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Using “Drunken Sailor” to Teach Kids
Find out the meaning of traditional lyrics and create original verses to further enhance readings skills.

Rain, Rain Go Away
Raining? Sing these two songs with your child:

This Old Man
Forgot all ten versus of

Jingle Bells
Did you know

Camptown Races

Ring Around the Rosie
Who cares what the song means? Kids love it! Here is one of the most popular kid's songs with a picture of children demonstrating the actions.

Hickory, Dickory Dock
Find the words to this kids classic here.

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
A simple tune to teach young children. It becomes a fun game when you allow your child decide what He has in his hands.

6 Tony Award Winning Musicals With A Dark Side
These shows are not your run of the mill happy-go-lucky musicals. Each one deals with the dark side of human nature within the context of a musical.

10 German Lullabies for Children
German lullabies give you a glimpse into German speaking people’s culture, a joy to sing, and appropriate for choirs and soloists alike.

10 Classical Lullabies You Will Love to Sing
More than 10 beautiful lullabies appropriate for use at home and in recitals.

Singing Props Every Music Educator Can Afford
From ribbon sticks to shaker bells, check out these helpful music props that every music educator should own.

How to Teach Voice Lessons
Here are some tips, examples, and ideas on how to teach voice.

Songs to Sing
Choosing new songs to sing just got easier. Find songs for various holidays, songs to sing at weddings, and songs for beginners.

Pronunciation for Singers
Singers move people by combining poetry and music. Learn how to pronounce common singing languages to take advantage of your voice's ability to express words.

Find reviews for anything from books to musical apps to entire teaching methods here.

German Folk Songs
Find songs for those learning German, starting a German choir, or wanting to find the perfect German folk song to add to their vocal recital.

Broadway Recitals
Songs you may want to consider for your next Broadway recital, including opening and closing pieces and easy group numbers.

Broadway Audition Pieces
Find unique contemporary Broadway audition material here.

Wedding Songs to Sing
Beef up your wedding repertoire with these suggestions.

Find a collection of lullabies from classical to traditional to sing at home or in recitals.

Voice Exercises
Singers in all stages use vocal exercises to “warm-up” the voice and master vocal technique. Find vocal exercises to improve basic vocal skills.

Who Sings
Discover how famous singers from every musical style live and how you can become one of them.

Singing Styles
Past the fundamentals, voices are trained differently depending on the style of music you want to sing. Learn how to sing rock, classical, jazz, and more.

Singing for Kids
Now is the best time to teach children basic singing skills. Learn what is healthy for their voices, how to keep their attention, and more.

German for Singers
Find help learning to sing in German.

Music Book Reviews
From songbooks to music textbooks for singers, find out what I recommend to my students.

Lesson Plans for Voice Teachers
Use these lesson plans to start creating your own vocal curriculum.

Where to Practice Voice
Apply these 4 principles as best you can to create the best practice environment.

Gifts for Singers Over $50
Everyone loves to get a gift that keeps on giving and here's a list of ones perfect for the singer in your life.

Is Scooping Bad?
Most singers, especially those who sing with a choir, have heard scooping is a bad thing. But, what is it really?

Gifts for Singers Under $50
Six gifts that will pique a singer's interest and inspire practice sessions.

What is an Interval?
What are Intervals and what do they have to do with singing?

Singing Practice Log for Posture and Inhalation
Provided are two assignment logs one on posture and the other on inhalation for student practice at home.


How to Pronounce German Umlauted Vowels
Despite how difficult the task, in order to sing German well and in a way that is understandable, learning to sing the umlauted vowels is mandatory.

9 Inhalation Exercises for Beginning Singers
Teach your body to breathe low with these nine tried and true breathing exercises.

High Breaths and Singing
Most people intuitively have an idea of what a high breath is but not an exact understanding, which can cause inaccurate conclusions.

Is Caffeine Bad for Singers?
Caffeine may be detrimental to the singing voice. Surprised? Not I, but it turns out there is more to the story.

5 Broadway Audition Pieces for Young Girls
Great children singers are hard to find. A child with talent and a desire to sing will find opportunities to perform with the right audition pieces.

More Funny Broadway Audition Songs for Mid-Range Female Voices
Find four hilarious pieces for the singing actress auditioning for musicals.

Review of Hal Leonard’s “15 American Art Songs”
One of my all-time favorite songbooks; the songs are beautiful, interesting, and introduce students to a more modern style and American composers.

8 German Rounds for Children and Adults
These eight simple German rounds are easy to learn with links to sheet music, lyrics, and sound clips.

7 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright
Anxiety can keep you from sharing your talents with others. Don't let that happen to you. Review these tips to overcome stage fright.

How to Stop Stacking Your Breath
Stacking the breath is a common error causing strained inhalations and discomfort in beginning singers.

How to Sing – Tips for Beginner to Advanced Singers
Everything you need to learn how to sing. Get singing tips and exercises for beginner to advanced singers, singing techniques and fun songs to sing.

Master Inhalation With These 7 Tips
Inhaling like a professional requires a knowledge of all seven of these key aspects of a good breath.

Broadway Audition Pieces for Young Boys from Newer Musicals
Three songs that were meant for boys to sing on Broadway.

Broadway Audition Pieces to Avoid
Some of these songs are either too iconic or are hard for a pianist to sight-read. Either way, do not audition with them.

Understanding Tempo Markings
Tempo markings can be confusing. Find out how to decipher them and why it is important to do so.


Vocal Range and Registers
Find out how to identify, extend, and smooth out your vocal range. Learn everything from how to stop cracking to identifying whether you are a soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.

Tenor Fächer: What Kind of Operatic Tenor are You?
Learn about types of tenors to discover which you prefer or identify what type you are.

Voice Classifications for Sopranos -- Soprano Fachs Defined
Learn about types of sopranos to discover which you prefer or identify what type you are.

Breath Support: Should I Push the Stomach In or Out?
Some advocate pushing the stomach in to support the tone and others teach pushing out. Here's what you need to know to choose what is right for you.

Examples of Teaching Voice Lessons Through Songs
Songs can be used to teach vocal concepts in a way that is more engaging than using vocal exercises by themselves.

How to Project Your Voice
Some loud speakers and singers sound brash and irritating. With proper technique, you can both project and have beautiful tone.

Understanding and Increasing Vocal Resonance
Resonance is the secret to vocal volume and beauty. Learn how to use certain parts of the body to add warmth, brightness, and volume to your voice.

Increase Vocal Beauty and Volume Using These 10 Vocal Exercises
Ten exercises for those who want to increase warmth and brilliance in their singing.

Vocal Resonance
Vocal resonance is the secret to vocal volume and beauty. Using certain parts of the body adds warmth, brightness, and volume to the voice. Focusing or placing the voice also helps singers amplify sound.

Breath Support
Learn some of the common mistakes and debates concerning breath support, as well as how to properly sustain a beautiful singing tone.

Health and Singing
Learn to sing without pain and with various health conditions.

How to Perform
Be authentic and develop an audience following with performance techniques.

How to Sing
Want to learn how to sing? Discover the basics of how your voice works, ways to improve your sound, and how to increase your vocal range.

Singing in a Choir
Learn about choirs and group singing here. Find out how to blend and match vowels, as well as where to find competitions, and more.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Singing In Tune
Singing in tune can be a struggle for beginners as well as advanced singers. Certain tried and true methods can help.

Singing Loud
Whether you use a microphone or not, singing loud enough sets you apart from amateur singers.

Rhythm and Singing
Learn how to improve your sense of rhythm.

Learn what vibrato is and how to control it.

Tone Quality
Learn how to sing beautifully. Singing.

Learn about and use your vocal cords effectively.

What is a Schwa?
Whether a soloist or a choral member, one word tends to pop up more than others: schwa. Find out why it is so important and when to use it.

8 Vocal Warm-Ups That Mix Registers
Stop cracking vocally by learning to mix your chest and head voice by using at least one of these eight vocal exercises on a daily basis.

What is Solfège?
Solfge is the ABC's of music. Learn what it is and how it can help you learn to sing music without hearing it first.

Singing Technique Lesson on Vowel Enunciation
Vowel clarity makes a singer easy to understand and beautiful to listen to.

What You Need to Know About Singing Vowels
Find out what 'singing on the vowel' means, how vowels can be forward, back, open, closed, rounded or unrounded, and more.

Practice Log for Enunciation of Vowels
Make practice time more effective using this assignment log with specific tasks on enunciating and understanding vowels.

Choral Repertoire with Judith Clurman
Judith Clurman shares insights on running rehearsals, shares what great works every singer should know, how to blend, and more.

6 Abusive Vocal Behaviors to Avoid
If you often lose your voice or are hoarse, then you likely can pinpoint it to one of these six habits or a physical ailment.

How to Plan the Length of Your Vocal Recital
The key to a successful recital is picking an appropriate length and planning your songs accordingly. Find out how.

How to Plan a Vocal Recital
Plan a vocal recital efficiently using these eight steps.

Latin for Singers
Find help learning to sing in Latin.

A Complete Guide to Latin Pronunciation for Singers
Learn to correctly pronounce and sing Latin vowels and consonants.

Why You Should Sing Like You Speak and How to Do It
Improve your diction, your ability to express the lyrics, and tone quality by following this simple step-by-step.

What Makes Your Voice Unique?
When singing the same note as another singer, timbre makes yours recognizable.

Top 10 Songs to Sing at Wedding Ceremonies
Ten favorite wedding ceremony songs in classical, jazz, and musical theater styles

How to Find Songs to Sing
Six helpful tips to picking music for any occasion or event.

How to Sing in 10 Steps
If you want a quick guide on how to sing, then you found the right place. The more you apply these steps, the better you will become.

7 Ways to Use Ribbon Sticks in a Musical Setting
Ribbon sticks or wands are an instant hit. Children understand music in new ways, by involving their whole bodies and adding a visual element.

What are Vocal Registers?
Registers range from low to high. Find out more about the vocal fry, chest voice, head voice, whistle register, falsetto, and mixed registers.

Gifts For Singers Under $25
For $25 dollars and less, these presents are perfect for budget conscious gift givers.

Exhaling any unused air and relaxing the muscles between breaths is just as important as learning to exhale properly.

Apple Apps
Find out if these apps can help you meet your singing goals.

Learn to manage the breath as you exhale in order to

Improving Clarity
Singers have the power to emotionally move the audience when their words are intelligible.

The first step to breathing for singing is learning to inhale silently, quickly, deeply, and more.

International Phonetic Alphabet
Use the International Phonetic Alphabet to teach you to sing in any foreign language.

Without good posture, forget learning to breathe in well or manage the breath.

Chest Voice
Learn what chest voice is, how to sing in it, and more.

Head Voice
Learn what head voice is, how to use it, and more.

Extending Your Vocal Range
How to add notes to your upper and lower register.

Whistle Register
Who sings in whistle register, what is it, and more.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Voice Teaching Business
These five steps are simple but necessary and often overlooked business considerations every successful voice studio requires.

Inspire Vocalists to Sing Using Practice Logs
Effective use of assignment and practice logs will motivate and teach students how to practice.

What is Phonation?
Understanding how the vocal cords work can give you a more holistic view of singing and improve your tone quality.

Singing Technique Lesson -- Physical Signs of Low Relaxed Breathing
Learn how to reinforce low breathing by discussing physical signs of low breathing.

Practice Log for Enunciation of Consonants
Assignment log with specific tasks on enunciating consonants for at home practice.

Achieving Good Singing Posture As You Sit
Though sitting and standing with good singing posture have similarities, you may need to learn a few new concepts to sit with good singing posture.

Technique Lesson for Beginners – Enunciating Consonants
The unique ability that singers have to musically convey lyrics makes it important to enunciate clearly.

6 Posture Exercises for Singers
These six exercises will teach and reinforce good singing posture.

Singing Technique Lesson – Breath Management
Use this lesson plan to teach beginning voice students how to elongate their breath as they exhale.

Singing Technique Lesson for Beginners -- Posture
Voice teachers and music educators may teach good singing posture using this lesson plan.

Singing Technique Lesson for Beginners -- Low Breathing
Use this lesson plan to teach low breathing using the diaphragm to beginning voice students.

Creating a Good Lesson Plan for Voice Lessons
Find out how to create effective lesson plans that teach technique, theory, and song repertoire.

Singing Without Throat Pain
Throat pain is caused by overuse of the vocal cords. Avoid it by finding your breath threshold, singing into the mask, and lifting the soft palate.

What is Proper Singing Posture?
Good singing posture improves range, tone quality, and relaxes the body.

Quick Tips to Sing High Notes Now
One tip or a combination of the five listed can immediately allow your high notes to sound beautiful and free now.

Why are Opera Singers Known for Being Obese?
Where does the phrase,

How the Tongue Can Make or Break a Singer
Tongue tension has a large influence on the quality of your vocal sound. Find out why and what to do about it.

Kids Rhyming Songs That Promote Literacy
These songs are for older child ready for the next level, as they encourage kids to create their own rhymes.

3 Elements of a Good Voice Lesson
Beginning voice lessons should include these four elements.

What is “Marking” the Voice and How to Do It
Find out how to

6 Singing Christmas Traditions Celebrated in the United States
From opera to caroling, these six Christmas traditions are some of the most celebrated in the United States.

Review of Wedding Songbook
Though it does not include all my wedding song favorites, I have found this songbook useful and you can get it for next to nothing.

6 Steps to Improve Your Singing Tone
Practicing these six steps will help you improve tone quality by increasing the amplification of overtones.

Why Should You Sing?
Listed are 5 reasons everyone should sing: the young, old, sick, healthy, dumb, and underachieving gifted.

6 Studies That Link Singing to Healing
From effective speech therapy to helping autistic patients reach goals, music and singing has the power to heal.

7 Studies That Link Singing to Intelligence
These seven studies begin to explain the complex relationship between the brain, IQ, music and singing.

8 Studies That Link Singing to Happiness
How does taking a deep breath and speaking in a melodic way give someone joy? Find out from those who research it.

When Should I Practice Voice?
When you practice is important both physically and mentally. These five points will help you decide what will work for you.

What is a "Legato Line," and How Do I Sing With It?
One skill is more important than any other when singing, regardless of the style you sing. Find out what.

7 Tips to Teach Kids to Sing
Keep singing fun using pitch matching games, call and response songs, echo songs, and by making up songs so they can explore their voice.

A Singer's Guide to the Breathing Process
The process of breathing for singing is divided into four parts for clarity: inhalation, suspension, exhalation, and recovery.

How to Take a Quick Breath
Taking a low, diaphragmatic breath slowly is natural. Speeding up the process is not as hard as you may think.

How to Find Your Vocal Range
Finding your vocal range is easy with a little know-how. Use a five note scale to find out whether you are a soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.

The Larynx: Anatomy for Singers
A simplified description of the anatomy of the voice box that will help you understand the basics, without going into too much intimidating details.

How Much Should I Practice?
Learning to sing takes time, but how much is determined by several factors.

How to Find and Develop Your Head Voice
Finding your head voice requires vocal exploration: first learn to speak in head voice, then yawn sigh, and finally sing in it.

6 Reasons to Use Head Voice
Everyone should learn to use their head voice in order to improve their dynamic contrast, range, and much more.

6 Reasons to Use Chest Voice
Some singers prefer the sweeter sound of the head voice, but chest voice opens up color options, extends your range, and more.

How to Find and Develop Chest Voice
Follow these five steps to vocal volume and power.

What is Chest Voice?
Find out answers to questions about chest voice including what it is and how it differs from head voice.

7 Tips on How to Sing and Find Whistle Register
Learning to sing in whistle register can open up a whole new repertoire world for singers.

7 Reasons to Learn Whistle Register
Here are several reasons why you may want to access your whistle register.

4 Tips to Sing Lower
Learning to sing lower allows singers the freedom to choose whatever they want to sing and impresses audiences.

5 Tips to Sing Higher
Singers who want to sing higher can do so by learning or strengthening the head voice, falsetto, or whistle registers.

Why You Can’t Stutter and Sing
Many singers stutter, even famous ones like Marilyn Monroe, Bill Withers, and Mel Tillis. Most find they do not have a stutter when they sing. Why?

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMD and Singing
Relaxing the jaw when singing creates a beautiful tone and TMD can make that impossible. Find out what to do if you sing and suffer from TMD.

What is Head Voice?
What is head voice? Is it really a vocal register? Find your answers to these questions and more.

Tips on Going Caroling Last Minute
A spontaneous door-to-door party is easier to pull off with a little advice from someone who goes caroling every year.

Where to Carol When it is Too Cold Outside
It is never too cold to go caroling when you do it like this.

Lyrics for Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Carols
An instant one page caroling page to print off and take with you door-to-door. Just cut and paste!

5 Tips to Make Songs in Foreign Languages Accessible to Audiences
When singing in a foreign language, performers must make extra effort to help the audience understand the message of the song.

Find Authentic German Folk Songs on Website Lieder Archive
Find German traditional folk songs listed on the website Lieder Archive with translation help and links.

Find Traditional German Folk Songs with Website Liederbaum
Find German traditional folk songs listed on the website Liederbaum with translation help and links.

Germans and their Sheep
A favorite traditional German lullaby great for beginning singers and children.

Kids Make Me Laugh -- The Sick Neighbors Song
A favorite traditional German lullaby great for beginning singers and children.

Brahms' Lullaby
A favorite traditional German lullaby great for beginning singers and children.

Deep Questions in a Lullaby
A favorite traditional German lullaby great for beginning singers and children.

Top 4 Traditional German Lullabies Sung to Children Today
Many websites offer lists of countless German lullabies to choose from. These four are the most popular and are regularly sung by moms today.

The Trickiest German Vowels Are Not Umlauted
Learn how to sound like a native German speaker when singing by correctly pronouncing German vowels that are not umlauted.

Find Songs of Interest to German Immigrants on Website Ingeb
Find German traditional folk songs listed on the website Ingeb with translation help and links.

Why Everyone With Parkinson's Should Study Singing
Learning how to sing properly will increase a Parkinson's patients overall ability to use their voice, improving their daily speech.

Top 10 Favorite Echo Songs
Echo songs are both fun and help develop the ability to sing back what you hear. Here are my top 10 favorites, including,

What is Whistle Register?
Find the answers to what is whistle register, how does it differ from head voice, why is it given that name, and more.

The Basics of Extending Vocal Range
Extending range requires discovering and developing various vocal registers. Diligence and practice are needed to do both.

'Point' the Voice to Sing Louder
Learn what pointing the voice means and how to do it.

Do Naturally Talented Singers Need Voice Lessons?
Whether you study voice at a university, take lessons, or just read articles about singing on the internet, you ultimately teach yourself to sing.

Websites for German Art Song Enthusiasts
Choosing and preparing German art songs is easier than any other classical genre thanks to these websites.

Does Smiling Make You Sing Better?
Find out why so many choral directors ask vocalists to smile while singing.

Why Can’t I Sing in Tune?
Though genetics is one reason why you may struggle, it is not the only reason. Most likely you can improve pitch with time and the right tools.

How to Get Rid of Awkward Vocal Breaks
Have an ugly break or crack in your voice? Find out how to rid yourself of it for good by mixing your registers.

How to Stop Singing Through Your Nose
Singing through your nose or sounding nasally is easily remedied with a little practice and understanding.

Sing with a Well Balanced Beautiful Voice
Combining the ringing beautiful bright tones that resonate over an orchestra with the rich warmth of the lower overtones takes time and practice.

How to Stagger Breath
Find out what stagger breathing is, when it is used, and how to do it effectively.

Am I Tone Deaf?
Find information and simple tests to determine whether you are one of the rare few who are tone deaf.

Learning to Sing Through Observation
If you cannot afford to take voice lessons, then you may be able to teach yourself to sing through observation.

What is Bright and Warm Singing?
Find examples of what vocal color is, who uses differing colors and when, and a list of words expressing overly bright to overly dark singing.

5 Myths About Singing
Read about misunderstood ideas that cover technique ideas to whether it is too late to learn to sing.

Using The Opening Number from “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”
Find the alternate lyrics for

When You Are Singing Too Loud
From small rooms to lullabies, here are some examples of when loud singing may not be the best option.

What is Tessitura?
Tessitura is affected by timbre, frequency of sung notes, and the contour of the melody.

15 Tips to Make Caroling a Success
The weather outside is frightful, but caroling is still delightful. Plan your next caroling experience with these 15 tips.

Serious Broadway Audition Songs for Lower Female Voices
Find out more about five show stopping tunes for altos and the shows they come from.

4 Contemporary Broadway Opening Numbers Perfect For Recitals
One of these four contemporary Broadway songs may be perfect for openers in your next recital or concert with multiple singers.

Broadway Audition Songs for Young Boys From Older Musicals
Finding stand-alone audition pieces for young boys that impress can be hard. These four are from older musicals, but still land parts.

Closing Numbers or Encores for Group Broadway Shows
Find out what themes give a recital a sense of finality and see if one of these three specific suggestions will work for your show.

Classic Opening Numbers for Broadway Recitals
Opening with one of these classic Broadway numbers is an exciting way to start a recital, show, or musical soiree with multiple singers.

Funny Broadway Audition Songs for Mid-Range Female Voices
Get to know four stand out contemporary audition pieces and their composers.

5 Poignant Broadway Audition Pieces for Mezzo Sopranos
Are you a mezzo soprano looking for a serious audition piece from a more recent Broadway musical? Look no further!

More Funny Broadway Audition Songs for Lower Female Voices
Find four suggestions for funny contemporary Broadway audition pieces to add to your repertoire.

Funny Broadway Audition Songs for Higher Female Voices
This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but just a sampling of what kind of works you can find with a little research.

Funny Broadway Audition Songs for Lower Female Voices
Picking the right funny Broadway song to audition with may land you the part you want. A sure bet is to pick unique contemporary pieces.

How to Perform Within Your Vocal Range
Don't be one of those people who think their high notes are beautiful when they are not; learn the difference between total and usable vocal range.

How to Protect Your Voice From Damage
There are times when you simply should not sing. Your voice is the only one you will ever have, so learn how to protect it.

Gifts for Singers Under $10
Buy some or all of these affordable gifts to put into a gift basket or for a smaller gift for a singing friend or neighbor.

8 Tips on How to Sing Harmony
Singing in a group is a lot more rewarding and fun when you know how to sing harmony. Follow these tips to learn how.

How to Take a Silent Breath
Gasping between phrases while singing takes away from the beauty of your singing voice. Learn why you gasp and how to stop it.

How to Cut Off Held Notes in Singing Groups
Cutting off notes at various times makes words hard to hear and impairs vocal quality. Practice these tips to unify your group.

Interview with Singing Expert Ron Murdock
About singing expert Ron Murdock and his vocal technique, based on a conversation via Skype on the morning of September 13th, 2013.

Review of "Beginning and Advanced Tonal Dictation" by Thomas L. Durham
Learn to listen to a melody, chord, or progression of chords and notate them using this book.

Review of “The Sound of Music Vocal Selections”
This songbook provides excellent piano arrangements for all of the famous songs from Rogers and Hammerstein's masterpiece

Review of “The First Book of Soprano Solos”
Not only are the songs in

Review of “The New Illustrated Treasury of Disney Songs”
With easy to play accompaniments, this may be the perfect collection to teach young children to play and sing at the same time.

Should You Buy “24 Italian Songs & Arias?"
John Glenn Paton’s 26 Italian Songs and Arias is a newer rendition of Schirmer's collection. What makes it different and which is best for you?

Review of Hal Leonard’s “12 Sacred Songs”

Book Reviews
Find honest reviews from songbooks to music textbooks for singers.

Review of Vocademy’s Vocal Warm Ups and Work Outs
People find programs like Vocademy’s Three Volume Vocal Warm Ups and Work Outs improve focus and encourage extra practice sessions.

Review of DoReMi 1-2-3 App in Song Mode
DoReMi 1-2-3 in song mode tests kids and adults ability to hear and play back simple songs.

Review of Apple App Sing Harmonies
Sing Harmonies teaches you to learn and sing harmonies with others.

Review of VoiceRecorder App for iPad
Find out why VoiceRecorder for iPad is my top choice recorder for students.

Review of Youcompose Apple App
Youcompose is a fun little app for those wanting to compose symphonies, but may help those wanting to composer smaller works as well.

Review of Apple App ScoreCloud Express
I have been looking for an app you can sing a tune to and then converts the tones into sheet music. ScoreCloud Express does just that.

Review of Fiddlewax Blue Apple App
Fiddlewax Blue is just right for someone wanting to familiarize themselves with chords without learning to play an instrument or read a theory book.

Review of Apple App Hook’d
Hook’d is karaoke through YouTube and a fun way to share musical clips with the world.

Review of Apple App Hum.
The Apple App Hum. is user-friendly, keeps you organized, a great way to share new musical ideas, and fun to use. That said, I probably will not use it.

Singing English Understandably
Singing understandably and vibrantly can be a challenge. Here's a simple concept that will help you get started.

Using Glottal Strokes When Singing
Glottal strokes can cause vocal harm and sound unattractive, but they can also make sung words intelligible.

Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA for Singers
With IPA sung words turn from mush to something that make people cry, laugh, or simply smile. All singers should learn it.

Understanding the Consonant Chart
To really be understood when singing, pronouncing consonants well is vital. The consonant chart is one of many tools that can help.

Why do Singer’s Prefer Latin?
Find out why Latin is easier to sing than most other languages and how singing it well opens up job opportunities for singers.

Review of (How to) Pronounce App
The (How to) Pronounce App's language options are the perfect match for singers’ needs.

Review of DoReMi 1-2-3 App in Rainbow Mode
DoReMi 1-2-3 is a colorful app with options to teach children traditional solfge, scale numbers, colors, and sounds. I'm a fan and here's why.

The Blob Chorus: Ear Training App Review
The Blob Chorus ear training game is a simple app that may be just thing to help you learn to sing.

Review of SingTrue App
The SingTrue app is perfect for adults wanting to learn to sing in-tune. Here's why.

Singing Apps to Avoid
Take a minute to read this before downloading these four apps.

Learning to Sing with iTunes Apps
These five apps will help beginners to advanced singers develop and hone their talent.

Review of Voice Checker Free – Voice Trainer Apple App
The app's price is right and just what a beginning singer needs.

Review of Voice Training – Learn to Sing App
The Voice Training -- Learn to Sing App app may help some people get started, but is not my first pick.

Learn to impress in less than five minutes with these stand out techniques.

The Secret to a Great Performance is Fun
There is a lot to think about when you sing, but when you perform the only thing you should concentrate on is having fun. Here's how.

Understanding Breath Support
Find out what breath support is, as well as some of the terms used to describe it: appoggio, lutta vocale, and muscle antagonism.

What is Stacked Breathing?
Inhale without tension by learning what 'stacked breathing' is.

Famous Whistlers
Here are five singers who have not only discovered their whistle register, developed it, but have applied it to their music and have recorded in it.

Children’s Stories That Teach Head and Chest Voice
Whether an adult improving your own vocal abilities or a music educator, these stories will improve pitch and familiarity with vocal registers.

All Through the Night
Find lyrics and sheet music for

Beautiful Dreamer
Find lyrics and sheet music for

Songs My Mother Taught Me
Find lyrics and sheet music for

Find lyrics and sheet music for

Lullabies in Public Domain
A collection of six singable lullabies with sheet music available in public domain.

Mary's Lullaby
Lyrics of slumber now. Singing. Page 4.

Sleep My Precious Boy
Lyrics of sleep my precious boy. Page 5.

Singing Promotes Reading Skills
Children entering kindergarten are expected to be more prepared to read, find out how singing can help your child more than expensive programs.

Using “Going to the Zoo” to Promote Literacy
“Going to the Zoo” not only introduces the ‘-oo’ word family with rhymes: zoo, you, and too, but encourages word play with these fun and easy ideas.

Singing "Blow the Man Down" With Kids

5 Reasons Karaoke Will Improve Your Musicianship
Karaoke is a not only a performance opportunity, but a way to improve your overall musicianship.

Finding Time to Breathe
Breathing deeply during exercises is easier than finding time do so while singing. Find out how to apply your good habits to songs.

Singing Basics -- Posture and Breath
Learn the basics of singing by reading one article a day.

How to Mix Registers - Vocal Exercises
Learn how to get rid of awkward transitions in your voice by finding what register you use and pick appropriate exercises to practice mixing registers.

Netflix Movies Aspiring Singers Should See
Here are some programs currently streaming on Netflix that you will both enjoy watching and learn from.

How to Assign Specific Homework for Voice Lessons
If you want to help students succeed, then set high standards and be specific about what you expect.

How Long Do I Need to Study Voice?
How long you should take lessons is determined by several factors: vocal goals, speed of learning, time spent practicing, and more.

How to Tell if You Sing Overly Bright
A too bright voice indicates unhealthy or inefficient singing. Listed below are some causes that help identify those with the problem.

Voice Placement - Definition and Tips
Placement in the world of vocal music is a term that deals with resonance. Proper placement helps students sing with more volume and better tone quality.

How Open Should My Mouth Be When I Sing?
Find out what the three finger rule is, how open is too open when it comes to jaw width, and why emulating great singers can help.

What is Lyric Diction?
How words are enunciated in speech may be different than when you sing; the name for singing diction is “lyric diction.”

Sing on the Beat
Singing on the beat is a challenge, but a rewarding discipline. With it, singing sounds thrilling, vibrant, and words are understandable.

How to Sing Sick
With knowledge and practice, you can sing sick with little to no discomfort most of the time.

What is a Vocal Onset?
The first moment of vocal sound is most important. There are three basic ways one can initiate vocal tone: aspirated, glottal, and coordinated.

Teaching Singers to Learn Songs By Themselves
Students enjoy being taught songs by rote, because its less short term work than learning songs themselves. Here are ways to do things differently.

Understanding Vibrato
A healthy vibrato beautifies the voice adding a rich, unique tonal quality. Discover what vibrato is and what makes an attractive one.

Controlling Vibrato
Learn how to sing with vibrato, correct wobbles and tremolos, and achieve a healthy straight tone.

How to Become a Confident Performer
Become a singer that loves to perform with these five ideas.

Picking the Right Song for an Audition
Song selection is a vital factor in an audition. What type of song you pick depends entirely on what you audition for. Here's what to consider.

Wow Kids With These Magical Interval Songs
The magic key to music for the littlest of singers is actually an interval, or space between notes.

How Proper Posture Improves Singing Technique and Sound
Learn why properly aligning your body when you sing will help you breathe and relax your entire body. The Alexander Technique is a tool singers can learn.

How to Achieve a Coordinated Vocal Onset
The importance of the first note of a phrase cannot be over-emphasized. Learn what goes into a proper onset of vocal tone.

Learning to Sing When Tone Deaf
Few people are actually “tone deaf.” Most likely if you can't carry a tune, then you just need to learn pitch matching. Find out how.

What is Vocal Placement?
Vocal placement is a somewhat misleading term; you can’t physically move the resonance as the term might allude to. Why? Find out here.

6 Steps To Effective Practice Sessions
Practicing voice is like a knife to the whittler. Learn to do it well or it may hurt you. Start now by applying these six steps.

How to Sing In-Tune
“Pitchy” or out of tune singing takes some work to fix, but for most it is as simple as learning to sing well.

Find out where to sing karaoke, how to sing it, and learn about some useful games on various consuls that might get you started.