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Girl Scouts
Find information about and resources for Girl Scouts.

Preparing for Girl Scout Summer Camp
Prepare your daughter to have an incredible experience at Girl Scout summer camp! Get yourself, the girls and parents ready for this great summer activity.

Juliette Gordon Low - Founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA
Juliette Gordon Low was the founder of the Girl Scouting movement in the United States. Find out more about her life and her legacy.

National Girl Scout Leaders Day
National Girl Scout Leaders' Day is April 22. Celebrate these wonderful volunteers in some way. They are so dedicated to our girls, so show them your appreciation!

Cub Scouts
Thinking about joining Cub Scouts? Need information to help run your pack or den? Find all that and more!

Boy Scouts
Whether your son is a Boy Scout or you're considering the organization, you can find information about the group and its activities here.

Boy Scouts of America Piloting Kindergarten Program
Learn about the Boy Scouts of America's pilot program for kindergarten-aged children. The Lion program will be available in select Councils in fall 2016.

The Etiquette of Girl Scout SWAPS
Girl Scouts develop friendships and memories through trading SWAPS. Find out more about this fun Girl Scout tradition including its etiquette.

Three Springtime Girl Scout Outings
There are ways to put the

Scout Uniforms
Uniforms are an important part of most Scout organizations. They give the members a sense of belonging. Learn more about Scout uniforms here.

Scout Badges and Patches
Wonder why Scout groups give badges? What do they mean? Where do you put them? Find out these answers and more.

How to Attach Girl Scout Patches
Ever wondered how to put Girl Scout patches on their uniforms? Read about four options of how to attach them. And find out where to put them too.

Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Girl Scouts
Have a fun Girl Scout troop meeting to celebrate Easter! The girls will love making the Easter crafts and Easter-themed snacks outlined in this post.












Boy Scouts of America's Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath
Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath are two important dates for members of the Boy Scouts of America. Read about 15 ways your unit can celebrate these days.

The Purpose of Boy Scouting - It's Not Just Camping
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Boy Scouts? Camping? There's much more to Boy Scouts than just camping!

How to Join the Girl Scouts
Does your daughter want to be a Girl Scout? Not sure exactly how to start looking for a troop for her to join? Read about ways to find and join a local troop.

Going for the Girl Scout Gold
If your daughter wants to earn the Girl Scout Gold award, start by reading this summary.

Boy Scouts of America Chartered Organizations and Units
Discover what a Boy Scouts of America unit is. Find out more about the religious, community and educational organizations that own them.

Girl Scout Journeys Awards
The Girl Scout Journeys program gives girls an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills. They can also earn awards in each Journey.

Lord Baden-Powell, Founder of the Scouting Movement
Lord Baden-Powell's military guide, Aids to Scouting, sparked a world-wide youth movement. Read how Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can trace their roots to it.

What is Sea Scouting?
Whether they want a maritime career or they just love being on the water, young men and women can find a home in the Sea Scout program.

Join Varsity Scouts for Sports & High Adventure
Varsity Scouts is an organization for teen boys that combines leadership and character development with sports and high adventure.

Deepen Family Connections with Cub Scout Requirements
Your Cub Scout can use these requirements to help strengthen his relationship with other family members--especially those who live far away.

Scouting Builds Positive Character
Does the Cub Scout program impact the character development of the boys involved. This long-term study by Tufts University researchers says yes.

Awesome Pinewood Derby Cars
If your Cub Scout can imagine it, he can build a Pinewood Derby car of it. Everything from every day items to cartoon characters have cars that represent them.

Scout Ranks and Requirements
Learn about the ranks and requirements in Scout organizations.

Scout Crafts
Looking for a craft for your Scouts? Birdhouses, catapults, tissue paper flowers and pony bead zipper pulls are just a few of the crafts you'll find here.

Scout Awards
Discover the awards that Scouts can earn through various Scouting organizations.

Scout Activities
Scout organizations offer exciting activities for your kids. Find out about all the fun.

Scout Fundraising
Like most organizations, Scout groups need to raise money to pay for their programs. From cookies to popcorn, find out the what and how of Scout fundraising.

Other Scout Organizations
Looking for an alternative to the traditional Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts groups? Find out about them here.

Cub Scout Cake Competitions and Auctions
Cub Scout cake competitions allow the boys to get their inner

Girl Scouts Celebrate Spring With A Gardening Project
A great spring activity for Girl Scouts is a gardening project! Gardening can be used as a service project to benefit a local organization or group.

How to Build a Pinewood Derby Car
Building a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car is a great experience for the boy and his adult partner. But how exactly do you build one? Read on for instructions!

Cub Scout & Boy Scout Clip Art
Cub Scout and Boy Scout clip art is on many websites. Find links to several of them in this article, along with information on how to use them properly.

Planning Girl Scout Activities Throughout The Year
One way to ensure that your Girl Scout troop offers the Girl Scouts a great experience is to plan ahead. Read on for ways to make the process simple and easy.

Discover the Adventure of Venturing
Venturing is co-ed youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America. It offers young adults opportunities for growing through adventures. Find out more!

Cub Scout Patch Placement
New Cub Scout families often ask,

Celebrating Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout Sabbath
Girl Scout Sunday and Sabbath are celebrated in March to coincide with the Girl Scouts' birthday. You'll find ways to celebrate this special occasion.

Scouting Organizations for Youth
Tips, topics, information and ideas about Scouting organizations for your children.

Girl Scout Cookie Names Throughout the Years
Have you ever wondered what the Girl Scout cookie names are? From the early days until now, you can find over 120 of them here.

Fun Ways to Learn About Girl Scout Cookies
Do your Girl Scouts need to know more about the cookies they're selling? Find fun activities to help them learn all about the Girl Scout cookies this year.

How to Make a Sit-Upon
Girl Scouts love making their own sit-upons. Find alternatives for all components of the sit-upon including the outer shell, padding and decorations.

Cub Scout Whittling Chip
Getting his own pocketknife is a rite of passage for many boys. While Cub Scouts earn the Whittling Chip award, they learn how to safely use their knives.

The Benefits Of Girls Selling Girl Scout Cookies
Many eagerly await the yearly Girl Scout cookie sale. Beyond satisfying our craving for Thin Mints, Girl Scouts who sell cookies gain many benefits.

Girl Scouts World Thinking Day
Girl Scouts across the country participate in World Thinking Day on February 22nd to honor their friendship with girls around the world.

Norman Rockwell Boy Scout Paintings
Norman Rockwell Boy Scout paintings can be seen as a visual history of the Boy Scouts of America. find out more about the 64 year partnership between Rockwell and the BSA.

Planning the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet
The Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet is a special event to celebrate Scouting's anniversary. Banquets vary by pack; some have an elaborate theme, and some are simple.

Cub Scout Ceremonies: Arrow of Light and Crossover
During a Cub Scout's final year, he may participate in two important ceremonies--the Arrow of Light ceremony and the Crossover (or Bridging) ceremony.

Boy Scouts of America Cyber Chip Program
The Cub Scout and Boy Scout Cyber Chip teaches kids how to stay safe online using fun interactive resources. Find out about this internet safety tool.

Boy Scout Advancement Changes - 2016
Read a summary of the Boy Scout advancement changes 2016. Five areas of the program were revamped.

American Heritage Girls Badges
Learn about the badges that American Heritage Girls can earn while developing important life skills through the 6 Life Skills Enhancement Frontiers.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Complete Cub Scout Requirements by Doing Chores
Use the Cub Scout program to keep your sons busy when they're out of school. By doing chores and helping cook, the Cub Scouts will complete requirements.

Holiday Entertainment with Cub Scout Requirements
Using magic, comedy, music and movies, your Cub Scout can complete requirements and entertain the family at your holiday gathering.

Cub Scout Requirements to Complete While Traveling
Traveling with your Cub Scout during the holidays? Have him work on requirements during the trip by practice knots or memorizing important information.

Royal Rangers
Royal Rangers is a faith-based character and leadership development ministry that is offered as an alternative scouting organization.

Cub Scout NOVA Awards
The Cub Scout NOVA awards offer 7 modules that will help strengthen your son's STEM skills, science, technology, engineering and math.

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award is a great way to motivate your son to go outdoors. He can earn the award at every rank.

How to Earn Boy Scout Merit Badges
Want to know how to earn a Boy Scout merit badge? Read this article for an overview of the process and a list of the current merit badge offerings.

What are Girl Scouts Journeys?
Find out what Girl Scout Journeys are and how they give the girls practice in the three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect and Take Action.

Trail Life USA Ranks
The Trail Life USA program has three programs for boys from kindergarten through high school. Find out about the program and ranks.

Scouting Campfire Programs
Campfire programs are a time of fun and fellowship for Scouts and their families. Find out more about campfire programs, their purpose and how to plan one.

American Heritage Girl Levels
Learn about the five levels of the American Heritage Girls, including their activities and uniforms.

The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby
From the humble beginnings of a plain block of wood, Cub Scouts create incredible cars to race in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience ensures that girls of all ages become good leaders. Learn about the three leadership keys and the processes used.

Boy Scout and Eagle Scout Courts of Honor
Boy Scout and Eagle Scout Courts of Honor are held to recognize the boys' achievements. Learn how to plan and execute a successful court of honor.

7 Hiking Games for Reluctant Young Hikers
Are your Scouts reluctant hikers? Check out these 7 hiking games to create fun and excitement for kids while you're on the hiking trail.

Understanding the Boy Scout Patrol Method
The Boy Scouts of America's patrol method ensures that troops are led by the boys. The method gives boys a safe environment in which to learn.

5 Practical Knots for Scouts
Knot-tying is an important skill for Scouts to learn. Find out what these five practical knots are used for.

The Value of Earning the Eagle Scout Rank
The Eagle Scout rank requires dedication and lots of hard work. Why do these Boy Scouts do it? Find out the value of being an Eagle Scout.

Girl Scout Levels
Wondering which Girl Scout level your daughter will be in and what they do at her age? Find out in this overview of the Girl Scout ranks.

American Heritage Girls offers Faith-Based Scouting Option
The American Heritage Girls is a faith-based scouting organization for girls. Find out more about the American Heritage Girls program.

The History of Girl Scouts in America
Just how did the Girl Scouts get started? Find out about their early meetings, their service to our country and the impact they're making today.

Overview of Boy Scout Ranks
Curious about the Boy Scout ranks? This article will give you an overview of what the ranks are and what requirements need to be met to earn them.

Top 5 Reasons My Son is a Cub Scout
Have you ever wondered why families sign up their sons for Cub Scouts? Find out the top five reasons why my son is a Cub Scout.

Cub Scout Rank Requirements
Webelos and Bears and Tigers and Wolfs. And don't forget about Bobcats! Are these Cub Scout ranks confusing to you? Learn all about them here.

Cub Scout Ranks & Requirements
Find out about the rank requirements for Cub Scouts.

Scouting Organizations
Read about scouting organizations for your son or daughter.

Trail Life USA: A Faith-Based Scouting Organization
If you're looking for an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America due to the changes in their membership policy, consider Trail Life USA.

Make Girl Scout SWAPS
Make Girl Scout SWAPS to trade with your friends. In this article, you'll find ideas and suggestions to help you make them.

25 Cub Scout Terms You Need to Know
New Cub Scout parent or leader? Don't let the lingo confuse you!

Why Change the Cub Scout Program?
The Cub Scout program was revamped in June 2015. Find out why and how in this article.

Youth Development Organization
With 2.4 million youth members, the Boy Scouts of America