Sales Careers Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Team Approach to Sales
Using your sales and support team when meeting with clients can help you close more sales.

Top Tips for a Successful Interview
In a tough economy, businesses are more careful about who they hire. Ultimately, your performance in an interview is what can land you the job.

Top Reasons Why Sales People are Enjoyable to be Around
Sales professionals are fun people to be around. They are usually more talkative, more daring, and sure to say something that gets everyone laughing.

Sales and Marketing Careers
In the past, sales took over once the marketing people did their jobs. Now the lines that separate sales and marketing are gone and the responsibilities for each position are now shared.

Daydream Yourself to Sales Success
Visualization is a powerful and easy way to improve your sales results.

"Don't Trust Sales People!"
No matter what industry you may be in, you've probably heard someone say that sales people cannot be trusted. If this belief is widespread, how can a sales professional overcome this myth and drive towards a successful career in sales?

Working Remotely
Thinking about working your sales job from a remote location? It takes some planning but it can be done.

Determining Your Career Path
Thinking about where your career is taking you? And just as importantly, if it will be taking you where and when you want to go.

9 Things - What is Measured is Improved
To achieve success, you need to take action and measure how effective your actions are. Don't run east expecting to see a sunset

Starting Your Career in Auto Sales
An overview of the auto sales industry and the benefits and challenges associated with a career in auto sales.

Being a "Green" Sales Professional
Take care of mother earth before it's too late. How can a sales professional be more earth friendly?

There is no Shade in Sales
Looking for a job where hard work is an option? Don't even consider a career in sales!

Closing a Job Interview for a Sales Position
If you are interviewing for a sales job, you shouldn't end the interview without closing the deal. That is, of course, if you want the job!

Old Fashioned Sales
Despite the incredible power and rapid advancement of Social Media, Social Networking and the Internet itself, sales still often comes down to old fashioned sales skills.

Transitioning to Inside Sales
What were once considered to be entry level positions, Inside Sales positions have evolved into a career-type position. If you are considering moving to an Inside position, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

What Does it Mean to "Close a Deal?"
When most people think about the sales industry, they think about sales professionals closing a sale. But some aren't sure what closing a sale really means.

Selling Outsourcing Services
Selling outsourcing services essentially means selling talent, skills and labor resources to a company so that they can focus on their core competencies.

A Career as a Travel Agent
While you may not consider a travel agent as a sales professional, when you think about what they do, you'll agree that travel agents are sales professionals who sell fun.

Is the Relationship Sales Model Still Valid?
The Relationship Sales model is a popular approach to sales. But many changes and emerging trends may have rendered the model antiquated.

Handling Tough Interview Questions
Behavioral and Situational Questions are some of the toughest questions that you'll face in an interview. Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your interview

Selling in the IT World
Article discussing a career in IT based industry sales.

Finding a Job Using Indeed
There are many ways to find a job. From the traditional newspaper classifieds and job fairs, to Internet search engines and good old fashioned networking. But some methods are simply better than others. When it comes to using an Internet-based search engine, few can compete with Indeed.

Homes for Sale - A Career in Real Estate
For people who love the freedom of sales and who are flexible with their schedules, a career in Real Estate may be the perfect career choice.

Careers in Sales - Medical Device Sales Professional
In a business world where industries come and go, the one industry-anchor is the healthcare field. People will always get sick and injured and will always need the care of healthcare professionals.

Career Profile: B2B and B2C Sales
All sales careers fall into two categories, business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). Here is a breakdown of both types of careers.

Insurance Sales - Selling Peace of Mind
Whether you are just starting out or are more tenured, a career in Insurance sales is both challenging and rewarding. For those that succeed in Insurance Sales, the benefits can be wonderful.

Financial Services Sales Professionals
From stock brokers to Financial Advisers, sales professionals help Americans invest and save their hard-earned income. No matter what their titles are, these sales professionals are a great example of risk and reward.

A Career in Sales Management
For those who have excelled in sales and have a passion for helping others reach their potential, a career in sales management may be an excellent choice. There are, however, several things you need to consider before joining the management ranks.

What to Look for in an Offer Letter
A discussion on what key elements to look for in a job offer letter

Getting Back into Sales
Not everyone in sales, stays in sales for their entire career. Some start their working careers in sales then move into something else. But many find themselves missing sales. For those who are considering getting back into sales, there are a few tips, tricks and pitfalls to consider.

Car Sales Jobs - What to Expect
Love cars and love sales? Maybe you should consider blending both as your career. Here's an overview of the job and some tips on landing one.

When it's Time to Leave Your Sales Job
Thinking about quitting your job? Before you turn in your notice, make sure that the reasons you have for leaving are the right reasons.

"Mastering Influence" by Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins, known world-wide for his seminars and multi-media products, released

Sales is a Numbers Game
There's an old expression that sales is a numbers game. But what exactly does that mean and how can you use the

How to Improve Sales
Knowing how to improve sales is a question that almost every sales professional has asked at least 100 times in their sales career.

How to be a Positive Thinker
No matter what industry you are in, the merits of positive thinking have been well discussed. In sales, positive thinking can be critical. But knowing how important positive thinking is doesn't tell you how to be a positive thinker.

The Backwards Closing Technique
There is more than one way to close a sale, including, starting from the usual last step and progressing your way backwards.

What Is The Columbo Sale Or Close?
Sometimes, the best closers are not in sales. The TV detective show,

Identifying Needs: The Third Step in a Sales or Interview Process
In the third step of a sales cycle of job search, we discuss the importance of identifying the needs of your prospects or the company for which you want to work.

How to Deal with an Overbearing Boss
There are many factors that contribute to your overall job satisfaction. One of these factors is your direct report. In other words, your boss has a lot to do with your job satisfaction. And while bad bosses seldom are successful long term and are often replaced, overbearing bosses may have a history of delivering results and have earned the respect of their superiors.

Best Smartphone for Sales Professionals
Cell phones have become as common as notebooks once were. Most every sales professional carries at least one smartphone with them wherever they go. But with all the options on the market, which is best for sales professionals?

Best Smartphone for Sales Professionals-Part Two
Which smartphone is the best for sales professionals? Blackberry, Android or the iPhone? Part two of two.

Choosing Between a Big and Small Company
Businesses of all sizes have benefits and drawbacks. Which is better to work for when it comes to sales: A large company or a small one?

How to Earn More Money in Sales
Looking to add more zeros to your bank account? It all starts with a decision.

How To Ask For a Raise In a Sales Position
While many sales professionals are paid on performance, many have both a base salary and an opportunity to earn a ​commission.

The Daily Grind of Sales
What is the toughest part about sale? For some, it's the competition, for others it is the prospecting. No matter what it is that makes your job a challenge, if you only had to do it once in a while, you'd probably be able to handle it. But, with sales, comes the daily grind. And the daily grind is exactly what drives most people out of sales.

What's Your Potential
Anthony Robbins say's that there is a tremendous difference between what a person can do and is willing to do. The difference between these two is the

Top Five Buying Signals
What are the top buying signals to look for in a sales cycle? Here are the top three buying signs you cannot miss.

Top Apps for Sales Professionals
What are the must have apps that every sales professional needs to have on their smartphone?

How to get Better at Sales
How can you get better at sales? It's not just working on your sales skills.

Resources, Tools and Technology
Ever wonder where to find out about resources for your sales career? Look no further.

Best Entry Level Sales Jobs - Sales Careers
If you are just starting off in sales, there are some entry level jobs you should consider. Here are five of the best to start off your sales career.

Why Not to Choose a Career in Sales
There are many reasons why you should consider a career in sales and there are some reasons that may cause you to consider a different career.

Sales Associations and Organizations
Sometimes, there seems to be too many people or businesses offering sales advice. While most can provide value, some are better known for focusing to sales professionals.

How to Advance Your Sales Career
Not everyone in sales wants to move to higher levels, but those who have done so successfully, follow a universal steps.

"Sell me This Pen!" and Other Outdated Interview Questions
When going through an interview, you should expect to hear a lot of questions. Some questions are simply better than others.

Organizations with the Largest Sales Force
A listing of the businesses that employ that most sales professionals.

Sales Positions Titles - What to Search For
If you are searching the Internet for sales positions, knowing the differences between commonly used position titles can save you time and energy.

The Worst Jobs in America
Some jobs are good and some are not so good. But some sales positions are simply terrible. What factors are consistently found in the worst sales jobs in America?

How to Write a Sales Resume
What are the elements of a good sales resume? If you are looking for a position in sales or to advance your sales career, pull out your resume and make sure that it addresses these

3 Steps to Success in Sales
If you ever wondered what you can do, everyday, to be successful in sales, look no further.

Closing Technique
While many less skilled sales professionals wonder what sales technique they should employ on their next call, the true professionals simply rely on honesty.

Do You Need a College Degree for a Sales Job?
With the rising costs of a college education, some are looking to avoid college and go straight to the workforce. Does skipping college mean that you won't be able to land a high paying sales job?

Sales Training
In most every profession, employees go attend training classes. And many other careers require on-going training to learn new skills or to refine those already employed. In the sales career, there are so many available training programs that choosing one almost takes a training course itself.

Brian Tracy's Steps in a Sales Cycle
Sales legend Brian Tracy details the steps in a sales cycle. Following these logical steps has made Brian, and those he mentored, millions of dollars.

Sales Spotlight: Manufacturer's Reps
In the world of sales careers, manufacturer's reps are somewhat unique. Some work directly for the manufacturer while some are independent sales professionals. In troubling economic times, considering a position as a manufacturer's rep may be a very intelligent, and profitable idea.

Career Spotlight: Food Service Sales Representative
People not only need to eat, they love to eat. But where do all the restaurants and resorts get the food that they prepare for their guests? Unless they have a farm on which they grow and raise their own food, they buy it from a food service company.

Treating Co-Workers with Respect
Treating others with respect is one of the master keys to success in sales

The Different Types of Sales Commission
While the commission piece of a comp plan may be only a part, understanding types is an important step in understanding a sales compensation program.

Best Sales Closing Technique With Examples
Sometimes knowing too many ways to close a sale gets in the way of closing a sale. What if you focused to learning (and mastering) just one closing technique?

Emerging Trends in Sales Careers
What are the emerging trends in the sales industry and are you prepared for how they will affect your sales career?

Is a Sales Job Right For Me?
If you've ever asked yourself if a career in sales is right for you, you may be better served asking if you are right for sales.

Do Female Sales Professionals Have an Advantage?
In an industry long dominated by men, female sales professionals have become a dominant and successful part of the the sales professional career. But do women have an advantage over men when it comes to sales?

Where to Build Your Professional Network
If you are looking at building or expanding your professional network, you may be wondering how and where to look for networking opportunities.

Why Choose a Career in Sales?
While sales is not for everyone, there are a multitude of reasons why you should consider a career in sales. Here are just a few.

The Benefits of Inside Sales Positions
Beyond the ability to earn a substantial income, there are many key reasons why you should consider an inside sales position.

Asking for a Promotion to Sales Management
If you've proven yourself in your sales position and feel ready to take the next step in your career, it's time to ask for a promotion.

Sales Certifications
Many industries have their own set of professional certifications and the sales industry is no exception. But does having a sales certification mean anything?

Top Things To Do To Turn Around A Sales Slump
Sales professionals will experience times when their sales are not what they'd like them to be. Here are steps you can take to turn things around.

The Top 3 Most Critical Sales Skills
What can a sales professional not live without? Sales skills. And of the many skills that a professional should have, which are the top 3 most important?

Inside Sales Skills Needed
With the Inside Sales industry enjoying rapid expansion, you may be wondering what are the critical skills needed to be successful in Inside Sales.

Why You Shouldn't Choose a Career in Sales
Sales is not for everyone and there are drawbacks that anyone considering getting into sales should be aware of.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Too Much Paperwork!
Sales people hate paperwork but doing paperwork may be an important part of your job

4 Hour Work Week in Sales- What to Eliminate, Meetings, Final Thoughts
Is it possible for a sales professional to follow Tim Ferriss's suggestions and work only 4 hours per week?

Turning Down a Promotion
How to say

Celebrating a Sale
Before you start celebrating having closed a sale, make sure that the deal won't be canceled

Flexing Your Sales Muscles
Flexing your selling muscles not only is done when you need to close a big sale but also when you want to advance your career.

Selling Health
If you have a passion for fitness, a sales career in the fitness industry may be your best possible career choice.

Telling Lies
If you think that telling a little lie here and there isn't hurting you, think again. Lying prevents long term success.

Building a Resume for Sales Jobs
Building a resume for a sales career takes more than listing your experience & education. A successful resume begins with the sales position in mind.

Sales Entrepreneurs
For some, relying only on themselves is good enough. For true sales professionals, the ultimate test of skills and confidence is Sales Entrepreneurship.

The Challenger Sale: A Fresh Approach to Sales
If you haven't heard of the Challenger Sale, you will soon and doing so may change the way you sell.

A Career as a Specialist
Interested in becoming a specialist in your sales career? Then you should fully understand what your expectations will be and how best to be successful

When You Service What You Sell
When you are expected to be both a sales rep and a service tech, you have a unique challenge to be good in both areas.

The Take Away Closing Technique
Another in the series of sales closing tips, the take away close takes advantage of a basic human reluctance to lose.

Increase the Impact of Your Proposals
Here's a quick tip to increasing the effectiveness of your proposals. As with any quick tip, this is easy to implement and challenging to master.

Ideas Versus Reality
Those who are considering starting a career as a sales professional, often have their own set of ideas of what sales and a sales career will be like.

The Puppy Dog Closing Technique
While the classic

How Do You Ask for a Raise
If you feel that you deserve a raise, you have two options: One, wait till your boss offers you a raise, then accept it or two, gather up some courage and ask for a raise.

Overcoming the Fear of Closing
Understand that no one can close every sale. The more relaxed you are during a sales-close, the better off you and your prospect will be.

Is It Okay To Throw Your Competition Under the Bus?
If you are in sales, you have competition. So does it ever make sense to attack your competition in front of your customer?

Persuasion Techniques for Sales Professionals
Success in sales is a culmination of hard work, strong rapport skills, a dedication to improving sales skills and knowing how to close

How to Negotiate a Sale
A critical skill that must be developed in all sales professionals is negotiation. Without this skill, you will be ever forced to sell on price.

Eight Steps to Improving Sales
Want to improve your sales? Here are 8 ways to get better at sales.

Articles You May Have Missed
Some of the best sales articles you may have missed.

Most Popular Sales Careers Articles
Popular articles on sales careers all gathered into one, convenient article.

When Old is New
Are you an old school or new school type of sales rep? And, more importantly, does it make any difference if you are old or new school?

Sports and Sales
Sports and sales careers go hand in hand. Why are sports and sales so much alike?

Become a Master of Networking
What is networking, why you should spend the time to expand your network and what are the best ways to build a professional network?

All About Prospecting
Tips and tricks to get better at cold calling.

How to Get Fired From Your Sales Job
If you really want to get fired from your job, here are three ways to make your dreams a reality.

Challenges and Opportunities
If you think your personal challenges will hold you back, you're right!

Finding a Sales Job
If you're looking for a job in sales, you need to take advantage of as many job hunting resources as possible.

5 Tips for Distraction Free Work
5 Easy Tips to Eliminate Work Place Distractions

Get the Job!
If you are struggling to find a job, you may want to work on your interviewing skills.

Adding More Profit to Your Sales
Looking for ways to add more profit to your deals? It begins and ends with your customers.

Top Websites for Sales Professionals
What are the best websites for sales reps to check out?

Sales Hacks
Looking for hacks to improve your sales closing skills? Look no further!

Best Entry Level Sales Jobs
What are the best entry level sales jobs for those new to sales?

Don't be a Herb Tarlek
Remember the TV show WKRP and the character Herb Tarlek? If so, make sure you're not considered to be a

Resignation Letter
If you've made the decision to leave your current employer, your next task is to write a well crafted resignation letter to make sure you don't burn any bridges.

Developing Your Elevator Pitch
When you are job hunting, you need to be prepared to tell any potential employer why they should hire you. Having an elevator pitch prepared and practiced could make the difference between getting a second look and being overlooked.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Sales
Just being in a sales career does not mean that you have no fears of sales. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome your fear of sales.

Benefits to a Commission Only Sales Position
If you are wondering if you should consider a commission only sales position, you should know all about the the benefits of these positions.

Improve Your Selling Skills and Earn More Money
If you want to sell more, earn more and close more, you need to improve all of your critical sales skills.

A Treasury of Closing Skills
Closing a deal is where the rubber meets the road. If you lack closing skills, this list of articles is geared for you. Want to get better a closing sales? Read on

Motivation for Sales Professionals
Sales professionals have one of the toughest jobs around. And to avoid letting the daily grind wear us down, we need a steady stream of motivation.

Death of the Business Suit
Has the time of the professional business suit passed? While some may say that a suit is always the best thing to wear during an interview or a sales call, others are claiming that the business suit is dead.

How To Be Successful in Sales
Sales can be the best-paid job or one of the worst. The key to making your sales job one of the best paid is to master the critical success skills.

A List of Top Paying Sales Jobs
When it comes to top paying jobs, sales careers are high on the list. Which types of sales jobs are the best paying?

Top 7 Things to Look for in a Sales Job
If you are looking to get into a sales career, there are several things to consider. While your unique list may include a different list, these are the Top 7 that every good sales job should include.

The Many Faces of Sales Careers
To list all the different types and variations of sales careers would be almost impossible. With new industries emerging and other industries being replaced, the number of different sales careers is always in a state of flux. This list of sales careers is not intended to be exhaustive, complete or the definitive collection. It's intention is to serve as a quick and dynamic list of some of the most popular sales careers. So check back often to read more about the many faces (and types) of sales careers.

What Are the Best Sales Careers?
Looking for the best sales careers in America? Look instead for the benefits that are important to you.

Brian Tracy's Seven Steps of the Sales Cycle
Brian Tracy is known around the world for his sales skills and his ability to teach those interested in improving their sales skills in an effective and easy to understand manner. This article, the first in a series, describes the first step in the sales cycle. It all begins with prospecting.

Best Sales Pitch Closing Techniques
If you are just getting into sales or need a few tips and tricks to improve your sales skills, learning some time tested closing techniques is a wonderful place to start.

Where to Find Sales Jobs Online
If you are looking for a sales job, you will most likely turn to the Internet to begin your job search. And while there are hundreds of sites that promise the best and most sales jobs, you can limit your search to just a few.

How Much Education Do You Need for a Career in Sales?
Sales-focused businesses are expecting that their sales force is more educated than their sales forces of years ago. If you are considering beginning a search for a career in sales, having an understanding of what education experience employers will be looking for will help guide you in the right direction.

Pro Tips for Closing a Sale
Closing a sale is an art form. It's the culmination of hours, days, weeks, months or even years of effort. Follow these tips to learn more.

Finding a Part-Time Sales Job
Looking for a part time sales position? You have more options than what you might think. Read about the options here.

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Working From A Vacation Paradise
Moving to a vacation area to live may seem like a great idea. But unless you spend some time researching the area, your vacation style living may be the end of your career.

Three Secrets to Success
What are the secrets to success and happiness? Are there any secrets to success at all?

Financial Services Sales Careers Still Among Top Paid
The top paying sales industry continues to be the financial services industry. But why do financial services sales reps earn so much money?

Sales Engineer
What is a sales engineer and what does a sales engineer do? Some insights into the sales engineer sales position, compensation and what to expect.

Selling to Friends and Family
How to sell to family and friends. Is it every wrong to sell to a family member or to a close friend?

Overcoming Objections
In every sales or interview cycle, you will encounter objections. In fact, you don't start selling until the first

Closing the Sale - The Sixth Step in a Sales Cycle
Everything you do in a sales or interview cycle leads to 1 thing - closing the sale or getting the job. But if you are weak in your closing skills, all your work may have been wasted.

Making Difficult Decisions: Part Two
Making the difficult decision to do what is best for your customer instead of what is best for your company is never an easy one to make.

Hard Closing Techniques
The third in a series of closing techniques, the Hard Close takes courage, confidence and a whole lot of determination.

Brain Tracy Interview
People who claim to be sales experts come and go. But some have stood the test of time. Brian Tracy is one such person.

Interviewing for Your First Sales Job
How to prepare for your first sales interview. Are you prepared for the tough interview questions you're sure to face?

Career Spotlight: Independent Sales Reps
Another in a series of types of sales careers. The Independent Sales Rep career is not for those who like the security of a salary and benefits, but can be one of the most rewarding and profitable sales career for those who the self-drive to take control of their own financial well-being.

Using Facebook in Your Sales Job
How to use Facebook in your sales career.

What Does a Good Sales Culture Look Like?
Do you work for a company with a strong, sales friendly culture? What does a good sales culture look like?

How Important is a Sales Team?
While sales is usually an individual job, many sales professionals are part of a sales team. How important is being on a good sales team to your success?

What is "Sales Culture?"
Do you work for a company with a strong sales culture? What does a good sales culture look like?

Old School or New School?
What is better? Old school or new school sales? What is old school and new school selling?

What's More Important: Being Liked or Respected?
What is more important for a sales rep? Being liked or being respected?

Assumptive Closing Technique - When Is It OK to Assume?
While there are many different ways to close a sale, the Assumptive Close is one that is not only effective but is easy to use. As long as you've done your work throughout the sales cycle.

Selling with Value and Relationship
How to find the balance between delivering results and doing what's best for your clients.

Take Some Chances
If you feel stuck, you need to take some chances and breathe life back into your sales career.

When Sales is Like Boxing
Boxing and sales have a lot in common. A rep and a boxer both have a team in their corners and both will get knocked to the mat from time to time

How Football and Sales Are Alike
How are football and sales alike? What can a sales rep learn from watching football?

How Hockey and Sales Go Hand in Hand
Hockey and the Sales Industry have a lot in common. Here's how hockey and sales go hand in hand.

Running on Empty
Are you buying into the myths about working all the time and not taking time to recharge your batteries? Being a workaholic is a great way to weaken your sales skills

Under Promise and Over Deliver
Want a sure fired way to lose a customer? Simple. Promise more than you can deliver.

No More Commissions?
On of the most attractive benefits for sales professionals is the ability to earn commissions. But are commissioned positions going away?

Learning How to Sell
What is the best way for someone new to sales to learn how to sell?

Blending Your Passion and Your Sales Job
If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life. If you don't love your job, you need to find ways to blend your passions with your job.

A Career in the Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry offers several career paths, including a path for sales professionals.

All About Pricing
What is the best way to set your pricing? Strategies and tips for setting pricing for your proposed solution?

Sporting Goods Sales Careers
If you have a passion for sports, you should consider a career in the the sporting goods industry.

The Solitary Sales Professional
If you work all alone in your sales job, you know the drawbacks and benefits to working alone.

Understanding Your Quota- Part 2 of 2
How well you understand your quota and how well you

Uncovering Pain
People either buy to gain pleasure or to eliminate pain. For the sales professional, knowing how to uncover you prospect's pain is often what can separate a sale from a lost sale.

How To Deal with a Manager Who Has No Sales Experience
Sometimes the worst thing about a sales job is the sales manager. When you find yourself or have a friend who finds himself working for a sales manager who has no sales skills, the stress levels can rise quickly.

The Importance of Training
If you are not devoted to a constant and never ending commitment to improving your sales skills, understand that you will soon be seen as less important and valuable to your customers.

Wherever You go, You Bring Yourself With You
Before you jump ship and accept a new position with a new company, realize what the true meaning of the old saying,

Selling to Volunteer Agencies
Selling to volunteer organizations and agencies presents great opportunities and tremendous challenges

Selling to Sales People
How to sell when you are selling to another sales professional

Sample Offer Letter
Most sales jobs, and jobs in general, are offered via an official offer letter. Knowing what to look for and what to expect can help you focus to the most important areas of an offer letter.

Thinking About Giving Sales a Try?
For those thinking about whether or not a career in sales is right for them, a lot has to do with why they are thinking about sales in the first place.

Why Choose a Career in Inside Sales?
There are many reasons why someone would choose a career in sales but why would a job seeker choose a career in inside sales?

Working for the Competition
Sometimes, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. And sometimes it's not.

Understanding Sales Quotas: Part 1 of 2
If you are employed in a sales position, you most likely have an assigned quota. But do you fully understand what a quota is all about?

Why Everyone Should Begin Careers in Sales
Everyone should start their careers out in a sales position. The benefits to starting your career in sales are numerous

Teaming Up for Success
Tips Clubs can be a great way for a sales professional to expand their business. As long as the tips club is set up, run and organized correctly

Making a Bad Sale
What is a bad deal and what should you do about bad deals?

Best Day to Prospect
Which day is the best day to prospect? If you need to cold call, what day will your prospects be the most open?

Best Time to Prospect
When is the best time to cold call? Prospecting is hard but cold calling at the best time of the day makes things a lot easier

Sales Consultants
Sales consultants do a lot more than analyze date. Sales consultants need to be able to identify trends and to make sometimes very difficult suggestions.

What is Solution Sales?
You've probably heard of

Furniture for Sale
Go to anyone's home and you are certain to find at least a few pieces of furniture. And unless the home owners make their own furniture, each coach, chair and table are evidence that a sale has been made.

Selling to a Group:The Protagonist
How to identify and sell to the leader of a group is fairly easy and very important

Closing a Sale Using a Customer Ally
When you have to sell to a group of decision makers, you need to identify who's playing with decision makers role.

Dealing with an Antagonist
Dealing with a customer that doesn't like you when selling to a group is challenging. Here's some ideas to make it less of a challenge.

Selling to a Group : The Advocate's Role
When selling to a group, what role does the advocate play and how best of use your advocate?

Too Young for Sales?
Ever wonder if you're too young to be in sales?

Too Shy for Sales?
Think that you're too shy to be in sales and that shy people can't succeed in sales? You couldn't be more wrong

Too Old for Sales?
If you're wondering if you're too old to be in sales, you may be asking the wrong questions.

The Challenges of Being a Manufacturer's Rep
Is a career as a manufacturer's rep still a good career choice?

Electronics Sales Positions
Thinking about getting a sales job in the consumer electronics industry? You might want to read this article first

Powerful Resumes
A resume is usually your first (and sometimes) only chance to make a good first impression.

Online Search
Use the power of the Internet to find your next position.

Delivering Persuasive Presentations
In the fourth step of a sales or interviewing cycle, we discuss delivering persuasive presentations. Ones that start at the general and progress to the particular.

Selling in a Tough Economic Climate
Selling in a bad economy is tough. Knowing what to focus your time and energy is the key to successful selling in bad economic times.

The Relationship Closing Technique
If there is one thing that can vastly improve your sales results, it would certainly be turning prospects into friends.

You; the Problem Solver
At the end of the day, a sales professional is nothing more (and nothing less) than a problem solver.

"We Shoot Every Third Sales Person"
Ever see a sign that says

9 Things - The How
Once you know why you want to achieve a goal, you need to figure out how to achieve your goal

9 Things
Without a solid foundation of passion, your goal of success in sales is certain to fall short.

Changing Careers with the Same Employer
Changing careers does not always mean that you change your employer. In fact, a change of career doesn't even have to mean that you change your career industry

The Intelligent Consumer
Selling to an informed customer takes a more strategic and planned out approach to the sales cycle

The One Call Close
What is a one call close and when should this type of closing be used?

Sales Success Stories
Learning about the successes and lessons learned from sales professionals is a powerful way to improve your selling skills as well as to gain ideas and insights. Learn the best practices in the areas of interviewing, closing a sale, negotiating a pay raise and getting a promotion.