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Nine Irritating Hotel Fees – and Four Not-So-Irritating Fees
Hotels, like airlines, have unbundled services so they can charge fees for amenities such as WiFi, fitness center use and early check-in. Learn about the various fees you might be charged during your next hotel stay and read our tips for avoiding irritating hotel fees.

How to Request Airport Wheelchair Assistance
If getting around the airport is difficult for you, it's time to call your airline and request wheelchair assistance. Find out how to prepare for your flights, work with your wheelchair attendant and deal with problems at the airport.

How to Cope With Common International Travel Annoyances
Traveling overseas may be the opportunity of a lifetime, but it can also be an opportunity to experience travel annoyances and frustrations. Travel annoyances, particularly those caused by cultural differences, don't have to ruin your trip. Take a look at some common travel annoyances and learn how to cope with them.

Profile of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Maritime Museum celebrates Wisconsin's long relationship with its rivers, lakes and even the oceans. During World War II, the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company built and launched 28 submarines. Learn more about the

Will Travel Insurance Cover You During War or Civil Unrest?
If you are planning a trip to an area known to be politically unstable, buying travel insurance might sound like a good idea. Find out whether your travel insurance policy will cover you if a riot or war breaks out.

Will My Travel Insurance Cover a Volcanic Eruption?
The spring 2010 eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull threw European air travel into unforeseen chaos. An enormous volcanic ash cloud grounded flights for days, stranding travelers in several countries. Will travel insurance protect you if another volcano erupts? Learn more about volcanic eruptions, volcanic ash events and travel insurance.

Do You Need a Travel Visa – Travel Visa Information
Many governments require visitors to apply for a travel visa before their trip begins. Find out what a travel visa is, how to apply for one and which countries require you to obtain a visa.

Hotel Fire Safety for Senior Travelers
As you check into your room, hotel fire safety might be the last thing on your mind. Fire safety considerations are important, no matter where you travel. Your hotel should have smoke alarms and a fire escape plan, at a minimum, and you should know what to do in case of fire at your hotel. Learn more about hotel fire safety.

Hotel Etiquette
Hotel etiquette involves more than just knowing how much to tip the housekeeping staff. Treating your fellow guests and hotel employees with respect will help ensure a pleasant stay. Learn more about hotel etiquette.

Viking River Cruises Longships Christening, March 21, 2012
On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, Viking River Cruises christened four of its new Viking Longships in a lavish ceremony in Amsterdam. View photos of the ceremony and learn about the ships' godmothers, who were on hand to break the ceremonial bottle of champagne on each Longship's bow.

Fireworks Sparkle Over the Viking Longships
Fireworks shot up from behind the stage as the final Viking River Cruises Longship was christened.

Viking Longships Christening Ceremony Comes to a Musical Close
The christening of Viking River Cruises' four new Longships concluded with a magnificent rendition of

Electric Violins Play at Viking Longships Christening Ceremony
Two talented violinists played from a floating stage as Viking Longships christening ceremony guests moved down to the pier.

Guests Watch Viking Longships Christening From Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam
Some of the guests at the Viking Longships christening ceremony watched the proceedings from a gallery at Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam, while others watched from pierside.

The Viking Longships Christening Ceremony Begins
Viking River Cruises Chairman Torstein Hagen greeted christening ceremony guests as the Viking Longships christening began.

Neptune Shipyard Workers Watch Christenings Via Live Feed
Workers from Neptun Werft (Neptune Shipyard) in Rostock, Germany, watched via live feed as the Viking River Cruises Longships they have built were christened at a ceremony in Amsterdam.

Rebecca Eaton Christens Viking Freya
PBS television producer Rebecca Eaton christened the Viking Freya, one of four Viking River Cruises Longships christened on March 21, 2012.

Gail Wiswedel Christens Viking Njord
Gail Wiswedel, Viking River Cruises' most-traveled customer, christened the Viking Njord, one of four Viking River Cruises Longships christened on March 21, 2012.

Dr. Lisa Randall Christens Viking Idun
Renowned theoretical physicist and Harvard professor Dr. Lisa Randall christened the Viking Idun, one of four Viking River Cruises Longships christened on March 21, 2012.

Joanna Lumley Christens Viking Odin
Acclaimed actress Joanna Lumley christened the Viking Freya, one of four Viking River Cruises Longships christened on March 21, 2012.

: Write a Review of a Senior-Friendly Cruise Line - Readers Review Senior-Friendly Cruise Lines>
Many cruise lines advertise themselves as senior-friendly, but which cruise ships and itineraries are truly best for seniors? Write a review of your cruise experience and share your opinion with your fellow senior travelers.

Write a Review of a Senior-Friendly Cruise Line - Readers Review Senior-Friendly Cruise Lines
Many cruise lines advertise themselves as senior-friendly, but which cruise ships and itineraries are truly best for seniors? Write a review of your cruise experience and share your opinion with your fellow senior travelers.

Ebola: What Travelers Need to Know
The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa has caused some travelers to reconsider their itineraries. Learn more about Ebola and find out whether travel insurance will cover you if you contract it or are worried about Ebola exposure.

L'Auberge Casino Resort, Lake Charles, Louisiana
L'Auberge Casino Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana, offers casino gambling, golf, poolside relaxation and evening entertainment in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Trip Planning Tips for Persons With Disabilities
Learn how to plan a successful, accessible vacation. CEO Linda Crabtree shares her travel planning tips for persons with disabilities in an interview with Senior Travel Guide Nancy Parode.

Free Travel Apps from the US Government and American Red Cross
United States government agencies and nonprofits are embracing new technologies and creating apps to bring travel and safety information straight to your smartphone. Learn more about free travel apps, which are available now from government agencies and the American Red Cross.

Travel Gifts for Children and Grandchildren
When you give a child a travel-themed gift, you are encouraging that special young person to learn about all kinds of people and places. Our recommended travel gifts will help the important children in your life to learn about and prepare for their trips and to pass the time during those less-exciting travel moments.

Review of The War of 1812: A Guide to Battlefields and Historic Sites
The War of 1812: A Guide to Battlefields and Historic Sites is the companion book to the PBS film The War of 1812, produced by WNED-TV and Florentine Films / Hott Production, Inc., in association with WETA. John Grant and Ray Jones, the authors, take readers to all the significant battlefields and historic sites associated with the War of 1812. Read a review of The War of 1812: A Guide to Battlefields and Historic Sites.

Review of Ginger Warder's Fido's Virginia
Dog lovers who are planning to visit Virginia will want to read Fido's Virginia. This travel guide for dogs and their humans is filled with pooch-pleasing recommendations and tips. Read our review of Fido's Virginia.

Rental Cars 101
Renting a car on your vacation may provide freedom of movement, but it can also be a frustrating, confusing experience. Learn more about the car rental process and discover how to find cheap rental cars, navigate your rental car contract and make sense of rental car fees.

Senior Travel - Travel Health Concerns
Assess your health before you travel. Find out what you need to bring on your trip in order to stay healthy. Learn about entry requirements by country.

Tips for Traveling With Prescription Drugs
Traveling with prescription drugs requires advance planning. If you take prescription medications regularly, you will need to consider how you will store and take them each day. Our tips for traveling with prescription drugs will help you stay organized and stick to your dosage schedule.

Government House, Annapolis, Maryland - Government House, Maryland's Governor's Mansion
Maryland's governors have lived in Government House since 1870. This distinctive brick mansion is just across the street from the Maryland State House.

Ogle Hall / Alumni House - The U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association's Ogle Hall / Alumni House, Annapolis, Maryland
Ogle Hall belongs to the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association. Also known as Alumni House, this Annapolis home was sold to the Association in 1944 and serves as a gathering place for Naval Academy alumni. Learn more about Annapolis' Ogle Hall / Alumni House.

Chase-Lloyd House, Annapolis, Maryland -
Chase-Lloyd House in Annapolis, Maryland, was built by Samuel Chase, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Edward Lloyd IV, who bought the unfinished building from Chase in 1771. Today you can tour the ground floor and gardens of Chase-Lloyd House. Find out more about Chase-Lloyd House.

Hammond-Harwood House, Annapolis, Maryland - Exterior of Hammond-Harwood House
Hammond-Harwood House is one of the finest examples of Anglo-Palladian architecture in the United States. This pre-Revolutionary War Annapolis home was built in 1774 for Matthias Hammond; the house was designed by William Buckland and patterned after a villa designed by Andrea Palladio. Find out more about Hammond-Harwood House in Annapolis, Maryland.

Visit an Engineering Marvel
The world is filled with engineering marvels, structures that changed people's lives for the better. From aqueducts to windmills, you can see some of these engineering marvels just about anywhere you travel.

Domestic vs. International Travel
Should you travel to another country or explore your own? Find out about destinations, near and far, and read tips for traveling in other countries.

Take Your Grandchildren to a Renaissance Festival
Taking your grandchildren to a Renaissance festival or faire can be a great way to introduce them to folk music, Shakespeare, falconry and even jousting. Learn more about Renaissance festivals and read our tips for visiting one with your grandchildren.

Discover Majestic Seneca Rocks, West Virginia
With over 375 climbing routes, a modern Discovery Center, historic homestead and hiking trails, Seneca Rocks is one of West Virginia's best-known, most popular destinations. Plan your trip to Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.

Who Decides Whether Airspace Is Safe?
Who can order airlines to avoid certain areas in airspace? The answer is a lot more complicated than you might expect.

Should You Wear a Medical ID on Your Trip?
Wearing a medical ID tells doctors and emergency responders that you have health issues that could affect your treatment plan. Find out more about medical IDs and learn about alternatives to medical ID jewelry.

Travel Like a Local: State and County Fairs
You can't get more local than a state or county fair. Find out what you can see and do at a county or state fair and read our tips for making the most of your visit to the fair.

Overrated Travel Destinations You Should Visit
Every travel guidebook describes overrated destinations - those cities and attractions so crowded and touristy that they aren't worth visiting. Beyond the souvenir stands, though, you'll find historic buildings, museums, restaurants and neighborhoods worth seeing. We'll tell you about travel destinations that turn up on

Reasons to Visit Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany, has a reputation for catering to tourists. This historic university city features a ruined castle, river views, a charming pedestrian zone and excellent cakes and pastries. What further reasons do you need to visit Heidelberg, Germany?

Why You Should Visit Pisa, Italy
The iconic Leaning Tower put Pisa, Italy on the map and gave the city enduring fame. There's a lot more to Pisa than the Leaning Tower. Find out why you should visit Pisa, Italy, in spite of the plethora of souvenir vendors.

Why You Visit Hollywood, California
Hollywood, California, is the stuff of legend. Visitors look for movie stars and compare their footprints to the imprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Find out why, in spite of its reputation for tawdriness, you should visit Hollywood, California.

Does Paris, France Deserve Its Reputation
Paris, France, appears on most lists of overrated travel destinations. It can't be due to the high-quality museums or impressive monuments. Has Paris, France earned its lackluster reputation?

Reasons to Visit San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California, seems to represent tacky tourism - in the form of Fisherman's Wharf - and outrageous lifestyles to many people. The City's real personality is far more complex. San Francisco, California is a truly unique travel destination.

Is Stonehenge Worth a Visit
senior travel senior tours senior vacations mature travelers overrated travel destinations venice paris hollywood stonehenge san francisco pisa leaning tower tourist traps souvenir stands

Ontario is home to Ottawa, the national capital, as well as Toronto, Canada's largest city. Ontario is also famous for its natural wonders, including the famed Niagara Falls, and for its wines.

Senior Travel News
Read the latest information on travel warnings, transportation strikes, travel-related legislation and travel provider policies.

Chikungunya – What Is It, and How Can You Avoid Getting It?
Chikungunya, the painful, mosquito-borne viral illness, has spread to the Caribbean. Travel-related cases are now being reported in North America and Europe. Learn how to avoid contracting chikungunya, wherever your travels take you.

Beyond the Tour Group – Alternatives for Gentle Walkers
What do you do when traveling with a tour group becomes too hard? For travelers with mobility issues, some tour itineraries are simply too fast-paced.

See the World's Highest Inclined Tower in Montreal
The Montreal Tower is the world's highest inclined tower. You can ascend it via a funicular and get a great view of the Olympic Park and surrounding area.

Ride the Funicular to the Montreal Tower Observatory
The Montreal Tower's funicular is wheelchair-accessible. It takes you to the Observatory level quickly and smoothly.

Enjoy the View as You Ascend the Montreal Tower
As you glide up the Montreal Tower on the funicular, keep your camera out. You can take photos of the rails, Tower base and the Olympic Park.

Panoramic Views From the Montreal Tower
From the Montreal Tower's Observatory, you can see the Oympic Park, the St. Lawrence River and, in the distance, downtown Montreal.

Marvel at the Montreal Tower's Unique Design
No matter how many towers you have climbed, you've never ascended one quite like the Montreal Tower.

Canada Travel - Canada Vacations and Travel Guide
Travel north to Canada and discover a world of contrasts. Historic cities, outdoor adventures, Native cultures and even a warm beach or two await you in Canada. Our Canada travel tips will help you plan your next trip.

Canada Travel Photos - Canada Travel Images
If you're headed north to Canada, our Canada travel photos will give you a preview of your Canadian travel adventure.

Visit the Battleship Massachusetts (BB-59) at Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts
The battleship USS Massachusetts is the star attraction at Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts. Learn about

Photo of Front Parlor, Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indianapolis, Indiana
Benjamin Harrison, his wife, Caroline, and his children, Russell and Mary, moved into this home in 1874. Visitors to the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site can see furniture and household items used by the Harrison family.

Photo of Dining Room at Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indianapolis
President Benjamin Harrison ate in his formal dining room every day. Today, visitors can see the Harrisons' silver service and examples of the china pattern Caroline Harrison created for use in the White House during her husband's presidency.

Benjamin Harrison Home, Indianapolis
President Benjamin Harrison built a home in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1874. He lived there with his family until he died, except for the years he served as a senator and as President of the United States. Today, visitors can tour the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site and learn about life in late 19th-century Indiana.

Photo of President Benjamin Harrison's Library, Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indianapolis
President Benjamin Harrison's first floor library includes a large collection of books, displays of the President's walking sticks, campaign memorabilia and presidential souvenirs, and the desk and chair he used each day.

Photo of Elizabeth Harrison's Bedroom at Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indianapolis
President Benjamin Harrison's third child, Elizabeth, was only four years old when her father died. She lived in the Benjamin Harrison Home until she went away to college. The room includes a portrait of Elizabeth, photographs, her bed and some of her toys.

Germany to Impose Road Tax on Foreign Drivers, Beginning in 2016
Germany's Transport Minister has announced plans to impose a road tax on foreign drivers, beginning in 2016. Find out more about this controversial plan.

Budget Los Angeles for Senior Travelers
Los Angeles, California, home of Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios, the La Brea Tar Pits and the Getty Center, is a great senior destination. Although L.A.'s most famous hotels and attractions command big-city prices, you can visit the City of Angels without needing divine help to pay for your trip. Find out more about senior-friendly Los Angeles.

Senior-Friendly Budget Attractions in Los Angeles
Los Angeles is popular with senior travelers because the city's attractions are very senior-friendly and the weather is nearly rain-free. Find out more about senior-friendly attractions, events and festivals in Los Angeles. Page 2.

Register Your Trip With the US Department of State
If you are a US citizen, consider registering your next overseas trip via the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Registering your trip will help the State Department find and help you if an emergency occurs. Learn how to register your trip using the State Department's STEP process.

What Is a Hotel Resort Fee, and Do I Have to Pay It?
In today's world, travelers are increasingly aware of the fees that air carriers are adding to the price of an airline ticket. But did you know that this trend is spreading through the hotel community as well?

Senior Discounts for Train Travel in North America
Senior travel discounts are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Fortunately, senior train travel discounts are alive and well in North America, at least in the U.S. and Canada. Our guide to North American senior train travel discounts will help you start planning your next rail journey.

Keep Your Home Safe While You Are on Vacation
Traveling is truly an enjoyable experience, but it's important to remember to keep your home secure while you're away. Follow our home security tips to protect your home from thieves and burglars. Find out how to keep your home safe while you are on vacation.

Oregon Judge Rules No-Fly List Redress Procedures Violate Due Process Rights
US District Court Judge Anna Brown ruled that the processes for seeking No--Fly List redress and judicial review are unconstitutional.

Youth Hostel Pros & Cons - Advantages of Youth Hostels
Most travelers know that youth hostels are inexpensive. Hostels aren't just cheap places to stay; they also offer leisure activities and social interaction. Find out why some travelers return to hostels again and again. Page 2.

U.S. / Canada / Mexico Travel - U.S. / Canada / Mexico Vacations and Destinations
Planning a trip to a U.S., Canadian or Mexican destination? Find out about parks, battlefields, local festivals and more.

Things You Can't Do in US National Parks
The US National Park system gives visitors access to an amazing array of natural, historic and cultural treasures. You can't just run wild on park lands, however. Find out which activities are prohibited in national parks.

What Is Sustainable Tourism?
Learn more about sustainable tourism, a rapidly-growing sector of the travel industry that minimizes tourists' impact on the environment.

New Visa Application Process for Turkey
Turkey has long required tourists from most countries to obtain a visa and present a passport valid for at least six months past their entry date. Find out about Turkey's new online e-Visa application process.

Turnpike Travel Tips
Turnpikes, or toll highways, have been part of the traveler's landscape for centuries. Modern turnpikes are multi-lane toll roads with sophisticated payment options and amenities for travelers. Find out more about traveling on a turnpike.

Senior Travel - RV Travel / Road Trips
Senior travelers are taking to the roads. Get RV and road trip tips and find out where to park your RV.

Travel Like a Local: Take a Class
Taking a class can be a great way to meet locals and learn something new - and we're not talking about algebra. You can take cooking, improv comedy, music, art and wine tasting classes while you're on vacation.

Pros and Cons of International Travel
Visiting another country can be the experience of a lifetime. If you're feeling intimidated by the challenges of language barriers and unfamiliar customs, take a look at some of the pros and cons of international travel.

Visit the Battleship USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia
Visiting a battleship leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime. The battleship's sleek lines disguise the immense size of the vessel. If your travels take you to Norfolk, Virginia, you can tour the main deck of USS Wisconsin (BB 64), one of four Iowa-class battleships built for the U.S. Navy, and learn about the history of this amazing, beloved battleship.

Emergency Supplies for Road Trips
Hitting the road? Don't forget to pack emergency supplies for your trip. Prepare for a roadside disaster before it happens with our list of emergency supplies.

Visit Germany's Undiscovered Towns
Visitors often overlook Germany's small, lesser-known towns. You'll find plenty of history, interesting museums and wide-open town squares in Germany's

Train Travel 101
As fuel prices skyrocket and airfares climb accordingly, train travel looks better than ever. Take a look at the pros and cons of train travel and find out if rail travel is a good transportation option for you.

Air Travel and Overweight Baggage – What You Need to Know
Discovering that your suitcase exceeds your airline's luggage weight limit is a depressing and expensive experience. Find out how to lighten your load and avoid paying overweight baggage fees.

Tips for Packing Your Carry-On Luggage
The TSA's new rules for international flights state that passengers may only bring one piece of carry-on luggage with them. If you're used to packing both a carry-on bag and a personal item, it's time to rethink your packing strategy. Our tips for packing carry-on luggage will help you decide what to take on the airplane and what to put in your checked bags.

Highland Maple Festival in Virginia
The Highland Maple Festival in Virginia's Highland County showcases the syrup-making process and celebrates the county's heritage, including music, dance, art, crafts and, of course, locally-made maple syrup.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Vacation Rental Scams
Don't let your vacation rental dream turn into a nightmare. Before you rent a vacation cottage or apartment, take a look at our 7 tips for avoiding vacation rental fraud.

Traveling by Car Ferry - What You Need to Know
Traveling by car ferry is a great way to get both you and your vehicle from one place to another relatively quickly. While some ferry boat trips are fairly short, others may last overnight or longer. Our car ferry travel tips will help you plan your next ferry boat trip.

Is Pet Boarding Your Best Vacation Option?
Pet owners planning vacations need to carefully consider their pet care options. Pet boarding is one of the most popular options; your pet stays at a professionally-run pet kennel while you travel. Find out more about pet boarding kennels and other pet boarding options.

Which Countries Require Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination?
Many countries require US travelers to prove they have been vaccinated for yellow fever. Find out whether you will need to get a yellow fever shot before you travel.

Can Women Travel Safely in India?
News stories about rape in India have many women wondering whether they should travel to the country at all. Since early 2013, these news stories have included information about attacks on foreign visitors to India.

Local Laws and You: What You Need to Know Before and During Your Trip
If you break a law while traveling in another country, you will have to face the consequences. How do you find out which laws you should worry about before you pack and leave home? Read our tips for looking up local laws and planning around legal restrictions.

Senior Travel - Accommodations
Learn about senior-friendly hotels, motels and bed & breakfast inns. Find out how to rent vacation cottages and participate in home exchanges.

Youth Hostels 101
Many of today's seniors and baby boomers discovered youth hostels in their student days. Today, youth hostels offer low-cost lodgings in over 80 countries. You can stay in one-, two- or four-person rooms. Staying in hostels is a great way to save money and meet people from around the world. Find out if a youth hostel stay is a good option for you.

Youth Hostel Pros and Cons - Disadvantages
Youth hostels definitely have some disadvantages. Before you reserve a youth hostel room, find out what could go wrong. Page 3.

How to Reserve Your Youth Hostel Room
You've decided to stay at a youth hostel. What happens next? Find out how to book a youth hostel room, what to pack and how the hostel checkin process works. Page 4.

Should You Use Your Hotel Room's Safe?
Learn about hotel room safes, loss liability limitations and other issues that could affect your decision to use an in-room safe. Find out whether our alternatives to in-room safes could work for you.

Take Your Wheelchair, Walker, Cane or Scooter Through Airport Security
It's easier than ever to travel by air these days, even if you use a wheelchair, walker, cane or scooter. Going through airport security with your wheelchair or other mobility device is a simple process. Here's what you need to know about taking your wheelchair, walker, scooter or cane through airport security.

Countries That Require a US Passport Valid for at Least Six Months
Many countries require US travelers to present passports valid at least six months past their date of entry. Find out which countries require you to have a passport valid for at least six months.

Charge Your Electronic Devices on an Overseas Vacation
Many travelers today bring cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices with them on vacation. Keeping those devices charged and ready to use can be a challenge. Learn about plug adapters and voltage converters and find out what to do if you are having difficulty charging your electronic devices during your trip.

What Is an International Driving Permit?
If you're planning to drive in another country, you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit before you travel. Some rental car companies require you to have one. Learn about the IDP application process and find out where to acquire an international driving permit.

Profile of Collette Vacations
Collette Vacations offers 150 different itineraries, including river cruises, train journeys and escorted tours. This family-owned company, founded in 1918, can take you to Alaska, Antartica, and many places in between.

Top 10 Travel Essentials
As you pack for your next trip, take a look at our list of 10 essential travel items you won't want to leave behind.

Rental Cars, Parking Tickets, Speeding Tickets and Red Light Cameras
What happens when you break traffic laws while driving a rental car? Find out how your rental car company handles parking tickets, speed camera notifications and red light violations.

Attend a Flag Day Celebration
Flag Day, June 14, is more than just a day to fly the American flag. Many communities in the US celebrate Flag Day with parades, concerts and special programs. Learn more about this special day and find out how you can be part of the Flag Day fun.

Profile of Grand Circle Travel
Grand Circle Travel offers affordable tours and excellent service, whether you plan to take a land tour, river cruise or ocean cruise.

Should You Pay for Your Rental Car With a Credit Card or a Debit Card?
When you rent a car, should you pay with your credit card or your debit card? Find out whether rental car companies accept debit cards and learn about deposits, holds and restrictions associated with debit card and credit card payments.

Vistor Centre, Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
The Bell Homestead property includes a Visitor Centre, which features a popular café, a gift shop, restrooms and outdoor picnic area.

Henderson Home at the Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
The Henderson Home served as Canada's first commercial telephone office. Today you can visit the Henderson Home at the Bell Homestead, where it has stood since 1969.

Parlor at the Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Visitors to the Bell Homestead can see how the Bell family lived. The elegant Victorian parlor includes furniture and paintings owned by the Bell Family.

Washing Machine at Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Alexander Graham Bell's parents were wealthy enough to afford some modern conveniences. On the back porch of the Bell Homestead, you can see the family washing machine.

Table With Inventions at Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Alexander Graham Bell liked to work on his inventions and experiments during his visits to his family. This table stands in his bedroom at the Bell Homestead.

Great Front Room, Henderson Home, Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
The great front room at the Henderson Home served as a used bookstore as well as a parlor and telephone business office. Originally located in Brantford, the Henderson Home was moved to the Bell Homestead in 1969.

Bell Homestead - "Melville House"
Alexander Graham Bell moved from Scotland with his family for the sake of his health. In 1870, Bell's parents bought this home and the surrounding farmland and settled in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Transportation Options for Seniors and Baby Boomers
Should you travel by bus or rent a car? Learn about your transportation options and let us help you choose the best way to reach your destination.

Tour Groups for Seniors and Baby Boomers
Senior travelers can choose from all types of tours. Whether you prefer guided, independent or special-interest tours, there's sure to be a package that's right for you.

Travel Money - Travel Money Tips for Seniors
Deciding which travel money to use can be confusing. Are credit cards, debit cards or travelers checks best? Find out which travel money to choose and learn more about using your credit and debit cards while on vacation.

Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's The Kenneth & Phyllis Laurent House in Rockford, Illinois
The Kenneth & Phyllis Laurent House in Rockford, Illinois, opens to the public in June 2014. Frank Lloyd Wright designed this accessible home for Kenneth Laurent, a paraplegic, in 1949. Guided tours of Laurent House are offered on select weekends each month.

Can I Carry Liquids in My Checked Baggage?
TSA rules allow only a few small containers of liquid in carry-on luggage. If you need to bring larger bottles of liquid with you on your trip, what is the best way to pack them? Find out how to bring liquids in your checked baggage and learn how to pack them properly.

Airplane Seat Belt Lengths
All airline passengers must wear seat belts when directed to do so by the flight crew. But just how long is that airline seat belt? What happens if it is too short? Learn about your airline's seat belts and seat belt extenders.

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Take Your Grandchildren to Donley's Wild West Town in Union, Illinois
Visiting Donley's Wild West is like taking a trip back in time, not only to the Old West but also to the days of family-run amusement parks. Children will love the rides, western show and hands-on activities at Donley's Wild West.

Which Travel Money Should You Use?
An important part of travel planning is deciding how you will pay for day-to-day travel expenses. Senior travelers can choose from several travel money options. Find out which one is best for you.

Long-Distance Bus Travel in the U.S. And Canada
You can travel economically by long-distance bus across the United States and Canada. Learn about bus travel, and Greyhound Lines in particular, and decide if long-distance bus trips will work for you.

Find Cheap Places to Park Your RV
Save money while you enjoy RV travel. Find low-cost and free places to park your RV in the U. S. and Canada.

Take Your Own Food on Your Next Airplane Flight
Food options are very limited on domestic US flights. Packing your own airplane meal is a healthy and affordable option, particularly for travelers who follow special diets. Our tips for preparing and carrying airplane travel meals will help you choose the best foods to take.

5 Flattering Bathing Suits for Mature Women
Whether you're packing your bags for a Caribbean cruise or a week by the lake, you'll need a comfortable, flattering bathing suit. Take a look at our top picks and start shopping!

US State Department Issues Thailand Travel Alert
The US Department of State issued a Travel Alert for Thailand yesterday, urging citizens to avoid nonessential travel to Thailand in light of this week's

Travel Like a Local: Explore a College Campus
There's something special about a college town. Every one I've visited has a unique atmosphere, and I've always been able to find interesting, affordable

Travel Photo of the Week: Lambeau Field
If you're a football fan and are feeling the pain of the off-season, consider adding a NFL stadium tour to your next travel itinerary. Many of the NFL's

Travel Like a Local: Free Concerts
If you are looking for ways to connect with local culture during your vacation, consider taking in a concert or two. It's relatively easy to find free local concerts, especially if you begin searching before you leave home. Find out how you can find free concerts to attend on your next trip.

Tips for Touring a Historic Ship
Touring historic ships, whether they be Navy ships or tall ships, can really bring history to life. I had no interest in the Spanish-American war until I

Travel Photo of the Week: Gulaschsuppe
For me, trying new foods is part of the fun of travel. This particular bowl of brown liquid is actually gulaschsuppe (goulasch soup in English), as served

How Long Before Expiration Should I Renew My Passport?
All passports have an expiration date, but you probably need to renew your passport well before it expires. You may have to renew your passport as much as eight months in advance of its expiration date. Find out when you should renew your passport.

Travel Tips for Seniors - Senior Travel Tips
Here you will find our best road-tested travel tips. Use them to make the most of your senior travel experience.

Tips for Touring Historic Ships
Many travelers enjoy touring historic ships, but there are some things you need to know when you plan your visit. Learn about ship's ladders, knee-knockers and decks so that your ship tour will be safe and enjoyable.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer in the United States. Families and friends gather to relax and enjoy time together or to take a short

Travel Like a Local: College Campuses
College towns have a magic all their own. They're eclectic and fascinating because they draw students and faculty from all parts of the globe. If your travels take you to a college town, be sure to stop by the campus. You'll discover museums, architectural gems, gardens and much more.

5 Ways to Avoid Travel Regrets
We'd all love to travel without any regrets, but how? Take a look at five common travel regrets and read our tips for avoiding those regrets on your next trip.

5 Ways to Avoid Travel Regrets
We all make choices when we travel. We choose one destination over another, one restaurant rather than the eatery next door. On occasion, we end up

Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors - Tips for Reducing Holiday Travel Stress
Planning ahead can help reduce travel-related stress, especially during the holidays. Our travel tips can help you make your holiday vacation relaxing and enjoyable. Page 2.

Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors
Our holiday travel tips for seniors will help you plan a relaxing vacation and reduce your travel costs. As you plan your holiday vacation, take advantage of our road-tested travel planning tips.

How to Choose a Motel
When you're faced with a list of motels, how do you choose the one that best meets your needs? These tips can help you select the right motel for your next trip.

Airport Observation Parks - Plane Spotting Fun for the Young and Young at Heart
Airport Observation Parks - Plane Spotting Fun for the Young and Young at Heart

Can You Buy Travel Insurance That Covers MERS?
As of now, yes. Travel insurance providers have not yet declared MERS-CoV a known event. Should a regional epidemic or a pandemic be declared for MERS, the

3 UK Travel Firms Cancel Trips to Kenya, Evacuate Vacationers
UK tour operators First Choice and Thomson flew approximately 400 vacationers back to the UK amidst travel warnings from the UK, US and Australia. According to

Protect Yourself Against Vacation Rental Scams
This blog post begins with a sad story. I recently learned about several families who were scammed by a group calling itself London Holiday Renters. They

Travel Photo of the Week: Mount Vesuvius at Dusk
Travel Photo of the Week: Mount Vesuvius at Dusk

Adding Another Driver to Your Car Rental Contract
If you're planning to reserve a rental car and want to add another driver to your contract, you might end up paying a fee for the privilege. Find out which U.S. rental car companies charge a fee to add another driver to their rental agreements.

Find Your Local Passport Office
If you are a first-time US passport applicant, or if you applied for your last passport more than 15 years ago, we'll help you find a passport office.

How to Renew Your Passport
If your U.S. passport is about to expire or has expired within the last five years, you can easily renew it by mail. Find out how to renew your passport by mail or in person.

Tours and Cruises for Single Seniors
Single senior travelers don't have to pay high single supplements on tours and cruises. Learn about single-friendly tour operators and cruise lines.

Take Your Prescription Drugs through Airport Security
Flying with your prescription drugs doesn't have to be complicated. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations aren't as restrictive as you might think. Find out how to take your prescription drugs through airport security.

Will My Debit Card Work Overseas?
Find out if you can use your debit card away from home, and learn how to safeguard your banking information when using ATMs overseas.

Do I Need to Purchase CDW Insurance for My Rental Car?
Deciding whether or not to pay for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage is one of the most confusing and stressful parts of renting a car. Find out more about the CDW and learn about possible alternatives to paying for Collision Damage Waiver coverage.

How to Protect Yourself and Avoid Taxi Scams
We've all heard about taxi scams, whether from friends, articles or guidebooks. Find out about common taxi scams and learn how to protect yourself from them.

How Do I Add More Pages to My Passport?
Some travelers are faced with a happy problem - their passport pages are filled with visa stamps. If you have only a few pages left in your U.S. passport book, you can have extra pages added. Find out how to add extra visa pages to your U.S. passport.

Apply for a Passport
If you plan to visit another country, you'll need to get a passport. Find out how to apply for your U. S. passport.

MERS Virus Reaches US; Second Case Confirmed
According to CNN, a second case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has been confirmed in the US, this time in Florida. The first case was confirmed in

What Is a U.S. Passport Card? - How to Apply
The wallet-sized U.S. passport card is an alternative to the traditional passport book. The passport card can only be used for certain types of travel. Find out where and how to get a passport card and decide whether it's the right option for you.

Road Scholar Tour Groups Review - Hostels for Seniors
Road Scholar, founded as Eldherhostel in 1975, is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable learning adventures in 90 countries.

Travel Destinations for Seniors and Baby Boomers
As you plan your senior vacation, one of your first tasks is deciding where to go and what to do there. Find out about top destinations for seniors and baby boomers. We'll share a few off-the-beaten-path travel secrets, too.

Travel Like a Local: Newspapers and Radio Stations
When friends visit Washington, DC, I always tell them to listen to WTOP, my favorite local radio station. There's no better place to get traffic updates,

Travel Like a Local: Radio Stations and Newspapers
Local newspapers and radio stations offer travelers up-to-date tips on weekend happenings, transportation issues and special events. Learn how to find and use information from local radio stations and newspapers, both online and during your trip.

Where Can I Get Vaccinated Against Yellow Fever?
According to the World Health Organization, yellow fever is endemic in 45 countries. If your itinerary takes you to or through any of these nations, you will need to be vaccinated against yellow fever before you leave home. Find out where you can get the yellow fever vaccine.

Am I Safe From Pirate Attacks on My Cruise Ship?
Pirate attacks on cruise ships and cargo ships are becoming more frequent. Find out which waters are known for pirate attacks and learn how to get information on recent piracy activity.

Don't Let Pickpockets Steal Your Vacation Pleasure
Pickpockets can be a problem wherever you travel. Find out how to protect your valuables and convince pickpockets that you're not worth bothering.

E-ZPass Tips for Car Travelers - Save Time & Money
The E-ZPass® automatic toll collection system isn't just for commuters. If you travel to the Northeast, Midwest or mid-Atlantic U.S. fairly frequently, using an E-ZPass® can save you time and money. Our E-ZPass® tips will tell you how the E-ZPass® works and where you can use it.

How to Use the Airport's Self-Service Check-In Kiosks
Checking in for your flight is often a do-it-yourself process. Here are some tips to help you check in for your next flight.

Should You Hire a House Sitter? - Resources & Information
Hiring a house sitter is a good way to make sure your home remains safe during your absence. Leaving your home unoccupied may be less expensive in the short term, but you might just return from your trip to discover a leaky pipe, dead lawn or other costly issue. Find out whether hiring a house sitter during your next vacation is a good option for you.

What You Need to Know About Rental Car Fees and Charges
Airlines aren't the only travel providers assessing fees to boost revenues. Rental car companies have come up with ways to charge customers for everything from filling up the gas tank to returning rental cars early. Find out more about rental car fees, how much they'll cost you and what to do if you are billed in error.

One Way Car Rentals in Europe
While renting a car in one European city and dropping it off in another might be the most convenient way to explore several countries, you are likely to encounter dropoff fees. Find out about one way car rentals in Europe, look at a cost comparison example and read tips for reducing your European rental car costs.

Travel Photo of the Week: Piazza Motta, Orta San Giulio
Two years ago this month, I visited Orta San Giulio for the first time. This delightful town is on the eastern shore of Lago d'Orta, one of Italy's northern

Travel Like a Local: Food Trucks
Once upon a time, food trucks were things you avoided on your high school campus, but no longer. Today, food truck chefs serve up tasty meals in a wide

When Is the Best Time to Visit?
Most people know where they'd like to travel, given time and money enough to do so. What they don't know is when they should go there. For example, Venice is

The Best Time to Visit
Sometimes the big travel question isn't,

Travel Photo of the Week: Red Rock Canyon, California
It's raining like crazy where I live, and on days like today I long to be in the California desert. Some people see scrubby little plants and brown rocks when

Distracted Driving Laws in Europe
Many countries in Europe have banned use of hand-held cell phones while driving. In most, you can use a cell phone with a hands-free device. Find out which European countries have passed distracted driving laws.

Just How Long Are Those Airplane Seat Belts?
Last year several airlines revised their policies concerning passengers of size or passengers requiring extra space - namely, those of us who do not fit

Maple Syrup Festivals in the U.S. and Canada
Maple syrup festivals are a North American tradition. Today, these celebrations take the form of organized maple syrup festivals, complete with tours of sugar houses (also called sugar shacks or sugarbushes), contests, dances, activities and every maple-flavored food you can possibly imagine, even maple cotton candy.

Lightning and Thunderstorm Safety for Senior Travelers
Lightning kills. Most people are aware of this, but how many of us take shelter when we hear thunder or see a lightning bolt, especially when we are on vacation? Learn more about lighting safety and find out what to do if you are caught in a thunderstorm.

How to Find Pet-Friendly Hotels, Vacation Rentals and Inns
Over half of all U. S. households include at least one pet, and one-third of dog owners bring their canine companions with them when they travel. If you're considering bringing your pet with you on your next vacation, you'll have little trouble finding pet-friendly accommodations. Let us help you find the perfect place to vacation with your pet.

How to Avoid Hitting Deer and Moose With Your Car
Drivers in the US and Canada often read warnings about driving safety and deer, particularly during the fall foliage season. Take deer and moose warnings seriously. Hitting deer or moose with your car can kill you, cause serious injury and smash up your vehicle. If you plan to visit a state or province known for its herds of deer or moose, take some time to learn how to avoid hitting these animals with your car.

How to Avoid Hitting a Moose
Moose and deer are crepuscular herd animals, meaning that they often travel in groups and are most active at dawn and dusk, but the two species do not behave in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, moose are not only much larger, heavier and more aggressive than deer, they are also much less predictable. Learn how to avoid hitting a moose with your car. Page 2.

Rent a Mobility Scooter / ECV for Your Vacation
Even if you already own a mobility scooter (also known as an electric convenience vehicle or ECV), you may want to consider renting one for your next trip. Whether you are taking a cruise or traveling independently, renting a mobility scooter can help you get around without assistance and give you access to places and sights you might not otherwise see. Learn more about mobility scooter rentals.

Wine Travel in France
French wines are famous around the world, and with good reason. Wherever you go in France, you can find vineyards and a well-established winemaking tradition.

Burgundy Wine Travel
Burgundy's wines are diverse and complex. Find out more about wine travel in Burgundy. Page 2.

Wine Travel in Alsace
Alsace, in eastern France, is famous for white wines. Visit Alsace and experience its wines and distinctive culture for yourself. Page 3.

Top Gifts for Senior Travelers
If your holiday shopping list includes a senior traveler, our travel gift ideas, selected especially for mature travelers, will help you choose the perfect present.

Frontier Airlines to Cut Fares, Charge for Carry-Ons
According to the Denver Post, Frontier Airlines will slash its fares and begin charging for carry-on bags, beginning today. Frontier is calling its new fare

Sculpture With a Purpose
This is a bike rack. And a sculpture. And a celebration. In fact, this piece of public art is one of 50 unique sculptures commissioned by Indiana

Plan Your Weekend Getaway to Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne, in northeastern Indiana, is a perfect weekend getaway destination. Whatever your interest, you'll find places - and plates - that please in Fort Wayne.

Buy Senior Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip
Find out whether purchasing travel insurance will give you the coverage you need.

Overseas Adventure Travel Company Profile
Overseas Adventure Travel specializes in small-group adventure travel experiences for vacationers aged 50 and up.

Bringing Duty-Free Liquids Into the US in a Carry-On
If you buy duty-free liquids, such as liquors and perfumes, and want to bring them into the U.S. by air, there are some things you need to know. Find out more about bringing duty-free liquids into the U.S. as carry-on baggage.

Tour a Glass Studio and Learn the Basics of Glass Working in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Discover the magic of glass art at The Glass Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Take a studio tour or sign up for a semi-private Introduction to Glass course and learn to make formed glass objects.

Profile of the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne's Embassy Theatre showcases the best features of a classic movie palace and vaudeville hall, while continuing to attract top talent. See a show or take a theatre tour.

Discover a New Interest or Hobby Through Travel
Travel and learning go hand in hand. Whether you’re just learning a new skill or looking for a way to increase your expertise, you can probably find a travel opportunity to help you add to your knowledge base.

Profile of Rascals in Paradise
Rascals in Paradise creates customized travel experiences for families and for grandparents traveling with their grandchildren.

Interview with Singles Travel Expert Diane Redfern
Singles travel expert Diane Redfern of Connecting: Solo Travel Network shares her insights and solo travel tips in this exclusive interview.

Top Tips for Speeding Your Way Through Customs
Traveling abroad is typically a wonderful experience, but returning from your overseas trip involves one last scheduled stop – at the Customs and Border Protection booth. Going through Customs does not have to be a terrible experience. If you know what to expect and how to prepare in advance, your meeting with a Customs and Border Protection agent will be brief and businesslike.

What to Expect at the Lifeboat Drill
Many cruise passengers dread the lifeboat drill, thinking they will spend hours standing in hot sun wearing uncomfortable life jackets. This may happen, of course, but if all cruise passengers understand what to expect during the passenger muster drill, the process will not take very long at all. Find out what happens at a lifeboat drill, who must attend and what to do in special circumstances.

Wine Travel in Italy
Italy's wine history goes back over 2,000 years, to the times of ancient Greece and Rome. With such a distinguished heritage, it's no wonder that wine lovers flock to Italy to visit wineries, taste famous wines and enjoy local favorites.

Wine Travel in Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany's wines, including the world-famous Brunello and Chianti, draw visitors from around the world. Here in Tuscany, you can visit wineries and choose from several wine trails that will take you into the heart of Italy's wine country. Page 2.

Wine Travel in Campania, Italy
Some of Italy's oldest wine grapes originated in Campania, in the hills outside Naples. If you visit Campania, you can tour wineries, enjoy gourmet cuisine and enjoy wines that have been produced here for over 2,000 years. Page 3.

Staunton, Virginia - Visit Staunton, Virginia, in the Heart of the Shenandoah Valley
Staunton, Virginia is known for its historic downtown area, excellent museums, thriving arts scene and commitment to regional foods, wines and music. Our visitors' guide to Staunton takes you to the heart of Virginia's historic Shenandoah Valley.

Senior Train Travel Discounts in Europe
Senior discounts on European train travel are available in several countries. Each rail system has different terms and conditions for senior discounts. Find out more about senior train travel discounts in Europe.

Escape to Maryland's Kent and Queen Anne's Counties
Maryland's Eastern Shore is a great weekend getaway. You can find country tranquility, natural beauty and waterfront fun in Queen Anne's and Kent Counties. Best of all, you can reach the area from Washington, D.C., Baltimore or Philadelphia by car in less than two hours.

Wine Travel in Germany's Mittelrhein Wine Region
The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area encompasses Germany's Mittelrhein wine region, historically known for top-quality white wines. Plan your trip to Germany's Mittelrhein wine region.

Wine Travel in Franconia (Franken)
Franken, a German wine region in northern Bavaria, has a cultural and culinary heritage all its own. Franconian white wines even have their own bottle shape. Learn more about visiting the Franken wine region.

Wine Travel in Germany's Mosel Valley
The Mosel wine region is famous for its world-class rieslings. Vineyards line the Mosel Valley's steeply-sloped walls. You'll find wine shops and wine bars in the towns along the Mosel River. Find out more about wine travel in Germany's Mosel Valley.

Wine Travel in Germany's Rheingau Region
Germany's Rheingau wine region is best known for its riesling wines. The Rheingau offers fantastic scenery, hiking trails, historic monasteries and a thriving cultural scene. Plan your trip to Germany's Rheingau wine region.

Wine Travel in Germany's Pfalz Wine Region Along the Deutsche Weinstrasse
Germany's Pfalz wine region is home to the Deutsche Weinstraße, the country's most famous wine route. Find out more about the Pfalz wine region and plan your own trip along the Deutsche Weinstraße.

Trips and Tours for Senior Couples
The perfect romantic getaway is only a few clicks away. Jump-start your planning by reviewing our couples-only travel options.

Travel Photo of the Week: Trooping the Colour, London
Visitors to London enjoy seeing the pageantry of royal ceremonies, such as the Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. If you're lucky enough to be

Senior Bus and Motorcoach Tours 101
Learn about bus and motorcoach tours. Find out what questions to ask your bus tour operator before you choose an itinerary.

Travel Photo of the Week: Genealogy Library Stacks in Fort Wayne, Indiana
My love of travel began with books and family stories. Long before I was old enough to plan trips of my own, I met relatives who drove from Wisconsin and

American Airlines Changes Checked Baggage Policies
According to an email I received yesterday, American Airlines has updated its checked baggage policies. I took a look at the airline's website and noticed

What Is a Single Supplement?
What is a single supplement, and why do hotels and cruise lines charge extra for single occupancy?

Profile of Conner Prairie Living History Museum
Conner Prairie, just north of Indianapolis, is an outstanding living history museum that effectively combines first- and third-person interpretation, hands-on experiences and demonstrations. Learn more about life in 1800s Indiana at Conner Prairie.

How Much Is Customs Duty on Alcoholic Beverages?
In the US, adults over age 21 may bring one liter of alcoholic into the U. S. duty-free, regardless of whether or not it was purchased in a duty-free shop.

An Outlet Sale Like No Other
If you're a Vera Bradley fan, Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the place to be each April. The Vera Bradley Outlet Sale is so huge that it is held in the Allen County

Travel Photo of the Week: Amsterdam's Canal Bridges
You, too, can take photos like this one if you take an Amsterdam canal tour. Amsterdam's canals are arranged in concentric rings (or partial rings),

Travel Photo of the Week: Science On a Sphere
This image of the Earth from space is actually projected onto a sphere, using a data set from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),

Are Third-Party Car Rental Websites Your Best Option?
It depends. Third-party websites such as Orbitz, Auto Europe and offer quick and easy price comparisons, and most of us want to compare prices

Should You Join a Hotel Rewards Program?
Hotel rewards programs promise free stays, extra services, member perks and more. Are these enticing offers worth your time? Learn more about the pros and cons of hotel rewards programs.

Rental Cars - Rental Cars for Senior and Boomer Travelers
Renting a car is a complex process. There are so many fees, taxes and surcharges involved that it can take hours to find the best rental car deal. Let us take you through the complicated world of car rentals.

Should You Book Your Rental Car Through a Third-Party Car Rental Website?
Third-party car rental websites can save you money, but are the savings worth the possibility of inconvenience? Find out more about third-party car rental websites and damage waiver considerations, take a look at our tips for minimizing problems and learn about third-party car rental policies and procedures.

Visit African-American History Sites in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia
The history of the African-American community, both free and enslaved, in the United States is an integral part of the history of a nation devoted to freedom and democracy. Today, African-Americans and peoples of all races visit places where events important to the Civil Rights struggle took place; those events date back to the earliest days of colonial North America. If your travels take you to Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, consider including one or more of these African-American history and heritage sites to your itinerary.

Travel Fees 101
New travel fees seem to pop up every month. Airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains and car rental companies have found creative ways to charge travelers for services and transactions. Arm yourself with travel fee knowledge and find out which travel fees you may be able to avoid.

The Best of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Prince Edward Island may be Canada's smallest province, but there's plenty to do and see here. Sparkling, warm-water beaches, hiking and cycling trails, a delightful provincial capital and Anne of Green Gables country attract Canadians and international visitors alike.

Top Charlottesville Attractions - Things to Do in Charlottesville, Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, best known as the home of President Thomas Jefferson, makes an excellent vacation destination. Whether you plan to visit Monticello and other presidential homes or enjoy a day of shopping or wine tasting, Charlottesville has plenty to offer. Find out more about Charlottesville's top attractions.

The Best of Virginia - Senior-Friendly Attractions in Virginia
Virginia's attractions, national parks and museums are extremely senior-friendly. Whether you enjoy colonial America, Civil War history, presidential homes or nature's beauty, you'll find plenty to do and see in Virginia. Find out more about Virginia's senior-friendly attractions.

The Best of Newfoundland - Top Attractions in Newfoundland, Canada
The Canadian island of Newfoundland offers visitors many unique experiences. From icebergs to Norse settlements, historic radio transmission stations to freshwater fjords, you'll find plenty to do and see in Newfoundland. Find out more about Newfoundland's top attractions.

Undiscovered France
While France can hardly be considered an

Visit African-American History Sites in the Southern United States
Throughout the southern United States, particularly in the Deep South, you can visit sites where the course of United States history changed because African-Americans stood up for their civil rights. Voting, education, military service and even the right to protest were in contention from the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. There is no better way to learn about these contentious times and important issues than to visit African-American history sites in the southern US.

African-American History Sites in the Northeastern United States
African-American heritage sites abound in the northeastern United States. From Maine to Connecticut, African-American museums, cultural sites and historic buildings abound. Find out more about African-American heritage travel in the northeastern US.

Unusual Urban Attractions
There's more to visiting US cities than museums, shopping and walking tours. Unusual sights, extreme adventures and eclectic tours can make a visit to any city special. We've found seven US cities that offer unexpected, sometimes improbable, attractions, sights and tours.

Foreign Travel Checklist – Prepare for Overseas Travel
Once you've decided to visit another country, the travel planning begins in earnest. In addition to choosing which places to visit, you will need to learn about travel documents, travel money, etiquette and even electrical current. Our handy foreign travel checklist will help you through the process of researching and planning for your overseas travel adventure.

Travel Etiquette 101
Travel etiquette tips help you enjoy your vacation more, because you know what's expected in specific vacation situations. Whether you're staying in a hotel, bunking in with friends or overnighting in a bed and breakfast inn, our travel etiquette tips will replace your vacation worries with confidence.

Infectious Diseases, Travel and You
BBC News is reporting that an Ebola outbreak in Guinea has killed 83 people. This hemorrhagic disease has no cure, which is why health officials are carefully

What Should You Do if Your Rental Car Breaks Down?
A couple of weeks ago, I rented a car and began a 375-mile drive. All went well until I was on a New York State parkway outside of New York City and my oil

Lufthansa, Germanwings Pilots to Strike April 1
BBC News is reporting that the union representing Lufthansa and Germanwings pilots has voted to strike on April 1, effective at 10:00 p. m. Greenwich Mean Time.

What to Do if Your Rental Car Breaks Down
What happens if your rental car breaks down? Find out which repairs you might have to pay for and what you should do if your rental car can't be driven.

Renting a Car in Romania: Helpful Information for Seniors and Baby Boomers
Many visitors to Romania explore the countryside in rental cars. Find out about rental car age restrictions and car rental policies in Romania.

United Kingdom Car Rental Information for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If you are planning to rent a car in the United Kingdom, you'll want to familiarize yourself with UK car rental terminology and policies. Drivers over age 75 may not be able to rent cars from every company.

German Airport Workers Plan to Strike Tomorrow
Deutsche Welle is reporting that Ver.di, the union that represents several classifications of airport workers, plans to go on strike tomorrow, Thursday, March

Winter Driving Regulations: Do You Need Tire Chains or Snow Tires for Your Trip?
Many countries, particularly in Europe, mandate use of winter tires or snow chains at certain times of the year. Before you rent a car during the winter, find out whether you'll need tire chains or snow tires.

Travel Photo of the Week:Washington Monument
Travel Photo of the Week:Washington Monument

World's Largest Bat
I was doing errands in yesterday's snowstorm when I overheard a woman say to her companion, I don't care what the weather does now, just as long as it's nice

Renting a Car in Israel – Information for Seniors and Baby Boomers
While you might not want to drive in Israel's largest cities, renting a car can give you the freedom to explore the countryside. Find out how to rent a car in Israel, read about age limits and learn more about Israeli rental car insurance, fees and policies.

Travel Photo of the Week: Oria Castle
Italy is a wonderful spring travel destination. The weather is pleasant during the day and the mosquitoes, which are the bane of summer visitors, are nearly

Oria Castle and Historic Court, Oria, Apulia, Italy
Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen built Oria Castle, in Italy's Apulia region, in 1227 A.D., as part of his system of defensive fortresses in the area around Bari and Brindisi. Although you won't find Oria Castle in very many guidebooks, it is worth a visit, particularly if you are in Apulia during the second weekend of August. On this weekend each year, Oria presents its Historical Parade of Frederic II and the Tournament of Regions. Take our photo tour of Oria's castle and tournament.

Turret, Oria Castle, Oria, Apulia, Italy
Turret, Oria Castle, Oria, Apulia, Italy. Page 13.

Profile of Oria Castle, Oria, Italy
Oria Castle, half way between Taranto and Brindisi in Italy's Puglia region, is open for tours on a limited basis. Oria is best known for its annual Historical Parade of Frederick II and Tournament of the Districts, held in August, but the castle's square and round towers draw visitors throughout the year. Get the latest information on how you can visit Oria Castle.

Castles of Italy
Italy is most famous for its art museums, churches and ancient monuments, but you can find some sort of castle in nearly every Italian hill town. Italy's castles, built to protect towns and strategic routes, can be a welcome change from paintings, statues and arches. Here, we present some of our favorite Italian castles.

Castles of Italy
Italy is most famous for its art museums, churches and ancient monuments, but you can find some sort of castle in nearly every Italian hill town. Italy's castles, built to protect towns and strategic routes, can be a welcome change from paintings, statues and arches. Here, we present some of our favorite Italian castles.

Car Rentals in Ireland - Helpful Tips for Seniors and Baby Boomers
When I was an exchange student in Ireland, I lived a few miles from this sign. When I revisited Ireland as an adult, I discovered that driving in Ireland is