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Travel Photo of the Week: Science On a Sphere
This image of the Earth from space is actually projected onto a sphere, using a data set from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),

Are Third-Party Car Rental Websites Your Best Option?
It depends. Third-party websites such as Orbitz, Auto Europe and offer quick and easy price comparisons, and most of us want to compare prices

Should You Join a Hotel Rewards Program?
Hotel rewards programs promise free stays, extra services, member perks and more. Are these enticing offers worth your time? Learn more about the pros and cons of hotel rewards programs.

Rental Cars - Rental Cars for Senior and Boomer Travelers
Renting a car is a complex process. There are so many fees, taxes and surcharges involved that it can take hours to find the best rental car deal. Let us take you through the complicated world of car rentals.

Should You Book Your Rental Car Through a Third-Party Car Rental Website?
Third-party car rental websites can save you money, but are the savings worth the possibility of inconvenience? Find out more about third-party car rental websites and damage waiver considerations, take a look at our tips for minimizing problems and learn about third-party car rental policies and procedures.

Visit African-American History Sites in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia
The history of the African-American community, both free and enslaved, in the United States is an integral part of the history of a nation devoted to freedom and democracy. Today, African-Americans and peoples of all races visit places where events important to the Civil Rights struggle took place; those events date back to the earliest days of colonial North America. If your travels take you to Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, consider including one or more of these African-American history and heritage sites to your itinerary.

Travel Fees 101
New travel fees seem to pop up every month. Airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains and car rental companies have found creative ways to charge travelers for services and transactions. Arm yourself with travel fee knowledge and find out which travel fees you may be able to avoid.

The Best of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Prince Edward Island may be Canada's smallest province, but there's plenty to do and see here. Sparkling, warm-water beaches, hiking and cycling trails, a delightful provincial capital and Anne of Green Gables country attract Canadians and international visitors alike.

Italy's Undiscovered Towns - Visit the Untouristed Italy
Italy's famous sights have attracted tourists for centuries. There's much more to Italy than art museums and churches, and it's easier to find the

Top Charlottesville Attractions - Things to Do in Charlottesville, Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, best known as the home of President Thomas Jefferson, makes an excellent vacation destination. Whether you plan to visit Monticello and other presidential homes or enjoy a day of shopping or wine tasting, Charlottesville has plenty to offer. Find out more about Charlottesville's top attractions.

The Best of Virginia - Senior-Friendly Attractions in Virginia
Virginia's attractions, national parks and museums are extremely senior-friendly. Whether you enjoy colonial America, Civil War history, presidential homes or nature's beauty, you'll find plenty to do and see in Virginia. Find out more about Virginia's senior-friendly attractions.

The Best of Newfoundland - Top Attractions in Newfoundland, Canada
The Canadian island of Newfoundland offers visitors many unique experiences. From icebergs to Norse settlements, historic radio transmission stations to freshwater fjords, you'll find plenty to do and see in Newfoundland. Find out more about Newfoundland's top attractions.

Undiscovered France
While France can hardly be considered an

Undiscovered Ireland - Visit Ireland's Towns and Villages
Ireland is known for its natural beauty, friendly people and Celtic heritage. Even in this relatively small country, you can still visit places that many tourists ignore. Find out more about five places in Ireland that will take you off the tourist trail.

September 11 Memorials and Events
Travelers can find memorials to the victims and first responders of September 11, 2001 in many parts of the US. Each year, on or near the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, you can attend ceremonies and special events that commemorate that terrible day. Find out more about September 11 memorials and events around the US.

On the Inventors' Trail – Visit Inventors' Homes, Museums and Historic Sites
While traditional museums have much to offer, they often don't have space enough to present a detailed picture of the greatest inventive minds in US history. To find out about the people behind the inventions, we must journey to the places they lived and to their laboratories and testing grounds. Follow us on the inventors' trail, and learn more about Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington Carver.

Visit African-American History Sites in the Southern United States
Throughout the southern United States, particularly in the Deep South, you can visit sites where the course of United States history changed because African-Americans stood up for their civil rights. Voting, education, military service and even the right to protest were in contention from the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. There is no better way to learn about these contentious times and important issues than to visit African-American history sites in the southern US.

African-American History Sites in the Northeastern United States
African-American heritage sites abound in the northeastern United States. From Maine to Connecticut, African-American museums, cultural sites and historic buildings abound. Find out more about African-American heritage travel in the northeastern US.

Unusual Urban Attractions
There's more to visiting US cities than museums, shopping and walking tours. Unusual sights, extreme adventures and eclectic tours can make a visit to any city special. We've found seven US cities that offer unexpected, sometimes improbable, attractions, sights and tours.

Foreign Travel Checklist – Prepare for Overseas Travel
Once you've decided to visit another country, the travel planning begins in earnest. In addition to choosing which places to visit, you will need to learn about travel documents, travel money, etiquette and even electrical current. Our handy foreign travel checklist will help you through the process of researching and planning for your overseas travel adventure.

Travel Etiquette 101
Travel etiquette tips help you enjoy your vacation more, because you know what's expected in specific vacation situations. Whether you're staying in a hotel, bunking in with friends or overnighting in a bed and breakfast inn, our travel etiquette tips will replace your vacation worries with confidence.

Infectious Diseases, Travel and You
BBC News is reporting that an Ebola outbreak in Guinea has killed 83 people. This hemorrhagic disease has no cure, which is why health officials are carefully

What Should You Do if Your Rental Car Breaks Down?
A couple of weeks ago, I rented a car and began a 375-mile drive. All went well until I was on a New York State parkway outside of New York City and my oil

Lufthansa, Germanwings Pilots to Strike April 1
BBC News is reporting that the union representing Lufthansa and Germanwings pilots has voted to strike on April 1, effective at 10:00 p. m. Greenwich Mean Time.

What to Do if Your Rental Car Breaks Down
What happens if your rental car breaks down? Find out which repairs you might have to pay for and what you should do if your rental car can't be driven.

Renting a Car in Romania: Helpful Information for Seniors and Baby Boomers
Many visitors to Romania explore the countryside in rental cars. Find out about rental car age restrictions and car rental policies in Romania.

United Kingdom Car Rental Information for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If you are planning to rent a car in the United Kingdom, you'll want to familiarize yourself with UK car rental terminology and policies. Drivers over age 75 may not be able to rent cars from every company.

German Airport Workers Plan to Strike Tomorrow
Deutsche Welle is reporting that Ver.di, the union that represents several classifications of airport workers, plans to go on strike tomorrow, Thursday, March

Winter Driving Regulations: Do You Need Tire Chains or Snow Tires for Your Trip?
Many countries, particularly in Europe, mandate use of winter tires or snow chains at certain times of the year. Before you rent a car during the winter, find out whether you'll need tire chains or snow tires.

Travel Photo of the Week:Washington Monument
Travel Photo of the Week:Washington Monument

World's Largest Bat
I was doing errands in yesterday's snowstorm when I overheard a woman say to her companion, I don't care what the weather does now, just as long as it's nice

Renting a Car in Israel – Information for Seniors and Baby Boomers
While you might not want to drive in Israel's largest cities, renting a car can give you the freedom to explore the countryside. Find out how to rent a car in Israel, read about age limits and learn more about Israeli rental car insurance, fees and policies.

Travel Photo of the Week: Oria Castle
Italy is a wonderful spring travel destination. The weather is pleasant during the day and the mosquitoes, which are the bane of summer visitors, are nearly

Oria Castle and Historic Court, Oria, Apulia, Italy
Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen built Oria Castle, in Italy's Apulia region, in 1227 A.D., as part of his system of defensive fortresses in the area around Bari and Brindisi. Although you won't find Oria Castle in very many guidebooks, it is worth a visit, particularly if you are in Apulia during the second weekend of August. On this weekend each year, Oria presents its Historical Parade of Frederic II and the Tournament of Regions. Take our photo tour of Oria's castle and tournament.

Turret, Oria Castle, Oria, Apulia, Italy
Turret, Oria Castle, Oria, Apulia, Italy. Page 13.

Profile of Oria Castle, Oria, Italy
Oria Castle, half way between Taranto and Brindisi in Italy's Puglia region, is open for tours on a limited basis. Oria is best known for its annual Historical Parade of Frederick II and Tournament of the Districts, held in August, but the castle's square and round towers draw visitors throughout the year. Get the latest information on how you can visit Oria Castle.

Castles of Italy
Italy is most famous for its art museums, churches and ancient monuments, but you can find some sort of castle in nearly every Italian hill town. Italy's castles, built to protect towns and strategic routes, can be a welcome change from paintings, statues and arches. Here, we present some of our favorite Italian castles.

Castles of Italy
Italy is most famous for its art museums, churches and ancient monuments, but you can find some sort of castle in nearly every Italian hill town. Italy's castles, built to protect towns and strategic routes, can be a welcome change from paintings, statues and arches. Here, we present some of our favorite Italian castles.

Car Rentals in Ireland - Helpful Tips for Seniors and Baby Boomers
When I was an exchange student in Ireland, I lived a few miles from this sign. When I revisited Ireland as an adult, I discovered that driving in Ireland is

Air Canada Suspends Service to Venezuela
According to BBC News, Air Canada has suspended its flights to Caracas, Venezuela, due to the safety situation in the country. Protests in Caracas and other

Renting a Car in Ireland – What Seniors and Baby Boomers Need to Know
Renting a car in Ireland isn't for the faint of heart. Learn about damage waivers, insurance options, fees, taxes and cancellation charges, and find out which extra documents you'll need to bring to the rental car office if you are age 75 or over.

US State Department Issues Travel Alert for Russian Federation
The US Department of State issued a Travel Alert for Russia on Friday, warning citizens that they might encounter demonstrations and anti-American actions in

6 Things Boomers and Seniors Want Travel Providers to Know
When I think of senior and Baby Boomer travel, I think not only of cruise ships and golf courses, but also of bike tours and road trips. I know from my own

Tips for Traveling With Prescription Medications
Most of the people I travel with must take some type of prescription medication every day. When we get to our destination, we haul out an assortment of

Travel Photo of the Week: La Brea Tar Pits
Travel Photo of the Week: La Brea Tar Pits

The Best of Rome, Italy
Rome's art, churches and ancient buildings draw thousands of visitors every year. If you're headed to Rome, Italy, for your vacation, take a look at our list of favorite sights and attractions in the Eternal City.

Top US Budget Travel Destinations
Budget travel is popular again, and with good reason. Travelers want to maximize value, whether they're heading out for a month or escaping for a weekend. Vacation bargains abound in the U.S., especially for senior travelers. While most airlines discontinued senior discounts long ago, seniors can still find discounts at hotels, museums and other attractions. Take a look at our top picks for U.S. budget travel.

The Best of Nova Scotia, Canada - Top Sights in Nova Scotia, Canada
Nova Scotia's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty make this Canadian province an ideal vacation destination. Learn more about Nova Scotia attractions and destinations and discover the top sights in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Wine Travel in Europe
Wine travel can take you to some of Europe's most historic, beautiful destinations. If wine tours, wine tastings and winery visits appeal to you, you'll want to learn more about wine travel in Europe.

The Best of Maryland - Senior-Friendly Attractions in Maryland
With its rich history, miles of coastline, western mountains and distinctive culinary heritage, Maryland has something to offer for everyone. The Old Line State is filled with senior-friendly attractions and things to do. Take a look at our list of top Maryland attractions.

Top Sights in New Brunswick, Canada
New Brunswick is Canada's only officially bilingual province, and you'll find evidence of the area's French heritage wherever you go. New Brunswick is home to warm beaches, outstanding living history museums and the world-famous Bay of Fundy. Take a look at New Brunswick's top attractions, both natural and man-made.

Spiritual Travel
Spiritual travel refreshes the body, mind and soul. Find out about different types of pilgrimages and spiritual vacations and plan your spiritual travel experience.

Travel With Grandchildren - Plan a Vacation or Day Trip With Your Grandchildren
There's nothing quite as special as sharing memorable experiences with your grandchildren. Taking a vacation with grandchildren gives you the perfect opportunity to spend time together making memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're planning a week-long adventure or a special day trip for your grandchild, our trip ideas and travel tips will help you make the most of those precious hours.

Senior-Friendly Museums in Los Angeles - See L.A.'s Senior-Friendly Museums
The Los Angeles area is home to many senior-friendly museums. From world-class art collections to presidential memorabilia to gorgeous gardens, there's something here for every museum-lover. While you're visiting L.A., take the time to visit one or more of these senior-friendly, wheelchair-accessible museums.

The Best of West Virginia - Best Things to Do and See in West Virginia
There's a lot more to West Virginia than the mountains which give the state its nickname. Whether you're a sports fanatic, railroad enthusiast or science buff, you'll find plenty to do in the Mountain State. Our list of West Virginia's best activities and adventures will help you plan your mountain adventure.

Where to Stay - Places to Stay - Choose Your Accommodations
Choosing a place to stay can be frustrating and time-consuming. Find out about different types of accommodations and decide which option matches your travel budget and style.

A Year of American Festivals - Local Cultural, Music and Film Festivals Around the USA - Find a Festival
Attending a festival is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture. You can find festivals all over the U.S., with themes ranging from art to food to wildlife watching. To showcase the variety of festivals you can visit, we've selected 12 annual events.

The Best of Paris, France
Paris, France, is a city filled with world-famous monuments, top attractions and impressive museums. We've made a list of the top sights in Paris to help you plan your Parisian vacation.

Endangered Destinations - Visit Endangered Destinations While You Can
Our beautiful planet is under constant threat from both mankind and nature. Some of the wonders of the ancient world are now lost to us, while ecosystems and the species they support are also in jeopardy of vanishing. Learn more about endangered destinations around the world.

US Department of State Again Updates Ukraine Travel Warning
The United States Department of State has once again updated its Travel Warning for Ukraine. In this update, US citizens are again urged to avoid traveling to

Egypt Travel Safety
Terrorists bombed a tourist bus in Taba, Egypt, in February 2014, killing four people. If you are planning a trip to Egypt, you may be wondering whether it is safe to visit the land of the Pharaohs. Learn more about Egypt travel safety, government travel warnings and travel insurance.

Is It Safe to Travel to My Destination Country?
How can you find out whether your travel destination is safe? Learn about reliable travel safety information sources and get tips for choosing a safe, enjoyable vacation destination.

6 Things Seniors and Baby Boomers Want Travel Providers to Know
Senior and Baby Boomer travelers don't see themselves as old, and they don't all travel the same way or visit the same places. Find out what not to say to seniors and Baby Boomers who love to travel.

Travel Like a Local: City Parks
If you're looking for ways to fit in with locals during your travels, head to a public park. Whether you hike, bike, people watch or soak up sunshine, you will be doing what the locals do.

How Convention and Visitors Bureaus Can Help You Plan Your Next Trip
Convention and visitors bureaus, or CVBs, aren't just there to help meeting planners. They offer a wealth of information to individual travelers. Find out how you can use convention and visitors bureaus to plan your next trip.

Boondockers Welcome - Connect With Fellow RVers to Find Free RV Parking
Boondockers Welcome is a membership club that connects North American RVers who are looking for free dry-camping sites where they can park their RVs with RV owners who have boondocking spaces to share. Learn more about Boondockers Welcome.

Travel Like a Local: Outdoor Markets
Shopping at an outdoor market is a great way to experience a new culture. Outdoor markets sell an amazing variety of items and are usually well-patronized by shoppers from the local community. Learn about the different types of outdoor markets and take a look at our tips for shopping at them.

Harvest Hosts – Agri-Tourism for North American RV Owners
Harvest Hosts is a membership club for North American RVers who would like to dry-camp at farms, orchards, wineries and outdoor attractions. Members agree to purchase a bottle of wine, jug of cider, small basket of fruit or something else from their Host; in return, the Host offers them a place to boondock (dry-camp) overnight for free. Learn more about Harvest Hosts.

Terrorism Safety for Senior and Baby Boomer Travelers
Knowing what to do if terrorists attack can improve your chances of survival. Read our terrorism safety tips and make a travel safety plan for your next trip.

Travel Like a Local: Grocery Stores
Grocery shopping in another country can be a real adventure. There's no better way to get that local feel than to head for the nearest grocery store or hypermarket and start looking for new foods to try. Find out how to grocery shop like a local.

Use Webcam Feeds to Plan Your Next Vacation
Webcam feeds show you real-time conditions at specific locations. As you plan your next trip, look at webcam feeds to find out about traffic and weather issues, ski and surf conditions, places to stay and things to do.

Hotel Fails vs. Hotel Reality
What's the difference between hotel fails and hotel realities? Is the existence of a used toilet paper bin a true hotel fail, or just the way things work? Take a closer look at some typical hotel realities and decide for yourself.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Day Trips
Day trips are one-day travel experiences that begin either from your home or from the place you are staying. They're great for travelers who are short on time, who can't get away overnight or who are looking for ways to explore a particular area. Take a look at 5 reasons why you should consider taking a day trip.

How to Find Cool Small Towns to Visit
You've read articles with titles like

Walk the World by Combining Travel and Volksmarching
Volksmarching is popular around the world. If you enjoy walking and meeting new people, consider combining a volksmarch event with a visit to another state, region or country.

Add to Your Travel Experience by Eating at Local Restaurants
Find out how to locate neighborhood restaurants on your next trip, and get information about some of our local favorites in cities we've visited.

How to Avoid Traffic Jams On Your Next Vacation
If you are on a road trip, how will you locate and avoid traffic jams? Read our road-tested tips for deciphering traffic reports, planning routes and staying away from traffic disasters.

Share a Travel Adventure With Your Teenage Grandchild
Your teenage grandchild might be the perfect person to travel with on your next trip. Our suggestions for planning a memorable vacation with your teen grandchild can help you find the best destination and organize your trip.

What to Do if a Strike Affects Your Travel Plans
When a labor union votes to strike, could this action affect your travel plans? Find out how to plan ahead for strikes and get information about airline, railway, ground transportation and other labor unions' action. Learn what to do if a strike alters your vacation itinerary.

Mosquito-Borne Disease Prevention Tips for Seniors and Baby Boomers
Mosquito bites are itchy annoyances, but mosquito-borne diseases are much more serious. Find out how to prevent mosquito bites and learn what to do if a mosquito bites you.

Travel Like a Local: Festivals
We sometimes think of festivals as touristy places. In reality, festivals celebrate the best of local food, traditions and cultures. Find out how to plan and pack for a wonderful festival experience.

Travel Like a Local: Parades
What could be more authentic than a parade? Whether you watch a large, famous parade or a smaller one, you'll see community groups, local marching bands and floats, all pulling together to create a fun experience for everyone. Read our tips for attending parades and find out how to get parade information when you plan your next trip.

Travel Like a Local: Places of Worship
Places of worship bring people from all walks of life together. Visiting a church, temple, synagogue or mosque on your next trip can help you connect to the local community.

Travel Like a Local: People Watching
The time-honored art of people watching is alive and well in many parts of the world, and you can experience it on your next trip. Take a look at our people watching tips, which include best places to people watch and benefits of people watching.

Travel Like a Local: Weekend Getaway Destinations
If you're looking for a truly authentic travel experience, why not go where the locals vacation? Spend a few days at a local weekend getaway spot and discover its appeal for yourself.

Travel Like a Local: Food Trucks
Food trucks are no longer places to get cheap food near tourist sites or school campuses; today, food truck owners create and sell a mind-boggling array of dishes. Learn more about food trucks, where to find them and what to expect from your food truck experience.

Cell Phone Etiquette for Train, Bus and Airplane Travelers
Cell phones are useful tools, but when travelers use them without considering people nearby, they risk ruining someone else's travel experience. Learn more about cell phone etiquette for train, bus and, perhaps, future air travelers, and find out what to do if you are seated near a rude cell phone user.

Budget Newport, Rhode Island, for Senior Travelers
Newport, Rhode Island, the famous Gilded Age summer getaway spot, is still a popular vacation destination. While upscale lodging and dining choices predominate, you can visit Newport without breaking the bank. Our Newport travel guide will tell you how.

What Is an Authentic Travel Experience?
We hear a lot about authentic travel experiences, but what are they, actually, and how can you find them? Authentic travel has several aspects; learn what they are and find out how to incorporate them into your next trip.

Find Worship Services When You're on the Road
Use the Internet to find worship service times and locations when you travel. We've compiled a list of online worship service locators for the world's major religions.

Review of Tracey Ingram's Disabled World Travels E-Book
Tracey Ingram's Disabled World Travels, published in e-book format, offers helpful tips for persons with disabilities. While this e-book isn't perfect, it does contain useful information for travelers with disabilities and their companions.

Getting to the Airport
How will you get to the airport? In most cases, you have several options. Learn about shuttles, paratransit, taxis and other ways to get from your home to the airport.

Winter Weather Safety Tips for Senior Travelers
If you plan to travel during the winter months, you will need to pay close attention to safety issues. Learn more about winter travel safety and find out about a free winter survival smartphone app.

Fall Proof Your Vacation
One of every three people over age 65 will fall during any given year. It's easy to stay safe at home, but our tips for making your vacation fall proof will also help you avoid injury when you're on a trip.

Train Travel Etiquette
Train travel is much more enjoyable if everyone aboard considers the comfort of others. Read our train travel etiquette tips to learn more.

Don't Let Speed and Red Light Cameras Increase the Cost of Your Next Vacation
Getting a speeding or red light violation ticket on your vacation is both annoying and expensive. Find out how to get information on speed and red light camera locations before you go on your next trip.

How to Get Help When Things Go Wrong During Your Trip
When things go wrong at home, we know where to go for help. But on a trip, whom should you contact for emergency assistance? Find out what to do when illness, natural disasters and other serious issues interrupt your trip.

Desert Travel Safety for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If your travels take you to or through a desert, you'll want to read our desert travel safety tips. Find out what you should pack, how to plan for emergencies and what to do if you get lost in the desert.

Hacienda Tres Ríos - Profile of Hacienda Tres Ríos, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Hacienda Tres Ríos is a luxury all-inclusive resort on Mexico's Riviera Maya that was conceived and built with sustainable tourism in mind. Amenities include a private cenote, four restaurants, a nature park and a private beach.

Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro - Profile of Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro, Tulúm, Mexico
Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro is a low-density ecological hotel on the beach in Tulúm, Mexico. The complex includes bungalows and a central, outdoor lobby and office space. If you're looking for oceanfront tranquility near some of Mexico's finest Mayan ruins and beaches, take a look at Hotel Nueva Vida de Ramiro.

Find Your Best Rental Car Deal
Find your best rental car deal using our road-tested bargain hunting tips. Learn to search for a rental car bargain and discover how to find car rental discounts.

Find Good Deals on Rental Car
Renting a car doesn't have to break the bank. If you're planning to rent a car on your next trip, learn how to look for the best rental car discounts, deals and rates. Page 2.

Tarmac Delays, Flight Cancellations and You - What to Do if Your Flight is Delayed or Canceled
Flight cancellations and tarmac delays have many causes, including weather conditions, gate issues and even transportation regulations. Find out more about tarmac delays and flight cancellations and learn what to do if your own flight is canceled. Page 2.

Birth Certificate Requirements for US Passport Applications - US State Department Requirements for Birth Certificates Used as Proof of Citizenship
On April 1, 2011, the US Department of State changed the requirements for birth certificates used as proof of citizenship for purposes of applying for a passport. Learn about these new birth certificate requirements and read about work-arounds if your own birth certificate does not meet them.

Themed Travel - Theme Cruises, Themed Tours, Conventions and More
Leaving home for a vacation does not mean you need to leave your favorite pastimes and passions behind. Many vacationers are choosing themed cruises or tours that match their interests. Whether you enjoy cruising, guided tours, conventions or do-it-yourself vacations, building a trip around an activity, performing artist or time period you enjoy can make your next journey one you'll always remember. Let's take a closer look at themed travel.

Profile of Peter Sommer Travels
Peter Sommer Travels offers small-group archaeological tours and gulet cruises to Turkey, Greece and Sicily.

How to Help Your Fellow Travelers
Most people want to be helpful, but don't always know how. If you are traveling and see someone who needs assistance, here are some specific, practical ways you can offer help.

Travel Photo of the Week: Church of St. Jacques-le-Majeur, Hunawihr
This French church and the adjacent town of Hunawihr are surrounded by vineyards. Hunawihr lies on the Alsatian Wine route, and it's perfect for strolling -

Tour Operator Reviews - Reader Reviews of Tour Operators
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.

Tour Operator Reviews - Reader Reviews of Tour Operators
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.

Tour Operator Reviews - Reader Reviews of Tour Operators
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.

Tour Operator Reviews - Reader Reviews of Tour Operators
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.

Tour Operator Reviews - Reader Reviews of Tour Operators
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.

Tour Operator Reviews - Reader Reviews of Tour Operators
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.

Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia for Senior Travelers
Nova Scotia is home to many cultures - Scottish / Gaelic, of course, but also Acadian, French and even German. The province's centuries-old maritime and defense traditions add to the charm of Nova Scotia's coastlines and towns. Wherever you go in Nova Scotia, you'll discover its rich and varied heritage.

The Thrombolites of Flower's Cove - See Thrombolites in Flower's Cove, Newfoundland
Flower's Cove, located on Route 430 in western Newfoundland, is an pretty but unassuming coastal town with a very special attraction – thrombolites. Find out how to see the thrombolites of Flower's Cove.

Maryland Travel - Maryland Travel for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If you're planning a trip to Maryland, you'll find plenty to do and see. Choose from parks, historic sites, museums, intriguing downtowns and, of course, the Chesapeake Bay. Learn more about Maryland travel for seniors and Baby Boomers.

Virginia Travel - Virginia Travel for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If you're planning a trip to Virginia, you can experience the best of nature and US history. From Colonial Williamsburg to the Blue Ridge Parkway to modern museums and cultural venues, Virginia has something for everyone.

West Virginia Travel - West Virginia Travel for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If you're planning a trip to West Virginia, you're headed to a sportsman's paradise. West Virginia boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the Mid-Atlantic region. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, skiing, glass factory tours, craft festivals or military museums, you'll find something to do in West Virginia during every season of the year.

Budget Travel by U.S. City for Senior Travelers - See U.S. Cities on a Budget
Plan an enjoyable trip to one or more U.S. cities using our budget travel information. Whether you want to see the lights of New York City's Broadway or visit Graceland, Elvis Presley's legendary home, our city-by-city budget travel information can help you plan a vacation to remember.

Mexico Travel - Travel in Mexico
Mexico offers ancient history and culture, sparkling beaches and welcoming people. Best of all, your travel budget goes a long way in Mexico.

New Brunswick
New Brunswick, Canada, is the nation's only officially bilingual province. New Brunswick's warm beaches, Bay of Fundy tides and Acadian and maritime heritage sites draw thousands of visitors each year.

Newfoundland, Canada - Visit Newfoundland, Canada
Newfoundland, Canada, is home to the oldest European settlement in North America, L'Anse aux Meadows, and St. John's, the oldest large city in North America. Newfoundland is famous for its music, fishing villages, ruggedly beautiful scenery and welcoming people.

Prince Edward Island - Visit Canada's Prince Edward Island
Canada's Prince Edward Island, setting of the famous Anne of Green Gables novels, is also known for its beaches, excellent seafood and friendly people. Let us help you plan your trip to Prince Edward Island.

Travel Insurance Glossary
Buying travel insurance can be a confusing experience. With many policies and coverage types to choose from, even experienced travelers can become dizzy. Find the definitions of key travel insurance terms in our travel insurance glossary.

Alaska Travel
Alaska, the 49th state to be admitted to the United States of America, calls itself

Bus and Motorcoach Travel for Seniors - Bus and Motorcoach Travel Tips
Long-distance bus travel is an excellent option for the budget-conscious senior traveler. It takes longer to get to your destination, but you can save a lot of money by traveling by bus. Find out if bus travel is a good transportation option for you.

Train Travel for Seniors - Senior Train Travel Tips and Deals
Train travel is a great way to get from place to place, especially for seniors who prefer not to drive. Find out how to decide if train travel is right for you, take advantage of our train travel tips and learn about senior train travel discounts.

Pet Birds and Air Travel: What You Need to Know
Bird owners may wonder whether they can travel by air with their feathered friends. Find out which US airlines accept birds in the airplane cabin or in the baggage hold.

What Is a Department of Homeland Security Redress Control Number - Definition of Redress Number
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Japanese Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai "George", National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio
Japanese Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden Kai

North American F-86D Sabre Aircraft Named Dennis the Menace, National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio
North American F-86D Sabre Aircraft Named Dennis the Menace, National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio. Page 14.

Photo Tour of Rotterdam Harbor, the Netherlands
Rotterdam is one of the world's busiest ports. Taking a harbor cruise is a great way to learn about Rotterdam and the shipping industry. Along the way, you'll see many fascinating sights, including Rotterdam's famous bridges. Take our photo tour of Rotterdam Harbor.

De Brug Building, Rotterdam
De Brug (

Willemsbrug, Rotterdam
Rotterdam's red-painted Willemsbrug was built in 1878. Named after King William III of the Netherlands, the bridge has a span of approximately 1,043 feet. Page 3.

De Hef Lift Bridge, Rotterdam
The De Hef Lift Bridge was built to connect rail lines in northern and southern Rotterdam. Originally a swing bridge, De Hef was rebuilt in 1927. Today, no longer in use as a railroad bridge, De Hef is a monument. Page 4.

Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam
The Erasmus Bridge, built in 1996, is one of the iconic sights of Rotterdam. This immense bridge features a 456-foot pylon and is 2,625 feet long. Page 5.

De Delft, Rotterdam
De Delft, when complete, will be an authentic reconstruction of an 18th-century warship. The original ship De Delft sank in the North Sea after a naval battle. This replica is being built by students and volunteers. Page 6.

SS Rotterdam
Once the pride of Holland America Line, the cruise ship SS Rotterdam is now a hotel, museum, restaurant and convention space. Page 7.

The Euromast observation tower rises 607 feet (185 meters) above the city of Rotterdam. Here you can take in the entire city from above, enjoy a meal or even spend the night. Page 8.

Photo Tour of Laws Railroad Museum, Bishop, California
Although many California ghost towns are associated with the Gold Rush, Laws, located near Bishop, California, began as a railroad town and died away when railroad operations were shut down. Happily, Laws and its locomotive, the Slim Princess, were preserved as the Laws Railroad Museum. Take a photo tour of the Laws Railroad Museum.

The Slim Princess, Locomotive No. 9

Laws Depot
The historic Laws Depot, built in 1883, was deeded to the city of Bishop and Inyo County in 1960. Today it is part of the Laws Railroad Museum. Page 3.

Agent's House
The 1883 Agent's House at the Laws Railroad Museum is one of the few original structures on the museum site. The Southern Pacific gave the Agent's House, Laws Depot, Locomotive No. 9 and some rolling stock to Inyo County and the city of Bishop for use as a museum after the rail line to Keeler shut down in 1960. Page 4.

Whatchamacallit Machine
This contraption was built to fulfill several mining functions, including air compressor and winch. It is on display at the Laws Railroad Museum. Page 5.

Beauty Shop in Textile Building
Ladies in late 19th and early 20th century California wanted to look their best. This display shows a permanent wave machine and other hair styling tools on display at the Laws Railroad Museum. Page 6.

Photo Tour of Viking River Cruises Longship Viking Odin
Viking River Cruises christened the Viking Odin and three sister Longships on March 21, 2012. The Viking Longships will sail the rivers of Europe, taking Viking River Cruises passengers on 8- to 23-day vacations. Take a photo tour of Viking River Cruises Longship Viking Odin.

Viking Odin Sun Deck
Viking Odin's Sun Deck features deck chairs, a sun shade that can accommodate many of those deck chairs, shuffleboard, chess, two putting greens, a walking track and an organic herb garden. See a photo of the Sun Deck onboard Viking Odin. Page 10.

Viking Odin Full-Size Room With Full Veranda
See a photo of a full-size room with full veranda aboard Viking River Cruises' Viking Odin Longship. Page 2.

Viking Odin Full-Size Room Veranda
See a photo of the veranda on a full-size Viking Odin stateroom. It will be one of your favorite spots during your Viking River Cruises vacation. Page 3.

Photo of Washroom in Viking Odin Full-Size Room
Full-size staterooms onboard Viking River Cruises' Viking Odin Longship come with a bathroom / washroom that includes a walk-in shower and heated floors. Page 4.

Viking Odin Explorer Suite
Viking Odin's Explorer Suite offers true luxury and privacy. This two-room suite features a wrap-around veranda and plenty of windows. Page 5.

Viking Odin Explorer Suite Veranda
The Explorer Suite's veranda on Viking Odin wraps around two corners of the suite, providing a 270-degree view. See a photo of the Explorer Suite's beautiful veranda. Page 6.

Viking Odin Foyer
The public areas of Viking Odin are both elegant and functional. The foyer is a place to meet friends, gather for shore excursions and move between decks. Page 7.

Viking Odin Aquavit Terrace
The Aquavit Terrace on Viking Odin offers outdoor and indoor seating. Breakfast and lunch are served here, buffet style, each day. Glass panels can be moved into place to shelter passengers from wind and cold. Page 8.

Viking Odin's Viking Restaurant
The Viking Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner onboard Viking Odin. Scandinavian decor and floor-to-ceiling windows offer an elegant yet comfortable dining experience. Page 9.

Photo Tour of Kinderdijk Windmill, the Netherlands
Kinderdijk World Heritage Site is one of the best places to learn about the Dutch water management system, which has been so successful over the centuries. At Kinderdijk World Heritage Site, you can view 19 working windmills and tour one of them. Take our photo tour of the Visitors Windmill at Kinderdijk World Heritage Site.

Kinderdijk Windmill Mechanism
Traditional Dutch windmills use sails, cogs and shafts to turn a scoop wheel, which moves water to a higher level. See a photo of the inside of a Dutch windmill. Page 2.

Windmill Scoop Wheel
The scoop wheel takes water from a lower level and moves it up to a reservoir or canal. See a photo of the scoop wheel at the Kinderdijk Visitors Windmill. Page 3.

Kinderdijk Windmill Main Shaft
The main shaft in any windmill is the most essential part of the mechanism. See a photograph of the Kinderdijk Visitors Windmill's main shaft. Page 4.

Photo of Spoked Wheel at Kinderdijk Windmill
This spoked wheel at the end of a windmill's tail pole enables the miller to turn the mill's cap so that the sails face into the wind. Page 5.

Main Living Room at Kinderdijk Windmill
Millers were (and are) expected to live in their windmills with their families. See a photograph of the main living area at the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site's Visitors Windmill. Page 6.

Bed in Kinderdijk Windmill
Millers in the Netherlands lived inside their windmills, usually in cramped quarters. See a photo of a miller's bed, taken at the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site. Page 7.

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
Your Amsterdam canal tour will probably include a glimpse of the Anne Frank House, where the famous World War II teen diarist and her family hid from the Nazis. Page 5.

Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts
The Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts, located in Vaduz, houses the nation's most important art collection. The museum, with its distinctive black exterior walls and stark dimensions, is itself a work of art. Page 7.

Liechtenstein National Museum
The Liechtenstein National Museum is dedicated to the natural history, culture and political history of Liechtenstein. This building also houses the Postal Museum of Liechtenstein. Page 6.

Vaduz City Hall, or Rathaus
Vaduz is not only home to the national government of Liechtenstein, it has its own city government. City officials work in this building, the City Hall (Rathaus in German). Page 5.

Government Building, or Regierungsgebäude
Liechtenstein's government is housed in a beautiful, ornate building in Vaduz' Government Quarter. The Government Building was constructed in 1905. Page 4.

Parliament Building, or Landtagsgebäude, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein's Parliament Building takes pride of place in Vaduz' Government Quarter. Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy; its Parliament, which has 25 members, meets in this building. Page 3.

Cathedral of St. Florin, Vaduz
Vaduz' cathedral is dedicated to St. Florin, who died in the ninth century. The cathedral was built in 1874; its spire is one of the landmarks of Liechtenstein's capital. Page 2.

Vaduz Castle, Home of the Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein
The royal family of Liechtenstein can trace its ancestry back to the 13th century, but the Reigning Princes have only lived in Valduz Castle since 1938.

Public Art in Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Public art plays a central role in the downtown area of Liechtenstein's capital city. Even a brief stroll around the Government Quarter or the Städtle (town center) will reveal a wealth of public art. Page 8.

Canal Bridge in Edam
Several canals wind through Edam; residents use drawbridges like this one to cross them. The center part of the bridge lifts to permit boats to pass. Page 3.

Canal and Locks in Edam
Edam is a delightful little town in the Netherlands, long known for its famous cheese. Edam is close enough to Amsterdam to make a great day trip destination. Take our photo tour of Edam. Page 4.

The Edam Museum
The Edam Museum opened in 1895. It is housed in a step-gabled building that dates back to 1540. Exhibits include information about the town's history, antique furniture and a

Cheese Weighing House, Edam
The Kaaswaag, or Cheese Weighing House, was and is the focus of Edam's cheese markets. The building was constructed in 1778 and is still in use as a cheese shop and market headquarters. Page 6.

Cheeses in Edam
Edam's famous cheeses are on display in shop windows. Page 7.

Temple of Jupiter Anxur, Terracina, Italy
The Temple of Jupiter Anxur dominates the hill that overlooks the port city of Terracina in Italy's Lazio region. Built in the first century B. C., this temple was dedicated to the young god Jupiter. Visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the sea and explore the ruins of the temple. Take a photo tour of Terracina's Temple of Jupiter Anxur.

Terracina and San Felice Circeo From the Temple of Jupiter Anxur
Many people visit the Temple of Jupiter Anxur for the sweeping views. In one direction (pictured), you can see the city of Terracina and follow the coast all the way to San Felice Circeo. In the other, you can see to Gaeta and beyond. Page 2.

View of Wall and Pathway at the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, Terracina, Italy
Visitors to the Temple of Jupiter Anxur will find well-maintained paths and stairways as well as a few signs that explain how the temple was built and used. Page 3.

Temple of Jupiter Anxur and Viewing Platform
If you visit the Temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, you can climb up to the viewing platform and explore the corridors under the building's main floor. Page 4.

Arched Doorways in the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, Terracina, Italy
Underneath the Temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, visitors will find a series of rooms connected by short, arched corridors. Page 5.

Corridor in the Temple of Jupiter Anxur
Underneath the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, visitors will find this long corridor. It's still in very good condition after 2,000 years. Page 6.

Photo Tour of Lake Orta (Lago d'Orta), Italy
Lake Orta (Lago d'Orta in Italian) is said to be Italy's most romantic lake. While the nearby lakes - Garda, Como and Maggiore - are larger and more famous, Lake Orta has an almost undiscovered air. Orta San Giulio, one of the cities on Lake Orta, offers beautiful views, a walkable historic center and plenty of hotel and restaurant options. Take our photo tour of Orta San Giulio.

Photo of Hillside Villa and Garden, Orta San Giulio, Italy
Lake Orta is one of Italy's lesser-known lakes, yet Italians have been visiting Orta San Giulio for many, many years. Villas and apartments cling to the hillside near the lake. Page 2.

Photo of San Giulio Island, Orta San Giulio, Italy
San Giulio Island is about 1,300 feet from Lake Orta's shore. The island is clearly visible from Orto San Giulio. The Basilica of St. Julius (Basilica San Giulio) and a Benedictine convent are two of the island's most important buildings. Page 3.

Photo of Piazza Mario Motta, Orta San Giulio, Italy
Piazza Mario Motta, on the shore of Lake Orta, is in the heart of the historic center of Orta San Giulio. Here you will find restaurants, cafés, shops and charming streets to wander. Page 4.

Photo of Palace of the Community / Broletto, Orta San Giulio, Italy
The Palace of the Community was the center of government in Orta San Giulio until it became part of the Kingdom of Savoy in the mid-18th century. This frescoed building is one of the highlights of a visit to Orta San Giulio's Piazza Mario Motta. Page 5.

Photo of Café at Piazza Motta, Orta San Giulio, Italy
Aside from the passeggiata, there's no activity more Italian than sitting at a sidewalk café with friends. Orta San Giulio has its fair share of sidewalk seating, including this café in Piazza Motta. Page 6.

Visit Italy's Via Appia Antica - Explore the Ancient Appian Way
The ancient Appian Way connected Rome with the city of Capua and, later, the eastern port city of Brindisi. Parts of this historic Roman road have lasted for 2,300 years. Find out how to visit the Via Appia Antica and see photos of this famous road.

Ancient Roman Mile Marker on the Appian Way, Formia, Italy
The ancient Romans erected mile markers along their roads so that travelers would know how far it was to the next town or place to stay. This Roman milestone is on the outskirts of Formia, in the Lazio region of Italy. Page 2.

Ancient Appian Way Near Itri, Lazio, Italy
The Monti Aurunci Natural Park, which encompasses areas in and around Itri, Fondi, Formia and Gaeta in Italy's Lazio region, includes a large section of the ancient Appian Way. If you visit the park, you can hike or bike along Rome's most famous ancient road, the Via Appia Antica, or Appian Way. Page 3.

The Appian Way in Rome and Beyond
The Appian Way begins in Rome, at Porta San Sebastiano. Drive through this historic gate to begin your journey along the Appian Way, and follow the modern S. S. 7, the Via Appia Nuova, to Capua. Page 4.

Nationaltheatret, or National Theater, Oslo, Norway
Oslo's Nationaltheatret, or National Theater, built in 1899, is the largest theater in Norway. The Nationaltheatret hosts the biennial International Ibsen Festival. Page 4.

Akershus Slott, Oslo, Norway
Oslo's Akershus Slott is home to several museums, including the Resistance Museum, as well as the Norwegian Armed Forces Media Centre and the Norwegian Defense University College. Page 5.

Kirkenes, Norway
Kirkenes lies just a few miles from the Norway-Russia border. Heavily bombed during World War II, Kirkenes is best known for its ice-free port and the Kirkenes Snowhotel. Page 6.

Vadsø, Norway
Vadsø, on Norway's Varangerfjord, was settled long ago by Finnish immigrants. Page 7.

Photo Tour of Amsterdam's Canals
No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a boat tour of the city's many canals. The canals are so important to Amsterdam's history and economic development that they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. Take a photo tour of Amsterdam's canals.

Amsterdam Bridge and Bicycles
Many people in Amsterdam travel by bicycle. The city's bike lanes and bicycle lots are very busy on weekdays. On a canal tour of Amsterdam, you can watch cyclists navigate the streets and see where hundreds of locals park their bikes. Page 2.

Amsterdam's Concentric Canals
Nearly every Amsterdam canal tour boat will stop in a place where you can photograph a series of bridges. Amsterdam's historic canal district encompasses a series of concentric canals that form ever-wider arcs through the old city. Page 3.

Amsterdam Houseboats
Houseboats line Amsterdam's canals. Visitors can learn about life on houseboats at the Houseboat Museum or even stay in a houseboat themselves. Page 4.

HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
HMS Victory is the world's oldest active naval ship. This famous naval vessel was Lord Nelson's flagship in 1805, when he engaged Napoleon's forces at the Battle of Trafalgar. Today, HMS Victory is the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and Commander in Chief Naval Home Command as well as a popular tourist attraction.

HMS Victory Guns and Gangplank, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
HMS Victory was designed as a First Rate, 100-gun ship. In this photo you can see several of the ship's guns as well as the gangplank where visitors enter the ship. Page 2.

HMS Trafalgar Figurehead of Lord Nelson, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, England
HMS Trafalgar, commissioned in 1841, featured this figurehead of Admiral Lord Nelson. Page 3.

Peter the Great Plaque at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Russian emperor Peter the Great visited the Portsmouth naval base in 1698. This plaque commemorates his visit. Page 4.

HMS Warrior 1860
HMS Warrior 1860 was the first iron-hulled, steam- and sail-powered warship built for the Royal Navy. Today, this historic ship is one of the many attractions at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Page 5.

Restoration Worker Onboard HMS Victory
In 2011, major restoration of HMS Victory, Admiral Lord Nelson's flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar, began. This five-year project includes the addition of a fire suppression system and restoration of deck sections. Page 6.

Gaeta and the Gulf of Gaeta
Gaeta's beautiful beaches, historic churches and delightful historic center make this southern Italian town stopover-worthy. Take a photo tour of Gaeta, Italy.

Historic Gaeta
Gaeta's historic city center is a delightful place to explore. There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants as well as a road that runs along the shore, perfect for walking. Page 2.

Church of Saint Francis, Gaeta
Frederick II of Hohenstaufen built the Church of Saint Francis in Gaeta, Italy. The church is one of the most noticeable buildings in Gaeta's historic district. Page 3.

Church of the Holy Annunciation
The Church of the Holy Annunciation (Santuario Della Santissima Annunziata) dates from the 14th century. It is the site where Pope Pius IX determined to formally promulgate the Roman Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Page 4.

Gaeta Alley, Italy
Gaeta's historic center includes many buildings that date back to medieval times. The tiny alleys that separate them are a delight to explore. Page 5.

Serapo Beach, Gaeta
Gaeta's Serapo Beach draws visitors from all over Italy. During the summer, the roads into Gaeta are jammed with day-trippers eager to spend the day relaxing on the sand. Page 6.

Photo Tour of Edam, the Netherlands
Edam is a delightful little town in the Netherlands, long known for its famous cheese. Edam is close enough to Amsterdam to make a great day trip destination. Take our photo tour of Edam.

Photo Tour of Kinderdijk World Heritage Site
Kinderdijk's windmill area was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The site encompasses not only Kinderdijk's 19 working windmills but also the surrounding canals, holding basins and pumping stations. If you want to learn more about how Dutch water management works, take our photo tour of the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site.

Stone Windmill at Kinderdijk World Heritate Site
The Dutch used windmills to pump water out of polders and to manage floodwaters. In 1738, the Nederwaard water management district built eight windmills at Kinderdijk for these purposes. Page 2.

Thatched Windmill at Kinderdijk World Heritage Site
The Overwaard water management district built eight windmills in 1740, right across the canal from the eight windmills of the Nederwaard. These 16 windmills, together with three polder windmills, make up the Kinderdijk windmill area in the Netherlands. Page 3.

Canal and Pumping Stations at Kinderdijk
Modern pumping stations have replaced the windmills at Kinderdijk, and the first of these, the Wisboom station, is now a museum. Page 4.

J. U. Smit Pumping Station at Kinderdijk
The J. U. Smit pumping station was built in 1971 and renovated in 2005. This impressive facility can move over 1,300 cubic meters of water per minute. Page 5.

Bicyclists at Kinderdijk World Heritage Site
Kinderdijk World Heritage Site is popular with tourists and locals alike. Walking paths and bicycle paths at Kinderdijk get plenty of use. Page 6.

Edam Town Hall, the Netherlands
Edam's Town Hall dominates the main square, or Damplein. The Town Hall contains the tourist information office, part of the city museum and the marriage office. Page 2.

Review of 22 Accessible Road Trips: Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers by Candy B. Harrington
Accessible travel expert Candy B. Harrington's latest book, 22 Accessible Road Trips: Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers, takes all the worry out of planning accessible vacations. With 22 road trips to choose from and plenty of detail about accessibility, best times to visit and sightseeing options, wheelers and slow walkers can find a vacation that suits their interests, traveling style and budget. Read a review of 22 Accessible Road Trips: Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers by Candy B. Harrington.

Scenes of Norway
Norway inspires thoughts of fjords and longships, but this cosmopolitan Scandinavian country also features medieval fortresses, 19th century palaces, world-class museums, snowy landscapes and quiet towns. Take our photo tour and learn more about beautiful Norway.

Tall Ships in Oslo Harbor, Norway
Wooden sailboat cruises of Oslo Harbor and the Oslofjord are quite popular with tourists. Page 2.

Det Kongelige Slott, Oslo's Royal Palace
Det Kongelige Slott, the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway, attracts thousands of visitors each year. Many come to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Page 3.

Photo of Prince of Wales Hotel on Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
The Prince of Wales Hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake features individually-appointed rooms and Old World elegance in the heart of eastern Canada's most charming town. Page 2.

Photo of Shops on Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake's main thoroughfare, is known for its shops, restaurants and theaters. During the town's annual George Bernard Shaw festival, Queen Street is thronged with visitors.

Photo of Flowers on Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
Niagara-on-the-Lake's Queen Street is known for its beautiful floral plantings. You'll find loveliness on every street corner in downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake. Page 3.

Photo of Queen Street at Dusk, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
Queen Street is home not only to many of Niagara-on-the-Lake's shops and restaurants but also to two of the town's three Shaw Festival theatres. It's fun to stroll down Queen Street at dusk to see the shops, restaurants and theatres at their busiest. Page 7.

Photo of Wine Shop and Tasting Room, Pillitteri Estates Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
Wine tasting is one of the most popular things to do in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Wineries abound, and they're staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people. Don't forget to taste icewine, the region's most famous specialty. Page 5.

Photo of Picard's Peanuts, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
Picard's Peanuts is just one example of the local food shops in Niagara-on-the-Lake. From farm markets to gourmet gifts, there's something to please every foodie who visits. Page 6.

Photo of Queen Street Clock Tower, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada
The Clock Tower on Queen Street is one of Niagara-on-the-Lake's best-known landmarks. The Clock Tower is actually a memorial to local soldiers who gave their lives during the two World Wars. Page 4.

Photo of Maid of the Mist Embarkation Area and Elevator Tower, Niagara Falls, New York
Visitors to the American side of Niagara Falls can walk out onto the platform atop the Maid of the Mist elevator for a spectacular view of Horseshoe Falls, then head down to the embarkation area on the banks of the Niagara River. Page 2.

Photo of Horseshoe Falls and Maid of the Mist Passengers, Niagara Falls, Canada
Passengers on the Maid of the Mist wear colorful plastic ponchos to protect themselves from the mist and spray at Horseshoe Falls. Page 4.

Photo of Maid of the Mist Landing, Niagara Falls, Canada
The famed Maid of the Mist boats have carried tourists to the foot of Canada's Horseshoe Falls since 1846. Passengers can embark from the American side or the Canadian side of the Falls.

Photo of Journey Behind the Falls Taken From the Maid of the Mist,Niagara Falls, Canada
As the Maid of the Mist approaches Horseshoe Falls, passengers can see Journey Behind the Falls, a popular attraction on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Page 5.

Photo of Horseshoe Falls and Mist Plume From the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls, Canada
The best view of Canada's Horseshoe Falls is from the deck of the Maid of the Mist, which is why this popular Niagara Falls attraction has been in business since 1846. Page 6.

Photo of Passengers Waiting in Line for the Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls, Canada
Waiting in line to ride the Maid of the Mist boat to Niagara Falls is an experience in itself. People from all over the world come to Niagara Falls and take a trip on the Maid of the Mist. Page 3.

Gate of the Five Nations, Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York
Visitors to Youngstown's Old Fort Niagara enter via the Gate of the Five Nations, named for the five member nations in the Iroquois Confederacy.

Dauphin Battery
The guardhouse and Gate of the Five Nations at Old Fort Niagara were protected by the five cannon at the Dauphin Battery, named for the French king's heir. Page 2.

French Castle
When the French established a permanent military presence where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario, they constructed a large stone

Chapel Inside French Castle
Old Fort Niagara's Catholic chapel, part of the French Castle, is still an active chapel. Page 4.

French, British and American Flags Over Old Fort Niagara
Flags of three nations - France, Britain and the United States - fly over Old Fort Niagara. Page 5.

Cannon Firing Demonstration, Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York
Visitors to Old Fort Niagara can tour buildings, listen to re-enactors talk about life at the fort and watch cannon firing demonstrations. Page 6.

War of 1812 Garrison Flag, Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York
The garrison flag that flew over Old Fort Niagara during the War of 1812 was captured by the British in 1813. It was purchased from a Scottish family in 1994. Page 7.

Photo Tour of Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site, Ontario, Canada
Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site is not only a Canadian heritage canal, it is an active recreational lock that boaters can use. The Sault Ste. Marine Canal connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Parks Canada operates the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site, which showcases the historic lock and its emergency swing dam, the only example of this kind of emergency dam in existence. Take a photo tour of Ontario's Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site.

Photo of Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site Visitor Centre and Administration Building
As the Sault Ste. Marie Canal was built, the sandstone excavated by construction crews was used to build this Administration Building, the Powerhouse and the Superintendent's Residence. The Administration Building still contains offices, but is best known as the Visitor Centre for the National Historic Site. Page 2.