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Purchasing Carpeting to Install on Stairs
There are many important considerations for installing carpet on stairs, such as the direction of the carpet pile, the quality of the carpet, and the optional finishes such as stringers and installation method. Learn about all of these considerations, and how to make the best selection for your stairs.


Guide to Purchasing Carpet
A guide to purchasing carpet, including determing quality, understanding product warranties, pricing and style.

The Dos and Don'ts of Choosing a Carpet
Tips from a carpet professional on what to do, and what not to do, when shopping for new carpet, in order to get the best carpet for your home.

Rugs by Room
An overview of which types of carpet and area rugs work best in each room of the home. Explores carpeting options for living rooms, family rooms, basements, bedrooms, hallways, stairs, and offices.

The Best Carpet for Stairs
Take a look at what makes a carpet ideal for stairs, whether you can use berber on steps, and why thick carpet won't work on the stair.

Characteristics of Triexta PTT Carpet Fiber
Triexta PTT is a new carpet fiber used in Sorona SmartStrand. Learn about its characteristics and how triexta compares to nylon and polyester fibers.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Carpet Style & Color Trends for 2016
A look at what carpet styles and colors are hot for 2016 and into 2017.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Area Rugs
An overview of different styles of area rugs including oriental and persian rugs. Tips on how to select the right rug for your space.

Should You Get an Area Rug? 5 Benefits of Rugs
Area rugs offer many benefits that go beyond style. If you are not sure whether to put an area rug over your floor, then read this to learn more.

Berber Carpets: Description, Pros and Cons
Why is looped carpet so popular? Can you have berber with pets? Learn all about berber carpet, including cost, durability, and when you might not want it.

Best Carpet for Home Office
Before you buy carpet for your home office, read these tips on choosing the best carpet.

Review of Bissell Stomp 'n Go Stain Lifting Pads
This review provides an honest and in-depth look at Bissell's stain lifting pads, including how to use them and how effective they are.

Polyurethane Foam Carpet Underlay
Learn how to choose a polyurethane foam carpet cushion, including prime foam, frothed foam, and bonded

Sponge Rubber Carpet Underlay
Learn why you may want to consider rubber carpet cushion underlay, and the different types, including waffled rubber and flat sponge rubber.

9 Secrets to Having Clean Carpet
Learn the 9 simple tips to help keep your carpet and area rugs looking clean and beautiful.

5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Carpet
Want your carpet to look good and last a long time? Then make sure you never do these 5 things.

How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet
Instructions and tips on how to remove nail polish from carpet.

Mohawk’s Blended Triexta/PET Polyester Carpet Collection
Mohawk's triexta/PET polyester carpet provides unique colorations, but is it as durable as SmartStrand carpet? Mohawk's Seth Arnold explains.

Review of Indulgence from Bliss by Beaulieu
Indulgence by Beaulieu Bliss is a collection of high-end nylons offering superior warranties. Explore the features of this carpet brand and find out if it is right for you.

Choosing an Area Rug Pattern
How do you decide on a pattern for your rug? Should you have a lot of pattern, or none at all? Review these tips for choosing your area rug pattern.

Choosing an Area Rug Color
The color of your area rug can have a big impact on your room. Learn tips for choosing a color according to the overall feel you want in the room.

Carpet Fibers 101: Wool
Wool is a natural carpet fiber, and it has some major differences from synthetic fibers such as nylon. Learn about the wool's durability, stain resistance and cost.

Guide to Choosing an Outdoor Area Rug
Tips for choosing an outdoor rug, including fiber type, size, and style.

All About Saxony Carpet
Saxony is the classic residential carpet style. Is it suitable for your home? Learn about this traditional style, and the more contemporary trackless version of saxony.

Renter-Friendly Carpet
These types of carpet are the best options for renters - they will save you money and hassle, and you can take most of them with you!

How to Select an Area Rug Size
The right-sized area rug will create the perfect finishing touch to your room. To help you determine the best size of rug, read these guidelines and helpful tips.

Pros and Cons of Cut and Loop Carpet
An explanation of a cut and loop style of carpet, including the pros and cons. Find out why cut and loop may not be the best style for your home.

Facts About Olefin (Polypropylene) Carpet Fiber
Learn the facts about olefin (polypropylene) carpet fiber, including stain resistance, cost, and how durable it really is.

Magic Fresh Odor-Reducing Treatment by Beaulieu
Magic Fresh is a carpet treatment by Beaulieu that reduces odors by breaking down odor molecules. Is it safe? Is it permanent? Learn about Magic Fresh.

Reverse Carpet Pile
Reverse carpet pile occurs when the pile of the carpet runs in opposite directions. Learn about this, how it happens, and how it can possibly be prevented.

A Guide to the Best Time of Year to Buy Carpet
What time of year is the best to buy carpet? When do the biggest sales happen? When do the latest styles come out? Learn these answers, and more!

Stair Carpeting Installation Guide and Tips
Detailed instructions on how to install carpet on stairs, including how to do a French cap, how to cut carpet around stair posts, and how to install carpet on curved stairs.

Guide to Installing Carpet Over Underpad
Learn about installing carpet over underpad, including how to install tack strips, stretching the carpet, and joining the seams.

5 Things to Ask Your Carpet Retailer
Decide where to buy your carpet and find the best retailer by asking these 5 questions. Learn what to watch out for when choosing a carpet seller.

Guide to Choosing a Carpet Color
This color guide shows you how to look at your lifestyle, and your lighting, to help determine the best carpet color for your home.

How Carpet Improves Asthma and Allergy Symptoms
Carpet has a bad rep when it comes to alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms. But is it justified? Learn about the scientific studies that have determined that carpet may actually improve allergy and asthma symptoms.

Should You Buy a Carpet Remnant to Save Money?
Remnants can save you money when buying carpet. But are they worth the risk? Read about the pros and cons of carpet remnants that you may not have considered.

Carpet Density
Definition of carpet density, how to calculate it, and the minimum you should look for in a carpet.

Prepping Your Stairs to Install Carpet
Before you install carpet on stairs, you must first prep the stairs. Find out what tools you will need, how to fix squeaky stairs, and what steps to take before beginning the carpet installation.

Removing Carpet from Stairs
Removing existing carpet from stairs is pretty straightforward, but don't overlook these key tips.

The Carpet vs. Hardwood Debate
To help you choose between carpet and hardwood flooring, this article looks at which is better in terms of cost, allergies, style and safety.

Why Carpet Shouldn't be Judged on Weight
When does a carpet's face weight matter, and when is the salesperson just trying to up-sell you? Learn why you shouldn't judge carpet quality on weight alone.

How to Restretch Your Carpet
Learn how to get the ripples and wrinkles out of your carpet with these step-by-step instructions.

How to Save Money on Carpet
Learn how to save money on your carpet, and which things you should never skimp on.

Tips on How to Choose a Carpet
Use this helpful guide to understand carpet features, and know how to choose the style, fiber, color, and quality of carpet, as well as underlay.

Biggest Mistakes When Buying Carpet
The biggest mistakes you can make when shopping for new carpet -- and how to avoid them.

Determining Carpet Quality
A guide to understanding how to determine the quality of a carpet, including density, twist, face weight, fiber type, and style of carpet.

Guide to Residential Carpet Styles
An explanation of the different carpet styles available, including berber, frieze, saxony, trackless, and cut and loop, and which decor to use them in.

5 Reasons to Have Your Area Rug Made Out of Broadloom
Looking for an area rug? Find out why you may be better off having your area rug custom made out of wall-to-wall carpeting than buying a pre-made rug off the store racks.

Stair Term Definitions
Definitions of the common terms used for stairs, such as box, cap, winder, bullnose, birdcage and stringer.

Most Common Options for Carpet Finishing
There are several options for finishing carpet to make area rugs, including binding, serging and fringing. Learn about these types of finishing.

What Causes Carpet to Buckle?
Learn what commonly causes carpet to ripple, and how to prevent it.

The Best Carpet for the Family Room
Tips for choosing the best carpet for your family room, great room or living room.

Carpet That Won't Show Footprints
Looking for a carpet that won't show footprints or vacuum marks? Have a look at these styles of carpet, designed to reduce shading.

Carpet Buying Guide
Information and tips on how to choose the right carpet for your home, including descriptions of fiber types, carpet styles, and important questions you should ask.

Guide to Synthetic Carpet Fibers
The pros and cons of the most common synthetic carpet fibers, including nylon, PET polyester, PTT triexta, and olefin/polypropylene.

Carpet Installation
An overview of the basics of planning and completing carpet installation, with tips and tricks used by the pros.

Rugs and Carpets - Tips for Buying, Cleaning, and Installing
Find tips on buying broadloom and area rugs, learn how to clean spills and install carpet, and see the latest carpet trends at Rugs and Carpets

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Review
My review of Mohawk SmartStrand triexta carpet, including durability, stain resistance, environmental friendliness, and style options.

Pros and Cons of Frieze Carpet
Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of frieze carpet, as well as what to look for in a frieze, and where you might want to use it in your home.

Carpet Steam Cleaning: Professional vs. DIY
When you have to steam clean your carpet, should you call a professional cleaner, or do it yourself? Learn the pros and cons of each method of carpet cleaning.

Guide to Choosing a Carpet Runner for Stairs
A guide to choosing a carpet runner for stairs, including how wide the runner should be, what type of pattern works best, and what type of pad it needs.

Reappearing Carpet Stains: Causes and Solutions
The causes of reappearing carpet stains, wicking and soiling, explained. Learn how to prevent them, and how to clean the spots that keep coming back.

Choose the Best Area Rug for Your Dining Room
Follow these tips for choosing a dining room area rug, including the best size for under the dining table, the ideal pattern style, and best fiber type.

5 Carpet Hacks to Keep Your Rugs Like New
5 easy tricks to keep your carpet and area rugs clean, fresh, and looking good.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance
How to clean stains and spills on your carpet, and tips for keeping your carpet beautiful.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Carpet?
A list of the different places to buy carpet, such as big-box and retail stores, and how they compare in terms of price, service and selection of broadloom.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Guide to Choosing Carpet from a Home Builder
How to choose carpet from a builder when buying a new home: should you get the builder's standard carpet, or upgrade, or even opt out completely?

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

How to Correctly Vacuum Your Carpet
Are you vacuuming your carpet the right way? Here are the steps you should be taking, including proper vacuum selection, technique, and vacuuming stairs.

What is the Easiest Carpet to Clean?
A comparison of carpet fibers and styles to determine what type of carpet is the most stain resistant and the easiest to clean.

Measuring and Calculating Carpet for Stairs
Instructions on how to accurately measure your stairs and figure out how much carpet you need for your staircase.

Why Carpet is Better Than Hardwood for Bedrooms
A look at why carpet is the best choice for bedroom floors, including people with breathing problems, and why carpet is safer than hardwood.

Top Decor Trends from 2015 Carried Into 2016
Trend forecasters at Scarlet Opus share their top trends for home decor and design for 2015-2016.

2015 DesignTrend: Historical Glamour
Learn how to make colors such as Marsala work with this decor trend in your home.

2015 DesignTrend: Nature Luxe
This big trend for 2015 features a soft color palette and even softer textures.

2015 DesignTrend: Wild Urbanism
This trend, big in 2015 with designers and architects, brings natural and urban elements together in home decor.

Carpet Fibers
An explanation of the different types of fibers used in carpeting such as nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin and wool, and their advantages and drawbacks.

The Definition of Greige Carpet
The term greige carpet could refer to a trendy carpet color, or to the unfinished fiber product. Learn about both definitions of greige carpet.

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Carpet
How to make sure you don't choose the wrong carpet, and tips for helping you determine the best carpet for your home.

What to Do if You Chose the Wrong Carpet
What to do when you don't like the new carpet you have purchased, and tips to make sure you choose the right carpet.

The Best Carpet for the Basement
Which type of carpet is best for basements, and when you should avoid carpet in the basement altogether.

Brand Profiles and Reviews
Profiles and reviews of popular carpet brands and related products.

The Definition of Broadloom
Learn what the term broadloom means, and how wall-to-wall carpet is sold.

How to Choose Carpet from a Small Sample
Tips from a carpet professional on how to choose a carpet, when all you have to choose from is a tiny swatch or carpet sample.

Kanga-Back: Carpet Featuring Attached Foam Pad
Kanga carpet with attached polyurethane foam pad is inexpensive and easy to install, making it ideal for DIY projects. Just don't expect it to last forever.

How to Install Kanga-Back Carpet
Kanga-Back carpets with attached pad are perfect for DIY projects. Follow these simple wall-to-wall installation instructions, or try the no-install option!

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Painting a DIY Area Rug: What Not to Do
A step-by-step guide to my experience spray painting a striped rug, including the mistakes I made, and what you should do instead.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

5 Tips for Buying Carpet on a Budget
5 tips to help you stay in budget when buying new carpet, and still manage to get a good-quality carpet.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and Carpets.

A Simple Explanation of Solution Dyeing
Learn about solution dyeing with this simple explanation, and understand the pros and cons of a solution-dyed carpet.

What is the Difference between Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction?
Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are two terms used to describe carpet cleaning. Learn the difference between them, and which one is best for carpet.

Installing Carpet on Stairs
A guide to installing carpet on all stair types, as well as how to calculate the amount of carpet needed, and prep the stairs before installation.

A Comparison of Carpet Fibers
Are synthetic or natural fibers better for carpet? Here are the most common carpet fiber types, and a comparison of natural and synthetic carpet traits.

Understand Carpet Face Weight
The definition of carpet face weight, and an explanation of what it really means, and how it should be used when comparing carpet qualities.

How to Measure for Carpet Properly
Simple instructions on how to properly and accurately measure for carpet, as well as how to convert square feet to square yards.

Experimenting With Cranberry Juice on SmartStrand and Polyester Carpets
See what happens when cranberry juice is poured on SmartStrand Forever Clean triexta carpet and on traditional polyester carpet.

Cleaning Cranberry Juice from SmartStrand Triexta and Polyester Carpets
How easily does cranberry juice clean from polyester and SmartStrand triexta carpet? Find out in this experiment.

SmartStrand Triexta vs. Polyester Carpet After the Cranberry Juice
After pouring cranberry juice on SmartStrand triexta and traditional polyester carpets, see which one cleaned up better.

Comparing SmartStrand Triexta and Polyester Carpet
An experiment to see if Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet really is more stain resistant than a Mohawk polyester carpet. See the results.

How to Measure and Figure Out How Much Carpet You Need
A simple but comprehensive explanation of how to measure for carpet and calculate how much carpet you need, including accounting for direction and seams.

How to Calculate Pattern Match in Carpet
Patterned carpet that requires a seam, will also require extra carpet to line up the pattern. Here is how to determine the pattern match of a carpet.

Have a Professional Measure for Your Carpet
Calculating your carpet requirements can be tricky. Here's why you may want to have a professional do the work for you.

How to Handle Rooms Wider Than the Roll of Carpet
How to calculate for carpet when your room is larger than the size of the roll of carpet.

Account for Pile Direction When Measuring for Carpet
Learn how the direction of the carpet pile affects how much carpet you will need to buy.

How to Keep Carpet Running in the Same Direction
How to calculate the amount of carpet you need, so that the pile is always running in the same direction.

The Basics of Measuring
Learn how to measure your space, and then how to accurately calculate how much carpet you will need.

Calculating Carpet for Closets
How to determine how much carpet you need for your closet, and when you can break the rules of carpet installation.

Best Types of Rug Backings for All Floors
Learn which types of mats are safe to use on your floor. Some mats with latex or rubber backings can discolor your floor. Here is what to buy instead.

Styles of Carpet
A description of the different styles of carpeting such as berber, plush, frieze, shag, trackless, and level loop,including carpet tile.

Easy Way to Remove All Types of Carpet Stains
This easy and effective way of cleaning all types of carpet stains and spills uses ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

Choosing an Area Rug or Runner for the Kitchen
An area rug or carpet runner in the kitchen adds comfort underfoot, and can be easy to care for. Follow these tips to choose the right type of carpet.

Understanding Carpet Warranties
There are many different warranties on carpet, and it is important to understand what they all mean in order to ensure you select the right product for your home. Here is a look at the most common types of warranties offered on carpet.

Kraus Perpetual Carpet Fiber
Many Kraus carpets are made with Perpetual, a recycled and recyclable fiber. What exactly is Perpetual? Is it really stain proof? Find out!

Staining vs. Soiling: What's the Difference?
Staining and soiling are two different things. Learn how stains and soiling happen, and how to clean the spots for good.

Hot Carpet and Rug Styles for 2015
What are the big trends for carpet in 2015? What carpet styles are hot this year? A visit to TISE reveals 2015's hot carpet and rug trends.

Get the Look: Layered Area Rugs
A simple guideline to pulling off the trend of layered area rugs, including how to choose the sizes, textures, and placement of the rugs.

Hardanger and Crystal Stitch Carpet Collections by Milliken
In January 2015, Milliken added two new styles to its Constantine carpet collection: Hardanger and Crystal Stitch. Learn about these broadloom lines.

Definition of Common Carpet Terms
A list of common carpet terms with their definitions, to help you know what to look for when you buy carpet.

Carpet Fiber Twist
Find out what fiber twist means, and why you should be concerned about it if you are buying carpet.

Why You Need a Pad Under an Area Rug
Is it really necessary to use a pad under your area rug? A look at the reasons why you would want to consider using a rug pad.

The Best Types of Area Rug Pads
A review of the types of materials used in area rug pads, and which types are the best for using under your area rugs.

Design Tips for Using Area Rugs Over Carpet
Follow this guideline for choosing and using an area rug over wall-to-wall carpet, including how to select the right texture, size, color and pattern.

How to Lay an Area Rug Over Carpet
Follow these tips for laying an area rug over top of wall-to-wall carpeting in your home, and keep the rug from shifting around.

Commercial Carpet Styles
Understand the different styles of commercial carpet, and how the style and fiber type affects the performance of the carpet.

Commercial Carpet Features
Know which features to look for in a commercial carpet, such as anti-zippering, anti-static, and stain protection.

Carpet Cushion Guide
Learn about the different types of carpet cushion underlay, such as foam pad (including prime foam, rebond and frothed foam) rubber and fiber pads.

Shaw ClearTouch Review
Shaw ClearTouch is a collection of PET polyester carpets made from recycled plastic bottles. Read about its features, including durability, stain protection and warranty.

Underpad and Other Products
An overview of the different types of underpad and their appropriate uses, as well as information on miscellaneous carpet-related products.

Carpet and Rug Photos
Photos of carpeting and area rugs, including room scenes, before-and-after pictures, and decor ideas.

The Benefits of Carpet
Benefits of carpet versus other types of floor such as hardwood, ceramic tile, and more -- how carpet impacts health, noise, safety and cost savings.

The Right Vacuum for SmartStrand and Other Soft Carpet
Soft carpets like SmartStrand can be harder to vacuum than other carpet. Here's why, and what features a vacuum needs in order to work on soft carpet.

Guide to Polyester Carpet Fiber
Learn about the characteristics of PET polyester carpet fiber: how durable it is, how stain-resistant it is, and how much it costs.

Nylon vs. Triexta Carpet Fiber
Is triexta as durable as nylon? How do nylon and triexta compare in stain resistance, eco-friendliness, and price? See this comparison of the fibers.

Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet Fiber
Which is the better carpet fiber: nylon or polyester? Here the two fibers are compared in durability, stain resistance, cost, and more.

Mohawk Introduces Forever Clean to SmartStrand Carpet
Mohawk has added Forever Clean stain and soil protection, featuring nanotechnology, to its SmartStrand carpet collection. Learn about Forever Clean featuring Nanoloc.

Filtration Soiling: What Causes Your Carpet to Turn Black
Is your carpet turning black around the edges? Do you have dark lines on your carpet along the walls? Learn why, and how to prevent filtration soiling.

Eco-Friendly Carpets
An overview of different options available in eco-friendly carpeting, including recycled and recyclable fibers, carpeting made from renewable resources, natural carpet fibers, and carpeting with low VOCs.

Natural Sisal Carpet Fiber
Learn the facts about sisal carpet fiber, including the pros, cons, and environmental benefits.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Options
A look at ways that synthetic and natural fiber carpets are environmentally friendly.

Guide to Natural Carpet Fibers
The pros and cons of the most common natural carpet fibers, including wool, sisal, silk, and more.

How to Prepare for Carpet Installation
What should you do before the installers arrive to install new carpet? Here is a list of important things that installers wish you knew.

Nylon Carpet Fiber Facts
Is nylon the best carpet fiber? What is the difference between nylon 6 and nylon 6,6? Learn all about this popular carpet fiber.

Review of Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover
Does Urine Off really work to remove stains and odors? How does it work? Find out here.

How to Use Carpet to Make Your Room Look Bigger
Properly selected carpet or area rugs can help a small space look and feel bigger. Follow these tips for choosing the right product.

Carpet Blooming
Blooming is a carpeting term that has nothing to do with flowers. Learn what it means, how it occurs, and what you can do about it.

BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) vs. Staple Fiber
BCF and staple are terms you will likely hear if you are shopping for carpeting. But what do they mean? Is BCF better than staple? Find out.

How to Update Your Industrial Decor
Learn how to update your Industrial decor by layering over it with one of these four styles.

Review: Spot Shot Pet Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator
Spot Shot Pet Instant Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator is a product designed to remove stains and odors caused by pets. How well does it actually work?

Myths & Facts About Carpet Performance
Debunking the top myths about carpet performance, and what carpet manufacturers really want you to know before you buy your carpet.

The Best Carpet for Staging Your Home to Sell
Know what type of carpet is best for staging and selling your home, to help you get a bigger return on investment and sell your home faster.

Clean Valentine's Spills from Your Carpet
Chocolate, red wine and candle wax are among the top spills to happen around Valentine's Day, as is nail polish. Learn how to remove all of these spills from your carpet.

How to Clean Red Wine Spills on Carpet
Effectively remove red wine spots from your carpet using common household ingredients, including salt, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet
Remove candle wax spills from carpet fibers in 4 easy steps.

Review of Shaw Floorvana App
My review of Shaw's Floorvana app for smartphones, designed to help users find carpet and flooring products to match their favorite colors.

Review of Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator
Does Spot Shot work to remove new and old carpet stains? Find out in my review of Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator.

The Best Carpet for Baby's Room
What is the best carpet for a baby's room? Be sure to look for these important features in your nursery carpet, and check out my personal recommendation.

Guide to Choosing an Area Rug
Tips on choosing the pattern, color, size, and fiber type for your area rug.

Turn Rugs into Artwork: How to Hang Rugs on the Wall
Turn your rug into artwork by hanging it on the wall. Use Velcro or a curtain rod to hang your rug on the wall with these instructions.

Choosing a Size for Your Bedroom Area Rug
How big should the rug under your bed be? Should it go under the nightstands? Here is a guide to proper size and placement for your bedroom area rug.

Living Room or Family Room Area Rug Size
How big should an area rug for the living room or family room be? Which furniture should be on the rug? Here are some tips for choosing your rug size.

Contemporary Basketweave Pattern
Contemporary patterned carpet installed on stairs that are half closed-in, half open.

Purple Stair Carpet in Ultra-Modern Home
Break away from neutral carpet and go bold, such as the purple carpet on the stairs in this modern home.

Soft Neutral Mono-tone with Berber Stair Carpet
The berber carpet on the stairs blends beautifully with the soft neutral tones of this space.

Carpet Installed on Angled Staircase
When you have stairs with weird angles, choose a solid-color carpet without a pattern, as shown here.

Updating a Staircase in an Older Home
Easy and inexpensive way to give the stairs in your older home a modern make over.

Leaf-Print Partial Carpet Runner
Patterned carpet that features soft lines can create an elegant and impressive look on stairs.

Patterned Carpet with Recessed Lighting
Carpet on stairs can be just as modern and elegant as hardwood. These stairs feature a contemporary patterned carpet and recessed lighting!

Simple Carpet Runner with Chrome Rods
Open and airy staircase featuring a carpet runner with decorative stair rods.