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Cozaar Blood Pressure Medication May Help Your Sex Life
Cozaar medication has proven successful in treating high blood pressure. The positive side effect is that it may also help improve erectile dysfunction.

Detoxifing Your Body: Why Water Is the Key to Health
Learn the importance of water in our diet and for our health and what happens in different areas of the body when we don't get enough of it.

Senior Health
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Symptoms and Treatment of COPD
COPD is the third leading cause of death for seniors and most don't even know they have it. Early detection and treatment are key to good outcomes.

Weight Loss Tips for Seniors
It's not too late for overweight and obese seniors. Check out these simple lifestyle changes you can make to start getting healthier today.

How Vaginal Dryness Can Change Your Sex Life As You Age
Vaginal dryness doesn't mean seniors have to give up a healthy sex life. Learn about the causes of vaginal dryness and what you can do to treat it.

Finding the Best Doctor for Elderly Parents
A primary care provider (PCP) for elderly patients is called a geriatrician. Here are some tips on how to find the best doctor for your elderly parents.

A Woman's Guide to Heart Attacks and Heart Health
Symptoms of a heart attack can differ greatly between men and women. Be proactive! Educate yourself about heart health and heart attack symptoms.

How Height Loss Screening Can Predict Future Hip Fractures
Height loss screening is a strong predictor of hip fracture from men and women. Only half of seniors who break their hip function

Prescription Drug Savings in Mexico
Information on traveling to Mexico to save money on prescription drugs, including information on regulations on bringing them back to the US.

Weight Loss and Diet Options for Seniors
Excess weight is unhealty but often difficult to control. These weight loss tips can help seniors lose weight and improve health.

How to Prevent Viral Infections Like Cold and Flu
Learning how to prevent viral infections like the cold or flu is important for older adults. Here are 8 simple tips for staying healthy this winter.

Reducing the Side Effects of High Blood Pressure Medication
Feeling tired, fatigued, and low energy might be a symptom of your lifestyle and not a side effect of your blood pressure medications. Here's how to know.

How to Take Your Meds: Medication Administration Routes
Prescription drugs can be taken in multiple ways, including oral, enteral, mucosal, and percutaneous routes of medication administration—Learn more.

Andropause: Physical and Mental Symptoms and Treatment
In andropause, older men experience physical and mental symptoms from falling testosterone levels. Learn about those symptoms and how they're treated.

Surgical Treatments for Severe Chronic Pain
When nothing controls your severe pain, surgery may help, but there are significant risks. Here are the procedures surgeons use to treat chronic pain.

What Causes Parkinson's Disease?
Doctors know Parkinson's disease results when certain nerve cells stop producing an important brain chemical. But it's not clear yet why this occurs.

Lifestyle Changes Promote Longer Life
Good news! Some of the leading causes of death for seniors, including accidents and the flu, are highly treatable and preventable. Learn more about them.

Top 7 Qualities of a Good Nursing Home
A high-quality nursing home provides you or your loved one with a clean, safe, and supportive environment. Use this checklist to make the right choice.

Do I Need To See a Geriatrician?
If you are getting older and having more health problems, you may want to consider seeing a Geriatrician who specializes in geriatric medicine.

How Your Sex Life Can Change After Turning 60
Romance may not fade with the years but it does change. Learn how to keep the fire alive in your relationship.

Medicaid Pays For Nursing Home Care
Learn about Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care and payment including private pay status and ways that Medicaid eligibility is determined by application.

What Is a Carotid Doppler Test?
A carotid Doppler test determines if your neck's arteries are blocked by fatty plaque. This non-invasive test is a strong predictor of future stroke.

The Best Fitness Programs for Seniors
Here's our list of the best fitness programs for people over 60 - or any age. The best one fo your is one you'll stick with, and it might be a combination.

Elevated Systolic Pressure Causes High Blood Pressure
Systolic pressure is too high in many, leading to hypertension and increasing the risk of death and disability from heart disease.

Wind down and Unplug
Just like routine is important when it comes to good sleep, it's also helpful to give yourself some wind down time before bed.

Check your Medications
Sometimes medication can be a culprit in messing with your zzz's.

7. Clean up Your Diet
Eating clean is not only important for good energy, feeling healthy and living a preventative life but it supports good sleep too.

Better Sleep, Happier You!
Once you start to get more quality sleep you will feel more energetic and happier so you can continue to engage in all the things you love about life!

Seniors and Sleep: Build Routine
Going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning will help your body regulate.

Seniors and Sleep: Skip the Naps
Often times seniors will take cat naps throughout the day. This can prevent a good night's sleep from happening.

Seniors and Sleep: Avoid Caffeine after 10am
Drinking caffeine any time after the morning hours can affect your sleep. Caffeine stays in the body for up to 12 hours.

Exercise Daily but Not To Close to Bedtime
Exercising at least 20 minutes each day is important for getting beneficial sleep, but be sure not to exercise too close to bed time, unless you are doing light stretching or gentle yoga.

7 Tips to Get Better Sleep as You Age
As we age, getting the necessary amount of sleep can become difficult. Learn more about how the body changes and how it affects your sleep patterns.

Find the Fun!
Exercise doesn't have to be grueling or something you dread. Make a list of things you love to do that include moving your body, whether it be dancing, walking, swimming or biking.

Jacks Top Ten Tips For Living
Remember, what we put in our body today walks and talks tomorrow, so make good choices, move your body, find your fun and keep the bigger picture in mind; a long, vital, happy life!

Make Some Food Change
Changing your diet to include more whole foods and less processed food WILL change your body, your moods and your life.

Workout with Friends
Find your own exercise buddies to work out with.

Schedule It In
Just as we need to schedule other meetings and activities, it's most important that we schedule our exercise too.

Go Jack Go!
Look, I was a skinny little kid and I got teased often, so even though I wasn't sick, I knew that fitness would be a way for me to empower myself.

Start off Slow & Ask Questions
Many people can overdo exercise when they first start out and end up either injuring themselves or becoming so sore that they don't ever want to move again.

Overview of Toenail Fungus
Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is a common but potentially disfiguring condition. Learn about its causes, treatment and prevention.

Dealing With a Torn Rotator Cuff
A torn rotator cuff can result from falls and repetitive motion during sports or routine activities, such as lifting. Know the signs and treatment options.

What is Bacterial Vaginitis?
Learn why elderly women are more likely to get bacterial vaginitis than their younger counterparts and the symptoms of this common vaginal infection.

Tony Horton talks Bone Health
Senior Health.

Tip Three: Cut Back on Caffeine
Senior Health.

Tony Horton Talks Bone Health
Senior Health.

Tony Horton Talks Bone Health
Senior Health.

Tip One: Eat Dark Leafy Greens
Dark Leafy Greens such as Kale, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Bok Choy and Spinach are loaded with Calcium which helps to keep your bones strong, and pliable

Keep on Moving!
Senior Health.

Five Tips to Keep Your Bones Strong as you Age
Let's face it, as we get older, our body starts to naturally degenerate. A lot of things are happening under the surface that we aren't even aware of.

Live Preventatively with a Whole Food Diet
Our bodies are temples and they need nourishment and care to function optimally and be healthy.

Preventative Living
Preventative living doesn't have to be hard. It's just about educating yourself.

Incorporating Whole Foods Into Your Life
Processed food is frankenfood. It's not real. It's not good for you. And it provides nearly no nutritional value.

Alkaline is The Way
Alkaline foods are known for helping to reverse disease.

Food is Health; Exercise is Fitness
Food is Health, Exercise is Fitness. You need both. It's simple really. Eat good food everyday, move your body every day and health can be yours.

Normal Sleeping Patterns for Seniors
Sleep patterns change as we age, but sleeping 12 hours or more per day isn't considered normal. A healthy elderly person only needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Long-Term Effects of Taking Mineral Oil
Mineral oil can be an effective laxative, but you should use caution when taking it long-term. Learn more about its side effects and long-term effects.

Healthy Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress
Holiday stress comes in many forms from weight gain to family to dealing with grief. Find articles with tips for dealing with a variety of situations.

Controlling High Blood Pressure for Women
What counts as normal and high blood pressure for women? Learn more about high blood pressure in women and how you can better control it.

Asthma and Older Adults
Information about asthma and the special conerns this diaganosis has for seniors.

Cemented vs. Uncemented Hip Replacement: Which Is Best?
If you're having a hip replacement, you and your doctor must decide between a cemented and uncemented artificial hip. Learn the pros and cons of each.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease is generally considered a disease of late middle age. Learn about the early signs and symptoms of Parkinson's and how it's treated.

What You Should Know About Cerebral Vascular Accidents
Cerebral vascular accident, or stroke, is a very serious condition requiring immediate medical attention. Learn the early warning signs and symptoms.

Yearly Checkup Tests and Procedures for Seniors
Your yearly checkup at the doctor's office is key to managing your health, but aside from annual blood work, what other medical tests do seniors need?

Social Interaction Improves Seniors Health
Seniors appear to benefit from better health when they have more social interaction. Many seniors live alone in isolation after a spouse dies and children move. This often results in loneliness that can contribute to illness.

How To Tell If You Have Flat Feet and Fallen Arches
Flat feet can cause disabling pain in the feet and knees. Here's some easy ways to tell if you, or your loved one, have flat feet and fallen arches.

Requip (ropinirole) for Restless Leg Syndrome
Information about a medication that has just been approved for use in treating restless leg syndrome.

Flight-related Deep Vein Thrombosis
Information about flight-related Deep Vein Thrombosis, also known as

How to Find Happiness at Any Age
Being happy is a feeling most people strive for, and happiness is achievable at any age. Find out how!

Can We Choose Happiness?
Happiness is a fleeting emotion. We are dynamic individuals with many layers to us that feel tons of different emotions in any given minute

Leave Your Seat, and Move Those Feet
Exercise is one of the best ways to feel happy. Neurotransmitters and endorphins are released during exercise that support you in feeling good.

Connect With Others
Making an effort to deeply and authentically connect with other human beings will leave us with an overall sense of well-being and meaning in the world.

Be of Service
Being of service is the one thing that brings me true, authentic happiness.

Be Grateful for What You Have Now
Expressing gratitude may sound cliche, but studies have shown that feeling gratitude for the things we do have,

Spend Time in Nature
Spending time outside has been known to energize us and give us a feeling a vitality. Connecting to nature is almost as important as connecting with humans.

Find a Happy Hobby
Having a hobby that you enjoy is also an important part of cultivating happiness

Put On a Smile
Look, feeling happy every moment is just not possible. We are intricate human beings with a whole network of emotions.

Being Of Service
Being of service helps to relieve stress as we age

Being Thankful & Expressing Gratitude
if we focus on the negative in our life, we will feel icky. If we focus on the positive and are grateful for what WE DO HAVE, that will lead to feelings of overall well-being and satisfaction.

Social Connection
Human connection and socialization is extremely important for our health and well-being, and helps to manage stress.

Hobbies help manage stress
Having hobbies and doing things you love will not only help manage stress, but will also give you an opportunity to be around others with similar interests.

Take Care of Yourself No Matter What
Whatever you do to manage stress, be sure that it feels good for you.

Exercising for Stress Relief
Exercise is another huge vehicle to help reduce stress in your life

Meditation for Relaxation
Meditation is about calming your nervous system and boosting your immune system

Laughing...A lot
Laughter is the best medicine. Senior Health.

Stress and How it Ages Us
Stress. It's one of the biggest contributing factors to aging. It can wreak havoc in our bodies in ways we are not even aware of.

Eat to Feel Young!
As we age and our body changes and begins to break down, it’s even more important that we focus on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Don't Be a Statistic as you Age
Let's face it, as we age our bodies change. When we move into our 40's and beyond, the metabolism can begin to drastically slow down

Keep Your Diet On Track
What you put in your mouth is a big factor in keeping your weight under control.

Stimulate Your Appetite with Movement
Sometimes we can lose our appetite as we get into our senior years and not feel the need to eat as much

Stay Hydrated to Prevent Weight Gain
Staying hydrated is a key factor to keep our metabolism purring and our weight down.

Maintain a Healthy Weight and Feel Better
Maintaining a healthy weight as you age is hands down going to support you in feeling better,having more energy, and being able to do more.

Seniors as Kidney Donors and Transplant Recipients
Many seniors are still young enough to donate a live kidney, become an organ donor or receive a kidney transplant. Kidney transplantion saves lives.

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Stroke and Senior Health
Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability among seniors and can cause paralysis, aphasia and swallowing problems. It can be prevented and can be treated. Informatin is included on recognising the signs of stroke, and present treatments for the different kinds of stroke. Includes information on high blood pressure and treatment to help prevent stroke.


Flu Shot Reminder
Plea to Hispanic seniors to remind them to get a flu shot every year to help prevent the flu and complications that may acompany the flu.

Skip the Resolutions and Create Intentions
New Years Resolutions usually end up in failure. Set intentions instead this New Year for real, long term change that feels good!

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We have found the best blogs available with the best health information to help you maintain and improve your health.