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Tips To Improve Your Restaurant
Simple advice to improve your eatery's customer service and enhance the management of the staff, such as

How to Open a Pop-Up Restaurant - Step by Step Guide
How to open your own pop up restaurant and choose the right location, set up a mobile kitchen and how to promote your restaurant with social media.

What is a Pop Up Restaurant?
Pop up restaurants began as supper clubs in the 1960s and are currently one of the biggest trends in dining. Famous pop up restaurants include...

What You Need to Know About Starting a Food Truck
Food trucks are an affordable alternative to opening a new restaurant. This is what you need to know about starting your own.

Sample Lunch Menu With Costs and Descriptions
Here is a sample lunch menu for a restaurant. It has simple menu description and proper food cost.

Celebrity Restaurant Owners Famous Restaurant Chefs
Biography of celebrity chef and restaurant owners Paula Deen, Emerial Lagasse,Wwolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay.

Restaurant Promotion: Wine Tasting
Host a restaurant wine tasting dinner to bring in extra business.

9 Menu Items That Never Go Out of Style
Certain menu trends never go out of style at restaurants, offering good food cost and low labor.

Three Things About Restaurants You Don't Think About
Opening a new restaurant is no small endeavor. Even the tiniest dining room or the most minuscule​ commercial kitchen, requires so much work.

Reader Asks: Should I Use Instagram to Promote My Restaurant?
Use Instagram to help promote your independent restaurant and engage customers, building a stronger online reputation.

How Does Your Restaurant Capture Customer Feedback?
Restaurants can use customer feedback through comment cards and social media to make improvements to customer service.

Brand your restaurant through social media
How to brank your restaurant using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Ways to Make Your Restaurant Staff Awesome
This article describes ways to increase the morale of your restaurant staff and make them awesome through team building exercises.

How to Be a Restaurant Owner: A Guide to Responsibilities
Hiring and training staff, promoting your business and customer service are all part of the job. Here's the guide for how to be a restaurant owner.

How to Start Farm to Table at Your Restaurant
Tips for restaurants to start a farm to table movement in their dining room, including buying local, seasonal menus,partnering with farmers markets

Restaurants Guide to Using Local Foods Tips for Using Local Foods at Your Restaurant
Advice for incorporating local foods into your restaurant menu.

Instagram and Restaurants
How to use instagram at your restaurant to. Ask customers to post selfies for restaurant promotions and post to other social media sites.

Three Things You Should Be Doing Right Now at Your Restaurant
Using photographs with social media sites help engage customers and build restaurant business.

Frequently Asked Restaurant Questions
Readers write in and ask all sorts of restaurant related questions.

Reader Question - How to Start a Food Truck Business
Reader asks how to start a food truck business

Promote Valentine's Day at Your Restaurant
How to promote valentine's day at your restaurant, featuring prix fixe menus, reservations basics and staffing tips.

Catering Trends to Try at Your Restaurant
local foods, liquid nitrogen, and healthy prix fixe menus are just a few popular menu trends for restaurants.

10 Cool Pinterest Restaurant Ideas How to Use Pinterest Boards to Market Your Restaurant
Cool ideas to use Pinterest to market your restaurant menu, catering services and customer service.

Food Truck Theme Ideas and Inspiration
There are all kinds of food truck themes to choose from, including local fare, gourmet cupcakes and waffles.

10 things to know about Social Media and RestaurantsTips and Tricks for Using Social Marketing at Your Restaurant
All About Social Media and Restaurants

Customer Service: How to Give Great Restaurant Customer Service
Reader writes in and asks how to best train staff for excellent customer service.

How to Build a Restaurant Social Media Marketing Plan
A social media marketing campaign can help restaurants woo new customers, check out the competition and think of new ways to reach customers through sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

Choosing a Successful Restaurant Location
Choosing a successful restaurant location is essential for starting your business on the right foot. Consider space, visibility, parking and zoning.

The Basics of Professional Restaurant Equipment
Restaurant equipment is vital for a commercial kitchen or dining room. Buying used or leased equipment can save a lot of money before opening day.

Facebook Marketing for Restaurant Customer Service
facebook can help restaurants use social media marketing to improve customer service.

The Most Popular Menu Items and Trends
These ten most popular menu items and trends can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any restaurant concept. Classics don't have to be boring.

Eight Tips for Planning a Restaurant Dining Room
tips for planning an effective restaurant dining room, which balances ambience with seating capacity.

What You Should Know Before You Open a Restaurant
There is a lot of things to consider before opening a new restaurant, such as financing, location, menu, and concept.

Should I open my own restaurant?
A reader asks the guide to restauranting if he should open his own restaurant.

How can I save money at my restaurant?
How to save money at your restaurant by watching costs, payroll and making small changes that add up.

Does my restaurant need a website?
Why old and new restaurants need to use facebook, social media and have a website to grow business.

What is the Best Type of Restaurant to Open?
Reader asks what is the best type of restaurant concept for a new restaurant? Learn more about classic favorites and kinds that never go out of style.

The Rise of Restaurants following the French Revolution
The French Revolution is credited for the rise of fine dining. Displaced chefs from aristocratic​ households opened new restaurants throughout Paris.

History of Restaurants in America in the 20th Century
By the 20th century, the rise of the franchise chain changed the history of restaurants. By 2000, more and more families were dining out on a weekly basis.

Picking the Perfect Type of Restaurant
Before you open a restaurant, it is important to know what type of concept you want. A business plan can help you determine the right type of concept.

Restaurant Server Job Description
A restaurant server job is more than just dropping food and collecting tips. It involves knowing the restaurant menu, excelling at customer service and knowing when to ask for help.

Special Promotions for Restaurants
There are many types of special promotions that restaurants can try to increase sales, including fundraisers, murder mystery dinners and catering.

Why Local Food Trends Matter to Restaurants
Local foods in restaurants goes beyond fruits and vegetables. Now it can refer to sustainable beef and seafood, artisan foods, homemade desserts, hyper local restaurant gardens and much more.

How to Design an Effective Restaurant Menu
An effective restaurant menu balances good descriptions and layouts with correct food cost, reflected in its pricing.

Front of the House (Restaurant Dining Room) Operations
A well stocked, well manned front of the house is key to a successful restaurant. There are certain jobs for the front of the house of a restaurant suited to different types of people. How to stock the front of the house is also important.

Should Your Restaurant Offer Breakfast-Pros and Cons of the Breakfast Shift
Not all restaurants are set up to offer breakfast. Breakfast offers low food cost, but also the lowest check averages. Read on to find out the pros and cons of offering breakfast at your restaurant.

Restaurant Layout and Floor Plan Basics
The basics of a restaurant layout include the entrance, waiting area, dining room, kitchen, bar and rest rooms.

Starting Pop Up Restaurants
Pop up restaurants are an ideal way to try out the restaurant business without a large investement. They offer professional chefs the opportunity to showcase skills or can be a vehicle for a community fundraiser.

How to Use Social Media at Your RestaurantHow to Start a Social Marketing Campaign for a Restaurant
Build an online reputation for your restaurant using new media social marketing sites like facebook and twitter, foursquare and flickr.

Five Things You Should Know Before Opening a Restaurant
when opening a new restaurant there are plenty of things you should know before you get started like choosing a good location, deciding on a concept and seeking out financing.

Restaurant Concepts (Definitions and Examples)
Types of restaurant concepts, including cafes, pubs, fast casual and fine dining.

The Language of Restaurants
Everything you should know about restaurant terms from baine marie to upselling, especially if you are opening a restaurant.

All About the Different Jobs in a Restaurant
There are many different types of restaurant jobs available, including such chef, bartender, sevrver, sommelier, and sous cook.

Things You Should Know About Restaurant Menus
A restaurant menu is a rather an important marketing tool. There are three main parts of designing a restaurant menu: Description, Layout and Pricing.

Designing Different Parts of a Restaurant
Designing different parts of a restaurant can include the layout, the commercial kitchen, the restrooms, the bar and the flow of the dining room.

Tips for Common Restaurant Design Problems
How do you handle certin design problems that come up as you are getting ready to open a new restaurant? Small commercial kitchens, awkard dining rooms and tiny budgets are just a few problems people run into when opening a restaurant.

Inexpensive Restaurant Concepts (Easy Restaurant Ideas)
Not every restaurant has to cost a lot of money. Food trucks and pop-up restaurants are just two restaurant ideas that are inexpensive.

Should You Take Over an Existing Restaurant Space?
Many empty restaurant spaces are available. Which is a better investment opening your own restaurant or buying one?

Five Reasons to Open Your Own Restaurant
Five good reasons that you would make a good restaurant owner. Patience, business sense and communication skills are that you should have as a restaurant owner

A History of the Restaurants Part One
Expansion of travel in the 19th Century brought about an increase in new restaurants both in Europe and the United States.

All About Restaurant Franchises
Restaurant franchises have several benefits, such as name recognition and bigger buying power. However, they also have several drawbacks.

Hiring for Your Restaurant (How to Fill Each Position)
Description of various restaurant staff jobs including cooks, servers, bartenders and other positions within the front of the house and back of the house in a restaurant.

How to Price Your Restaurant Menu
There are simple ways to help you price your restaurant menu, including food cost and portion control.

How to Hire a Bartender for Your Restaurant
In the restaurant business, finding a good bartender is essential. Learn how to hire a bartender based on experience, references and reputation.

Five Common Myths of Owning a Restaurant
Myths about owning a restauranting, including it is an easy way to make money.

Famous Restaurant Names and Their Stories
Famous restaurant names often have a story attached to them. From Pizza Hut to Spago, find out how restaurants got their name.

Is Buying a Restaurant Better Than Opening a New One?
Should you buy an existing restaurant? Or should you just open your own restaurant? Is an existing restaurant a good investment?

Types of and Applying for Restaurant Liquor Licenses
What is a liquor license, why restaurants need a liquor license and how to apply for a liquor license.

Things to Avoid When Writing a Restaurant Menu
When writing a restaurant menu avoid things like clip art and a lot of techinal jargon.

Reasons Restaurants Should Use Local Food
More restaurants are turning to their local neighbors for fresh foods. Here are ten reasons your restaurant can benefit from buying local foods.

Why Some Restaurants Fail in the First Three Years
Ten reasons that restaurants fail within the first three years, including high payroll, taxes, food cost and bad locations.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning List
How to keep your restaurant kitchen spic and span. Some jobs should be done several times a day, while others need to be done weekly or monthly.

Resources for Opening and Managing a Restaurant--Restaurant Books and Restaurant Websites
Running a restaurant for dummies, the everything guide to catering, Paula Deen's Biography and Anthony Bourdaine's No Reservation.

Basics of Commercial Ovens and Cooking Equipment
Select the right commercial​ oven for your restaurant. Commercial ovens include grills, convection ovens, conveyor ovens and pizza ovens.

Restaurant Wine Tasting - How to Plan a Restaurant Wine Tasting
How to choose wines and plan a menu for a restaurant Wine Tasting, as well as hire a sommelier. Wine tastings are good restaurant promotions that increase sales.

Refrigerators, Coolers, Freezers for Your Restaurant
All about restaurant refrigeration, including coolers, walk-ins and freezers for your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

How to Start a Food Truck Business
A food truck is like restaurant on wheels. It has several distinct advantages over a traditional eat-in restaurant, with low overhead and less staff.









How to Use Canva to Write a Restaurant Menu
How to use Canva to write a professional looking restaurant menu and logo for a new restaurant or food truck.




8 Restaurant Trends to Help Boost Sales
Food trucks, local foods and millennial dining trends are all areas to focus for a successful restaurant.

What's Not Hot for Menus in 2016
Menu trends like chocolate covered bacon and vaporized cocktails are not as popular in 2016, according tot he NRA Culinary Forecast.

How to Write a Restaurant Menu
How to write an effective restaurant menu, including tips for pricing, food cost, local foods, menu size, popular items and menu design.

100 Things You Should Know About Restaurants- everything from opening a new restaurant and beyond.
If you are thinking of opening a newrestaurant, understand there's a lot of information available, from writing a business plan to marketing a new restaurant. To help you get started, here are 100 things, broke down into 10 categories, to know about restaurant.

How to Manage Your Restaurant to Help It Grow
In order for a new restaurant to succeed, you need to effectively mangage the finances, promotions, advertising. Updating your menu, showing effective customer appreciation and using the many restaurant resources available can help you establish your business.

All About the NRA's What's Hot in 2012 Menu Trends
Every year the National Restaurant Association publishes its What's Hot Survey. In 2012 expect see trends focusing on healthier menu options, especially children's menus. What else? Local, sustainable foods artisan menu items and hyper-local produce.

Reviews of Popular Books About Opening a Restaurant
Guide review of Running a restaurant for dummies, how to open and run a successful restaurant by Christopher Egerton-thomas

Make the Most of a Small Restaurant Dining Room
A reader asks what is the best design for a very small restaurant dining room and how to make the most money with a small dining room.

Things to Know About Restaurant Fine Dining
Create a fine dining atmosphere at your restaurant with attention to detail. Do you need tablecloths for fine dining?

Five Rules Every Restaurant Owner Should Know
Restaurant owners need to know laws pertaining to minimum wage, overtime, social security verification and illegal immigrants.

How to Estimate Restaurant Sales
Estimating restaurant sales is a very important part of writing a restaurant business plan and will help with planning budgets and salaries.

Effective Menu Design and Layout for Restaurants
Tips for effective restaurant menu design layout and descriptions that will help increase sales and customer service.

How to Open a New Restaurant Basic Checklist
Everything you need to know about getting started opening a restaurant can be found in this opening a restaurant checklist.

How to Open a Fine Dining Restaurant
How is fine dining different from casual dining in restaurants. How to open a fine dining resturant.

Restaurant Terms - Glossary of Common Words
A helpful list of common restaurant terms used in the front of the house and the kitchen including turnover, planting, sharking.

How to Get Financing For a New Restaurant
Guide for finding financing for a new restaurant. Includes tips on how to find investors, and how to write a restaurant business plan.

Keep Kitchen Prep Costs Low and Save Money
What food do restaurants need to make in house and what foods are okay to buy from a food supplier?

What's a Good Food Truck Concept? - Restaurants
Popular food truck themes go beyond sandwiches or pizza. Local foods, gourmet cuisine and healthy options are all hot food truck concepts.

What is Restaurant Week?
Restaurant Week began in New York City as a promotion during the 1992 Democratic Convention.Today there are restaurant weeks all over the country.

Should You Take Restaurant Reservations?
Should your restaurant take reservations? Restaurant reservations make it easier to control staffing and cooking times.

Popular Restaurant Operation Trends
Like fashion, restaurant operations have trends and fads that ebb and flo.Recall the roller-skating waitresses at drive-in diners during the 1950s.

How to Be a Kid Friendly Restaurant- Toys for Kids
Kid friendly restaurants are a great way to bring in whole families to dine on a regular basis. Learn about restaurant toys for kids and more.

What Is a "Prix Fixe" Menu?
A prix fixe menu is type of limited menu that has a fixed price and a set list of dishes.They're also used as an alternative for catered functions.

Ten Reasons Restaurants Fail
Ten reasons that restaurants fail within the first three years, including high payroll, taxes, food cost and bad locations. Page 2.

How to Create an Effective Restaurant Menu
A restaurant menu is a showcase for signature dishes, reflecting the theme, ambiance and style of the restaurant concept.

Five Things to Do Before You Open a Restaurant
Getting your paperwork in order, writing a business plan and choosing a good restaurant location are all important.

Five Tips for Surviving the Restaurant Recession
Restaurants can reduce waste, write new menus, and advertise to help stay in business during the recession.

Catering Events for the Restaurant Professional-- all about restaurant catering food service.
Restaurant catering includes many different types menus, from food stations to buffets and plated dinners.

Educating Restaurant Staff - Understanding Restaurant Menus, Bars, and Common Problems
Empowering staff to be the best salespeople possible will help build morale and increase sales at your restaurant.

What is Fast Casual Dining
Fast casual is one of the strongest restaurant concepts, mixing the convenience of fast food with healthier ingredients and a more upscale setting.

Things Restaurants Should Never Pay For
There are many items that a new restaurant should not pay for, including coffee makers, pool tables, pint glasses and t-shirts.

Inexpensive Restaurant Design Ideas
Sometimes less is more when it comes to a restaurant design or concept. Depending on your restaurant theme, you can get away with many inexpensive design tricks.

10 things You Should Know About Opening a Restaurant
Getting ready to open a new restaurant can be overwhelming. There are some many different areas to consider, from financing to staffing. Read on for 10 basic areas you should understand before opening the doors. Page 2.

Things You Should Know About Opening a Restaurant
There are many different areas to consider when opening a new restaurant, from financing to staffing. These are basic areas you should understand.

How to Deal With Restaurant Cash Flow Problems
Decreasing overhead, working with your bank and looking at menu food cost are all ways to stop cash flow problems before they get worse.

What Does A Restaurant Manager Do?
Restaurant managers do everything from advertising and marketing to hiring restaurant staff. They plan menus, track sales and oversee orders.

Do I Need to Go to Bartending School to Be a Bartender?
Do I need to go to bartender school? Bartending is more than just slinging drinks. A good bartender needs to organized and have people skills.

Restaurant Equipment Leasing Information
Certain pieces of commercial restaurant equipment are better to lease than buying outright. including commercial dishwashers, coffee makers

How to Choose a Restaurant Concept
It is important when opening a new restaurant to have a clear concept, which is reflected in your menu, prices, and atmosphere.

How to Start a Catering Business
A catering business is a great way to see if you are ready to open your restaurant. A small business catering company requires planning and creativity.

Before You Open a Restaurant (Helpful Resources)
Everything you need to know about opening a restaurant, from choosing the perfect location to designing the menu.

How to Buy a Restaurant Franchise
Everything you need to know about buying a restaurant franchise. Most restaurant franchises require signficant investment capitol and restaurant experience.

What Makes a Restaurant Owner Successful?
Owning a restaurant requires many different skills including money and employee management

Different Types of Restaurant Concepts
There are many different types of restaurants concepts to choose from when opening a new restaurant. From fine dining to fast casual, many restaurants are a blend of concepts, making a unique theme.

How to Advertise a Catering Business
Learn how to advertise a catering business starting with creating your menu, finding your audience, networking with local businesses and more.

Reader Question - How do I compete with a new restaurant?
Reader asks how he can make his restaurant compete with a new restaurant in town. Looking at customer service, restaurant menu and pricing and embracing social media are just a few ways to compete in business.

How to Manage Your Restaurant Finances
How to get money to open a restaurant, how to make money with a restaurant and how to deal with financial problems with a restaurant.

Opening a Restaurant: How to Write a Business Plan
Tips for creating a business plan specifically for a new restaurant.

What Are the Best Restaurant Menu Sizes?
The ideal sizes for restaurant menus depends on the size of the commercial kitchen, staff, chef's ability, and the number of seats in the dining room.

It's September, Your Restaurant Should be Thinking About Christmas
I know, I'm worst than WalMart - asking you think about the holidays before they are here. But if you want to maximize sales at your restaurant between Thanksgiving and New Years, now is the time to start booking catering jobs and updating your menus.

A History of Food Trucks
Food trucks are huge in pop culture, thanks to shows like The Great Food Truck Race. Food trucks are an inexpensive alternative to opening a new restaurant

Are Americans All Done With McDonald's?
Is fast casual crushing fast food? McDonalds sales are down while chipolte is up.

How to Write a Food Truck Business Plan
If you are thinking of opening a new food truck, you should write a food truck business plan for potential investors and banks.

10 Things to Know About Restaurant Franchises - All About Buying a Restaurant Franchise
How much restaurant chains cost, how to get financing and the difference between a restaurant franchise and chain.

Restaurant Food Trend: Fermented Foods
Fermented foods are one of the hottest restaurant menu trends.

10 Millennial Restaurant Dining Trends
Millennial are changing restaurant menus, focusing on local food, healthy menu options and affordable prices.

How do I Update My Restaurant Menu?
Reader asks how to update her restaurant menu and bar.

Why You Should be Posting Lots of Photos of Your Restaurant
Posting photos to to social media sites can help restaurants increase sales and engage customers.

How Much Does a Food Truck Cost?
How much does a food truck cost? Write a business plan to help start a food truck business

Is a Bigger Restaurant Menu Better?
How big should a restaurant menu be? Is a bigger menu always better for a new restaurant?

Restaurant Business: Keeping Food Costs Down
Food cost problems can skew restaurant profits, leading to big problems. Keep yor=ur restaurant's food cost under control with portion sizes, a well trained staff, and POS tracking systems.

A History of the Modern Day Restaurant
The earliest restaurants go back to ancient times, with food vendors in the streets of Ancient Rome and China. Through the Middle Ages up to 19th Century, restaurants transformed into fine dining establishments.

Writing a Restaurant Business Plan
An overview of how to write an effective business plan for a new restaurant, including how to write an executive summary, what informaiton to include for your bank interview and how determine your profit and loss statements.

What is a Pop Up Restaurant?
What is a pop up restaurant? Here are ten things to know about a pop up restaurant, including how to do fundraising, menus, location and insurance.

Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Restaurants
Do you know where the largest restaurant is located? Or how about the oldest in the world? Learn fun facts about restaurants, from past to present.

How to Reduce Waste at Your Restaurant and Save Money
Reducing food waste, composting and innovative menu ideas can all help restaurants save money.

Bank Interview - Getting Ready For Your Restaurant Loan Interview
Make your visit to the loan officer easier by having all your paperwork in order, for a new restaurant.

Restaurant Insurance Basics
Understanding the basic differences in types of insurance you can buy for a new restaurant, from liquor liability to general liability.

Create a Dinner Buffet Menu
Sample of a dinner buffet menu that gives several selections for customers to choose as well as outlines restaurant catering policies.

Equipment You Need at a Restaurant Wait Station
Checklist for a well stocked restaurant wait station

Ten Ways for Restaurants to Save Money
Restaurants can save money by using energy efficient appliances, turning off the lights and cutting back the menu.

How to Plan an Outdoor Restaurant Dining Room
The entrance area to a new restaurant can be just as important as the inside, when it comes to gaining new customers. Depending on your theme, you can use signs, music, lighting, awnings and flowers to make an attractive restaruant entrance.

FAQ How do I start off-premise catering at my restaurant?
Reader asks how to start off-premise catering at his restaurant.

Restaurant Cooking Positions Descriptions
Description of all the various cooking positions in a restaurant kitchen.

Restaurant Booths - Classic Restaurant Seating
If you planning to open a new restaurant, booths offer great restaurant seating and fit with any restaurant design.

Restaurant Tablecloths
When opening a new restaurant do you want to buy restaurant tablecloths? Restaurant linen is an easy way to dress up a restaurant dining room, but they can cost a lot to take care of.

Wait Stations- All About Restaurant Wait Stations
Different types of wait stations in a restaurant and how to stock each one for better customer service.

TIPS Training for Restaurant Employees
TIPS training provides restaurant workers with valuable knowledge about how to safely serve alcohol, wine, and spirits.

Terms Used in the Back of the House
Useful guide for opening a new restaurant that includes a glossary terms of back of the house positions including sous chef, line cook, grill cook.

Sample Dinner Menu - All About Restaurant Menus
A restaurant dinner menu that shows a wide variety of ingredients, descriptions and food cost.

All About Restaurant Dining Rooms
Opening a new restaurant, here is everything you need to know about planning a restaurant dining room, from choosing seating and tablecloths to planning the design of your restaurant dining room.

Restaurant Menu Ideas and How to Choose One
Getting restaurant menu ideas can be overwhelming. The ideal restaurant menu offers a balance of unique dishes and old favorites on your budget.

Restaurant Portion Control; Keeping Customers Happy
Controlling restaurant portion sizes is important for good customer service as well as keeping restaurant profits and margins in check.

Pros and Cons of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment
Buying used restaurant equipment can help to save you a lot money when you are getting ready to open your own restaurant.

When to Use Market Price on Your Restaurant Menu
Understanding how to use market price in a restaurant menu to protect food cost and keep prices in line with competition.

Layout Tips for Your Restaurant Menu
There are three main parts to writing a restaurant menu including menu pricing, menu layout and menu description.

Sample of a Kid-Friendly Restaurant Menu
Here's a sample of a restaurant kids menu that offers healthy options.

Reader Asks: How do I Set Up My Restaurant Kitchen
Restaurant kitchen design depends largely on the size of the kitchen, the budget and the restaurant menu.

Four Ways to Keep Menu Costs Down
Keeping an eye on menu costs can translate into significant savings over time for restaurants, as can monitoring food cost and portion sizes.

Fine Dining Restaurant Business Plan Guide
Learn what you need in your fine dining restaurant business plan, like specialty prix fixe menus, a reservation system and superb customer service.

How to Go Green at Your Restaurant
Go green at your restaurant by banishing styrofoam, installing low flow faucets and recycling. Choose restaurant equipment with the energy star seal to save money and utilities cost.

State Liquor License Agencies List
List of state liquor license agencies and links to frequently asked questions about liquor laws and licensing. Essential for restaurateurs.

How to Find A Population Base for a Restaurant
Tips for using free information to determine if there is a big enough population base to support your restaurant.

Things You Should Know About Restaurant Concepts
Everything you should know about choosing a restaurant concept, from a fast casual franchise to fine dining. Tips for choosing a clear restaurant concept.

How to start a restaurant food truck business
A mobile food truck business is a great way to expand existing restaurant sales or break into the food industry.

The Basics of Choosing a Restaurant Theme
Choosing a restaurant theme is more than just writing a menu or choosing a location. It is a mix of dining room design, the menu and customer service.

Negotiating a Restaurant Lease
How to rent a restaurant space and negotiate a restaurant lease for a new restaurant, including how to determine what the landlord pays for.

How to Choose a Restaurant to Rent
How to find a restaurant space to rent.

Where is the Best Place to Open a Restaurant
The best place to open a new restaurant depends largely on traffic, people, visibility and parking. Top areas to open a restaurant in the United States

Different Types of Buffet Style Restaurants
Buffet style restaurants are one type of concept that includes self service and catering services. Use it for special occasions or promotions.

Ten Things to Know About Choosing a Restaurant Location
Not every available space is right for a restaurant. Here are ten tips you should know when selecting a restaurant location.

Rennovating a Restaurant Space
Understand the basics of rennovating a new restaurant location before you open. Negotiate a lease with your landlord for the work done.

Best Restaurant Location and Relocation Options
Before you decide on any particular location for your restaurant, first consider these four important factors.

Why You Need a Restaurant Business Plan
A business plan is a road map to success for any new restaurant, helping to create a concept, identify the customer base and navigate financing

All About Choosing the Right Restaurant Location
Before you select a location for a new restaurant, find out about building codes, healthy and safety regulations and lease options.

Restaurant Wine Tasting- How to Host a Restaurant Wine Tasting
How to host a wine tasting, including hiring a sommelier and writing a wine tasting menu. Perfect for a restaurant promotion.

Budget Advertising - Advertising on a Budget
Traditional methods of advertising, such as TV, radio commercials and newspaper ads can be expensive. If you are getting ready to open a restaurant

Is Owning a Restaurant Right for You?
Restauranting is a calling, not a job. Owning your own restaurant has great benefits and major drawbacks.

How to Choose a Restaurant Name
A restaurant name can reflect its theme, location or be a play on words. It should be easy to remember and easy to spell to attract customers.

Restaurants - Steps to Avoid Common Owner Pitfalls
A day in the life of a restaurant owner shows common mistakes many owners make trying to save money when opening a new restaurant.

FAQ About Opening a New Restaurant
Questions commonly asked when opening a new restaurant, such as how to get a business loan, what type of restaurant equipment to buy and how to choose a restaurant location and restaurant name.

Restauranting FAQ- Popular questions about opening a new restaurant
Questions commonly asked when opening a new restaurant, such as how to get a business loan, what type of restaurant equipment to buy and how to choose a restaurant location and restaurant name. Page 2.

Restaurant Interior Design and Layout Guide
How to design a restaurant and blance seating capacity with a welcoming ambience. Problem areas like tables near restrooms can be hidden with simple steps.

How to Open a New Restaurant, Step by Step
How to open a new restaurant, starting with a restaurant business plan and choosing a restaurant name. Looks at ways to finance your restaurant, find teh perfect location and market your new restaurant.

Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Kitchens
The kitchen is command central of any restaurant. It is where food gets delivered, prepped, cooked and plated before being served to customers.

How to Reduce Food Spoilage in Your Restaurant
How to reduce food spoilage saves restaurants money and ensures customer safety and the best possible food from the restaurant kitchen.

Guide to Buying Restaurant Dishes and Dinnerware
Todays restaurant dishware is far more than just functional. Commercial dishes add personality to restaurant table settings, reflecting the ambiance, design and theme of a restaurant.

Restaurant Kitchen Planning and Equipping Basics
Planning a restaurant kitchen requires the right kind of commercial equipment, from hoods, ovens, grills and ranges. Keeping the a restaurant kitchen clean takes skill and organization for the entire staff.

The Kitchen Restaurant Price and Food Cost
An integral part of any restaurant is the kitchen and its influence on your menu. The price of the kitchen restaurant affects your bottom line.

Why You Need a POS System for Your Restaurant
POS (point of sale) system is an invaluable piece of equipment for a new restaurant that can help you track sales, prevent theft, and create menus.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist
Checklist for everything you need to outfit a restaurant kitchen.

Description of Kitchen Stations in a Restaurant
A commercial restaurant kitchen is made up different cooking stations, including saute and grill station.

Restaurant Bar Equipment - Checklist
List of supplies to stock a restaurant bar, including POS systems, liquor, glasses and refrigeration equipment.

Restaurant Bar - How to Set Up a Restaurant Bar
What equipment you need when opening a restaurant and stocking the bar, including POS systems, commercial refrigeration and commercial storage.

Mother's Day Blunders. How Restaurants Can Ruin Mother's Day
Restaurants can ruin busy days, like Mother's Day by overbooking, understaffing and complicated menus. Avoid these common restaurant blunders and keep customers coming back week after week.

Sample Menu For Mother's Day at the Restaurant
Keep restaurant kitchen's running smoothly with a limited menu on busy days, like Mother's Day and New years Eve. Balance easy to prepare menu items like salads and casseroles with menu items that need to be prepared on the spot.

Summertime Marketing Guide for Restaurants
Summertime offers restaurants lots of marketing opportunities, including local foods, holidays and new menu specials.

Restaurant Guide to Holiday Promotions
Holiday advertising and marking ideas for restaurants, as well as a checklist of things to do.

Restaurant Ideas for April
April is a time for restaurants to plan for mother's day and update menu prices as well as assess their social media marketing plan.

Opening a New Restaurant
Choosing the right concept and location and knowing your key demographics are important parts of opening a new restaurant

10 Things I Wished Someone Had Told Me About Restaurants
Even though I had previously worked in the restaurant industry, I quickly found that working in a restaurant and owning a restaurant were two different things.

How to Open a Restaurant With No Money
There are ways to open a restaurant with no money through angel investors, or opening a smaller business such as a food truck or a catering business

How to Host a Restaurant Beer Dinner
Similar to a wine tasting, a beer tasting is a great way to get customers in during slow seasons at your restaurant, serving great beers with dinner.

Three Parts of Being a Restaurant Owner
Managing restaurant finances, staff and customer service are all parts of being a successful restaurant owner.

How to Start a Restaurant
start a restaurant - understand restaurant concepts, menu trends and local foods

Five Things Every New Restaurant Needs
Opening a new restaurant includes hiring a good manager, writing a manageable menu and choosing the right kind of business insurance.

Beginners' Guide to Owning a Restaurant
everything you needs to know about being a restaurant owner, opening a new restaurant and choosing a good restaurant location

Food Truck Design - Commercial Equipment Needed
Starting a food truck business requires commercial equipment such as hoods, grills, service counters and permits to operate a food truck business.

How to Choose a Restaurant Name
step-by-step guide for picking a restaurant name.

- By Category
An index of categories in the







How to Find a Restaurant Space to Rent
Choosing a restaurant space for rent is important - knowing what expenses are included with your lease, the length of the lease and the location are all parts of a successful restaurant.

2016 Culinary Forecast Hot Menu Trends
The National Restaurant Association's 2016 Culinary Forevcast outlines popular menu trends for restaurants, including local foods, sustainability, and house made goods.

Five Popular Restaurant Menu Trends
local foods, healthy choices, and food truck cuisine are all popular menu trends among restaurants.




Social Media Marketing for Restaurants
A social media site guide for new restaurants explains how to best use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites.


Top Restaurant Appetizer Trends
The National Restaurant Association's Culinary Forecast 2014 outlines popular appetizers for your restaurant menu.

All About Hiring for Your Restaurant
There are many different types of jobs necessary for the smooth operation of any restaurant. As a restaurant owner or restaurnat manager, you must decide what jobs you want to do and what you want to hire out, such as bookkeeping and accounting.

Restaurant Food Show- What You Need to Know About Attending a Food Trade Show
A restaurant Food Trade Show is a good place for restaurant owners to save money, find new menu items and network with other professionals in the food and beverage industry.

All About Going Green for Restaurants
Different ways restaurants can go green and protect the enviornment, from Energy Star appliances to buying local foods. Offers a list of energy efficient appliances.

Kitchen Equipment Catalogue
A list of useful equipment to stock your restaurant kitchen.

Ideas for Promoting Your Restaurant
Ways to promote your restaurant, including tasting dinners, and busy holidays like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and Restaurant Week.

What to Know about Restaurant Equipment
The benefits of leasing or buying used restaurant equipment, how to set up a restaurant dining room and how to stock a commercial kitchen and bar.

Front of the House Restaurant Equipment Catalogue
From special boards to floor mats, the Front of the House requires a lot of equipment. Here's your guide to signage and essentials for the front of house.

Tips for Opening a New Restaurant
Ten tips for opening a new restaurant, from choosing a restaurant name to buying the right kind of commercial kitchen equipment.

How to Build a Restaurant WebsiteTips for creating a restaurant website
How to build a restaurant website, from free open source software website programs or hiring someone to build your website.

What You Should Know About Customer Service
There are many ways to show customers how much your restaurant appreciates their business, including contests and other promotions.

Guide to Restaurant Catering
Guide to all aspects of restaurant catering, including how to write and price a catering menu and catering equipment checklists.

Everything Guide To Catering by Joyce Weinberg Review
The Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Catering Business by Joyce Weinberg is a resource for people interested in opening their own restaurant

How to Write a Restaurant Employee Manual
How to write a restaurant employee manual for new servers, kitchen staff and bartenders. Be sure to include food safety, harassment and job policies.

All About Managing a Restaurant
Managing a restaurant requires many different job skills from cooking, human resources, customer service and other management.

What is a Family Style Restaurant Concept
Family style dining is a popular restaurant concept used by many US chains including 99, Appleebees, and LongHorn Steakhouse.

Month by Month Advertising Guide for Restaurants
Guide to effective month by month advertising for a restaurant, including dinner specials, prix fixe menus and restaurant promotions.

Month by Month Advertising Guide for Restaurants
Guide to effective month by month advertising for a restaurant, including dinner specials, prix fixe menus and restaurant promotions. Page 2.

Basics of Restaurant Catering
Catering is a good way for restaurants to boost sales and expose their food and service to a wider audience.

Suoer Easy Promotion Ideas for Your Restauant
There are many different types of restaurant promotions that can bring in new business, such as themed dinners, happy hour and live entertainment.

10 Restaurant Tips- Ten tips for opening a new restaurant
Ten tips for opening a new restaurant, from choosing a restaurant name to buying the right kind of commerical kitchen equipment. Page 3.

10 Tips for Opening a Restaurant
Ten tips for opening a new restaurant, from choosing a restaurant name to buying the right kind of commerical kitchen equipment. Page 2.

verywell. Restauranting.

Before You Open a New Restaurant
Information on what to do before you opening a new restaurant.

Restaurant Food Trucks
Restaurant Food Trucks. Restauranting.

Pop Up Restaurants
Pop Up Restaurants. Restauranting.

Fine Dining
Fine dining is always a popular restaurant concept.

Restaurant Franchises and Chains
Restaurant franchises and chains offer turn-key opportunities for someone looking to open their own restaurant.

How to Start a Self-Catering Business
Plan for starting a self-catering business, including how to hire staff, buy catering equipment and obtain licenses, permits and insurance.

Business Plans
Advice and tips for writing a restaurant-specific business plan.

Guide to Advertising for a Restaurant
Complete guide to designing an advertising campaign for both new and exisitinig restaurants.

Menu Pricing
How to price your restaurant menu

Sample Restaurant Menus
A collection of sample menus for all types of restaurants, from casual to fine dining.

Restaurant Menu Trends
Hot trends for restaurant menus, bars and service.

Local Foods Menu Ideas
Local food menu trends. Restauranting.

Month by Month Restaurant Menu Ideas
Menu Ideas for each month. Restauranting.

Easy ways to make restaurant kids menus healther.
Ten ingredients that improve the health of kids’ restaurant menus, including whole grains, low fat milk and yogurt and fresh fruit and vegetables. These are low cost ideas that will help restaurants stay in line with food costs.

Creating Healthier Childrens Menus
Ten ingredients that improve the health of kids’ restaurant menus, including whole grains, low fat milk and yogurt and fresh fruit and vegetables. These are low cost ideas that will help restaurants stay in line with food costs. Page 2.

Catering Equipment Checklist
Checklist for catering small and large events in a restaurant or off premise.

The Basics of Up-Selling Menu Items
How to train restaurant staff to up-sell menu items to increase restaurant profits and offer good customer service.

Menu Design. How to design a restaurant menu.
How to design your restaurant menu and maximize profits. Menu design and placement plays an important role in restaurant sales.

Restaurant Catering Business Rules for Success
The basics of starting a restaurant catering business including writing a menu, creating contracts and guidelines for customers, and time management.

Choosing the right location is a vital part of opening a restaurant.

All About Restaurant Financial Basics
Restaurant financial basics include a strong business plan, cash flow, daily reports and identifying problems before they get out of control.

10 Things You Should Know About Catering
Catering can help you get a start in the restaurant business or can help an exisiting restaurant grow its customer base. Here's 10 things to know.

Catering: Common FAQs (Equipment, Pricing, Leftovers)
A complete catering FAQ including questions about contracts, equipment, staff wages, how to portion your meals and how to get the word out.

Restaurant Catering
Restaurant Catering. Restauranting.

FAQ Restaurant Menu
restaurant menu. Restauranting.

FAQ Restaurant Social Media
Frequently asked questions about how restaurants benefit from social media.

Restaurant Location
Restaurant Location. Restauranting.

Managing Daily Restaurant Finances
Keep your restaurant profitable by managing daily finances, such as restaurant cash flow, daily business reviews and restaurant payrolls.

All About HACCP For Restaurant Kitchens
Learn about the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program to help reduce the chances of food poisoning in restaurants and food distribution.

Understanding Restaurant Cash Flow
Knowing how much actual cash you have at your restaurant can help better track your restaurant sales and keep your budget in line.

Advertising on a Budget
Simple ways to advertise for your restaurant when on a budget.

Benefits of Leasing Restaurant Equipment
Leasing restaurant equipment may be a better option for a new restaurant owner, then buying new restaurant equipment.

10 Things to Know About Restaurant Management
Restaurant management involves public relations, dealing with staff, inventory and customer service. Here are ten 10 things you should know.

The Basics of Restaurant Tipping and Dining Gratuity
Differences between restaurant tipping, gratuity and service charges. How bad tips hurt the whole restaurant, not just the servers.

Sample Restaurant Comment Card to Make Your Own
Sample of a restaurant comment card that restaurant owners can use to gauge customer service and handle customer complaints.

Tips on How To Deal With Drunk Customers
How to deal with drunk customers at your new restaurant and how to train staff to serve liquor safely and responsibly.

How to Create a Customer Comment Card
How to create a customer comment card that can help pinpoint customer service problems within a restaurant.

Save Your Restaurant Money
Ways to save your restaurant money and how to avoid common financial problems facing restaurants.

History of Restaurants
History of Restaurants. Restauranting.

How to Prevent Employee Theft at a Restaurant
Six steps to preventing employee theft in restaurants, from tracking food and alcohol sales to installing security cameras.

Opening Your Own Small Restaurant
Basics of opening a small restaurant, which requires less capital start up and overhead than a larger restaurant.

Restaurant Catering Menus
Sample catering menus and tips for creating your own restaurant catering menu.

All About Outsourcing in Your Restaurant
Consider outsourcing your website, laundry, taxes, payroll and kitchen cleaning as part of owning a restaurant.

All About Restaurant Promotions
Restaurant Promotions are a great way to bring in extra business.

Restaurant Design
Information about the design of a new restaurant, from the layout of the kitchen to the dining room and bar.

Restaurant Names
Find information about choosing a restaurant name as well as information about famous restaurant names.

How to Start Your Own Restaurant
Opening a new restaurant requires big steps like writing a business plan, finding a restaurant space to rent, and planning a menu.

How to Market Within Your Restaurant-- all about Advertising Tips for Restaurant Customers
Once customers walk through your restaurant door, it's an opportunity to advertise upcoming events, menu specials, and any other promotions you have planned. In-house restaurant marketing is an inexpensive way to keep customers coming back.

Tips for Showing Customer Appreciation
Tips for showing customer appreciation, including getting to know your regular customers and dealing with customer complaints.

Guide to Restaurant Customer Service
How to Restaurants Can Give Great Customer Service, from showing customer appreciation to how to handle drunk customers and customer complaints.

10 Signs You Should Own a Restaurant- How to Tell if You Could be a Restaurant Owner
There are certain signs show you could be a restaurant owner, such as calculating food cost in your head, close attention to dining room details and writing menus in your spare time.

How to Save Money When Opening a New Restaurant
There are many ways to save money when opening a new restaurant, including buying used commercial kitchen equipment and using social media for advertising.

How to Handle Customer Complaints in Restaurants
Tips for handling customer complaints. Send your customers home happy with a free round of drinks or a free dessert.

Daily Business Review for Restaurants
Daily Business Review for Restaurants is great for tracking sales, payroll, food cost and invetory.

NRA What's Hot Menu Trends
Popular trends for restaurant menus.

Menu Trends
Popular restaurant menu trends. Restauranting.

Is Buying an Existing Restaurant Worth the Price?
If your dream is to one day own your restaurant, you may have considered buying an existing restaurant that is for sale. However, before you buy anything, understand exactly what it is you are buying. Are you buying the actual restaurant, location and all? Are you buying the name of the restaurant or just the location or just the equipment? Read on for the basics of what you are really buying with an existing restaurant.

Monthly Restaurant Ideas
Monthly restaurant advertising ideas

How Can I Go Green at My Restaurant?
How to go green at your restaurant without spending a lot of money.

Advertise a New Restaurant - Creating an Effective Plan
New restaurants should be using social media to leverage their advertising budget, taking advantage of free sites like Facebook, to reach new customers.

Owning a Restaurant - How to Be Realistic
Smart management of cash flow, prudent use of credit and know when to close your restaurant.

Restaurant Wedding Catering BasicsHow to Cater a Wedding
Wedding catering is no small affair. Restaurants who offer wedding catering services need to be organized and well staffed. Having the right equipment for a wedding is also important.

Reader Question- what is better, to buy used restaurant equipment or buy it new?
readers ask which is a better option when opening a new restaurant, buying new commercial equipment or purchasing used restaurant equipment?

All About Hiring for a Restaurant
How to hire for a new restaurant, including chefs, bartenders, front of the house and other back of the house positions.

Stocking A Restaurant - Tips For Stocking A Restaurant
Tips for buying or leasing restaurant equipment and how to save money when opening a new restaurant.

Restaurant Legal Basics
All about opening a restaurant and insurance, liquor licenses, and other legal areas new restaurant owners should know about.

Popular Wedding Menu Trends
Restaurants that offer wedding catering services can increase their sales and build a bigger customer base.

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Restaurants
Restaurant marketing ideas for the holidays

10 Things to Know about Restaurant Equipment
The benefits of leasing or buying used restaurant equipment, how to set up a restaurant dining room and how to stock a commercial kitchen and bar.

Understanding Restaurant Expenses
Understanding food cost and labor costs for a new restaurant to help keep expenses in line and make a profit.

Instagram and Restaurants
How to use Instagram to promote your restaurant.

Social Marketing for Restaurants
How to use social media marketing at your restaurant.

Using Pinterest at Your Restaurant

Restaurant How To Guides - How to create, open, staff and manage a new restaurant
Here are step-by-step guides that outline every aspect of opening and managing a restaurant. Find everything you need to write a restaurant business plan, purchase commercial equipment and market your new restaurant.

The Beginners' Guide to Starting a Catering Business
Beginners guide for starting a new catering business, writing a menu, creating a business plan and marketing through social media

Beginners' Guide to Buying a Restaurant
How do you know when buying a restaurant is a good idea? Why is the restaurant for sale? Does the restaurant make money?

Is Your Restaurant Pinteresting?
How restaurants can use Pinterest to engage more customers. Page 2.

Do You Need a Restaurant Website?
How to create an effective restaurant website. Page 5.

How to Use Facebook for Your Restaurant
How restaurants can use Facebook to engage more customers. Page 4.

Promote Your Menu Through Instagram
How restaurants can use Instagram to engage more customers. Page 3.

Three Things You Should be Doing to Market Your Restaurant
Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook offer restaurants lots of marketing options.

Special Promotional Ideas for Restaurants. Capitalize on busy times like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.
Special promotional ideas for restaurants capitalize on holidays and other special events that happen throughout the year. Details how to write special menus and take reservations for busy times, like New Years Eve and Mothers Day.

Restaurant Seating - All About Buying Chairs and Booths for Your Restaurant
How to choose restaurant seating for a new restaurant. Consider the design of your restaurant, size of the dining room and your budget when choosing restaurant seating.

How the Millennial Generation is Changing Restaurants
The Millennial generation is changing the way restaurants do businesses. Millennial dining trends include local, exotic.


Restaurant Cleaning
Keep your restaurant looking good for customers.

Back of the House
Description of jobs in the back of the house of a restaurant.

Staff Management
Staff Management. Restauranting.

Front of the House
How to staff the front of the house in a new restaurant.

Front of the House Equipment. Everything a new restaurant needs in a dining room and bar.
Equipment and advice a new restaurant needs for setting up the front of the house, including the dining room, restaurant bar and waiting area.

New vs. Used Equipment
Tips for buying both new and used equipment.

Stocking a Restaurant Kitchen. What a restaurant needs by kitchen stations, line and equipment
Description of everything a new commercial restaurant kitchen needs to open. Different kitchen stations and their commercial equipment.

Combining two liquid ingredients that don’t dissolve into one another, such as oil and vinegar, together with a fork or whisk.

Restaurant Glossary K-N - Common Restaurant Terms
Guide definitions for common restaurant industry terms from K to N.

Restaurant Glossary O-S - Common Restaurant Terms
Guide definitions for common restaurant industry terms from O to S.

Restaurant Glossary T-Z
Guide definitions for common restaurant industry terms from T to Z.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
All the restaurant equipment you need for a commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Glossary F-J - Common Restaurant Terms
Guide definitions for common restaurant industry terms from F to J.

Equipment Checklists
Equipment checklists for opening a new restaurant.

Restaurant Glossary A-E- Common Restaurant Terms
Guide definitions for common restaurant industry terms from A to E.

State by State Restaurant Resources. Restaurant associations, liquor licenses, minimum wage laws.
List of resources for restaurants, organized by state.

Restaurant Magazines
Magazines that cover every aspect of the restaurant industry, from menu trends to up and coming chefs.

Restaurant Related TV
Television shows that focus on different kinds of restaurants.

Business Insurance
What restaurant owners need to know about business insurance and workers compensation.

Green Restaurant Resources
Resources for restaurants looking to go green through changes in policies, menus, and equipment.

Health & Safety Laws
Laws, codes and regulations pertaining to safe food handling.

Restaurant Related Books
Books that profile successful restaurateurs and how they got their businesses up and running.

Definition of Cocktail. Restauranting.

Definition of Dejeuner. Restauranting.

Del Giorno
Definition of Del Giorno. Restauranting.

Definition of Pareve. Restauranting.

Restaurant Concepts
There are many restaurant concepts to choose from when opening a new restaurant, including franchise chains and independent restaurants.

Glossary of Cooking Terms
Glossary of common cooking terms used in a restaurant kitchen.

Glossary of Restaurant Terms - Common Restaurant Terms
List of common words used in the restaurant business. Popular terms used in a restaurant kitchen as well as by the front of the house staff.