Small Business: Canada Sitemap - Page 3 2016-09-26

Canada Revenue Agency Small Supplier Definition
Does your Canadian small business make enough money to collect and remit GST/HST? If not it's a small supplier according to the Canada Revenue Agency.

A Definition of Capital Investment
Two definitions of capital investment and how capital investment applies to small businesses.

Assets Definitions - Capital, Tangible, Intangible, Return on Assets
Learn about the different types of assets (capital assets, current, tangible and intangible assets) and the return on assets ratio.

How to Find a Good Accountant for Your Small Business
The services of a professional accountant can be invaluable to your small business. Here are some tips for finding a good accountant.

27 Trade Show Tips - Improve Your Next Trade Show
How to get more leads, prospects and sales from the next trade show you attend - inexpensively.

Work at Home - How to Get to Work at Home
Being able to work at home is truly fabulous. If working at home is your dream, here are three ways that you can get to work at home.

Don't Miss Out on the SR&ED Tax Credit Program
The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program is a great deal for Canadian businesses and it's not just for corporations or high-tech businesses. Find out how it works.

7 Financing Ideas for Starting a Business
How to keep the money coming in so you can pay your bills when you're starting a business.

When Is the Best Time to Start a Small Business?
Putting off starting a business of your own because you don't feel the time is right to do it? Read this.

Forms of Business Ownership Definitions
What are the forms of business ownership? Learn the difference between sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.

Canada's New Start-Up Visa for Entrepreneur Immigrants
Canada’s new start-up visa program for entrepreneurs lets you come to Canada and become a permanent resident more quickly. Learn all about the requirements of the program here.

6 Traits You Need to Be Self-Employed
Used to being an employee and want to become self-employed? Here are the six traits you need to make a successful transition when starting a business.

Speak For Success - Speech Problem of Fillers
The information and related speech exercises in this lesson will help you speak more clearly and make a better impression on your listeners.

Speak For Success - Problem of Listening
The information and related speech exercises in this lesson will help you become an active listener who participates fully in communication.

How to Get Your New Small Business to Make Money
Laid off and thinking of starting a small business? Here's how to make money with your new business and pay your bills and living expenses in the meantime.

The Best Advice on Being a Business Leader
The best advice 136 successful CEOs, professors, executives, politicians, & religious leaders received that most helped them become effective leaders.

Why Your Business Should Use Twitter
If your business isn't using Twitter, you're missing out. Here are the top seven reasons why your business should be on Twitter and actively tweeting.

3 Methods of Business Valuation
Selling a business? Here is an explanation of the three most common business valuation methods to help you determine how much your business is worth.

Exit Strategy - Selling a Business for Maximum Profit
Is selling your business the core of your exit strategy? Here are the top seven ways to maximize your exit strategy and sell your business for maximum profit.

Overcoming Failure - How to Turn Failure Into Success
Want to be successful? You need to change from a success model to a failure model. Here's how to do it.

How to Increase Sales by Shifting Your Sales Focus
Increase your sales by shifting your sales focus - and build the customer loyalty that results in repeat sales. Learn how.

How to Create a Powerful Sales Presentation
These seven tips from Kelley Robertson will show you how to create a sales presentation that will make the sale.

How to Sell a Price Increase to Your Customers
Need to increase prices but worried about losing business? Here's how to convince your customers that a price increase is reasonable and necessary.

Get 100 Referral Partners - Increase Your Business Referrals
The best way to get clients is by referral. Learn how to build a circle of referral partners to bring in more new clients more quickly.

Steps to a Successful Online Marketing Campaign
Learn how to create and execute a successful online marketing campaign in just five steps, from defining your customer, to monitoring your ads.

Online Payment Options for Your Online Business
Increase your online sales by offering more online payment options, including PayPal, credit cards and debit cards.

eCommerce - Online Selling Tips to Increase Holiday Sales
Just being online is no guarantee of eCommerce success. Learn how to boost your revenues this holiday season with these tips from SAP Canada.

Sample Business Invitation Letter - Advisory Board
A sample business invitation letter that your small business can use to invite people to serve on your own advisory board.

How to Sell to Walmart and Other Big Box Retailers
Get your small business's products onto a big box retailers' shelves with these tips for selling to Walmart, Costco or Home Depot.

How to Find a Niche Market & Make It Your Own
Niche marketing is a common path to small business success. Learn how to find a niche market and exploit it for profit.

How to Declare Bankruptcy in Canada
This article about bankruptcy in Canada explains the process, from how to initiate bankruptcy through what to do to obtain an absolute discharge.

How to Get People to Serve on a Business Advisory Board
Advisory boards are a powerful management tool for small businesses. Here's how to persuade people to serve on your small business's board.

Sample Invoice With GST & PST Taxes
Here's what information an invoice from a Canadian small business must have, including GST/HST and PST. A free sample invoice template is included.

Ways Your Business Can Make More Money
Increased revenue and reduced expenses means more profits. Here are ways your business can make more money without spending a lot of money to do it.

7 Ways to Make Your Business Thrive in Tough Economic Times
Factories fail. People lose jobs. Follow these best practices to ensure your business survives.

How to Set Goals (Goal Setting Tips)
Learn how to set goals with these ten goal setting tips. Choosing reasonable, worthwhile goals and committing to them will make them achievable.

Before Buying a Franchise Interview Franchisees
Discover whether a franchise is right for you is by interviewing their franchisees. Here's how to find the right people to interview and what to ask.

5 Types of Customers - Customer Loyalty
Mark Hunter describes the five different types of customers and how to turn more of them into repeat buyers.

Effective Customer Service Tips
The key to keeping customers is the level of customer service you provide. Here are ten customer service tips that will keep them coming back.

How to Write a Vision Statement for Your Small Business
A vision statement is your small business's ticket to success. Here's how to write one in three easy steps.

Business Plan Executive Summary Example
The business plan executive summary should provide a clear overview of where the business will go. Here's an example of one that you can use.

Quick-Start Business Plan - Is Your Business Idea Worthwhile?
Want to know if your business idea will be a success? Use this quick-start business plan to find out whether your business idea is worth pursuing.

How to Start an Import Business in Canada
Interested in starting an import business? This guide to importing into Canada will give you all the information you need to start importing goods.

Cash Flow Management Tips to Keep Your Cash Flow Flowing
When times get tough here are five ways to protect your cash flow and help your small business ride out the storm.

How to Register a Business Name in Canada
Do you need to register a business name in Canada? See if you do and learn how to register a business name in the different provinces.

RRSPs - The Best Income Tax Deduction
Run a sole proprietorship or partnership in Canada? Then the best income tax deduction for your small business is the RRSP. Here's why.

How Can I Maximize My Business Income Tax Deductions?
This article on tax deductions for Canadian businesses covers keeping track of business expenses, deductions related to the cost of doing business, and home business expenses.

Canadian Home Business Tax Deductions
Information about home business tax deductions for Canadian businesses. Page 3.

Before Starting a Small Business of Your Own
Thinking of starting a small business? Learn what you need to succeed as an entrepreneur and how to avoid failure.

The Pros and Cons of Incorporation in Canada
Before you incorporate your business in Canada, consider the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation presented here.

It Pays to PAK Your Small Business Image
PAK (Pleasant, Attractive, and Knowledgeable) business promotion into every day; use this system of promotion to maintain a positive business image.

Display Tips and Ideas For a Successful Trade Show
These trade show tips include ideas for creating an effective display and using giveaways to make your booth one of the most popular.

Set Goals and Research Trade Shows
Trade shows can be an incredibly effective promotion and sales tool for small businesses. Here's how to get the best return on investment from your trade show exhibit.

7 Tips to Help You Sell on eBay Successfully
These seven eBay selling tips will help you get started selling on eBay successfully and get on your way to becoming an eBay Top Seller.

Five Things More Important to Buyers Than WHAT You're Selling
How you sell is as important as what you sell. Here's how to increase your sales by focusing on how you sell and giving customers what they want.

Steps to Developing a Marketing Plan
To market effectively, you're going to have to come up with both a marketing strategy and a marketing plan.

Ways to Negotiate More Effectively
Learn how to negotiate more effectively with these five strategies that will help you improve your negotiation skills and increase your sales.

The 10 Commandments Of Networking
Mark McGregor sets out the 10 commandments of networking to help you build relationships and referrals.

The Best Credit Check Is a Credit Report
Doing a credit check on a customer before you extend credit can really pay off. Learn how and where to get customer credit reports in Canada.

Tips for Successful Cold Calls (Cold Calling Success)
Cold calling is still an effective sales tactic if done right. Use these tips to make your cold calling successful.

Before You Start a Home Business
Is a home business the right business for you? Here's how to tell if you should run your new business out of your house or not.

Types of Home Business Insurance
Your standard home insurance won't cover you if disaster strikes your home business. Here are the types of home business insurance you need.

Sections of a Good Business Plan Outline
Learn how to research and write all the necessary sections of the business plan to get your business off to the best possible start.

How to Get a Small Business Loan
Looking for a small business loan? Increase your chances by having these documents ready to go with your business loan application.

Writing a Business Plan: The Market Analysis
Your market analysis is key to your business plan and your new business. Learn how to write the Market Analysis section of the business plan.

Writing a Business Plan - Operating Plan Section
How to write the operating plan section of the business plan, including details on writing the development and production process sections.

Management Plan Section of Business Plan
The management plan section of the business plan includes your management team and your human resources needs. Here's how to write it.

Breakeven Analysis - Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Profit
This breakeven analysis definition also explains how to use fixed and variable costs (overhead) to find the best price for your products or services.

What Is an Entrepreneur?
How does being an entrepreneur differ from being a small business owner? Learn the answer in this entrepreneur definition.

(GIFI) General Index of Financial Information
Run a corporation in Canada? This General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) definition explains what the GIFI is and how you have to use it.

7 Advantages of Using an iPad POS System
Torn between getting a cash register and a traditional POS system for your small business? Maybe you should get an iPad POS system instead.

Corporate Income Tax Canada Guide
Need to file corporate income tax in Canada? This Corporate Tax Guide provides complete information on how to prepare and file corporate income tax.

What Counts as Business Income - Canadian Income Tax
You may be surprised at what all qualifies as business income when it comes to Canadian income tax. Here are the details.

Profit Test - Business Definition - Reasonable Expectation of Profit
The profit test refers to the business definition used by the Canada Revenue Agency. Learn how it applies to your Canadian small business here.

Incorporation in Canada FAQs
Have a question about incorporation in Canada? Find the answer in these incorporation in Canada FAQs, from the difference between federal and provincial incorporation through how to incorporate.

Small Business Deduction Limit - Canadian Corporate Tax
Filing Canadian corporate income tax? The Business Limit affects the amount of the Small Business Deduction you can claim. Here are the details.

SWOT Example Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
This SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) example shows how a dog grooming business might use SWOT to create a marketing plan.

How to Best Use Pinterest for Your Business
Trying to use Pinterest to market your small business? Learn how you can best use Pinterest for business with these tips.

Top 10 Gifts for Business Clients
The best client gifts take personal interests into account and impress with sincerity. Here are top picks for client gifts that you can give year-round.

Top Canadian Tax Software Programs
Here are the best Canadian tax software programs to help you prepare your T1/T2 income tax returns.

Maximize Your Business Income Tax Deductions (Page 2)
Information for Canadian businesses about the tax deductions they may claim related to the cost of doing business. Page 2.

Copyright in Canada Part 1: Copyright Protection Primer
Things that you create, such as artistic, musical, and literary works are intellectual property and can be protected by copyright.

Copyright Infringement in Canada
Here's a copyright in Canada primer to answer your questions about copyright and copyright infringement. Page 2.

verywell. Small Business: Canada.

Computer Hardware - Notebook Computers
Information about computer hardware, including notebook computers and desktop computers.

Speech lessons for improving communication skills
The Speak For Success course is a communication course designed to help you shape up your oral communication skills. These six speech lessons for improving your communication skills will make you sound more polished and professional – and ultimately, because of the power of good communication, become more successful.

Doing Business in Canada For Non-Canadians And Foreign Investors
Are you a non-Canadian who wants to do business in Canada or thinking of immigrating to Canada and starting your own business? This is where you'll find the information you need on immigration, business regulations, business investment programs and tax incentives.

Small Business Success Course - Online Business Course
This free online business course is designed to teach you how to market yourself and your business more effectively. Build business success week by week with this series of success strategies and implementation tips.

Ecommerce Canada - Canadian Ecommerce
All about ecommerce in Canada, from the current state of eccommerce in Canada through Canadian Internet law.

Payment Processing Credit Card Processing & Merchant Accounts
Information on payment processing, including credit card processing, other online payment options, and Internet merchant accounts.

PDAs and PDA Reviews
Thinking about buying a PDA? Here are PDA reviews from your Guide to help you choose the right PDA.

Workers' Compensation Insurance
Information about Workers' Compensation insurance and links to sites where Canadian businesses can register for Workers' Compensation insurance.

Business Success - Small Business Makeover
Is your small business the success you want it to be? Increase your business success with the Small Business Makeover, a series of workouts that focus on improving particular aspects of your small business, from your business finances through your customer service.

Personal or Business Bankruptcy in Canada
Having trouble paying your debts? Here's what you need to know about bankruptcy in Canada, from the bankruptcy process to alternatives to bankruptcy, whether you're considering personal or business bankruptcy.

Ecommerce Website Design - Ecommerce Websites
Ecommerce website design is an intergral part of your potential ecommerce sale. Find out how to build an ecommerce website that encourages your site visitors to become buyers with this advice and information on ecommerce website design.

Business Immigration to Canada (Canadian Business Immigration)
Information on Canadian business immigration and immigrating to Canada as an entrepreneur, investor, or self-employed person.

Niche Markets and Marketing
Niche marketing resources, including a definition of niche market and related articles.

Retirement Planning - Business Retirement Planning - Small Business Retirement
Are you one of the many small business owners facing retirement? Learn how to make a graceful transition with these business retirement planning resources.

Sales And Selling
No business can survive without sales. Hone your selling skills and convert more of your sales leads with these resources about selling and sales techniques.

Business Scams and Phoney Work At Home Offers
Protect yourself by learning about business scams such as MLM scams, internet scams, phoney work at home offers and other money making ripoffs with these resources.

Trademarks and Trademark Registration In Canada
Information about trademarks and trademark registration in Canada, including trademark search databases.

Trade Shows - Displays and Tips
Get the best return on investment from the trade shows you exhibit at with these tips on trade show marketing, including planning and promotion, putting together displays and exhibits, and using giveaways.

Customer Service and Customer Loyalty
Customer service is critical for small businesses. Learn how to consistently provide the customer service that will keep and attract customers with these articles.

Small Business Advertising Ideas
Looking for small business advertising ideas? This collection of articles presents both the tried and true and methods you may not have tried yet - advertising ideas for your small business to effectively reach your target market and attract new customers.

Branding and Brand Building Strategies
Building a brand isn't just for corporations; it can really help your small business pull ahead of the competition. Learn about branding and and find branding strategies here.

Business Cards for Small Business
All about business cards - how to design and use business cards to network and market your business.

Business Image
Learn how to present the kind of professional image that will attract customers and clients with these articles on how to create and maintain a positive business image.

Corporate Income Tax Filing For Canadian Business
Information about corporate tax for Canadian businesses. Includes information on the GIFI, filing corporate income tax, and online tax filing.

GST and HST - Goods and Services Tax
Information about the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and HST and how the GST and HST apply to Canadian small businesses.

Home Business Ideas - Home Business
Inexpensive home business ideas, the hottest home business opportunities this year - this is the place to explore how you might work from home.

Home Business Taxes - Home Business Tax Deductions and Write Offs
Tax information specific to Canadian home businesses, including home business tax write offs such as the business-use-of-home deduction.

Internet Marketing - Web Promotion
Information about Internet and web marketing, including web site promotion, search engine optimization and search engine submission.

Market Research
Use this information about what market research is and how to do your own market research to zero in on your target market and increase your small business's profits.

Business Networking
All about business networking and how to use networking to advertise your products and services.

Payroll Taxes - Payroll Deductions
Everything you need to know about payroll, from how to fill out the ROE to payroll deductions.

Business Promotion
From low-cost business promotion techniques through website marketing, here's a collection of promotion ideas that you can use right now to get the word out about your business.

Provincial Sales Taxes - PST - Retail Sales Taxes
Whether it's called a retail sales tax (RST) or a provincial sales tax (PST), you may need to collect provincial tax as part of your business. Find out how the PST applies to your Canadian small business.

Selling a Business - Business Valuation - How to Sell a Business
Selling a business? Read these articles for information and advice on how to sell a business, including tips for selling, business valuation methods, and how to increase what your business is worth.

Provincial and Federal Government Contracts
Learn how to win government contracts with these resources on selling to federal and provincial governments.

Starting a Home-Based Business
Want to start a home-based business? Here's the information you need, from business startup ideas and planning through how to avoid work at home scams.

Business Succession Planning - Succession Planning
Successful succession planning doesn't just happen. Learn about business succession planning, including family business succession planning, with these articles.

Small Business Tax Deductions
Information about small business tax deductions to help you track your business expenses and maximize your deductions.

Canadian Tax Preparation Software
Information about Canadian tax software, including software for preparing personal and business tax returns and payroll taxes.

Work at Home Business
Want to work from home or already running a home business? These articles provide advice to help you decide if working from home is right for you and how to organize your home to make it suitable for a home-based business.

Small Business Answers - Ask Susan
Susan Ward answers reader's questions about starting a business and how to run a business successfully, providing expert small business advice.

Blogging for Business
Should you bother to have a business blog? What can a business blog do for your business? Find out here.

Business Courses - Business Training
Increase your business success and improve your small business skills with these email, offline and online business courses and business training resources.

Business Opportunities and Business Trends
Learn what's hot in small business opportunities and trends, including the best home-based business ideas.

Business Websites
Not all business websites are ecommerce sites. These resources will help you build, maintain and market a business website that brings in customers.

Domain Name Registration
Dot com, dot ca or dot biz? Use this information about domain registration, including Canadian domain name registration, to get your business web site on the 'Net.

How to Sell on eBay
eBay selling isn't just a way to clear a few items out of your closet; it's a viable business model. Learn how to make a profitable business on eBay with these articles.

Be an Entrepreneur - Entrepreneur Articles and Entrepreneur Characteristics
Find out if you have the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur with these articles, self assessments, and quizzes.

Filing & Filing Systems
Having trouble keeping track of documents in your business? Learn how to set up and manage filing systems and filing tips to make organizing your documents simple and efficient.

Forms of Business Ownership - Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Incorporation
Learn about the forms of business ownership in Canada and the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of business ownership, such as sole proprietorship, partnership and incorporation.

Canadian Business Income Tax Information
Whether you're filing T1 income tax returns or filing corporate income tax in Canada, here's the Canadian tax information your small business needs.

Legal Issues & Your Canadian Business
Trademarking, business scams, the Privacy Act, packaging and labelling regulations, the Anti-Spam Act and bankruptcy - learn about the different legal issues that can affect doing business in Canada.

Business Motivation
Feeling your motivation fading? Get your motivation and positive attitude back with these articles.

Office Design - Home Office Design
Learn how to setup an office that's both functional and attractive with these office design and home office design resources.

Office Equipment and Machines
Information about the office equipment needed to run a small business, such as computer hardware and PDAs, office machines such as printers, copiers, and digital recorder transcribers and LCD projectors.

Social Media Marketing for small business
Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. Pinterest. Find out about different social media and why and how your small business can use them here. Includes social media marketing tips.

Small Business Software
Business software for small business needs including accounting, backup, business plan, contact management and tax software.

Advice on Starting a Small Business
From what type of business you should start through whether you should start a small business at all, these articles will give you the advice you need to have a smooth, successful startup.

Business Support
Business support from government programs and business associations through business success stories. Includes support programs and services specific to aboriginal business, women in business, and young entrepreneurs.

Work Life Balance
Learn how to establish and maintain a more satisfying work life balance with these resources, including articles on downsizing your business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Resources
Small business accounting and bookkeeping resources, including information on accounting software, accounting terms, accounting systems, and basic bookkeeping.

Advisory Boards - Creating an Advisory Board - Advisory Board Invitation Letter
Advisory boards are powerful management tools for small businesses. Here's what you need to know about creating an advisory board, from how to set one up, how to persuade people to serve on your small business advisory board, and what to do at your first advisory board meeting.

Business Communication - Business Writing - Public Speaking
These articles on business writing and public speaking focus on improving your communication skills. Writing a business plan, writing sales letters, and improving your public speaking skills are only some of the business communication topics covered.

Business Planning
Get to where you want to go with these business planning resources, from business continuity planning through strategic business planning.

Cash Flow Management - Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting
Learn how to improve your cash flow with these articles about cash flow management, cash flow statements, cash flow analysis and cash flow forecasting.

Environment & Business
Learn about sustainable development, green marketing, computer recycling, green procurement and other business and environment topics here.

Holiday Season, Christmas and New Year's Advice for Your Business
Pick up business holiday party tips learn how to properly address business Christmas cards, find New Year's resolutions to help you and your business have the best year ever and more!

Office Management - Office Management Tips - Office Management Practices
For best office management practices and office management tips that will keep your office running smoothly and efficiently, look here.

Retail Management
Running a retail store or thinking of starting a retail business? These resources include information on retail store display, retail store management, retail sales and retail organizations.

Stress Management - Stress Management Techniques
Learn about the effects of stress and stress management techniques in this collection of articles.

Time Management - Time Management Tips
Hone your time management skills with these articles about time management, including time management software, time management tools, time management courses, and time management tips.

Business Banking - Business Bank Accounts - Small Business Banking
Learn about the business banking accounts and services most suited to Canadian small businesses with this collection of articles on small business banking in Canada.

Innovation - Business Innovation - Innovation Process
Learn about what innovation is, the importance of business innovation and how your small business can get the innovation process kickstarted with these articles and resources.

Small Business Marketing Ideas
From small business marketing ideas through promotions for specific seasons and events, you're sure to find multiple ideas here that you can use to market your business.

Target Marketing
Target markets are key to successful small business marketing. Learn how to identify target markets and increase your small business's profits with this collection of articles.

Mobile Marketing - SMS Marketing
Here's where to learn about the different types of mobile marketing and how to use mobile marketing strategies such as SMS (text messaging) to increase your small business's profits.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Client Relationship Management
The customer relationship management (CRM) solutions you need to run your small business, from CRM tools through advice on managing client and customer relationships.

Find a Business Calculator - Business Calculators
Find the business calculator you’re looking for here. This convenient list includes a tax calculator, a ratio calculator, a business startup costs calculator and more.

Starting a Business - How to Start a Business
Thinking of starting a small business in Canada? Here are the resources you'll need including business ideas, start up information, registration, and how to write a business plan.

Business Management
Accounting. Data management. Cash flow management. Human resources. Business planning. From how to create an advisory board through how to properly answer your business phone, you'll find the business management information you need to make your small business run smoothly here.

Free Online Courses - Business Reference
Free online courses to help you become more productive and successful, business indexes, a business glossary and business statistics are all included in this business reference section.

Buy a Business - Buying a Business - How to Buy a Small Business
Want to buy a business? From what you need to know about franchises through general tips on how to buy a business, this information will help make the process smooth and successful.

Business Statistics - Canadian Statistics
Canadian statistics relating to business and Canada's economy and Canadian surveys about business issues.

Biographies of Contributors to About Small Business Canada
Here are the people who have contributed articles to the About Small Business: Canada site. Read through their biographies to learn more about who they are and what they do.

Small Business Financing in Canada
Sources of small business financing and information on getting the money you need to start and grow your Canadian small business, from getting business loans or grants through attracting investors.

Home Based Business
Like the idea of working from home? Here are some resources for running a successful home based business.

Incorporation Canada - How to Incorporate in Canada
How to incorporate a business in Canada, including the advantages of incorporation and how to incorporate your business federally and in various Canadian provinces.

Small Business Marketing
From how to work a room through how to work social media, from how to create marketing plans through how to provide good customer service, here are the marketing strategies you need to make your small business soar.

Online Business (Ecommerce and Social Media)
Ecommerce, business website and social media resources so your small business can reap the benefits of doing business online.

Business Courses - Leadership - Professional Development
Business courses, goal setting, leadership, time management - use the resources in this business learning center to advance your business knowledge and skills.

Office Equipment - Office Design - Small Office Home Office
Everything you need to manage your small office or home office, from design tips through organization, office management, equipment and business software.

Tax Information for Canadian Business
Canadian tax information for small business owners, from how to calculate and file GST/HST and PST through income tax deductions for sole proprietors and Canadian corporations.

Book Reviews - Business Book Reviews
Book reviews of business books of particular interest to small business owners from reviews of computer manuals through retirement guides.

Office Machines - Copiers Printers Multifunction Office Machines
Information about office machines such as copiers, printers, fax machines and multifunction office machines.

Marketing Plan Samples and Outlines
Information about marketing plans, including outlines and samples to help you write a marketing plan for your business.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
Considering Multi Level Marketing (MLM)? Learn what Multi Level Marketing is and isn't and how to navigate the minefield of Multi Level Marketing and/or Network Marketing opportunities with these resources.

Digital Voice Recorders
Digital voice recorders are great for recording your ideas, business meetings or case notes. Look through these best digital voice recorder reviews to find the voice recorder that’s best for your purposes - or write your own review.

Small Business IT Management - Information Technology Management
IT management can be especially challenging for small businesses that don’t have dedicated IT personnel. Find tips and information on small business IT management here.

Home Based Business Ideas - Medical Tourism Home Based Business Idea
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of medical tourism services as a home based business and what you need to get such a home based business started. Page 9.

Home Based Business Ideas - Music Instructor
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of music instruction as a home based business. Page 4.

Home Based Business Ideas - Home Based Business Ideas Gallery
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. You may find the home based business you've been looking for.

Home Based Business Ideas - Search Engine Optimization
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of providing Search Engine Optimization services as a home based business. Page 2.

Home Based Business Ideas - Home Based Business Idea Sewing
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of a sewing/alterations business as a home based business and what you need to get started. Page 10.

Home Based Business Ideas - Shopping and Errands Services
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of Shopping and Errands Services as a home based business. Page 3.

Home Based Business Ideas - Home Based Business Ideas Gallery - Photographer
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. Here are the pros and cons of starting a home based business as a photographer and what you need to get such a home based business started. Page 12.

Home Based Business Ideas - Window Painter Home Based Business Idea
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. Here are the pros and cons of starting a home based business as a window painter. Page 8.

Home Based Business Ideas - eBay Business Home Based Business Idea
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. Here are the pros and cons of an eBay business as a home based online business and what you need to get such a home based business started. Page 7.

Home Based Business Ideas - Home Based Business Ideas Gallery - Public Relations Marketing
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of becoming a public relations/marketing specialist and what you need to get this home based business started. Page 11.

Home Based Business Ideas - Home Based Business Ideas Gallery
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. This page presents the pros and cons of running a Bed and Breakfast as a home based business. Page 5.

Home Based Business Ideas - Home Based Business Ideas Gallery
If you're looking for a home based business idea, browse this gallery of home based business ideas. Here are the pros and cons of a gift basket business as a home based business. Page 6.

Business Plans - Write a Business Plan - Sample Business Plans
Need to write a business plan? Here's how to write one as well as sample templates that you can use.

Buying a Franchise - Business Franchise - Franchising Your Business
Buying a franchise, selling a franchise, business franchise opportunities, franchise law, franchising your business; here is Canadian franchise information.

Phone Calls - Phone Systems - Business Phones
The phone is still the main communications tool for most small businesses. From phone systems through tips for handling phone calls, learn how to maximimize the benefit each time you use your business phone.

Canadian Small Business Insurance
Information about business insurance, from types such as liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance and business interruption insurance through sources for Canadian business insurance.

Business Registration
Learn how to register a business name in Canada or the steps for registering a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation in various Canadian provinces.

Human Resources Management - Human Resources Canada
Information on human resources management for business owners, including recruiting, retaining and firing employees, employee training, motivating employees, and human resources planning.

Growing Your Business - Business Growth Strategies
Concerned about growing your business? Explore this collection of business growth strategies. From franchising and financing through trade shows and angels, you're sure to find ways to grow your business that will work for you.

Small Business Loans Canada - Start Up Financing
How and where can you get a small business loan? Here are sources of small business loans in Canada, including Canadian government loan programs and sources of start up financing, especially for women and young entrepreneurs.

Business Name - Catchy Business Name - Choosing Business Name
Whether you're looking for a catchy name or wondering what rules your business name needs to follow, these articles will help.

Closing a Business - Selling a Business - Succession Planning
Closing your business? These resources on selling a business, succession planning and downsizing your business will help make closing a business a smooth process.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO - Ranking
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to getting good search engine placement. Improve your SEO ranking with these articles.

Website Promotion and Marketing
If you're looking for website promotion techniques and marketing strategies that will improve your online business's bottom line, this is the place to look, especially if you're looking for free website promotion techniques that actually work.

Ecommerce Website Design - Online Payment Processing
Learn about ecommerce website design and development, including ecommerce solutions, online payment processing and Internet merchant accounts.

Leadership Skills - Professional Development
Professional development and leadership skills are crucial for any small business owner. Learn about leadership, motivation and how to break bad habits such as procrastination with these professional development resources.

Canadian Export and Canadian Import
Links to Canadian export information and Canadian import information to help you export or import your business' products or services to and from Canada.

Business Start Up Diary
Peter Hadas shares his ideas, trials and successes as he goes through the business start up process in this weekly business start up diary.

Small Business Advice - Share Your Small Business Advice - Small Business Tips
People who have been there and done that are always one of the best resources when you're trying to learn something - and learning how to best run a small business is no exception. These articles are collections of the best small business advice from small business owners. Feel free to add your own small business tips and advice.

Backup Software
Protect your business data with these backup software programs.

Canadian Small Business Grants - Government
What Canadian small business grants are available? What do you have to be or do to qualify? Here's

Business Gifts - Business Gift Ideas - Business Gift Guide
Looking for a gift for a client, business person or employee? Get business gift ideas and find recommended business gift products with this guide.

Data Management Document Management Record Management File Management
Learn how to set up filing systems, deal with receipts, and manage email, data files, documents, and records with these data management resources for small businesses.

Invoice - Invoice Sample - Invoices
Looking for an invoice sample you can use for your small business? There are several in this section on invoicing, as well as information on using invoices as part of your cash flow management and marketing.

Canada Export - Canadian Export Information
Canadian export information, including export financing, becoming export-ready, export regulations, and Canadian export associations - everything you need to become a Canadian exporter.

Canada Import - Canadian Import Information
Canadian import information, including import permits, import regulations, customs brokers, and Canada customs information - everything you need to set up a Canadian import business.

Best Business Blogs
Small Business Canada's blog roll - a selection of business blogs that I think are among the best on the 'Net.

Improving Leadership Skills
Even the smallest business needs a leader. These articles will help you increase your leadership abilities by concentrating on improving particular leadership skills.

Business Goal Setting
Learn how to set goals and increase your business and personal success with these goal setting articles.

Internet Statistics
Who's using the Internet? And for what? Sources for all kinds of current Internet-related statistics, both Canadian and global.

Online Business Tools
From databases and directories through calculators and application service providers, here are online tools to plan, manage, finance, and market your company.

Web Hosting for Business
All about web hosting, including tips for finding the best web site hosting services, whether you're looking to host a business or an e-commerce site.

Canadian Business Magazines
Find in-depth analysis and breaking news about Canadian business in these Canadian business magazines.

Online Polls - Small Business Online Polls
Online polls give you a chance to express your opinion and find out what other small business people think about the poll question. All online polls from the site are archived here for your continued voting and viewing pleasure. Vote in the polls - and pop back to see how others have voted.

Search Engine Submission
Help customers and clients find your web site with this information on search engines and search engine submission.

Small Business Paths - Small Business Canada
Here is a page that leads managers to what they need to know. It is based on where you are in your career and where your interests lie. On each visit you can go further along the path, retrace steps along the same path, or start down a new path.

Business Relocation - Will a Lower Lease Rate Increase Your Business' Profits?
Retail and service businesses have special relocation considerations.

Canadian Newspapers
Get your business news online or through subscription with these Canadian newspapers.

Home Business Magazines - Home Business Resources
These home business magazines offer a wealth of home business resources.