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How To Save Energy Right Now
Saving energy doesn't always take days of planning. There are many things you can do right now to start saving energy and cutting down on costs.

The Most Common Alternative Energy Sources
Renewable energy is a commonly used term these days, so let's find out what the most common alternative energy sources are all about.

Definition of Bioenergy
Bioenergy is energy that is derived from recent living organisms. It is being studied as a replacement to fossil fuels to end our dependence on oil

How to Save Energy With Compact Fluorescent Lights
Using CFLs instead of incandescent light bulbs can save a homeowner up to 25 percent of their electric bill each year due to their efficiency.

What's a Hybrid Vehicle?
Let's find out how hybrids work, if they are worth it for you, and read about some of the most recent models from different makers.

Setting Your Thermostat for Maximum Energy Savings
Set your thermostat to ideal temperatures in the summer and winter to save money on your energy bills. Reduce cost by limiting use and blocking heat.

How Much Can You Save By Switching to Solar Power?
For years homeowners have used solar power to heat pools and spas without thinking twice. As energy rates continue to climb, the switch to solar energy makes sense for more uses in the home.

What Is the Energy Efficiency Ratio?
The energy efficiency ratio is an important term to know when maximizing energy savings in your home or business and selecting an air conditioner

Six Steps to Reduce Your Home's Cooling Costs
Running your air conditioner during the summer can raise your energy bill significantly. These six tips can reduce your electric bill & save money.

Reduce Air Conditioner Usage - Saving Energy
Running your air conditioner this summer can raise your bills. Reduce your air conditioning costs, and energy, with these seven simple tips

Steps to Reduce Your Refrigerator's Energy Cost
The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in any household. Heavy use can mean high energy costs. Use these steps to reduce your bills.

Proper Maintenance to Save Energy
Proper maintenance of your refrigerator can help save energy used in the operation of this appliance.

Setting the Right Temperature
In order to maximize the energy efficiency of your refrigerator, it needs to be set, and maintain, a proper temperature.

Where you place your refrigerator can have an effect on its energy efficiency. Proper placement can help your appliance conserve electricity.

LED: The Light Emitting Diode
LED stands for light emitting diode, although that doesn't tell you much about what it is. This article, however, will tell you what they are and where they're used.

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What Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs?
Not only do CFLs outlast traditional incandescent light bulbs, but they require much less energy while producing the same amount of lumens.

verywell. Saving Energy.

What Are Flexible-Fuel Vehicles (FFVs)?
With rise in gas prices, many people are turning to hybrid cars or flexfuel vehicles to save money at the pump.


Save Energy by Cooling Your House Naturally
There are natural ways that you can keep your house cooler reducing the workload of your air conditioner and saving energy in the process.