Real Estate Business Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

What's Required to Maintain Real Estate Rental Property
Facility maintenance is important to real estate property management to ensure tenant retention, higher occupancy and greater return on investment.

Landlord Tenant Mold - Dealing with the Landlord Tenant Mold Situation
As a landlord, particularly in humid parts of the country, you'll possibly be confronted with a mold problem in a tenant occupied rental property.

Real Estate Valuation in Investing
There are some key elements to keep in mind when you're evaluating a potential real estate investment. Here are some things investors should consider.

Quantitative - Running the Numbers Using Cap Rate
The real estate investor can anaylyze and evaluate a property for investment potential using a variety of tools. These could include cap rate, rate of return, cash flow or others.

Using Cash Flow to Evaluate a Potential Real Estate Investment
The only reason you care about cap rate is that you’re really trying for an easy proxy for what kind of cashflow the investment is going to generate. In investing cash is kind – ignore this calculation at your peril.

Real Estate Valuation and Analysis - Rate of Return
Rate of return is a measure of profitability; it measures the cash that a project will generate vs. the cash that you have to put into the project. Page 4.

Quality as a Method of Evaluating a Potential Real Estate Investment Property
To starting investors I always offer the same advice: In this area err on the side of caution. A project that you can get done is infinitely better than one that has you burned out by the time you’re halfway through it. Find something in your comfort range that offers some decent numbers, get it done, then move on to a more challenging (and hopefully more profitable) project the next time around.

Real Estate Supply and Demand Basics
Real estate supply and demand is impacted by the uniqueness and stationary nature of land. Properties cannot be moved to fill real estate demands.

Real Estate Farming in the Internet World
Real estate farming helps agents find clients. Online real estate farming brings agents and clients together, to do business in real-time.

Farming With Postcard Real Estate Marketing
A popular method for real estate farming is postcard marketing. With a properly maintained mailing list, this method can be highly effective.

Review: Point2Agent Websites for Real Estate
Learn about Point2Agent's website and marketing tools for real estate agents. Understand Point2Agent's pros and cons before you buy.

50 Real Estate Uses for Evernote
Using Evernote to make your business life more productive is as easy as setting up some automated systems and getting into data saving habits. Never lose anything again, including notes you used to put on yellow stickies. Evernote is a very useful tool for real estate.

Zoho for Real Estate Contact & Prospect Management
Zoho isn't as widely adopted as Google for documents and email management, but it may be getting more popular.

Mortgage Calculator: Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
One of the calculations lenders use to determine whether they'll do a mortgage on a commercial property, and how much they'll loan, is the DSCR.

First Impressions of iPad for Real Estate
I've now had my iPad less than 24 hours, but I've installed a lot of apps and tested a few things, and here are my impressions of how useful it will be.

Gmail Contacts Management
Gmail Contacts Management for real estate agents. Look at how much time and effort I put into keeping up with prospect and customer data.

Real Estate Agent Commissions Structure and Compensation
This update on how real estate agents are paid addresses the real estate agent commission structure, as well as other means of compensation.

How to Build a Buyer List for Real Estate Investing
Successful real estate investors have a pipeline of resources that provides leads for locating deals.One component of their pipeline is a buyer list.

Real Estate Listings Due Diligence Avoids Problems Later
When a real estate professional lists a home or other real estate for sale, it should be normal procedure to do a lot of due diligence.

Metes and Bounds App for Drawing Plats
The Metes and Bounds App is available for both Apple and Android, and it makes drawing a plat from a legal description a snap.

Commercial Real Estate Agent - Career Considerations
Commercial real estate agents have unique work environments and income structures that may not be right for everybody.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans
Depending on the land use and status of any buildings on it, a construction loan may be appropriate for carrying out many project goals.

Pop-Up Shops - How to Fill Temporary Retail Vacancies
A pop-up shop can be a great way to fill a vacant space in your client's retail center. These stores require little maintenance, and provide quick cash for landlords.

The Three Classes of Office Buildings
Learn about the three office building classes. The office building classes your clients choose depend on their business needs and financial abilities.

Economy of Scale in Multi-Family Real Estate Investment
Learn the advantages of real estate investments under one roof. See how an apartment project offers a higher ROI than six single family unites.

Real Estate Website Lead Capture
Learn about real estate lead capture. Even if you've done everything right in PPC, if a visitor remains anonymous, you've failed to generate a lead.

My Experience With the Zillow Premier Agent Program
The annual price to be featured in this program was $468. I'm going to show you the results for leads right out of my report from Zillow May 2011.

Royalty Free Music for Real Estate Videos
Real estate agents can buy royalty-free music to enhance their videos. Video sharing websites sometimes offer free tunes for real estate videos.

Pre-qualifying Internet Real Estate Leads is Dumb!
When you're told to put forms on your website or blog that ask a lot of questions to pre-qualify Web leads for real estate, IGNORE that bad advice.

Open Houses - One-Sided Benefits for Agents
Open houses may always be around, but are they really effective when it comes to selling homes. Research shows that open houses may not sell homes.

Real Estate Investing on Wheels - RV & Mobile Home Parks
Mobile home and RV parks can be a really nice investment over the long term. They are becoming more popular with users and investors as well.

Supply and Demand for Real Estate Investors
In all markets, whether products or financial, supply and demand will always determine price movement.

Supply and Demand for Real Estate Investors
Real estate is no different from any other financial investment class. Suppy and demand will rule if left alone by government artificial influences.

Squatters' Rights and Adverse Possession
In most states, and these vary in language, there are five basic requirements a squatter must satisfy in order to successfully use adverse possession.

Using Technology for Growth and Agent Retention
While brokerages struggle with the new Internet world of real estate business, they could be building a strong future with technology for their agents

Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheets
All of those calculations that go into a thorough analysis of the financial viability of a real estate rental property can be a pain to learn.

An Alternative to Follow-up Email Marketing for Real Estate
Using social sites to leverage your website new content across the Web.

Definition of Abstract of Title in Real Estate
An abstract of title in real estate is a written history of all the recorded documents and proceedings relating to a specific property.

Comparative Market Analysis Definition in Real Estate
A comparative market analysis or CMA in real estate is normally done to determine the current market value of a property to list it for the seller.

Brokerages Can Give Agents Virtual Real Estate Offices
What if you could cut off a few thousand square feet from your real estate offices, as well as a great deal of the associated overhead?

Selling a Business vs Selling Commercial Real Estate
Though many commercial real estate agents selling property will list operating businesses with the real estate, they are two different things.

How to Calculate Commercial Rent
Commercial Lease Calculations - Tools for Commercial Lease Calculations. Learning how to calculate commercial rent for your properties.

Definition of Farming an Area or Market in Real Estate
A real estate agent selects a subdivision, geographical area or demographic customer profile & does marketing to an area or market segment regularly.

Definition of Independent Contractor for Real Estate
In Real Estate, most agents are independent contractors. They run their own business, scheduling, work hours, accounting, marketing, etc.

Facebook Real Estate Listings: Are You Doing Social Media Right?
Using Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks for real estate listings. Should you do it? Here's an opinion on the matter from an expert.

Definition of RSS - Really Simple Syndication
RSS, or really simple syndication is a method of easily issuing alerts or feeds of new items published in a web log or on a web site.

Real Estate Technology - Franchises vs Independent Brokerages and Real Estate Technology
Though there are some who will continue to maintain the old ways of real estate brokerage, the future successful businesses will be in the cloud.

The Internet & How Brokerages Can Recruit and Retain Successful Agents
The real estate brokerage model must change, and it needs to change all the way up through the levels of the franchises. The Internet, and how websites and lead generation are handled are critical. Page 2.

Real Estate Brokerages and Agents - Technology for Real Estate Agent Success
Besides websites for lead generation, what can a brokerage or franchise provide to real estate agents that will help them to succeed? This is a little marketing and a lot of productivity. Page 3.

Benefits of a Real Estate Agent Career
Real estate career benefits are many, and include the ability to be your own boss, set your working hours, and control your success.

Real Estate Branding for the Agent
Real estate branding is important, so if you haven't really settled on a brand, read this article to see what to do about it.

Survey Resutls - Impact of Technology on the Home Financing Process
Discover Home Loans consumer survey results for how they use and value technology in the mortgage process.

Real Estate Rebates - How Real Estate Rebates are Used
Real estate rebates are generally employed when working with buyers. The real estate agent or broker will credit/rebate a portion of the commission.

Why I Stopped Listing & Became a Buyer Broker
While the prevailing message is that you live or die through listings, I was quite happy and commission-fat working only with buyers.

The Real Estate Referral Agent - Where's the Value?
The real estate referral agent is one of the highest paid non-entertainment jobs on the planet. Where's the value in this antiquated procedure?

Real Estate Consulting - ACRE Designation for Real Estate Consulting
As downward pressures on commissions increase, real estate consulting for the average consumer is beginning to blossom.

Daily Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents
Far from just driving buyers around or placing for sale signs in yards, the daily routine of a real estate agent involves a great many interactions.

Types of Leasehold Estates in Real Estate
Leasehold estates give tenants rights to enjoy possession of leased property. Common leasehold types include estate for years and periodic tenancy.

Property Management - Marketing and Financial Functions
Property management includes for marketing marketing and other financial functions. A comprehensive budget and efficient implementation are a must.

The Redfin Model & the National Association of Realtors®
With controversy swirling about the Redfin Real Estate business model and the battle of Redfin with traditional brokers, we should look at comparisons.

Real Estate Mediation and Arbitration for Disputes
Real estate agents and brokers need to know about mediation and arbitration, and whether the contract binds the parties to either or both.

Foreclosure Negotiation - a Real Life Example
If you aren't familiar with representing clients in foreclosure purchases, you can get a bit frustrated with the lender or bank in the process.

Qualifying Buyers from the Buyer Side Perspective
Qualifying a buyer is a term that is used frequently by agents and brokers in the real estate business. Learn what it is and why it's important.

A Profile of Some of the Largest Franchise Decisions
Learn about some of the largest real estate franchises, their business models, how agents are compensated, and costs to agents and brokers.

Definition of Real Estate SOI Sphere of Influence
The real estate sphere of influence is that group of people that you know or do business with. Social sites are changing this definition bigtime.

Definition of Home Staging
Staging a home refers to getting it ready to sell by removing certain personal items, rearranging furnishings, bringing in furnishings for empty homes

Buyer Agents - Welcome Commission Cut Requests
Buyer agents should welcome being asked to cut their commission late in negotiations because it means they're doing their job.

Home Buyers Coming Off the Sidelines
JP Morgan Chase conducted a survey and the results provide a lot of insight into the current attitudes and intentions of those considering buying a home.

The Income Method of Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation
Appraisers and real estate investors use the income method to value properties that produce rental income in some form.

The Two Major Types of BPO or Broker Price Opinions
The two major groupings of BPO, or broker price opinions, are the drive by and the internal BPO. Learn more about them here.

What's Involved in Internal BPO (Broker Price Opinion)?
The name Internal BPO would imply going into the home. This is definitely the case, however there could be much more involved.

Real Estate Blog Content
Too many real estate professionals are afraid to begin blogging because they fear there will not be enough time or ideas for good content.

Identifying and Budgeting Real Estate Agent Expenses
Successful business people know their costs as well as their projected income. To remain in your real estate business, you must cover your expenses..

Low Cost Bookkeeping for Real Estate Agents
Whether you're a new, or an established agent, accounting shouldn't take up large amounts of your time. Easy bookkeeping tips for real estate agents.

Study Tips for The Real Estate License Exam
Best practice tips for studying for the real estate agent licensing exam. Helpful advice for taking and passing the test.

How to Calculate Capitalization Rate for Real Estate
To calculate (cap rate for an income property that sold recently, you would divide the net operating income by the sold price to determine the capitalization rate.

How to Calculate Net Operating Income for Real Estate
Net operating income or NOI is the monetary result of subtracting operating expenses from Gross Operating Income.

Calculating Mortgage Interest for Real Estate Investors
When a new loan is involved in a real estate closing, mortgage interest is included in the prepaids portion of the HUD-1 settlement statement.

Prorating Insurance for the Real Estate Investor
In some cases, the hazard or other insurance policy will be assumed by the buyer of a real estate investment property.

Prorating Assumed Mortgage Interest
When real estate investors assume a mortgage loan from the seller, there must be a proration of the mortgage interest due.

Definition of Subagency in Real Estate
Subagency refers to a relationship between the listing and the selling agents in a real estate transaction.

Definition of Unimproved Land in Real Estate
Unimproved land in real estate is defined as land that does not have certain basic required services necessary to utilize it for other purposes.

Sales Comparison Approach in Real Estate Appraisal
The Sales Comparison Approach a property valuation method that uses the value of recently sold comparable properties to determine the subject property's value.

Qualifying Buyers from a Seller Side Perspective
When working as a listing agent, you are showing your clients' property to prospective buyers. To better serve your sellers, qualify buyers.

All-In-One Printer Scanner Copiers for Real Estate
The average real estate agent or broker office works with a great deal of printed material, from brochures to MLS printouts and contract documents.

What Sellers Want from their Listing Agent
Real estate sellers surveys tell us that they want help from their real estate listing agent with finding a buyer for their home or property.

The Fast Real Estate CMA Spreadsheet
If you need to do a fast comparative market analysis form and have three comparable properties, here's a CMA to make it easy.

Embracing the DIY Internet Buyer
Offering a rebate, if legal in your state, can bring buyers to the closing table when nothing else has differentiated you from the competition.

Overview of the Real Estate Mortgage Process
The mortgage loan process is a complex process and is very rarely without glitches. Determine how much your client can borrow for a loan.

Purposes of a Blanket Real Estate Mortgage
Why use a blanket real estate mortgage? There are many reasons. Learn why they are used frequently in the commercial real estate market.

Delivery Receipt - Proving That Your Email and Documents Were Opened
With email increasing in popularity, many real estate documents are being delivered this way. Generally, they are an Acrobat.pdf attachment to an email.

What Clients Value in a Real Estate Agent
Which of our qualities and skills do our clients value the most? This is a bit different from which services they value.

4 New Cultivation Tools for Real Estate Farming
Real estate agents can use new technology to farm for clients. Blogging and sending email newsletters are methods agents use to grow their business.

Writing the Best Web Real Estate Content - The Title
Learn what it takes to make your next real estate ad more effective by starting with a title that draws in the prospect.

Defining Your Ideal Real Estate Client
With all of the discussion of Internet marketing through websites and blogging, a great deal of emphasis is placed on content.

Whose Fault is Buyer's Remorse?
Buyer remorse in real estate can happen for a number of reasons. Look at your process to make sure it's not you over-selling.

Easements, Liens and Encumbrances in Real Estate
When one owns real property, this ownership can be limited or

What's Affected by Zoning Codes?
Zoning codes affect such things as lot sizes, uses of land, structure types, structure sizes, style of buildings, density and conservation of resources.

Real Estate Agents as Independent Contractors
The vast majority of independent real estate agents are statutory independent contractors. This is a statutory status rather than common-law.

Valid Real Estate Lease Requirements
A real estate lease is a type of contract. In real estate, valid leases must contain certain provisions for the contract to be enforceable.

What Does a Special Warranty Deed Convey?
A special warranty deed provides less protection for real estate buyer than a general warranty deed.

Types of Real Estate Encumbrances Explained
Learn the types of encumbrances on real estate properties, including liens, deed restrictions, easements, encroachments and licenses. Real estate encumbrances can adversely impact the sale of a property.

Lease Purchase and the Real Estate Agent
Especially when home inventory is high, real estate agents shouldn't be avoiding the lease purchase option for buyers and sellers. Learn how you can get compensated.

Survey or Improvement Location Certificate
Decide whether the property needs an improvement location certificate or a survey. An improvement location certificate carries less liability.

Benefits of the 1031 Exchange for Real Estate Investors
The 1031 exchange allows an investor to exchange real estate and defer capital gains taxes on profits until the property is sold for cash.

1031 Exchange - What is a 1031 Exchange?
Section 1031 explains how a real estate investor can exchange investment property and defer capital gains taxes, perhaps forever when the property is inherited.

Advantages of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
REITs allow average investors to add commercial real estate to their portfolios. Solid and predictable earnings make REITs good investments.

What is After Repair Value (ARV)?
Real estate investing frequently involves the purchase of a property in need of work, getting it repaired or remodeled and & selling at a profit.

Bonds Versus Real Estate for Investment
A comparison of investing in corporate or government bonds as opposed to real estate investments, primarily rental properties. Bond interest is static.

Rental Property Repairs - Managing Rental Property Repairs
Setting a realistic repair budget, thinking about repairs before the rental property is purchased and the age of items such as the roof and heating and air.

What Sites are Best for Real Estate Listing Syndication
Every local real estate agent and brokerage should be syndicating their listings on all websites that they deem appropriate to increase exposure.

Powered by Wordpress - A Real Estate Web Site Powered by Wordpress
Can you have a full-featured real estate web site powered by Wordpress? You bet you can. And you can pick up some great features from the thousands of Wordpress plugins.

How do Real Estate Websites Make Money?
How do real estate websites make money? Learn what most realtors do wrong here. Hint: it's not the classifieds, and it's not traditional advertising.

Marketing to Expired Listings - Expired Listing Flyer
Many an agent has built their new career by marketing expired listings and impressing clients with their ability to do better than the last agent.

Using a Music Background for Real Estate Videos
Music, if done properly, can be a nice background for your real estate videos, enhancing the visuals. Learn how to do it easily and legally.

Flood Certification Information for Real Estate Agents
In most real estate deals involving a lender, the lender has their own source for getting a flood certification on a property before making the loan.

Instructions for the HUD-1 Settlement Statement
One of the first things every new real estate agent should learn is the HUD-1 Settlement Statement inside and out. Learn more.

How Can a Real Estate Broker Violate RESPA?
RESPA, or the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, regulates marketing and business relationships among real estate settlement service providers.

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard for the Mobile Real Estate Office
Bluetooth keyboard and stand-up case for the mobile real estate professional.

A Really Portable Real Estate Mobile Printer
The Epson WF-100 very mobile printer for real estate professionals.

Any Good Smartphone Camera Will Work
Today's smart phone cameras are capable of high quality listing photography. Coupled with apps, you can do wide angle, and HDR, High Dynamic Range.

Google + Auto Photo Backup
Using Google+ Auto Photo Backup for your real estate photography.

Lenovo T-430 Notebook
Notebook computer and Google Drive for the real estate professional.

How HDR works and apps for Android and iPhone for automatic HDR photography.

My Android Galaxy Note 3
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for my real estate business. For documents, communications, and photos, it's a nice tool.

OfficeSuite Pro for Mobile Devices and Real Estate
OfficeSute Pro for on-the-go real estate document management, creation, and editing.

Printing Wirelessly with PrinterShare
Using the PrinterShare App I can print to my wireless printers at home and in the office easily.

Documents, Sheets and Presentations
Create and edit MS Office documents in this android app.

Android GPS and Mapping for Real Estate
I can track my routes, mark locations, GPS homes, and create maps to send to customers or others.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Real Estate
I moved from a Galaxy S3 phone to the Note 3 primarily for the SPen. I love it for other reasons as I've learned to use it for my real estate business.

Mobile MLS app for Android
Accessing the MLS on the go is a huge plus when in the field with clients.

Mortgage Calculator App
Calculate mortgages on the go and run comparisons for your clients with a mortgage calculator android app.

Google Drive Mobile App
I moved from a Galaxy S3 phone to the Note 3 primarily for the SPen. I love it for other reasons as I've learned to use it.

HDR Photos for Real Estate
HDR Photo Apps. Real Estate Business.

Transaction Management is More than Just Tasks
Real Estate Transation Management is more than just checking off to-do items, and Evernote can be used as an inexpensive alternative to other systems.

Is Evernote the Right Tool for CRM?
Evernote can make an excellent CRM tool if you're willing to learn some work-arounds that will help you to make the most of it.

What I Want from Evernote and CRM
Take some time to figure out the data that you actually need and use in your real estate CRM system, then apply it to Evernote.

Business Contacts Basic Information Input
Using KustomNote, I have one form specifically for business contacts like appraisers, inspectors, title company people, attorneys, real estate agents, etc.

Evernote Sorting and Finding these Forms Again
Adapting your data input for Evernote will help you to create a great filing and sorting system to retrieve what you need when you need it.

Transaction Task Checklists in Evernote
Real estate transaction management task checklists are easy in Evernote. Set one up at the start of the deal, and check off completed items.

Evernote Reminders for Task Management
Using Evernote Reminders, you can schedule and be reminded of real estate transaction management tasks, as well as maintain a date/time stamped record.

Prospect/Customer/Client Info Input Form
Another form is specifically designed to input basic contact data for prospects, customers, and clients. KustomNote posts directly to Evernote.

Android Office Real Estate Apps
Ever wonder how to best utilize and integrate technology into your real estate business? Read more about the top 6 apps for Android for real estate.

HDR Photography Apps
High Dynamic Range photography is especially valuable in real estate interior images. It allows multiple shots at different exposures then merges them to create a photo with fewer dark and bright spots.

Floor Plan Creator Android App
Floor Plan Creator Android App. Real Estate Business.

WordPress Android App
WordPress Android App. Real Estate Business.

Zipform for Mobile Devices
Zipform for Mobile Devices. Real Estate Business.

When Tagging isn't Grafitti
Tagging is a powerful note organization tool in Evernote.

Note Structure in Evernote Notebooks
Organizing your Evernote notes in organized, but not too many, notebooks will help you a lot in your real estate business.

Notebooks for Filing Notes in Evernote
Evernote notebooks are a lot like Windows or Outlook folders. However, you don't need to get crazy with building notebooks.

The Android Real Estate Mobile Office
After doing some heavy reading about Chromebooks, I could see why they've become quite popular. Check out why I decided to go all Android for my office.

Android Smart Phone
This is a brief overview of the Android phone I'm using in my Android mobile office setup. Here's how I use it, and I'm sure that others would find even more ways to make it a valuable office asset.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
My great experience with the Galaxy S3 phone made the decision easy to go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet in the 10.1 inch screen size. I use it in real estate, freelance writing and for a lot of personal stuff as well.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator App
Karl's Mortgage Calculator App. Real Estate Business.

Gmail for Real Estate Contact Management
Gmail has become the simple Powers Up Gmail for Contact Management is a third party service that I use to automatically add new contacts, update existing contacts, and keep all their contact information up to date in Gmail using their email signatures.

Evernote - CRM As An Ancillary Feature
Evernote is so useful to me in so many ways that CRM isn't a required feature. And, Evernote doesn't advertise that it's a CRM tool. However, for my minimalist CRM system, it's perfect.

Evernote for Real Estate CRM
Evernote can be a very effective and valuable CRM resource if you use the notebook and tagging features to organize your information.

CRM, Real Estate Customer Relationship Management
I've tested or used probably two dozen CRM systems for real estate, from simple to custom high end systems for real estate specifically.

Real Estate Marketing for the New Agent
A step-by-step plan for any agent, but really great for new agents. Learn how to spend very little to realize a lot of real estate marketing clout.

Real Estate Drip Email Campaign - Email #4, 12 Days After List Entry
The final automated email in my real estate drip email campaign thanks the prospect and tells them that they're going to receive quarterly market statistics reports ongoing.

Real Estate Buyer Drip Email #1
The first email I send via an automated real estate drip email system is one that points the prospect to one of the most valuable parts of my website ... valuable to them.

Real Estate Drip Email Campaign - Email #2, 5 Days After List Entry
The second email in my real estate drip email campaign introduces a custom search and automated email alert option for the prospect.

Real Estate Drip Email Campaign - Email #3, 8 Days After List Entry
The third email in my real estate drip email campaign takes the prospect via links to my IDX search page and shows them how to ask for more in-depth information on each listing.

Real Estate Email Drip Marketing Campaign That Works
A real estate drip marketing email follow-up campaign is effective if it retains the prospect in your email list, they read some or all of the emails.

eBook Publishing for Credibility and Lead Generation
What better way to position yourself as a real estate expert in your market than by being a published author on the subject? It's easy now, and can be totally free, and it can generate leads from your website.

eBook Publishing for Real Estate Credibility and Lead Generation
What better way to position yourself as a real estate expert in your market than by being a published author on the subject? It's easy now, and can be totally free, and it can generate leads from your website.

eBook Publishing Services
eBook Publishing Services. Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Agents Must Keep Up with Marketing and Customer Trends
Real estate marketing is in probably the most active change environment in its history. Don't be spending money on marketing methods that the customer to which the customers are no longer responding.

Don't Stop Doing the Free and Effective Real Estate Agent Marketing Things
Community activity, joining organizations, meeting new people, and networking are all still very effective for the new real estate agent. Don't stop doing these things just because you have a marketing budget committed.

New Real Estate Agent Marketing Budget
Get experienced advice and specific plans for setting a real estate agent marketing budget for your new real estate agent business the first year.

New Real Estate Agents Need to Use Their Marketing Budget Wisely
Once a new real estate agent knows how much money they can allocate to marketing, it's time to decide where to spend it. This decision can make all the difference, so select your marketing methods carefully.

Track the Results of Real Estate Marketing
Use the best available methods to keep track of responses to your marketing and the end return in dollars for each type. If you're spending a high percentage of income for a marketing method, you should probably look for another to replace it.

Assignment and/or Sub-leasing of the Leased Property
Assignment is the transfer of all the tenant's leasehold interests to another party, while sub-leasing is the re-lease and partial transfer of leasehold rights to another. Usually the original tenant retains some or all of the liability for payment and damages under the main lease.

Real Estate Lease Agreements Explained
Real estate lease agreements consist of numerous elements that set out the rights and obligations of the lessor/landlord and the lessee/tenant.

The Use Element of a Real Estate Lease
A real estate lease agreement will address the rights of the tenant as regards how they can use the property. An example would be a residential lease that forbids use as a business, or a business lease that precludes residential occupancy of the premises.

The Term Element of a Real Estate Lease
A real estate lease must specify some type of term, or, in most states, an indefinite period is accetable if precisely stated and agreed to.

The Security Deposit Element of a Real Estate Lease
Most leases require some sort of security deposit from the tenant to cover the possibility of non-payment of rent and damages to the property.

Improvements to the Leased Property
Generally, during a lease, there will be no improvements made by the landlord unless specifically called for in the lease agreement, or unless a new agreement is made in writing. The tenant may make improvements with the permission of the landlord, but they would become the property of the landlord at the end of the lease.

Maintenance of a Leased Property
Maintenance elements of a real estate lease can vary significantly depending on whether it is residential or commercial in nature. In most residential property leases, the landlord is responsible for all repairs and maintenance. In commercial properties there are varying agreements made that could make some maintenance the responsibility of the tenant.

Options in a Real Estate Lease
In this case, the term options applies to options that might be granted to the tenant in a lease transaction. This could be an option to renew the lease at the end of the term, or an option to purchase the property at some pre-agreed price during the lease.

Enter prospect types and expected closing ratios.
We take each type of marketing, such as mailings, floor duty, etc. and enter the expected number of prospects for a year and the estimated percentage of each that will actually go to closing.

Estimate your annual real estate income.
Once we've determined the anticipated number of transactions we'll have from a certain type of prospect, we can apply that to our average transaction commission income amount to see how far we've progressed toward our desired annual income total. The spreadsheet does this for you and totals the result.

Planning Real Estate Income with the Funnel Approach
Planning real estate income is accomplished by determining your needed income, planning behaviors and activities, and knowing the approximate results.

Determine Average Commission Per Transaction
For the spreadsheet to determine your average per-transaction commission income, you enter the average transaction percentage, your split percentage and the average sale dollar amount for a transaction.

Interest Only Investor Mortgage Loans - Investor Mortgage Loans with Interest Only Payments
Interest only investor mortgage loans allow a real estate investor to defer principal payments. This could be to avoid early negative cash flow, to flip the property, or to free up cash for other real estate investments. Generally, the interest only loan is counting on high property appreciation.

Payment Charts for an Interest Only Mortgage Loan Used by Real Estate Investors
A real estate investor might be trying to avoid negative cash flow, plan to flip the property, has other uses for the cash, or be expecting high appreciation in value. Payment charts here show the cash flow over the life of the loan.

Mortgage Loans with Interest Only Payments
Interest only investor mortgage loans allow a buyer to defer principal payments for a fixed period of time. This strategy is not without risk.

MLS Areas, & Subdivisions in Your Real Estate Web Site Plan
Even long term residents of an area can get lost in some of the divisions of our MLS into areas. They may not seem logical to them. So have comprehensive information on your real estate web site about how properties are grouped and located. And, if a subdivision is important enough to mention, it's important enough for its own page.

Real Estate Sold Statistics - Real Estate Market Reports Bring Leads
One of the best lead generators on a real estate web site is sold property market reports, as well as current listing statistics or any quantification of the market. Buyers and Sellers alike are highly interested.

Real Estate Specific Info on Real Estate Web Sites - Search Engine Optimization
Anyone interested in real estate, buying or selling, in a given area is going to be interested in things like septic regulations, title insurance, utilities, land use regulations and more. Place informational pages on your site and optimize for the search engines based on these very focused pages.

Real Estate Web Site Government Resource Pages
A real estate web site must have local government resource information. If they're wanting to buy land, they need to know about building codes. If they're buying a home, they may want to add on, so codes again. There's more in this tutorial.

Tell Your Buyer Clients It's OK to Say No to a Showing
It should be a standard statement before the first showing that you're quite OK with your buyers not wanting to see a home. If their first impression on driving up is negative and they want to move on, let them know that it's OK with you.

Real Estate Open House Promotion and Marketing
Don't just place an ad and stick a sign or two up. If you want a successful open house, do the marketing and promotional things that will make that happen.

Parking and curb appeal are important in a real estate open house.
Make room for parking and make the entry to the home as appealing as possible for your open house.

Present a pleasant and clean interior for your real estate open house.
For your open house, have the home very clean, the closets organized, some soft music, maybe the smell of bread baking or another pleasant fragrance, and in general make the home as appealing as possible.

Be positive, and have contract forms ready!
You never know when a prospect might become a client at an open house. Have the forms or a computer there to prepare documents.

Suggest Alternatives to Buyer Clients
Listen to what buyers say they want and make suggestions as to alternatives that would suit their needs also. This is not a selling ploy. If certain areas are mentioned, it's possible that they're unaware of other areas with similar characteristics. Open up the possibilities and you've increased your value to the client.

Do You Have a Signed Buyer Representation Agreement?
With the internet opening up home marketing to the consumer, there are more FSBO's out there. If you consider excellent service to your buyers to be showing them every home that meets their criteria, then you need to be showing them those not in the MLS as well. Without a buyer representation agreement guaranteeing your fee, you're at risk.

Search for Buyer Properties Outside Their Stated Limits
If a buyer tells you that they only want to purchase a property up to $250,000, you still shouldn't just search the MLS up to that number. In most markets there is negotiation room in list prices. For that reason alone, widen your search by the normal percentage of negotiation room in your market.

Be Efficient in Scheduling and Mapping Buyer Home Showings
Once you've identified the properties that you want to show your buyer clients, group and schedule the showings to make efficient use of your time and vehicle.

Ask Your Buyer Clients if You Need to do Follow-up on Properties
Once you've finished showing properties for the day, don't expect your buyers to necessarily ask for more research on a home of interest. Ask them if anything they saw today deserves a more in-depth look. Offer to get them more information.

Plan for safety when holding an open house.
Don't assume that only interested home buyers will be attending your open house. Take adequate safety precautions to protect yourself and the home from crime.

Have help and marketing materials handy for open house visitors.
Near the front entry, but not blocking it, have a signup book, full color brochures and someone to answer questions. Financing information, utility costs and other home operation information is important.

Area Information in Your Real Estate Web Site - Web Site Information Grouping
Information about all aspects of life in your city or geographical area is going to comprise a large portion of your real estate web site. Make sure to divide it up for ease of access by your site visitors, and you'll also make the search engines happy.

Use Technology to Locate and Select Homes to Show Your Buyers
Helping your clients to select the best homes to view is better for them and much better for your time and wallet. Use the internet and your MLS to ferret out possibilities, but also to weed out the homes that are not on target with their needs. Web surfing is cheaper than driving.

Asking Questions in the Listing Presentation
Too many real estate agents think that a listing presentation is mostly about the seller prospect asking them questions and the agent

Present Your Real Estate Services as Solutions to Your Prospects' Needs
Approaching the listing presentation as a meeting of a consultant with those in need of your services, you get all the information via questions, then present your services as the solutions to their specific needs and concerns.

Ask for the Listing
If you've done it all right up to now, don't fold. Ask point-blank for their listing. Remember, you've gotten their needs and concerns out in the open and explained how each will be taken care of through your services and expertise. Now just ask them to allow you to carry on and list the property.

Real Estate Web Sites - Plan and Layout for Search Engine Optimization
If you plan from the beginning to provide content easily found by your site visitors, it can lead to better search engine optimization as well. It's all in the way you divide and group your content.

Planning Property Showings for Real Estate Buyers
If you have buyers who want to view homes, here are the steps to setting up home showings for efficiency and to best serve the buyer clients.

Building Your Real Estate Investing Team
You won't find a mega-successful real estate investor without a carefully selected team helping them to make deals happen.

For a Listing Presentation, Real Estate Agents Should be in Business Mode
The seller prospect is looking to hire a real estate professional to help them to market and close the sale of their largest asset. They want to get along with you, but more importantly, they want a professional with a good business plan for their property.

7 Ways to Close Your Presentation With a Listing
Real estate agents are regularly called upon to meet with sellers as listing prospects. Learn a few tips for a successful listing presentation.

Arrive On Time for a Listing Presentation
This seems like a given, but you need to be precisely on time for this important first meeting with your prospective listing client. Even if you have to arrive early and take a tour of the neighborhood, pull up at the home at the time you set for the meeting.

List Price is the Last Discussion in the Listing Presentation
If you've bought into the consulting approach to the real estate listing presentation, then you will find it possible to guide your seller prospects with questions and solutions through the meeting process. If you've presented yourself as a consultant problem-solver, then it should be relatively easy to hold the pricing issue until you've gotten all the information you need to set it properly.

Sugarsync for Backup and Sharing Real Estate Transaction Files with Clients
I haven't found a better solution for automated backup of my My Documents folder than the online Sugarsync service. It's better than a backup, as it is a mirror copy, and I can access files from any computer or my iPad, work on them, and then save them back up to synchronize across my computers. I can also share a transaction documents folder with my clients.

Thunderbird for Hard Drive Backup of Gmail - Real Estate Gmail Backup Solution
It's free and easy to set up an automated backup system to keep a copy of all of your Gmail email on your hard drive using the Thunderbird email client.

Evernote - It Does So Much for a Real Estate Office It's Hard to Know Where to Start
Evernote has so many uses for real estate business management and liability reduction that I had to write a separate article with 50 of them.

Online Real Estate Faxing with MyFax - Faxing for Real Estate Offices Online
As long as faxing is still alive, the real estate office will need to be sending and receiving faxes. But, it doesn't mean we have to have a dedicated machine, paper and toner for faxes. Online faxing in and outgoing with MyFax is better.

Google Calendar for Real Estate Time Management - Events & Appointments with Google Calendar
Just like Gmail is an important piece of the 81 cents/day management system, Google Calendar provides an integrated event and appointment management tool. It works with Gmail, and I'll show you in the next tutorial how it works with RTM, Remember the Milk, for task management as well.

RTM Remember the Milk & Google Calendar for Real Estate Task Management
RTM, Remember the Milk is a great task management online system for transactions or any other task. Using lists to group by transaction, and tying it into Google's Calendar, you are able to upload a group of transaction tasks to RTM all at once, and have them end up in Google Calendar to track and remind you.

RTM Email Task List
Copy this list and paste into your own Gmail canned response email. Edit the items to suit your transactions, and then just put a date on each line for a transaction and email to your private RTM email address to get all of the tasks entered at once and synced back to Google Calendar.

Toodledo for Real Estate Transaction Task Management
Many may find Toodledo better for their needs than Remember the Milk. I like the easier and faster way to build a new multiple task list for a transaction.

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Becoming a Real Estate Agent
Top 10 tips to become a successful real estate agent.

Real Estate PPC, Pay Per Click, That Really Works
PPC, Pay Per Click, marketing by real estate professionals. Learn more about the steps you need to take for PPC marketing in real estate.

Outlook Rule for Email to SMS - Send Email to SMS with an MS Outlook Rule
You can use an MS Outlook Rule to Send Email to SMS real estate text messages. By using rules, certain senders or email types, such as urgent, can be automatically sent to your cell phone.

Building a Cloud Real Estate Brokerage

Starting With Email for Cloud Brokerage Transition
We start with email in our cloud brokerage transition simply because your decision here can influence your course in adopting online office solutions. This is primarily true because of the tools offered by Google. Their services have evolved to an offering of Google Apps for Business, cloud computing and business tools.

Brokerage Blogging for the Cloud Brokerage
Though not a function of your real estate Intranet in most cases, tying in a brokerage blogging solution can bring you a huge amount of business in the future. You leverage the features of the brokerage intranet to make it a success.

Send Email to SMS with an MS Outlook Rule
You can use an MS Outlook Rule to Send Email to SMS real estate text messages. By using rules, certain senders or email types, such as urgent, can be automatically sent to your cell phone.

Create the Rule to Send Outlook Emails as SMS Text Message to Your Cell Phone
Create the rule to tell Outlook which messages you want to have automatically sent to your cell phone as sms text messages. This could be several rules, possibly for clients or with certain words in the subject or body of the email.

Social Networking for Real Estate Business
Your future customers and clients are all talking to each other via Facebook and Twitter. If you're not in the discussion, you are missing out on business opportunities. It's not about being pushy with marketing, but more about being there to be helpful and answer questions.

Free Forms for Generating Real Estate Website Leads - Zoho for Real Estate Website Forms
Using this free online resource, and the free forms code I'll provide for you, your website can have custom forms for site visitors to fill out for lead generation. A bonus are the forms I'll also give you to publish real estate statistics on your site.

Getting Your Plan in Place for Cloud Brokerage
Going at anything without a plan usually results in false starts and costly errors in business. So, get a plan together for your cloud brokerage, knowing before you start how far you want to take it, and what you expect for results. This is especially important in the real estate business, as there are plenty of solutions offered out there. Choosing the wrong one will create a lot of hassle and costs in changing course later.

Real Estate Intranets - An Online Management Solution
Using one of the various online intranet applications, you can create a cloud brokerage, sharing documents, calendars, tasks and more. They're designed for use by any business, so you will need to do some customization for real estate, but they are effective.

Customer Relationship Management With Gmail
After using and designing custom database contact management systems for years, I've decided that the bells and whistles weren't worth the time and effort in setup and maintenance. I found that the information tracking I wanted to do can be accomplished quite well all in Gmail and Gmail Contacts, including custom fields.

Picasa Software & Picasa Web Albums for Photo Management
Using the free Picasa software and Picasa Web Albums, you can manage your images on your computer, and create online albums you can share. And, in this tutorial, we'll share a map on our website.

Geotagging Images in Google Earth from Picasa
Once Picasa takes you to Google Earth, you can enter an address or just move the map around to position the crosshairs for proper geotagging of your image.

Geotagged Image in Google Earth
Once we position the spot on the map, we click the Geotag button, and the image appears where it should, and we have our image geotagged back in our Picasa album on our hard drive.

Keeping Picasa Albums In Sync On the Web
We set up our Picasa Web Album sync, to keep the contents of this album up to date on the Web. As we add images or make changes, they'll automatically be synchronized with the Web Album.

Getting Our Web Album Map Link for Our Website or Blog
Once we have our Picasa Web Album updated, we can get a link to a map of the places in the album. We can either link out to the map, or embed it into our website or blog. Get the embed code here.

Using Picasa to Geotag Photos and Create Website Maps
You don't have to spend any money to geotag photos and create a map you can embed in a real estate website or blog. Using Picasa to geotag.

Geotagging from Picasa software.
Using the top menu to go to Google Earth to geotag the image.

Final Geotagged Image & Exif Data in Picasa
Once we return from Google Earth to Picasa, we see that our image is geotagged with the latitude and longitude.

WordPress as a Complete Real Estate Website Solution
We have to get some business if we're going to manage it, so the first thing to learn is a great and inexpensive way to build an effective Internet presence that will bring a lot of future business to the real estate professional who does it correctly. It's a WordPress website.

Real Estate Absorption Rate Display Embed Code
In this screen we see how to make a couple of selections to finalize the code we need for the display of absorption rates on our site. Then we just copy out the code.

Top 10 Free or Really Cheap Tech Tools for Real Estate
I am almost totally online now with my real estate business operating in the cloud. Learn how these top 10 real estate technology tools have helped.

Marketing & Managing a Real Estate Business for 81 Cents/Day
There are certain basic functions involved in marketing and managing a successful real estate business. The good news is that today's technology will help the new or established agent to market and manage their business for very little money.

Absorption Rate Display for a Real Estate Website
Using a simple form and some data from your MLS software, you can display absorption rates on your real estate website. You'll stand out as a valuable resource.

The Absorption Rate Data Entry Form
This is the form where we take our ten minutes to enter the data that our form will use to calculate and display absorption rates by price range.

Formula to Calculate Absorption Rate for Real Estate Listings
This is the formula field calculation entry screen to calculate the number of months to liquidate inventory of listings. It's all done for you.

How to Attract Commercial Real Estate Clients
To attract commercial real estate clients you must market yourself to the buyers and sellers in your area. This can be done through a website, social networking, marketing materials and more.

Major Real Estate Title Deeds Types
Types of deeds used to convey real estate. Learn types of deeds and what each conveys from grantor to grantee.

Ways to Market Your Real Estate Listings to Other Agents
The Multiple Listing Service is by far the most prolific source of buyers for your listings. Here are some other ways to market a home listing.

Top Real Estate Marketing Niche Opportunities
Many highly successful real estate agents and brokers get that way by concentrating on one real estate marketing niche and serving it well.

Top Five Ways That Real Estate Easements Are Created
Real estate easements are a person's or government's right to use land owned by another. Easements can be conveyed by deed or by court order.

Top 5 Study Tips for the Real Estate License Exam
To pass the real estate exam, prioritize your study subjects. Get reliable study materials to help you pass the real estate licensing exam.

What Can a Licensed Real Estate Assistant Do?
A licensed real estate assistant will add additional abilities, as most real estate licensing boards limit what an un-licensed assistant can do.

Land Broker Transactions - Types of Land Brokerage Transactions
Real estate land brokerage transactions consist of farms, ranches, undeveloped tracts, development, subdivision and site selection.

Choosing a Good Real Estate Domain Name
Many wonder if they should use their own Name as their real estate web site domain name. Though it can be one of the names that point to your site.

Real Estate Listing Syndication
Why real estate listing syndication is important, what it is, and how to get it done for your listings to impress the seller and sell the home.

Top Reasons for A Signed Buyer Representation Agreement
Every real estate agent or broker that works with buyers has experienced the pain of losing a buyer to the listing agent or another company.

Things to Tell Your Real Estate Buyer Clients Early On
Real estate deals fall through for a lot of reasons. Don't let yours be for not educating your buyer clients early in the process about what to expect.

Alternative Real Estate Business Models
Learn about different ways of pricing real estate services. The straight commission business model is alive and well, but there are others.

The BPO or Broker Price Opinion - About BPOs
The BPO, Broker Price Opinion, is used by lenders and mortgage companies to value properties when the expense/delay of an appraisal isn't needed.

Tips for a Successful Real Estate Blog
Blogging for real estate is growing quickly, because it's an effective marketing tool for many real estate agents and brokers.

Real Estate Financial Calculator Problems Explained
A spreadsheet real estate financial calculator solution. Set up to quickly calculate the top 10 valuation and profitability factors.

Landlord Guide for Real Estate Investors
Taking the step from buying and selling real estate properties to buy-and-hold strategies and landlord status is a large one.

Jumpstart Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence (SOI)
Every real estate agent has an existing sphere of influence (SOI). Learn how to grow it and use it to build a successful real estate business.

New Real Estate Agent Business Plan
Beginning a new real estate agent career is exciting, but it is a business. Since it's a business, you need a new real estate agent business plan.

Real Estate Web Site Content - Unique Content is Necessary
The importance of having a large body of unique and interesting real estate web site content cannot be overemphasized.

Rental Vacancy and Credit Loss in Real Estate Investing
Rental vacancy and credit loss is the estimated dollar amount of lost rental income due to vacant units and non-payment of rent.

Real Estate Website Forms and Drip Email
Getting visitors to your real estate website is great, getting them to give up their contact information is better.

Real Estate Consulting as a Business Model
Real estate consulting combines some of the practices of fee for service with an hourly fee delivery for services.

The CLUE Report in Real Estate - C.L.U.E Report
C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) Reports give the insurance claim and loss history for a residential property.

Advice for Choosing a Real Estate Broker
Too many new real estate agents think that to choose a real estate broker is primarily based on commission splits.

The Forms of Client Representation in Real Estate
What form of real estate agent are you, an agent, subagent, transaction broker, etc? Learn what they mean here. Obligations depend on status.

How to Calculate Loan to Value LTV Ratio
When working with real estate clients, agents and brokers are frequently tasked to help buyers to determine what they can afford in a home.

How to Calculate Return on Equity First Year
Return on equity, as calculated the first year of a real estate investment, is cash return after taxes divided by the cash invested in the property.

Definition of Multiple Listing Service
A Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is a marketing database set up by a group of cooperating real estate brokers providing property for sale information.

The Effective Real Estate Investor Buyer Database
There are a great number of ways to invest in real estate. Real estate investing opens up profitable strategies for just about every investing style.

Growing Your Real Estate Career from Agent to Brokerage
Here are links to insights and tips from professionals on how to grow your real estate business from solo agent to a multi-agent brokerage.

How to Get Started as a New Real Estate Agent
Getting your license soon, or a new real estate agent? Here's a detailed plan for start-up success. Learn what you have to do for income and expense budgeting.

Finding Your Real Estate Agent Niche - Client Types
Real Estate agents work as buyer agents, with sellers and listings only, investment clients, as well as specializing in certain areas or subdivisions and farming them for prospects.

How Real Estate Agents Get Paid - Commissions & Splits
Broker and agent commission split, 100% commission, referral fees, and other real estate agent compensation models explained.

Showing Homes - Have the Documents You Need With You
If at all possible, have not only a detailed copy of each listing, but a copy for your clients on a clipboard for notes as well. Also have copies of survey plats, floor plans or other pertinent data if possible. When showing homes to real estate buyers, them more information the better.

Is Your MLS Lockbox Entry Key Ready and the Batteries Fresh?
Many of the newer lockbox systems require daily to monthly updating of the code to the lockbox key. If not up-to-date, we cannot get the key. Be sure you've updated yours prior to showings, and check the batteries, as well as carry spares.

Get Out of Sales Mode When Showing Homes to Real Estate Buyers
Put on your consultant hat and help your buyer clients to view a property with their requirements in mind. Also, have the information at hand to answer their questions. You're there to help and inform, not sell.

Don't Rush The Buyers, but Keep Them on Track
When too many personal items, pictures, etc. are in a home, some buyers can get caught up in the owners

Do a Final Synopsis of the Day's Showings and Ask Questions
Once the showings are completed. Go over the homes with your buyers. Ask if there is continued interest in any of them and if you should schedule follow-up showings or get more information.

Step by Step How to Show Homes to Real Estate Buyers
A professional and knowledgeable approach to showing homes will gain the respect and trust of your buyers. It isn't about

Showing Homes - Know their Locations Exactly
Don't look unprofessional to your real estate buyer clients by driving around looking for listings you cannot locate. Even if you have to do the circuit the day before, be able to go right to each property by the most direct route.

Leave the Home the Way That You Found It
Close all doors that were closed and leave those that were open opened. Make sure that you lock up and leave a business card if appropriate. If your buyers separate and you cannot watch both, go through one last time after they're all out to be sure all is as it should be.

Knock and Announce on Entry into a Home You're Showing Real Estate Buyers
It's happened to just about every real estate agent with significant time on the job. You enter a home and are showing it, only to find a family member asleep in one room because they stayed home sick and forgot about the showing. Knock and make a loud announcement upon entry into the home.

Effective Real Estate Drip Email for Real Estate
Effective real estate drip email is not that difficult, and it's very important if you are planning on realizing business from the internet.

Develop meaningful and informative emails for your drip email campaigns.
Don't just take the easy way out and use canned drip email campaigns provided by the service or software you've decided to use.

Don't make your campaigns too long or emails too frequent.
An effective drip email campaign doesn't need to be five years long with an email every two weeks. That will only encourage

Tell your drip email recipients what you're doing as you do it.
If you want to increase those

Keep prospects with a long-term drip email plan.
Those who are successful at real estate with internet clients know that their time frame from first contact to a transaction can be months to years. The drip email strategy you use can make a huge difference to your income down the road.

Never remove a prospect from your drip email campaign list.
The only time you remove a prospect from your drip email list is if they ask you to or their email address is no longer valid. Time is not a factor for this decision.

Justifying a Purchase with Capitalization Rates
Using the asking price of an income producing property and the capitalization rates of other similar properties in the area for valuation calculations.

Calculating Property Value With Capitalization Rate
If the net operating income of a property is known, and it is divided by the capitalization rate for similar properties, value is the result.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business.

Specialty Niche Lead Generation Websites for Real Estate
With dropping costs for domains, hosting and website backends, there is a better way to generate leads; using specialty single purpose lead sites.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business.

The NewsFeed
I've given you a very broad overview of Streak for Gmail CRM, and you'll need to check out the many features.

Email Tracking as a CRM & Legal Tool
Real Estate Business.

Adding a Box from Email in Gmail
One of the best and most frequently ways used to create a Box in a Pipeline is to do it from an email.

Formula Columns
I don't figure commissions before I see the check ... well most of the time. However, you can do calculations in columns, a powerful feature.

Seller Lead Working Pipeline
Here you see the pipeline I set up for a listing/seller lead. It begins when they enter the system and ends when they list with me or someone else.

Listing Management Pipeline in Streak for Gmail
Once a seller opts to list with me, their box (database entry) is moved to the Listing Management pipeline.