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Say No - Learn How to Say No
Do you have trouble saying no? Find out how to say no as part of your own self-care with

Sleep - Single Parents Don't Get Enough Sleep
As a single parent, do you get enough sleep? Most don't. Find out why sleep is important through

Chores - Daily Chores for Single Parents
Do you dread doing chores? See how knocking a few off your

Friends - Single Parents Best Friends
Who are your best friends? Find out how to think creatively about the people in your life and begin to make more friends as part of

Friends Help - Let Your Friends Help
Do you let your friends help you raise your kids? Find out why it matters with

Find Time to Make Dinner as a Single Parent
Is your head spinning with all you need to get done? These time savers will help you make dinner, clean your house, and even squeeze in a shower!

Online Friends - Meet Online Friends in the Single Parents Forum
Online friends can be a great source of friendship and comfort, any time of day. Find out how to meet some new online friends with

Money Management - Better Money Management for Single Parents
Do you manage your money well as a single parent? Learn new money management skills as part of

Managing Your Time as a Single Parent
How much free time do you get, and what do you do with it? Find out why it matters with

Helpful Kids - How to Encourage Helpful Kids
Are your kids helpful? Find out how to encourage helpfulness in your home with

Family Calendar - Use Your Family Calendar to Organize Activities
Family calendars are only effective if you put them to good use. Find out how to use your calendar as a tool for organizing all of your family's activities. Includes links to printing your own calendar pages.

Positive Thoughts - Power of Positive Thoughts for Single Parents
Are you determined to think positive thoughts? Find out what a difference they can make with

Hugs for Single Parents - Self-Care Hugs for Single Parents
When was the last time you gave yourself a hug? Find out how to incorporate self-care in your life through

Annual Halloween Costume Exchange
The Halloween costume exchange can save you a lot of money. Learn how to participate and post your kids' old costumes or search for Halloween costumes other parents are giving away.

8 Holiday Tips for Parents Who Share Custody
Worried about how to split your holiday parenting time? Get tips for talking through what you want and making the holidays brighter for everyone.

How to Plan Fun Overnight Visits With Your Kids
Overnight visits can be hard on kids, especially when they're young. Use these tips to help them settle in and turn your next overnight into a fun time.

Plan Successful Coparenting Meetings With Your Ex
Coparenting well demands good communication. Learn how to plan regular meetings with your ex, whether you're seasoned coparents or new to the process.

Where to Find Food Banks Near Me
Food pantries and food banks exist to help low-income families get by. Find out how to apply and where to get help in your area.

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Reach an Agreement
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Plan Ahead
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Recap
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

Get Help With Winter Heating Bills & Energy Costs
Winter heating bills eating up your budget? Find real programs designed to help you cover winter heating bills and energy costs.

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Discuss Academics
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Discuss Behavior
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Share Concerns
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

Successful Co-Parenting Meetings With Your Ex: Create an Agenda
Ready for a whole new way to communicate with your ex? Use these 7 steps to facilitate successful co-parenting meetings:

How to Write a Family Mission Statement
Learn how to write a family mission statement for your single parent family. Solidify the goals and dreams you share by putting them down on paper. Learn the key questions you should answer as you complete this family building exercise.

How to Save Money on Vacation Meals This Summer
Learn how to save money on 4 vacation categories: hotel costs, transportation, food, and kid-friendly attractions.

How to Save Money on Vacation This Summer
Learn how to save money on 4 vacation categories: hotel costs, transportation, food, and kid-friendly attractions.

How to Save Money on Vacation & Transportation This Summer
Learn how to save money on 4 vacation categories: hotel costs, transportation, food, and kid-friendly attractions.

How to Save Money on Vacation Attractions This Summer
Learn how to save money on 4 vacation categories: hotel costs, transportation, food, and kid-friendly attractions.

Save Money on Kids' Clothes - Shopping Tips
Don't overspend on your kids' clothes. Instead, learn how to find the best deals with these shopping tips.

How to Handle International Custody Disputes
International custody disputes can be extremely difficult for parents, particularly if your child already resides in the other country against your wishes. Determine how to handle an international custody dispute, including what steps to take and what issues to prepare for in advance.

How to Determine Paternity for Child Support
Before child custody obligations can be determined courts must determine paternity. Learn how your state might handle questions about paternity.

Interview a Babysitter - Questions to Ask
There's a lot to ask when you interview a potential babysitter. This list of questions covers the most important topics, including experience, emergencies, and compensation.

8 Child Custody Mediation Resources for Single Parents
Could child custody mediation work for your family? Learn more about the process, why you should consider it, how to find a mediator & more.

Child Support Calculators - Online Child Support Calculators for All 50 States
Find an online child support calculator configured to determine the correct amount of child support owed in your state, given your specific situation. Includes links to each state's online calculator, where possible, as well as printable worksheets and third-party calculators as needed.

Free Online Courses for Adults - Continue Your Education Online - Adult Ed Learning Opportunities
Continue your education from home with free online courses. Find out what we have to offer right here at AboutU, plus access free courses from Hewlett-Packard, the Small Business Administration, and more.

Child Support - Find Local Child Support Offices
Child support offices are located in every state. Find your local Office of Child Support Enforcement and learn how to file for the child support you need.

Deadbeat Parents - Online Lists of Deadbeat Parents
Many counties now make their online lists deadbeat parents available on their web sites. Here, you'll find states that make this information available online.

Child Support Collection - Private Child Support Collection Agencies
Be extremely careful using private child support agencies. In addition to reading the following resources, be sure to check any private agency's reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

Scholarships for Single Parents
Find and apply for scholarships made available specifically to single parents.

Significant Other - What to Buy for Your Significant Other
Shopping for your significant other can be challenging. How do you choose just the right gift? Use these ideas for boyfriend and girlfriend gifts, and share your suggestions with our readers, as well.

Joint Custody - Resources for Parents Sharing Joint Custody
Joint custody is an option that requires co-parents to communicate effectively and collaborate regarding day-to-day parenting matters. These joint custody resources can help make the challenges of joint custody easier on all of you.

Custody Options - Know Your Child Custody Options
Custody options go beyond simply deciding who will get physical custody of your children. Become familiar with all of the options available to you so that you can make the best determination for your family.

File for Child Support - How to File For Child Support
Are you thinking about filing for child support? Use these resources to help you file for child support in your state and begin receiving monetary support on behalf of your child.

Child Support Payments - Resources to Calculate Child Support Payments
Use these online tool and resources to calculate payments and anticipate how much money you should either expect each month, or set aside each month, for child support.

Child Custody Laws in Your State
Child Custody laws vary from state to state. Use this resource to find child custody laws in your state.

Child Custody - Experiences Filing for Child Custody
Child custody proceedings are extremely important, as any single parent who has ever won or lost custody can tell you. Gain from the wisdom of others' experiences by reading about fellow reader's experiences filing for child custody in your state.

Access Child Support Guidelines in All 50 States
Child support guidelines differ from state to state. Find out what factors are considered in determining child support in the state where you live.

Child Custody - Special Circumstances, Death, Guardianship, and More
Child custody can be quite complicated when special circumstances are involved. What happens when the custodial parent dies? How do you secure temporary guardianship? Learn about these issues and more.

Online Dating - Profiles of Online Dating Companies
Online dating companies offer a variety of different features and services. Find out what to expect from some of the most popular online dating sites, including their fees, features, and more.

Father's Day for Single Parents - Father's Day Gift Ideas
Not sure how to handle Father's Day as a single parent family? Here are some ideas and suggestions to make the day special for all of you.

Health Insurance for Single Parent Families
Access resources for finding affordable and/or free health insurance for single parent families.

Holiday Shopping Guide For Single Parents - Holiday Help For Single Parents - Single Parent Holiday Shopping Guide
Make the holiday shopping season easier this year. Print a free holiday shopping guide to keep track of your purchases, and access lists of age-appropriate gift ideas. Includes a list of the best video games for kids.

Mother's Day for Single Parent Families - Mother's Day Gifts for Single Moms
Mother's Day can be somewhat awkward for single parent families. If you're a single mom, do you initiate the celebrations yourself? And if you're a single dad, how exactly do you handle the holiday? Gain practical insight for how to make the holiday special and meaningful for all of you.

Online Dating Sites - Reviews for Single Parents Looking for Love
Online dating sites run the gamut from top-quality to a-total-waste-of-time. Find out which sites are most reputable, which sites cater to single parents, and more with these user-submitted reviews of online dating sites.

Prepare for Halloween - Tips to Help You Prepare for Halloween as a Single Parent
Halloween is a holiday that can sneak up on you as a single parent. Whether you're planning ahead or looking or last-minute costume ideas, count on these resources to help you prepare for Halloween as a single parent.

Save More & Spend Less | Tips for Single Parents
Single moms & dads: Learn how to save money toward the purchase of a home, a college education, retirement, and more.

Tax-Free Shopping - 2012 - Save Money in the State Where You Live
Tax free weekend allows parents to save on clothing and school supplies. Find out whether an event is scheduled near you, and—if not—learn how to get one started in your state.

Single Parent Tax Tips: Financial Help for Singles
As a single parent, you have specific tax-related concerns and questions. Find out whether you qualify for

Visitation - Child Visitation Resources
Visitation is an important part of your child's regular routine. Find out how frequently visits should take place, what kinds of things to do during your visits, and more.

Celebrate Christmas - How to Celebrate Christmas With Kids
The Christmas season offers many opportunities for special family time. Rekindle old traditions or start new ones with these tips and resources.

Single Parents Day - Facts About Single Parents Day Holiday
Single Parents' Day is a day to celebrate the work you're doing as a single mom or single dad. Find out more about this holiday with the following resources.

Holiday Schedules - Negotiate Holiday Schedules With Your Ex
Holidays are sure to be a time when you both want to be with your children simultaneously. Use these resources to negotiate a schedule with your ex so that you can each enjoy time with your children this holiday.

Holiday Traditions - Top Holiday Traditions for Families
Your holiday traditions will become some of your kids' favorite memories. Use these resources to create new traditions for yourself and your children.

Win Custody - Resources to Help You Win Custody
Every parent who files for child custody wants to win. Use these resources to effectively present your case in a child custody dispute.

Relocation - Child Relocation Guidelines
Before you relocate with your child, be sure you're familiar with the relocation guidelines that could apply to your case. Whether you have sole custody or share joint custody, you may not be able to just pick up and move.

Save on Groceries - Learn How to Save on Groceries
If you're not careful, groceries can end up taking a big bite out of your monthly income. Find out how to save on groceries every week with these money-saving resources.

Find Child Custody Resources (National and Local)
Get help working through your child custody issues peacefully, so that your children can enjoy ongoing relationships with both parents.

Child Care - Single Parent Child Care Options
Child care is a critical issue for single parents, especially those with no family nearby. Get help finding quality child care, including emergency child care, learn how to interview potential caregivers, and more.

Single Parents: How to Connect With Your Kids
Communicate well with your children and teens. Learn how to build a strong, lasting parent-child connection.

Get More Done in Less Time with Daily Routines
Accomplish more in less time with daily routines that work for you! Includes time-saving tips, practical advice, and more.

Discipline Help for Single Parents
Learn how to use various discipline techniques effectively and create a more peaceful home environment.

Single Parents - Glossary of Legal Terms - Words, Abbreviations, and Acronyms Related to Single Parenting
This glossary for single parents is designed to help you understand the legal terminology, acronyms, and general vocabulary relevant to single parenting.

Legal Guardianship - Establish Legal Guardianship
Legal guardianship is necessary for many single parents at one time or another. Find out how, why, and when to establish a legal guardian for your children.

Paternity - Understand How Paternity Affects Child Support
Paternity refers to the legal declaration of one particular individual as being the father of a child/children. Find out how paternity affects child support, and why it's important to formally establish paternity.

Quick and Delicious Recipes for Busy Parents - Easy Meals for the Whole Family
Looking for something quick and easy to prepare? Find quick and delicious recipes that are simple to make and also cost-efficient. Try something new today! Includes lunch and breakfast ideas for the kids as well.

Child Support Resources for Single Parents
Find the help you need with these child support resources -- from understanding how child support is calculated to requesting a modification and more.

Travel Safety for Single Parents - Make Sure Safe When Traveling with Your Kids
Traveling with children can be a huge challenge. Make sure you're prepared with these travel safety tips. Includes suggestions for keeping the kids occupied, too.

Family Law Attorney - Work With Your Family L aw Attorney
Your family law attorney, and all of the legal professionals in his or her office, are working with you toward one common goal. The following resources can help you find a lawyer, ask the right questions, and move your case along.

Connect With Kids - How to Connect With Kids
As a single parent, you have the opportunity to develop an extra-close relationship with your children. Take advantage of these suggestions as you find new ways to connect with your kids.

Develop Independence - Help Your Child Develop Independence
Give your child the skills to develop independence so that he or she can flourish. Use the following resources to help you nurture your child's independence.

Household Chores - Get Help With Household Chores
Get your kids to help with the regular household chores and cleaning tasks that need to be accomplished around your home. These practical life skills will not only prepare your children for adulthood, but they'll also take some of the burden off of your shoulders, as well.

Get Organized - How to Get Organized as a Single Parent
Being organized will help you to more effectively manage your life. Learn how to get organized with these tips and resources.

Legal Separation - Find Legal Separation Resources
Legal separation agreements can have an impact on child custody determinations. Find out what you need to know with these resources.

Parental Rights - Know Your Parental Rights
What exactly are your rights as your child's parent? Find out with these parental rights resources for custodial and non-custodial parents.

Family Law Questions - Frequently Asked Family Law Questions
As a single parent trying to navigate the legal system, you're not alone. These frequently asked questions have been submitted by our readers.

Prepare for Your Family Court Appearance
Family court can be an unsettling experience. Prepare for your appearance in family court with these legal resources.

Military Single Parents - Resources for Military Single Parents
Due to the possibility of being deployed, military single parents face a different set of challenges as they raise their children. These resources can help you prepare for deployment, stay in touch with your children, and more.

Single Parent Blogs - Single Mom Blogs - Blogs Written by Single Parents
Find single parent blogs with this annotated list of blog sites written by single parents.

Support Network - Single Parents Support Network
Do you have a support network? Who are the people around you who are most supportive and encouraging? Find out how you can build support network in your area, and learn where to get help when you need it.

Never-Married Single Parents - Challenges Facing Never-Married Single Parents
Never-married single parents face some unique challenges that can be different from the issues that plague many divorced couples. For example, new unmarried moms have to decide whether to list the father's name on the birth certificate. These resources were designed specifically for parent who've never been married and who are working through these unique challenges.

Me Time for Single Parents - Tips for Finding Me Time
Making time for yourself is not an easy task, but it is a huge part of taking care of yourself! Use these tips to help you schedule regular

Newly Single Moms and Dads
Are you newly single? You're probably experiencing a wide range of emotions right now. The resources you'll find here are written just for you, to provide support, practical advice, and assistance.

Choice Moms - Resources for Choice Moms
Whether you're just beginning to think about becoming a single mother by choice, or you've been raising your child solo for quite some time, these resources for choice moms will help.

Single Dads - Resources for Single Dads
Single dads need support and encouragement, too. Whether you're a custodial parent, secondary parent, or sharing custody 50/50, these resources for single dads were developed especially with you in mind.

Setting Limits For Your Children - How to Set Limits for TV Viewing, Video Games, and More
Setting limits is not always easy, but it's an important part of raising our children. Find out how you can effectively set limits for tv viewing, video games, and more.

Single Parent Family Camps - Find Single Parent Family Camps and Retreats
Wish you could get away for a vacation that doesn't leave you more even exhausted than a regular work week? Attend a single parent family camp with your kids. You'll have a chance to meet other single parent families, be rejuvenated, and engage in lots of fun-filled activities with your kids.

Resources for Single Parent Support Groups
Single parent support groups can be found online and right in your own neighborhood. Learn how to find a support group near you or start one on your own.

Support System - Build Your Own Single Parent Support System
It is absolutely critical that you build a support system around yourself, including friends and relatives who are willing to help with your kids and give you a break now and then. Remember, too, that you have to be your own best advocate.

Single Parent Alone - Cope With Single Parent Alone Time
Single parents who share parenting duties are often faced with pockets of alone time. Sometimes the break is a welcome one; other times, you may struggle to find things to do to fill the time. These resources can help you cope with down time when your kids are visiting the other parent.

Empty Nest - Resources for Empty Nest Single Parents
Becoming an empty nest single parent evokes a lot of intense emotions, from excitement to trepidation to sadness. Learn how to anticipate and adjust to the changes with these resources.

Intense Emotions - Cope With Intense Emotions as a Family
When it comes to emotions, your kids will take their cues from you. Learn how to handle your own intense emotions, and how to help your children cope effectively with what they are feeling.

Sick Kids - Nursing Sick Kids Back to Health
There's nothing more important than your child's health. Find resources for taking care of sick kids, dealing with vaccines, fevers, and more.

Celebrity Single Parents - Meet Celebrity Single Parents
Celebrity single parents may have more financial resource than the typical single mom or dad, but they still face some of the most common solo parenting challenges, from legal issues, to co-parenting, to everyday child discipline.

Continuing Education Opportunities for Single Parents - Adult Education and Scholarships for Single Parents
Thinking of going back to school? Find scholarships, grants, and programs to further your education and increase your earning potential.

Single Parent Journaling - Guided Questions for Single Parent Journaling
Journaling is a great way to work through your emotions and make clear, intentional decisions. Here, you will find guided journal questions written specifically for single parents, along with additional journaling resources.

Single Parent Emotions - Cope With Changing Single Parent Emotions
As a single parent, you're dealing with a lot of different emotions, such as anger, fear, and loneliness. Learn how to deal with these ups and downs and prevent them from negatively impacting your family life.

Single Parent Health - Coping With Single Parent Health Issues
Taking care of your own physical, mental, and emotional health is extremely important. Learn how to take care of yourself as a single parent and access the resources you need.

Single Parent Success - Share Your Single Parent Success Story
You have a lot to celebrate, from raising your kids as a single parent to your own growth as a person. Share your stories with our readers through these

Summer Camp and Child Care Options (for Single Parents)
Summer can be a difficult time for working single parents. Find out what your summer camp and summer child care options are with these resources.

Back to School - Help Your Kids Adjust to Going Back to School
Heading back to school can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Here, you'll find tips and resources for helping your kids make the adjustment as they head back to school at the the end of the summer.

Academic Success - Encourage Your Child's Academic Success
As a parent, you play a huge role in fostering your child's academic success. From helping with homework, to encouraging reading, your attitude toward learning can set your child on a lifelong course toward academic success.

After School - Create an After School Routine
Creating an effective after school routine for your children can help them do well in school, use their time effectively, and stay safe after school.

Effects of Divorce - Common Effects of Divorce in Children
The effects of divorce can be long-lasting, for children and adults. Learn to recognize how the changes are affecting your kids and what you can do to help them cope.

Single Parent Challenges - Cope With the Challenges You Face
Single parent challenges go beyond learning how to work with your ex. You also have to learn how to cope within a society that is too-often judgmental of single parents and rise above negative stereotypes to build the life you want for yourself and your kids.

One Tank Trips - Affordable Day Trips for Families
One tank trips for families who want to get away for the day without spending a lot of money on gas.

Legal Issues for the Single Parent
Get help navigating the legal system, from filing for child support to winning child custody in court. Includes numerous state-by-state resources and practical tips.

Back-to-School - Save on Back-to-School Shopping
Tires of spending hundreds on back-to-school shopping? Use these tips tools from Single Parent Coach Jennifer Wolf to save more and spend less this year.

Bonding With Kids - Activities for Bonding With Kids
Maintaining a strong bond with your kids will help them feel secure in your relationship, equip them to succeed in school and social relationships, and increase their willingness to cooperate with you on a day-to-day basis. Make sure that you're continually nurturing that bonding connection with activities such as these.

Tell the Kids - How to Tell the Kids About the Divorce
Be prepared to handle your kids' questions and concerns. Find out what they'll most want to know, and how you can present the news of your divorce or separation in a positive, healthy way.

Save Money - Tips to Help Single Parents Save Money
Single moms and dads, learn how to save money each month with these tips from Single Parent Coach Jennifer Wolf.

Financial Help for Single Parents - Where to Look
Learn where to look for financial help with these credible resources for single parents. Get the assistance & support you need to make it on your own.

Free Stuff - Find Free Stuff for Single Parent Families
From free meals to free furniture, find out where to get free stuff as a single parent. Includes links and local resources.

Great Ideas for Having Fun with Your Kids
Have fun with your kids! Celebrate who they are and get to know them even better as you enjoy these great activities created with single parent families in mind.

Surviving Holidays and Vacations as a Single Parent
Learn how to divvy up the holiday with your ex-partner and the extended family. Plus, learn how to create new traditions and make the holidays fun again!

Home Management Help for Single Parents
Help managing your home life, from keeping up with the chores to cooking quick and easy recipes your family will eat.

Online Dating Tips - Single Parents Finding Love Online
Online Dating Tips: The prospect of finding love online can be very exciting. However, you can also waste a lot of time and meet quite a few duds. Find out how to best navigate the online dating scene as a single mom or dad with these tips and resources.

Successful Coparenting Strategies for Single Parents
Learn to co-parent well with these effective strategies.

Visitations - Visits With Your Kids - Non-Custodial Parent Visitations
Visitations are extremely important to your kids. Use these tips and strategies to make the most of the time you spend with your kids.

Children's Educational Resources for Single Parents
Help navigating your child's academic years, from identifying learning disabilities, to parent-teacher conferences to helping with homework.

Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence Help for Single Parents
Domestic violence can continue to plague single parent families following a separation or divorce. Find out what resources are available to you, and how other single parents have escaped domestic violence for themselves and their children.

Child Custody Mediation Resources
Child custody mediation is a method of resolving your differences by working with a neutral third-party who is trained in conflict resolution. Use these resources to determine whether mediation is a tool you should use to resolve child custody issues with your ex.

Career Help for Single Parents
Career advice for single parents, including help balancing your work and your personal life, changing careers, working from home, and more.

Single Parent Families - Relationships After Divorce - Co-parenting Relationships
Learn to communicate effectively with all members of your extended family and maintain healthy family relationships.

Self-Care for Single Parents
Tending to your own self-care is vital. Get help maintaining a life of your own, from preserving alone time, to asking for help, having a positive attitude, and more.

Child Custody Mediation Resources for Single Parents
Learn more about child custody mediation, from how to hire a mediator, what to do when your ex requests mediation, and more.

How to Respond When Your Child Wants to Live With the Other Parent
Devastated to hear that your child wants to live with the other parent? Instead of taking it personally, apply these dos & don'ts for talking about it.

When Your Son or Daughter Wants to Live With Dad
It's not uncommon for kids -- especially teens -- to express a desire to live with the other parent. Learn how to respond without taking it personally.

How to Let Go of Single Parent Guilt
For many single parents, guilt is a paralyzing force. Learn how to cope with the guilt you feel and give yourself permission to move forward.

Child Support Formulas and Calculations
Child support payments are calculated differently in different states. Refer to this article for information regarding the formulas used by courts to calculate child support payments.

Termination of Child Support Obligations
Refer to this article to determine how courts determine when to terminate child support obligations

Five Things You Need to Know About Online Dating
Learn the truth about online dating -- from decoys hired to keep you engaged to creating realistic expectations of online experience.

Personal Reviews of Online Dating Sites - Single Moms and Dads
Reading personal reviews of online dating sites can help you decide which ones are most appropriate for you. Read this user-submitted reviews and decide for yourself whether these sites are worth the investment of your time and money.

Earned Income Tax Credit Rules for 2015
The 2015 Earned Income Tax Credit may be an option for single parents. Find out what this tax credit is, who qualifies, and how to apply for it.

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12 Child Visitation Schedule Examples
Frustrated with your child visitation schedule? One of these alternatives to

How to Get School Records the Easy Way
Find out how get school records for your kids, even if your ex isn't willing to share copies with you directly.

My Kids Hate My Boyfriend
When your kids hate your boyfriend, do you breakup or work through it? These single parent dating tips will help you find the right answer, fast.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Help for Parents Denied Child Visitation Rights
Have you been denied visitation by the courts or your ex? Here's what to do next to reverse the pattern and restart regular visits with your kids.

8 Parent-Teacher Communication Strategies
Parental involvement matters. Use these parent-teacher communication strategies get involved and work together with your child's teachers.

Extraordinary Medical Expenses Defined
Does your child support order include extraordinary medical expenses? Learn what this phrase means and what types of costs are typically included.

How Domestic Violence Impacts Child Support
Domestic violence victims seeking child support often fear for their safety. Learn how the courts protect abuse victims during child support cases.

5 Positive Effects of Single Parenting
Effects of single parenting don't have to be negative! Being raised in a single parent family can also have a positive effect on your kids' lives.

9 Success Tips for Dating a Single Mom
Dating a single mom? Here are 9 ways to make it work without taking on a 'dad' role you're not ready for yet.

Illinois Bill Proposes Denying Birth Certificates to Single Moms
Single moms in Illinois who fail to identify the father or name a financial proxy may be denied birth certificates. Get the facts about this proposal.

Child Custody When There's No Father on the Birth Certificate
When there's no father on the birth certificate, does the mom need to file for child custody? Or is it presumed that she has custody? Get the facts.

How to Use the Oklahoma Child Support Calculator
The Oklahoma child support calculator is an online tool designed to help parents estimate child support payments. Get tips for using the Oklahoma child support calculator to ensure that your estimate is based on accurate information.

Free & Low-Cost Health Insurance for Kids
Do you need to find affordable health insurance programs for your children? Consider applying for Medicaid if you are on a limited income, or SCHIP if you earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid.

Child Custody Attorney Fees
Need to hire a child custody attorney? Learn what to look for, including what fees to expect, how a retainer works, and how to evaluate strategy.

Make Dinner for Under 10
Dinners under $10 can save you a lot of money, especially compared to eating out. Here are five easy dinner recipes that feed four for under $10.

Before You Ask for a Child Support Modification
Child support modification is an option when circumstances change. Here's what you need to know about modifying your existing child support agreement.

Back-to-School Shopping List
Back-to-school shopping can be a nightmare. Use this shopping list to find out how much of each item you should buy while it's all on sale.

Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Ex
Learn how to set healthy boundaries with your ex, from communicating about the kids, to creating physical boundaries with one another.

Overnight Packing Lists for Kids
Packing lists are essential to helping your kids begin to take responsibility for packing their own belongings in anticipation of regular overnight visits with the other parent. Here is a printable checklist you can use to help your kids begin packing on their own.

Find Child Mentoring Programs in Your Area
Child mentoring programs can give your kids guidance and support just when they need it most. Learn how to find top mentoring programs in your area.

Talk to Kids About Separation & Divorce
Your kids will naturally have questions. Learn what to do -- and not do -- when talking about your divorce, separation, or why you never married.

Talk to Your Kids About Divorce or an Absent Parent
When you talk with your kids about divorce, keep in mind that there are some things you shouldn't say or do. Find out what to avoid when talking with your kids about divorce, separation, or an absent parent. Page 2.

How to Get a Restraining Order
Learn how to get a temporary or permanent restraining order against someone who's either harming or threatening to harm you or your children.

Kids & Two Homes: Tips for Post-Divorce Parenting
Author DK Simoneau understands the struggle of kids in two homes. Learn how to make regular transitions back and forth easier for your kids.

Children of Divorce - Transitions - Between Homes
It's not easy when your children have to shuffle between two homes each week. Children's book author and speaker, DK Simoneau, has some suggestions for making transitions easier on your kids. Page 2.

Visitation Transportation & Neutral Drop Off Locations
Learn what to include in your visitation transportation plan and where to find safe neutral drop-off locations in your area if you need them.

Kids & Promises: A Warning for Parents
Promising that everything will be okay is tempting, but be wary of using the word 'promise' with children. Here's why, along with 9 promises to avoid.

7 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer
Not sure you really need to hire a child custody lawyer? Think again! Here are 7 telltale signs you should not head into family court alone.

Find TANF Help in Your State - Apply for Food Stamps
Each state has its own TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program. Learn what it can do for you and where to apply for TANF in your area.

When & How to Request a Child Custody Bond
A child custody bond can increase the chances that your ex will uphold your child custody arrangement. Learn when and how to ask for one in court.

How to File for Child Support in Your State
Child support is your baby's right. Learn how to file so you can begin receiving child support payments and ensure your child's needs are met.

Online Dating Tips for Single Parents Looking for Love
Online dating can be a fun way for single moms and dads to re-enter the dating scene. Prepare for your success with these tips ... if you dare!

Decide if Dating After Divorce is Right for You
Thinking about dating after divorce? Decide whether you're really ready and learn how to feel more comfortable with the new dating scene.

Before You Receive Child Support Payments
Child support payments are calculated differently depending on where you live. Get answers to parents' top child support questions.

When to Hire Child Custody Lawyers
In a custody battle? Learn when and how to hire qualified child custody lawyers to help you win your child custody case in family court.

Rights of Non-Custodial Parents
It's difficult for a non-custodial parent to navigate custodial or visitation rights after a child custody proceeding. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of non-custodial parents in order to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations to your child and to the courts.

Responsibilities of Custodial Parents
Custodial parents bear much of the responsibility for their children's well-being. Learn what you need to do as a custodial parent to legally fulfill your obligations to your child and the courts.

Reasons to Choose a Split Custody Arrangement
Split custody refers to siblings living in different households. Generally, courts prefer to keep siblings together in one household, as that arrangement serves the best interests of the children. However, split custody may be beneficial in some situations.

Recognize Paternity Fraud and Its Consequences
Paternity fraud is devastating to men led to believe in a biological connection that isn't real. Learn how it happens and what victims can do ...

Info for Unwed Mothers Filing for Custody
Unwed mothers may wonder whether they need to file for custody. Get the facts about presumed custody and learn what steps you should take to protect yourself and your children.

Food Stamps and Child Support Info
Should you file for child support or public assistance? Parents need to know that the state will file on your behalf, even against your wishes, when you file for government assistance. In addition, they will keep the child support money, as well. Find out the best way to file for government assistance without losing potential child support income in the process.

The Child's Wishes in a Custody Battle
Several factors are considered in a child custody proceeding, including a child's wishes. Learn how much weight courts give to each child's wishes during a child custody determination.

Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act FAQ
The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act is a federal law that punishes parents that owe back child support. Learn more about the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act and how it is used in family court.

Reasons for Emergency Custody of a Child
Emergency custody is necessary in some situations. Refer to this article for an understanding of the factors considered when a court takes a child into emergency custody.

How to Win Joint Custody
Many parents strive to win joint custody of their children. Learn more about the different types of joint custody and what is needed for a parent to win joint custody.

How Third Party Custody is Determined
Third party custody is often defined as custody of a child involving a non-parent. Refer to this article for an understanding of the factors considered in a third party custody suit.

Learn the Louisiana Child Support Guidelines
Child support guidelines differ from state to state. Refer to this article for an understanding of the factors considered when child support is calculated in Louisiana.

Proper Courtroom Etiquette to Win Child Custody
Parents who want to win child custody must be completely prepared. Refer to this article for an understanding of proper courtroom behavior during a child custody hearing

Problems with Joint Physical Custody
Refer to this joint physical custody article to learn more about problems associated with joint physical custody.

Additions to Regular Child Support Payments
Child support payments extend beyond the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. Refer to this article to learn about mandatory and discretionary child support payments.

Mississippi State Child Custody Laws
When deciding child custody in Mississippi, courts consider the best interests of the child. Learn what this means and anticipate how they'll interpret your case.

Pro Se Custody: Tips for Representing Yourself in Court
Pro se custody refers to representing yourself in court. Use these tips to prepare and increase your chances of wining child custody on your own.

Survive Valentines Day as a Single Parent
Do you dread V-Day? Check out these alternatives for making the most of Valentine's Day as a single parent.

Single Parents: 25 Signs You Are Loved This Valentine's Day
Feeling left out as Valentine's Day approaches? Think again. Here are 25 signs that you're already loved, through and through!

Help for the 4 Biggest Challenges Single Parents Face
There's no bigger challenge than raising your kids solo. Learn how the 4 biggest single parenting issues you face are making you stronger, day by day.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

5 Tips for Parenting an Angry Child
At your wit's end? Start with these 5 tips for parenting an angry child.

Tax Rules for Claiming Your Child as a Dependent
Find out who has the right to claim your child as a dependent for tax purposes with these frequently asked questions & tax rules for single parents.

30 Things to Do Before Summer Ends
Are you tired of hearing the old summer favorite,

Free Online Classes for Adults
Take these free online classes to develop new skills, strengthen your resume, or change careers. Best of all, they're available at no cost!

How to Be More Assertive With Your Ex
Want to be more assertive with your ex? Put these 7 tips into action and see what happens when you begin to stand up for yourself and your kids.

Temporary Guardianship Form for Parents & Grandparents
Use this temporary guardianship form any time you need to leave your kids with another adult & enjoy the peace of mind knowing they're safe!

How to Limit Your Kids' Screen Time
Too much screen time impacts kids' attention spans, eyesight, and more. Learn how to limit your kids' screen time with these practical tips.

Limit TV Time - Practical Ways to Limit TV Time at Home
It's hard to limit TV time at home, but if parents are to abide by the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, then practical strategies must be put in place to limit TV time.

Limit Video Games - Practical Ways to Limit Video Games at Home
It's hard to limit video games at home, but if parents are to abide by the screen time guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, then practical strategies must be put in place to limit video games and replace that time with other activities.

12 Community Programs for Single Parents
Could you use some support and encouragement? You're not alone! Check out these 12 community programs for single parents, just like yourself.

6 Ways to Teach Kids Respect
Respect is reciprocal. When we show respect for our kids, we get respect in return. Learn how to teach your child respect by giving it away.

The Trick to Better Family Meetings
Family meetings are essential to planning your week, getting your kids to cooperate, and saving time. Use these tips to champion your inner planner.

Types of Child Support Cases - IV-D & Non I-D
Learn about the types of child support cases, including IV-D, IV-A, IV-E, and non IV-D, as well as the services available to you through the state.

Easy Dinners With Ingredients From Your Pantry
Tired of take out? Use these kid-friendly recipes to make quick, easy meals with ingredients you already have in your pantry.

24 Questions Kids Ask Divorcing Parents
As divorcing parents, your kids will ask a lot questions about what's happening, why, and when. Use this list to prepare in advance and provide comfort.

4 Stages of Grief in Children & How Parents Can Help
The stages of grief in children include shock, yearning, and disorientation. Learn what to look for and how to help when your kids experience loss.

After School Transportation Help for Single Parents
Having trouble figuring out after school transportation for your kids? Solve the problem with these 5 options for working single parents:

Top Timeless Video Games for Kids of All Ages
Looking for video games that won't frighten your kids or promote violence? This top 10 list includes timeless, parent-approved favorites you can trust.

Find a Free Flu Shot Clinic
Free flu shot clinics do still exist. Find a free flu shot clinic -- or at least a reasonably priced option -- in your area.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

5 Encouraging TED Talks for Single Parents
Get a jump-start on your next move with these motivating and inspiring TED Talks, from

Single Parents
Single Parents.

5 Encouraging TED Talks for Single Parents
Struggling with stress and isolation? Watch these 5 TED Talks from Brene Brown, Guy Winch and others for powerful insights and encouragement.

5 Inexpensive & Thoughtful Gifts for Single Moms
Gifts for single moms don't have to be expensive. Instead, go for something thoughtful with these 5 meaningful gift ideas.

Adjust to Life as an Empty Nest Single Parent
Anxious about your child's graduation? Your journey as a single parent is far from over! Apply these tips as you adjust to life as an 'empty nester.'

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?
Think your kids are getting enough sleep? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they might not. Find out how much sleep they really need.

Review of Savings Angel Coupon Site
Savings Angel is a coupon site designed to help you save money on groceries. Find out whether the program is worth the investment with this review.

Deadbeat Parents and Unpaid Child Support
Learn what

Parenting Plan Worksheets for Coparents
Using a parenting plan will ease tensions with your ex. Use these forms to design your plan and make decisions about parenting time, holidays, transportation, and more.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

6 Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Income
Need to earn extra income without taking time away from your kids? Try these tips for earning money on the side with no upfront costs.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

After School Routine for Kids Home Alone
Your kids' after school routine should include a mix of time for homework and time to unwind. Prepare your kids for what to expect with these tips:

10 Holiday Traditions for Small Families
Small holiday gathering this year? Make it feel special with these 10 holiday traditions for small families.

Online Lists of Deadbeat Parents
Many states now publicize their lists of

Voluntary Impoverishment and Child Support Collection
Voluntary impoverishment is a form of manipulating the system to avoid paying child support. Find out what to do first if this happens to you.

Definition of Title IV-D
Title IV-D refers to federally-funded programs that help parents establish or modify child support orders, recover unpaid child support, and more.

Single Parenting Stories & Statistics
Read dozens of single parenting stories, told from the POV of real moms and dads who represent thriving families behind the latest statistics.

Mommy and Me Class | Daddy and Me | Bonding Activities
Mommy and Me / Daddy and Me classes combine bonding time, physical exercise, and socialization. Try one of these parent-child classes with your kiddo:

Win-Win Holiday Visitation Schedules for Single Parents
Holiday co-parenting schedules can be a challenge. Learn how to mange your family's holiday schedule while still being flexible enough to enjoy it.

10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season
Holiday season leaving you exhausted? Learn how to take care of yourself this holiday season so you can celebrate what matters most with your kids.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Single Parents
Single Parents.

Home for the Holidays | Beat Family Stress
Heading home for the holidays? Use these 6 tips to beat family stress, escape petty annoyances, and give your kids what they need.

Home for the Holidays | Beat Family Stress
Heading home for the holidays? Here's how to beat family stress, escape judgmental relatives, and carve out some space for your kids.

Single Parent Stories: Thriving Divorced Moms
Divorced single moms face many challenges. These true stories from our readers illustrate the strength and determination it takes to succeed. Page 2.

Stories of Thriving Choice Moms
Choice moms face unique challenges. These true stories from our readers illustrate the strength and determination it takes to succeed. Page 3.

Widowed Parents - True Stories
Widowed parents face many challenges. These true stories from our readers illustrate the strength and determination it takes to succeed. Page 4.

Single Fathers - True Stories of Thriving Single Fathers
More and more single fathers are have full or shared custody. These true stories from our readers illustrate what it takes to be successful. Page 5.

Affidavit Definition
Affidavit definition: Learn what an affidavit is, along with how it is used in paternity, child support, and child custody cases.

Types of Child Custody and Visitation
Types of child custody include legal custody and physical custody. Learn the difference before you agree to a custody arrangement with your ex.

Nebraska Child Support Calculator Worksheets | Tips & How-To
Use the Nebraska child support calculator worksheets and these user tips to accurately estimate how much child support you will owe or receive.

Maine Child Support Calculator | Tips & How-To
Use the Maine child support calculator worksheet to get a more accurate estimate of how much child support you will owe or receive per child, per year.

Montana Child Support Calculator | Tips & How-To
The Montana child support calculator is actually a set of worksheets. Learn how to use them correctly with these tips.

Find Time to Exercise as a Single Mom
Find time to exercise by getting your kids involved and creating your own routine. Start with these strength-building exercises you can do anywhere.

10 Surefire Ways to Save for a Big Purchase
Need to save money toward a big purchase? Find out how with these 10 tips for single parents on a tight budget.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Child Custody Cases
Can't agree on child custody? Avoid a bitter court battle with these 5 types of alternative dispute resolution.

Effects of Divorce: What to Expect in the Early Days
The effects of divorce can be worrisome, especially in the first six months. Learn what behaviors and attitudes to look for as your kids adjust.

Shared Parenting Legislation - Latest Developments
More and more, shared parenting is being recognized by the courts as a custody option that should be given considerable weight. Learn some of the legal background of shared parenting legislation, and find out the pros and cons of this custody option.

Shared Parenting - Shared Parenting Legislation
More and more, shared parenting is being recognized by the courts as a custody option that should be given considerable weight. Learn some of the legal background of shared parenting legislation, and find out the pros and cons of this custody option. Page 2.

101 Free Kids Activities for Parents
Who says quality time has to cost money? These 101 free kids' activities are just what you need to have fun and stay connected.

5 Cheap Homemade Gifts Under $10 Each
Cheap gifts don't have to look cheap. Try these making these five DIY gift ideas with your kids for under $10 each.

4 Types of Savings Plans for Single Parents
Get started with one of these four types of savings plans. Learn how just $25 a month can help you reach your financial goals.

How to Start & Keep a Family Gratitude Journal
Learn how create your own family gratitude journal and make adding to it together a regular part of your routine.

Combat Single Parent Stress with a Fresh Start
Single parent stress can feel overwhelming. The next time you have a rough day and feel close to the edge, put these 12 strategies to work.

How to Budget for Child Support
Learn to budget for child support, whether you owe it or receive it. Tips include tracking your finances, requesting a modification, and more.

Joint Legal Custody - Pros and Cons
More judges are routinely awarding joint legal custody and expecting divorced parents to work together. Here are the pros and cons you need to know:

5 Trick-or-Treating Rules for Kids & Tweens | Halloween
Use these kids' trick-or-treating rules to make sure your children are well-prepared –– especially if they'll be trick-or-treating without an adult for the first time.

Sole Legal Custody - Pros & Cons
Sole legal custody isn't the best option for every family. Find out why and learn the top pros and cons parents need to know about this form of custody.

Free Legal Aid: Represent Yourself "Pro Se"
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

Get Help With Your Case: Contact Your Local Office of Legal-Aid
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

Free Legal Aid: Interview Several Lawyers in Your Area
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

Free Legal Aid: Schedule a Complimentary Consultation
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

Free Legal Aid: Contact a Nearby Law School
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

Free Legal Aid: Contact Your Local State Bar Association
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

7 Sources of Free Legal Aid for Single Parents
Learn how to find free legal aid in your area to help you win child custody, modify a child support order, establish paternity, and much more.

Title IV-D Agency | Services for Single Moms
Need child support help? Find out what your local IV-D agency can do for you, from paternity testing to receiving back child support payments.

Paternity Definition Expanded | Know Your Rights
A paternity definition carries significant weight. Find out how the courts declare that a man is a child's legal father, what that means, and more.

How to Rock Your Baby to Sleep
Rock your baby to a near-sleep state and enjoy a time of intense bonding and closeness. Make this time part of your regular routine with your baby.

What is Proof of Paternity? Tips for Single Fathers
The courts must determine proof of paternity before issuing a child support order. Find out what documents are sufficient and what to expect.

Bedtime Routine | How to Settle Down & Go to Sleep
Do your kids have difficulty going to bed and staying asleep? Learn how to create a firm bedtime routine that works with these dos and don'ts:

Kids' Routines | How to Encourage Cooperation
When you introduce new kids' routines, expect some push-back. But don't give up! Instead, use these 7 tips to gain your kids' full cooperation.

Improve Communication With Your Ex In-Laws
After divorce, communicating with your ex in-laws can get ugly fast. Use these tips to navigate four common scenarios with grace and integrity.

How to Apologize to Your Kids When You've Messed Up
Learn how to apologize to your kids with these practical tips. Then see for yourself how saying

Before You Use a Private Child Support Collection Agency
Are there risks involved when using a private child support collection agency? Find out with these tips and important questions to ask.

Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator | Tips & How-To
The Pennsylvania child support calculator only gives you an accurate estimate if you use it correctly. Avoid the most common errors with these tips.

Small Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
Looking for small Thanksgiving dinner ideas? Use these recipes and activities to make your next holiday dinner with the kids extra special.

Child Discipline Myth #1: I've Failed as a Parent
Do you subscribe to the common child discipline myth that if something goes wrong, you must have failed as a parent? Let's debunk this lie together.

Child Discipline Myth #4: It's Too Late to Change My Child's Behavior
Think it's too late to change your kid's behavior? Let's debunk this child discipline myth and other lies against single parents.

Child Discipline Myth #2: My Child Prefers My Ex
Worried that if your child misbehaves, it's because prefers your ex? Let's debunk this child discipline myth and other lies against single parents.

Child Discipline Myth #5: My Child is Doing This to Infuriate Me
Think your kids misbehave only to infuriate you? Let's debunk this child discipline myth and other lies against single parents.

Child Discipline Myth #3: This Never Happens to My Ex
Think your kids never misbehave with your ex? Let's debunk this child discipline myth and other lies against single parents.

Overnight Bags for Kids - Luggage for Kids
Overnight bags are a must for kids who will be spending the night over at mom's house or dad's house for regular visits. Having his or her own overnight bag will help your child look forward to the visit, pack independently, and feel confident about time away from home. Includes a list of recommended overnight bags for kids, including bags that can be personalized.

Walking Stroller | Bonding Tips for Single Parents
Grab that walking stroller and make taking a daily stroll part of your regular self-care routine as a new parent. It's a great way to bond with your baby!

Help Your Child Set Learning Goals for the School Year
Want to increase your child's motivation in school? Learn how to teach self-determination and increase your child's intrinsic motivation.

What to Do When You Can't Afford to Pay Child Support
If you're struggling to pay child support, you're not alone. Learn how to protect yourself and your kids with this story about one single mom.

50 Ways to Help a Single Mom or Dad
Being a friend isn't hard to do. Here are 50 ways to help a single mom (or dad) in your area.

50 Ways to Help a Single Mom or Dad
Being a friend isn't hard to do. Here are 50 ways to help a single mom (or dad) in your area.

50 Ways to Help a Single Mom or Dad
Being a friend isn't hard to do. Here are 50 ways to help a single mom (or dad) in your area.

50 Ways to Help a Single Mom or Dad
Being a friend isn't hard to do. Here are 50 ways to help a single mom (or dad) in your area.

50 Ways to Help a Single Mom or Dad
Being a friend isn't hard to do. Here are 50 ways to help a single mom (or dad) in your area.

How to Deal with Stress After Divorce
Learn how to reduce stress by tending to your own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being -- and create a healthy environment for your kids.

5 Ways to Curb Holiday Spending | Save Money
Holiday spending can easily get out of control. Learn how to spend less money this holiday season by paying more careful attention to your purchases.

Single Parenting Tips: Take the Fear Out of Child Discipline
Wish you could be more fearless in disciplining your kids? You can ... Use these tips to demonstrate your authority, pick your battles, and more.

8 Ways to Help Your Child Study for Tests
Short on time in the evening? Use these tricks and tools for busy single parents to help your kids prepare for tests and quizzes.

5 Ways Divorced Parents Put Kids in the Middle
Learn how to avoid putting your kids in the middle, whether intentionally or by accident, with these 5 essential tips for divorced parents.

Host Single Parent Ministries at Your Church
Support solo parents in your area with these single parent ministries, from multi-week classes for parents and kids to single-session Bible Studies.

Individual Development Account - Matched Savings Account
Ready to buy a home? Consider using a Matched Savings Account, or Individual Development Account (IDA), to help you save money for a down payment.

Scholarships for Single Parents - Find Scholarships in the US
Find scholarships for single parents in the United States. Don't miss out on the opportunity to finish your degree and increase your earning potential.

Scholarships for Single Moms - Find Scholarships for Single Mothers and Fathers
Find single parents scholarships in your area with this state-by-state listing of scholarships available to single parents. Find a scholarship that meets your unique needs and enables you to finish your degree and increase your earning potential. Page 2.

9 Reasons to Include Your Ex for Trick-or-Treating | Halloween
Halloween is scary, but including your ex doesn't have to be. Find out why this spooky holiday is the perfect opportunity to include your ex.

5 Back-to-School Tips for Single Parent Families
There's more to back-to-school readiness than buying the right gear. Use these 5 tips to help your kids prepare and make the school year less chaotic.

Local Programs for Single Mothers
Check out these exemplary single parent programs in states from Arizona to Wisconsin. Programs include housing, support groups, financial help, and more.

9 Child Custody Myths
Don't be fooled by the most common child custody myths, from gender bias in the courtroom to the idea that good parents never lose child custody.

Federal Programs for Single Mothers in Need
While not exclusive to single parents, these federally-funded programs help single mothers throughout the U.S. with food and housing assistance.

7 Reasons Why Celebrating Divorce Hurts Kids
Celebrating divorce is trendy, but with kids in the picture, is it wise? Here are 7 reasons to think twice before throwing that divorce party:

9 Signs Your Kids Are Overscheduled
Worried that your kids are overscheduled? Learn to recognize these 9 telltale signs that your kids really do have too much going on in their lives.