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Who Has to Charge PST - GST and Provincial Sales Tax
If your Canadian business does not have to charge GST/HST, does it still charge PST (provincial sales taxes)? Here are the answers.

A Business Model Describes How Profit Is Made
B2C. B2B. C2C. Learn about the basic types of business models and why some types of business models are better than others.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Business Website
Dramatically increase the number of visitors to your business website with these traffic-generating ideas.

Does Your Canadian Business Need to Charge the GST/HST?
Not all Canadian businesses have to charge the GST/HST. Find out whether yours has to charge the GST/HST and what that means if you do.

Low- to No-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Business
A list of low to no cost marketing ideas to help you get the word out about your small business - and how you can put these low to no cost marketing ideas into action.

Reasons You Still Need Business Cards
Why use business cards in this digital age? Because they're still necessary tools for business. Here are seven reasons you should still use them.

GST/HST Exempt and Zero-Rated Goods and Services
The difference between GST zero-rated and GST exempt goods and services and examples of each type to make charging GST/HST easier.

Can You Set Up Limited Liability Companies in Canada?
Can you set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or equivalent forms of business ownership in Canada? Find out if you can here.

Tips for Successful Family Business Succession Planning
Business succession planning is critical for family businesses. These tips will help ensure a smooth transition from one generation to another.

How to Start Your Own Business
Have you been wanting to start your own business but just keep putting it off? Here's how to move past your excuses and start the business you've been dreaming of.

6 Secrets for Selling More at Trade Shows & Craft Fairs
Watch your booth or table sales soar when you apply these sales secrets to engage potential customers and make them want to buy.

How to Save Time (Time Saving Rules)
Learn how to save time by following these ten simple rules - so you feel less stressed and have more time to do what you actually want to do.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

7 Small Businesses You Don't Want to Start
If you want to start a successful small business that actually makes money, here are seven business ideas you'll want to avoid.

How to Register a Domain Name
The first step to starting an online business is registering a domain name. Here's how to do it and tips for picking the best domain name for you.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Retirement Businesses
Full-time retirement isn't for everyone. Stay active, happy, healthy, and supplement your income by starting one of these small businesses.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Security Services
Recently retired and have a background in the police or armed forces? Why not consider security services as a retirement business?

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Volunteering
Are you retired and want to give back to your community? Why not start a

Why Are These the Best Business Opportunities for Retirees?
The best business opportunities for retirees and what makes them ideal.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Senior Chauffeur
Transportation services for seniors and disabled people can be an excellent business opportunity for a retired person.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Child Care/Babysitting
Child care can be a rewarding business opportunity for seniors who love children and have time for babysitting.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Hauling
If you are healthy, enjoy driving, and have access to a truck or van hauling can be an excellent business opportunity.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Painting/Interior Decorating
If you have an eye for color and enjoy painting or interior decorating why not turn these skills into a retirement business?

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Translation Services
Do you have excellent writing skills in two or more languages? Why not consider translation services as a retirement business?

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Arts and Crafts
If you are skilled in arts or crafts why not turn it into a retirement business?

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Tutoring
Do you have teaching experience and a desire to help students succeed? Tutoring might be an ideal retirement business for you!

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Language Lessons
Are you retired and have excellent second language skills? Why not turn this into a business?

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Pet Walking/Sitting
If you love pets perhaps pet sitting or dog walking would make an ideal retirement business.

Best Business Opportunities for Retirees - Travel Tour Guide
Becoming a travel tour guide can be an excellent business for a retired person.

Before You Buy a Laptop or Notebook Computer
Thinking of buying a laptop or notebook computer? Before you buy one, consider these essential buying tips.

Search Engine Optimization Definition
What is Search Engine Optimization? Here's a broad SEO definition and some advice for small business owners.

Record of Employment (ROE) Definition
Everything you need to know about the Record of Employment (ROE) that Canadian employers need to fill out for Employment Insurance (EI).

11 Time Management Tips That Work
Learn how to effectively manage your time by planning, goal setting, prioritizing, and scheduling.

Before You Buy a Multifunction Printer
Thinking of buying a multifunction printer? Here are the most important things you need to know before you buy one for your small business.

Computer Ergonomics - Work Without Back or Neck Pain
Several computer ergonomic tips to help you or anyone in your office avoid problems such as back and neck pain.

Capital Cost Allowance Class for Computers
Need to deduct computer equipment and systems software on your business taxes? Here is the Canada Revenue Agency Capital Cost Allowance information.

11 Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity
Wish you could get more done each day and enjoy what you do more? Follow these tips to increase productivity & become your best, most productive self.

How to Increase Productivity - Optimism and Productivity
Learn how you can increase your productivity by becoming more optimistic.

How to Increase Productivity - Sleep and Productivity
How lack of sleep affects productivity - and why working more than 40 hours a week is a waste.

How to Increase Productivity - Take Care of Yourself
How a healthy lifestyle increases productivity and how you can achieve that lifestyle.

Productivity Tips - The Most Productive Time
Learn what the most productive time of day is and how to get the most out of it.

How to Increase Productivity - Stop Multitasking
Why you should stop multitasking if you want to be productive and what you should do instead.

How to Use a To-Do List to Increase Productivity
Using a to-do list will increase your productivity - if you use it this way.

Steve Jobs's Advice on Using To-Do Lists
A lesson on how to increase productivity from Steve Jobs.

How to Increase Productivity - Delegate Properly
Want to increase productivity? Learn how to delegate properly.

How to Increase Productivity - Eliminate Distractions
Want to increase productivity? Knowing the difference between eagles and turkeys will help.

How to Increase Productivity - Plan Phone Calls.
Planning your phone calls, whether outgoing or incoming, will increase your productivity. Learn more.

How to Increase Productivity - Exercise at Work
Learn how exercise increases productivity - especially if you do it at the right time and place.

Innovation for Small Businesses - How to Innovate
Make your small business more competitive and better able to take advantage of business opportunities by kickstarting innovation. Here's how.

Social Media Tips for Professionals
Small Business: Canada.

How to Act Professional
Small Business: Canada.

Customer Communication Tips for Professionals
Small Business: Canada.

How to Be Professional
Want to look professional? Learn how to talk the talk and walk the walk with these dress, behavior and communication tips for being professional.

Professional Email Tips
Small Business: Canada.

Phone Etiquette Tips for Professionals
Small Business: Canada.

Rules for Professional Behavior
Small Business: Canada.

How Do You Calculate and Charge GST/HST in My Business?
How do you calculate GST/HST/PST when your Canadian business has to charge it? The answer depends on what province or territory you're in.

How to Save Money on Office Furniture & Equipment
Setting up a small or home office doesn't have to be expensive - you can have a functional, attractive work space on a tight budget. Here's how.

As a Non-Canadian, How Can I Open a Business in Canada?
Are you a non-Canadian who would like to start a company in Canada? Here's how you can open a business in Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

15 Inexpensive Business Ideas You Can Start
Don't have much to invest? Check out this list of business ideas for profitable businesses you can start quickly and inexpensively.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

How to Start a Home-Based Business That Will Succeed
Follow these six steps to start a home-based business that will succeed rather wasting time and money on

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Getting a Canada Business Tax ID Number
How do you get a Business Number if you need one? This article explains who needs a Business Number and how to register for one if you do.

How to Create a Facebook Cover Using Wordle
Don't want to use a personal photo for the Facebook cover on your business/fan page? Learn how to use a word cloud instead.

Using Wordle to Create a Word Cloud – Facebook Cover
A word cloud can be a very attractive Facebook cover. Here’s how to make one with Wordle and save it as an image.

Edit Your Wordle for Your Facebook Cover
How to edit the Wordle you've created to fit the Facebook cover of your Facebook page.

Upload Your Wordle Word Cloud as a Facebook Cover
Once you've created and edited a word cloud for your Facebook cover, you're ready to upload it to your Facebook page. Here's how.

Ten Tips on How to Be a Good Manager
Be careful. Cutting some corners to save time can gouge your reputation and undermine your good management efforts.

How to Get Back the Paid GST - Canadian Small Business
Do you operate Canadian business? Learn how to get a GST refund if you are a GST/HST registrant.

Time Management Personality Types
Do you see yourself in any of these time management personality types? If so, it's time for a close look at how you can better manage your time.

Email Marketing for Business Definition
What is email marketing? This definition explains and outlines the basics of email marketing and how it can increase sales for businesses.

Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Definition
What is an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise)? Here are the SME definitions of various countries, including the U.S., Canada, UK and China.

Sample Business Plan, Example Industry Overview
Need to know how to write the industry overview section of a business plan? This example is based on a fictional pet care business called Pet Grandma.

Rules for Choosing a Business Name
These rules will help you choose a business name that's easy for your customers to remember and good for business promotion too.

Sales Tax Rates for GST, HST, PST in Canada
Need to know how to invoice in your Canadian province of business? This list of templates shows how to invoice for GST/HST and small supplier.

Internet Small Business Models
Seven different online business models for you to choose from so you can start to make money online.

Online Business Models – How to Start an Online Business
A successful online business can be your best chance of getting to work at home. Here are three more online business models for you to choose from so you can start to make money online. Page 2.

What You Need to Know About Charging HST in Ontario
This article explains what small businesses need to know about charging, collecting and remitting Ontario harmonized sales tax (HST).

GST/HST and Provincial Sales Tax Rates (PST) in Canada
How provincial sales taxes (PST) apply to small businesses in Canada, what the different provincial PST rates are, and how they relate to the GST/HST.

Invoice Sample With the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
This invoice sample shows an example of a small business invoice for a product with the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Speech Skill of Expression - Monotone Voice - Speech Lesson
The third speech lesson of the Speak for Success course deals with the speech problem of expression and will help you speak with more vocal variety.

Business Christmas Window Display Tips
Use these five Christmas window display tips to to entice customers into your business, customers who are in a festive, spending mood.

Do You Need a Business Bank Account?
Two crucial reasons you must open a business bank account - and some advice for finding the best one for your small business.

Incorporation in Canada - Provincial versus Federal
Incorporation in Canada FAQ: What's the difference between federal and provincial incorporation, and is one better than the other for your business?

The Best Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms & Dads
Want to stay at home with your kids but need to work? Start one of these small businesses and make it happen.

Small Business Loan Definition
This article explains why banks are reluctant to lend to small businesses, and how to improve your chances of getting a small business loan.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Definition for Business
What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), examples of USPs and how to create one for your own small business.

Customer Service Definition
A customer service definition and why good customer service is especially critical to small businesses.

Home Based Business Definition
A home-based business definition and an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of running a business out of your home.

Goal Setting for Businesses - Definition and Examples
This goal setting definition includes examples of techniques to help you accomplish what you set for yourself and your business.

What Is the Definition of a Fiscal Year?
What is a fiscal year and do you have to have a fiscal year end of December 31st if you run a Canadian business? This definition explains.

Business Promotion Definition
A definition of promotion and an explanation of how promotion differs from advertising for small business owners.

Business Plan Definition
Definition of the term business plan, why every start-up needs one, and business plan resources for small business owners.

Small Business Ideas for Making Quick Money in the Fall
Looking for fall business ideas? Starting one of these small businesses in the fall can be an ideal way to generate part-time or full-time income.

Social Media Definition
Learn what social media is and how your small business can get started using popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Social Media Goals – Social Media for Business
Learn how to set the right social media goals for your small business.

How to Create a Social Media Plan for Business
Want to use social media for business purposes but don't know where to begin? This article explains how to create a social media plan for your business.

Social Media for Business - Which Social Media?
Different social media are best for different types of businesses. Learn how to pick the best for your small business.

Social Media Plan & Social Media ROI
A detailed explanation of how to figure out the ROI of your business's social media plan.

Social Media Budget - Social Media for Business
If you want to use social media for business, you need a social media budget. Here's how social media should fit into your small business marketing.

Social Media Plan - Do You Have Time for Social Media?
Should you implement your small business's social media plan or hire someone to do it? Here's how to tell.

What Is Sales Forecasting? What Can It Do for Business?
This article goes over what sales forecasting is and why it is important for new and established businesses to estimate future revenues.

Best Small Business Ideas for Tough Times
Worried that tough times will kill your new small business? Pick one of these ideas for a business that will not only survive but thrive.

Pet Sitting Insurance & Pet Sitting Bonding in Canada
Customers want your pet sitting business to be bonded, licensed and insured. Learn what this means and how and where to get pet sitting insurance in Canada.

A Definition of Virtual Business
A definition of a virtual business, including examples of virtual retailers such as Amazon and the pros and cons of going virtual.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

5 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Should your small business get into cloud computing? Reading about these disadvantages of cloud computing will help you make up your mind.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

How to Make Your Small Business More Successful
Want your small business to be more profitable this year? Here's what you have to do to make your business more successful.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Best Summer Business Ideas for Students
Are you a student looking for a summer job? Why not start your own business instead? Here are the best business ideas for students.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Best Accounting Software for Canadian Small Businesses
Whether you're looking for entry-level or full featured accounting and business management, here is the best accounting software for small businesses.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Best Accounting Software for Canadian Small Businesses
Whether you're looking for entry-level or full featured accounting and business management tools, here is the best accounting software for Canadian small businesses.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

10 Ways to Get Word of Mouth for Your Business
There's nothing better than positive word of mouth for growing your small business. Here's how to get people talking about your products and services.

Before You Buy an LCD Projector For Your Business
Thinking of buying an LCD projector? Here are LCD projector features to look for to help you choose the LCD projector that's best for your business needs.

Before You Buy Small Business Accounting Software
Need an accounting solution for your small business? Here's what to look for before you buy small business accounting software or a web app.

Before You Buy a Copier for Your Small or Home Office
Technically a “copier” in today’s terms is normally a printer that has a scanning device so that a document to be copied can be scanned and reproduced.

Before You Buy a Digital Voice Recorder
Thinking of buying a digital voice recorder? Here are the features to look for so you can choose the recorder that's best for your business needs.

What Happens When You File Canadian Income Tax Late
Filing your Canadian income tax late this tax season? Here's information about the penalties you will face and possible remedies.

Canadian Income Tax Return Due Date
Wondering when Canadian taxes are due? Here's information on tax due dates for both personal income tax and corporate income tax returns.

How to Save Time on Outgoing Phone Calls - Time Management Tips
Save time and increase your productivity with these time management tips for handling outgoing telephone calls.

How to Save Time on Incoming Phone Calls - Phone Tips
Inbound phone calls pull you away from other tasks. Save time and increase your productivity with these time management tips for handling inbound calls.

A Time Management System That Really Works
Frustrated with your time management attempts? Learn the secret to effective time management with this time management system.

Claiming Expenses Without Receipts - Income Tax Canada
Thinking of claiming business expenses that you don't have receipts foron your Canadian income tax return? Don't. Here's why.

How to Increase Business Success with Daily Planning
Using a daily planning session at the start of each day to focus on your business goals is a great way to increase your business success. Here's how.

Get Ready to Sell by Building Self-Confidence
Your level of self-confidence directly affects your selling skills. Use these techniques to improve your self-confidence​ and get ready to sell.

Canadian Income Tax FAQs for Small Businesses
These Canadian income tax FAQs for small businesses provide answers to common Canadian income tax questions such as how to report business income, how to claim business expenses and what happens if you can't pay the income tax you owe.

Small Business Tax Strategies to Reduce Income Tax
See how many of these tax strategies you can use to reduce the amount of income tax you pay if you operate a small business in Canada.

Time Limit on Keeping Business Records for the CRA?
Think you have to keep your business records for 7 years after filing your income tax return? Think again. Here's the correct answer.

If You Can't Pay the Canadian Income Tax You Owe
What to do if you can't pay the Canadian income tax you owe. This article describes negotiating with the CRA, Consumer proposals, and bankruptcy.

Canadian Income Tax: Reporting Foreign Business Income
How to report business income from other countries (foreign business income) when filing your Canadian income tax return (for residents of Canada).

Canadian Income Tax - Business Income From a Hobby
Do you have to declare the money your hobby brings in on your Canadian income tax? Here's the lowdown.

What Is the Canada Revenue Agency Business Number?
Canadian small business owner? You may need a business number. Here's what a business number is and how to get one from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Capital Cost Allowance (Depreciation) Definition
Want to claim the cost of equipment or property on your Canadian income tax? Then you need to know about Capital Cost Allowance. Learn more.

Provincial Sales Tax Definition (PST)
Which Canadian provinces have provincial sales tax (PST, RST, or QST), PST rates, and how businesses need to charge PST on goods and services.

Employee Gifts as Tax Deductions in Canada
Employee gifts are tax deductible, unlike cash. Here are the rules for giving gifts to employees and using those gifts as tax deductions in Canada.

How To Define Your Target Market
Marketing without a target will miss the mark. Learn how to define your customer before marketing to reach your target market.

Free Publicity - Business Publicity
Free publicity is like money in the bank for businesses. Learn how to get positive free publicity for your business.

Create a Small Business Website That Works
Learn how to build a small business website that brings in business with these tips on website design.

How to Find Business Ideas - Create Your Own Business
How do you find the business ideas that will be the most profitable and personally fulfilling? Learn how to think like an entrepreneur.

How to Register a Business and Name in Nova Scotia
A business registration guide for registering a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation in Nova Scotia, Canada.

How to Register a Business in Ontario
A business registration guide for registering a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation in Ontario, Canada.

Tips on Starting a Business in Canada
More of the important steps to starting a business in Canada, including GST/HST registration, PST registration and preparing to have employees. Page 2.

The First Step to Time Management for Business Success
Time management can make you more productive and more successful. Learn how to track your daily activities in Week one of the Business Success Program.

Set Specific Goals to Increase Business Success
Want to dramatically increase the success of your business? Learn how to set specific goals for business success. Here's how.

Is It Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or a Pyramid Scheme?
Thinking about signing on with a multilevel marketing opportunity (MLM)? Read this first. It could be a pyramid scheme.

How To Tell Prospective Clients What You Do
Get more new clients by being able to answer the common question,

How to Create Sales Incentive Programs That Work
Have your past sales incentive programs been a disappointment? Here's how to create a sales incentive program that will motivate your salespeople.

How to Create a Sales and Marketing Strategy
Increase your business revenue by using this 12 step process to create an effective sales and marketing strategy.

Newsletters - Newsletter Content - Newsletter Promotion
Newsletters are smart marketing. Here is where to find newsletter content and tips for newsletter promotion. Page 2.

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service
Four ways to provide the excellent customer service that outshines your competitors - and will keep your customers coming back.

Marketing Strategy - Sell to Your Target Market
Marilyn Guille explains how to create an effective marketing strategy by first identifying your target market and zeroing in on it.

Use Market Segmentation to Define Your Target Market
Market segmentation is the key to finding and selling to your target market. Marilyn Guille explains how to define your target market through market segmentation. Page 2.

Advertising Definition
A definition of the business term advertising with examples of common methods.

Customer Relationship Management CRM
A customer relationship management (CRM) definition, how CRM data is collected, and an explanation of the benefits of CRM for small business owners.

Niche Market Definition for Business
Learn what a niche market is and how your small businesses can capitalize on niche markets (with examples).

Newsletters Are Smart Marketing - Choosing a Format
Here are the pros and cons of different newsletter formats, and tips to help you choose the best one and promote your newsletter.

Marketing Plan Definition for Businesses
This definition explains what a business marketing plan is and the difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy.

Calculating the Home Business Tax Deduction (Canada)
Are you operating a Canadian business out of your home? See if you qualify for the home business tax deduction and learn how to calculate it.

Setting Up a Home Office
Focusing on these three things will ensure that you design a home office that's both functional and a pleasant, productive place to work.

Sample Agenda for a First Advisory Board Meeting
Practical advice for holding the first Advisory Board meeting for your small business, including a sample Advisory Board meeting agenda.

How Do I Choose the Right Business Consultant, Trainer or Business Coach?
Before you hire a business trainer, consultant, or business coach ask these seven questions first to ensure you're getting value for money.

How to Back Up Your Data (Steps to Business Data Backup)
Learn how to establish a data backup system that will protect your critical business data from disaster.

Stay Motivated With a Personal Motivation Plan
When your motivation flags, your business suffers. Keep your edge with a personal motivational plan and these tips for staying motivated.

Goal Setting: The First Step to Achievement
Go beyond just setting goals and actually achieve them by using this goal setting formula.

How to Answer the Phone Properly
Phone answering skills are critical for businesses. The phone is still most business's primary point of contact with customers

Secrets of Providing Good Customer Service
Want to provide good customer service? The first secret iis how to build business to customer loyalty.

Guide to Workers Compensation Insurance in Canada
Learn how workers' compensation insurance benefits Canadian businesses and how you can register your business.

How to Keep Your Business Receipts Organized
Make income tax time easier with these tips for learning how to keep your important business expense receipts organized.

Writing the Business Plan, Part 4: The Balance Sheet
How to create a balance sheet and analysis for the Financial Plan section of the business plan, including a balance sheet template. Page 4.

Income Statement - Writing the Business Plan
How to prepare an income statement, one of the three financial statements you need to prepare when you're writing a business plan. Page 2.

Writing the Business Plan: The Cash Flow Projection
How to do cash flow projections for the Financial Plan section of the business plan, including a cash flow projections template. Page 3.

Small Business Financing: Finding a Private Lender
When the bank won't provide financing for your small businesses and you don't have an angel investor, private investors are another alternative.

How to Run a Successful Home Business With Kids
Having trouble working from home and caring for your kids? These seven tips for having a healthy home business and happy kids will help.

Home Office Essentials
Make the most of your home office working space with this guide to essential home office equipment, technology and design.

The Disadvantages of Working at Home
Working from home can be great but is not for everyone. Here are some of the disadvantages of working from home or running a home-based business.

Business Plan Essentials: The Financial Plan
How to write the financial plan section of the business plan. Find a list of startup and operating expenses to keep your business running.

Being Declared a Personal Services Corporation
Learn how to avoid being declared a personal services corporation by the Canada Revenue Agency and losing your small business tax deductions.

Personal Services Corporation - Definition
The Canada Revenue Agency uses Personal Services Business rules to decide whether your Canadian corporation is allowed to deduct business expenses.

What Is the Definition of Leadership?
What are the main leadership skills and do they apply to business? Are leaders born or made? Find out in this leadership definition.

What Business Expenses to Claim - Canadian Income Tax
Three important points about the business expenses that Canadian businesses are allowed to claim on their income tax in Canada.

Business Promotion Expenses as a Tax Deduction
The details about business promotion and advertising as tax deductions for Canadian small businesses; learn what you can and can't deduct.

Charitable Donation Deductions in Canada
An explanation of the charitable donation deduction limits for Canadian businesses, including eligible organizations and the rules for gifts.

Change the Fiscal Year End of a Canadian Business
If you want to change the fiscal year-end of a Canadian business, here's the procedure for applying to the Canada Revenue Agency for permission.

How to Select a Good Trademark
Here's how to select a good trademark that will distinguish your business from the competition and help you stand out in a crowd.

Trademark Registration Canada - Trademark Applications
Information on trademark registration in Canada, including what you can trademark, the trademark application procedure, and how much it costs.

Trademark Application - Trademark Registration Canada
Trademark registration in Canada, including what you can trademark, the trademark application procedure, and how much trademark registration costs. Page 2.

How to Create an Effective Trade Show Display
How to use trade show graphics to create a trade show display that will draw them to your booth and get them asking about your products and/or services.

Small Business Bankruptcy vs. Personal Bankruptcy
What's the difference between personal bankruptcy and small business bankruptcy in Canada? And what if your business is incorporated?

Advantages of Using Small Business Accounting Software
Investing in small business accounting software can be one of the best things you do for your small business. Here are six reasons why.

6 Year-End Small Business Tax Tips
Use these six year end small business tax tips to implement tax-saving strategies before the New Year and reduce this year's income tax.

How to Calculate Capital Cost Allowance
Learn how to calculate your Capital Cost Allowance for your Canadian income tax return with this column by column guide to the T2125 form.

CRA Notice of Assessment - Glossary Definition
Learn what a Notice of Assessment is, including how to dispute the assessment with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and what to do in case of an audit.

Do I Need to Write a Business Plan?
Writing a business plan is critical before you start a business. Here's why it should be one of the first things you do.

Business Name Protection - What You Can Do
What can you do if someone else is using the same business name as yours in Canada? The answer depends on how you've structured your business.

Business Success Story - Nutritionist - Food Coach
Learn how nutritional coach Tzabia Siegel combined a trend with what she loves to do to build a successful coaching business.

Business Expenses as Tax Deductions Index
Have a Canadian business? Here's a handy list of the common business expenses you may be able to deduct with details about how to claim them.

The Truth About Canadian Business Tax Deductions
Don't end up facing costly penalties. Here are five of the most common business tax myths and the truth about business tax deductions in Canada.

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Which One Are You?
Are you a contractor or an employee? If the Canada Revenue Agency decides you are not a contractor you can lose all your business expense claims.

Canadian Income Tax and Your Small Business
Do you operate a Canadian small business? This guide presents all the information you need to know about preparing and filing Canadian income tax returns.

Canadian Income Tax - Canadian Corporate Tax
This page of this Canadian Income Tax Guide for Small Businesses includes information on preparing and filing Canadian corporate tax returns. Page 2.

Canada Pension Plan Definition - CPP
A definition of the Canada Pension Plan, the benefits, exemptions, and an explanation of who has to contribute to CPP and how.

Can I Start a Business in Canada on a Work Permit?
Wondering if you can start a business in Canada when you're in the country on a Canadian​ work permit? If so, here's the answer.

Definitions of Speech Skills & Speech Course Index
A list of common speech skills and their definitions, with reference to the Speak for Success Speech Lesson each skill or term is a part of.

Speech Exercise - More Speech Topics for the Tell-Me Game
A list of over thirty speech topics for the Tell-Me Game speech exercise - topics that can be used at any time to practice your speech skills.

Speech Exercise - Tongue Twisters
Thirty tongue twisters to practice your speech from the easy through what's currently considered to be the hardest tongue twister in the world.

Myths About Starting a Small Business
If you're thinking of being an entrepreneur, here are some of the most common (and enduring) myths about starting a small business.

What Type of Business Should You Start?
This five-step plan will lead you through the decision-making​ process for figuring out what type of business you truly want to start.

Don't Do What You Love When Starting Your Own Business
One of the most common pieces of advice to people thinking of starting a small business is to do what they love. But that's wrong. Here's why doing what you love is a bad idea if you're starting your own business.

Why Small Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Failure
Poor planning is the main reason small business fail. Learn how you can avoid it before you start a small business.

The Worst Mistakes When Starting a Business
Want your new business to be a success rather than a failure? Make sure you don't make any of these business mistakes when you're starting it.

Small Business Grants in Canada (Government Grants)
What small business grants are available in Canada? And what do you have to be or do to get one? Find out here.

Secrets of Good Business Writing
Phillip Yaffe reveals the secrets of good business writing - the kind of writing that communicates clearly to customers, staff and associates.

Delegation Definition and Examples in Small Businesses
What is delegation? How does it differ from outsourcing? This definition explains how business owners can delegate tasks to employees or contractors.

Office Management Tips to Control Chaos
Good office management makes your business run smoothly and increases your profits. Use these seven tips to get it happening in your business.

How to Organize Your Office
Here are the steps you can take to turn your messy desk and disorganized office space into a space you love to work in.

5 Quick Ways to Organize Your Home Office
Is a messy home office slowing you down? Just do these five small manageable things and get your home office more organized right now.

Tips for Promoting Your Business on Twitter
Want to use Twitter to get the word out about your product or service? Follow these five tips to get Twitter followers and promote your business.

Speech Exercise – Speech Topics For Five Step How-Tos
A speech exercise designed to help you improve your pace.

Speak for Success Lesson 1: Enunciation
Dropping final “g”s is one of the most common examples of poor enunciation. Here are some exercises to speak more clearly.

Speak For Success Speech Lesson - The Problem of Pace
Speak too quickly? Learn how to pace your speech and speak more slowly so your listeners will be better able to understand you.

Small Business Grants Canada
A collection of Canada government grants for growing or starting a small business. See if your small business qualifies for any of this free money.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Tips for Getting Free Radio Promotion
Here Kimberly Henrie provides tips for getting a radio interview and establishing the kind of reputation that will get you on the air regularly.

The Best Ways to Get Free Website Promotion
Learn how to market your website for free with these five methods for getting website promotion, including effective SEO, blogging and social media.

Provincial Sales Tax (PST) for Online Businesses
Does your Canadian small business sell online? Learn how to charge provincial sales taxes (PST) and harmonized sales tax (HST) on your online sales.

Small Business Return Policy: Tips for Handling Returns
Learn how to handle product returns in a professional, courteous way that keeps customers happy and more likely to return to buy again.

5 Types of Selling - Consultative Selling & More
Want to increase sales? Try moving from a consultative selling to a collaborative selling approach. Robert Harris explains how.

Increase Christmas Sales by Gifting Your Customers
Here are five ideas for gifting your customers that will help increase Christmas sales for small retailers and possibly increase customer loyalty, too.

How to Write a Sales Letter for Marketing
A good sales letter works! Here's how to write the kind of sales letter that will persuade your readers to buy your product or service.

Tips to Maximize Your Sales Letter Response
Written a sales letter you think will knock their socks off? These sales letter tips will ensure youre maximizing the return on your sales letter campaign.

Common Work-At-Home Scams to Avoid
Don't fall for those work at home ads. The only ones who make money off these supposed work at home or home business opportunities are the scamsters.

Tips for Getting the Best Price When Selling a Business
Selling a business is the most popular exit strategy for business owners. These tips will help you get the best price when you decide to sell yours.

Get a Small Business Loan When the Banks Turn You Down
Have you tried to get a small business loan and been turned down because you don't have enough collateral or sufficient credit history?

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

8 Easy Ways to Get Your Small Business Into Ecommerce
Want to sell your products and services online? These turnkey ecommerce packages make getting into online sales easy and inexpensive.

Business Networking Tips
The point of business networking is to develop relationships that have potential, not collect business cards. These tips will make it easy.

10 Ways to Increase eBay Holiday Sales
Pump up your eBay holiday sales with these tips to make the holiday season your biggest sales season.

Blogging for Money - Seven Ideas for Success
You don't have to be famous or even have huge traffic to make money from a blog. Use one or more of these ideas to get blogging!

Marketing Online: Basic Strategies Any Business Can Use
Have a small business? Online marketing can provide the best bang for the buck. Here's an overview of the best online marketing strategies.

How to Ask for Referrals and Get More Clients
Asking for referrals can dramatically increase your client base. Here are scripts you can use to ask for referrals and tips for making asking easier.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

6 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have a Website
Still don't have a website for your small business? Here are six reasons why you should make getting online a priority.

The Best Business Ideas for Working with Seniors
Tap into the biggest market for your products and services with these ideas for starting a business that targets the seniors' market.

Sample Contract for Consulting Services
This sample contract for consulting services defines the legal relationship between one company providing consulting services to another.

The Sales Growth Strategy Any Small Business Can Use
Increasing sales in your existing market is a business growth strategy that any small business can use. Use these tips to start increasing your sales.

Keys to Business Phone Greetings
When it comes to business phone greetings, there is power in simplicity. Here are the three keys to answering a business phone successfully.

VoIP Definition (Voice over Internet Protocol)
What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), how does it work, and how does it compare to switched telephone networks? This VoIP definition explains.

Year End Checklist for Small Businesses
We all know how important business planning is - this year end checklist will inspire you to get to it and make your business planning easier.

Credit Card Fraud Behavior Tip-Offs
One way that your business can help prevent credit card fraud is by ensuring that all your staff are aware of these suspicious behaviors that may indicate someone's about to try paying for a purchase with a counterfeit or stolen credit card.

UPC (Universal Product Code / Barcode) - Definition
Need barcodes (UPC (Universal Product Code) for your products? Here's everything you need to know, including how to apply to the GS1 to get them.

Gather Competitive Intelligence on Your Competition
If you don't know what the competition is up to, you can't make the intelligent decisions that will keep the customers you have or entice new ones. Here are six ways your small business can gather the competitive intelligence it needs.

Build a Positive Attitude With the 4 Day Attitude Diet
Research says that a positive attitude is the little bit of difference that makes all the difference in success in both your personal and professional lives. Learn how to build and maintain a positive attitude with the four day attitude diet.

Understanding Copyright and How It Works
Learn what copyright is, how it's granted, what can be protected by copyright and how long copyright lasts.

Beat Summer Slowdown and Keep Your Work Motivation & Productivity Up
Finding it hard to resist the siren call of summer and focus on your work? Here's how to keep your work motivation and productivity high.

Small Business Credit Cards Canada Transaction Fees
Sick of the high credit card transaction fees your Canadian small business is being charged? Learn what's being done about the problem.

Increase Your Service Business Profits by Changing Your Business Model
Feeling that your service business doesn't bring in enough income but can't possibly work any more hours? Here are 7 ways you can make much more money - and maybe even work less.

Small Business: Canada
Small Business: Canada.

Going Green Ideas for the Office
Over thirty going green ideas for the office that are easy to do and will make a considerable difference over time in your business.

Filing Tips for People Who Hate Filing
Hate filing? Learn how to use a two-stage system and how to file by group to speed up the process.

What Are Angel Investors Looking for in a Business?
What are angel investors looking for when they invest in a business? Here are seven things that will make them want to invest in yours.

How to Find an Angel Investor for Your Business
Finding an angel investor is not an easy task, but the effort will really pay off when you find one who is willing to invest in your business.

Self-Employment Program: Small Business Grant in Canada
If you're starting a business and looking for small business grants in Canada, you have to check out the federal government's Self-Employment Program.

Sources of Business Start Up Money
Looking for start up money? These are the most popular places to find the money to start a business.

IPO Definition - Initial Public Offering
What is an IPO? This definition discusses initial public offerings from a small business point of view, including using an IPO as an exit strategy.

What a Partnership Agreement Should Include
A written agreement is essential for a business partnership. Here's what to include in a partnership agreement to avoid future problems.

Franchise Advantages and Disadvantages
Becoming a franchisee can be a shortcut to success when starting a business but there are advantages and disadvantages to buying a franchise.

The Franchise Application and Franchise Contract
Once you've found a franchise that you're interested in, what's next? Here's what to expect when buying a franchise, including information about the application and contract. Page 2.

Crowdfunding vs Equity Crowdfunding in Canada
Want to try crowdfunding to fund your Canadian small business? Here's what you need to know about the state of equity crowdfunding in Canada.

Startup Funding for Young Entrepreneurs in Canada
If you're a young Canadian who wants to start a business but needs startup funding, Futurpreneur may have the money you need - and mentoring too!

Business Plan Types and Purposes
What type of business plan do you need? This guide, which matches different types of business plans to different purposes, will help you choose.

Statistics on Canadian Women in Business
A collection of statistics you can use on Canadian women in business and the kinds of businesses Canadian women in business typically run.

Canadian Small Business Statistics
Looking for statistics on Canadian Small Businesses? Here are statistics on Canadian businesses broken down by business size and location.

3 Sales Forecasting Methods
A detailed explanation of how to use three sales forecasting methods and why you need more than one method to forecast sales.

Customer Service - Customer Loyalty
This article presents strategies for improving customer service and building customer loyalty based on the results of a Telus/ Lumos Research study, including suggestions for using social media to increase customer engagement.

Good Customer Service Means Losing the Battle
Are your staff sabotaging good customer service to get that last word in? Here's how to keep customer complaints from escalating into customer crises.

Put Some Extra Eyes on Your Customer Service
To find out if your business is providing good customer service here are some tips for getting feedback from your customers and/or clients with a link to a customer service survey that you can use.

Digital Computer File Management Tips
Tips for keeping the files on your computer and/or mobile devices or cloud storage organized and up-to-date.

Three Steps to Creating a Document Management System
Every business needs a document management system. Here's how to create and implement a document management plan for small business.

Where to Recycle Computers in Canada
There are more places to recycle computers and other electronic waste in Canada than ever before. Will one of these recycling options work for you?

Better Customer Service: How to Help a Customer
What's the most common customer service interaction? A customer or client seeking help. Here's how to get that critical interaction right.

NAICS Codes - Industry Classification for Business
Learn what the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is and why it's important to small businesses.

Business Definition
There's a lot more to business than just making money. This business definition includes a brief discussion of the boundaries of profit and business classification.

Small Business Ideas for the Baby Boomer Market
Learn how you can get a piece of the biggest market of all with these small business ideas based on baby boomer trends.

Green Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs
Target a growing market and make the world a better place! Here are the best green business ideas for entrepreneurs.

Types of Corporations in Canada
Different types of corporations in Canada get taxed differently. Here's what you need to know about corporate tax to choose the 'right' type tax wise.

Preparing Tax Records for Your Accountant
This checklist of the key records your tax accountant will need for your income tax preparation will also show you how to save money on your tax accountant's fee.

Pet Business Ideas for Animal Lovers
Put your money and energy where your heart is and start a pet business! Here are some pet business ideas to help get you started on your way.

When Are Canadian Corporate Taxes Due if Owed?
If your Canadian corporation has a balance owing when you file your corporate tax return, here are the details about how long you have to pay.

Best Business Opportunities Based on Current Trends
Here are the best business opportunities to take advantage of current trends. Check them out if you want to start a small business right now.

Business Idea - How to Start a Crowdfunding Portal in Canada
If you want to get in on the ground floor of an emerging industry, starting an equity crowdfunding portal is a great business opportunity. Here’s how to start one in Canada.

Principles for Effective Business Planning
Skeptical about business planning? Make sure that your business planning is not a waste of time by adhering to these five planning principles.

Exit Strategies for Small Businesses
Having an exit strategy worked out in advance lets you maximize your profits when you sell your small business. Here are six to choose from.

Quick-Start Planning Sessions for Small Businesses
Put together a business action plan that will invigorate your business for a whole year in just two business planning sessions.

Create an Action Plan (Small Business)
Business planning doesn't have to be a time-consuming ordeal. Learn how to create an action plan for your small business in just a pair of simple planning sessions. Page 2.

Vision Statement Definition - Sample Vision Statements
What is a vision statement? Why is it so crucial for your small business to have one? Read a definition and sample vision statements here.

Completing the T1 Canadian Business Income Tax Form
If your Canadian business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership, you need to use the T1 Canadian income tax form to declare your business income.

How to Hire Quality Staff
Hiring the right employees is key to your long term business success. Learn how you can be sure you're hiring quality staff.

Filling Out Canadian Income Tax Form T2125
The details about the kind of business income that means that you need to fill out Form T2125 when preparing your Canadian T1 income tax return.

Canadian Income Tax Assessment Dispute
If you disagree with your Canadian income tax assessment, you have the right to an assessment appeal. Here are the details of the appeal process.

How Long Does a Canadian Tax Refund Take?
Learn how long it takes to get a tax refund after you've filed your Canadian income tax, how to check refund status, and how returns can be delayed.

Inexpensive Online CRM Solutions for Small Businesses
Looking for an inexpensive online CRM system for your small business? Here are my picks for suitable CRM systems that won't break the bank.

Small Business Contingency Planning Guide
What will happen to your business if disaster strikes? This business contingency planning guide will help you put a business disaster plan together.

Hiring Employees vs Hiring Contractors - The Pros and Cons
It's not just a question of who you hire, but how. Which is more beneficial to your business, hiring a contractor or an employee? Here's how to tell.

Share Classes for New Corporations in Canada
Setting up a corporation in Canada? Here's an explanation of the 3 share types (Common Voting Shares, Common Non-Voting Shares and Preferred Shares).

Small Business Employee Recruitment Tips
Employee recruitment can be difficult for small businesses. These tips for attracting employees will up the odds of recruiting the people you need.

Organizing Your Corporation - Incorporation in Canada
Here are the steps to set up a new corporation, including keeping a corporate minute book, corporate seal, establishing by-laws, and issuing shares.

How Much Does It Cost to Incorporate in Canada?
Want to know the fees to incorporate your business in Canada? Here are the details of the cost to incorporate in Canada.

Process for Hiring Employees in Canada
This article explains the hiring process in Canada - the exact steps to legally get your new employees working for you and on the payroll.

Extra-Provincial Registration for Corporations
Are you incorporated in one Canadian province and wanting to do business in other provinces? Here's information on extra-provincial registration.

Salary or Dividends - How Do I Pay Myself?
Each way of paying yourself from a corporation has advantages and disadvantages. Here's a comparison of the two.

How to Do Payroll Deductions in Canada
This Guide explains everything you need to do to stay on the right side of the Canada Revenue Agency, including deducting payroll taxes.

Employee Perks Your Small Business Can Afford
Have to compete with larger organizations for employees? Make your small business the employee of choice with these ten affordable, attractive perks.

How to Charge GST/HST on Discounts
How to charge GST/HST on discounts for Canadian small businesses that give discounts to their customers.