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Tools, Materials and Skills Required
Install vented soffit panels in your wood soffits to add natural ventilation to your home. This step by step guide will walk you through the process.

Determine Where To Drill Ventilation Holes in Your Soffits
In order to ventilate your wood soffit you must first determine where you can safely drill holes in your existing wood soffit.

Drill Holes In Wood Soffit
Use a chalk line and measurements from an interior inspection to determine where to drill your ventilation holes in your wood soffit.

Reinstall or Resecure Existing Soffit Fixtures
When installing ventilated soffit panels you may need to relocate or resecure any existing soffit fixtures such as lights or speakers.

Install J-Channel for Vented Soffit
Install j-channel on your wood soffit to hold vented soffit panels in place and conceal edges to complete the vented soffit panel installation.

Install Vented Soffit Panels
Once your j-channel is installed on your soffit, cut vented soffit panels to fit and install in j-channel.

Roof Leaks
Roofing professional expert advice and recommendations on finding, diagnosing and fixing roof leaks.

Flat Roof Repair
Expert advice and tips on how to perform flat roof repairs including rubber roof repairs, tar roof repairs, flat roof leak repair and flashing repairs. Easy to follow instructions from professional roofers make flat roof repairs easy to understand.

Maintaining Your Roof
Tips on roof maintenance including cedar shake roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs and shingle roofs. Roof maintenance is critical to extending your roof's life.

Metal Roof Repair
Expert advice on how to repair metal roof systems. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions written by roofing professionals make tackling DIY metal roof repairs easy. Topics include metal roof repair coating, metal roof leak repair, metal flashing repair and more.

Roof Drainage
Get advice on roof drainage systems, gutter size selection, gutter and downspout repairs and installation, and maintenance of gutter and roof drainage systems.

Roof Slate Repair
Tips and expert advice on roof slate repairs, roof slate replacement and proper tools and materials needed for roofing slate repairs.

Roof Ventilation
Poor roof ventilation can damage your roof and raise your energy bills. Learn more about roof ventilation and proper ventilation installation and repair tips.

Roofing Construction Basics
Learn about different types of roof systems, how insulation can affect your energy bills, and gain an understanding of the different types of roof construction.

Roofing Glossary
A comprehensive glossary of roofing terminology including residential roofing and technical roofing terms.

Roofing Product Reviews
Expert reviews on new roofing products from roofing professionals from the best in shingles to what roof repair materials to use for your roofing project.

Selecting a Roofing Contractor
When choosing a roofing contractor it's important to understand how to evaluate the roofing contractor that may be doing the work to protect your investment.

Shingle Repair
Tips on repairing or replacing loose shingles and shingle leak repair. Expert step-by-step shingle repair guides make do-it-yourself shingle repairs simple.

Wood Shingle Repair
Tips and expert advice on wood shingle repair including repairs and replacement of wood shingles, cedar shake and wood shake roofs. Step-by-step repair instructions for wood shingle repairs from roofing professionals make your do-it-yourself roof repair job easy.

Using Infrared to Locate Leaks in Your Roof
Roof leaks can elude even the most experienced roofing professional. Many of these hard to solve leaks have been resolved through the use of infrared scanning.


How to Ensure Proper Roof Ventilation in Your Attic
Without proper ventilation, the interior temperature of your attic space can be intensely different than the exterior roof temperature leading to premature failure of the roof system.

Help! How Do I Determine What Is Causing My Roof Leak?
The source of the roof leak on the outside of the home rarely matches where the leak appears on the inside of the home.

Repairing a Hole in a Metal Roof System
Repairs to the surface of a metal roof system can prove to be one of the more difficult repairs to complete.

How to Repair an Ice Dam in Your Gutter
One of the most challenging issues facing homeowners is how to deal with ice damming. The effects of ice damming can be extensive including interior damage and structural damage to the home.

How do I Repair my Asphalt Flat Roof?
General repairs to an asphalt built-up roof system can be accomplished quickly and effectively in order to minimize the water entry into the home or building.

Difference Between Closed & Open Roof Valleys
In order to understand what makes a roof valley either closed or open, it is important to understand how a valley is constructed.

Roof Repairs
Expert advice and recommendations on repairing multiple roof systems such as shingles, rubber roofs, metal roofs, slate roof repairs, and gutters.

Roof Tile Repair
Tips and expert advice on roof tile repairs including Spanish roof tiles, barrel tile repair for the do-it-yourself roofer.

Roofing Safety
Roofing safety tips and safety topics for roofing repairs and installations. Education on the proper safety procedures for do-it-yourself roof repairs.

Install Non-Penetrating Snow Stops (Metal Roof System)
Metal roof systems are prone to snow build-up and sliding due to their smooth surface which does not provide any resistance to the snow sliding off of the roof.

Roof Scupper - Definition
A roof scupper is a flat roof drainage device in the form of an outlet through a roof wall.

Go Clean Your Roof!
One of the most important and overlooked components of homes that require maintenance is the roof system and the drainage system associated with your roof.

Why do my Wood Shingles Curl?
Wood shingles are a natural wood product. As with any wood product, they do soak up moisture through the surfaces of the wood shingles.

The Rise and Fall of Asbestos Shingles
Many buildings still have asbestos shingles on their roofs and if they are in good condition and left undisturbed, most times are not a serious problem.

Gable (Roof Gable)
A roof gable is the vertical triangular portion of the end of a sloped roof system.

Criteria of the Best Roofing Contractor
Follow these simple guidelines to help you select a professional roofing company to complete your project.

Choosing a Roofing Material
When it comes to choosing a new roof system material, there are a variety of options available, from asphalt shingles to energy efficient reflective roofs.

How Do I Eliminate Algae Growth on my Roof?
Algae and moss growth on your roof system can cause damage to the surface of various types of roofing products and lead to premature failure of your roof.

How Do I Maintain My Metal Roof System?
Each metal roof type has a unique set of characteristics that affect the life expectancy of the roof system and how each metal roof type should be maintained.

How to Deal With Ice Dams on Homes
Ice dams are created by snow on the roof that melts and backs up under the roofing shingles.

The Who, What and Why of Preparing Your Roof for Winter
Ensuring your roof is ready for the season is critical, especially if you live in an area with harsh winter weather.

Ridge (Roof Ridge) Definition and Illustration
The ridge is the outer horizontal angle where two sloped roofs meet.

CertainTeed Symphony Slate Synthetic Roofing Review
Product review on CertainTeed's synthetic slate line - Symphony Slate

Installing Gutter Heat Tape
The installation of gutter heat tape to your roof can help prevent damages caused by ice dams.

How to Install a Ridge Vent on Your Roof
Achieve natural ventilation by adding a ridge vent to your roof. This article will show you how to install a ridge vent on your roof system.

Safely Gain Access to Your Roof’s Ridge Line
Learn how to safely gain access to your roof ridge along with what materials and tools are needed to install a roof ridge vent.

Remove Existing Roof Ridge Material
In order to install a roof ridge vent on your home or building you first need to remove the existing ridge material.

Cut Opening for Ventilation in Ridge Line
To install a roof ridge vent on a roof with no existing roof ridge vent it is necessary to cut an opening in the roof ridge line.

Reinstall Field Shingles
After installation of a roof ridge vent re-install the shingles to the field of the roof that were removed to allow the roof vent installation.

Install Ridge Vent on Roof
Steps on how to install a roof ridge vent on your home or building. Both shingle over roof ridge vent and aluminum roof ridge vent options are shown here.

How to Hire a Contractor
Replacing your roof has a lot of tasks involved that need to be addressed. Without addressing these tasks you can compromise your project.

The Five Most Common Problem Areas of a Roof System
Although a roof system can suffer a multitude of issues, here are the five most common problems a roof is susceptible to.

How to Replace an Asphalt Shingle
Step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself shingle replacement and shingle repair. Instructions include tools and materials needed for shingle replacement and shingle repair.

Shingle Replacement Instructions
Step-by-step shingle replacement guide

Shingle Replacement Instructions
Step-by-step shingle replacement guide

Shingle Replacement Instructions
Step-by-step shingle replacement guide

How to Replace a Broken Slate Tile
Need to replace a broken or missing slate tile on your roof? This step-by-step guide will help you repair your slate roof correctly and efficiently.

Remove Damaged Slate Tile
Steps on how to correctly and safely remove a broken roof slate tile. Page 2.

Verify Replacement Slate Tile Size
Steps on how to ensure your replacement slate roof tile is the correct size. Page 3.

Install Replacement Slate Tile
Steps for installing a new replacement slate roof tile. Page 4.

Install Copper Slip Under Replacement Slate
Installing a copper slip is an important part of slate tile replacement. Page 5.

How to Replace a Roof Pipe Flashing Collar
Step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself roof pipe flashing collar replacement and repair. Instructions include tools and materials needed for pipe collar replacement and repair.

Remove Damaged or Deteriorated Pipe Flashing Collar
Steps on how to remove a damaged or leaking roof vent pipe collar. Page 2.

Install New Pipe Flashing Collar
Steps on how to install a new roof vent pipe neoprene collar. Page 3.

Reinstall Shingles around Roof Pipe
Shingle reinstallation steps for roof pipe collar replacement. Page 4.

Finalize and Seal Roof Vent Collar Repair
Steps on how to finalize a roof vent neoprene collar replacement. Page 5.

What products can't be used on my rubber roof?
Using improper materials or methods to repair and maintain your flat EPDM roof system can lead to roof damage as well as premature failure of your roof system.

Roof Repair Patch Preparation
The next step in repairing your EPDM rubber roof system is to properly prepare the roof surface to receive the repair patch. Page 2.

Sizing and Cutting of the Roof Repair Patch
Allow the roof repair patch material to extend past the area where the repair is required at least 2 inches in all directions. Page 3.

Priming the Roof Repair Area
The next step in applying the patch after properly cleaning the roof surface is to apply a thin coat of primer to the membrane surface. Page 4.

Installation of the Roof Repair Patch
Roof repair materials are sold as either standard membrane which requires separate adhesive or pressure sensitive material with pre-applied adhesive. Page 5.

Underlayment Roofing Glossary Term
Underlayment is primarily used to separate the roof covering from the roof deck.

When Do I Coat My Roof System?
Roof coating applications, also known as roof sealant, are relatively simple projects and can be completed by most homeowners and building owners.

Hip (Roof Hip)
The hip is the outer vertical angle where two sloped roofs meet.