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Quotes: To Kill a Mockingbird
The movie To Kill a Mockingbird is as engaging as the novel it is based upon. Watch the courtroom scenes and you will be moved by the amazing performances. If you have watched the movie and enjoyed it, you will certainly enjoy these quotes. To Kill a Mockingbird deals with racial prejudice and is not a mundane social crusade against racism. On this page, Atticus Finch, the lawyer expresses the superficiality of racial segregation.

To Kill a Mocking Bird Quotes
When Harper Lee wrote her famous narrative, To Kill a Mockingbird, she could not have imagined that people would misspell the title! To give you some background information about mockingbirds; they are slim, grey birds, which can mimic the songs of 40 different birds.

Quotes from One Tree Hill
The famous television series

Thanksgiving Quotes From the Bible
Before you begin your Thanksgiving meal, say a little prayer of thanks to the Almighty, who has blessed you with the gift of love. If possible, reach out to at least one poor person and give generously. Read these Thanksgiving quotes from the Bible and get inspired to work for the needy.

Roger Federer Quotes
Fans cheered as Roger Federer made history at the Wimbledon 2009. But, in the world of sport, fame is a moving target. Read these Roger Federer Quotes to read the mind of all time greats.

Stephen Covey Quotes
A Collection of Stephen Covey Quotes

Quotes by Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore unwittingly donned the role of interpreter of Indian culture to the western world. Here are some of his popular words.

Martin Luther King Quote
Collection of quotations for the category Martin Luther King Quote

Martin Luther King Quotes
Collection of quotations for the category Martin Luther King Quotes

Mary Kay Ash Quotes
Collection of quotations for the category Mary Kay Ash Quotes

Quotes About Elvis
Elvis Presley had millions rocking and swinging to his music. Yet there were skeptics who saw a different picture. As Elvis grew famous, critics and admirers had their share of opinion and insight. Here are some quotes about Elvis.

Confucius Proverbs
Chinese history is incomplete without the mention of Confucius. As a thinker, philosopher, and teacher, Confucius expounded his views on social behavior and ethics. His wise words inspire us to enjoy life.

Benjamin Franklin Quote
A collection of Benjamin Franklin quotes.

Aristotle Sayings
A Collection of Aristotle Sayings

Running Quotes
Watch athletes like Usain Bolt or Carl Lewis scorch the tracks. What inspires them to run so fast? Is it sheer will power or is it hunger for success? Read these running quotes and you will find the inspiration to put on your running shoes.

Swimming Sayings
Watch a swimmer glide through the waters with the ease of a dolphin. Notice how powerful strokes slice the water like a warm knife on butter. Does that inspire you to learn to swim? Do you feel the urge to dive in and find your soul? Swimming sayings teach you to plunge into the ocean of life. Every wave signifies a new challenge. Everyone has to learn to ride the waves. With a heart of sheer resolve, you can swim through life and emerge a winner. These swimming sayings will inspire you.

Famous Football Quote
This is a part of a series of sports quotes. On this page, you can read each Famous Football Quote.

Julius Caesar
In almost every scene of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare has used expressive melodrama to portray the tumultuous nature of the Roman monarch. You can visualize the craftiness of Brutus, the wickedness of Portia and the loyalty of Antony in Julius Caesar quotes. Some quotes in Julius Caesar have become celebrated expressions. Find some awe-inspiring Julius Caesar quotes on this page.

Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare
Read more quotes from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Page 3.

Julius Caesar Quotes
Read more Julius Caesar Quotes. Quotations. Page 4.

Julius Caesar Quote
Which is your favorite Julius Caesar Quote? Read and find out. Page 5.

Brilliant Shakespeare Quotes
It is believed that some of William Shakespeare's scripts are lost forever. But we do know that Shakespeare wrote at least 36 plays, 154 sonnets, and 5 poems. Each one of his works is considered a masterpiece. No playwright can match the brilliance of William Shakespeare.

Julius Caesar: Shakespeare
Read more quotes from Julius Caesar: Shakespeare.. Page 2.

About Michael Jackson
Celebrities know how and when to produce the right sound bytes. On the occasion of Michael Jackson's death, many celebrities revealed their

Famous Singers
Life is a perceptual rhythmic experience. The ups and downs of life synchronize with the cadence of music in a classic masterpiece. Little joys accentuate the pace while the blues cause a drop in the tempo. Then there is hope and a new beginning, a rise to a crescendo. So sing along and groove to the music with your favorite singers adding to the rhythm of life.

Paris Hilton Quotes
Paris Hilton is a one-of-a-kind celebrity; media's darling and popular among the masses. Her

Celebrity Quotes
Celebrities have a strong influence on people. Their hairstyles become fashion statements; their off-screen activities attract media attention. Celebrity quotes also influence fans. When celebrities make sensible statements, they have a positive influence on people. Here are some memorable celebrity quotes. After reading these celebrity quotes, you might wonder whether, 'Does a celebrity maketh quotes, or do quotes maketh celebrities?'

William Wordsworth Calm is all Nature as a Resting Wheel
Poem lyrics of Calm is all Nature as a Resting Wheel by William Wordsworth.

William Wordsworth It Was an April Morning
Poem lyrics of It Was an April Morning: Fresh and Clear by William Wordsworth.

Edgar Allan Poe The Haunted Palace
Poem lyrics of The Haunted Palace by Edgar Allan Poe.

Quotes by Mother Teresa: Motivating Quotes by Mother Teresa
Read these quotes by Mother Teresa, and you will be touched by her piety and devotion. Spare a thought for this great soul who lived amidst us and set an example.

Oscar 2006: Thank You Speeches
There are a hundred interesting ways to express gratitude during the Oscars ceremony. Yet, every year we have to endure some of the most boring thank you speeches from the Academy Awards winners. However, the Oscars 2006 Awards function did present some interesting Oscar speeches. If you missed watching the show, you can catch all the action right here. Here is a page with some of the best thank you speeches of Oscars 2006.

Stupid Britney Spears Quotes
Britney Spears has created a rage with her blockbuster music albums. She is probably the most sought after celebrity on the Internet. Her quotes are very popular with her fans. Read these stupid Britney Spears quotes to know more about this popular youth icon.

Marilyn Monroe Quote
When you think about Marilyn Monroe you think about that flashy young blonde with her white skirt flying high. If you have read her bio, you think of her eventual personal and professional disappointments. So, who is the real Marilyn Monroe? Probably a Marilyn Monroe quote on this page will tell lead us to the answer.

Benazir Bhutto Quotes
Benazir Bhutto, fondly called

Quotes by Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin was intellectually ahead of his times. In the nineteenth century, not many biologists were convinced about Darwin's theory of evolution. His views were considered nonconformist as they refuted the commonly accepted beliefs about God's creation. Over time, the world gradually understood and accepted his theory of evolution. Find out why quotes by Charles Darwin evoked strong responses from people.

Charles Darwin Quotations
Charles Darwin, the creator of the theory of evolution, had a difficult life. He underwent tremendous physical, emotional and professional turmoil, as his family life and health suffered considerably. His adverse conditions developed him into a profound thinker. Here are some of his insightful quotations on mundane issues. You will find a wealth of wisdom in these Charles Darwin quotations. Page 2.

Quotes From Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin once said,

Charles Darwin Quotes: Scientific Theory
For Charles Darwin, it was not easy to choose a career as a naturalist. Charles' father wanted Charles to pursue medicine. But Darwin's interests inclined towards study of nature. Charles Darwin conducted innumerable studies on natural phenomena and their effects on living creatures. This study eventually led to the evolution theory . Charles Darwin is considered to be one of the greatest science legends. In these Charles Darwin quotes, you will find his strong viewpoints on scientific matters. Page 4.

Rudyard Kipling Quote
On this page, you will find some of the best Rudyard Kipling quotes. Each Rudyard Kipling quote carries advice layered with a hint of sarcasm. What made this famous author so cynical? Maybe his traumatic childhood left him with bitterness. Or perhaps, his sudden rise and fall among literature enthusiasts filled him with despair. All the same, Rudyard Kipling led a life that is truly exemplary.

Quotes About Love
Love is the essence of life. Yet we find it difficult to find true love. There are many single men and women out there, looking for the right match. Many divorced and separated have no faith in love. But do not despair. Open your heart and be willing to risk it. Break out of the impenetrable fortress that you have built around yourself. Life is a good teacher. These quotes about love show you how to find love.

Famous Books by Mark Twain
Books communicate facets of an author that would otherwise have remained hidden. For instance, Mark Twain's works drew inspiration from his own life. Tom Sawyer was a character based on Twain's youth. Tom Sawyer's best friend Huckleberry Finn was a character based on Twain's childhood friend Tom Blankenship. The following quotes have been collected from Mark Twain's books and publications.

Quotations of Love
Merely writing a line or two about love is not such a difficult task. After all, each one of us has an opinion on the subject. What is difficult is to write a clever, intelligent, and witty quote on the topic of love. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to say a line or two about love, the following

Loving Quotes
Quotes are often so witty and intelligent that we come to believe that they are the product of intense deliberation. Contrary to this belief, a lot of people who have been quoted will tell you that the best quotes are often spontaneous. Given below are a few loving quotes that were quite likely unplanned.

Graduation Quotations
The journey has just begun. Graduation is the threshold where youth meets adulthood. Graduation is a joyous occasion for the young graduate and the family. It is also the time to collect wisdom and advice before you start a new life. Use the insight in these graduation quotations to help you climb the ladder of life. The journey may be rough, but it is surely exciting.

Bush Speech
Bush Speech Makes Repeated Mention of Hard Work

Dane Cook Quotes
Dane Cook is one the most famous stand-up comedians in America. Like him or hate him, you simply cannot ignore him. His comments and ideas are a huge hit with the young generation. Listed below are some interesting Dan Cook quotes.

Famous Gandhi Quotes
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who was born on October 2, 1869, died as the Mahatma on January 30, 1948. The man who came to be regarded as the symbol of independent India was greatly revered by his own countrymen. Indians came to call him Mahatma or

George Carlin: Funny Quotes
When George Carlin is on stage, you have no choice but to give in to his humor. Carlin makes hilarious observations that make you double up in laughter. Here are some of my favorite George Carlin funny quotes. Get prepared for a round of laughs as wacky George Carlin takes you through an uninterrupted journey of laughter.

George Carlin Quotes
Imagine a person who throws an avalanche of mind-numbing questions at you. His questions merit thought, but you are left scratching your head for insightful answers. At the end, his questions leave you frustrated and bamboozled. George Carlin is such person. These George Carlin quotes are loaded with thought provoking queries.

Amusing Quotes
Quotes that ridicule rules, policies, or the government are quite amusing. If you enjoy such quotations, read this collection of amusing quotes.

Bumper Sticker Quotes
Do bumper stickers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car? I do not know about that, but I do believe that they make a statement. So, if you care about the kind of statement you would want to make with your car, here's your chance. Here are a bunch of bumper stickers quotes that will help you give the world a piece of your mind.

Sarcastic Quotes
Sometimes, it is not possible to silence your critics with polite words. Want to spite your peers? Or hit back at a particular Mr. Smarty Pants? Use sarcastic quotes for the ultimate punch.

Funny George Bush Quotes
The media likes to make political leaders their scapegoat. News sells better when leaders entertain the masses with their klutziness or foot-in-the-mouth sound bytes. At the forefront of such

Wacky Homer Simpson's Quotes

Lisa Simpson Quotes
Lisa Simpson has a way with words. In wit, she is Bart's equal. But in wisdom she beats the best among us. Here are some interesting Lisa Simpson quotes.

Marge Simpson Quotes
Marge Simpson is quite the antithesis of her husband, Homer Simpson. She has elegance, simplicity and strength of character. But when it comes to sarcasm, her veiled humor can be full of witty retorts. Read the wackiest things that Marge Simpson said and also what others said to her.

Wacky Quotes From Homer Simpson
You can be shocked by their rudeness, but you can't help smirking at these funny quotes by Homer Simpson. He is really thick-skinned. Read a list of weird quotes from Homer Simpson.

Homer Simpson Quotes
Read famous Simpson quotations that make him quite the comic legend.

Bart Simpson Quotes
Pop quiz: Who is the greatest philosopher of all times? If you answered Bart Simpson, then you have landed on the right page. Here are some enjoyable Bart Simpson quotes.

Crazy Homer Simpson Quotes
Trust Homer Simpson to develop a philosophical perspective on life. Of course, what Homer would deem philosophical, would be classified as

Groucho Marx Quotations
Groucho Marx quotations can be quite sarcastic. You cannot be sure whether he is being funny or insulting! Groucho knew that and often used clever insults as a witty retort. If you are not faint hearted, you will love these witty Groucho Marx quotations.

Quotes: Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx and his brothers became popular after their Broadway play

Quotes of Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx was the most versatile among his brothers. The Marx brothers began their career as singers. But, they entered the hall of fame with their madcap comic shows. Having performed in several plays; including a few Broadway shows; the highly talented Groucho Marx proceeded to act in films. Some of his films are the greatest comedy classics. On this page, you can read some of the hilarious quotes of Groucho Marx that made him a darling of the masses.

Marx Groucho
If a question on a pop-quiz asked you to name top comedians, I am sure that Groucho Marx will quite likely figure on your list. Right?

Groucho Marx Quote
If you are a Groucho Marx fan, you will find your favorite Groucho Marx quote here. Groucho Marx became famous for his successful movies like

Select Your Favorite Groucho Marx Quote
If you have not already, make it a point to look for your favorite Groucho Marx quote on the previous page. This page has still more quotes from Groucho Marx movies. Find quotes from

Funny Seinfeld Quotes
When it comes to being funny, not many can boast of cracking people up the way Jerry Seinfeld does. His one-liners, dialogues, and observations are often so funny that quoting him can add life to the dullest of occasions. These funny Seinfeld quotes are prime examples of the Seinfeld brand of humor.

Quotes From Desperate Housewives
Of all the characters in Desperate Housewives, the popular TV show, I find Bree Van De Kamp very interesting. On the outside, Bree appears to have it all -- a perfect house, a perfect family, and even a perfect garden. But her relations with a rebellious daughter, a gay son, and an insensitive husband lead her to alcoholism. If you are intrigued by Bree's character sketch, read these quotes from Desperate Housewives which showcase some of Bree's famous lines.

Desperate Housewives Quotes
Sneak into the lives of five women: Susan, a single mother; Lynette, a woman desperately trying to balance family and career; Gabrielle, an ex-model who has everything but a good marriage; Bree, a perfect housewife with an imperfect relationship and Edie Britt, a real estate agent with a rocking love life. These are the famous five of Desperate Housewives, a primetime TV show. Get an insight into these popular characters with these Desperate Housewives quotes.

Desperate Housewives Quote
Learn about the lives of people in Wisteria Lane through Mary Alice. In Desperate Housewives, Mary Alice is a character who dies under strange circumstances. The story opens with a narration by Mary Alice who seems to know more about her friends now than when she was alive. Her vantage position gives her unique insight into the lives of these housewives. Each Desperate Housewives quote here is a narration by Mary Alice.

Albert Einstein Famous Quotes
If you have a young child, who occasionally displays extraordinary brilliance, you might be used to people calling him

Character Quotes
Character is not an inherited virtue. Since Adam and Eve, human beings have fallen prey to temptation. There still exists the forbidden fruit that enticed Eve, albeit, in a different form. If you want to be a person of character, seek inspiration in these beautiful character quotes. Discover a hidden reservoir of will power within yourself with the help of these character quotes.

Boondock Saints Movie Quotes
Directed by Troy Duffy, The Boondock Saints is an action-packed movie that relates the story of twins Connor and Murphy who go all out to rid the world of criminals. The movie did not do well initially. It was torn to shreds by critics, but it has by now achieved something of a cult status among teenaged and twenty-some males. These Boondock Saints movie quotes will give you a taste of what makes its fans love it. Hope you enjoy these Boondock Saints movie quotes!

Boondock Saints Quotes
Imagine believing it is God's will that you wipe out crime by killing the criminals! Incredible, isnít it? Well, this is what Connor and Murphy, the two protagonists of the film

Business Quotes
Whether you are a small time entrepreneur, or the CEO of a large corporation, you cannot escape the daily challenges of business. You may be equipped with adequate resources, but without determination and drive you will not be able to take on new challenges. Here are some business quotes. Some business quotes offer you advice, while others simply urge you to progress. Find your inspiration in these business quotes.

Biblical Quotes
While some would say that no one can prove the existence of God, it is equally a fact that no one can refute the existence of a Supreme Being. These Biblical quotes have layers of insight and meaning. If you want to infuse spiritual values in your children, explain these Biblical quotes to them.

Quotes About Bible
The Bible is like the proverbial

Bible Sayings
The Bible is rich in wisdom. Connect with your soul, with these bible sayings. These bible sayings will render solace to your heart whether you are happy or unhappy, in pleasure or in pain. Let us make our lives worthy with good thoughts and kind deeds. Let us allow the Bible to show us the way.

Nice Quotations
Have you noticed that when you begin the day well, things seem to work out in your favor? That is why I like to read nice quotations when I am ready to embark on a difficult project. Nice quotations leave me feeling happy. They give me the much needed boost. Here are some nice quotations to help you start out on a good note.

Cute Sayings
Have you heard a cute saying that stuck with you forever? What made that saying unforgettable? Sometimes we hold on to these cute sayings because they touch our heart in a special way. They make us believe that despite all the evil, goodness still exists in this world. Here are some cute sayings that will stay in your memory forever.

Quotes About Jesus
Recently, I put up a couple of collection of Jesus Christ quotes. But I also think that it will be exciting to read quotes about Jesus. What do the thought leaders of the world think about Jesus? Read the following quotes and you will know.

Long Quotations
Usually, the shorter the quotation the more the impact. However, you will find some quotations that leave an everlasting impact because they are meticulous and expressive. Long quotations communicate the thought in explicit detail. Here are some famous long quotations that have captured the imagination of millions.

Baby Quotes
Like it or not, babies have a hold on your life like nothing else. They can send you into a tizzy with their incessant bawling, or they can tug at your heartstrings with their soft cooing. A baby can make you forget your worries, or add to them if he so desires. However, you can't help falling in love with your baby, notwithstanding the smelly diapers. Here are some baby quotes to bring all those beautiful feelings flooding back. If you love babies, you will love these baby quotes.

Baseball: Inspirational Quote
Get Charged Up With Every Baseball Inspirational Quote on This Page.

Beautiful Quotations
A bunch of flowery words don't make beautiful quotations. It is the thought expressed in the quotation that makes it beautiful. There is an element of poetry and inspiration in each beautiful quotation.

Baseball - Inspirational Quotes
This is a part of a series of sports quotes. On this page, you can read interesting inspirational quotes.

Famous Literary Quotes
Literature speaks of freedom, from the dimensions of the mundane into the universe of the artistic genius. The profundity of its ideas and subjects is enthralling. Linking words together to create a resplendent tapestry, famous literary quotes capture emotions that stimulate all senses. Read these famous literary quotes to discover a fine blend of pure aesthetics and intellectual appeal.

Favorite Quotations
I don't really know why I call these my favorite quotations, but they just are. Perhaps it is the tongue-in-cheek wit! Maybe it is the universal truth in their words that make these my favorite quotations? It is tough to decide. Why don't you read my favorite quotations and tell me what makes them so appealing?

Inspirational Quote
An inspirational quote can boost your morale. It takes just one inspirational quote to start a revolution. Inspirational words get etched in history to create defining moments for the human civilization. Each inspirational quote on this page reverberates with historical significance.

Reading Quotes
Reading is not merely a leisure-time activity. It is a necessity for human progress and development. Why should you read? How does reading help you? Open a book, any book of your choice, and let the author talk to you. Reading expands your breadth of awareness, and depth of understanding. These reading quotes inspire you to relish every book you read.

George Bush Quotes: Bushisms
George W Bush is most quoted for his famous slip-of-the-tongue. This is a top 10 list of George Bush quotes, or Bushisms as they are popularly called. On this site, you will also find links to some of the best quotations resources - lists, articles, glossary, quizzes, and more.

Classic Poem Daily
Get a free classic poem by email every day. This includes famous poems by poets like - Alfred Lord Tennyson, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, Katherine Mansfield, Lewis Carroll, Lord Byron, Matthew Arnold, Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Sappho, Sarah Teasdale, Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott, William Blake, and William Wordsworth.

Father's Day Quotes
The bond between a father and child is a unique one that needs special care and attention. Gift your father the most special gift of all -- the gift of love. Relive some sweet memories, or old family traditions, to rekindle that love. Make this Father's Day memorable with thoughtful cards. You can write beautiful Father's Day quotes on gifts to add a personal touch. Decorate your house with wonderful Father's Day sayings and messages and express your love.

Memorial Day Quotes
On Memorial Day, pay a tribute to the sentinels of peace. Sing praises of the brave soldiers who marched forth on unfriendly terrain, come rain or snow, so that we could sleep peacefully knowing that our country is safe. Here are Memorial Day quotes and sayings to keep the spirit of freedom alive.

Mother's Day Quotes
Ring in Mother's Day with a grand celebration. The woman who carried you in her womb, nurtured you, and raised you, deserves your love and attention. Here are some touching Mother's Day quotes you can use to express your love.

Famous Quotes
It is not technology, culture, or wars that have marked the progress of human civilization. It is the evolution of thought and wisdom that defines us. If you agree, you will enjoy reading these quotations by famous people.

Quotations by Topic
Reading quotations is highly addictive. This is especially true when the quotes are in tune with your current mood or situation. If you would like to enjoy reading popular quotations, here are some of my collections, organized by topic.

Murphy's Law: Resources for Murphy's Law
Enjoy this collection of Murphy's Laws. Find out how Murphy's Law originated. Today, this basic law has mutated into a large number of related laws. On this site, you will find the entire collection of what has come to be known as Murphy's Laws.

T Shirt Sayings: Funny T Shirt Sayings
Read amusing T shirt sayings on this site. A T shirt is your "wearable bumper sticker." You wear T shirts and hence T shirt sayings are your personal message.

Christmas Quotes for Friends and Family
There are funny Christmas quotes and there are religious Christmas quotes. But I am especially moved by Christmas quotes that are oriented to friends and family.

Elf Quotes
Elf is one of the most famous Christmas movies. This comedy starring Will Ferrell as Buddy the elf, starts climbing the charts each Christmas. As a tribute to this great movie, I have put together some interesting quotations collections.

Quiz on Quotes
This is a special feature for quotes lovers who love to solve quizzes on quotes. If you want to check your knowledge, try this page on quizzes. I am sure that that you will thoroughly enjoy trying out the humorous quiz and leave you desiring for more.

Mitch Hedberg Quotes
High up on the popularity charts of stand up comedians is Mitch Hedberg. Although he had a short stint as a stand up comedian (due to his untimely death), he is still remembered for his memorable one-liners. If you enjoy funny quotes, you must read Mitch Hedberg quotes.

How To Punctuate Quotations
This site will teach you the expected standards of punctuating quotations. Not following these standards makes your writing appear shoddy.

Special Day Quotations: Quotes to Celebrate Special Days
Find befitting quotations that celebrate Special Holidays. Commemorate Father's day, Mother's day, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, or any other special day. Email this link to friends and convey the spirit of special days.

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