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Mother's Day Quotes From Famous People
Why do mothers endure so much? What gives them tenacity and perseverance? Mothers seem to have an inexhaustible supply of love and energy, when it comes to children. These Mother's Day quotes remind you how precious your mom is.

Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes
Already worn out by mothering your children? Read these inspirational quotes about mothers. These quotes are meant to lift your spirits and put you back on the tracks!

Quotes About Mothers - What It Means to Be a Mom
I admit that mother is overly glorified by our society. Reams of paper and reels of films have expressed the love of a mother. But as Oprah Winfrey says:

Mother Quotes
Your mother is God's greatest gift to you. You knew her before you knew anybody else. Nature has blessed each creature with a loving mother; perhaps the secret behind the very existence of life on this planet. Feel the surge of emotion as you read these mother quotes.

Quotes About Girlfriends Reveal 5 Annoying Girlfriend Traits
If you want your boyfriend to adore you, stay away from these 5 annoying girlfriend habits. Read these quotes about girlfriends and find out what annoys boys the most.

Funny Girlfriend Quotes Men Never Want Her to Read
If you think your boyfriend shares his intimate thoughts with you, think again. Here are some secrets your boyfriend will never share with you. Also, read these funny girlfriend quotes to know what really goes on in your boyfriend's mind.

What Your Girlfriend Wants: Quotes to Help You Understand Your Sweetheart
Understanding what your girlfriend wants is no easy task. If you find it tough to decode your girlfriend's thoughts and desires, here is an insightful article that tells you what every girl wants from her boyfriend.

"I Love My Girlfriend!" Quotes That Declare How Much You Love Her
Want to reveal to the world that you love your girlfriend? Express your love with these quotes. Tell your girlfriend,

Funny Earth Day Quotes
You can see the destruction of environment everywhere. If you care about your planet, do something. Share these funny Earth Day quotes to make a loud statement.

Quotes About Nature
Admire the beauty and bounties of nature. Live a simple life, and respect laws of nature. Encourage people to appreciate and protect nature. With these quotes about nature, you can make a start.

Earth Day Quotes
Share your passion for nature with other nature enthusiasts. These Earth Day quotes remind you that life is a gift, and you need to value it.

Earth Day
Even as you read this piece, gallons of toxic waste is being dumped into rivers and seas. Large tracts of forests are being razed to the ground. Earth is in need of your help. Spread the word on Earth Day.

Easter Sayings
It's not just the Easter eggs, it's about the whole celebration that makes Easter one of the most loved Christian holidays. Read these Easter sayings and learn about the festival.

20 Anger Management Quotes When You Are Boiling Over
Can't deal with your anger issues? Battling your uncontrollable bouts of rage? Calm yourself with anger management quotes. They will help you look at things with the right perspective.

Quotes About Being Hurt
Learn to control anger in order to avoid being hurt. Hurting others will only cause you to sink into a vortex of grief, revenge, anger, and hurt. Here are some beautiful quotes about being hurt, and overcoming the pain. Share these quotes with your friends and make the world a peaceful place.

Relationship Quotes
Whether personal or professional, relationships matter. They help us to achieve our goals. They promote our emotional and intellectual growth. How do you handle your relationships? Do you treat them as special bonds of friendship, love, and trust? Here is an article on how relationships need to be nurtured. Gain inspiration from relationship quotes embedded in the article.

How to Parent Teens: Funny Quotes to Help You Survive the Tough Phase
Parenting teens can be a daunting task. Since there is no professional training on how to be a good parent, you can rely on experienced parents. Here are some hilarious parenting quotes from super-parents, who picked up lessons on the job.

22 Quotes on Anger: Learn How to Tame the Devil Inside You
Do you suffer from extreme bouts of anger? Uncontrolled rage is a reality of modern life. Find out how to control your anger without visiting your counsellor by reading these anger quotes.

April Fool's Day
This April Fool's Day, don't get caught unawares. Prepare to surprise the pranksters, and turn the tables on them. This article tells you all about April Fool's Day and why you should be celebrating it.

April Fool's Day Quotes
Play a prankster or be the pranked. On April Fool's Day, it's a no-holds barred day for fun. Don't be uptight. Just go with the flow. Happy April Fool's Day!

Father's Day Messages From Sons Who Want to Say, "You're the Man!"
After a certain age, the father-conflicts can wreck havoc in your family. Strengthen the bond between a father and son with these Happy Father's Day messages from sons.

Good Friday Quotes
Good Friday is the day to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. If you are a devout Christian, commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with these Good Friday quotes.

Good Friday Message
Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the sins of man. Through his life, we learn important lessons of love and compassion. Let Christ's sacrifice not go in vain. Share the Good Friday message with your friends and relatives to make the world a kinder place.

Tax Quotes - Funny Quotations
Taxes are government's way to put a noose around our necks. If you are daunted by the task of filing your tax returns, read these amusing tax quotes to lighten up.

Sad Quotes About Life
Use these sad quotes about life as antidote for your depression. Flush the negativity out of your heart.

Mother's Day Quotes From Daughters
They may not know it, but young daughters often emulate their mothers. Deep in her heart, every girl is like her mother. A mother understands this well. So she tries to protect her daughter from the setbacks that she faced in her youth. This is why a mother is a daughter's best friend. Here are Mother's Day quotes from daughters who have achieved great success.

"I'm Sorry" Quotes Help You Express Regret

Happy Birthday Quote
Your 'Happy Birthday' messages can convey more, if you choose the right words. Use a 'Happy Birthday' quote to create wonderful birthday messages.

Funny Mother's Day Quotes
Does your mother like jokes and funny movies? If humor is her thing, give her the joy of laughter on Mother's Day. Use these funny Mother's Day quotes in cards and on presents. A touch of humor will make the occasion memorable. Your witticisms and sparkling humor will not go to waste.

Mother's Day: Quotes From Actors, Authors and Oprah
Bring a world of happiness to your doting mother. On Mother's Day, shower your mother with gifts, flowers, and words of appreciation. If words fail you, use Mother's Day quotes to express your feelings beautifully. This is an article on Mother's Day, and why mothers are the special angels in our life.

Inspirational & Motivational Women's Day Quotes
You don't have to be a woman to celebrate Woman's Day. Share these insightful quotes on your favorite social media sites on Woman's Day.

International Women's Day Quotations
This Women's Day, acknowledge the contribution of women in your life. Be it your mother, sister, girlfriend, or partner, your woman has been a pillar of strength. Commemorate International Women's Day with inspirational words. These quotes help remind women that they are the fountain of wisdom and endurance.

Oscar Speech
At the Oscar ceremony, every winner has something to say. Some speak of their achievements. Others make it a point to thank an endless list of people. However, a few speeches are so beautiful; they can uplift your spirit.

Oscar Speeches
The Oscar night is filled with volatile emotions and soaring anticipation. Film personalities can hardly contain their ecstasy and anguish. Read the most interesting Oscar speeches. Some are hilarious, some poignant, and others contrived!

Oscar Acceptance Speech
We know that it is not easy to make an Oscar acceptance speech. Celebrities are often carried away by the emotion of the moment.

Beat the Blues With Inspirational Pick Me Ups
Do you start your week with a groan and sigh? Do Mondays make you you feel low? It is time to fight the blues. Before your mood affects your day, shake it off with these inspirational pick-me-ups.

Pick Me Up Quotes When You Are in the Doldrums
Nothing works better than pick-me-up quotes when you are feeling down in the dumps. Whether you are facing an obstacle, or fighting against odds, use a pick-me-up to lift your spirits.

St. Patrick's Day Sayings and Quotes
Share the love and happiness with your non Irish friends on St. Patrick's Day. Want to educate the world about St. Patrick's Day? Share these quotes on your favorite social networking sites and build a fan following.

St. Patrick's Day Quotes to Celebrate 3/17
What makes St. Pat's Day such a popular festival? Is it the tradition of drinking beer? Or Irish delicacies? Find out more about St. Patrick's Day with these quotes.

St. Patrick's Day Quotes and Sayings
On March 17 -- the death anniversary of St. Patrick the Irish celebrate with gusto. Here are St. Pat's Day quotes and sayings to mark the celebrations.

Funny St. Patrick's Day Sayings
You can rarely offend an Irish with your funny comments, because the Irish can take a joke in their stride. But if you enjoy reading Irish funnies, here are some that add flavor to St. Pat's Day.

Quotes About Missing Someone
Missing a special someone? The pain of separation can only double the joys of reunion. Express your angst with the help of these quotes and overcome your misery.

Long Distance Love Quote
It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is probably why lovers who are apart spend most of their time thinking about each other. If you are living away from your beloved, then there might be a long distance love quote below that will provide you with some comfort.

Find Your Dream Partner With Quotes About Finding Love
If you are looking for advice on how to find love, your search ends here. Read these inspiring quotes about finding love, and seek out your dream partner.

These Funny Love Quotes Will Add Zing to Your Love Life
Smirk, smile or just laugh aloud after reading these funny love quotes. Better yet, email this link to your friends. And enemies. I bet you will have the last laugh.

These Funny Love Quotes Will Add Zing to Your Love Life
Smirk, smile or just laugh aloud after reading these funny love quotes. Better yet, email this link to your friends. And enemies. I bet you will have the last laugh.

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes Collection
A new couple finds it easy to express love. But people who have been in a relationship for long may find it difficult to articulate themselves. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to reignite the dying embers of love. Wish your partner with these Happy Valentine's Day quotes of love. These quotes allow you to reminisce the early days of courtship.

Famous Quotes on Love and Friendship
Quotes on Love and Friendship: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Valentine's Day Sayings and Quotations
Don't spend the rest of your life regretting your lack of courage to approach the girl of your dreams. If you love someone, and you believe that you are made for each other, use these Valentine's Day sayings to bare your heart.

Funny Valentine's Day Quotes
Funny lines, quips and jokes always keep relationships alive. Breathe life into your love life with funny Valentine's Day quotes. Work your magic again.

25 Pick Up Lines From Movies That Make Great Ice Breakers
Cheesy or corny pick up lines are big turnoffs. If you are looking for smooth pick up lines that work as great ice breakers, read some of the best pick up lines from movies.

Calvin and Hobbes Brand of Humor: Funny Quotes by Calvin and Hobbes
Comic icons Calvin and Hobbes have a huge fan following even today. Their comic capers and witticisms kept their readers in splits. Here are some of the funniest lines from your favourite comic strip.

Looking at Life Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old: Calvin and Hobbes Quotes
If you believe that Calvin resides in your heart, you will love these life quotes from Calvin and Hobbes. With these quotes, you will find yourself revisiting your childhood.

Military Quotes That Make You Proud
Inspire yourself with hard-hitting words. These military quotes will motivate brave soldiers to march to the battle lines.

You Hurt Me Quotes
Do you want to express your grief after a loved one hurt you? Here are some beautiful

With Funny Quotes, Selfie Addiction May Not Be Such a Bad Thing
Are you a selfie fan? Don't let your selfies go wasted. Add a funny quote to create iconic selfies. A funny selfie is a sure winner.

Life Is Good Quotes
Life is good when you believe in goodness. Begin your day by saying that life is good. Quotes can inspire you to recognize the goodness in life. Savor each moment and enjoy the experience; whether good or bad. Life is good; it always is.

New Year Quotes Inspirational
Many choose the New Year as the time to turn over a new leaf. Smokers vow to kick the foul habit. Some decide to change to a new and improved lifestyle. Habitual spendthrifts decide to mend their ways. And most of us, who enjoy eating unhealthy food, latch on to the latest dieting fad. The New Year symbolizes the birth of hope, and the renewal of life. Here are New Year quotes, inspirational enough to help you find your calling.

New Year Quotes and Sayings
The New Year is a moment of quiet reflection. Reflect on the year gone by; of the happy gains and missed opportunities. Recount the good and bad of the past year. Introspect on your personal growth, and learn from the experience. New Year is the time to ensure that we bring balance to our life with positive influences overriding the negative ones. Here are some wonderful New Year quotes and sayings that inspire you to re-energize yourself.

New Year Greetings
Do you want to send a special New Year greeting to your friends? Here is a great collection of New Year greetings. Some of the greetings convey worldly wisdom, while others present a diverse perspective about the New Year. Choose from this collection of New Year greetings to send good wishes to your near and dear ones.

New Year Wishes
When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this event is no more than a change of a calendar. But for many others, the New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, spread happiness with these wonderful New Year wishes.

Collection of Happy Birthday Wish Quotations
There are birthday wishes and then there are birthday wishes. But to make a truly special birthday wish you have to blend together many beautiful phrases. Here are some quotes that I like to use in creating a personalized happy birthday wish.

Gratitude Quotes That Come Straight From the Heart
Reciprocate a favor with words of gratitude. Express your appreciation with gratitude quotes. With these quotes, you can say more than just 'thank you.'

Heart Quotes
If you think with your head, a heart is just an organ that pumps blood. But if you think with your heart, you know that a heart is the core of human existence. A heart feels, emotes, and expresses. With a heart you can perceive, understand, and judge. Often, a heart is accorded more importance than the brain. Read these heartfelt heart quotes.

A Selection of Birthday-Themed Quotations
Your birthday is your special day. You get to make the rules for the day. Here are some wonderful birthday quotes. Start your birthday with a positive attitude. These birthday quotes will bring a smile to your face and a spring to your feet.

Sex and the City - Best TV Show Quotes
You simply can't resist the madness of Sex and the City quotes. They are grotesque but yet very appealing. This set of Sex and the City quotes have made it to my select list.

Sex and the City Quotes - Top Sex and the City Quotes, page 3
This set of Sex and the City quotes have made it to my select list. Page 3.

Quotation of Love
A lot of ink has been exhausted in writing about a variety of subjects like life, death, happiness, and grief. However, the one topic that has remained a favorite with authors, playwrights, poets, and laypeople alike has been: love. Each of the quotes below is a quotation of love!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes
Wedding anniversaries are important events in life. Make your loved ones happy with these beautiful wedding anniversary wishes. Bless the wedded couple many years of marital bliss with these thoughtful words.

Funny Marriage Quotes
Marriages may be made in heaven, but they sure have to be managed right here on earth. That's easier said than done. Take a dig at the funny side of marriage. These funny marriage quotes are good stress busters. They make you laugh at the banalities of marriage. When you read funny marriage quotes, you realize that even a perfect marriage has its inherent flaws but those flaws add to the charm of marriage.

Cute Valentine's Day Quotes
Teens love to celebrate Valentine's Day. The heady mix of first love, freedom, and hormones, make an interesting combination for Valentine's Day. Enjoy this collection of cute Valentine's Day quotes and share it with the one you love. If you feel nervous about confessing your love, use these cute Valentine's Day quotes to woo your sweetheart.

Valentine's Quotes
If you are single, then Valentine's Day may not be greatest time of the year for you. Seeing other people celebrating their love can make one a tad envious. However, don't be let down. Lift your sagging spirits by reading these valentine's quotes and by dreaming of your own happily-ever-after.

Hurt Love Quotes
Sometimes, love hurts. Betrayal and rejection can cause grief to people in love. When the heart is broken, life becomes unbearable. To help cope with the anguish of a broken heart, read these hurt love quotes. You will find solace in the wisdom and insight in these hurt love quotes.

Sorry Quotes to Help You Say Sorry Like You Mean It
You can avert breakups, heartache, or even great destruction when you say sorry, and mean it. The art of saying sorry involves not just words, but also deeds. Rephrase your apology with these

Bitter Love Quotes
Love is like dark chocolate. Although it always leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, you will still be tempted to take a bite the next time around. Many writers have tried to put the bitter experiences of love into words and some have done an exceptional job of it. Here are a few bitter love quotes that bring out the bleakness of love.

Enjoy These Rib-Tickling Funny Thanksgiving Quotes
Sharpen your wit before you sharpen your carving knife. Your humor can be your best weapon during Thanksgiving. Here are some funny Thanksgiving quotes to give your wit a razor-sharp edge.

Famous Education Quotes
Education is the bedrock of social and economic development. Throughout history, philosophers like Aristotle and Plato recognized the importance of education. Use these famous education quotes to inspire others to follow the path of knowledge. It is only through education that we can hope to eradicate social evils.

Birthday Quotes for Friends
Your friend is one of the most important persons in your life. Naturally, you have to make your friend's birthday special. With a dash of humor, a sprinkling of inspiration, and a touch of love, you can make your friend's birthday a memorable occasion. Here are birthday quotes for friends.

Funny Birthday Messages
Wish your near and dear ones 'Happy Birthday' with a dash of humor. These funny birthday messages convey not just your good wishes, but also your sparkling wit.

50th Birthday Quotes
If you are turning fifty, my hearty congratulations on the golden jubilee celebrations! Let the wine pour and the music roll, as you watch your life unfurl. Now that you are free of several responsibilities, you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here are some wonderful 50th birthday quotes to keep you rocking for the next decade!

Eternal Love - Themed Quotations
Love can be elusive for most of us. If you have been fortunate enough to find true love, read this collection of eternal love quotes.

Appreciative and Thank-You Quotations
A word of appreciation or a simple

Funny Valentine's Day Sayings
Tickle your darling's funny bone with these funny Valentine's Day sayings. The bond of love grows stronger when you share a sense of humor. Laughter also helps ease out tensions and conflict.

Veterans Day Quotes - Noble Words From the Famous
In these famous Veterans Day quotes, the words of noble men and women of the world salute to the spirit of patriotism.

Get Over a Bad Break Up With These Lost Love Quotes
Have you been dumped by your boyfriend? These bittersweet lost love quotes for him help release your pain. As a bonus, you will also gain a few lessons about love.

New Love Quotes
Love, whether it strikes at sixteen or sixty, always brings with it a rush that is hard to capture in words. Despite this, many authors, writers, and celebrities have tried to express the magic of new love. Here are some

Awesome Quotes That Will Leave Your Friends Dumbstruck
Learn how to be the suave and witty speaker who grabs attention with smart talk. Use these awesome quotes to pepper your speeches and conversations.

New Year Quotes
The old give way to the young. New thoughts sprout from fertile ground. While the New Year beckons us with many promises, don't forget to give the old year its due. Learn from past mistakes and carry the lessons of time with you. Here are some beautiful New Year quotes that teach you to celebrate each moment of life; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Break Up Quotes
Break up is a sad loss. It shatters lives. But is a break up bad? If the circumstances before the break up were intolerable, then the break up may actually be good for the couple. It is better to break up with an abusive partner than to continue living with the torture. Of course, you will still have trouble coping with the loss. But it is time to move on. Read these break up quotes to help you find your feet. With these break up quotes, you can muster your strength to face new challenges.

Cute Short Quote
While the big things in life overwhelm us, the little things bring sunshine in our lives. Here are cute short quotes to remind us that life isn't bad and that we always have a reason to smile.

Funny Birthday Quotes
Nothing works better than the gift of laughter. So, spread the joy with these funny birthday quotes. Make your loved ones' birthdays memorable.

Social Networking Profile Quotations
On social networking sites, make a profile that leaves a lasting impression. If your profile is drab, nobody will be interested in you. But with a super-cool profile you can draw all the attention. Use these cool profile quotes to carve a unique identity for yourself. Cool profile quotes add zing to your emails too.

Morning Quotes
Build every day, bit by bit, with a dose of inspiration and warmth. Every morning, as the sun rises, you get a chance to live and grow. Each morning is a blessing in disguise. Recharge your energy with energetic morning quotes. Use these morning quotes to inspire others to wake up to a great morning.

Wise Words From "Love Gurus" Become Love Proverbs
They say, Quotations.

Baby Girl Quotes
When you think of a baby girl, the mind conjures up images of satin ribbons, pink frilly frocks, dainty shoes, and delicate tutus. But be warned! Girls can be full of surprises too. If you are having a baby girl, you can gain some invaluable advice from these baby girl quotes. These baby girl quotes present the perspectives of some famous personalities on the experience of raising a girl child. Here are some beautiful baby girl quotes to fill your heart with a yearning for a baby girl.

"Talladega Nights" Quotes
If you are a die hard Will Ferrell fan, Talladega Nights is a must watch movie. In Talladega Nights, expect mindless humor, fast-track racing, and a lot of advertising from Taco Bell, Pepsi, and KFC. Will Ferrell sparkles with his absurdities and hilarious lines. You can sample the humor of the movie through these Talladega Nights quotes.

Happy Father's Day: Quotes for Father's Day
Good fathers are difficult to find. If you have a gem of a father and you wish to make him feel special, here is your chance. Wish him a very happy father's day with some brilliant father's day quotes. If you have shied away from expressing your warm feelings to your father, don't lose this opportunity. These charming father's day quotes can awaken and rebuild long lost relationships.

Inspirational Quotes About Teacher
Do you remember a teacher who inspired you? Do you want to thank that teacher for her or his selfless service? Here is your chance. Pick an inspirational quote for your teacher from this page and send it as a special message for your teacher. Each inspirational quote lauds the efforts of good teachers.

Students Motivation Quotes
Students Motivation Quotes: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes.

Famous Life Quotes - A Select Collection
Reflect on the words of famous people. Understand their perspective about life, and gain new knowledge.

Inspirational and Motivational Team Quotes
Inspirational and Motivational Team Quotes: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Sad Life Quotes
When sorrow strikes, life seems like an old hag, who is out to ruin a good day. But as Jim Rohn said,

Famous Quotes About Beauty - Quotations - About.com
Beauty is everywhere. Here are some famous quotes on beauty to inspire you to admire and appreciate beauty around you.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friends
Whether you plan a grand affair or a simple one, you can make your friend's birthday special by taking care of the details. Read this article to make birthday wishes for friends a memorable one.

Fire Up Your Passion With These Love and Hate Quotes
Sometimes you love him. Sometimes you hate him. Confused? Feel the pangs of passion in these

"Billy Madison" Quotes
Billy Madison is a quirky, funny movie with loads of funny lines. Read these Billy Madison quotes to relive the best parts of the movie.

These New Years Quotes Make You Grow a Little Bit Wiser
Want to make the coming year grand? Make this New Year's Eve count. Resolve to improve your life and kick bad habits. Read New Year's quotes to inspire you.

Remembrance Day Quotes
Life is precious, and war is a senseless waste. Yet, every year, thousands of soldiers are sent to far-off battlegrounds to fight these wars. With these Remembrance Day quotes, help people see reason beyond war and communal conflict.

Sweet Quotes
There are some words that touch our heart in a very special way. They make us say,

Funny Graduation Quote
During the graduation ceremony, make your friends laugh out loud. Use a funny graduation quote to tickle them. Your friends will remember this occasion for a very long time.

Happy Love Quotes
Have you ever noticed that when you are in love, you always go around with a smile on your face? Indeed, love brings immense happiness to the lives of those who are experiencing it. The following happy love quotes talk about the bliss that those in love experience.

Inspirational Quotes for Thanksgiving
Be grateful for all that you have. This Thanksgiving, you can spread happiness with inspirational quotes for Thanksgiving.

Inspirational New Year Quotes
What's new about the New Year? The New Year is not just a ritual. It is the celebration of new hopes and dreams. It is an opportunity to start with a clean slate. The New Year offers us an opportunity to introspect and anticipate. Let us welcome the New Year with these inspirational New Year quotes.

Sweet Love Quotes
When love makes you feel weak in the knees, you know that love is irresistible. Get inspired to whisper sweet nothings to your dream lover. Make your sweetheart feel special with sweet love quotes.

Funny Anniversary Quotes
The key to a great anniversary celebration is humor. With some sparkling wit and a sense of humor, you can make anniversaries memorable. Tease the newly weds on their first wedding anniversary. Or make a witty toast to celebrate your organization's annual celebration. These funny anniversary quotes help keep the mood upbeat.

Hurt Quotes
We get hurt when we attempt to climb high. Yet, we strive to achieve our goals without worrying about getting hurt. Successful people will tell you about the pain they had to endure to reach their goal. Success comes to those who are willing to walk on fire with a smile on their face. Learn to embrace pain and hurt. Here are some inspiring hurt quotes.

20 Famous Quotes and Sayings About Sadness
Read quotations about being sad, love, separation, despair, and hope from Dale Carnegie, Helen Keller, Carl Jung, William Shakespeare, and others.

Inspirational Quotations By, About and for Women
Great women leaders, artists, scientists, and others have inspired others to overcome social obstacles. Here are some of their sayings.

Happy New Year Quotes
The New Year is full of promise, though you may also get a fair share of tough times. With each progressing year, you find yourself growing confident, experienced, and wise. That's the gift of the New Year. Raise a toast to the year that holds many promises. These Happy New Year quotes will fill you with optimism and enthusiasm.

Quotes About Myself - Find Out More About You
Follow the path of self-discovery with quotes about myself. Find the right words to describe yourself, and ponder on life's important questions. These quotes about myself will help you rediscover your qualities, talents, and potential.

Cute Lil' Love Quotes to Express Your Feelings
While there are various ways to win your beloved's heart, poetry has been most successful and favored the world over. However, love poems are often sober and it is difficult to find a love poem that brings out the impish side of your love. Some of these cute lil' love quotes can help you express your feelings to your loved ones in a playful manner.

Famous Quotes About Love From Legendary Figures
Love quotes that are etched in public memory become legendary. Here are famous quotes about love that will move you.

Quotes for a Best Man Wedding Toast
If you have been asked to be the best man at a wedding then you can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape the ritual of raising a

Birthday Wish Quotes
Birth symbolizes a beginning. But each passing year brings with it a reduced allusion to eternity. Make a birthday wish that inspires you to live zealously. These birthday wish quotes remind you of your majestic existence.

Best Love Quotes and Inspirational Quotations
Sometimes even the best minds fail to come up with words that rise up to the occasion and fulfill the need of the hour. This is especially true for matters that are close to the heart. At such times quotations often come to the rescue and act as pleasant fillers. The following are probably the best love quotes that could save you if you are ever faced with such a situation.

Cute Birthday Quotes
Forgot your best friend's birthday? Don't expect to escape unscathed. Perhaps you are thinking about gifting your friend an expensive belated birthday gift. Here is a better idea. Use these cute birthday quotes to make an outstanding birthday card. These cute birthday quotes will melt a touchy heart without being overt. Now, isn't this idea more personalized and yet lighter on your pocket?

Irish Drinking Quote
Frank Sinatra said,

Short Sayings - Short Truthful or Funny Quotes
Short funny sayings contain powerful messages coated with humor to soften the blow. Here is a collection of short funny sayings that you can use when you really want to drive home a message.

Anti-Valentine's Day Quotes and Sayings
Love is on sale. Look around you on Valentine's Day. Every retailer is cashing in. Here's a selection of anti-Valentine's Day quotes.

Pulp Fiction Movie Quotes
So what's great about Pulp Fiction, you might ask. The movie's biggest USP is its power-packed dialogues. Nobody can forget the scene where Jules Winnfield (Samuel Jackson) quotes Ezekiel from the Bible. Superb acting combined with brilliant dialogue delivery. When you read Pulp Fiction movie quotes, you can almost hear the voices of the actors inside your head! So let these Pulp Fiction movie quotes strike a nostalgic chord within you.

Father's Day: Top 10 Father's Day Quotes
Looking for a refined list of the very best Father's Day quotes? Here are 10 stirring quotes that evoke the deepest feelings for your father.

Popular Quotes From 'Fight Club' (1999 Movie)
For those who get a high by watching action movies, Fight Club is a must-watch. The movie has lean mean macho-fighters, hard-core duels, and adrenalin-surging fight scenes. Brad Pitt fans will love him in the role of Tyler Durden. Secret fighting clubs and primal instincts are no longer taboo according to this movie. Let your adrenalin soar with these Fight Club quotes.

Funny Friendship Day List of Quotes
Loosen up a bit with friends on Friendship Day. Crack jokes, poke fun, share embarrassing anecdotes with your friends, and fill up the room with laughter. Friendship Day is all about sharing, so why not share humor?

Funny Break Up Quotes
Get ready to wash off that feeling of despondency with humor. If you have been through a breakup, bounce back to life with funny quotes. This collection of funny breakup quotes pack a punch; get ready to knock the wind out of everyone's sails.

Memorable Birthday Greeting Quotations
Birthday greetings bring us cheer and happiness. They remind us of who we are and what we want to be. They also remind us that we are blessed to have so many loving people around us. Here are some beautiful birthday greetings.

Funny School Quotes
What's the best part of school life? Some would vouch for the great education, the great learning experience, the knowledge sharing, and other such scholarly pursuits. But many would admit that the best part of school life is all the fun one has. These funny school quotes will take you on a trip down memory lane. Share them with your school buddies and renew old ties.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Toast Quotes Page
It is the night before the important day. Rehearsal dinners are less formal than the actual wedding dinner. But often, close family members and friends make rehearsal dinner toasts to the bride and groom. With an appropriate choice of words, good rehearsal dinner toasts can set the right mood for the big day. Here are some quotes for rehearsal dinner toasts.

'How the Grinch Stole Christmas': Quotes
Dr. Seuss' famous book, 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' is integral to Christmas tradition. Enjoy these quirky 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' quotes.

I Love Him Quotes - Use Love Quotes to Woo Him
If you love him, don't hesitate to bare your heart. If you are determined to win your lover, here is some advice on how to say,

Bosses Day Quotes - Why Bosses Are Important
Your boss may sometimes be the office tyrant. But he is a treasure trove of information. If you want to rise up the corporate ladder, you must gain from your boss's experience. Learn the art of survival from your boss. Use these Boss's Day quotes to express appreciation and maybe even amuse your boss.

Inspirational Problem Solving Quotes
When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. We have all heard this famous inspirational problem solving quote. But solving problems is easier said than done. If you are looking for answers to your problems, this page might motivate you in the right direction.

A Collection of Inspirational Quotes on Teamwork
Quotes on Teamwork: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Quotes to Help Send Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes that come straight from the heart can alter someone's life. Don't just send ordinary birthday wishes to your loved ones. They deserve more. Your birthday wishes can become messages of love, inspiration, and kindness.

Dealing With Your First Crush? Teenage Love Quotes
What's teen life without infatuation? If you are going through a phase of 'loves-me-loves-me-not,' these teenage love quotes are just right for you.

"One Tree Hill": Love Quotations
Lines about love from One Tree Hill, an America television series that ran on The WB between 2003 and 2012. Love connects all the characters.

Santa Claus Quotes
Santa Claus is every child's favorite holiday icon on Christmas. Can you imagine a Christmas without Santa Claus? If you love Santa Claus, read these Santa Claus quotes and spread the Christmas cheer.

Quotations to Use in Social Network Profiles
Here is a collection of profile quotations to suit your style, allowing those on social networking websites to form the right opinion of you.

Motivational Quotes for Overcoming Failure
Every time you fail, you move one step closer to succeeding. Embrace failure as part of success and get going. Here are some Motivational Quotes for Overcoming Failure.

Clever Quotes - Quotations
Want to sound smart? Want to impress your peers with clever words? Here are some clever quotes to your rescue. Kiss those thinking caps good bye. Who needs to think on your feet, when you have clever quotes handy?

How to Quote Shakespeare - Quotations
You can quote Shakespeare to make your essays impressive. But, a quotation used in the wrong context can convey the wrong meaning. In this article, you will learn how to quote Shakespeare, without losing the context of the quotation.

"Sex and the City" TV Show Quotations
Here is a refreshing collection of Sex & the City quotes. Bookmark this page for good coffee-time reading. A perfect play of words, Sex and the City quotes are full of witticisms and unabashed humor.

Sex & the City Quotes 2
A refreshing collection of Sex & the City quotes. Bookmark this page for good coffee-time reading. A perfect play of words, Sex and the City quotes are full of witticisms and unabashed humor. Page 2.

Sex & the City Quotes 3
A collection of Sex & the City quotes. A perfect play of words, Sex and the City quotes are full of witticisms and unabashed humor. Page 3.

Laughing Quotes
Find ways to include laughter in your daily life. Whether you join a laughing club at your health center or watch cartoons on TV, make sure that you laugh everyday. A laughter-laden heart will live longer than a worrywart. These laughing quotes will show you that laughter is no laughing matter.

Cool Quotes to Use as Email Signatures
If you want to stand out in a crowd, make a personal statement. Use these quotes to make that statement. Cool quotes reflect your attitude and draw attention. Use these quotes as your signature in your emails, and you will be a class apart.

Growing Up Quotes
Sometimes when you browse through old photo albums or videos, you feel a lump in your throat. Where did those wonder years go? Growing up may not seem so exciting when you are actually in the process. But when you look back, even the biggest crisis seems like a fond memory. So if you are in the growing-up years and do not know how to beat the pimples and the heartaches, don't worry. Here are some growing-up quotes to help you grow up.

New Baby and Experience of Birth Quotations
For a first-time mother, the experience of having a baby is indescribable. The new feeling of life taking form inside her, the physical and emotional changes, and the anticipation of bringing forth a new life is wonderful. A new baby brings untold joys in the life of a mother. These new baby quotes beautifully express the joys of motherhood. This collection of new baby quotes has famous people articulating their feelings on the arrival of a new baby.

Love and Heartbreak Quotes
If you have a friend going through a tough heartbreak, make sure to be around. These quotes can aptly express your feelings without making you sound like a know-it-all.

Funny Quotations About Boys
Filthy but adorable, naughty yet angelic, strong and helpless -- boys are an intriguing bundle of contradictions. Boys grow into men, but at some level, boys remain boys. They never shed their fetishes -- be it games, gizmos, or girls. Read these funny quotes about boys and you will find a striking parallel with the boys and men you know.

Anchorman Movie Quotes
Anchorman is a crazy comedy that also focuses on some important issues that emerged in the 1970s, women's liberation being one of them. Thus, when Veronica Corningstone enters the anchoring world wanting to be an

Inspiring Birthday Messages and Quotes
The birthday messages you write reflect your attitude towards life. Do you like to look at life as a big picture? Or do you enjoy each individual moment? Here are some wonderful birthday messages. Share them with your special friends and loved ones. Touch hearts and help people know you better.

Cute Love Quotes
Love quotes can be both, romantic and sad. However, the ones that always make me smile are the cute love quotes. These charming quotes never fail to grab my attention. Use the following cute love quotes to bring a smile to the face of your beloved and show how much you care.

Humorous Thanksgiving Quotes
Read some humorous thanksgiving quotes. These quotes will hopefully reduce some of the holiday stress.

Memorable Funny Quotes From Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy has some knee-slapping funny scenes. One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when Tommy struggles to change his clothes in an airplane restroom. Here are some memorable quotes from Tommy Boy that are guaranteed to make you laugh. The humor may seem unoriginal to some, but Tommy Boy does make the viewer laugh with abandon. Savor the comedy in these memorable quotes from Tommy Boy.

Women's Day Special Quotes
March 8 is International Women's Day. On this day, women around the world express their solidarity with each other. This sisterhood is a phenomenon that promises to change the outlook of society. If you are a woman, participate in women-oriented activities. You can undertake welfare and rehabilitation work for women who do not enjoy basic human rights in their own family or society. Share these women's day special quotes with your friends, and revel in the spirit of womanhood.

The Most Famous Quotes of All Times
So, why do people read quotes? My belief is that most people read them more for entertainment and inspiration, than for any other reason. With this in mind, I set out to collect some of the most famous quotes of all times. The result is this list of 18 famous quotes.

"A Walk to Remember" Top Movie Quotes
If you are a fan of the author Nicholas Sparks, you will love the movie

Funny Short Quotes
There are various forms of humor. But humor that is clipped and concise is the most hilarious. Likewise, while there are lots of funny quotes, the ones that are brief are the ones that make you laugh the hardest. Here are some funny short quotes that promise to tickle your funny bone.

Happy Easter Quotes
Wish your friends and family a happy Easter. Quotes can express what a thousand words cannot. So use these happy Easter quotes to share your happiness with your near and dear ones. If you are going to attend the service at church, share your thoughts about Easter through these happy Easter quotes.

Inspirational Quotes on Getting Better
Inspirational Quotes on Getting Better: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

A Collection of Cute Baby Quotations
These baby quotations are bound to fill your heart with a longing to have a baby. Or, if you've already had a baby, maybe another one!

Cute Profile Quotes
Want to meet people? A popular way to click with like-minded people is to proclaim your attitude loud and clear on social networking sites. Use one of these cute profile quotes when you sign up for your social networking account. Cute profile quotes such as these will attract the attention of like-minded people. And voila! You will be all set to have a rocking time with new friends on Internet.

Famous Quotations About Babies and Infancy
My mother once told me that babies are born cute because that is evolution's way of protecting them from harm. She said that it is because babies are so cute that nobody can tolerate any form of cruelty towards them. Their angelic faces can steal the heart of even the most hardened criminal. Here are some beautiful baby sayings that will certainly make you smile. I love these baby sayings because each one sheds light on what makes having a newborn baby such a wonderful experience.

Beach Sayings & Inspirational Quotes
It's time to head to the beach. The wind blows through your hair. The warm sun bathes your skin. Soft golden sand caresses your feet. The waves sing to a perfect rhythm and the coconut trees gently sway against the breeze. If you love the sun and the sea, the beach is the right destination for you. So grab your sun tan lotion and your Frisbee and go frolicking to the beach. And for those times when you are not at the beach, here are some lovely beach sayings.

Dr. Seuss Quotes
Here is a doctor who is a favorite among children.

Marriage Quotes
What is the secret ingredient for a

Christmas Greetings
Christmas is the time to spread cheer and happiness. Despite the chilly winter, people find enough warmth in their hearts to welcome friends and family home, and fill each other's life with joy. Use these wonderful Christmas greetings to wish your family and friends a merry Christmas.

Valentine's Day - Famous Quotes About Love
Enjoy these Valentine's Day quotes and sayings with your lover and share tender moments of togetherness. Read this collection together and learn what your partner enjoyed. This is an interesting way to get to know your partner's preferences.

Quotes for Valentine's Day
Gift your Valentine adulation and love. Sweep her off her feet with your thoughtful words. These quotes for Valentine's Day can help you make your Valentine's Day special. Use these quotes to overwhelm her with your shower of affection.

Sweet and Sentimental Quotations About Love
Love is such a beautiful experience. What adds to its beauty is the variety of emotions that one goes through when in love. Although some of these emotions are sad, the eventual effect of love is sweet and romantic; one that leaves you begging for more. The following sweet love quotes talk about this fascinating experience of love.

Short Quotations About Love - A Collection
When you are in love, you want to express your emotions eloquently. In our fast-paced life, we need our messages to be concise yet effective. Here is a collection of short love quotes. Here is an idea, why not flatter your lover by text-messaging a short love quote every hour? Or you could send these quotations as email messages.

Quotes on Social Impact and Making a Difference
It is during adversity when one can really make a big difference. But making a difference is not about being a big hero. It is simply about leaving the bathroom a little cleaner going out, than when you came in.

Best Friend Quotes - Friendship Words of Wisdom
Friendship is a rare and precious commodity. If you have a friend, who truly understands you and accepts you despite your shortcomings, then you are the luckiest person in the world. I feel fortunate to have good friends. Over the years, I have realized the value of friendship and I feel blessed to have great friends. On this page you can read a collection of best friend quotes that echo my sentiments.

Inspirational Quotes for Dads
Playing daddy all the time can be a tiresome task. You feel ignored, unappreciated and very often unwanted in your own family. Relax. It is time for some words of inspiration. Read these famous inspirational dad quotes to pep up your sagging spirit.

Famous Quotes About Women and Womanhood
Reams of paper and reels of films have been dedicated to describe a woman. Women-oriented books promise to reveal 'the secret' underlying womanhood. Biologists have spent their lifetime decoding the mystery of 'woman.' But the woman continues to be an enigma. Her enigma embodies her beauty. And this beauty is definitely not just skin-deep. These famous quotes about women explore the qualities of women.

Quotes From the Movie "Anchorman"
The film Anchorman is subtitled 'The Legend of Ron Burgundy'. This is because, when the story opens, Ron is the most happening anchorman in San Diego. As Bill Lawson in the movie put it,

Thanksgiving Day Quotes
This year on Thanksgiving Day, make a special prayer with these soul-stirring quotes.

Famous Love and Happiness Quotes
Everyone needs to use a good love quote at one time or another. While some of us use such quotations to discuss the subject of love in public, there are others who may need these quotes while talking to their loved ones. Here are a few good love quotes that you could and would want to use at different times.

Famous Love Quotes
If love could speak for itself, it would drown you with a torrent of words. Love is a powerful emotion. Learn to rein in the overwhelming passion. Here are famous love quotes to help you tame the flame.

Short Quotes About Life
How do you define life? Life has no set parameters. Yet, life can be defined in a few words. In this article, read how to use short quotes about life to express your opinion about life. Find the real meaning of life in a few words.

Famous Funny Movie Quotations - List
Get ready to clutch your sides and roll with laughter! These famous funny movie quotes are guaranteed to make you laugh. On this page, you can read my collection of famous funny movie quotes. Have a good time with this exclusive ensemble of famous funny movie quotes. And if your friends are also fond of movies, do remember to email these funny movie quotes.

V for Vendetta (2005) - Movie Quotes
In the film V for Vendetta, V is a shadowy freedom fighter fighting against the tyranny of the state. This shrewd and charismatic character stands for individuality and justice. He hopes to reform a society which has come under the corruption and oppression of the government. These V for Vendetta quotes reveal charisma, shrewdness, and passion.

One Tree Hill: Characters' Quotations
On the popular TV show One Tree Hill, each character has his set of dreams, beliefs, and circumstances. But life isn't easy, as is evident from these quotes. One Tree Hill is a show where fictional characters keep trying to find their own fairy tale endings. Through these quotes, One Tree Hill becomes not just the setting of a popular TV show, but a place where each of us seeks answers to our own problems.

Teacher Quotes for Students to Use
Students can start liking certain subjects based on how their teacher presents them. Help your teacher feel appreciated with these amazing teacher quotes.

Famous and Wise Quotes About Friendship
What more can you ask God for, if you have already been gifted a good friend? True friends are difficult to find. Friendship is a flower that needs to be nurtured. Over a period of time, friendship blossoms and makes your life fragrant with love and energy. And should you need a shoulder to lean on, friendship provides you with a strong one. Read these famous quotes about friendship and gain from the experience of the experienced.

A Collection of Cute Boy Quotations
If a cute boy stole your heart, don't let him get away. You can steal his heart too. Share these cute boy quotes with him and make his heart flip over.

Encouraging Quotes for Women
Fight off the feeling of helplessness. You are a woman! You have the power to create, nurture, and mold. Your voice may be soft, but it carries a sense of purpose. Your shoulders may be delicate, but they can carry the burden of a family with ease. Read these encouraging quotes for women and learn to believe in yourself. These encouraging quotes for women can help you surmount any challenge that hinders your growth.

Cool Quotes for Teens
Here are some cool quotes for teens. Use them in your pinups, closets, satchels, or even on your t-shirts. Make heads turn with cool quotes for teens.

Inspirational Thought Quotes
First and foremost, we need to be inspired in thought. Only then will we be motivated to take action. Here are some inspirational thoughts to get you going.

Great Teacher Quotes
Good teachers impart good education. Great teachers groom their students to become leaders. Ordinary teachers direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire us to seek our own path. They encourage us to discover our talents.

Collection of Depressing Love Quotes
Love can make you soar with happiness. Or love can leave you sore with sorrow. Sometimes love can leave you heartbroken. You may be so put off by unrequited love that you will never want to love again. Such depression can take a toll on your health. The antidote to heartbreak is depressing love quotes. After reading these depressing love quotes, you can vent out your frustration. Drain out the sadness from your heart, and let the healing process begin.

Back to School Quotes
After a relaxing holiday, kids may find getting back to school stressful. Get kids to look forward to school by helping them focus on exciting school activities. Get back to school with a smile.

Christmas and New Year Quotes
With Christmas and New Year only a week apart, there is hardly any time to send out greeting cards for both occasions. However, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for the best Christmas and New Year quotes, you have landed on the right page. Reach out to friends or relatives on the other side of the planet and shower them with these caring words.

Famous Quotes About Success - A Collection
We may think that we know what success is, because we tend to define success as if it were a goal. In reality success is more of a journey than a destination. Read these famous quotes about success to find out more.

Boss's Day Quotes
Here is an unofficial code: if you want to climb the corporate ladder, first learn to manage your boss. With a happy boss, you can reach the top. On this Boss's Day, share these quotes with your superior to win him over.

Quotes From "To Kill a Mockingbird"
To Kill a Mockingbird is a narration by Scout Finch -- a character based on Harper Lee's childhood. These quotes from

Quotes About Teachers
These quotes make us realize how blessed we are to have the presence of teachers in our lives. How else would we be in a position to appreciate the beauty in these quotes if it weren't for our teachers?

Best Wishes for Birthday - Famous Quotations
View your birthday as a new beginning, and work on improving your old ways. Build new relationships, learn new skills, and have a good time. It is your birthday and you deserve the best.

Know Me: Quotes That Help to Understand the Real Me
'What do I know about me? Do I know whether I am a good friend? Do I know my real tastes and preferences?' Though you may think that you know yourself well, you may not know about some hidden traits or qualities. When you introspect, some uncomfortable truths may surface. But you need to face these truths before it is too late. Read these me quotes and gain inspiration to discover the truth about you.

Love Sayings and Quotations
Love makes us do things we never thought we were capable of. Some love sayings inspire us to believe in love. Others give us the courage to tide through the tough times. Here is a compilation of love sayings that encourage and instill the spirit of love in these cynical times.

Quotes on the Naive Beauty of Young Love
Ah! Young love -- so naive, so immature, so unsophisticated, yet ever so charming! Every generation warns the next of the heartaches and the heartbreaks that come with this love. Yet, each generation is eager to experience love. Authors have tried to express the happy occurrence we call young love. Here are some such young love quotes.

Encouraging Quotes About Life (From Famous People)
Remember the time you faced an ordeal? Remember how you managed to emerge unscathed? What did that episode teach you? Life is a bed of roses and thorns. To get to the roses, you have to deal with the thorns. Here are some encouraging quotes about life that will help you endure the worst phases of life.

Inspiring and Motivational Quotations on Positive Thinking
Quotes on Positive Thinking: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes.

Enjoy the Caress of Love in Each Valentine's Day Quote
If you are looking for a special Valentine's Day quote that can leave your darling spellbound, you have come to the right page. Here are some tender, mellifluous words of love that can make any lover go weak in the knees. Select the most suitable Valentine's Day quote and use it in creative ways to attract your lover's attention.

Valentine Quotes That Change the Way You Express Love
This Valentine’s Day, go down on one knee and hold your beloved’s hand as if it were a flower. Open your heart and let the emotions flow. With a rose in hand, ask your beloved, “Will you be my Valentine?’ If words fail you, take the help of eloquent Valentine quotes. You don’t have to go to Paradise to know what bliss is; you will find it right here.

Marriage - Anniversary Wishes and Quotations
Send a couple happy marriage anniversary wishes. Also: Quotations about marriage.

Love You Quotes To Confess your Feelings
Love makes the world go round. Love creates harmony. If love did not exist, our planet would not have survived. Love transcends all barriers -- real and imaginary. If you love someone dearly, don't bury your feelings in your heart. Gain insight from these

"Super Troopers" Movie Quotes
Even if you find the humor in the movie Super Troopers quite coarse, you can't help but smile at the silly pranks of the highway policemen. It is no wonder that Super Troopers has become popular among college goers who would love to learn a few pranks from this funny bunch of patrolmen. Here are some hilarious Super Troopers movie quotes.

Quotes About Children
Quotes about Children: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Really Funny Quotes From Famous People
There are funny quotes and then there are funny quotes. Some really make you guffaw, while others rarely make your lips curl in mirth. Truly, there are only a few award-winning really funny quotes that make you laugh over and over again. Here are a few really funny quotes that I think are quite different from the others.

Happy Birthday Quotes - Ways to Say Happy Birthday
Want to say something more than just a

Collection of Unique Birthday Quotes
Celebrating birthdays is not merely a convention. Birthdays are occasions to celebrate one's growth, maturity, and development. Birthdays remind us that the gift of life is the most precious and important one. Here are a few quotes that offer a new perspective on birthdays and how they should be celebrated.

Cheesy Love Quotes That Never Go Out of Fashion
Do you want to woo your girlfriend with some romantic words? Here are some of the cheesiest love quotes that can make her heart melt. Even if she is not the type to fall for cheesy lines, you can make a lasting impression on her.

Funny Inspirational Quotes
Don't be a boring adult who pep-talks children with boring advice. Be sprightly and smart with funny inspirational quotes. These quotes have a double impact; they are funny and they offer inspiration. With these quotes, you can rest assured that the message hits home, and inspires your eager listeners.

Christmas Quotes for Cards
The beautiful thing about the season of giving is that to give something, you do not have to be a well-heeled billionaire. Instead of opening your purses wide, open your heart and pour out those precious jewels of forgiveness, love, and kindness without any hesitation. The season of giving can bring you untold joy and satisfaction, if you give wholeheartedly. Here are some Christmas quotes for cards which will embellish any Christmas greeting card.

Inspirational High School Graduation Quotations
Bring home beautiful memories of high school graduation. Before you take a leap into the future, take inspiration from wise and successful people. Each high school graduation quote here is embedded with wisdom.

SMS Love Quotes
In today's hi-tech world, love too has gone hi-tech. While people still believe in expressing their love, they want to communicate their feelings instantly. The use of the internet and mobile technology has enabled instant communication. So if you are one of those tech-savvy individuals who want their feelings to be known right away, using the following SMS love quotes will serve your purpose.

Quotes on Love and Friendship
On a lot of issues, Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the most passionately opinionated luminaries. However, not many would expect quotes on love and friendship from Nietzsche. In addition to him, many other famous authors have opined on love. Here is a rare collection of quotes on love and friendship by famous authors.

Romantic and Inspiring Love Quotes Collection
While love is a beautiful expression of life, romance is a beautiful expression of love. Romantic quotations can convey romantic love. So express your feelings to your beloved with these romantic love quotes and rest assured that she/he will go weak in her/his knees.

Funny Collection of 'Napoleon Dynamite' Quotes
I have met kids who say that Napoleon Dynamite is the funniest movie ever. Do you think so too? Read these quotes and find out for yourself.

Quotations About Hatred
Hate is a powerful emotion. Unless kept in check, hate can cause an avalanche of destruction. It wreaks havoc on relationships, breaks up families, and even takes away innocent lives. With hate, dark thoughts of revenge and destruction can cloud the mind. Hate not only destroys people around us; it also erodes our own character. Never let hate engulf your mind. Use these hate quotes to help you steer clear from wicked thoughts.

Famous Wisdom and Intelligent Quotes
Intelligence is the bedrock of all progress. Thinkers, scientists, and leaders of the past, caused development by intellectual thought. Read their intelligent quotes and gain from their wisdom. Use these intelligent quotes to stimulate your mind or to strike an intellectual conversation with your peers.

A Collection of Funny Quotes by Famous People
It is amazing how some people know when and how to be funny. Their mannerisms, their words, and their acts make them funny whenever they choose to be. Perhaps it is their sparkling wit, their casual demeanor, or their caustic remarks that make them famous and funny. If you enjoy funny quotes of famous people, here are some famous funny quotes.

Top 10 Gandhi Quotes - Gandhian Philosophy
What made Gandhi unique? Why is he one of the most famous figures in recent international history? Read these Gandhi quotes to reflect on Gandhian philosophy and ideology. He was a messiah of peace and non-violence. On this site, you will also find links to some of the best quotations resources - lists, articles, glossary, quizzes, and more.

Heartbreak Quotes
Have you ever faced a heartbreaking situation? You don't need to be a forlorn lover to have suffered heartbreak. People with high expectations from themselves are prone to heartbreak. I know old men and women who face heartbreak because of an irresponsible son. War-torn families struggle with heartbreaks too. Soothing words heal broken hearts and mend relationships. If you are at a loss of words, find help in these heartbreak quotes. These beautiful words help alleviate the pain of heartbreak.

Cute Short Love Quotes Collection
When love is in the air, everything looks rosy and beautiful. That's the magic of love. So, color-up your romantic life with a cute short love quote. If your love life has recently been in a slump, these cute short love quotes might add that much needed zing. And if you are still looking for the right person to walk by, a cute short love quote on this page may help you view love in the right perspective.

Workplace Humor at Its Best: Funny Work Quotes
Who would want to work in a dreary workplace? Lighten up the office mood every now and then. These funny work quotes make for great humor.

Love Quotes Collection by Speaker
What is love without expression? One of the ways to express love is by writing

Famous Movie Love Quotes for Couples
Look into your lover's eyes. Whisper one of these famous movie love quotes. Cupid has to strike! These famous movie love quotes are a favorite with many couples. If you are looking for the most seductive love quote, you will find it here. Love quotes of this intensity are hard to find.

Twenty Examples of Murphy's Law
Murphy's law - if anything can go wrong, it will - is illustrated in these twenty humorous examples.

Meaningful Quotes - Quotations List
When a quote is meaningful, it reveals many layers of insight. Meaningful quotes can enlighten a despairing soul. Don't just read the cursory meaning of these quotes, chew on them, and find deeper meaning. As you probe further, you will find sparkling wisdom embedded in these quotes. You can have a life-altering experience with these meaningful quotes.

Awesome Quotes for New Year: Ring in the New Year With New Thoughts
Shed old ideas and embrace new ones. The New Year dawns with the promise of a great future. Look forward with these awesome quotes for the New Year.

Office Space Quotes - Famous Office Space Quotes
Whether you are looking for funny quotations about work or simply funny quotes from the movie Office Space, there is only one destination. Read a large volume of famous Office Space quotes here. These quotes are all about working in offices. And some of them are quite hilarious!

Thought-Provoking Heartbreak Love Quotes
When you are deeply in love, heartbreak can be traumatic. If you are going through a period of heartbreak, you must accept the fact that life goes on and so must you. Face those feelings of rejection and anger by acknowledging them, dealing with them, and then achieving closure. The most important thing is to get in touch with reality. Here are some thought-provoking heartbreak love quotes. These heartbreak love quotes show you the road to recovery and make it a lot less bumpy.

Bible Quotes About Friendship - the Gospels Shed Light
When in doubt, turn to the Bible for advice. Learn the truth about friendship from the wisdom of generations. Even today, the words of the Bible ring true. According to the Bible, friendship is a blessing. If you are blessed with friends, express your gratitude and loyalty towards them.

Father's Day Quotes: Life Quotes
Life offers more than a fair share of twists and turns for aspiring fathers. If you knew better, would you not have been a better father or a better child to your father? I guess so. Read some interesting father's day quotes which bring you closer to the truth about father-child relationships.

Demetri Martin's Humorous Quotations on Life
Demetri Martin has a relaxed demeanor. You just have to listen to him for a few seconds before you fall off your chair, laughing. Demetri is a gifted artist. How do we describe him? A comic musician? A comic actor? A writer? Now, that's a bundle of talent. Enjoy some really funny Demetri Martin quotes.

Funny Halloween Sayings
Halloween humor can be sharp-edged. Some like it; others don't. If your joke scares people off, or makes them look silly, it will ruffle some feathers. If you want clean and nonabrasive humor, use funny Halloween sayings. These sayings are funny, but not wicked. They lack the sting of the devil, and guarantee you a fun-filled evening.

Birthday Wishes Messages
We live in a consumerist culture where birthdays have become bigger and flashier. Do we really want to raise our kids to believe that birthdays are a declaration of social status? Or do we want them to remember their birthdays as beautiful occasions of togetherness? Here are some heartfelt birthday wishes; messages that teach children the importance of love. Use these birthday wishes and messages to impart holistic education.

Famous Sports Quotes
Famous Sport Quotes: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Funny Quotes About Men - Quotations
If you are the kind who enjoys reading books on relationships, this one is for you. Men have their share of quirks and idiosyncrasies; which befuddle women. But only a man can understand what goes on in the mind of a man. Here are some rib-tickling funny quotes about men.

Student Motivation Quotes
Student Motivation Quotes: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Quotes on Funny Thoughts
Funny thoughts are often triggered by funny remarks made by people. Also, when you visualize a funny incident that you've seen or heard about, it can cause you to giggle. Share your funny thoughts with others and see how you create a riot of laughter around you. If you need some help, read these funny thoughts of well known people.

Romantic Sayings
Romance has been talked about by many authors. Reams of paper have been dedicated to express the magical, dreamy, passionate, and even heartbreaking aspects of romance. But

Lewis Carroll Quotes: Alice in Wonderland
When you read Alice in Wonderland, you will find yourself trying to make sense of an illogical story. Alice, the key character, also experiences similar frustrations. But in the end, she emerges wiser with the learning involved in each situation. Everyone faces absurd choices in life. If you shrug off these choices as anomalies to your perfect life, you gain nothing. But if you try to learn from these absurdities, you will gain a lot of wisdom.

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Quotes About Winning
Quotes about Winning: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Wise Sayings About Wisdom
Quotations can pack so much wisdom in such few words. Here are some of my favorite quotes about wisdom itself.

Quotations and Jokes About Being Crazy
Sometimes we like to act a bit crazy. It makes us feel unbridled and carefree. It is probably ok to act a little crazy if it helps us unwind. Surely, the world has room for yet another crazy person who wants to make sense out of nonsense, or the other way around. Here are a few crazy quotes to get you started. These crazy quotes will either drive you nuts, or make you go crazy with laughter.

Ten Best and Most Famous Quotes from Shakespeare
Quotes from Shakespeare are full of passion and wisdom, sometimes with a shade of sarcasm. What's more, they remain as relevant today as ever.

Famous Birthday Quotes
What would it be like if Plato or Jonathan Swift wished you a happy birthday? Would it make you feel special? Well, here are some uplifting famous birthday quotes. The authors may not be around to wish you personally, but their heartfelt birthday greeting could make you feel on top of the world.

'Thank You God' Quotes That Bring You Closer to Divinity
Say a silent prayer of thanks to God, even if you have failed. All you need is a grateful heart. These

Happy New Year Quote
As the clock ticks away the last few hours of the year, you wonder what the New Year has in store. Perhaps this year will change your destiny. Or perhaps, you will be meandering through the path of life, seeking answers to your deepest issues. Whatever be your future, you must welcome the New Year with an open heart. Make the best of today, so that your tomorrow can be better. Read each happy New Year quote on this page to reaffirm your faith in the future.

Encouraging Quotes
Life can offer serious challenges. Sometimes it seems like all doors are shut and there is no way out. Yet, we have to fight back and emerge winners. Challenges teach us to face life boldly. Read these encouraging quotes whenever you are down, and you will feel emboldened to take challenges head-on.

Funny Quotes About Women - Women Quotes
Women are not easy to understand. Famous authors and poets have extensively written about 'woman.' Yet, no one can claim to fully fathom her mind. Get to know some feminine quirks with these funny quotes about women. Read witty wisecracks about a woman's nature. These quotes would make most women exclaim, 'What's all the fuss about?' But men would say, 'How true, how true!'

A List of Quotes from the Movie "Tommy Boy"
Tommy Boy has many funny moments. Be it Tommy's dumb efforts at sales or Richard's sarcastic comments, the movie will have you in splits. These Tommy Boy movie quotes display the love-hate relationship between Tommy and Richard. Indeed, Chris Farley and David Spade make an ideal comic team.