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Under-the-Radar Singers and Musicians

5 Best David Bowie Songs from the 1980s
David Bowie helped usher in the MTV era in the 1980s with some vivid, memorable singles. Here are five of Bowie's best moments from the 1980s.

5 Best Glenn Frey Songs from the 1970s
As a member of Eagles, Glenn Frey wrote some of the most indelible songs of the 1970s. Here are five of his best works.

5 Best Glenn Frey Songs from the 1980s
Glenn Frey moved easily from a role in Eagles to a successful solo artist, co-writing some of the biggest hits of the 1980s.

Top 5 Guests on Taylor Swift's "1989" World Tour
Taylor Swift brought a slew of celebrities out to play during her


Beyonce's 'Lemonade' is tart, sweet and provocative
Pop superstar Beyonce's sixth studio album Lemonade is her most eclectic, personal and political yet.

Singers and Musicians
From chart-topping superstars to unknown talents, Singers and Musicians introduces you to the personalities behind your favorite songs.

10 Best Prince Songs of the 1980s
Iconic singer-songwriter Prince redefined pop music in the 1980s with astonishing singles.

Classic Flashback: Billy Joel, 'The Stranger'
Once Billy Joel invited The Stranger into his life, everything changed. The singer-songwriter’s fifth album was a turning point for him.

Classic Flashback: Billy Joel, 'Turnstiles'
For those who let themselves slip through these Turnstiles, they will find some of the most durable rock songs of the last half century.

Rihanna gets down and dirty with 'Work'
Rihanna has charted a course of her own, indulging the music industry while also working to steadily distance herself from pop star expectations.

Review: Beyonce, 'Formation'
Beyonce’s latest single, Formation, provokes on many fronts. It is a fascinating gambit for one of pop music’s most visible talents.

5 Best David Bowie Songs from the 2000s
The 2000s were far from prolific, but this era contained some of Bowie's most thoughtful records. Here are five of his finest moments from 2000-2015.

5 Best David Bowie Songs from the 1990s
Throughout the 1990s, David Bowie preferred to spend much of his time in the studio. Here are five of Bowie's finest moments from the 1990s.

Review of Rihanna's "Anti"
Rihanna's eighth studio Anti is ambitious and striking, finding a pop star in transition and trying on different styles.

Review of Sia's "This Is Acting"
Sia's seventh studio album, full of songs originally intended for others, instead becomes a demonstration of the singer's strengths and weaknesses.

5 Best David Bowie Songs from the 1970s
Here are five of Bowie's best moments from the 1970s, a decade that saw him undertake tremendous stylistic shifts from one record to the next.

5 Best Sia Collaborations
Sia is a go-to collaborator for a number of top EDM and hip-hop artists - these are five of her top guest appearances.

The 5 Best Carrie Underwood Collaborations
Five songs showcasing Carrie Underwood's range and powerful voice.

5 Most Unlikely Justin Bieber Collaborations
Justin Bieber's career has featured some unlikely collaborations. From Ludacris to Skrillex, the Canadian singer has created some surprising results.

The 5 Most Heartbreaking Lyrics on Adele's "25"
Adele's album

5 Best Taylor Swift Collaborations
Pop superstar Taylor Swift has teamed up with a variety of top acts for interesting collaborations.

5 Best "Late Period" Madonna Tracks
The last decade has seen Madonna tackling some of her most adventurous and melodic work to date, proving the pop star is still shining bright.

Biography of Katy Perry
Katy Perry has risen to stardom by turning cliches upside down: the sexy pop star who's smart enough to let the audience know she gets the joke.

Biography of Rihanna
A biography of pop superstar Rihanna, from her early days to the anticipated release of her new album,

Biography of Ariana Grande
Considering the rise of Ariana Grande, who moved quickly and easily from Broadway to Nickelodeon TV series to pop superstardom.

Biography of Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani has evolved from California ska-punk front-woman to influential fashion designer and multi-platinum solo artist.

Biography of Selena Gomez
Texas native Selena Gomez has moved easily from TV to music to film and back again - considering the ascent of one of pop music's brightest stars.

Biography of Justin Bieber
The rise of Justin Bieber has been marked by smash hit singles, screaming fans and plenty of controversy. He might be the next great pop star.

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