitating COPD is, and how damaging smoking is on delicate lung tissue.

Nicotine 101 - Effects on the Brain
Learn how nicotine creates addiction inside the brain and what you can do to stop using it for good.

525,600 Minutes Smoke-Free - An Ex-Smoker's Story
A year smoke-free is an accomplishment that was made easier for this ex-smoker with this important tool.

Real Quit Smoking Stories - The First Six Months
The first six months smoke-free are challenging for most ex-smokers, as these personal stories illustrate.

The History of The Great American Smokeout
Learn the history of the Great American Smokeout, a day that helps thousands of people quit smoking every year.

Reader Contributed Chantix Testimonials
It's always helpful to hear how other people have felt when using a particular quit aid. Readers share their experiences with Chantix here.

Two Years Ago, I Loved Smoking - Lesly's Story
Quitting tobacco causes emotions to bounce from one extreme to the other. This ex-smoker shares how she managed it without lighting up.

I Will Never Smoke Again - Artie's Story
Smoking steals our power, self-esteem and health. Artie's quit story shows us how to reclaim the freedom we lost with nicotine addiction.

Common Rationalizations for Smoking
Quitting smoking triggers mental rationalizations to light up that make it hard not to smoke. That's junkie thinking, and this is how you beat it.

An Ex-Smoker's Review of The Easyway to Stop Smoking
Written by an ex-smoker, this review of Allen Carr's book, The Easyway to Stop Smoking offers valuable insights than can only come from experience.

Quit Stories From Ex-Smokers Who Know How It's Done
These quit stories from successful ex-smokers are full of tips (and inspiration) for those who are getting started with smoking cessation.

10 Inspirational Quit Smoking Stories
These real life quit stories all carry the message that while challenging, quitting tobacco benefits our lives in so many ways.

How I Made it to One Full Year Smoke-Free
At one year smoke-free, this ex-smoker shares her personal story about what helped her succeed with smoking cessation.

10 Risks of Smoking While Pregnant For the Unborn Child
What science currently knows about the risks for the unborn child when pregnant mothers smoke.

How the Nicotine Patch Helped This Ex-Smoker Quit
Ex-smoker Michelle quit smoking successfully using the nicotine patch. She shares her thoughts about the patch as a quit aid here.

Don't Let Anything Sabotage Your Quit Program
Sabotage for your quit smoking program can come from a variety of sources. Learn to recognize it and stop it from causing a smoking relapse.

Freedom from Nicotine Addiction
When we quit smoking, we all hope to find lasting freedom from nicotine addiction. In these quit stories, the freedom is apparent and tangible.

Tips for When You Quit Smoking - Nicotine Withdrawal
Once you quit smoking, take extra care of your body as you move through early smoking cessation. It will help you minimize the discomforts associated with nicotine withdrawal. Page 4.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Stay in The Present
Nicotine withdrawal plays mind games with us early on in smoking cessation. Junkie thinking is a term used to describe faulty thought patterns that can lead to a smoking relapse. We all go through a certain amount of junkie thinking as we recover from nicotine addiction.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Negativity
Successful long-term smoking cessation always starts with our thoughts. Once you quit smoking tobacco, it's important to keep your eye on the prize and develop an attitude of gratitude.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Smoking Cessation and Stress
Early smoking cessation creates its own stress, and the urge to smoke as a result can be strong. Learn what you can do to minimize stress when you quit smoking and keep your quit program intact.

Things You Shouldn't Do When You Quit Smoking
You'd be surprised at how often we tell ourselves things that hurt our chances at being able to quit smoking.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Remember Your Quit Reasons
We all have reasons to quit smoking. Remember what yours are and keep them close as you move through smoking cessation.

Tips for When You Quit Smoking - Drinking Alcohol
For most smokers, drinking and smoking go hand-in-hand. When you quit smoking, drinking alcohol can trigger the urge to smoke, so use care as you move through the early days of smoking cessation not to overdo with alcohol. Once you have recovered from nicotine addiction, you can have a drink without it creating an urge to smoke. Page 5.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Take Care of Yourself
When we quit smoking, we must deal with the tension that comes with early smoking cessation. Nicotine withdrawal is an uncomfortable phase of smoking cessation, but it is temporary. Smoking triggers will fade with time.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Smoking Cessation Support
Statistics show that people who quit smoking with a healthy support system in place have a much higher rate of long-term success with smoking cessation. The smoking cessation forum at will provide the support you need to keep your quit program intact.

10 Things to Stop Doing When You Quit Smoking - Smoking Relapse Prevention
When it comes to smoking cessation, there is no such thing as just one cigarette. Nicotine addiction is tricky and many a good quit program has been lost to this kind of faulty thinking. Don't let yourself go back to smoking because you thought you could smoke just one cigarette.

Ex-Smoker Shares 18 Benefits of Quitting Tobacco
What improvements can you expect when you quit smoking? Look at this list of 18 benefits of quitting tobacco from an ex-smoker at 6 months smoke-free.

Does Smoking Cessation Cause Low Blood Sugar?
While a direct link between quitting smoking and low blood sugar has not been found, nicotine does affect the way your body releases insulin.

Leslie Quit Smoking One Week Ago
At one week smoke-free, Leslie describes the mental contortions she's going through in an effort to not light up.

Harmful Chemicals in Cigarettes and Cigarette Smoke
To date, more than 7000 toxic chemicals have been identified in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Many of them are poisonous and/or carcinogenic.

Dee Quit Smoking 5 Years Ago - Her Personal Quit Story
In her 5 year smoke-free milestone account, Dee shares 17 things she learned about smoking cessation that might help you succeed too.

Clearing the Smokescreen of Nicotine Addiction
Placing value on tobacco keeps us addicted. Learning to see through the smokescreen of nicotine addiction allows us to quit smoking for good.

Coughing After Quitting Smoking - Should You Worry?
Have you developed a cough since quitting smoking? Let's take a look at why this might be happening and whether you should be concerned about it.

A Day in the Life of an Ex-Smoker
This fictional account details what an ex-smoker might expect to feel physically and emotionally at two weeks smoke-free.

A Farewell to Smoking - Jeff's Goodbye to Smoking
In his poignant goodbye letter to cigarettes that reads like a relationship breakup, Jeff hits on points any ex-smoker will relate to.

A Day in the Life of an Ex-Smoker - Quit Day
What is the first day of smoking cessation like? Read this fictional account of one person's quit day to get an idea.

A Better Life Three Years After Quitting Cigarettes
At three years smoke-free, David describes how much different his life is than it was when he smoked.

My Abusive Relationship with Cigarettes
A love/hate relationship of the worst kind, cigarettes are an abusive partner on every level.

The Sneaky Role of Some Additives in Cigarettes
Cigarette companies say most additives in cigarettes are used for flavor, but research shows many additives have other uses and effects on smokers.

Anatomy of a Smoking Relapse - Steve's Story
Ex-smoker Steve offers perspective on how a smoking relapse usually takes hold and how hard it can be to regain lost ground once it does.

Chances are, You Can (Quit Smoking)
In just three short months, Anna has experienced profound changes in her life due to smoking cessation.

A Long Time Coming - Linda's Quit Smoking Story
Following years of unsuccessful quit smoking attempts, Linda describes how it all finally clicked into place.

After You Quit Smoking - the First Two Days
Once you quit smoking, physical improvements begin to unfold within just 20 minutes. Let's take a look at what you might expect to experience.

Big Tobacco's List of 599 Additives in Cigarettes
The list of 599 known additives in cigarettes was made public in April of 1994 by five major American cigarette companies.

Smoking Cessation Gave Me a New Chance at a Better Life
At a year smoke-free, David shares how quitting smoking has transformed his life.

The SilkQuit Meter Will Help You Quit Smoking
The SilkQuit quit meter tracks time and money saved by not smoking, along with a host of other stats.

A Day in My Life as a Smoker - a Personal Account
Nicotine addiction is a hunger that must be fed over and over again. It enslaves and over time, defines life, as this personal account illustrates.

Light Cigarettes - Are They Healthier Than Regular?

Ex-Smoker Mary's Story at 5 Months Smoke-Free
At 5 months smoke-free, ex-smoker Mary reflects on how it feels and how she was able to quit smoking.

Does How You Quit Smoking Affect Your Success?
Is it better to quit smoking on an impulse, or should you plan your quit program for the best results?

Desperate to Smoke - Desperate to Quit - Lesly's Story
In her quit story, Lesly illustrates the emotional push and pull that nicotine addiction forces on smokers.

Carbon Monoxide in Cigarette Smoke
Carbon monoxide(CO) is present in high levels in cigarette smoke. Learn how CO hurts a smoker's health.

Boosting the Impact of Nicotine With Ammonia
Why do tobacco companies add ammonia to cigarettes and what effect does it have on the human body?

Essential Elements of a Successful Quit Program
Building a quit program that will sustain you for the rest of your life involves these 3 essential ingredients.

How to Stop a Smoking Slip from Becoming a Smoking Relapse
When you slip and smoke a cigarette after quitting, you're at risk for a smoking relapse. These tips will help you avoid the pitfalls.

Is Chantix Safe to Use to Quit Smoking?
Chantix is non-nicotine quit aid that works well for some people, but isn't for everyone. Review the side effects that can be serious here.

When is the Best Time to Quit Smoking?
When is the best time to quit smoking? For the best shot at getting a good start, use these tips to pick a quit date.

Chantix (Varenicline Tartrate) Patient Information
Chantix, is the brand name for varenicline tartrate, a prescription drug developed for quitting nicotine. Patient information is detailed here.

Facts About the Nicotine Inhaler (Nicotrol®)
The Nicotrol® nicotine inhaler is an NRT that can help you quit smoking.

Famous Tobacco Victims (Lives Lost to Tobacco Use)
From our loved ones to famous tobacco victims, tobacco has claimed hundreds of thousands of precious, irreplaceable lives over the years.

Diagnosed with Oral Cancer - Marlene's Story
Marlene's personal story of fighting throat cancer should be required reading for every smoker and ex-smoker.

How Friends and Family Can Help With Quitting Smoking
This ex-smoker's letter to her non-smoking loved ones will help you understand what the ex-smoker in your life is going through and how you can help.

What is Emphysema? Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Emphysema is form of COPD that is slow to develop and causes permanent damage. Symptoms include shortness of breath and chronic cough.

Why Quitting Smoking Can Make You Feel Depressed
Understanding why you feel depression after quitting smoking and what you can do about it will help you weather this phase of recovery more easily.

A Cancer Diagnosis Help Me Quit Smoking - James' Quit Story
A diagnosis of cancer at the age of 20 was the final straw that helped James decide to quit smoking for good.

7 Tips to Help You Stop Smoking from Dr. Randy Gilchrist
Dr. Randy Gilchrist is Doctor of Psychology with a specialty in Clinical Hypnosis. He shares 7 essential tips for quitting smoking here.

Links Between Smoking and Degenerative Disc Disease
Ex-smoker Michelle suffers from degenerative disc disease (DDD). Diagnosed at the age of 33, she now knows that smoking is a risk factor for DDD.

Health Facts and Statistics about Cigarette Smoking
More than 7000 chemicals are in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Some of the current facts and statistics about cigarette smoking may surprise you.

Smoking and Coronary Heart Disease Statistics
Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., and the leading cause of death caused by smoking. Smoking is hard on the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chantix
Chantix is a non-nicotine quit aid that targets nicotine receptors in the brain. FAQs about Chantix are discussed here.

Nicotine Addiction Forces Us to Settle for Less Than We Deserve
Nicotine addiction slowly eats away at self-esteem as the need to feed addiction takes hold, replacing free will with feelings of powerlessness.

Why We Crave Cigarettes Months After Quitting
Why do I still miss smoking months after quitting? Will I always feel this way and what can I do to get out of this funk?

As an Ex-Smoker Am I at Risk for Lung Cancer?
What are the chances of getting lung cancer after smoking for 20 years? Let's take a look at the risks and what you can do to minimize them.

6 Facts That Will Make You Avoid Hookah
These facts will open your eyes about the dangers associated with hookah tobacco, a smoking alternative that is often thought of as safe.

8 Common Signs of Nicotine Withdrawal
Nicotine withdrawal causes a variety of physical (and mental) symptoms. Eight of the most common discomforts are reviewed, with tips to manage them.

How Chantix Works to Help You Quit Smoking
Chantix is a drug developed for smoking cessation that is uniquely able to mimic nicotine in the body and block nicotine if the user smokes.

An Ex-Smoker Describes Her First Smokefree Day
A new ex-smoker details all of the things she was able to accomplish on her first smoke-free day.

Is it Okay to Smoke Just One Cigarette After Quitting?
What will happen if I smoke just one cigarette after I quit smoking? Will I relapse and become addicted again?

Tips to Beat The Mind Games When You Quit Smoking
Ex-smoker Beth offers practical tips and examples of how you can turn smoking urges into benign thoughts that won't put your quit program at risk.

Smoking Controlled My Life for 29 Years - Susie's Story
When Susie's CT scan revealed a shadow on her lung, she knew it was time to get serious about quitting smoking. She shares her story here.

Benefits to Love When You Quit Smoking
Ex-smokers share positive changes they've noticed since quitting smoking. Some of them may surprise you.

3 Beliefs That Will Help You Quit Smoking for Good
Jenn's quit story, written at 3 years smoke-free, offers tips on how to build a quit program that will last.

Patience with the Process When You Quit Smoking
Ex-smoker Michelle discusses the value of cultivating some patience with self as we move through recovery from nicotine addiction.

Coping With Stress from Trauma When You Quit Smoking
Emotional effects from large scale traumatic events can put new (and seasoned) ex-smokers at risk of a smoking relapse. Don't let that happen to you.

Quitting Smoking is a Process - Dee's Story
At two years smoke-free, Dee looks back on how she quit and how she feels in her smoke-free life today.

Goodbye to Smoking Letters from Former Smokers
Letting go of the mental ties we had to smoking signals a powerful emotional release for most ex-smokers, as these goodbye letters illustrate.

The Pros and Cons of Nicotine Lozenges
The nicotine lozenge comes in the form of a small, candy-like tablet. Review the information about this quit aid and decide whether it is for you.

Nothing Works Unless You Do - Holly's Quit Smoking Story
After numerous attempts, Holly finally found the right ingredients for success with quitting smoking.

The Monday Campaigns - Quit and Stay Quit Monday
The Quit and Stay Quit Monday Program is a great way to reinforce your commitment to quit smoking or get back on rack if you've slipped.

12 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking for New Year's
If you plan to quit smoking for New Year's, these 12 tips will help you make a success of your efforts.

Top 32 Benefits of Quitting Smoking
From better health to improved self-esteem and confidence, benefits of quitting smoking far outweigh the discomforts of nicotine withdrawal.

Smoking and Atherosclerosis (Heart Disease)
Learn why smoking is a risk factor for atherosclerosis, a form of heart disease also known as hardening of the arteries.

Lung Cancer Risk Reduction
Two studies published in JAMA indicate that smoking reduction and a diet rich in phytoestrogens may lower the risk of lung cancer.

Recommit to Quit (How to Re-Energize Your Will to Quit)
If your resolve to quit smoking has fallen by the wayside, use these tips to recommit to smoking cessation and get your quit program back on track.

Why People Have a Smoking Relapse
We've all heard of people who have a smoking relapse years after quitting. Why does it happen and more importantly, how can you avoid it?

How to Know If You Have Quitter's Flu
The side effects of nicotine withdrawal are sometimes referred to as quitters flu. Check to see if your symptoms are on this list.

Constipation and Quitting Smoking - Is It Normal?
Have you had intestinal discomfort since quitting tobacco? Read more here about the connection between quitting smoking and constipation.

Practical Tools to Help You Quit Smoking
The quit smoking toolbox links you to information and support that will help you build a lasting quit smoking program for yourself.

Ellen's Quit Story

Causes of Nicotine Withdrawal Dizziness
Feelings of dizziness sometimes accompany nicotine withdrawal when you quit smoking, but why? Causes of quit-related dizziness and how to manage it.

This is What You Should Know About Bidi Cigarettes
Bidi (pronounced bee-dee) cigarettes are small hand-rolled cigarettes that have been infused with sweet flavors to attract young smokers.

10 Tips For Your First Smoke-Free Holiday Season
The holiday season adds a layer of stress that can be hard to cope with for new ex-smokers. Learn how to manage your first holiday season smoke-free.

Will I Miss Smoking Forever?
When we quit smoking, it can seem as though we'll never get free of the chains that link us to nicotine. How is it done and how long does it take?

Will Lobelia Help Me Quit Smoking More Easily?
Lobelia is a medicinal herb that is sometimes touted as a smoking deterrent. Is it an effective tool for smoking cessation, and is it safe to use?

5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Now (Before It's Too Late)
If you're a smoker, this look at 5 diseases related to smoking and the real-life stories of those who went through them is sobering food for thought.

Why You Shouldn't Breathe in Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand smoke is an extremely dangerous mixture of chemicals that contribute to numerous diseases and even death.

Will Electronic Cigarettes Help Me Quit Smoking?
Makers of electronic cigarettes often claim that e-cigarettes are useful as a quit aid, but is that true?

A Poem About Quitting Smoking (Quitter Musings)
For ex-smoker Angela, healing from nicotine addiction gave her a bird's eye view of both how deadly smoking is and how great it is to be free of it.

What Should I Know About Zyban as a Quit Aid?
What you should know if you're considering using Zyban to help you stop smoking.

What is it Like at a Hookah Lounge?
Hookah lounges or bars, are public, commercial establishments where groups of people gather to smoke hookah together.

What are Your Reasons to Quit Smoking?
Creating a detailed list of reasons why you want to quit smoking will help you solidify your resolve and begin to build the foundation for success.

What are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?
Symptoms of lung cancer are subtle or non-existent early on when the disease is treatable. Use these tips to help you know what to watch for.

What are the Risks of Cigar Smoking?
Many people are under the misconception that smoking a cigar is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking, but cigar smoking has its own set of dangers.

The Icky Threes and Smoking Cessation
The icky threes refer to certain phases of smoking cessation that can be challenging as we move through nicotine withdrawal and beyond.

What are Alveoli in the Lungs and How Does Cigarette Smoke Hurt Them?
Alveoli are extremely small, delicate air sacs deep within the lungs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place.

Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking - a Personal Story
Yes, she gained some weight when she quit smoking, but Leslie also gained significant benefits due to smoking cessation.

How Vinyl Chloride in Cigarettes Can Hurt You
Vinyl chloride is a manufactured product that can be found in small concentrations in cigarette smoke.

No One Was More Addicted Than I Was - Lesly's Quit Story
Like many of us, Lesly was a heavy smoker for years, but eventually found a way to quit smoking for good. Her story explains how she did it.

No More Sneaking Cigarettes - Carrie's Quit Story
Years of sneaking cigarettes made life miserable for Carrie. As an ex-smoker, she sees how it overshadowed her life, and how good it is to be free.

Two Years Smoke-Free - Couldn't Be Happier
At two years smoke-free, Kevin offers insight into how difficult smoking cessation was for him.

The 5 D's (Tips To Help You Decipher Smoking Urges)
These 5 tips will help you quickly decipher and respond in a healthy way to smoking urges as they come up during nicotine withdrawal.

Lung Cancer Basic Information
If you've been diagnosed with lung cancer, it be hard to know where to turn. The basic information here is a good place to start your research.

Causes and Risk Factors Associated with Lung Cancer
The majority of lung cancer cases involve tobacco use, but there are other risk factors for this lung disease as well.

Long-Term Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Numerous smoking-related risk factors return to levels close to that of people who have never smoked once you reach 5 years smoke-free and beyond.

This is How I Stopped Drinking and Smoking - Maggie's Story
At 22 years sober and one year smoke-free, Maggie shares her thoughts on similarities and differences in recovery from alcohol and nicotine addiction.

22 Things I've Learned About Quitting Smoking - Nenjune's Story
In her personal account, this ex-smoker shares 22 things that helped her quit smoking successfully. They will help you, too.

How I Lost My Dad to Lung Cancer - Donna's Story
Donna's dad was a heavy smoker when he learned that he had stage 4 small cell lung cancer.

Images of How COPD Looks Inside of Lungs
These COPD images show us not only what healthy lungs should look like, but also how COPD impairs lung function.

Life After Cigarettes by Cindy Pomerleau - Interview
In this interview about her book, Life After Cigarettes, Dr. Cynthia Pomerleau explores the unique issues that face women when they quit smoking.

The Importance of Time When You Quit Smoking
Michelle offers her perspective on why time is such a key component of quitting tobacco.

Leslie Says Goodbye to Cigarettes
When Leslie quit smoking, she wrote a goodbye letter to cigarettes that illustrates just how seductive nicotine addiction is.

What You Should Know About Formaldehyde in Cigarette Smoke
Formaldehyde is a toxic gas that is a by-product of the combustion process of cigarette smoking, but what are the health risks of breathing it in?

The Smoker in Our Heads
Dealing with the smoker in our heads successfully during early cessation is a critical part of recovery from nicotine addiction.

The Real Cost of Smoking - Linda's Reasons for Quitting
As smokers, we don't tend to pay attention to the health risks of smoking until they come knocking on the door.

The Pros and Cons of Cigarette Smoking
Most smokers have a love/hate relationship with cigarettes. The pros and cons of cigarette smoking are explored by ex-smoker Zoe in this article.

Important Facts and Statistics about COPD
COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States today. Key facts and statistics about this common disease might surprise you.

Is The Nicotine Patch a Good Way to Stop Smoking?
The nicotine patch is a nicotine-based quit aid with a low risk of abuse. Review the pros and cons to decide whether it might help you quit smoking.

Christine Rowley's Personal Quit Smoking Story
Former Guide of Smoking Cessation, ex-smoker Christine Rowley shares her history of smoking and how she finally quit.

Jerry Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Jacki's Quit Story - Personal Quit Story
Compiled and narrated by a Smoking Cessation forum member, Catherine (forum ID: Catherine2007), this quit story serves as a tribute to the very special woman this account is about -- Jacki (forum ID: PrettyMomma5).

How to Avoid a Smoking Relapse (Self-Pity)
Self-pity is a mindset that often leads to a smoking relapse. Learn to recognize negative mindsets that are self-defeating.

How to Avoid a Smoking Relapse (Self-Deprecation)
We often defeat our efforts to quit smoking with negative self-talk, and this can lead to a full-blown smoking relapse unless it's corrected.

How to Avoid a Smoking Relapse (Blaming Others)
When we blame others for our addiction to nicotine, it makes it difficult to quit smoking and can even contribute to a smoking relapse.

How to Avoid a Smoking Relapse (Over-Confidence)
Over-confidence early on in smoking cessation can trip you up and lead to a smoking relapse if you're not careful.

The Non-Smokers Edge Hypnosis to Help You Quit Smoking
As a smoking cessation aid, hypnosis has one very important benefit that other quit smoking tools aren't able to offer. Because it uses the power of positive suggestion to help you stop smoking, it has the ability to help you develop and strengthen your resolve to quit smoking.

Health Risks of Smoking - Smoking Cessation
The health risks associated with cigarette smoking play a role in more diseases than you can probably imagine.

Freedom from Nicotine Addiction - Kathy's Quit Story
Recovery from nicotine addiction takes time and patience, but the rewards are outstanding, as Kathy describes in her one year smoke-free milestone message.

What are the Important Facts About Clove Cigarettes?
Clove cigarettes (also known as kreteks) contain a mixture of tobacco and cloves. Are they a healthier smoking alternative to regular cigarettes?

5 Important Facts About Smokeless Tobacco
Smokeless tobacco includes snuff and chewing tobacco. It carries significant health risks for users. Learn why it's not a quit aid for smokers.

What is Tar in Cigarettes and How Can it Hurt Me?
Cigarette tar is the sticky brown residue left behind from burning toxins in cigarette smoke. It coats everything it touches.

Taking a Close Look at Why I Smoked - Z's Quit Story
The reasons we smoke are unique to each of us...or are they? Z's story looks at what smoking was about for him...and anyone who has battled addiction.

Saying Goodbye to Cigarettes - A Letter to Nicotine
Nicotine addiction is like a love relationship gone bad, as this ex-smoker's goodbye letter to nicotine shows.

20 Reasons to Quit Smoking From Ex-Smokers
Why do you want to quit smoking? Take a look at the reasons others had when they'd reached their last straw and were ready to quit.

Ex-Smoker Rose's List of Smoking Pros and Cons
Ex-smoker Rose looks at the love / hate relationship she's had with cigarettes in this list of smoking pros and cons.

I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey - This is How I Did it
When a person quits smoking, nicotine withdrawal can be challenging. Larry describes his experience with quitting cold turkey here.

I Just Don't Want to Smoke - Alicia's Quit Story
Locking onto a strong personal motivator is key to changing the relationship we have with smoking and from there, quitting successfully.

A Perspective on Teen Smoking

7 Tips That Will Help You Survive Nicotine Withdrawal
Nicotine withdrawal isn't easy for anyone, but this checklist of 7 tips will help you avoid lighting up when the urge to smoke hits.

I Am A Recovering Drug Addict - Ellen's Quit Smoking Story
After successfully beating nicotine addiction, Ellen gives this talk to high school kids about the dangers of smoking.

What You Can Do to Prepare to Quit Smoking
Learn how you can prepare for smoking cessation. Knowing what to expect from nicotine withdrawal will help you manage the challenges successfully.

Supplies to Stock Up On When You Quit Smoking
The early days of smoking cessation are a lot easier to manage if you have a few supplies on hand to help with smoking urges when they surface.

How to Deal With the Stress of Quitting Smoking
The stress of smoking cessation is challenging for almost every ex-smoker. These tips will help you manage more easily.

Quit Smoking 101 - How to Stop Smoking
Education about what to expect when you quit smoking is a fundamental part of long term success. Use these 10 quit lessons to help you succeed.

How to Quit Smoking Successfully
With education about what to expect when you quit smoking and the support to make it happen, you can successfully leave nicotine addiction behind.

How Smoking Relapse Happens - A Personal Story
Unhealthy thoughts of smoking can quickly lead to a smoking relapse, as this reader poignantly shares in her personal account.

How Smoking Depletes Your Body of Essential Vitamins
How the toxins in cigarette smoke effectively defeat some of the body's natural defenses against...the toxins in cigarette smoke.

Something Shifted and I Quit Smoking - Debbi's Story
Smoking Cessation forum member Debbi tells us how she was able to shift her thinking to help her quit smoking for good.

I Felt Pathetic and Enslaved - Kerri's Quit Story
When Kerri stopped smoking, she was 31 years old and sick of how pathetic and enslaved she felt as a smoker.

Smoking Facts for Parents and Teens
Nearly 3000 teens start smoking cigarettes every day in the U.S. Learn the facts about teen smoking and what you can do to help your child avoid tobacco.

Smoking Cessation Rewards
A daily reward during early smoking cessation reinforces motivation and the value of quitting smoking.

How to Avoid Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking
Use these 10 tips to help you minimize (or avoid altogether) the weight gain that often follows smoking cessation.

How to Avoid Smoking at Holiday Parties
Smoking and drinking alcohol go hand-in-hand. Learn what you can do to avoid smoking while attending holiday parties this year.

Diagnosing Lung Cancer
There are several methods available today that help diagnose lung cancer.

What are the Treatment Options for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?
The best course of treatment for non small cell lung cancer depends on the individual case, but the possibilities are discussed here.

Sad Smoking Stories from People With Smoking-Related Diseases
Read the personal stories of people who have been affected by smoking-related diseases.

Quit Smoking Benefits at One Month - Robert's Story
Robert realized how much smoking was impairing his ability to enjoy his life and decided to do something about it.

The Advantages of Quitting Smoking
Robert lists out all of the benefits he's noticed since quitting tobacco. Page 2.

Retraining the Brain - Dee's Quit Smoking Story
Smoking cessation changes us from the inside out, as Dee shares in her 3 year smoke-free milestone account.

Reflections at One Year Smoke-Free - Simon's Quit Story
While most smokers think that they only smoke because they're addicted to nicotine, the truth of it usually goes much deeper.

Gratitude is My Attitude - Lesly's Quit Story
At one year smoke-free, Lesly is fully aware of what an outstanding accomplishment quitting smoking is, and her quit story reflects it.

25 Ways Smoking Cessation Makes Me Feel Grateful
Most ex-smokers are surprised at how many changes for the better smoking cessation brings into their lives. This gratitude list highlights some of them.

Quit Smoking 101 - Our Reasons to Quit Smoking
Start your list of reasons to quit smoking and read the quit lists of other ex-smokers who have quit smoking successfully.

Managing Weight Gain and Stress After You Quit Smoking
Managing stress and avoiding weight gain are two of the biggest challenges new ex-smokers face. Learn how to cope with both smoke-free.

Real Quit Stories from Ex-Smokers Who Have Succeeded
There is nothing more motivating than reading the personal quit stories from ex-smokers who have succeeded with smoking cessation.

Quit Smoking Lessons - Benefits of Smoking Cessation
The improvements in health and quality of life from quitting smoking are more numerous than you can probably imagine.

Quit Smoking Lessons - Develop the Will to Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking successfully must involve a change in the relationship you have with smoking. This quit lesson will show you how to do that.

Quit Smoking Lessons - Preparing for Your Quit Date
From choosing your quit date to prepping your environment in a way that will support your quit, the tips here will help you get ready to stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Lessons - Coping With Nicotine Withdrawal
Gaining knowledge about how nicotine withdrawal unfolds will help you manage it without caving in and smoking.

A Goodbye Letter to Smoking - Jamie's Story
When Jamie wrote this goodbye letter to smoking, it sealed her commitment to quit smoking for good.

Improvements When You Quit Smoking (2 Weeks - 3 Months)
Physical benefits between 2 weeks and 3 months of smoking cessation are remarkable. Heart attack risk drops, circulation improves, plus more.

Quit Smoking Benefits between One and Nine Months
What benefits can you expect between 1 and 9 months smoke-free? Healing begins within minutes of the last cigarette and continues indefinitely.

Quit Smoking Health Benefits at One Year Smoke Free
Health benefits of quitting are significant. At a year smoke-free, the risk of heart disease due to smoking drops to half that of current smokers.

Quitting Smoking is 99% Attitude - Karen's Story
Karen, a member of our Smoking Cessation forum shares 10 tips that helped her manage nicotine withdrawal when she quit smoking cigarettes.

Quit Smoking While You Are Young: Kerri's Story
Kerri quit smoking while she was in her 30's after realizing smokers can die young. Her story about quitting young can help you quit now, too.

Quit Lessons - The Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes
In this quit smoking lesson, we review the facts about how smoking hurts our health and hear from people with smoking-related diseases.

Current Smoking Statistics from Around the World
What are the current key facts about global tobacco use today? Statistics related to tobacco use and secondhand smoke are reviewed.

From Loss Comes Strength by Gail C. Berreitter
Written in celebration of her 4th smoke free month, Gail says goodbye to nicotine addiction through her poetry.

Gail quit smoking 11 months ago

What Toxic Pesticides Do You Inhale With Every Cigarette?
Pesticides are toxic agents used to kill insects and vermin, but smokers inhale those same chemicals into their lungs with every puff on a cigarette.

A Personal List of Reasons to Quit Smoking
Writing out a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking is a powerful first step in smoking cessation. Former smoker Pat shares hers here.

Four Smoke-Free Years and Going Strong - Tim's Story
At four years smoke-free, Tim has plenty to say about how much his life has changed since he quit smoking.

How to develop a Mindset that will Help Me Quit Smoking?
Building a mindset to help you quit smoking permanently is a process. Use these tips to help you start to change your relationship with cigarettes.

Smoke-Free Life is Fabulous - Jen's Quit Smoking Story
No matter how uncomfortable it is to quit smoking, the benefits to your life are worth the work, as Jen's quit story illustrates.

What Does Oral Cancer Look Like?
What does oral cancer look like? How does it affect people who get it? See pictures and read the story of someone diagnosed with throat cancer.

I Thought I would Always Smoke - Ronnie's Quit Story
Diagnosed with Graves Disease, Ronnie learned that smoking was a risk factor and in time, was able to quit.

Oral Cancer Overview: Risk Factors, Signs and Symptoms
Cigarette smoking is a significant risk factor for oral cancer. Learn about other risk factors and what the symptoms of this disease are.

I Love My Freedom - Dee's Quit Smoking Story
Dee quit smoking 18 months ago, and in her account lists out 31 things she doesn't miss about smoking.

My Life is Better Without Cigarettes - Heather's Story
At 11 months smoke-free, this ex-smoker looks back on how nicotine addiction manipulated her emotional life.

DVD Review - A Talk With Your Kids About Smoking
Aimed at teens and parents, A Talk With Your Kids About Smoking is a compelling video from Patrick Reynolds, grandson of tobacco giant, R.J. Reynolds.

Smoking and Senior Health Statistics
The risks for seniors associated with tobacco use are numerous.

20 Inspirational Quotes about Gratitude
Gratitude is the key that unlocks the fullness in life. Foster it in yours and you'll see. 20 of the best quotes about gratitude.

Book Review - Quit Smoking Today Without Gaining Weight
Hypnotist Paul McKenna shares insight and practical tips about how to successfully quit smoking by reprogamming our minds.

Dear Nic - Goodbye Cigarettes
This letter from a forum member at About Smoking Cessation poignantly describes how nicotine addiction hurt other relationships in her life.

Smoking Cessation Expert Terry Martin's Quit Story
Smoking Cessation expert Terry Martin shares her quit smoking story and offers advice on how you can quit smoking, too.

Methods of Staging Lung Cancer
Lung cancer staging is used to determine whether it has spread to other parts of the body, and helps the doctor decide on a plan for treatment.

How to Use Nicotine Gum To Quit Smoking
Nicotine gum can be an effective form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and comes in many flavors. Learn how to use nicotine gum to quit smoking.

It Was Now or Never - Jeff's Quit Smoking Story
Jeff's story is a great example of how a person can quit smoking successfully, even when faced with the stress of serious health challenges.

My First Year Climb to Freedom from Smoking
At a year smoke-free, Cleo shares her quit smoking story. She never thought she could do it, but she has, and you can too.

How to Manage Holiday Depression When You Quit Smoking
If you suffer from holiday depression, use the resources here to help you manage difficult emotions while keeping your quit program intact.

5 Steps That Can Lead to a Smoking Relapse
Understanding the psychology that leads to a smoking relapse is the best way to avoid having one.

Emphysema as a Way of Life - Christine Rowley's Story
What is it like to live with emphysema 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Learn firsthand from Christine Rowley, our former Smoking Cessation Guide.

How Your Body Heals After You Stop Smoking
Once you stub out that last cigarette, your body immediately begins the healing process. Let's take a look at what actually physically occurs.

I Lost My 47 Year Old Aunt to Lung Cancer - Kae's Story
At the age of just 47, this woman was too young to die, but lung cancer took her anyway, and did it quickly.