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How to Turn Weak Testimonials into Strong Testimonials
Customer testimonials can be a powerful sales tool, but only if they're strong testimonials. Weak testimonials are vague and unconvincing.

The Definitive Guide to Business Networking
A good business network can be a huge help to any salesperson. Here are some ideas to help you build your own network and keep it strong.

The Importance of Professional Appearance
Selling yourself is the first step towards selling your product and a critical part of sales. This is the importance of professional appearance.

When to Use Closing Techniques
Closing techniques are hotly debated between salespeople. Some prefer to close heavily throughout the sales process, while others insist that sales techniques are a crutch for weak salespeople.

Why You Should Join the Chamber of Commerce
Your local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource. How can you turn down a combination of B2B networking opportunities and free leads?

Why You're Afraid to Ask for the Sale
If you don't ask the prospect to buy from you, you almost certainly won't get the sale. Ask for the sale every time and watch your sales totals soar.

Book Review: Selling in Tough Times
The book

In-Person Cold Calling Strategies
Door-to-door sales usually doesn't work if you want to close a sale on the spot, but as a prospecting strategy, cold calling in person can work.

Developing a Sales Training Plan Template
A sales training plan can help you give your sales team the skills they need to thrive. Here's how to develop a sales training plan template.

Introvert Sales and Extrovert Sales
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Most people think extroverts are natural salespeople, but in reality, introvert sales happen often.

4 Sales Trends to Expect Soon
Predicting the future accurately isn't easy, but unless something significant happens, certain sales trends will continue to develop.

Sample Referral Request Letter
This referral request letter helps to (hopefully) create an ongoing source of warm leads. You can fill in the parentheses with your own information.

Your Prospects Don't Understand You
Having an in-depth understanding of your products is key to sales success, but it can be dangerous too.

Cold Call Tracking Sheet Example
A cold call tracking sheet will help you to determine how well your calling strategy works and how many calls you need to fill your sales pipeline.

Selling to Your Existing Customers
Most companies product more than one product, so why settle for only one sale per customer? Selling to existing customers can get them more products they love as well as helping you close more sales.

Types of Commissions in Sales Jobs
Here is a breakdown of the different types of compensation you may receive when accepting​ a job in sales.

Business Gift Etiquette
Knowing the fine points of business gift etiquette can help you choose gifts that will be received in the spirit you intended.

Types of Sales Approaches Used By Professionals
Every salesperson comes up with a unique approach to the sales process. These individual strategies are usually a version of one of these five basic sales approaches.

Surviving and Thriving on Pure Commissions
Many salespeople love the challenge of pure commissions, while others dread the risk of not having a salary. Minimize the dread and maximize the fun with these tips.

The Power of Meeting In Person
Communications technology has advanced to the point that virtual meetings are common, but the physical meeting still offers the most interaction.

Selling to Small Businesses
Small business owners are different from the decision makers at large corporations. Understanding their goals and fears is crucial to selling to them.

4 Types of Customers
Knowing which type of customer you're dealing with can help you to take the right course of action to keep him happy and maximize future sales.

Writing the Elevator Speech
If someone asks you about your job, it's a perfect opportunity to start a new sale. A good elevator speech is a powerful sales tool for this situation.

Things NOT to Do While Cold Calling
Cold calling is a powerful prospecting tool, but it works much better if you avoid these common mistakes like a weak opener or too much researching.

Cold Call Openers
The first few words you utter during a cold call are by far the most important! If you have a good opening statement, prospects will ASK you to tell them more.

Sales for Small Business Owners
Are you responsible for doing the selling for your own business? Here's how to avoid the dreaded

Selling to Multiple Decision Makers
The more expensive the product you sell is, the more likely it is you'll have to deal with multiple decision makers on each sale.

Alternatives to Cold Calling
Hate cold calling? You do have other options to generate those leads. You may not be able to completely stop cold calling, but you can at least reduce your phone time substantially.

Confronting Objections
Resolving objections without getting on your prospect's nerves can be tricky. Here are a few tips for handling objections in a non-confrontational way.

Following Up with Prospects
Sales requires persistence. Your level of urgency will be higher than your prospects', so you'll need to follow up with them to keep the sale moving.

Consultative Selling Techniques - Sales Techniques
Consultative selling is a popular sales technique because it's less aggressive and more client-centric than traditional

The Benefits of Benefits Statements
Benefit statements are a simple way to tap into your prospect's emotions and sway them into buying. But without the proper groundwork, they're meaningless.

Write Phone Scripts That Work for Sales
A well-written phone script can help your cold calling efforts immensely. Cold calling is hard enough without being forced to ad-lib. By using a script you'll always have the right words on the tip of your tongue.

How and When to Tell Sales Stories
Telling a story is a time-honored way to sell. Here's a format that will help you to write a story that sells in just a few minutes.

Develop Your Own Cold Call Opener
The cold call opener is the most important part of your cold call. The opener determines whether a prospect will listen to you, or just hang up.

Keeping Your Emails Out of the Spam Folder
Email marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching customers and prospects - but only if they actually get your emails.

5 Steps to Identify Qualified Leads
Not everyone is a prospect for your product or service. Take a few minutes to qualify your leads before launching into a full-bore sales presentation.

What is Mirroring?
Mirroring is a rapport-building technique that can be quite helpful in a sales situation - if you don't overdo it.

Preparing for Cold Calls
Preparing for cold calls only takes an extra few minutes, and it will get you much better results over time.

Successful Email Sales
Email can be a powerful sales tool, or a complete waste of time - it all depends on how effectively your write your email messages.

What Is Active Listening and How Do I Use It?
Active listening is a communication technique that can be extremely helpful to salespeople, as it shows prospects that you really are listening.

Resolving an Unrealistic Sales Quota
During a sales period, the situation can change rapidly and make a previously reasonable quota impossible to hit. In that case, you'll need to turn to your manager for help.

Basic Business Networking Tips
If you build it, they will come. A good business network can get you sales from people you'd never be able to reach on your own.

Elements of an Effective Sales Plan
Have you created a sales plan for yourself yet? If so, do you revise it on a regular basis? An up-to-date sales plan is one of the best tools a salesperson can have.

Customer Relationship Management
CRM, or customer relationship management, is the strategy that a company uses to keep its customers happy and loyal.

Breaking Into a New Territory
Breaking into a new territory can be overwhelming but it's also an opportunity. You have to start over, but you have a whole new set of leads to work.

What is Warm Calling In Sales?
A warm call is simply a call to a lead - someone who already has a connection to you. That usually makes them easier to sell to than cold leads.

Before You Become a Sales Manager
Is sales manager the career choice for you? Your potential challenges vary depending on whether you're now a salesperson or a manager in another field.

How to Set a Daily Schedule
Do you feel like every day you run out of time before all your essential tasks are completed? Try using time management.

Increase Your Sales Productivity
As a sales manager, it's your job to keep your team producing. In fact, status quo isn't enough. Here's how to increase your sales productivity.

Two Strategies to Increase Sales Revenues
Success in sales comes down to one thing: selling enough to make a profit. There are two very different strategies you can pursue to get to that point.

How to Increase Sales
Increasing your total number of sales starts with increasing your total number of leads. That's because, as you've probably heard several times by now, sales is a numbers game – your success is directly based on how many prospects you talk to.

Tying Sales Compensation to Sales Quotas
Getting your sales team to meet or even exceed their sales quotas can be as simple as setting up the proper reward structure.

Questions for Sales Candidates
Interviews are an opportunity to see how well a sales candidate can sell under pressure. Having a good list of questions ready to ask is crucial.

4 Common Sales Management Obstacles
Many executives fail to understand the nature of a sales manager's role. Without meaning to, they make sales management much harder than it needs to be.

Good Sales Compensation Programs
Salespeople need good sales compensation plans to guide and motivate them. Bad sales compensation plans just motivate them to start job-hunting.

How to Get Sales Appointments
When you make a cold call, are you trying to sell your product or get an appointment? If you've been doing the former, you probably haven't had much luck.

Is a Virtual Office Right for My Business?
The virtual office has become an increasingly popular strategy for businesses of all sizes. Is is right for you?

Sales Training - How to Train Salespeople
There are two types of training that fall under the umbrella of “sales training.” The first is teaching the mechanics of sales: how to go about selling in the general sense, with an emphasis perhaps on the sales techniques that work best for your industry. The second is company-specific training: details about your products and services, the sales process that your team is expected to use, tools and resources, etc.

Breaking Out of a Bad Sales Slump
Do you need a strategy to get you out of your worst sales slumps? Try this one out - it's not complicated.

Book Review: Selling for Dummies
Packed with tips, tricks and anecdotes,

Quick Tip: Pace Your Presentation
Pacing your presentation to hit the prospect's comfort zone can help make it far more effective. Watching your prospect's body language can help.

How Prices Work
Individual businesses in a capitalist economy don't have much control over their prices. Prices are set by supply, demand and the cost to make the product.

How to Add Value to Your Sales
Value-added selling is a powerful sales approach when used correctly. Here are some ideas for adding value to your sales.

How to Write a Car Sales Thank You Letter
Thank-you notes aren't just for friends and distant family members. Everything from business to car sales thank you letter can help your career.

Build a Winning Sales Presentation
A sales presentation that's all about you and your company is boring - but one that focuses on your prospect is far more enticing.

Sample Contract for a Service Business
Here's a contract template that you can use to create a personalized service contract. It works well for any business that sells professional services.

What to Do Before You Interview for a Sales Job
You want to get a sales job (or get a better sales job). So you've been submitting applications and have finally gotten to the interview stage. Congratulations! Now the prep work begins.

The Basic Strategies of Closing a Sale
The close is one of the most neglected steps in the sales process. Every salesperson should attempt to close every sale with no exceptions.

Sample Customer Testimonial Request Letter
The customer testimonial is a powerful marketing tool. Here's a letter that you can send to new customers to request a testimonial from them.

How to Sell Any Product - Five Sales Rules
The basic rules of how to sell never change, regardless of what product or service you're selling. Break these sales rules at your peril.

Overcoming Your Fear of Selling
A brand new salesperson or small business owner often struggles with an emotional reaction to the sales process. It's not an easy job at first because it requires a fairly assertive process to succeed.

Differentiating Your Product
Differentiating products is a key skill for salespeople - it allows you to compete effectively with salespeople from other companies.

How to Sell Flawed Products
Every product has at least one flaw. The trick is keeping your prospect's focus on the areas where your product is strong and the competition is weak.

Essential Skills for Salespeople
Anyone can learn to be a good salesperson by acquiring and honing a few basic sales skills. In fact, you'll find these skills helpful outside work.

7 Negotiation Don'ts
Are you familiar with the do's and don't of negotiation? Every salesperson must be an effective negotiator.

Effective Sales Management Techniques
Managing salespeople is not exactly easy. Here are a few strategies you can deploy to keep your sales team producing happily.

Putting Together a Powerpoint Presentation
How many times have you walked into a presentation and cringed when you saw the presenter was setting up a projector? Beat the Powerpoint presentation stereotype.

5 Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns
Need a little help designing the perfect email marketing campaign? Try these suggestions on for size.

Communication Skills for Salespeople
Salespeople must have top-notch communication skills to thrive. Rate your sales communication skills by asking yourself these questions.

5 Ways to Reach an Evasive Decision Maker
When a decision maker seems to vanish in the middle of the sales process it's awfully aggravating. You'll need to get creative to move the sale along.

Get Leads Free at the Public Library
Why not save a bit of your sales budget by picking up some lead lists for free? Your local public library probably subscribes to several business directories. You can get all the information you need just by picking up a library card.

6 Tips for Managing a Virtual Sales Team
A good virtual sales team is full of happy salespeople who make a lot of money for their company. A bad virtual sales team is a disaster both for the salespeople and the manager who's responsible for them.

Closing Cold Calls
You probably know all about closing sales, but how good are you about closing cold calls? It's just as important to close your cold calls because prospects aren't likely to ask YOU for an appointment.

Six Strategies for Productive Sales Meetings
Sales meetings are not a salesperson's favorite part of the job. And many sales managers also consider sales meetings a necessary evil. Yet a well-planned and conducted sales meeting can have an amazingly positive effect on the sales team.

Unique Selling Proposition Examples
Some of the best slogans of the past and present include a USP (unique selling proposition). Here are the best of unique selling proposition examples.

Tips for How to Hire a Salesperson
Hiring a salesperson who isn't going to succeed is a waste of your time and theirs. Here's how to hire a salesperson at each stage of the process.

Seven Business Uses for a Smartphone
Smartphones take the convenience of a cellphone a step further by enabling you to have access to a wide range of useful tools and information.

6 Tips for Better Cold Calling
The more effective your cold calling, the fewer calls you'll need to make in order to get the sales you need. Try these tips for better cold calling.

What Will Your Business Sell and How?
Are you thinking about setting up a business, but don't know what product or service to offer? It's time to start brainstorming your options.

4 Classic and Effective Sales Techniques
Sales has borrowed heavily from social psychology to develop a few old but useful sales techniques. Do you ever use these approaches in your sales strategy?

Powerful Qualifying Questions
Know how to qualify prospects, and you'll save yourself a lot of time later in the sales cycle. These questions can help you turn leads into prospects.

How You Can Sell by Listening
Salespeople who listen more than they speak can be far more successful than talkative colleagues, because prospects tell you how to sell to them.

6 Ways to Protect Your Customers From Competitors
How do you handle it when your competitors start raiding your customers? Here are suggestions to help you protect your customers from competitors.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Internal Referrals
Internal referrals are a great way to turn one sale at a company into multiple sales. And internal referrals help you to build relationships quickly.

How to Make the Most of Your Questions
Asking sales questions won't help you much if you don't know how to interpret the answers. How a prospect answers you is as important as what he says.

The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing
Email marketing is potentially useful for every salesperson. Don't wait for your marketing department - run a small-scale campaign yourself.

6 Ways to Wow People at a Networking Event
If you take the time to attend a business networking event, you should make the most of it. Try these tips to maximize your network building success.

The "I'm Not Interested" Objection
You probably hear the

How to Uncover the Real Objection
The first objection a prospect raises is rarely his true concern. Prospects use objections to say there's an issue, but it's not likely the true one.

How to Make Your Marketing Emails Readable
To get more from your email marketing, make emails as readable as you can. The more readable your emails look, the more likely they are to get read.

The "I Just Bought from Your Competitor" Objection

How to Maximize Your Email Marketing Results
Want to get the best possible results for your email marketing campaigns? Try these tips to maximize your response rate.

How to Cope with Bad Sales Managers
Are you working for a bad sales manager? Aside from quitting, there are a few things you can do to make your job with a bad manager more pleasant.

How Content Can Help You Sell
Writing content that helps your prospects solve problems is a big part of becoming a subject matter expert instead of

5 Reasons Why Your Prospects Are Stalling You
Prospects who kick you out early in the sales process are annoying, but prospects who string you along for weeks first are a lot worse.

11 Ways to Reboot Your Sales
Rebooting your sales process allows you to try out new approaches and get rid of old, stale ones. Even a little change can have amazing results.

5 Signs That You Have a Selling Problem
The first step in improving a weak sales skill is identifying the problem. Once you find your weakest sales skill, you can start fixing it.

How to Be More Persuasive
You may be persuasive, but do you know why your persuasive tricks work? If you don't know why they work, you will have a harder time making new ones.

5 Tips for Selling More This Month
When you've just finished a month of terrible sales, it's your chance to brush up your act and make the new month your best ever.

Speed Up Your Sales Process
Want to make more sales every month? Try cutting down on the time it takes to get from beginning to end of an average sale.

3 Phrases That Will NOT Help You Sell
Salespeople tend to have stock phrases that they find help them to sell more effectively, but there are some phrases that salespeople should avoid.

How to Find Your Competitive Advantage
Do you know what competitive advantages your products enjoy? Competitive advantages and disadvantages are a big part of selling smarter.

Why You Lost the Sale
Think about the last few sales you didn't close - what went wrong each time? If you keep losing sales for the same reason, you've got a problem.

How to Design Your Sales Documents
How you write sales documents has as much of an effect on readers as what you write. Designing sales documents well encourages people to read them.

Outselling Your Cut-Rate Competitors
Odds are you've got at least one cut-rate competitor beating you on price. When these cut-rate competitors go after your customers, what do you do?

Help Your Prospects Make Money or Cut Costs
Proving your product's value means showing how it can do one of two things: make money or cut costs. Which approach to take depends on the prospect.

How to Create Ownership
Do you know how to create an ownership vision? If you can give prospects a strong ownership vision, you almost have a lock on the sale.

Speed Up Your Response Time
Responding quickly to questions or issues is one of the easiest ways to prove value to prospects and customers.

What Prospects Want
Selling boils down to finding out what a prospect wants and then giving it to him. If you can master that, you can sell to anyone.

How to Become an Expert
You may already be a subject matter expert - but if your prospects don't know about it, your expertise isn't going to help you sell.

Getting from RFP to Close
When you get an RFP (Request for Proposal), don't just pound out a proposal and hand it in - adding a little extra effort can help you win the sale.

Book Review: Sales Intelligence
Who doesn't want more Sales Intelligence? Aijo provides some great ideas for improving your own sales I.Q.

How to Beat the Status Quo
The status quo is often the toughest competitor of all. To beat it, you need to show the prospect how much it's costing him NOT to change.

7 Tips for Salespeople New to the Job
If you've recently started your first sales job, congratulations! Here are some tips for salespeople new to the job and ready for a profitable career.

How to Maximize Your Sales
Maximizing your sales means making as many sales as possible, given the limitations you face in your specific situation.

3 Obstacles That May Be Holding You Back
If you're not happy with your sales success, perhaps there's an obstacle holding you back. Here are some common obstacles and how to overcome them.

How to Become a Professional Salesperson
Are you a professional salesperson or just a salesperson? Professionals in any field meet a certain standard for behavior and ability.

6 Attributes of a Strong Value Offer
It's not enough to add value - you must be able to explain the value that you bring to the table in terms that matter to the prospect.

The Power of Letting Go
Salespeople who radiate desperation will have a much harder time closing sales. Letting go of things you can't control is the key to confidence.

How to Diagnose a Sick Sale
When a prospect who's been enthusiastic all along suddenly starts making delays or refusing to take your calls, you have a sick sale on your hands.

Book Review: Selling Above and Below the Line
Miller's latest sales book zeroes in on something he's touched on in the past: the idea that selling to execs is very different from selling to users.

The Definitive Guide to Closing
Do you struggle to make enough sales each month? Perhaps you're not closing your sales. Closing sales is a critical part of the sales process.

Free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications
Customer relationship management - or CRM - is a necessity for salespeople, and hundreds of options exist at many levels of complexity. For the new adopter, free crm applications are a good place to start.

Starting Your First Sales Job
First impressions last a long time, so your first sales job can be an important one. Using these strategies will help your first day go smoothly.

How to Spot Buying Signals From Prospects
Buying signals are the way prospects tell you, consciously or not, that they're interested. Do you know how to spot the most common buying signals?

8 Common Reasons Prospects Don't Buy
Losing a sale is always painful. Getting familiar with the reasons why prospects don't buy can minimize lost sales.

How to Determine a Customer's Potential
Categorizing your customers by how likely they are to buy from you in the future allows you to focus your energy on the most valuable customers.

How to Make Your Customers 'Stickier'
Customer loyalty isn't entirely under your control, but if you follow certain sales approaches, you can make customers far stickier than the norm.

Closing Out Your Competitors
When you're closing a sale in a competitive situation, with other vendors churning out quotes to try to beat you, then closing becomes even harder.

How to Sell in 30 Minutes or Less
Your first meeting with a prospect will likely be short. A new prospect won't give up much time when he doesn't know if you have anything to offer.

How to End a Sales Presentation
After you wrap up a sales presentation, do you know how to keep the prospect moving towards a sale?

4 Powerful Sales Questions
Asking questions and really listening to the answers is the strongest tool in any salesperson's kit. But some questions are more useful than others.

Adding Value to Sales Appointments
Are you adding value to your sales appointments? You may be adding value to your sales, but adding value to the appointment itself is also important.

4 Reasons to Ask Sales Questions
Asking sales questions doesn't just get you the answers you need to sell effectively (although it does that too).

What to Do When a Prospect Has Price Objections
Don't cringe when you finally get around to telling a prospect how much your product costs. After all, if it's a good product that will improve your prospect's life, it's worth the price.

Why Sales Fail
Sales that fall apart at the last minute are more frustrating even than the prospects who hang up on you. Cut down on your number of sales breakdowns by taking the following steps.

Sample Sales Process Checklists
A sales process checklist helps salespeople conduct each step in a sale at the right time. If you're struggling, the checklist can help you find out why.

5 Ways to Win the Sale During Your Pitch
Want to increase the odds of closing your sale at the very first meeting with a prospect? Try using these tips to win the sale during your pitch.

Selling to Different Levels
Selling B2B means interacting with decision makers at three different levels - and each level has totally different needs. If you pitch to a top-level decision maker using value statements targeted for a lower level, you won't get very far.

How to Ask the Right Questions
Most salespeople understand the need to ask questions, but do they ask the right ones? Good sales questions meet certain criteria.

Is it Better to Pitch First or Pitch Last?
When you've been invited to make a pitch for a company that's evaluating vendors, is it better to go first or go last? The answer: it depends.

7 Questions Your Prospects Want To Ask You
Your prospects have questions that they may not be comfortable asking you. But if you don't resolve those concerns, you won't close the sale.

What to Do after You Blow a Sales Pitch
Every salesperson botches the occasional sales presentation. Whatever mistakes you made, it's important to view the next pitch as a fresh start.

Types of Sales Pitches and Presentations
Sales pitches are not one-size-fits-all. The type of pitch presentations will vary depending on your circumstances. Know which gets you the sale.

Creating Prospect Urgency
If your prospect doesn't feel an urgent need for your product, she won't buy from you. Creating urgency can be all you need to do to hurry a prospect along.

Diagnosing Your Prospects' Needs
When you first arrive at a sales appointment, you probably only have a vague understanding of the prospect's needs. Even worse, he may not fully understand his own needs. Until you know what the problem is, you can't propose a way to fix it.

Approaches for Emotional Selling
Just about everybody buys based on emotion and then uses reason to justify the decision. Even professional buyers aren't immune to emotional selling.

How to Pitch to the CEO or Chief Executive Officer
If you've managed to nail down a sales appointment with a CEO, you need to put in some extra effort. CEOs have high expectations for salespeople.

How to Manage After a Big Win
It's a great feeling when a salesperson nails a big win, but it's also a dangerous time for her and for the rest of your sales team.

Collecting Customer Testimonials
Customer testimonials can be very convincing to a prospect who's interested, but not sure. They offer social proof that your product is worth buying.

Asking the Right Questions to Make the Sale
Asking your prospect a series of open-ended questions can get your prospects to sell themselves. These examples will help you get started.

Selling to Executives
Selling to executives is a whole other ballpark from regular B2B sales. If you don't want to be sent back to the minors, a few precautions are in order.

How to Make a Salesperson a Job Offer
Once you find the perfect sales candidate, make him an offer he can't refuse - and that won't bankrupt your budget.

How to Create a Successful Sales Campaign
Want to sell a lot of something quickly? The sales campaign is a great way to get a quick infusion of sales.

Giving Sales Performance Reviews
Performance reviews are always tricky, and sales performance reviews can be some of the most difficult.

Make Your Sales Interview More like a Sales Call
It's hard to be sure you're hiring the right salesperson, but one way you can improve your chances is to make the interview into a sales call.

The Definitive Guide to Sales Management
Whether you're considering a move into sales management or have already been a manager for years, you can benefit from a skills brush-up.

How to Coach Salespeople Effectively
Many sales managers find coaching effectively difficult. That's a big problem because coaching is the key to helping salespeople prosper.

How to Interview Salespeople
When you're hiring a new salesperson, observing during the interview can get you the right person. Salesperson interview questions are also important.

Are You Creating a Toxic Sales Team?
Sales managers are always looking for new ways to get better performance from their teams. However, some ideas will only make things a lot worse.

Calculating Your Sales Activities
Keeping track of your sales activities can be tedious, but the results are worth it - a steady pipeline of sales and a commissions check you can count on each month.

Time Management Tips for Sales Managers
Sales managers work long, long hours and yet frequently complain that they are always behind on their work. Time management can resolve this issue.

Steps to a Sales Implementation Plan
Getting a sales team on board with a new sales implementation plan isn't easy. Here's a five-step plan to win a true buy-in from your salespeople.

4 Ideas for Sales Management Success
Are you having a hard time getting your sales team to perform up to requirements? Here are ideas for sales management success for your team.

3 Sneaky Negotiating Tricks
While you hopefully conduct negotiations in an ethical manner, some of the prospects you meet might be willing to use some pretty shady tactics.

Motivating a Sales Team
Salespeople aren't hard to motivate if you just think about what's most important to them, and most salespeople care most about the same two things.

How to Handle Objections in Six Easy Steps
Knowing how to handle objections is a basic sales skill that all salespeople should master. Don't worry; it's not as difficult as you may think.

Time Objections and How to Resolve Them
'I'll think about it' is one of the most common objections that salespeople hear. It's also one of the trickiest objections to handle successfully.

Positioning Your Product
How you position your product will have a big effect on how your prospects and customers think of it. Positioning your product correctly can give you a nice advantage over the competition.

The Four Pillars of Sales
Salespeople need support to thrive. Just handing a salesperson a phone and a list of leads isn't enough. These are the four pillars of sales.

4 Types of Professional Buyers
Each of these four types of professional buyers calls for a different approach, so you need to identify your buyer's type early on to succeed.

Advanced Sales Closing Strategies
These closes are a bit trickier than the basic or intermediate closes. Advanced sales closing strategies require more setup time and persistence.

Close for a Sale - Intermediate Closing Strategies
Once you've mastered the basic art of closing for a sale, it's time to review some intermediate-level strategies. These tend to be more complex.

How to Close a Sale - For Basic and Advanced Closers
Do you make at least an attempt to close every sale? If not, then you may be missing out on sales. You don't have anything to lose by trying to close.

How to Get Referrals
Referrals can be the most efficient way to connect with pre-qualified prospects. Try out these common referral sources for yourself.

Sample Thank You Note Templates
Need to write a business sales thank you letter? Saying

Words That Sell - Choose Your Words Carefully
People like to feel comfortable. And they usually feel comfortable around other people who are like them. So it follows that, as a salesperson who is trying to build rapport with prospects, you'll want to match your word choice to your prospects.

How to Write Sales Letters
Direct mail is still a viable sales and marketing technique, although it's not as useful as it once was.

When Your Quota is Out of Reach
When your sales quota deadline is almost upon you and you're way behind, panicking isn't the answer. You have to be creative to make your quota.

Understanding The Product Creates Sales Success
Product knowledge is critical to sales. Too much product knowledge without product understanding usually just leads to a bad case of

Why Rapport Matters
Sales is often about creating a situation in which the prospect feels comfortable and safe. That means developing rapport early in the process.

Selling Value Over Price
Well-made products often cost more than their shoddier competition. Prospects know this, so selling value is a better idea than selling on price.

Four Bad Reasons to Skip Cold Calling
Most salespeople go through periods when it's harder than usual to make cold calls. Here are some possible causes and how to get over them.

Gatekeepers Are Your Friends
Gatekeepers are not a salesperson's enemy. On the contrary, they can be your most valuable resource in a prospect company.

How to Answer Price Questions
Some prospects want to know the price the second they realize you're selling something. If you go ahead and tell them, you may be killing the sale.

Where to Find Sales Jobs
While sales jobs are generally available even during times of high unemployment, they're not always GOOD sales jobs.

How to Handle Some Common Cold Calling Objections
Prospects can be quite clever about rejecting cold callers without coming right out and saying no. Here are some ideas for coping with common stalls.

How to Do Less Cold Calling
Do you hate cold calling? You may not be able to quit entirely, but it's possible to cut back on cold calling while keeping your sales high.

How to Use Metrics to Boost Your Sales
Are your sales not where you'd like them to be? Using the information from tracking metrics can help you to pinpoint the problem.

Planning for and Surviving Sales Slumps
Even the best salespeople have the occasional “off” days. But when bad days turn into bad weeks or even months, you have a real problem. Weathering a long sales slump is tough but not impossible, if you take the time to prepare for it. And once you're in a slump, you can take action to get out of your slump ASAP.

How to Succeed at Cold Calling for Appointments
Cold calling: the dreaded sales technique that can make even hardened salespeople tremble. Here's how to succeed at cold calling for appointments.

Increase Sales Revenue by Increasing Sales Quality
Increasing the number of sales you make isn't always the best strategy. Sometimes it's better to aim for fewer sales, but target higher-quality prospects.

Track Your Sales Metrics
How many cold calls did you make last week? If you can’t answer that question with an exact number, you have a problem.

Managing Your Sales Pipeline
Good pipeline management can make you a lot of money because you will know how many sales you'll likely make and can act if you're short of the quota.

Setting Short-Term Goals for Your Career
Picking out some short-term goals and planning how you'll achieve them can change your life significantly. Such goals are closer in time than your major goals and thus require less commitment to reach, yet they can be just as significant.

How to Sell Seasonal Products
Most products operate on a seasonal sales cycle that tends to peak at certain times of the year. Here's how to sell seasonal products.

How to Create a Sales Forecast
Do you know how to make an accurate forecast for your sales? Creating a sales forecast helps you to predict what sales activities you need most.

Developing a Sales Process Plan
You may have developed a sales plan, but do you have a sales process plan? Such a plan gives you a roadmap for the sales process.

What are SMS and MMS?
If you're considering using text messages to reach customers and prospects, it's important to understand the different formats and what they can do.

What Does the Expression "WIIFM" in Sales Mean?
WIIFM is an acronym that salespeople often use to remind themselves that prospects are always looking for benefits, not features.

What Does the Sales Acronym AIDA Mean?
AIDA is a very old sales and marketing process, but it can still be effective today. It's a way of breaking up the sales process into four stages.

What is a Gatekeeper in Business?
A gatekeeper's job is to protect the decision maker from time-wasting callers and visitors. You'll need to work with gatekeepers to reach decision makers.

What Is Consultative Selling?
Consultative selling describes a selling technique in which the salesperson acts as an expert consultant for his prospects.

Cold Calling - One of the Least Liked Tasks in Sales
Cold calling is still the most common method salespeople use to get in touch with new potential customers.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition or USP?
A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a quality that makes your product or company different and unique.

Definition and Description of Sales Manager Job
Sales managers are responsible for keeping their sales teams producing. Managing a sales team isn't easy, but it can be extremely satisfying.

What Is Lead Generation? - Definition
Lead generation is a critical part of the sales process. It's the first step in the sales cycle, so a shortage of leads will affect the entire process.

What is a Complex Sale? - Selling to a Team
The complex sale is one where you must influence more than one decision maker. The pricier your product is, the more of them you'll have.

What is a Sales Quota?
Sales quotas are the goals set by each company to determine how much the sales team is expected to sell for a given period of time based on data.

What Is Qualifying?
Qualifying your leads is an important part of the sales process. It enables you to weed out non-prospects before you go to the trouble of pitching to them.

What Is Closing?
Closing the sale is the sixth stage of the sales cycle. The close is the point when a prospect or customer finally decides to buy.

What Is Lead Nurturing?
Lead nurturing is a system for taking someone who's not ready to buy from you and guiding him to the point where he's finally ready to make that purchase.

What is Business Networking? - Definition and Examples
Business Networking is a skill and a low cost method of marketing that is used to build new contacts through connecting with other like minded individuals.

Before You Start Prospecting for Leads
Prospecting is the first step in the sales cycle. But that doesn’t mean that the first thing you should do is grab the yellow pages and start dialing. A little pre-prospecting work will help you come up with leads that are actually compatible with your product or service.

What is B2B Sales?
B2B is an abbreviation for

What is Opt-In?
What is opt-in? It's a method used by marketers and salespeople to ensure that they're not spamming leads or prospects.

Direct Sales and Independent Sales Representatives
Direct selling refers to sales that occur through independent sales representatives, usually not from a store but from the customer's own location.

Designing a Lead Qualification System
The more targeted your leads are, the less time you'll waste weeding out the losers. Most salespeople have a fair number of “garbage” leads to sift through.

What is a Lead? - Sales Glossary
Salespeople and marketing types both toss the word 'lead' around a lot, but they don't always agree on what it means.

What is a Whale?
If you're in sales, then what you refer to as a

How to Find Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
The USP is a characteristic that makes your product different from any other, but before you can promote your USP you must figure out what it is.

Prospecting That Gets Results
Sales prospecting is the first step in selling. All the closing skills in the world won't help you if you can't set up enough appointments.

Lead Management Systems
Sales leads cost time and money to acquire. Don't waste your leads by using a poorly designed lead management system.

Sales Manager Skills
Do you want to be a better sales manager? Try sharpening your sales manager skills from this list and you may just go from good to great.

7 Traits of Star Salespeople
What sets the top-tier salespeople apart from the rest? Star salespeople tend to share traits that help them to accomplish far more than the average salesperson.

Qualities of Successful Sales Managers
What sales manager qualities lead to success? The job requires a very specific skill set that is very different from the typical salespersons'.

Sales Jargon to Avoid
Using jargon is almost always a bad idea. That goes double in a sales situation, where these phrases are likely to either annoy or confuse your prospects.

7 Things You Should Never Say to a Prospect
As a salesperson your job is to convince people to do something (i.e. buy from you). Here are a few ways to put your foot in your mouth and make sales unlikely.

7 Voicemail Message Tips
Hate leaving voicemail? These tips can help you leave voicemail messages that will have leads actually returning your call.

Ways to Motivate Yourself in Sales
The best salespeople get the job done without relying on others to nudge them along. If you want to be great, you've got to learn how to motivate yourself.

Selling a Price Increase
It's one of the sad rules of life that prices always go up rather than down. That doesn't mean your customers will be happy when the time comes.

Handling Objections - Types of Objections
Objections are a basic and necessary part of the sales process, but they come in a variety of flavors. It's wise to get to know them all.

7 Benefits of a Good CRM
CRM programs have been around for a long time, but many sales teams have been slow to adopt them. Maybe it's time to consider a few of the benefits.

6 Great Referral Sources
Existing customers aren't the only people who can send you referrals. Try looking around a little and other referral sources will leap out at you.

The 7 Stages of the Sales Cycle
The 7 stages of the sales cycle are found in nearly every salesperson's sales process, regardless of what they're selling. Here's how to succeed.

Eight Tips for Productive Cold Calls
By improving your cold calling skills, you can make every call count. That means more appointments with less time spent on the phone.

5 Creative Ways to Find Leads
Do you run out of leads before you run out of month? Try these creative ways to find leads and keep your pipeline humming.

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The Definitive Guide to High-Quality Leads
You may know how to find leads, but are they good leads or garbage? Leads that don't turn out to be prospects are a waste of time and money.

17 Great Presentation Tips
Anytime you make a presentation – whether it's to a prospective customer, the local Chamber of Commerce, or your CEO – you need to plan ahead and know what you're going to do. Just having a game plan and doing a little rehearsing beforehand will make your presentation easier.

How to Find Business Association Leads
Professional business associations can be a great source of free sales leads and they can be found online. Find out how easy it is to get free sales leads from professional business associations and other industry or trade associations that are online to increase your sales and your business.

How to Generate 1000 Leads: A Case Study
Want to run your own lead generation campaign? Here's a campaign template from a sales guru and author for bringing in 1000 leads.

4 Important Lead Management Practices
Good lead management allows you to make the most of your leads. Following the basic lead management practices will win you more sales.

How to Handle Cold Leads
Prospecting often starts with a long list of cold leads. Cold leads may not be as easy as warm leads, but they're the heart of any prospecting system.

4 Lead Generation Campaign Mistakes
Lead generation campaigns can deliver large quantities of high-value leads, or they can fail miserably (after wasting lots of time and money).

Helping Prospects Get the Message
Do you get frustrated when prospects don't respond to your messages? Don't take it personally; they may never have gotten those messages.

How to Attract Prospects
Prospects don't turn to salespeople for product information anymore - they find out what they need to know online. Are you losing prospects that way?

How to Build a Prospect Database
Having a database of prospects isn't enough - they have to be good prospects to be of any use. The more good prospects you have, the more sales you can close.

14 Social Media Networking Tips
Setting up business social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms allows you to stay in touch with a network of contacts and potential customers.

What is Business Networking?
Business networking is an incredibly useful tool for any salesperson, but do you know what it really means?

Understanding that Sales is Really Service
Find out why sales is really service to your customers. This is often misunderstood by many salespeople and familiarizing yourself with how they relate will increase your sales and your bank account.

Lead Generation Tools, Resources and Information
Lead generation is a critical part of sales. Look no further for advice on where to find the best sales leads and lead generation tips and strategies.

Starting a Sales Team
Concerned about hiring sales people and sales managers? Here you will find the most common sense advice on what to look for when putting together a successful sales team. Tips on hiring, compensating, and keeping your sales staff energized.

Where to Start Your Sales Empire
Lots of information and tools to help you get a plan in motion of how you want to get started in sales. Whether you are organizing a sales force for your company or deciding what type of sales career to pursue, your sure to find the advice your looking for here.

Cold Calling on Businesses
Learn simple strategies and techniques to get the most out of your cold calls. Easy steps that will give you better focus and less stress when making that initial sales call whether on the phone or in person.

Fundamentals of Hiring Sales People
Information, tools, and tips on hiring sales people. Learn what to look for and why so that you can avoid hiring the wrong fit for the job. Also some great tools if you are new to the sales profession. Find out the best places to look for sales jobs and what a future employer will be looking for in a new hire.

Virtual Sales Team: How to Hire, Train and Manage
The new virtual sales staff can be the perfect fit for your business. Find out how to hire a virtual sales staff and what to avoid. Learn tips on how to train and manage virtually. Plus, numerous tools and resources to help the small business owner.

The Sales Process - Sales Cycle - Steps to Sell
No matter what you're selling, every sale follows roughly the same pattern. It's a rare sale that doesn't include each of these steps in one form or another. In order to succeed in sales you need to master each one of these stages. If you're weak in one or more areas, you might survive as a salesperson but you won't thrive.

The Sales Process - Sales Cycle - Steps to Sell
No matter what you're selling, every sale follows roughly the same pattern. It's a rare sale that doesn't include each of these steps in one form or another. In order to succeed in sales you need to master each one of these stages. If you're weak in one or more areas, you might survive as a salesperson but you won't thrive.

Managing and Training a Sales Team
Looking for tried and true techniques and tips to help your salespeople perform their best? Salespeople and sales managers will both benefit from these suggestions.

New Leads - Sales Leads - Business Sales Leads
New leads are an absolute must for anyone in Sales but often the question is where do I go get new leads that are quality business sales leads? You will find here a great source of where to go both on line and off line to get new fresh sales leads -- many of them are free lead sources!

Business to Business Sales: Learning the Basics
Great goto resource for learning the basics of business to business sales. Fresh ideas and techniques for cold calling, how to give effective sales presentations and tips on building a strong pipeline.