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Hilarious Quotes
Some people love quotations because they are food for thought. I love thought-provoking quotations that also make me laugh. And guess what? There are so many quotations that are truly hilarious.

Birthday Quotes by Age
Do we go through Shakespeare's seven ages of man as we grow older? Or is every passing year a new milestone? Here are some interesting quotations that mark important birthdays.

Birthday Wishes for Cards and Messages
In the age of text messages and tweets, has the birthday card lost its relevance? I think not! It is still sweet to receive a card from near and dear ones. Here are some quotations that you can use in birthday cards.

Funny Movie Quotes
I do not know about you, but when I go to watch a movie, I want to be laughing all the time. Funny movies are my favorite. Here are some of my favorite lines from the funniest movies.

Great Movie Quotes
Reel life often mimics real life. Even when movies exaggerate reality, they tend to reflect our collective values and culture. That prompts me to put together lists of some of the best movie quotations.

Inspiration for Life
Life presents problems, but it also presents solutions. You just have to be adequately inspired to go out and search for a better life. If you are inspired, you act as a source of inspiration for everybody around you.

New Love Quotes
Love never ages. But there is a certain freshness about new love that makes it a delight for poets and authors. Here are some quotations that talk about falling in love, and young love.

Notable Women Quotes
Women are not just the hands that rock the cradle. They are not just about being the better half, the mother, or the originator of all human life. Here are some quotes by notable women that will prove to us that women are made of sterner stuff.

Quotes by Leaders
Billions of people in the world; just a handful of leaders. Not just cities and states; I believe that leaders influence the course of civilization as a whole. And when these leaders talk, the world listens. That is why I love quotes by leaders.

Romantic Love Quotes
Is it not interesting that so many people are romantic, yet they are not in love? And then there are so many people who are in love, but not necessarily romantic. What is this romance thing anyway? Here are some interesting romance quotes that will help us find the answer.

Quotes About Seasons
As the earth moves around the sun, seasons change. Each seasons is intricately connected with life on Earth. Read these quotes about seasons and be enchanted by the beauty of each season.

Inspirational Wisdom Quotes
The world, its people, and its institutions stand on the shoulders of the wise and the experienced. The eternal quest for gaining knowledge, philosophy, wisdom, judgment, and vision is what makes life worth living. Find quotes on all these topics and more.

Quotes for the Different Stages of Life

Thanksgiving Quotes for Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving is not just about feasting and merrymaking. On this day, express your gratitude for the kindness shown by your family and friends. Here are some heartfelt thank you quotes to bring out the essence of the feast.

Basketball Quotes That Makes the Game Even More Entertaining
If you are gripped by the basketball fever, here are some of the greatest basketball quotes you ever read. Read famous words of famous players: Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Jim Valvano, Magic Johnson, and many more. Get a sneak peak into their life, their aspiration and their inspiration.

Baseball Quotes
Every school kid in America plays baseball at one time or another. Though basketball and football may be as popular, baseball is more associated with the American way than any other sport.

Famous Football Quotes
Several football players and coaches have turned out to be iconic inspirational figures. Read the minds of these sports celebrities by following what they are saying.

Memorial Day Quotations
Here is what Maurice Barres said about French soldiers who died for their nation:

Quotes for Earth Day
Earth is blessed with the gift of life. It is home to billions of creatures. You can see life take birth all around you. The butterfly coming out of its cocoon celebrates life on planet Earth. Save Earth! It is your only home. Use these quotes to spread the message of environmental conservation.

Wedding Quotes and Wishes
A wedding! The beginning of a long and happy married life! Shower compliments, best wishes, and blessings on the newly wed with some of the choicest wedding quotes that I have put together.

Easter Quotes
It is time to celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is incomplete without the Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and the weekend feast. Share these Easter quotes with friends and family on Easter Sunday. Teach your children to appreciate the triumph of good over evil, with Easter quotes and sayings.

Remembrance Day Quotes
Honor the valiant who sacrificed their lives for your safety. On Remembrance Day, salute your nation's heroes. Use these Remembrance Day quotes to remind your friends and dear ones about the patriots who lost everything in battle. Your silent prayers will your tribute to them.

Veteran's Day Quotes
Veteran's Day is special. On this day we honor our nation's heroes, who died fighting for our country in foreign shores. Without our brave soldiers, we would not have known peace or tranquility. Let us honor the martyrs who laid down their life to protect their country from external threats.

Powerful Quotes That Changed History
Speeches are powerful tools of communication. They can burn down the world. They can create wars. They can also bring about change. If you are moved by speeches of great orators in history, here are some powerful quotes used by famous speakers that created an impact on the world. Today, we are what we are, because of the power of those fiery speeches of famous personalities.

Quotes for Boss's Day
A good boss can help further your career. People commonly stereotype bosses to be unfriendly and overbearing, while most bosses are quite approachable, and friendly. Get to know your boss well. On Boss's Day, share these interesting quotes for Boss's Day with your colleagues.

Tender Love Quotes
With tender love quotes, you can melt the toughest hearts. Win your date over with tender words of love. Showcase your tender side and make your lover feel reassured in your arms. Love is based on trust, so make a good beginning with a shower of tender love quotes.

Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones
Make your loved ones feel special with birthday wishes exclusively chosen for them. Use these birthday wishes to wish every one appropriately.

Quotes From Famous Authors
Famous authors have enriched the world with their sparkling intellect and eloquence. Read the words of famous authors, and get inspired to improve your life. These quotes from famous authors promise to invigorate your mind.

Inspirational Quotes on Accomplishment
The magic and intoxication of accomplishment and achievement can be greatly enhanced by reading famous words of the greats. Go ahead and visit these collections of quotations to get really charged up.

Change Quotes: Motivating Change Quotes
Here is a collection of motivating and inspiring change quotes. These change quotes candidly discuss the resistance to change, and inspire us to progress.

Character Quotes: Character Quotations

Christmas Quotes
Yule log, reindeer, Christmas tree... These are some of our traditional symbols of Christmas. Warm up the wintry nights of December with Christmas quotes. Make them a part of your celebration by including them in Christmas cards and decorations. Say

Movie Quotes and TV Quotes: Funny Quotes from Movies and TV Shows
The world around us is becoming increasingly electronic. Is it then any wonder that movie quotes and TV quotes have deeply permeated into popular psyche? On this page, find links to funny movie quotes and funny TV quotes.

Funny Quotes: Cute Famous Funny Quotes: Funny Quotations
We have funny quotes right from the satire of Oscar Wilde to the latest stand-up comedy of Leno and Letterman. Here are links to some of the funniest quotes on the Internet. Also find a top 10 list of the funniest quotes.

Funny Quotes by Famous People
Some people are reputed (or should I say notorious) to be the source of endless funny quotes. Read some of those on this page.

Halloween Quotes
Trick or treat? It's time to share ghost stories, don a weird costume and knock on your neighbor's door. Halloween is here. Read Halloween quotes to get into the festive spirit. These Halloween quotes will surely get the your

Happy Father's Day Quotes
Let Father's Day be your way to spread the message of love. You can convey your feelings for your father or you can touch someone's heart with tender quotes about fathers. On a lighter vein, you can even read funny fathers day quotes. Are you sending a card or a father's day gift to your dad? Make it special by adding a great father's day quote. Your gift will no longer be ordinary.

Quotes for Happy Mother's Day
Mother. She is the universe. The center of our existence. She is complete. She is tender. I can go on and on, but let me step back and allow these wonderful quotes speak for themselves. Truly, I find these quotes so rich in expression and love, that I cannot refrain from sharing it with everyone I know. Do you want to do the same?

Special Day Quotations: Quotes to Celebrate Special Days
Find befitting quotations that celebrate Special Holidays. Commemorate Father's day, Mother's day, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, or any other special day. Email this link to friends and convey the spirit of special days.

Famous Quotes: Quotes by Famous People
On this site, find the best quotations of the most quoted people. These words of wisdom, satire, and advice can inspire us to reach higher goals. On other occasions, they can cause us to introspect. You will find a wide collection of quotes indexed by the person's name.

Movie Quotes: Funny Movie Quotes: Famous Movie Quotes
This is a rich resource for movie quotes. Movies are a reflection of popular culture. This is what makes movie quotes interesting. On this site, you will find lists of movie quotes, movie quotes quizzes, actual movie sound bites, and lots more.

T Shirt Sayings and Murphy's Laws
T shirt sayings can take anyone by surprise. Make heads turn with these witty T Shirt sayings. And if you want to impress your friends with cynical facts, quote a Murphy's Law. You will enjoy their startled expressions.

Inspirational Self Improvement Quotes
There is always room for improvement, isn't there? And what better than improving oneself? Here is a large collection of select quotations exploring the various dimensions of self improvement - its trials and tribulations, its rewards and purpose.

Sports Quotes for Sports Lovers
This page brings you to a collection of sports quotes, famous sports quotes by famous and not so famous authors. Read quotes on baseball, football, golf, and many other interesting sports.

Wedding Toasts: All About Wedding Toasts
This site assists you in choosing wedding quotes to write your own wedding toast. Find answers to questions that every novice wedding toast writer asks. Also find top resources for quotations.

Friendship Day Quotes
Legends of friendship have been famous through the ages. The friendship between Damon and Pythias, and Achilles and Patroclus, are well known. Today, we honor our friends on Friendship Day with cards and messages. Here are some beautiful collections of Friendship Day quotes.

How to Say Thank You
How do you say thank you to a person who helps you in your time of need? Do you know how to thank your teachers, parents, and friends? Here are thank you quotes that communicate more than mere words. Learn how to say thank you in many beautiful ways.

Birthday Quotes
So, how old are you today? Regardless of the answer, birthdays are a special day for you and your loved ones. I am proud to present some funny, some deep, and some wise birthday quotations.

Inspirational Quotes: Motivational Quotes and Inspirational Quotes
Motivational and inspirational quotations raise the spirit of the reader. These words of wisdom will make you think about yourself, your life, and aspirations. They will also enthuse you to achieve higher goals.

Love Quotes: Romance Quotes: Love Quotations
Are you looking for sweet nothings to whisper to your sweetheart? Do you want to know what famous people have to say about love? Fill your heart with some of the most romantic thoughts and words. Get linked to the best love quotes on the Internet.

Quotations: All About Quotations
Would you like to learn about using quotations? This site helps you with everything related to quotations: using quotations in your essays and speeches, common pitfalls of using quotations, standard quotation practices, and more.

Sad Quotes: Sad Love Quotes: Sad Quotes
This page presents sad quotes from famous as well as relatively unknown people. These sad quotes can strike a cord when you are in love or just separated, when you have lost a friend or the meaning of life.

Life Quotes
Each life is unique. Each life has a story to tell. And each life has its own set of lessons, experiences, and perspectives. These life quotes share infinite wisdom in a few words. If we can assimilate the meaning of even a few of these life quotes, we can lead a better life.

Words of Wisdom Quotes That Enrich Everyday Life
Words of wisdom guide us in all aspects of our existence. Here are some wise quotes that will improve your life.

Christmas Eve Quotes Bring Alive the Magic of Christmas
Diverse customs and traditions add to the grandeur of Christmas Eve celebration. You can make your celebration even more beautiful with these Christmas Eve quotes.

Say Happy New Year! Funny Quotes to Double the Celebration
Greet your loved ones with mischief and humor. Poke fun by saying,

Bring on the Festive Cheer With These Xmas Quotes

Famous Christmas Quotes
There is something about Christmas that makes everyone feel spirited, happy, and excited. Christmas brings out the child within. The festive air is contagious; even the most despairing soul cannot help but feel enthused by the vibrancy of the season. Happy holidays! Enjoy your eggnog while you read these famous Christmas quotes.

Be Yourself: Inspirational Quotes to Rediscover Yourself
Why do you want to mimic others? You are cool just the way you are. Simply be yourself.

Famous Basketball Quotes
Basketball stars have enriched us not just with their outstanding performance on court, but also off-court. Read their famous quotes and get inspired.

Rejoice in the Last Hours of December With These New Year's Eve Quotes
On New Year's Eve, you wonder how quickly time flew. Welcome the New Year with New Year's Eve quotes. Celebrate the exit of one year and entry of another.

Get People to Notice Your Selfies: Add Selfie Quotes
What's a selfie? Why do people take selfies all the time? Is it a psychological disorder? Find out more about this crazy new habit that the new generation seems to obsess about. Use selfie quotes to get into the bandwagon.

Raise the Fun Bar With These Funny Happy Halloween Quotes
Here is a new collection of funny, happy Halloween quotes. Have a unique Halloween celebration with some verve and smart thinking.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes
Thanksgiving is a popular holiday in America and in many other parts of the western world. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the company of your near and dear ones. For those who live too far off to visit, send out Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

The Very Best Halloween Quotes
This Halloween, make the most of your celebration using simple ideas. Use the best Halloween quotes to add to your celebration.

Halloween Quotes
Raise your spirits, cook up some ghost stories, and make eerie looking Jack-o-Lanterns. Halloween is fun for grown ups and kids alike. Especially when you throw a bizarre Halloween party.

Sad Love Quote
Have you been hurt by your lover? Can't bear the pain of heartbreak? Heal your heart with soothing sad love quotes. These quotes gently coax you to move on.

Using Quotations in Essays - a Guide
For your writing to be persuasive, you first need to make it credible. One of the popular ways to gain credibility is to quote experts and celebrities. Words and thoughts of the famous can add a special touch to your writing. Read this 5-page article to learn how to use quotations in essays.

Using Quotations in Essays: Avoiding Plagiarism
So, you have your essay and the relevant quotations ready. But, what is the correct method of including the quotations? Where do the quotation marks, colons, semi colons, periods... go? Find out answers to these questions and more on this site. Page 2.

Blending the Quotations Into Your Essay
Including a quotation in your essay is not enough. You have to ensure that it blends in with the rest of the essay. The quotation needs to be woven into your essay. Visit this site to find out how you can do that. Page 3.

Using Cute Quotations and Poetry Quotations in Essays
Closely tied in with the objective of having quotations in your articles is the need to make them cute. Nothing wrong with that per se, but you should be careful not to distract the reader. Read this article on using cute quotations and poetry in your essays effectively. Page 4.

Most Important Do's About Using Quotations in Essays
Do you follow the expected standards and punctuation while using quotations in your writing? You may still be doing a poor job. This page points out the most important consideration in using quotations. Page 5.

War Quotations: Anti War Quotations
Are you for war? Or, are you against war? In either case, you will gain from reading these war quotes of the wise. In this collection, I have listed twenty of my favorite war quotes. Read what General Douglas MacArthur, Shakespeare, Einstein, Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin, and others had to say about war.

30th Birthday Quotes
Turning 30? Time to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the turn of the third decade. Enjoy these 30th birthday quotes as you reflect on milestones you achieved.

Baby Quote
New parents are full of stories about baby parenting. They go into lurid details on everything related to their lives as parents. Then, as if that is not enough, they start describing the birthing process in graphic detail. They just can't stop talking about the baby. Small as it is, it dominates every conversation that the new parents might have. That's how a baby can change your life. If the very thought of having a baby gives you cold feet, you will love every baby quote on this page.

"Let Them Eat Cake!" A Quote That Cost Queen Marie Antoinette Her Head
Marie Antoinette who was falsely accused of saying,

These 15 Cute Dog Quotes Tell You Why Dogs Are So Adorable
Do you often find yourself going,

Wake Up to a Great Morning With These 10 Sunshine Quotes
Sunshine is your best bet for good health. Want to know why? Find out why famous authors and poets love the sun. These sunshine quotes will bring a golden glow your life.

20 Quotes That Teach Organizations How to Give Respect and Get Respect
Employee satisfaction surveys show that with growing ethnic diversity in the workplace, business leaders need to make employees feel valued. Learn more about giving and earning respect.

15 Rain Quotes to Drench Your Heart in Pure Joy
Love the rains? Soak in the pure liquid joy as it pours down from the grey clouds. Share these rain quotes with friends who love the rains.

Understanding Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man in Today's World
Here is Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man decoded for the modern reader. Find out how the Seven Ages of Man has changed since the Medieval days. Read a comparative analysis for each stage of life.

"If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking": Understanding Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson's poem,

"Is My Family Freaking Crazy?!" Not Really, Say These 25 Family Quotes
Do you feel that your family is the craziest family in the world? Read these 25 funny family quotes. You will realize that your family is not as crazy as you think.

15 Hilarious Holiday Quotes to Help You Survive the Holidays With Kids
Holidays usher in that time of the year when leisure replaces work as a priority. You are filled with a joyous exuberance to explore, travel and learn. So indulge in laziness. Spend time with your loved ones and let your heart dance.

These 15 Quotes Teach Teens How to Deal With Good and Evil Influences
Evil and good have always existed since beginning of time. However, evil forces need to be kept in check. Find out how to stay away from bad influences. These quotes about good and evil highlight the importance of rising above Satanic forces.

The Best Good Morning Quotes I Have Ever Heard
Wake up to a beautiful morning with these good morning quotes. Every morning, resolve to make the most of the day. You can do so only when you are pumped up with inspiration and joy.

Love Quotes for Him That Melt the Heart: His and Your's
Words of love are like the caress of a lover. If you want to whisper sweet nothings to the man of your dreams, use these love quotes for him.

15 Quotes That Explore The Strange and Complex Father-Son Relationship
What makes dads connect with their sons? Do dads relive their own childhood through their sons? Read these quotes about fathers and sons, and understand the truth about the complex father-son bond.

These 30 ROFL Steven Wright's Funniest Jokes Are Crazily Funny
Steven Wright leaves you in splits with his deadpan, life absurdities. Once you start reading this list of Steven Wright quotes, you will not be able to stop.

These 5 Most Annoying Phrases Online Will Make You Gnash Your Teeth
The Internet has spawned many nonsensical phrases like

30 Motivational Quotes by Women
Even in this day and age, women face discrimination and prejudice. Yet, women all over the world continue to work hard to make a difference -- to alter their lives and the lives of others. Here are some highly motivating quotes by women of substance. These women have spoken from their heart, and their words leave an indelible impression on the reader's mind.

20 Quotes That Help You See the Telltale Signs of Falling in Love
How do you know that you are in love? Read these quotes about falling in love and find the signs that tell you all about falling in love.

These 20 Funny Life Quotes Remind You to Not Take Life Too Seriously
Life is such a tease, isn't it? You don't need to be a humorist to see the funny side of life. With these quotes, you will be able to spot the humor.

13 Madonna Quotes That Tell You a Story You Never Heard
Madonna created a furor with her rebellious music, and brash performances. Madonna's distinct fashion set a trend for others to follow. Read these Madonna quotes and decode the queen of music.

What Made R. Frost Write About "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?"
What made Robert Frost's poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening such a powerful and beautiful poem? Understand the truth and the depth of the poem in this critical analysis of the poem.

5 Awards Acceptance Speeches That Will Leave You Speechless
Love Hollywood movies? You'll love these Awards acceptance speeches even more. Here are 5 memorable speeches from your favorite celebrities you'd love to share.

5 Award Acceptance Speeches You Will Never Forget
Guess what Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres have in common? Apart from their good looks, they also have a good heart. Read these award acceptance speeches from the two famous celebrities and make up your mind. Page 2.

Love Quotes From Noted Personalities Around the World
Great minds have left you a wealth of wisdom in these love quotes. Gain valuable insight by reading the most famous love quotes in the world.

15 Beautiful Ways to Say, "I Love You" to Your Beloved
The days of the corny 'I love you' are over. If you want to sweep your dearest off her feet, use some mellifluous words of love. Or better still; say 'I love you' with quotes.

10 Groundhog Day Quotes to Remind You That Spring Is Near
Celebrate the arrival of spring on Groundhog Day. Just as the Groundhog can sniff the arrival of spring, let these quotes remind you that the earth is going to look fresh and green again very soon.

5 Words of Advice and 10 Wedding Toasts for the Groom
Here 5 tips for grooms. On the day of your wedding, read these 5 tips and 10 interesting wedding toasts for the groom so that you are prepared for your big day.

10 Quotes That Reveal What It Takes to Excel In Everything You Do
How does one achieve excellence in life? What do sports people do to excel in their work? Learn all about excellence and how you can achieve excellence by following the advice of 10 great people.

These 7 Great Life Quotes Are the Secret Sauce for Your Love Life
What is the secret behind a successful and loving relationship? Here are 7 great life quotes that touch upon the importance of love. Learn from wise people how to keep you love life from decay and failure.

8 Aspirations Quotes That Help Chalk Your Career and Life Aspirations
What are your career aspirations? If you have not yet given it thought, it is time to think about your aspirations for life. Here are some inspirational quotes to get you thinking about aspiration.

5 Memorable Quotes That Make "Kill a Mockingbird" an Evergreen Classic
Harper Lee summarizes the story in the title,

7 Unforgettable Seinfeld Quotes That Makes "Seinfeld" a Popular Sitcom
Seinfeld is a popular TV sitcom even today. Jerry Seinfeld, George Constanza, Elaine, and Kramer add a special touch. Read 7 Seinfeld quotes that will make you double up with laughter.

"My Country, Right or Wrong!" The Story Behind This Interesting Phrase
Who said this phrase,

10 Elvis Presley Quotes That Reveal the Man Behind the Musky Voice
Elvis Presley continues to inspire millions of musicians and performers around the world. But what made his such a popular youth icon? Read these Elvis Presley quotes to understand the man behind the musky voice.

15 Famous Quotes and Sayings That Can Change the Way You View Life
Looking for the perfect recipe for success? A dose of inspiration? Here are some famous quotes and sayings that may change your life forever.

Sink Your Teeth Into These 15 Deliciously Funny Food Quotes
Love food? Who doesn't? But why then do we have a love-hate relationship with food? Understand how food plays an important role in our life. Share 15 funny food quotes with your foodie friends, and make a real meal out of it.

Teach Your Teen to Appreciate Good Music With These 10 Music Quotes
Is your child listening to good music or bad music? Learn more about how music can influence teens and help your child appreciate good music with these music quotes.

George Carlin Sayings Reveal the Man Behind the "Seven Dirty Words"
Was George Carlin a grouchy, grumpy standup comedian with a fetish for obscenity? Or was he a comedian far ahead of his time in his incisive humour? Read these George Carlin sayings and decide for yourself.

Get Inspired to Grow Your Own Garden With These 15 Garden Sayings
Breathe in the fragrance of wet mud, little buds and shoots. Get inspired to create your own garden. And if you thought gardening is difficult, here are some inspirational garden sayings to get you started.

4 Simple Ideas to Stay Young Forever Because Age Is Just a Number
Do you worry that you are growing old too fast? Do you feel that life is slipping by? Read these quotes on how to grow old gracefully. Age is just a number. So why bother?

Positive Quotations About Life and Living
Sometimes, broken images lie scattered within the mind's deepest recesses. These are reflections of one's life; frozen in time. But the road ahead calls out. Forget the bad, and dwell upon the good. Discover the strength of the positive mind with these positive quotes about life.

So Who Is The Real Source for the Quote About "Death and Taxes?"
Who is the original author of the quote about

Lewis Carroll Decoded: 10 Quotes That Reveal the Creative Genius
Read the best 10 quotes from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Also read the analysis of each quote and understand the significance of these absurd quotes.

7 Inspirational Thoughts to Avoid Classic New Year's Eve Mistakes
Want to kickstart your New Year with a bang? Avoid these 7 common New Year's Eve mistakes after reading 20 inspirational quotes. Plan ahead for the New Year to ensure a grand success.

Turning 60? Enjoy the Golden Years of Life With a Dash of Wisdom
Turning 60 is an important milestone. Find out how you can make the most of your 60th birthday. Reflect on the beautiful memories of the years gone by, and look forward to a golden, carefree future.

10 Quotes to Make Your 21st Birthday Memorable
Celebrate your 21st birthday with some inspiring quotes. This is the time for a new makeover. Relive your life with a new set of rules. Quotes to make your dreams come true.

15 Quotes to Make You Fall in Love With School Once Again
Are schools boring or fun? Look back at the beautiful memories of school and decide how you remember your school. Share these school quotes with your schoolmates.

What Makes Teens Into Monsters? 10 Quotes Solve This Parenting Puzzle
You have a teen at home. If you are already going crazy with teen tantrums, and odd behaviour, read these 10 quotes and what people have to say about raising teens.

Reception Toasts That Add Grandeur to Your After-Wedding Party
Wedding receptions are great occasions for making exceptional toasts. Share your thoughts with the people you love, at the wedding reception. Make this a memorable day by following 5 tips on managing wedding receptions.

10 Quotes to Create Unique and Beautiful Wedding Vows
Writing your wedding vows may seem like the hardest job on the planet. Before you write your wedding vows, here are some tips that can help you create great wedding vows. Use these quotes to build a unique and beautiful wedding vow for your sweetheart.

15 Marriage Sayings That Can Save You From Getting Wedding Jitters
Are marriages truly made in heaven? Or are they a one way ticket to hell? Find out what it takes to make a marriage work with these 10 marriage sayings. Listen to the advice of older married couples and make your marriage a success.

Learn the ABCD of Dance: Any Body Can Dance!
Do you fear that you may not be able to dance? Read these inspirational quotes. You'd be surprised to learn that to be a good dancer, you don't need to be talented. Find out how a class of non dancers learned to dance.

Funny Santa Quotes
Why does Santa Claus enter a house through a sooty fireplace? Why can he not simply knock at the door? The magic of Christmas, perhaps, lies in the mystery of Santa Claus. If you love Santa Claus, you will love these funny Santa quotes. But remember, some of these quotes have wicked humor and you may just land yourself on Santa's naughty list.

10 Ways to Express Regret Without Losing Face
Want to mend your relationships? All you have to do is say sorry. A sincere apology can help save a lot of heartache. Here are some ways you can express your regret without losing face.

Dumped By Your Dreamboat? 13 Quotes to Help Deal With Unrequited Love
Unrequited love is like an fishbone stuck adamantly in your throat. If you hold on to your disappointment of unrequited love, you will deny yourself happiness. Find ways to get over your heartache. These quotes will help salve your wounds.

Are You Religious or Spiritual? Learn to Spot the Difference
Religion and spirituality are not the same. The difference lies in your perspective towards Divinity. Here are some religious and spiritual quotes to shed light on the two.

Why Being Alone Is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing
Feeling all alone? That's not a bad thing at all. In fact, take it as a blessing in disguise. These quotes about loneliness show you how to channel your feelings to achieve your goals.

Missing a Loved One? These Quotes From Poems Add the Healing Touch
Do you miss someone you love? Share these beautiful extracts from melancholy poems that express your sadness through beautiful words. Let the missing someone quotes heal your hurting heart.

"A Christmas Story": Get Ready to Enjoy This Christmas Movie Treat
A Christmas Story is a must watch holiday movie. Get deep into the mind of children, and find out what makes them happy. Let the child within you come out.

1954 Classic "White Christmas" Brings Christmas to Your Home
White Christmas is the perfect movie getaway on Christmas Eve. Book your DVD copy now so that you don't have to miss out on this roller-coaster ride. Read these White Christmas quotes to rejuvenate.

15 Quotes to Use in Your Own Christmas Decorations
Christmas decorations don't have to be those loud, kitschy store-bought variety. With a little ingenuity, and enthusiasm, you can create your own Christmas decorations.

13 Beautiful Ways to Wish Jewish Folk "Happy Hanukkah!"
Celebrate the festival of lights, Hanukkah with your friends and family. If you are a non-Jew, learn all about Hanukkah and share these Hanukkah quotes with the world.

7 Best Christmas Poems That Created Your Favourite Christmas Carols
Did you know the origin of Christmas carols you enjoy singing every Christmas? Most of them were a part of famous Christmas poems. These top 7 Christmas poems contributed to most of the Christmas carols we sing today.

You Can Change Your Life With These Inspirational Thanksgiving Quotes
Thanksgiving is more than just tradition. When you sit together as a family and share food and fond memories, relationships get strengthened. Say a prayer of thanks for all the good that has come your way. Get inspired to spread the love this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Quote
Use this Thanksgiving as an opportunity to give back to society. It's not just about feast and football, Thanksgiving is also a day for expressing deep gratitude. Let the prayer of thanks come straight from the heart.

12 Funny Quotes to Help You Cope With Panic Attacks on Thanksgiving
Not looking forward to Thanksgiving? Here are 3 smart and simple ideas to beat the stress. Make the most of Thanksgiving without sweating it out.

Play Quotes
Why should adults play? Playing is the only way to be alive. If you enjoy playing games, you will enjoy this collection of tips and tricks on how to play the easy way!.

10 Inspiring Quotes for Effective Change Management
Unable to kick a bad habit? Or change your lifestyle? Are you stopping yourself from change? Learn how to manage change with the right dose of inspirational quotes on change management.

The Mystery Behind the Poet and the Poem: "A Dream
Get to know the deepest, darkest secrets that made Edgar Allan Poe the mysterious writer that he was. Read the poem

The Grinch Teaches Us an Important Lesson About Christmas
Did the Grinch actually steal Christmas? If you thought yes he did, you may want to think again. This article will explain how the Grinch actually saved Christmas.

Famous Presidential Speeches on Turkey Pardoning Thanksgiving Ceremony
Every Thanksgiving, the President pardons two turkeys from the fate of becoming a roast. What is the big deal about this White House tradition? These famous presidential thanksgiving speeches will tell you more.

7 Popular Traditions That Did Not Exist During The First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving -- a time to be thankful; a time to remember all the gifts that we have been endowed with. Here are some famous Thanksgiving quotes that will set the mood.

5 Simple Ideas to Keep Warring Family Members Happy at Thanksgiving
Craving for some humour to spice up your Thanksgiving? Here are some of the funniest Thanksgiving quotes, you ever read. Pass them around the table along with the gravy and enjoy the good cheer.

Long Distance Christmas: How to Celebrate Christmas Away From Home
Are you going to be abroad this Christmas? These 6 simple ideas show you how to celebrate Christmas away from home. These quotes help you feel Christmassy wherever you go.

Inspirational Quotes to Help You Succeed from Mother Teresa
When Mother Teresa speaks on issues like family, children, or God, her words overwhelm the reader by their profoundness. She was not just another protagonist for the weak. Her acts of selfless service to humankind touched people of all strata. She was a darling of the masses; a messiah in the garb of a nun. Let us gain from these Mother Teresa quotes.

Find Happiness in These Happiness Quotes
The pursuit of happiness requires a lot of courage. We strive for happiness in various ways: through professional and personal achievement, through love and friendship, and also through charitable effort. But to find happiness, we must first be at peace with ourselves. We must be more forgiving of our follies and appreciative of our abilities. Here are some happiness quotes that inspire us to find happiness.

10 Thanksgiving Thoughts That Teach Us How to Express Gratitude
Thanksgiving is all about giving. But do we understand the true meaning of giving? This Thanksgiving let us spare a thought for the art of gifting and giving with these Thanksgiving thoughts.

Quotes for Remembrance Day: Poppy Flowers Remind Us That War Destroys Life
The sight of the beautiful poppy flowers can uplift any soul. However, they also serve as a grim reminder of the ravages of war. Are we prepared to throw away precious life for meaningless conflicts? If you wish to honor the martyrs of war, share these quotes for Remembrance Day with your friends and wear a Remembrance Day poppy on your lapel. Stand for peace and shun war.

Veterans Day Quotes From Poems
Poems can stoke emotions, soothe broken hearts, and cheer despairing souls. Share these Veterans Day quotes from poems and instill patriotic fervor in the minds of people.

Honor the Brave War Heroes With Happy Veterans Day Quotes
Salute those intrepid soldiers who did not flinch when they faced enemy fire. On Veteran's Day, make a proud statement with Happy Veterans Day quotes.

Canadian Remembrance Day Quotes
On Remembrance Day, let us honor the patriotic soldiers who served the nation selflessly. Here are Canadian Remembrance Day quotes to share with your Canadian friends.

The Best Jane Goodall Quotes
Chimpanzees have found a human advocate in the form of Jane Goodall. Goodall, a specialist in primate behavior, has revealed to the world that chimps are similar to humans. Her study has caused a new awakening among zoologists and conservationists, that survival of the human race is dependent on the survival of every species on the planet. Read these Jane Goodall quotes to find out more about her views about animals and people.

The Best Sex and the City Quotes
I could go on and on about Sex and the City quotations. They can knock you out of your chair. They can drag you out of your cocoon. They can make you whistle with joy. But let me not bore you. Go on and read these excellent Sex and the City quotations.

Sex and the City Quotations
I could go on and on about Sex and the City quotations. They can knock you out of your chair. They can drag you out of your cocoon. They can make you whistle with joy. Page 2.

Environmentalist Rachel Carson Quotes
Feel the passion in Rachel Carson's words. As a crusader for the environment, Carson did tremendous conservation work. Thanks to her, governments of the world have woken up to the reality that nature is at the brink of destruction. In these Rachel Carson quotes, you feel that nature has finally found a voice.

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield Quotes
Rodney Dangerfield expired on October 6, 2004. His death created a void. It is almost difficult to smile at jokes. But Rodney Dangerfield quotes remind us that laughter is the essence of life. So let's go on with the memory of the legendary comedian while we read Rodney Dangerfield quotes. Page 2.

One Liners Funny
He pokes fun at himself with his one liners. Funny that Rodney Dangerfield's wife never clobbered him for his style of humor. Here are some interesting one liners funny enough to keep you guffawing. Page 5.

Rodney Dangerfield's Best One-Liners
Rodney Dangerfield had captured the minds of his audience with his ribald, in-your-face humor. Read some of the best funny one liners by Rodney Dangerfield on this page.

Quotes One Liners: Rodney Dangerfield
When it comes to funny quotes, one liners and gags, Rodney Dangerfield rules the world. He has funny quips for everything. Read on. Page 3.

Quotes and One-Liners
The non-stop comedian Rodney Dangerfield is full of funny quotes and one liners. He has the knack to get to your funny bone. More funny quotes and one liners from Rodney Dangerfield on this page. Page 4.

Famous Quotes about Sports
Sports have been compared to subdued violence, but I see them as a great vent for one's energies. In addition to being one of the best forms of exercise, sports also build camaraderie and team spirit. Here are some famous sports quotes that I enjoy.

Famous Quotes From Movies That Could Profoundly Impact Your Life
Movies can have an everlasting impact on our life. If you enjoy movies, you will find some of the best movie lines that will change your life forever. Read these quotes and share them with your movie-crazy friends.

Collection of Touching Oprah Winfrey Quotes
Get the inside story on the life of Oprah Winfrey. Born to an unwed mother, and raised by a poor grandmother, Oprah saw the toughest days in childhood. To add to her misery, she was molested by her relatives at the tender age of nine. Her traumatic childhood prepared her for the hard life ahead. Success kissed her whenever she tried to reach her goals. With these Oprah Winfrey quotes, you can get a dose of inspiration from the woman who has seen it all.

Selection of Funny "Simpsons" Quotes
Here are some rib-tickling funny Simpsons quotes. You will find a huge collection of insults and crazy humor here.

Quotes From the TV Show "Friends" Every Fan Would Love to Read
TV sitcom Friends brings to life the unique relationship between six young friends. Enjoy some of the best quotes of Friends, and relive the best moments of the most popular sitcom on TV.

"For Where Your Treasure... Heart Will Be Also:" Bible to Harry Potter
If you have read the Harry Potter series, you'd know that many of the quotes in the book have Christian influences. This quote from Mathew 6:19-24 is an important element of the story.

Learn the Art of Being Silly Without Looking Like an Idiot
Acting silly does not mean that you are an idiot. People who enjoy being silly are most loved for being fun. Use these silly quotes to bring a smile to someone's face. You can earn more respect by being silly.

Was Einstein Atheist? What He Had to Say About Religion
Was Einstein an atheist? Did he believe in God? Read these Einstein quotes extracted from Einstein's letters that reveal his belief about God, religion, and prayer.

Romantic Valentine's Day Quotes
Nothing hurts more than being forgotten by your lover on Valentine's Day. Some couples have the biggest row after Valentine's Day because one partner forgot it. I cannot promise a total turnaround after such a huge mistake. But if you want a quick patch up, here are some sweet Valentine's Day quotes.

Great Quotes from Anonymous
Collection of quotations for the category Anonymous Quotes. Page 4.

Inspirational Anonymous Quotes
Collection of quotations for the category Anonymous Quotes. Page 5.

Quotes from The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice is a gripping story about a moneylender -- Shylock -- who wants to be paid his 'dues' in a fair manner. The only problem is that Shylock wants to be paid 'a pound of flesh' as dues for the money he loaned to Antonio. The entire drama unfolds in the court of the Duke of Venice, who wants to make sure that justice is done to both parties. The Merchant of Venice is famous for its dramatic speeches and unique storyline. Read some famous quotes from The Merchant of Venice.

The Merchant of Venice Quotes
Read The Merchant of Venice Quotes. Page 2.

Quotes From "The Merchant of Venice"
Read quotes from The Merchant of Venice. Page 3.

Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"
Read more quotes from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. Page 4.

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
Read more quotes from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. Page 5.

Famous Quotes from Othello
Othello, a Shakespeare tragedy, was very popular in the seventeenth century. The tragedy portrays love, revenge, and mistrust with a melodramatic tone. Othello's love for his wife Desdemona, has all the elements that depict a strong loving relationship. However, his other emotions -- jealousy, passion, and immaturity -- cause his downfall. If you enjoy Shakespeare tragedies, you will find these quotes from Othello very moving.

William Shakespeare: Othello
Read more quotes from William Shakespeare: Othello. Page 2.

Othello Quote
Which is your favorite Othello Quote? Find your favorite quote here. Page 3.

Othello Quotes
Here are some more Othello quotes. Page 4.

Quotes from Much Ado About Nothing
Much Ado About Nothing is a play of comic capers with a touch of romance. The romantic interludes between the main characters of the play (Claudio and Hero) are offset by the love-hate relationship between the other pair (Beatrice and Benedick). Claudio and Hero struggle for their union, while Beatrice and Benedick get into intellectual brawls. You will find many quick witted quotes in this collection from Much Ado About Nothing.

Much Ado About Nothing By Shakespeare
Read more quotes from Much Ado About Nothing By Shakespeare. Page 3.

Much Ado About Nothing Quotes
Read more Much Ado About Nothing Quotes. Page 4.

Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing
Read short quotes from Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing. Page 2.

Martha Graham Quotes About Dancing
Martha Graham was in the profession of dancing for over seventy years. She devoted her entire life to fine-tuning her art. She won accolades and prestigious awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Martha Graham remained true to her profession throughout her life. She danced, choreographed, and taught many aspiring dancers. These Martha Graham quotes give us an insight into her life.

A Collection of Famous Love Quotes
Famous Love Quotes: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Inspirational Quotes to Help You Succeed
We have many unfulfilled dreams gathering dust in the corner of our hearts? Somewhere along the course of time, we pinned down our passions to follow a robotic existence without inspiration or gusto. It is time to revive the dead passion. Read these inspirational quotations to stoke the dormant aspirations.

40 Inspirational Quotes from Princess Diana
Though Princess Diana lived a short life, she lived it on her own terms. She was also referred to as

10 Mark Twain Quotes That Will Leave You Tongue-Tied
Mark Twain asserted his views on a wide range of topics - friendship, education, books, life, and many others. Read some of the wittiest, wackiest, Mark Twain quotes and revel in the genius mind.

10 Murphy's Laws Explained in Great Detail
Did you ever wonder why so many things go wrong, all the time? Read this top 10 list of Murphy's Laws to get an idea. Find out in what situations these Murphy's Laws apply.

The Death of the Hired Man by Robert Frost
Poem lyrics of The Death Of The Hired Man by Robert Frost.

Robert Frost's Poem 'The Death of the Hired Man'
Poem lyrics of The Death Of The Hired Man by Robert Frost, page 2.

10 Sad Quotes When Life Really Sucks!
Sadness comes from deep within. If you find it difficult to cope with sadness, here are some quotes to help you see things in the right perspective. Interpret these quotes in your own way and find your peace.

Romantic Shakespeare Quotes To Sweep You Off Your Feet
Shakespeare was considered a true romantic. He portrayed love as a heady mix of passion, aggression, despair, and determination. There are amorous love scenes in many of his plays. If you are a romantic too, you will appreciate the intensity of Shakespeare quotes.

Shakespeare Quotes on Love
Read more Shakespeare quotes on love. Page 2.

William Shakespeare Love and Romance Quotes
Read more William Shakespeare's love quotes. Page 3.

A Tangy Twist of Love & Humor: Funny Quotes About Love
Humor and love make a brilliant combination. That is why Hollywood movie factories produce so many romantic comedies. When in love, indulge in fun to keep your relationship alive and kicking. Enjoy the lighter side of love with these funny quotes about love.

Anonymous Quotes
Collection of quotations for the category Anonymous Quotes

Anonymous Quotes - Unknown Authors Inspire the World
Collection of quotations for the category Anonymous Quotes. Page 2.

Anonymous Quotes - Unknown Authors Inspire the World
Collection of quotations for the category Anonymous Quotes. Page 3.

Quotes by Anti-Apartheid Activist Nelson Mandela
The name Nelson Mandela has become synonymous with the removal of the Apartheid regime. South Africa owes a lot to Nelson Mandela's untiring efforts for the cause of freedom. Regardless of your nationality, you can't help being moved by these Nelson Mandela quotes. They exude belief and self-esteem.

10 Quotes From the Indefatigable Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill is one of history's most charismatic leaders. He was a brilliant orator too. Here are some brilliant quotes from Winston Churchill that give you an insight into his mind.

Learn Why William Blake's The Laughing Song Evokes Joy in Our Heart
If you have read William Blake's The Laughing Song, you'd be intrigued to know more about the poet. Here is the poem and all that you wanted to know about William Blake.

Thanksgiving Quotes for Those Who Are Alone
Alone on Thanksgiving? Spend your holidays in blissful solitude. Rediscover yourself and find inner joy by sharing your Thanksgiving meal with underprivileged. Enjoy these Thanksgiving quotes all by yourself.

5 Funny Movie Lines Everyone Loves to Read
Read some of the funniest movie lines from famous funnies. Some are classic, while others are new on the block. Share these funny movie quotes with your friends and spread the humour.

Quotes About Siblings Reveal That Siblings Can Make Families Strong
Siblings are the glue that make a family stick together, especially during Thanksgiving and Halloween. Celebrate Siblings Day with these loving quotes for your brothers and sisters.

12 Famous People Share Their Secrets to Lifetime Happiness
To be happy you need to have the right attitude towards happiness. These happiness quotes reflect on the true meaning of happiness, and how you can remain happily ever after.

10 Powerful Quotes That Tell Us Why Things Change
If the human evolution is anything to go by, you'd know that change is the only constant in your life. Don't resist change; it can only help you get better. Let go of your safety net and be prepared to change.

10 Funny Pregnancy Quotes Help Women Through Their Worst Moments
Is pregnancy the time for happy thoughts? Fat chance! say pregnant women. With a bulging belly and an uncontrollable bladder, who said pregnancy is hunky dory? Read these funny pregnancy quotes to find out the worst moments of pregnancy.

5 Elf Movie Quotes: Adorable Buddy Teaches You How to Love Life
Buddy the elf will steal your heart, with his saucer-eyed stares and ever smiling mouth. Smiling is his favourite, says the elf. Learn what else he loves, in these Elf movie quotes.

5 Funny Sports Quotes Showcase the Foolish Side of Your Sport Icons
If you think that your favourite sports stars are flawless, read these 5 ridiculously funny sports quotes. These sportspersons reveal their foolish side, even as they meant to sound smart.

10 Reasons Why Character Building in Children Will Pay Off
Build your child's character early in life. Teach your kids to resist temptations. Here are some character building quotes that will help your children make the right choices in life.

Be the Boss! Exercise Discipline Without Causing Distress
You are nothing if you do not follow discipline. Success comes to those who can restrain themselves when needed. Read discipline quotes to take control of your life.

10 Quotes to Help You Find Solutions to Life's Toughest Problems
Problems are little bundles of opportunity. Discover yourself as you solve life's challenges. Here is some brilliant advice from the world's best minds on problem solving.

7 Teachings From the Bible With Interpretation for Everyday Living
These 7 Bible quotes can change your life forever. Read the interpretations that accompany the Bible quotes and make a difference to your life.

Sibling Quotes Reveal Why They Are Best Friends and Worst Enemies
You don't need a friend, when you have a sibling. Your brother or sister is the closest friend you can ever have. Make the most of your relationship with these sibling quotes.

These Lost Love Quotes Will Stir Your Soul
Going through a rough patch in your love life? Take heart by reading these lost love quotes. These quotes may be brief, but they speak volumes about love.

These Lost Love Quotes Will Stir Your Soul
Going through a rough patch in your love life? Take heart by reading these lost love quotes. These quotes may be brief, but they speak volumes about love.

Valentine's Day Quotes
Why do we appoint a day for celebrating love? Lovers don't need a date to express love. They should do it on every occasion. But unfortunately, love is a time-consuming activity. Life and its innumerable worries take us far away from love. Hence it becomes necessary for people to be reminded about love. On Valentine Day, let work take a backseat. It is time to love. Here are Valentine Day quotes to encourage you to rediscover love.

Hurting Love Quotes
Harsh words are like thorns. They shred the fabric of love; leaving loved ones hurt and betrayed. Have you been hurt by the ones you love? Do you feel betrayed and heartbroken? Wipe out the tears and pick yourself up. It is time to move on. Read these hurting love quotes for inspiration.

Sad Love Quotes That Make Your Heart Weep
These sad love quotes can make your sorrow seem lighter. The wisdom in these quotes may just change your outlook towards love and life.

Sad Love Quotes That Make Your Heart Weep
These sad love quotes can make your sorrow seem lighter. The wisdom in these quotes may just change your outlook towards love and life.

XOXO! What's the Story Behind This Popular Internet Term?
Not all situations call for XOXO as a sign off in messages. Read the origin of XOXO and how to use it in social media. Add your own style with XOXO quotes.

101 to Teacher Appreciation: Know Why Teachers Are Good for You
The reasons why teachers should be appreciated, followed by links to some quotations about teacher appreciation.

Illuminate the Path With Quotes on Teacher's Day
Come up with creative ways to wish your teachers a happy Teacher's Day. Flowers and cards may say it all, but heartfelt quotes will be the icing on the cake.

Who Is a Good Teacher? 12 Quotes to Put Teacher's Day In Perspective
Teachers play a decisive role in molding a child's personality. If you are proud of who you are, it is time to thank your teachers. Say it loud,

3 Teachers Whose Words Shaped the Life of Some Famous People
If you want to express gratitude to your teacher, do it with quotes. On Teacher's Day, these thank you quotes for teachers will touch your teacher's heart.

3 Famous Golfing Legends Make Funny Remarks About Golf
Want to sound like a smart aleck at the golf course? Keep everyone in splits with these funny golf quotes. Share these humorous lines with golf buddies and become famous overnight.

5 Football Legends Inspire You to Score a Goal
Super Bowl is not simply another game. If you are a true football fan, you'd know how important it is to every American. Read these inspirational football quotes and get into the heat of the game.

Say 'Thank You' With These Appreciation Quotes
Did someone do you a favor? Express your gratitude with the choicest words. These appreciation quotes help create personalized 'thank you' cards.

The Magic of Falling in Love: Quotes Say it All
Love is an intoxicant. It gives you the feeling of walking in the clouds. If you are in love, you will find these

15 Birthday Wishes That Can Make Your Birthday Cards Look Special
Want to make your best friend's birthday special? Here are birthday card quotes to make beautiful birthday cards. Make your birthday wishes count.

Why You Need to Put On Your Dancing Shoes Right Now
Many people shy away from dancing because they don't know how to dance. But real dancers are the ones who can hear the music in their soul.

Quotations for Boss Appreciation Day
If brown-nosing your boss is not your cup of tea, use innovative ways to woo your boss. On Boss' Day, wish your boss with greetings and thank you notes. If your boss finds your wishes in good faith, she just might recommend you for that promotion you have been seeking.

30 Lip Smacking Food Quotes to Satiate Your Soul
Most of us have a love-hate relationship with food. We love food, but hate to admit it. Share these food quotes and come out of the close. Let's worship food.

These 5 Quotes Changed the History of America
Famous people have been able to create a revolution, simply by the power of speech. Find out what powerful people said that changed America's destiny.

These 3 Quotes Reveal the True Nature of World War 2
There were many reasons why the World War 2 took place. But most importantly, it took place because a few powerful leaders lit the spark. Read these 3 famous quotes that reveal the horrors of World War 2.

Famous Teacher Quotes
Famous teachers are not found in history books alone. They could be your teachers who taught you to recognise alphabets or recite poetry. Spread the message of love to your teacher with these famous quotes.

8 Movie Quotes That Will Make You Cry
Want to read movie lines from some of the best tearjerker movies ever made? Read some beautiful, and sad movie quotes that will make you cry buckets.

Pick a Cute Love Status Message for Your Social Pages
Want to declare your feelings to the world? Do it with cute love status. Make people want to read your updates by keeping it cute and tender.

15 Throwback Thursday Quotes to Bring Back Good Ol' Memories
Tag your pictures with the Throwback Thursday hashtag. It is a fun way to visit old memories. Learn more about Throwback Thursday and add some jazz to your old photos.

These 6 Celebrities Show the World How to Be Best Friends Forever
Read about these 3 pairs of celebrities who have found true friendship. Each pair of friendship is unique and inspiring. Learn what celebrities have to say about their best friends.

Labor Day Quotes
What does Labor Day mean to you? A fun filled holiday, or an opportunity to inspire others to work hard? Use these Labor Day quotes to help you find meaning in the holiday.

Unity Quotes
Unity is the key to global peace. If you believe in unity, share the message of unity through your favorite social networking sites. Here is your chance to make a difference to the world.

Funny Good Morning Quotes
Here is a tip for a quick makeover: change the way you look in the morning. Read funny good morning quotes, and let a smile light up your face.

Funny Harry Potter Quotes
Can't get enough of Harry Potter? Read this collection of quotes from the Harry Potter series. You will come out

4 Great Quotes That Changed World History
World history talks about great achievements of extraordinary people. Their words and thoughts changed history. Read these 4 great quotes that changed the course of world history.

The Cutest Baby Shower Wishes That Make Moms Go Crazy
These baby shower sayings will make everyone gush with happiness. The words strike a chord, especially with new mothers.

Love Hurts! Quotes to Heal the Wounded Heart
When you love someone deeply, you run the risk of breaking your heart. But life goes on. And so must you. When love hurts, quotes can be a balm for the soul.

Happy Birthday Wishes That Make Dreams Come True
When you convey happy birthday wishes, you convey your love in words. Don't go with the usual 'Happy Birthday' wish for your dear ones. Make them feel loved with unique birthday wishes. Here are some beautiful wishes that will communicate your sentiment.

Top Ten Toasts for Wedding Speeches
This is a top 10 list of wedding quotes about solemn promise, love, and celebration. Would you like to make a toast to the bride and the groom? How about a toast to the bridesmaids? In this list, find several fitting quotes for wedding toasts. On this site, you will also find links to some of the best quotations resources - lists, articles, glossary, quizzes, and more.

Funny Political Quotes
Politicians have a talent for putting their foot in the mouth. They keep their publicists busy with their ignoble tweets, and in-your-face comments. Here are some funny political quotes.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes
On Friendship Day, inspire a friend to kick a bad habit, or encourage her to follow her dreams. Say,

50th Birthday Quotes From Famous People
So, it is a mid-century birthday! That calls for a big celebration. Fifty years and counting. Make the best of the 50th birthday, as each day is special. Today you will mark fifty years of your sojourn in this world.

Friendship Day Quotes
People usually have friendly acquaintances, but very few true friends. On Friendship Day, celebrate your friendship with quotes that reflect on values of friendship.

Best Quotes for Celebrating Friendship - Friendship Day
Make friends not to increase your clout on social media, but to build everlasting relationships. On Friendship Day, reach out with best Friendship Day quotes.

Robin Williams Quotes
Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014. The world will miss the ace comedian, who taught us to laugh even in the face of sadness. Read these Robin Williams quotes and picture the man who gave us countless smiles.

"Sex and the City" Quotes Teach You a Thing or Two About Relationships
Relationships are complex. Learn more about relationship from Sex and the City stars, Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. Find answers to your relationship problems through these quotes.

10 Classic Quotes From Oscar Awards Winner "American Beauty"
The 1999 classic

The Lay of the Last Minstrel, Canto VI, My Native Land
The Lay of the Last Minstrel is one of the finest poems written by Sir Walter Scott. Read this article to know what inspired the Scottish author to write the poem.

12 Famous Artists Speak From Their Heart What Art Means to Them
What inspires you to paint? A beautiful scenery? Your emotions? Read these art quotes to find out what inspired famous artists to make masterpieces.

8 Quotes on Quality to Show How Quality Can Improve Your Everyday Life
Quality is a way of life. Learn from the Japanese, the masters of quality improvement on how quality can change your life. Read these quality quotes from famous people.

Summer Quotes and Traditions That Make Summer a Delight
One of the best ways to spend all this time is by mulling over summer quotes. Learn how people around the world celebrate summer. Have your own summer celebrations with friends and family.

Where There is a Will, There's a Way! Be Determined to Face Challenges
Where there is a will, there is a way. Here are 14 real stories of people who found the determination to succeed. Will you? Read these determination quotes to get charged.

Do You Always Make the Right Choice? Make Decisions Without Regret
Life always offers a choice. Even when you don't choose, that's a choice you are making. Learn how to make the right choice with these choice quotes.

"Napoleon Dynamite" Quotes That Bring Out the Geek in You
Napoleon Dynamite is a story of a geek and his gang of oddball friends. If you enjoyed the movie, you will love these Napoleon Dynamite quotes.

"Happy Gilmore" Is a Classic American Story of Fighting the Odds
Happy Gilmore is an inspirational and funny movie starring Adam Sandler. The story revolves around an ice hockey player who makes it big as a golfer. Read these funny inspirational quotes from the movie.

Famous Artist Quotes
What did Da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh have in common? Apart from a passion for art, they also expressed themselves freely. Read these famous artist quotes to get inspired.

Famous Quotes About Politicians That Reveal the True Face of Politics
Politicians seem to wear two faces -- one for the public and one in private. Do politicians truly care about the welfare of the state? Read the minds of famous people as they voice their opinion about politicians.

Find the Lion Within You With These Courage Quotes
What does the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz teach you about courage? Learn what it takes to be brave. These Cowardly Lion quotes about courage show you how.

10 Power Packed Sports Quotes Inspires You to Test Your Limits
The thrill of the game is the fuel that pushes sportspersons to test their limits. Read these inspiring sports quotes and discover the champion within you.

12 Crude But Funny South Park Quotes That You Don't Want to Hear
If you have not yet watched the TV series, South Park, these funny South Park quotes are sure to turn you into a loyal fan. The humor is bizarre, and borders on chauvinism.

14 Funny Sex and the City Quotes Filled With Life Changing Ideas
What makes the Sex and the City such a popular TV sitcom? Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have nailed it. Here are some lessons you can learn from watching Sex and the City.

5 Simple and Smart Ideas to Improve the Quality of Your Life
Are you tired of life? You don't need tons of cash to have a good quality of life. With a few simple ideas, you can enjoy the best quality of life.

16 'Star Wars' Quotes Reveal Why Anakin Skywalker Turned Evil
Why did Anakin Skywalker turn evil? What makes Darth Vader such a ruthless leader? If these questions intrigued you, read these Anakin Skywalker quotes from Star Wars.

A Listing of Benjamin Franklin Quotes
You could read deep mysterious words of wisdom, or you could read deep but simple words of common sense. If you prefer the latter, you are at the right place. This page lists some of the most famous quotations by Benjamin Franklin. A man noted for his strong common sense wisdom.

12 Hilarious Zoolander Quotes for Fashion Fanatics
When it comes to funny movies, Ben Still has got the Midas touch. Zoolander is one of his funniest best. Read these wacky Zoolander quotes and relive the best moments of the movie.

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Funny Father's Day Sayings
You may have noticed the worry lines on your father's face. It is time to replace those with laughter lines. Get your father to forget his worries with these funny Father's Day sayings.

Father's Day Quotes - From Daughter
Every father is extremely protective about his little princess. These are some touching Father's Day quotes that daughters can share with their dads.

Make Your Independence Day Memorable With These 4th of July Quotes
America celebrates its Independence Day on 4th of July. If you are American, commemorate this holiday with patriotic zeal. Share these 4th of July quotes.

These Joy Quotes Can Take Your Breath Away!
Want a slice of the good life? Don't look for it in pubs and fancy locales. Don't look for the great life in tons of money. Simply look for joy in the everyday living. That's pure joy.

Famous Quotes About Life
Jonathan Swift said,

Positive Life Quotes
A fleeting glimpse around you is enough to draw inspiration, because life in itself is a great motivating factor. But your eyes will take you nowhere if your heart refuses to respond. Do not cloud your senses with negative thoughts. Open your soul to the beautiful life. Discover the joy of brightening up with these positive life quotes.

Father's Day Messages That Reveal Dad and Daughter Love
Fathers and daughters share a very special bond. If you are a dad blessed with a daughter, read these quotes to understand the beauty of father-daughter love.

Inspiring Quotes to Use When You Want to Say, 'Carpe Diem!'
What's a greater loss than a life not lived? Carpe diem! This word invokes the dormant spirit within you. Find the will to live with these carpe diem quotes.

YOLO! Quotes That Say, "You Only Live Once"
YOLO! This popular Internet acronym may not be commonly used now, but it still inspires you to go out and achieve. Read more YOLO quotes when you need a recharge.

Best Memorial Day Quotes
Read an exclusive collection of Memorial Day quotes extracted from speeches of American Presidents. George Bush, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are some of the presidents quoted on this page. These are some of the best Memorial Day quotes that tug at your heartstrings.

Memorial Day Quotes and Sayings
On Memorial Day, we commemorate our brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. They did not live long enough to experience the privileges that we enjoy. Our success stands on the shoulders of their sacrifice. Let us unite and sing in praise of these unknown heroes with these Memorial Day quotes and sayings.

Famous Memorial Day Quotes
What makes Memorial Day special? If parties and picnics are on your mind, add a touch of patriotism to your celebration. Spread the message of love on Memorial Day. Share these famous Memorial Day quotes.

Quotes About Memorial Day
What inspires martyrs to lay down their life for their country? Certainly not fame or wealth. Is it for a place in God's Heaven? The soldier's love for the motherland knows no logic or reason. That is why every year even though thousands of soldiers die in battle, many more join the ranks to take their place. Say a prayer for these brave soldiers with these quotes about Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Quotes
No one is born a hero. A hero rises from the ashes of subservience. Necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, great people take birth in times of strife and struggle.

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Short Mother's Day Quotes - Perfect for Emails or Cards
It does not cost an arm and a leg to wish mothers Happy Mother's Day. With the right attitude and a dash of creativity, you can make your mom the happiest woman in the world.