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5 Tips for Dealing with Sexual Regret
Having a sex life may mean experiencing sexual regret. The question is, how do you live with regrets and what can you do to avoid too many of them?

What's the Difference Between the Vagina and Vulva?
The vulva and the vagina are not the same thing. So why do so many people confuse them, and why should anyone, with or without a vulva, care?

How to Play the Sex Positions Game
Use this simple game to discover new sex positions. Includes step by step instructions on making the game, how it works, and how to play.

Trans* with an Asterisk
An explanation of why some people are putting an asterisk after the word Trans.

Sexuality and Diabetes – Sexual Issues and Concerns for People Living with Diabetes
An overview of the some of the common ways that sexuality and sexual functioning can be impacted by Diabetes, along with suggestions for dealing with these obstacles.

Sexual Issues and Concerns for People with Diabetes
An overview of the some of the common ways that sexuality and sexual functioning can be impacted by Diabetes, along with suggestions for dealing with these obstacles. Page 2.

How Do You Define Sexual Health?
How exactly does one define sexual health?

What Is a Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm?
Definition of non-ejaculatory orgasm, a term generally used when refering to male orgasm and the experience of male multiple orgasm.

What Is a Medical Fetish?
What's the difference between playing doctor and having a medical fetish?

Lies We're Told about Sex - Sex Lies We're Told to Believe
Nine ideas about sex that are so pervasive you'll think they are obvious and true. Only they are not.

Myths about Sexuality and Disability
Busting some of the common myths about sexuality and disability.

Myth Busting Sex and Technology
Exploring and exploding the myths about sex tech, or our use of sex and technology.

What Is Non-Monogamy?
Can people in non-monogamous relationships cheat? And how is non-monogamy different from polyamory?

Stuck with a Lousy Lover
Advice for a woman who says her husband is lousy in bed.

Discover Your Sexual Orientation
An answer for an reader who wonders if he is alone in being uncertain what his sexual orientation is.

What Does Sexual Identity Mean?
How does sexual identity differ from sexual orientation, sexual behavior, or gender identity? Here’s a working definition of sexual identity.

What Is Sexual Intimacy?
There’s no one way to define sexual intimacy, but here’s a definition offered as a place to start defining sexual intimacy for yourself.

Defining Sexual Behavior
Understanding what qualifies as sexual behavior and how sexual behaviors intersect with sexual identities and orientations.

Sex Triva Quizzes - Test Your Sexual Knowledge
Test your knowledge of all things sexual, and pick up some new trivia with these quizzes on sex toys, sex positions, orgasm, masturbation, oral sex, and more.

Better Sex Tips & Techniques
From oral sex to masturbation, from female ejaculation to male multiple orgasms, sex tips and techniques for people of all orientations, identities, genders, and ages.

Sex Tips and Techniques - SM and BDSM
A beginner’s guide to BDSM including toy reviews, SM book reviews, and tips from the experts on everything from safe words to making your own bondage toys.

Spiritual Sex - Sex Tips and Techniques for Spiritual Sex
A guide to the infinite possibilities of spiritual sexuality, including information about Tantric sex and Taoist sexual practices.

Sex and Pregnancy
Trying to navigate getting pregnant and being pregnant is hard enough. When you have questions about sex it can be hard to know who to ask. Start here.

Masturbation Scenes in Mainstream Movies
A list of some of the best, and most notable masturbation scenes from mainstream and Hollywood movies.

Great Erotic Literature - Selection of the Best Erotic Literature 2005
A guide to the best erotic literature collections released this year.

Erotic Nude Photography Books
A gift guide to nude art photography books. Ten of the best collections of nude art and erotic photography covering a range of photographic and sexual styles.

Erotic Nude Photography Books
A gift guide to nude art photography books. Ten of the best collections of nude art and erotic photography covering a range of photographic and sexual styles.

Key Events in the History of Masturbation
Key events in the history of masturbation from 1712 to 2000s.

Health Benefits of Orgasms
Research suggests there are several health benefits to regular orgasms. Here are a few.

How to Pick Adult Movies That Are Right for You
A guide to picking adult movies. Offers suggestions on how to choose adult movies for beginners to the world of adult entertainment.

Non Latex Condoms
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Sexual Worries About Large Labia
Should I be worried if my labia are too big? Should I consider surgery to reduce the size of my large labia?

Why Sex Hurts - Understanding the Causes of Painful Sex
Pain during sex is surprisingly common, but still many of us don't talk about it. Learn about some of the common causes of pain during sex.

Silicone Based Lubricant Reviews
Reviews of the most popular silicone lubricants, with tips on how to tell the difference and find the lube that's right for you.

Sex Statistics – Surveys of Sexual Behavior
A summary of statistics about sexual activities, with links to further data on sexual behavior in the U.S.

How Do I Know If Sex Is Consensual?
You can't know if the sex you're having is consensual unless you ask. At least at first. Here's a guide to navigating consent in a sexual relationship.

Is Nudity in the Home a Problem for Children?
Is there an age when it is no longer appropriate to be naked in front of your kids? Is too much nudity in a family a problem?

What Age Should Sex Education Start
The right time to start sex education is now. There isn't one perfect age when children are able to learn about sex, there are ways to teach at every age and stage.

Am I Really Supposed to Ask Permission Before I Kiss a Girl?
An answer to an reader who is wondering if anyone really asks permission before kissing.

What Does Sexual Consent Mean?
If you're confused by all the talk of sexual consent being simple, you aren't alone. Here's a primer on consent and how it relates to sex.

What You Should Know About Having Sex Under Water
Sex under water is not as dangerous as some rumors suggest. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Sexual Expectations We All Have
How six common beliefs about what sex is supposed to be like can ruin your sex life.

Homemade Sex Toys
Tips for homemade sex toy projects, plus links to the best homemade sex toy sites, books and products.

When It's Too Hot for Sex
What do you do when it's too hot for sex, but you're, well, hot for sex?

Premature Ejaculation Creams and Sprays
A breakdown of the most popular and most problematic sprays and creams sold as

Sensation Loss After Nipple Piercing
An reader writes to ask about the effect of nipple piercing on nipple sensation, and whether or not she should have her nipples re-pierced.

Is There Such a Thing As Good Enough Sex?
Public representations of sex tend to the extremes: it's either the worst or the best. But what about all the sex we have that's neither. What about the sex that's just good enough?

A Taste for Brown Sugar - Five Questions for Mireille Miller-Young
An interview with professor Mireille Miller-Young about her book A Taste for Brown Sugar about black women in the porn industry.

Crying After Sex
If you sometimes feel blue or low after sex you aren't alone. Here are some possible reasons for post-coital tristesse (PCT).

How to Find a Good Sex Shop Near You
As sex shops get better at marketing, telling the good from the bad is getting harder, especially online. Here are eight things you should look for in any sex store before you buy.

What Is Queer Sex?
You might think the answer is: the kind of sex queer people have. But when it comes to queering sex, it's always more complicated (and more fun).

Sex Toy Home Parties - Adult Home Parties
Everything you need to know before booking your first sex toy home party.

Is There a Right Time for Sex?
Everyone has an opinion about when the

Research Connects Empathy and Orgasms
Researchers have established a relationship between orgasms and empathy, but the question remains, does empathy make us orgasmic or do orgasms give us empathy?

The Labia Library - An Interview With Women's Health Victoria
An interview with Jessica Malone, a policy officer with Women's Health Victoria, about the online Labia Library.

Description of the Vagina
Description of the function and anatomy of the vagina with a focus on sexual pleasure.

Sex Toy Invention
You've got an idea for a new sex toy and you want to know what to do with your invention. Here are some tips on where to start.

How Do I Make Masturbation More Enjoyable
I'm masturbating but it isn't bringing me pleasure. What are some ways I can enjoy masturbation more?

Gender Definition
What is gender? How does it differ from sex?

Where Can I Find My Erogenous Zones?
Definition of erogenous zones, and a list of some of the common erogenous zones.

A.S.F.R. - Alt Sex Fetish Robot (ASFR)
Definition of A.S.F.R. (ASFR)also known as alt sex fetish robot.

How Important Should Sex Be
How important should sex be in a relationship? How do you know if you're obsessed with sex, or just have a healthy interest in it?

Love and Great Sex
Is love an essential ingredient for great sex? What do you know about the relationship between love and sex.

What Is Better Than Great Sex?
Researchers studying what makes great sex great have coined the term

How Can I Know I'm Doing a Good Job at Sex?
An reader wonders if he is doing a

Sexual Culture - Sex in Art, Film, Literature, and Technology
Your guide to erotic literature, sex in film and art, and sex and technology.

Masters and Johnson's Description of the Male Sexual Response Cycle
How sex researchers Masters and Johnson describe the male sexual response cycle.

Silicone Lubricant Stain Removal
Tips on how to get silicone lubricant stains out of fabric, clothing, and bedding.

Vibrator Buying Tips - Websites and Sex Shops
With so many options online, here's a guide to finding the best place to buy a vibrator.

Dealing with Differences in Sex Drive
Six tips for negotiating with a partner who wants more or less sex than you do.

Delayed Orgasm: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment
What is the definition of delayed orgasm? What causes delayed orgasm and how is it treated?

Restless Genital Syndrome
An explanation of the condition known as restless genital syndrome.

5 Reasons You Aren’t Having the Sex You Want
Five unexpected reasons you aren't having the sex you want.

Little Blue Lies - Do I Need to Come Clean About Using Viagra?
Is it unethical to take Viagra and not tell my sexual partner I'm taking it?

What's the Difference Between Ejaculation and Orgasm
Ejaculation and orgasm are separate events in the body and distinct but connected experiences. Learn more about how to spot the difference.

All About Female Masturbation
Everything you want to know about female masturbation, including how tos, advanced tips, sex positions, books and more.

Sexual Anatomy - The Anus and Rectum
Description of the anus and rectum, and the part they play in sexual anatomy and response.

I Never Masturbate - Is That a Problem?
Some people worry that they masturbate too much, but is there such a thing as a problematic lack of masturbation?

Is It Possible to Have a Bowel Movement During Sex?
Is it possible to have a bowel movement during sex, and if it is, what causes someone to have a bowel movement when they're having sex?

Bum Lift Sex Position
Describes the bum lift sex position. Suggestions for variation on this position, as well as pros and cons of the bum lift sex position for intercourse.

What Is Normal Sex
Wondering if you are sexually normal? You're not alone, but if you are looking for an answer, you're probably asking the wrong question.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?
Wondering what an orgasm feels like? Here's one way to answer the question.

How to Put the Life Back Into Your Sex Life
A sex tip that helps you think about how to put your life back into your sex life.

How Common Is Heterosexual Anal Sex?
Is heterosexual anal sex really “the new black”? How can we tell if people are having more anal sex or simply reporting it more honestly?

Penis Too Small for Wife
What can you do if you and your fiance think your penis is too small? Suggestions for an reader on dealing with shame and penis size.

What Is BDSM and What Does It Stand For?
A definition for the term BDSM which is an umbrella term to describe a wide range of sexual activities, and emotional and spiritual interactions.

Sex Toys
Honest and non-commercial information on sex toys, including how to use sex toys, sex toy shopping tips, sex toy safety, and sex toy reviews.

Butt Plug Harness
Description and tips on how to choose and use a butt plug harness.

Sexuality Isn't Just Male or Female
What do the terms male sexuality or female sexuality really mean in the context of sex education?

Exploring Tantra - Four Common Obstacles to Exploring Tantric Sexual Practice
The author Kenneth Ray Stubbs explains four common obstacles people in the West experience when exploring Tantric sexuality.

Male Strap On – Definition of a Male Strap On
What is a male strap on, and why would men want or need to use a strap on sex toy?

Penile Prosthesis - Definition of a Penile Prosthesis
Explains what a penile prosthesis is, why men would use them, and how they work.

Sex After a Heart Attack – Resuming Sex After a Heart Attack
What you need to know about resuming sex after a heart attack.

Sexual Dysfunction and Heart Attack – Experiencing Sexual Dysfunction After Heart Attack
Sexual dysfunction is extremely common following a heart attack. Learn about the causes of sexual dysfunction post-heart attack and treatment options.

Heart Attack During Sex
How likely are you to have a heart attack during sex? What factors determine your risk of sex during a heart attack? Has anyone ever died from sex?

'deepsouth' Documentary Explores Race, Class, and HIV in the Southern US
A review of 'deepsouth' a documentary by Lisa Biagiotti about HIV/AIDS in the southern US.

How Do You Define Sexual Satisfaction?
It may seem like a simple question, but how you define sexual satisfaction has a lot less to do with the sex you're having than you might think.

Debunking Common Masturbation Myths
Masturbation is still a kind of sex shrouded in mystery and myth. Here are 7 things about masturbation you probably still believe, and 7 reasons why you shouldn't.

Does Sexual Abuse Lead to Sexualization?
An reader asks about the impact of childhood sexual abuse on adult sexuality.

400 words between Fact and F*#@ed up
Understanding what is wrong with Australia's Daily Telegraph reporting on disabled people using government funds to access sex workers.

My Boyfriend Wants Less Sex Than I Do
An 18 year old woman wonders what's wrong with her boyfriend who doesn't want to have sex with her.

Vaginal Dilators
An explanation of what vaginal dilators are, who uses them, and links to product reviews and where to buy dilators.

Sex Sound: The Sounds We Make During Sex
Only a few brave researchers have ventured into the territory of human sexual sounds. Here's what we know.

Conscious Breathing Techniques for Greater Sexual Awareness
Conscious breathing techniques can be used to increase awareness and understanding of our sexual thoughts, feelings, and physical responses. Simple tips on using conscious breathing for sexual exploration.

Circumcision and Sexual Sensitivity
Does circumcision change penile and sexual sensitivity? Here's what research has to say about how being circumcised might affect your sex life.

What Is Sex Drive?
Defines the term sex drive, also known as sexual instinct or libido.

Circumcision and Sexual Pleasure
Research on the impact of circumcision on sexual pleasure is conflicting, but offers some information on how circumcision may impact sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Circumcision and Sexual Behavior
Do circumcised men have sex differently than uncircumcised men? Reviews research on sexual behavior and circumcision.

Can You Get an STD From Having Oral Sex?
Just how risky is oral sex when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases? The answer depends on a lot of things, find out what impacts risk and how you can have safer oral sex.

What Are the Sex Effects of Marijuana?
Describes the positive and negative sexual effects of marijuana.

Sex and Ecstasy - What Are the Sex Effects of Ecstasy?
What are the sex effects of Ecstasy (also called MDMA)? Subjective reports and laboratory research explain the negative and positive sex effects of Ecstasy.

Interstitial Cystitis and Sex – Sexual Impact of Interstitial Cystitis
An interview with a woman about her experience of living with interstitial cystitis and its impact on her sex life and sexuality.

Problems With Sex and Circumcision Research
Outlines some of the major problems with research in the area of circumcision and sex, including circumcision and sexual behavior, sexual sensitivity, and sexual pleasure.

Phimosis - Definition of Phimosis
Definition of phimosis, a condition where the foreskin cannot be pulled back behind the head of the penis

Paxil and Sex – Sex Side Effects of Paxil
Describes the sexual side effects of Paxil, a drug used to treat depression.

Zoloft and Sex - Sex Side Effects of Zoloft
Describes the sexual side effects of Zoloft, a drug used to treat depression and anxiety disorders.

Incontinence - Definition of Incontinence
Definition of incontinence. Sexuality.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction - Common Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
Overview of the different physical causes of erectile dysfunction, including illnesses, disease, medications, trauma, and treatments for other health issues, all of which may lead to ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes - Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
A list of some of the common erectile dysfunction causes, including physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, and prescription and recreational drugs which can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

A New Way to Learn About Your Sexual Anatomy
Take a personal tour of your sexual anatomy and learn how to draw a map of your own sexual body.

Sex Toys for Men (Varieties and Uses)
Explains the range of male sex toys, how to use male sex toys, and where to buy male sex toys.

Data on the Prevalence of Heterosexual Anal Sex
Statistics on the prevalence of heterosexual anal sex from a variety of survey studies between 1938 and 2002.

What is Great Sex
How do you define great sex? The definition will change from person to person, but here are four characteristics of all great sex.

10 Ways to Have Bad Sex
Here are ten things you can do to practically guarantee you'll have bad sex. Invert them and you may find a few ideas on how to have some, or more, of the sex you actually want.

What's Your Fantasy - A Guide to Sexual Fantasies
Information about the origins of sexual fantasies, the most common sexual fantasies, how healthy it is to have sexual fantasies, and ideas for more sexual fantasies.

Most Common Sexual Fantasies
While every list of top sexual fantasies differs slightly there are less than ten themes that consistently appear on surveys of top sexual fantasies.

Increasing Intimacy Through Sensual Touch
A step by step guide to exploring sensual touch with a partner.

Rabbit Vibrators - Tips and Reviews
Everything you want to know about the original Japanese rabbit vibrator: history, reviews, shopping tips, and how tos.

How to Use Lubricant
How to use lubricant for solo and partner sex play.

Penis Size - Bad Reporting about Sex Research on Average Penis Size
A study of penis size, conducted in India, triggered several terrible reports that are either ignorant, racist, or both.

All About Anal Dildos
Get the basics on anal dildos. Sexuality.

Function, Effectiveness, and Safety of Penis Pumps
All about penis pumps. Explains how penis pumps work, whether penis pumps are effective, and how safe it is to use a penis pump.

Vibrators - Everything You Need to Know About Vibrators
Vibrators are the most popular selling sex toy in the world. This guide offers tips on choosing the right vibrator, buying a vibrator without being ripped off, and ways of using vibrators for men, women, and couples.

Dealing With a Husband Who Wants Me to Cheat
A reader asks about about her husband who wants her to have sex with other men and then tell him about it. She isn't interested and wants him to get past this desire to be a cuckold.

Is Watching Porn Okay?
Includes a discussion of the health of watching adult videos in a relationship and ways to talk with your partner about your concerns.

Is Oral Sex Risky - Understanding the Risks of Unprotected Oral Sex
Answers the question, is oral sex safer sex? What are the risks of having unprotected oral sex?

Am I Over-Masturbating? - Masturbation Q&A
How much masturbation is too much masturbation? Can masturbation be unhealthy? Answers to commonly asked sex questions.

How to Find the Best Fit Condoms
Tips on finding the best condom to increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

How to put on a female condom – putting on a female condom
Instructions on how to put on and remove the female condom.

What Is the G Spot?
An explanation of what the G spot is thought to be, the function of the G spot, and the reasons the G spot may provide sexual excitement.

Tips on How to Stop Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation is considered the most common sexual difficulty men experience. Almost every man will experience premature ejaculation.

Chronic Masturbation Definition and Symptoms
Chronic masturbation refers to masturbation that feels out of control, unstoppable, and is causing significant distress to the person engaged in it.

How to Change the Taste of Oral Sex
Tips on changing the taste of oral sex for men and women performing both fellatio and cunnilingus.

First Time Intercourse
Everything you need to know about intercourse before you have it for the first time.

What Is a Micropenis?
Explains the causes, treatment, and problematic social meaning of a micropenis, which is a clinical term to describe a very small penis.

Too Much Masturbation
An answer to the common question: Is there such a thing as too much masturbation?

Tips on Giving and Receiving Oral Sex
Offering oral sex tips and techniques plus information on hygiene and safety concerns for performing and receiving oral sex.

Clitoris and Clitoral Anatomy
A description of the clitoris and the clitoral anatomy.

Can You Increase Semen Volume?
Six things you should know before buying any product that claims to increase semen volume.

Common Questions and Answers About Penis Size
Penis size may be the biggest source of worry for men. Learn the facts about average penis size, does penis size matter, the trouble with comparing penis size, and whether or not you can do anything to enlarge your penis.

Reducing and Eliminating Pain During Sex - Dealing with Painful Sex
Sex can be painful for many reasons, and far too many of us experience pain during sex. Here are five things to consider if you're trying to figure out why sex hurts.

Avoid Pain During Sex With Different Sex Positions
Getting creative with sex positions to reduce pain during sex.

Sex Position Tips - The Leapfrog
The leapfrog sex position is a variation on the rear entry position, and it can be good for people during pregnancy. See an illustration and learn the pros and cons of the leapfrog.

How to Make Your First Time Pleasurable and Less Painful
Tips on making intercourse for the first time more pleasurable, less awkward, and less painful.

Masters and Johnson's Description of the Female Sexual Response Cycle
Description of the female sexual response cycle according to the research of Masters and Johnson. Includes a description of the excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution phases of male sexual response.

The G Spot - Information on the G Spot
A complete reference guide to the g spot: the debates, the how tos, the sex toys, and more.

Questions About Masturbation
Answers to commonly asked questions about masturbation.

Sex Toy Questions - Answers to Common Concerns About Adult Toys
Answers to common questions and concerns about sex toy use and sex toy safety.

Anal Sex Questions
Honest and direct answers to common questions about anal sex, anal play, and anal eroticism.

Sex in a Disaster
Is it okay to write and talk about sex when a natural disaster has occurred? What does it mean to have sex in a disaster?

Are Male and Female Orgasms Different
Are male orgasms different from female orgasms? There are a lot of ways to answer that question, here are a few.


Kissing Tips: How to Give the Best Kisses
There are few universal rules to kissing, but here are some basic tips on how to kiss for the anxious and uninitiated.

Sex Toys - A Beginner's Guide
Explains the basics of sex toys including different kinds of sex toys, tips on shopping for sex toys, where to find the best sex toys, sex toy safety, and sex toy quizzes.

How Can I Tell if I've Had an Orgasm?
How can you be sure that you're having orgasms? Is there such a thing as an orgasm test? Information on what defines orgasm and how to focus more on pleasure and less on the question.

Why Does Sex Hurt - Questions About Painful Sex
Why does sex hurt? Explains common reasons for painful sex and solutions to reduce pain during sex.

Male Genital Anatomy
A guided tour of the basic parts of male genitalia including the penis, scrotum, prostate gland, frenulum, perineum, and anus.

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Masturbation
Details the many positive physical and psychological effects of masturbation on health.

Sex Toys - Toys for Expanding Sexual Fulfillment
A guide to the ever expanding world of sex toys and erotic devices, from feathers to vibrators and from lubricants to leather harnesses.

Sex Position Tips
Every great sex position can be broken down into six elements. Here they are.

Individual Sex Positions
Profiles of individual sex positions with ideas on who each position might be good for and the benefits and drawbacks of each position.

Why Can't I Orgasm
The most common reasons people don't have orgasms aren't always easy to resolve, but fixes are possible.

Personal Lubricants
Everything you ever needed to know about personal lubricants to help you find the right lube for you.

Sex How Tos - Sexuality and Sex Tips from
Sex how tos, sex tips, and step-by-step sex instruction on everything from sex toys and positions to erotic role play and how to light a room for sex.

Anal Play Basics
Five things you need to know before you explore anal play, including information on communication, lubrication, desire, and patience.

Penis Anatomy - Parts of the Male Penis
A plain language explanation of penis anatomy including the shaft, glans, frenulum, foreskin, and the internal anatomy of the penis.

The Causes of Early Morning Erections
Morning erections can be a source of confusion and embarrassment for young men, and concern for older men who may have fewer or find them gone altogether.

How Long Does Sex Last? - Expert Q&A
What is the average time sex lasts for, and how long should sex last?

A Guide to Nipple Stimulation
Stimulating your partners nipples - there's more to it than you think!

Big Penis Size Causing Painful Sex Dilemma
It can seem like a joke, but having a penis that's too big can be a serious problem. Tips on sex with a big penis.

Finding New Sex Positions
A guide to sex positions, coming up with new ideas for sex positions, profiles of popular and common sex positions, and key elements of any good sex position.

Female Genital and Reproductive Anatomy
A guided tour of the basic parts of the female genitals, including the vulva, vagina, clitoris, pc muscle, g-spot, and more.

Sexual Obituaries
Short remembrances and obituaries for people whose life and work engaged ideas about sexuality and gender.

How to Use Anal Beads for Beginners
A beginner’s guide to using anal beads.

Pregnancy Sex Positions
Good sex positions for sex during pregnancy. Suggestions for variations on sex positions that can be more comfortable during pregnancy.

Sexual Science - News and Information on Sexual Studies
News and resources from the sexual laboratory, where sex researchers search for answers to our sexual questions.

Sexual Difficulties, Dysfunctions and Disorders - Definitions, Causes, Treatments, and Prevention of Sexual Dysfunctions and Sexual Disorders
Sexual science and medicine are only beginning to comprehend the range of human sexual expression, and the labels of sexual dysfunction and sexual disorder must be considered in the context of culture and history. Yet many of us experience anxiety and pain related to our sexuality, and it can be helpful to learn about sexual difficulties that can get in the way of healthy sexual expression.

Can’t Orgasm – When You Can’t Orgasm With Your Partner
What can you do when you can’t orgasm with a partner?

Vibrator Only Orgasms - I Only Orgasm With a Vibrator
Response to a reader who can only orgasm when using a vibrator, and wants to be able to orgasm during sex with a partner.

Interview: Homemade Sex
An interview with the folks who write and produce, a great site for homemade sex toy inspiration and instruction.

Quiet Sex - Tips on How to Have Sex Quietly Over the Holidays
Quiet sex tips when staying overnight in a friend or family members house during the holidays.

Best Lubricant for Silicone Sex Toys
What's the best lubricant to use with silicone sex toys?

Sex, Gender, and Us Animals: Exposing the True Crime Against Nature
Artist and author Gwenn Seemel explores gender and sexual diversity in Crime Against Nature: A More Accuate Telling of What's Natural.

Women Make (Adult) Movies
The fifth annual Cinekink Film Festival, billed as the really alternative film festival, just wrapped up in New York and while I missed too many of the films

How America Masturbates
Data from a nationally representative survey of over 5,000 Americans on masturbation, including how often people masturbate, and who masturbates with whom.

STI Rates Among Swingers
Despite the fact that researchers have been studying swingers for decades (and an enduring cultural interest in swinging is evidenced by the numerous

Why Should I Use a Vibrator - Reasons People Use Vibrators
Good and bad reasons people use vibrators.

What Is Interactive Porn?
Describes the use of interactive technologies in the delivery of porn and examples of a new kind of porn called interactive porn.

Can Vibrators Make Sex Worse?
Can using a vibrator harm sexual sensitivity, or make sex without a vibrator seem duller?

Low Pressure Ejaculate
Answer to a question from a reader about not ejaculating as far as he used to.

Female Ejaculation Basics
Background information on the female ejaculation debate, plus tips on how to experiment with female ejaculation and g-spot stimulation, and where to find more information.

Exploring Taboo Fantasy Through Masturbation
How to use masturbation to explore taboo fantasies.

Masturbating with Sex Toys
Many people find that sex toys either expand their masturbation experience or allow them to enjoy masturbation when previously they didn't.

Is Penis Size Important
Information about research on average penis size and whether penis size matters to men and women.

Erectile Dysfunction: Using Sex Toys With ED
Sex toys are not a treatment for erectile dysfunction but toys can expand pleasure giving and receiving options. Here's how.

Does Wanting or Having Anal Sex Make Me Gay?
If I’m a guy, does wanting anal sex make me gay? Find out how many ways the answer to that question is no.

Unexpected Orgasms – Types of Atypical Orgasms
There are several types of orgasms that fall outside of standard textbook descriptions of an orgasm in terms of when, where, and how they occur. These orgasms can be considered unexpected orgasms.

How to Introduce a Vibrator to Your Partner
A step-by-step guide to introducing a vibrator to your partner, and using a vibrator with your partner during sex.

Mainstream Pornography Definition
What distinguishes mainstream from independent pornography?

Are Vibrators Made for Men?
Explanation of the category of male vibrator, with links to information on male sex toys, how to use vibrators for men, and top men's sex toys.

Penis Sleeves and Male Masturbators
Learn about the different types of penis sleeves and male masturbators for men. Find out the pros and cons of these male sex toys, how to choose the right one and where to buy them.

Anal Sex Toys - How to Use Anal Sex Toys
Information on the different kinds of anal sex toys, how to choose and use anal sex toys, plus anal sex toy safety tips.

Oral Sex Taste
What does oral sex taste like, and what are the elements that go into creating that taste?

Boyfriend Wants Me to Orgasm But I Can't
Does sex always have to end in orgasm? An reader asks about talking with her boyfriend who refuses to have sex unless she orgasms.

Who's on First - 8 Tips for Initiating Sex
Initiating sex with your partner, whether it's the 1st or 101st time, can be a minefield. Here's a map.

How Sex and Urinary Tract Infections Are Linked
Explains the connection between urinary tract infections and sex and what you can do to reduce the risk of getting a urinary tract infection after sex.

Sexual Communication - Let's Talk About Sex & Relationships
Learn to navigate the complicated world of sexual communication and sexual relationships. With ideas and suggestions for talking to your partners about sex, understanding alternative relationships, and expanding your own sexual relationships through communication.

Looking for a New Sexual Metaphor
Examples of sexual metaphors and how they can help us describe the often complicated thoughts and feelings we have about sex, but they can over simply them too.

What's Wrong With Normal Sexuality
If you're wondering whether your normal when it comes to sex, you are asking yourself the wrong question. Here's why.

Sex Toys Facts - Myths & Facts about Sex Toys
Answers and honest responses to nine common myths about sex toys.

Sex Education and Sexual Health
If you have received any sex education in your life it was probably when you were younger. But we never stop learning, even if how we learn changes as we age. Learn more about sex education for young people and adults, and how to think critically about what we mean when we talk about sexual health.

What Is Virtual Pornography?
A CNN report raises questions about how virtual pornography is, and how it should be, defined.

Sex and Technology - Human Computer Sexual Interaction
From teledildonics to human computer sexual interactions, a guide to understanding the ways technology can help you enhance and explore sexual possibilities.

Sex After Divorce
Advice for a recently divorced woman who has only had sex with one person in her life and now wants to explore her sexual possibilities.

Polyamory FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Polyamory
Answers to frequently asked questions about polyamory.

Information about the hymen and it's relationship to virginity and experience of first intercourse.

Finding Sex Partners and Dating While Disabled
If you live with a disability it's harder to find people to date and sexual partners. People assume this has something to do with

Sex Education for Parents - Tips, Resources, and Support
You may not want to do it, you may not feel prepared to do it, but the truth is you already are doing it. Our kids learn about sexuality and gender from us all the time. Why not be a bit more intentional and increase the chances that your kids will learn more about your values and beliefs?

Sex Educator - Information About Sex Educator Training, Qualifications, and Opportunities
Answers to commonly asked questions about sex educators, including, how to become a sex educator, what training do sex educators get, how much do sex educators get paid, and where you can find a sex educator near you.

Quick Tips on Adapting Sex Toys for People Living with Disabilities
Quick ideas for ways to adapt sex toys and other sex related products to meet your needs and desires. Tips on what to consider before you buy, actual ways to adapt toys to be practical, and suggestions for things to talk with partners and, if applicable, attendants about regarding using sex toys.

Celebrity Sex Toys
As sex toys move further out of the closet and into mainstream culture, some celebrities are coming out about their love of sex toys, while others are being outed for their sex toy purchasing habits.

Celebrity Sex Toys
As sex toys move further out of the closet and into mainstream culture, some celebrities are coming out about their love of sex toys, while others are being outed for their sex toy purchasing habits.

Making Sex Toys More Accessible
Quick ideas for ways to adapt sex toys and other sex related products to meet your needs and desires. Tips on what to consider before you buy, actual ways to adapt toys to be practical, and suggestions for things to talk with partners and, if applicable, attendants about regarding using sex toys.

Sex Toy Materials - Understanding What Sex Toys Are Made Of
A review of the different materials used to make sex toys, including silicone rubber, jelly rubber, hard plastic, elastomers, cyberskin and real feel materials, and others. Includes information about sex toy safety, and prolonging the life of your sex toys.

Dildos - All About Dildos
All about dildos including information on different styles of dildos, how to use dildos, where to buy them, and dildo safety.

How to Use Sex Toys
Tips on how to use various sex toys for beginners and old pros looking for something new. Step by step instruction on how to use vibrators, dildos, strap ons, and more.

A Consumers Guide to Male Sex Toys
All sex toys are not created equal, and when it comes to toys made for male bodies, getting a lay of the land can go a long way to finding the right tool for the right job.

A Consumers Guide to Personal Lubricants
What's the best lubricant? Are all lubricants safe to use for all purposes? Answers to all your questions about personal lubricants plus a guide to picking the best personal lubricant for you.

Vibrators - Choosing, Using, and Playing Safe with Vibrators, Statistics on Vibrator Use
Statistics on vibrator use, different kinds of vibrators for sex play, tips on choosing vibrators, how to use vibrators, plus product reviews of vibrators and vibrator sex and safety tips.

Vibrators – A Visual Guide to Vibrators
A visual guide to different categories and styles of vibrators including electric, waterproof, remote, and g spot vibrators. With links to reviews and suggestions on where to shop for vibrators.

Dildos – A Visual Guide to Dildos
A visual guide to different categories and styles of dildos including silicone dildos, double dildos, glass dildos, metal dildos, strap on dildos, anal dildos, and more. With links to reviews and suggestions on where to shop for dildos. Page 2.

Sex Toy Guide – A Visual Guide to Sex Toys
Sex toys, adult toys, marital aids, vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys

Personal Lubricant Product Reviews - Reviews of Water and Silicone Based Personal Lubricants
Reviews of personal lubricants including water based lubricants and silicone based lubricants. Reviews include ingredient lists, pros and cons, and recommendations.

How Do You Define Great Lover?
What's the difference between a great lover and a sexual partner who is adequate, or bad?

Erectile Dysfunction - Causes, Treatments, and Information About Erectile Dysfunction
Information about erectile dysfunction, including definitions, causes, treatments, and statistics about the prevalence of erectile dysfunction.

Talking to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction
Tips on talking with a doctor about erectile dysfunction.

Tips on Talking to Your Doctor About Sex
Offers suggestions on how to talk to your doctor or health care practitioner about sexual concerns.

Sexual Talk Quick Tips for Parents
Quick ideas on ways to increase comfort with sexual communication when talking with kids about sex.

Sexual Communication - Talking About Sex With Your Children
Ideas and resources for communicating about sex for parents and children. Includes information on raising sexually healthy kids.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
Tips on how to talk to your kids about sex, with links to specific sexual conversations like how to talk to kids about masturbation, pornography, prostitution, and more.

Husband and Wife Want Threesome
An reader asks if it is sexually objectifying to seek someone out for sex in a threesome.

Can I Get Rid of My Fetish?
I have a fetish and it's ruining my life. Is it possible to get rid of it?

Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms?
Answers to commonly asked sexual health questions. Includes a description of male multiple orgasm, with links to technique and resources on men’s experience having multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Sex Therapy FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about sex therapy, including what is sex therapy, who goes to sex therapy, how are sex therapists trained, when is the right time to go to sex therapy, and where can I find a sex therapist.

Sexual Worries - Answers to Common Questions about Sexual Worries
At one point or another we all worry about sex. Get ideas and answers and learn to deal proactively with your sexual struggles.

When Sex Goes Stale
What do we mean when we say that our sex life has gone stale? Do our sex lives really have an expiry date? Tips on how to address loss of sexual interest in a long term relationship.

Sex After You Move In Together
Reasons why your sex life may change after moving in together, and tips on how you can start having sex you want again.

Making Sex Fun and Trying to Get Pregnant
Tips on keeping sex fun when you are trying to get pregnant and timing your sex life to your ovulation.

Sex Blogs - Blogs about Sexuality
A list of recommended sex blogs and websites that focus on timely, regularly updated sex news.

Sexual Myths – Debunking Persistent Sexual Myths
Debunking some of our most common sexual myths.

Causes of Differences in Sex Drive
Examples of some of the things that can cause difference in sex drive or sexual desire between partners in long term committed relationships.

Sexual Compatibility – Aspects of Sexual Compatibility
Is it possible to know in advance whether you'll be sexually compatible with someone?

What Makes a Great Sex Blog
What makes a great sex blog? Six tips on how to make your sex blog stand out from the crowd.

When You Can’t Orgasm Due to Physical Problems
Learn about the many physical problems that can get in the way of you having an orgasm.

Can’t Orgasm – Psychological Barriers Preventing Orgasm
Learn about the many ways that your thoughts and feelings can prevent you from having an orgasm.

Tips for Making Halloween Sexy
For adults Halloween may be the sexiest holiday of the year. Here are some tips on making the most of a sexy Halloween.

How to Take Erotic Photographs – Taking Erotic Photos
A beginner’s guide to taking erotic photographs from Chris Ablett.

Sex Tips for the Rest of Us
Dozens of short and easy to follow sex tips for individuals and couples designed to help you more fully explore your own sexual potential.

Sexual Compromise
When is it okay to make a sexual compromise, and when is it settling?

Anal Play Safety - Emergency Room Procedures
What happens when you go to the ER with something stuck in your rectum? How do doctors remove unwanted objects? What are the dangers of getting toys or other objects stuck during anal play?

Vibrator by Function - Vibrators for External and Clitoral Stimulation
Tips on choosing a vibrator based on function. Information about vibrators designed for external and clitoral stimulation.

Vibrator Material - Choosing Vibrators Based on Material
Tips on buying a vibrator. Choosing a vibrator based on what it's made from.

Female sexual anatomy and response - All about the female sexual body
Explore the female body from a sexual perspective. Includes information on female sexual anatomy and female sexual response, desire and libido. Anatomy and gender are not the same thing, so keep in mind that a term like female anatomy will always be imperfect and leave some of us out.

Female Sexual Health - Understanding Female Sexual Health
Information on female sexual health including female sexual anatomy and response, sex tips and techniques, contraception and safer sex, research into female sexuality.

Contraception - Information on Methods of Contraception
Information about the different methods of contraception, including effectiveness, side effects, pros and cons, and where to get contraception.

Dildo Size - Choosing a Dildo by Size
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Color - Choosing a Dildo by Color
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Material - Jelly Rubber Dildos
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Material - Cyberskin Dildos
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Materials - Metal, Glass, Acrylic
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Function - Harness Compatible Dildos
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Function - Vaginal Dildos and Anal Dildos
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Function – Double Dildos
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Dildo Shape and Design - Choosing a Dildo by Shape and Design
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

How to Choose a Dildo – Tips on Choosing Dildos
Tips on choosing a dildo, how to choose a dildo for you and your partner, different materials for dildos, and how to find a dildo that will work for you

Male Circumcision and Sex
What is the sexual impact of circumcision on a man and on his sexual partners? Reviews of research and answers to commonly asked questions about sexuality and circumcision.

Vibrator Design - Choosing Vibrators Based on Design
Tips on buying a vibrator. Choosing a vibrator based on design, shape, and size.

Vibrator Material - Hard Plastic and Metal Vibrators
Tips on buying a vibrator, how to choose a vibrator for you and your partner, different materials for vibrators, and how to find a vibrator that will work for you

Vibrator Strength – Choosing Vibrators Based on Strength of Vibration
Tips on buying a vibrator. Choosing a vibrator based on strength of vibration.

Inexpensive Vibrators – Choosing Vibrators Based on Cost and Quality
Tips on buying a vibrator. Deciding how much to spend and what quality vibrator to buy.

Luxury Vibrators - Choosing Vibrators Based on Quality and Price
Tips on buying a vibrator. Choosing a luxury or high end vibrator.

How to Choose a Vibrator – Tips on Choosing Vibrators
Tips on buying a vibrator, how to choose a vibrator for you and your partner, different materials for vibrators, and how to find a vibrator that will work for you

Vibrator by Function - Vibrators for Penetration
Tips on buying a vibrator, how to choose a vibrator based on function. Includes information on choosing a vibrator for penetration.

Versatile Vibrator Function - Vibrators for Both Penetration and External Stimulation
Tips on buying a vibrator. Choosing a vibrator that is suitable for external and penetration play.

Worried About Porn Star Penis Size
Answers to questions about penis size, and other common sexual health questions, with links to research and resources.

Male sexual anatomy and response - All about the male sexual body
Explore the male body from a sexual perspective. Includes information on male sexual anatomy and male sexual response, desire and libido. Anatomy and gender are different, so keep in mind that a term like male sexual anatomy will always be imperfect and leave some of us out.

How to Talk to Kids About Pornography
Tips for parents on how to talk with their kids about pornography.

Picture of Bum Lift Sex Position
Image of the bum lift sex position. Page 10.

Raised Kneeling Sex Position Picture
Image of the raised kneeling sex position. Page 11.

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position Picture
Image of the basic reverse cowgirl sex position. Page 8.

Side by Side Sex Position Picture
Image of the basic side by side sex facing position. Page 4.

Pictures of Wall Standing Sex Position
Image of the basic wall standing sex position. Page 9.

Woman on Top Sex Position Picture
Image of the basic woman on top sex position. Page 2.

Edge of the Bed Sex Position Pictures
Image of the edge of the bed sex position. Page 7.

Basic Missionary Sex Position Pictures
Image of the basic missionary sex position.

Picture of the Right Angle Sex Position
Image of the basic right angle sex position. Page 6.

Spooning Sex Position Pictures
Image of the basic spooning sex position. Page 5.

Doggy Style or Rear Entry Sex Positions Picture
Image of doggy style or rear entry sex position. Page 3.

Sex Positions Picture Gallery
Illustrated sex positions including missionary, rear entry, woman on top, and many more.

Casual Sex - A Definition of Casual Sex
How researchers have chosen to define casual sex, and proposing a non-scientific definition of casual sex.

Famous and Infamous Quotes About Pornography
Quotes about sex and pornography from the famous and infamous.

Am I A Sex Addict? - Understanding the Signs of Sex Addiction
Think you’ve got a problem with sex addiction? With so much misleading press about celebrity sex addiction and so-called Internet sex addiction it can be difficult to know what to do if you think you need help. Here are some answers.

What Is Sex Addiction?
A non-hysterical explanation of the term sex addiction, its origins, and the current state of sex addiction research and treatment.

Sex Advice and Sex Tips - Readers Share Their Sex Advice, Stories, and Sex Tips
Read what other people have to say about what works and doesn't in their sex lives, and share your own ideas and experience with readers.

How Do You Define Delayed Ejaculation?
How is the term delayed ejaculation defined, and who gets to decide how long is too long for orgasm or ejaculation in males.

Sex and Circumcision
Frank talk about the impact of male circumcision on sexual sensitivity, behavior, and pleasure, along with a critical look at scientific research on sex and male circumcision.

Silent Sex – My Partner Is Silent During Sex
My partner is silent during sex. What can I do to help them feel more relaxed and less inhibited?

Definition of Labia
An explanation and description of labia, the external genitalia that are part of the vulva.

Dating a Trans Guy - Desire, Identity, Orientation
An reader wonders how to navigate other people's expectations now that she is dating a trans guy.

Interview with David Levy Author of Robots Unlimited
An interview with David Levy a scholar of Artificial Intelligence about the future of robot sex, and the possibilities of human robot sexual interactions.

Is Virtual Sex Real Sex?
Does virtual or online sex count as real sex? If I'm having sex online, is that the same as cheating? Two viewpoints on this controversial question.

How to Last Longer During Sex - Premature Ejaculation
Thinking about sex beyond intercourse, and trying out new ways of being sexual together is one way to slow things down.

Barriers to Good Sexual Communication
Learn about the major barriers to good sexual communication, and why most of us find it so hard to talk about sex.

Not In the Mood for Sex But My Partner Is
What are your options when one of you is in the mood for sex and one of you isn't?

How Your Sex Life Changes During Pregnancy
Six common ways that sex and sexuality change during pregnancy, and what you can do about it.

Writing Your Own Sexual History
A step-by-step guide to writing your own sexual history in order to better understand and communicate about your sexuality and sex life.

Drugs That Effect Orgasm
There are many different classes of drugs, and several drugs within different classes, that can have an effect on the experience of orgasm.

Can I Trust Online Viagra and Other Sex Drugs?
What you need to know about online Viagra. Things to consider before buying or using online Viagra.

How Do I Know if I’m Allergic to Latex Condoms?
Answers the question, how do I know if I’m having an allergic reaction to latex condoms? Links to the prevalence and causes of latex allergies and latex condoms, what latex allergies look and feel like, and offers non-latex alternatives for people who have allergic reactions to latex condoms.

Research on Vibrator Use in the US
Research on vibrator use including how many people use vibrators, and the demographics of vibrator users.

Faking Orgasms
How common is it to fake an orgasm, and if I'm faking, how do I tell my partner?

Public Displays of Affection (PDA)
What does it mean if my partner is never affectionate with me in public? Am I wrong to expect public displays of affection at least occasionally?

How Do You Define Sex in Public
Where’s the line between a public display of affection and sex in public?

Blog. Sexuality.

Masturbation How To (for Everyone)
You've heard of male masturbation and female masturbation, but what about masturbation for everyone? Here's a guide.

Male Sexual Health - Understanding Male Sexual Health
Information on male sexual health from myths about male sexuality, to sex tips and techniques, to male sexual anatomy, male contraception, STDs, and more.

Safer Sex - Tips to Have Safer Healthier Sex
Information and resources on safer sex, including methods for practicing safer sex, assessing risk of sexual practices, and decision making strategies for making sexual choices.

Can I Become Addicted to my Vibrator
There is no evidence to suggest that people become addicted to vibrators. Offers an explanation as to why vibrator addiction doesn't exist.

Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump for Treatment of ED
Effectiveness, safety, and side effects of using an erectile dysfunction pump, or vacuum pump, for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Adult Sex Education Workshops
Many sex stores and private groups run sex workshops for adults that focus on learning specific sexual skills or practices (e.g. oral sex, BDSM, tantra). Find out if there is a location in your town offering sex workshops.

How to Talk With Your Kids About Sex
Tips on how to talk to your kids about sex. Suggestions for research to do before you talk with your kids about sexuality, how to deal with unexpected questions, and making sex conversations more comfortable for you and useful for your children.

Masturbation Techniques - Tips and Techniques for Masturbation
Masturbation techniques and tips for all genders. Masturbation techniques for both solo play and mutual masturbation with a partner.

Oral Sex - Tips and Techniques for Oral Sex
Tips and techniques on oral sex including fellatio, cunnilingus, and the most common form of oral sex, kissing.

Orgasmic Disorders
Orgasmic disorders are conditions where both men and women are either unable to have an orgasm, have orgasms that are not as strong as they once were, have orgasms too quickly, or have orgasms that are accompanied by pain.

Inexpensive Sex Toys for Fun on a Budget
Recommendations for great inexpensive sex toys that deliver a big bang for a small buck. Lists top vibrators, dildos, lube, and other sex toys all under $35.

Books on Pregnancy and Sex - Sex and Pregnancy Books
Recommended books on pregnancy and sex.

Valentine's Day Sex Books for Couples
Ten great instructional sex books for couples seeking to open up, hone in, or hunker down this Valentine's Day.

Heteronormativity and Sex
What makes a sex life heteronormative, and is that a bad thing?

Sex Survey - National Survey of American Sexual Behaviors
A review of the findings from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, the largest nationally representative survey of sexual behaviors in the U.S. since 1994.

Book Review, The Guide to Getting It On
A review of the sex guide “The Guide to Getting It On,” written by Paul Joannides.

Sex Positions After Hip Surgery
New research offers recommendations for sex positions following total hip arthoplasty, also known as hip replacement surgery.

Illustrated Sex Positions Image Galleries
A non-explicit photographic guide to sex positions featuring articulated wooden figures.

Intercourse - Sex Tips and Techniques for Sexual Intercourse
Sex tips and techniques for sexual intercourse, also known as penetration play. While often associated with heterosexual sex, sexual intercourse can be between any two (or more) people.

G Spot and Female Ejaculation - Tips and Techniques for G Spot Stimulation and Female Ejaculation
Learn more about the G-Spot and female ejaculation including techniques, reviews of educational materials, and toys for G-Spot stimulation.

Anal Play and Anal Sex
Anal play and anal sex are not exactly the same thing. If you're curious about incorporating one, the other, or both into your sex life, here you'll find tips on the mechanics, communication, and safety issues involved in having safer and pleasurable anal play.

Sex Tips and Techniques for Gays Lesbians Bisexual and Transsexuals
Almost all of the information on our site is written and relevant for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. If you're looking for specific resources see some of the great links below.

Sexual Fantasy - Sexual Fantay Role Play
Information about sexual fantasy, and tips on sexual fantasy role play, including ways to get comfortable engaging in sexual role play, how to develop different characters, the importance of setting the scene, and books and videos that are good for exploring sexual role play fantasy.

Trojan Midnight Collection Multi-Position 5.3 Vibrator Review
A review of the Trojan Midnight Multi-Position 5.3 Vibrator, part of the Midnight Collection.

Leaf Life Vibrator Review
A review of the Leaf Life vibrator, a discreet silicone vibrator.

Gossip Ring Vibrator Review
A review of the Gossip Ring, a wearable vibrator that looks like a ring but works like a charm.

Drugs to Treat Premature Ejaculation
An explanation of drugs being investigated to treat premature ejaculation (PE).

Premature Ejaculation Causes - What Causes Premature Ejaculation
We don’t know what causes premature ejaculation, but here are some of the theories about the cause of premature ejaculation.

ID Glide Lubricant Review
A review of ID Glide, a water based personal lubricant for sex play.

Erotic Events and Travel - Adult Events and Travel Destinations
Reviews resources and information on erotic events and travel around the country and around the world.

Online Courses - Free Online Courses About Sex and Sexuality
Sign up for online courses that help you explore your sexual potential, deal with sexual dilemmas, learn new things about sex, and get fun tips to spice up your sex life.

Cancer and Sexuality - Information and Resources About Cancer and Sexuality
Information and resources on the impact of cancer on sex and sexuality.

Infidelity - Dealing with Infidelity in Relationships
Understanding infidelity and how to talk about and work through infidelity in relationships.

Senior Sexuality - Information on aging and sexuality
Resources and information for seniors about aging and sexuality. Find out about common physical, psychological, and emotional changes that accompany aging and may impact your sexuality, as well as resources on where to find more information and support about having a positive sexuality as you age.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STDs Information
Information and resources on sexually transmitted diseases, prevalence, symptoms, and methods for STD prevention.

Sex Tech FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Tech
Offers a definition of sex tech and answers to commonly asked questions about sex tech including the history of sex tech, examples of sex tech, and how sex tech relates to overall sexual health.

Sex Education Resources for Parents - Teaching Your Kids about Sex
From pre-school to pre-teen and beyond, on line and print resources to help you talk with your kids about sex.

Sex Toy and Book Holiday Gift Ideas - Sex Toys and Books for Christmas Gifts and Holidays Giving
The hottest Christmas sex toys, books, and erotic stocking stuffers this holiday season. Luxury sex toys, sex manuals, erotica collections, and photography books for Christmas and holiday gifts.

Vibrator Reviews- Product Reviews of Vibrators
Product reviews of vibrators. Lists the pros and cons of electric and battery vibrators for external stimulation and penetration. Recommendations for where to buy vibrators and how to shop around for the best vibrators.

Sexual Communication with a Partner – Improving your Sexual Communication Comfort and Skills
Talking with a romantic partner about sex can be difficult; whether you want to bring up a sexual problem or concern or want to suggest a new kind of sexual activity. These communication tips are designed to open up sexual communication and increase your comfort level and your skill at talking with your partner about sex.

Orgasm Questions - Questions about Orgasm
Answers to commonly asked questions about orgasms.

Viagra - How Viagra Works, Side Effects, Cost, Talking About Viagra
Information about how Viagra works, common side effects, costs, and where to buy Viagra. Plus how to talk to your doctor and partner about taking Viagra or other drugs for erectile dysfuntion (ED).

How to Orgasm - Orgasm How Tos, Tips, Techniques
There are no orgasm guarantees, but these orgasm tips and techniques could increase the chances of stimulating yourself, or someone else, to the point where they can have an orgasm.

Sex and Drugs - How Drugs Impact Sex and Sexual Function
What is the relationship between some drugs and sex? Which drugs improve sex, and which drugs make sex worse? Explanations of drugs designed to improve sexual function, and what sexual side effects can be expected from drugs.

Sexual Side Effects of Medication - Medication and Its Sexual Side Effects
An overview of the various physical and psychological sexual side effects of prescription medications. Ideas on where to research sexual side effects, and tips on dealing with common sexual side effects of medication.

Lubricant During Menstruation
An reader asks: