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Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Your Ultimate Guide to Hanging Wall Art and Photos Like a Pro
The following ideas will inspire you to play with different gallery wall layouts so you can discover what works best in your space.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

10 Frugal Christmas Party Hacks for Small Spaces
These inexpensive hostess hacks will show you how to pull off a festive holiday bash in a pint-sized space.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

17 DIY Headboards Ideas That Will Wake Up Your Tired Bedroom
Each of these affordable DIY headboard ideas will wake up a tired bedroom with unconventional style.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Why Tiny House Living Pays Off Big for Young Families
Yep, raising a family in a tiny house has several huge benefits that every parent should know.

3 Easy Ways to Fake a Festive Fireplace Mantel for Christmas
We found three festive ways you can create a faux mantel this holiday season that even Kris Kringle would love.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

How to Fake a Mantel for the Holidays
how to make a fake fireplace mantel

Block air leaks using an energy efficient window treatment like a thermal roman shade.
Small Spaces.

The best types of rugs to warm up cold floors during the winter.
Small Spaces.

How to Use Decor to Heat Up Freezing Rooms
All of these winter decorating ideas will warm up your home without cranking the thermostat.

Covering up interior walls can reduce heat loss by 20 percent.
Small Spaces.

Cozy Sofa Scape
Small Spaces.

7 Cheap, Stylish and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Walls Without Using Paint
These ideas will spruce up your home's walls without using a lick of paint. Each one stylishly hides unsightly eyesores like holes, dings and dents.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Hotel With Fake Campsite Uses Tiny Mobile Homes as Guest Rooms
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Small Spaces
Small Spaces.

Hotel With Fake Campsite Uses Tiny Mobile Homes as Guest Rooms
If you're a fan of small spaces, then you' love BaseCamp Bonn, a youth hostel in Bonn, Germany. It's like a tiny house hotel but with vintage trailers.

Cabinetry and Lighting
Three key features make this tiny home feel much bigger: high ceilings, window placement and built in cabinetry.

hOME: A Tiny House That Lives Large Cost $33,000 to Build
I found a tiny dwelling on wheels that totally blows my mind. It's called hOME and it was designed and built by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen
I found a tiny dwelling on wheels that totally blows my mind. It's called hOME and it was designed and built by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison.

This Tiny Home is BIG on Storage
A staircase that doubles as a cubby storage system.

NYC's First Micro-Unit Apartment Building: My Micro NY
NYC's first micro-unit apartment building is an affordable housing solution that's too expensive for middle-income New Yorkers.

How to use a ceiling fan to cool off your apartment in winter
Small Spaces.

Why Your Apartment is Too Hot in Winter
Small Spaces.

How to Control Your Piping Hot Radiator in Winter
Small Spaces.

A quick fix for a steam radiator that's making your apartment too hot
Small Spaces.

How to Survive Winter in Your Overheated Apartment
If your apartment gets too hot during winter, these ideas will show you how to make that hothouse you live in more comfortable.

The Tiny Cabin Packs 400 Square Feet of Living Space
The building plans for this tiny house will allow you to create a 400 square foot solar powered tiny home for less than $2,000.

Lamar Alexander created this tiny house's building plans/
Here's an off the grid solar powered cabin designed by Lamar Alexander. We share the tiny house building plans.

This Tiny House is a Self-Sufficient Solar Powered Cabin​
Want to ditch your high housing costs? You can live mortgage free and off the grid if you build this tiny solar-powered cabin.

Resource Furniture's Stealth Kitchen System
Resource Furniture’s Stealth Kitchen System is a whiz-bang idea that fits an entire kitchen into a compact wall of beautiful cabinetry.​

5 Surefire Storage and Organization Hacks for Small Spaces
These five small space solutions will add more useful ​function and practical storage to your home.

Clever and Creative Ways To Store Winter Clothing
These ideas will show you the best ways to ​store your winter clothing and cold weather gear

Proper hygiene for dogs keeps them healthier and your home cleaner
Keeping your fur baby clean will help your pup avoid health issues associated with poor doggy hygiene while keeping your home tidier.

Dogs that get lots of exercise are typically happier.
Dogs that receive plenty of physical and mental exercise are less prone to destructive indoor behavior like chewing your belongings.

Tip: How to Clean Your Dog's Toys
Washing your dogs toys, especially after being used outside, will keep them germ-free while cutting down on the amount of dirt tracked around your home.

A Happy Dog Can Make Your Home Cleaner
These surefire solutions will reduce the mess your fur baby creates while making life at home better for both of you.

How do I get my 80-pound pit bull into the bathtub? I make jumping into the tub fun.
How do I get my 80-pound pit bull into the bathtub? I make jumping into the tub fun.

How to Dog Proof your Home
I dog-proof my apartment using washable rugs and cotton canvas drop cloths.

Doggie outerwear and help you keep your home clean
Dog coats and boots also prevent stuff like rock salt and mud from getting all over my apartment.

Spice up your fall decor with by crafting a mason jar centerpiece
If you're looking to freshen up your dcor for fall, these quick and easy projects will bring a touch of autumn into your home.

How to make a rag rug using a hula hoop
How to weave a DIY rag rug using a hula hoop and second-hand t-shirts. No knitting or weaving experience is required.

How to create festive fall garland using old sweaters.
This idea puts stuff like stray mittens and discarded sweaters to good use. You can cut them up to create a stunning fall garland.

Dandy Candy Corn Vases
You make these candy corn inspired vases using spray paint and milk bottles.

How to make a Pottery Barn knock off pillow cover.
How to make pillow cover using a second-hand sweater.

DIY These Toilet Paper Pumpkins
How to make toilet paper pumpkins for fall. How to make DIY decor.

Dress Up a Lampshade Using a Sweater
How to make a lampshade using a second-hand sweater,

A Breeze to Assemble
The chair, loveseat and sofa all take minutes to assemble using only your hands (not tools required!)

Where to Buy
Currently, Campaign furniture is only available online. For $95 you can reserve one of the items in this collection.

Built to Last
Campaign furniture launched its debut collection this week online.

Campaign Furniture Makes Flat-Packed Furniture
Campaign furniture has launched a line of easy to assemble furniture that takes less effort to put together than similar items by IKEA.

The Half/Half Tiny House is a Highly Insulated Home
Some of the Half/Half House's highlighted features include energy efficient double-pane windows and a new trailer.

You Can Customize This Tiny Home's Interior
The Half/Half House could potentially pack up to 270 square feet of livable space. Shown here is a finished interior.

Adding a Loft Creates More Livable Space
Half/Half House by Monarch Tiny Homes

The Half/Half Tiny House is a Highly Insulated Home
A company called Monarch Tiny Homes has come up with a smart solution that slashes the cost of a professiona​lly built house on wheels.

You Can Purchase Greycork Furniture Right Now on Indiegogo
Greycork is currently taking preorders for their new living room collection on the crowdfunding site

Greycork's New Furniture Line is Easy to Ship and a Cinch to Assemble
Shown here is Greycork's flat packed sofa. The frame is warp resistant MDF, and the legs and the back frame are Ash, that's the same wood used to make baseball bats.

Greycork Improves the Flat Packed Furniture Experience​
This line of innovative flat packed furniture takes minutes to assemble using only your bare hands.​

A Shelf That Transforms Useless Corners into Useful Space
Are you squeezed for storage space? These five unconventional shelving ideas will inspire you to make the most of your vertical space.

A Wall Mounted Idea That Creates Space When Needed
A small wall-mounted drop leaf table creates temporary shelf space when needed.

A Shelving System That Packs Plenty of Flexibility
Looking for a flexible shelving solution that's easy to rearrange whenever the mood strikes? You'll love pegboard shelves.

Skinny Shelves And Wall Ledges Keep Things Within Easy Reach
Skinny shelves are typically used to display art, photos and small tchotchkes. But they're also great for keeping everyday necessities within each reach.

Spacious and Practical Staircase Storage
Staircase storage has become a popular tiny house feature because it whips up additional room without sacrificing additional floor or wall space.

Modern Hammock with Wood Stand
Wood Canyon Patio Hammock. Small Spaces.

Stripey Hammock For Two
Two Person Fabric Hammock with Stand

The Flex Wooden Hammock
While the Flex Wooden Hammock may resemble a torture device, it's supposed to be good for your back.

Fatboy Headdemock
The Fatboy Headdemock is hammock that can hold an entire family.

Classic Rope Hammock with Stand
This compact old school hammock and stand set is perfect if you have limited backyard space.

The Cacoon hammock is like a nest for humans.

The Field Hammock
The Field Hammock is made from soft grass like fabric that's water and UV ray resistant.

Ikea Hammock and Stand
The the GR/ DYNING hammock and hammock stand by IKEA.

The Coolest Hammocks
I tracked down 8 awesome hammocks from splashy splurges to sizzling deals. No worries if you don't have a couple of trees -- most of these picks come with a stand.

An Open Dining Area
This small space seems to have everything you need in a summer retreat including the perfect location.

A Room With a Beautiful View
This small space seems to have everything you need in a summer retreat including the perfect location.

A Deck as Wide as the Dwellings
This small space seems to have everything you need in a summer retreat including the perfect location.

How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost?
While I've heard you can buy them cheaper, on average a used shipping container costs between $3,500 - $7,000.

A Place for Hammock
Freestanding hammocks won't fall down and they can be taken apart and stored when summer is over.

A Shipping Container Becomes a Beach Retreat
This small space seems to have everything you need in a summer retreat including the perfect location.

Connected Homes Are Vunerable to Hack-Ins
Appliances and devices that are connected to the Internet are vunerable to hackers.

The Home Automation Bandwagon
Home automation is no longer just for rich folks and the tech savvy. But now may not be the best time to buy into the smart home trend.

Smart Home Products Can Be Energy Hogs
Many smart home products and apps can be stealthy energy vampires and that's not good for your wallet or the planet.

Picking A Provider Is Tricky
There are plenty of big brands vying for the opportunity to sell, connect and control the appliances and devices in your home.

Entryway Lighting
A large hanging pendant lamp can make your small entryway brighter and more inviting.

A Wall Mounted Coat Rack
A simple wall hanging coat rack can make getting in and out the house easier and faster during the dark days of winter.

A Hardworking Entryway Rug
You can stop old man winter from tracking snow, water and salt all over your home with a hardworking entryway rug.

An Entryway Bench Can Help Manage Winter Clutter
These seven entryway ideas will help you manage the clutter and mess winter gear creates.

Rethink Entryway Wall Space
You can instantly whip up room for space sucking accessories like shoes, hats and gloves by utilizing empty wall space.

An Entryway Mirror
An entryway mirror can make a small foyer feel much bigger.

An Entryway Cabinet
A small space cabinet that's suited for a tiny entryway can help organize bulky winter accessories while keeping it all out of site.

Staircase Storage: Tiny House Stairs Loaded With Storage
We spotted this functional staircase on Tiny House Listings. Under its steps are four different kinds of storage.

Staircase Storage: Floor to Ceiling Cabinets
The following 10 ideas will show you how to put the unused space under your stairs to good use.

Staircase Storage: Suspended Steps With a Built-in Desk
This one-of-a-kind staircase requires folks to step on its coordinating desk and shelves so they can climb the suspended stairs.

Staircase Storage: Double Duty Closet Steps
The Bay View Tiny House is a stick built home created by college students. It features a staircase that does double duty as an entryway closet.

Staircase Storage: A Bookcase That Mimics the Stairs
This cozy A-frame features a bookcase that fits like a puzzle piece under the staircase.

Staircase Storage: DIY Box Steps
The tiny home enthusiasts behind, DIY House Building, say their teeny house wouldn't feel spacious if they didn't have staircase storage.

Staircase Storage: An Under the Stairs Kitchen
This micro-loft utilizes the staircase to maximize kitchen space.

Staircase Storage: A DIY Reclaimed Crate Staircase
Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard, the traveling duo who pen, Tiny House Giant Journey created a staircase for their dog in their wee abode

Staircase Storage: Secret Steps
This super teeny micro apartment in Paris has a mini staircase that leads to the loft bed.

Staircase Storage: Ship Ladder Steps
A small NYC loft with double height ceilings transformed into a duplex thanks to this ship ladder staircase.

How to Add Hardware and Wire to Your New Pendant Lamp
I wired the lamp with an IKEA HEMMA cord set (it costs only five bucks!) Here's what I did:

Step 3: Assembling the Bottles
How to make a lamp using plastic bottles and Art Plaster.

Sanding and Painting Your Art Plaster Lamp
Sanding prepares your POM bottle lamp for painting. Start off with a medium grit and work your way to an ultra fine grit.

How to use ArtPlaster to create a POM bottle lamp
This project uses Art Plaster to create casting of POM juice bottles.

Step 4: Creating a Cast of the Pom Bottle
How to make a lamp using a POM juice bottle and Art Plaster.

Getting Started: Prepping the Bottles for Casting
How to prep bottles so you can make a POM bottle hanging pendant lamp.

How to Attach the Lamp Pipe
You'll need to assemble the bottles together so you can cast your lamp. Here's what you need to do.

The Casted Lamp Base
How to make a POM Bottle lamp using Art Plaster.​

Supplies: Lamp Parts and Tools
Here is the supply list for the POM bottle lamp project.

Congrats, You Have a New Lamp
How to make lamp using a plastic POM bottle.

Exclusive: You Can Make These Gourd Hanging Lamps
You can make these beautiful pendant lamps ​using Art Plaster and POM juice bottles.

Drill Holes in Bottle Caps and Attach Lamp Pipe
The POM bottle creates the lamp's unique shape, and the Smart Water bottle is used to make room for the electrical stuff. Here's how you assemble the bottles together for casting.

Getting Started: Prepping the Bottles for Casting
How to prep bottles so you can make a POM bottle hanging pendant lamp.

Casting Materials for POM Bottle Pendant Lamp
This tutorial uses Smooth-On, Smooth-Cast 300 to create a plastic midcentury inspired gourd hanging lamp.

How to Make a Midcentury Modern Lamp Using a POM Juice Bottle
I will show you how to create a beautiful double gourd hanging lamp using a POM juice bottle and liquid plastic.

The Casted Lamp Base
How to make a POM Bottle lamp. Small Spaces.

Now It's Time to Sand and Paint
Sanding prepares your POM bottle lamp for painting. Start off with a medium grit and work your way to an ultra fine grit.

Lamp Supplies for Plastic Bottle Lamp Base
Here's a breakdown of additional materials needed to create hanging lamp using a plastic POM juice bottle.

Congrats Your Are Done!
How to make lamp using a plastic POM bottle.

Time to Wire Your New Pendant Lamp
I wired the lamp with an IKEA HEMMA cord set (it costs only five bucks!) Here's what I did:

How to Cast the Pom Bottle
The image on the upper left gives you a glimpse of how all the electrical stuff will fit inside the casted lamp base. Here's what else you need to.

Escape Traveler: The Tiny Home Bathroom is Fully Equipped ​
The Escape Traveler's bathroom comes equipped with a full-sized tub, shower, toilet, a washer dryer combo and plenty of counter space.

Escape Traveler: A Towable Tiny House on Wheels
The Escape Traveler weighs around 10,000 lbs. depending on options. It can be towed by most standard pickup trucks using a Class V hitch.

The Escape Traveler Reinvents the Traditional Recreational Vehicle
The ESCAPE Traveler is a tiny contemporary home on wheels designed for both full-time living and weekend adventures.

Escape Traveler: The Kitchen is Stocked With Full-Sized Appliances
The Escape Traveler starts at $65,400, with decked out models loaded with features typically found in much larger homes, costing $82,400.

Escape Traveler: The Typical Setup
The rendering shows the typical setup for the Escape Traveler. The tiny home's livable space is 269 square feet. The

The Escape Traveler's Living Room
The Escape Traveler's living room features space saving furniture like a sofa that folds out into a daybed and built-in wall storage.

How to Decorate With New, Vintage and Antique Furniture
Jessica Greenwalt shares how she decorated her small apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area with Victorian flair.

Apartment Decor: Stylish Light Fixtures Make a Big Difference
Install ornate light fixtures in unexpected places. The crystal chandelier shown above gave Jessica's kitchen an instant facelift.

Decor Inspiration: A Louis XV Salon Chair
A white, gold, and pink Louis XV salon chair is what inspired Jessica to go with Victorian inspired decor.

Decorating Small Spaces: A Welcoming Entryway
My favorite foyer item is the vintage secretary desk with hutch. It's a good looking piece that adds functional storage.

Small Space Decor: Art and Knickknacks? Yes Please!
You don't have to live like a Spartan in a small space. When beautifully displayed and organized mementos, art and photos add warmth and soul to a home.

A Compact Home Office and Craft Area
The countertop functions as a desk for the home office and spot for sewing.

Shoe and Bike Storage
The entryway in the tiny townhouse is where shoes and bikes are stored and displayed.

Behind the Entryway's Wall
Behind the wall on the first floor is the bedroom and bathroom. They are the only rooms that have doors for privacy.

The Bedroom and Bathroom
The bedroom and bathroom are modestly sized and minimally furnished. There is a built-in closet in the bedroom.

The Townhouse's Upper Level
The main living space is located on the second floor. Most of the occupants' belongings are stored out in the open.

A Practical and Functional Tiny Kitchen
There are no cabinets in the kitchen. Pots, pans and cooking utensils are displayed along the stainless steel backsplash.

A Modest and Cozy Living Room
The upper level also has a small living room where the young couple who owns the townhouse watches television.

A Practical and Simple Small Townhouse
This townhouse has a simple and practical layout that puts most of the occupants' belongings on display.

A Custom Bathroom Vanity
Just because your tiny powder room skimps on square footage, doesn't mean it can't be both functional and stylish.

Turn a Cramped Bathroom into a Jewel Box Powder Room
A small bathroom makeover. Revamp a drab bathroom with paint.

Window Box Bathroom Storage
Small bathroom storage idea: Wicker window boxes keep essential toiletries within easy reach without putting them on display.

Makeover Your Existing Vanity
Give your builder grade bathroom vanity a beautiful makeover.

A Tip for Dealing With a Small Bathroom Closet
Here's how to maximize your small bathroom's tiny linen closet.

Build a Large Bathroom Cabinet
This DIY bathroom cabinet will conceal all of your bathroom essentials.

A Loft Bed With a View of the Stars
This London apartment has a loft bed with a lofty outlook. Above it is a retractable skylight that opens up to a view of the stars in the evening.

The Pod Home Loft Bed
This lofted bed is in The Pod Home, a sustainable and energy-efficient 125-square-foot dwelling.

The Modern Adult Loft Bed is Not a Clunky Monstrosity
Each of these grown-up loft beds makes the most of precious square footage.

A Lofted Bed Slash Workspace
The Harpoon House is a 704-square-foot home in Portland, Oregon. Its built-in lofted bedroom slash home office are for grown ups sits on top of the closet

A Loft Bed That Doubles as a Room Divider
This adult loft bed features a stylish storage wall.

A Lofted Sleeping Nook With Lots of Storage Space
This adult sleeping loft is loaded with lots of storage compartments.

The Transforming Truck Castle is a Tiny House on Wheels
You know the adage, a person's home is their castle? This tiny New Zealand home on wheels virtually transforms into one when parked.

Transforming Truck Castle's Turrets House the Bathroom
The two turrets at the rear of the Transforming Truck Castle conceal three of the small abode's functional features.

The Transforming Castle Truck's Side Entrance
The castle truck is an off the grid dwelling that's both solar and gas powered. Above the home's side entrance is the solar array.

A Piece of Portable Furniture That Folds into a Book
Bookniture is a piece of portable small space furniture that be used as a chair or table. The kicker is, it folds into a book for easy storage.

The Deep Dish Table and Cushions Set Creates Additional Seating
The modern furniture retailer CB2 combined creative forces with the School of the Art Institute Chicago to create a line of space saving furniture.

A Clothes Rack That Functions Like a Closet
It's hard to believe, but there are a lot of apartments out there with zero closets. A clothes rack fixes that problem.

A Cardboard Sofa That Rocks
This cardboard couch rocks back and forth and takes less than three minutes to assemble. Better still, it can hold up to 330 pounds.

A Bed That Functions as a Dining Table
Transforming furniture like murphy beds that change into desks make the most of limited square footage.

The Fusillo Bookshelf Doubles as Coat Rack
This Fusillo Bookshelf designed by AndViceVersa can be customized to adapt to your unique storage needs.

A Beautiful Cabinet That is a Secrete Dog Crate
A dog crate can be a space hogging eyesore when you live in a small space. That's why we heart this Mid-century styled cabinet by Modernist Cat.

The Best Furniture for Small Spaces
These space-saving furniture ideas will transform that cramped closet you call home into a cozy, compact dwelling.

The Hanger Chair by Umbra
Umbra has been designing useful and whimsical home accessories for more than 30 years.

SinkWrap Creates Storage Around Pedestal Sinks
The SinkWrap can create the additional bathroom storage space you crave. It's a floor cabinet that was designed to fit nearly every pedestal bathroom sink.

The OneLess Desk is a Space-Saving Ergonomic Beauty
Let's face it, many compact computer desks are hard on the eyes and body. The OneLess Desk by Heckler Design is a game changer.

A Skinny Bar Table and Bench Set
You know how you and your friends always end up hanging out in your kitchen? This super skinny bar table and bench set will create space for a party.

TravelBox Packs All The Space Saving Furniture
The TravelBox is a furniture set for small apartments that includes a twin bed, shelving system, table, desk and, of course, a bike for getting around town.

How Does this Floating Record Turntable by Gramovox Work?
The Floating Record Vertical Turntable by Gramovox is virtually taking the way we spin vinyl into a new direction.

The Gramovox Turntable Spins Music for Your Ears and Eyes
The Floating Record Vertical Turntable by Gramovox is a space-saving record player that spins music for your ears and eyes.

Floating Record Vertical Turntable is Available via Kickstarter
Gramovox is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. So far the project has raised over $700,000--not bad since their pledge goal was only $50,000.

After: A Dark Dated Sofa Got a Room Brightening Makeover
You can give your dark living room a room brightening lift with light colored furniture covers.

Reflective Surfaces Can Make Your Rental Feel Bigger and Brighter
Glossy surfaces reflect light, which can make a small rental feel brighter and bigger.

How to Layer Your Lighting To Boost Function in a Small Rental
Multiple light sources will make not only make your small rental feel more spacious and open, but it will also boost function around your abode

How to Rehab a Cramped Dim Rental Without Getting Evicted
These surefire tips will make your small rental feel bigger and brighter without risking your security deposit.

Light Walls and Floors Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger and Brighter
You may have heard an interior design expert or two say dark colored floors and walls can make a small space feel bigger and brighter. But they're horribly wrong.

How to Clean Your Dirty Light Fixtures and Dusty Light Bulbs
Dusty light bulbs can shed up to 30 percent less light compared to their sparkling clean counterparts according to the U.S. Energy Department.

Before: Your Dark Furniture is Making Your Small Rental Feel Gloomy
Dark furniture, like the sofa above, can make a sunlight deprived rental feel pinched for space.

The Thermo Tent is the World's First Properly Insulated Tent
Enter the Thermo Tent — its creator, Derek O'Sullivan says it's the first properly insulated tent that solves these pesky camping issues.

How Ditching Clutter Will Make Your Rental Feel Bigger and Brighter
If your rental makes you cranky, clutter may be the blame. Cluttered surfaces will make even large spaces feel claustrophobic and dingy

Casa Bubble Will Protect You From Pollen and Bugs
Harsh sun, allergens, and pesky bugs can make the great outdoors unbearable. Casa Bubble creates structures that will protect you from the elements.

The Outback Deluxe by Lotus Belle Makes Summer Glamping Cooler
Whether you're a weekend adventurer or stick to backyard outings, these seven tents and outdoor shelters will make 'roughing it' a comfy experience.

The Froute Pod Transforms Outdoor Space into a Backyard Retreat
Want to transform your boring backyard into an outdoor haven? The (f)route pod by Giant Grass Design is a tent that takes 45 minutes to install.

The Luminair Tree Tent Lets You Hang Like a Bird
The Luminair Tree Tent is a lightweight low-impact outdoor shelter designed to keep two adults comfortably perched up in the canopy.

The Jero shelter by Trakke Was Built for the Modern Nomad
The Jero shelter by Trakke gives the yurt a 21st Century update thanks to cutting edge flat pack design.

The Cinch is a Modern Pop-Up Tent That Can Keep Things Charged
The Cinch is a tent built for the casual 21 Century camper. Not only does it take seconds to pitch, but it also keeps your personal gadgets charged.

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets
Ideas and expert advice that will keep your furbaby happy and your tiny home or small apartment from feeling like a kennel.

You Can Rent the One SQM House on Airbnb
If you think this crash pad looks familiar, it's the One SQM House by Berlin-based architect and furniture designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel.

This Pocket-Size House Measures One Square Meter
You can rent this pocket-sized house that's a scooch less than 11-square feet on Airbnb.

What You Need to Know Before Renting the One SQM House
The One SQM House provides just enough space for one adult five-foot-seven or shorter to stretch their legs.

The One SQM House is a Wheelie Tiny Home
Here is what can make staying at the One SQM House loads of fun- it has a set of wheels. And the person who rents it is allowed to move it anywhere.

Music City's Tiny House is Nashville's Coolest Teeny Home
The Music City's Tiny House claims to be the Nashville's most cordial teeny home. And based on its five star Airbnb rating, it rings true.

Caravan: The First Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon
If you are looking to vacay in a tiny house that’s less than 200 sq. ft., listen up. Caravan, the first tiny house hotel located in Portland Oregon.

The Rustic Modern House Incorporates Repurposed Materials
The 350 square foot abode was built by Jenny Yee and Michael Papillo. They're a creative team that specializes in creating tiny livable spaces.

The Kanga is an Awesome Prefab
The Kanga on E 2nd is a vacation rental in Austin, TX designed by Kanga Room Systems. They create high-quality wood product kits for DIY tiny homes.

A Cozy Home Built After Attending a Tumbleweed Workshop
The Quiet and Cozy Tiny House on the Bay was built by Brittany, a teeny house enthusiast who attended a Tumbleweed tiny home building workshop.

A Roomy Tiny Mansion on Wheels
The Maiden Mansion in Seattle, WA by Pocket Mansion is a roomy abode loaded with lots of practical features.

The Pocket House is an Eco-Friendly Tiny Home
The Pocket House in Portland, OR is a lovely 435 square-foot home designed by Swift Architecture.

Why Not Try a Tiny House on for Size
Do you want to try the tiny house life on for size? You can vacay in one of these 7 very livable homes all designed by small homebuilders you can hire.

An Inexpensive Ikea Item Wins a Top Design Award
We love it when inexpensive furniture and lighting products win awards typically given to luxury items.

A Kitchen That May be Better Than Yours at Zoku Amsterdam
A Kitchen That May be Better Than Yours at Zoku Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam Has All The Creature Comfort of Home
Zoku Amsterdam Has All The Creature Comfort of Home

The Zoku Amsterdam is loaded with flexible furniture.​
In the average hotel room, the bed is the focal point. At Zoku, the main living space that includes a kitchen, dining area, and the living room takes center stage

This Extended Stay Hotel Room is the Ultimate Mirco Apartment
Zoku Amsterdam is a revolutionary new apartment hotel with loft-like micro dwellings that just may spell the end of traditional lodgings.

The Sleeping Loft at Zoku Amsterdam
The cozy sleeping loft in the micro apartments at Zoku Amsterdam feature a comfy king sized bed.

Plenty of Hidden Storage Space in each room at Zoku
Plenty of Hidden Storage Space in each room at Zoku

Zoku Amsterdam: Each hotel room has a Micro Home Office
Zoku Amsterdam: Each hotel room has a Micro Home Office

IKEA Hack: Give Your Ikea Furniture A Glam Upgrade
Want to give your IKEA furniture a glam twist? You can give your dressers and cabinets a Hollywood Regency makeover using decorative panels by O'verlays.

Ikea Hack: How to Give Your Ikea Cabinets a New Look for Cheap
Until IKEA releases their official line of hacking kits, these products will help you easily customize your IKEA furniture--no DIY skills required.

Ikea Hack: Upgrade Your Furniture's Legs
It's amazing how a chic set of furniture legs from Prettypegs, can instantly make an inexpensive sofa or table look like a big ticket item.

IKEA Hack: How to Give Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinets a Custom Look
Semihandmade offers a beautiful selection of doors, panels and drawer faces that will give your new IKEA kitchen, bathroom, or storage system a custom built look.

IKEA Hack: Custom Cabinet Handles and Legs
My favorite third party supplier for unique IKEA components is SuperFront, a Swedish manufacturer that for years wouldn’t ship to the USA.

A Tiny Home That is Comfortable Anywhere
The Ecocapsule packs sustainable features that make living off the grid a whole lot easier.

The Ecocapsule's Cozy Interior
While the Ecocapsule has a small footprint that measure a mere 86-square feet, the firm behind the design say it's a cozy abode built for two.

A Futuristic Tiny Home for Two
Nope, this isn't a camping trailer from outer space. It's an 86-square foot off the grid home called the Ecocapsule.

The Floating House Has Two Bedrooms
Here's a peek at one of the Floating House's two bedrooms.

The Floating House's Bathroom
Here is a peek at the Floating House's black and white bathroom.

You Can Enter to Win a Weekend on This Darling Floating Cottage
Surprise! This charming English cottage is a two bedroom houseboat. It's called the Floating House and Airbnb plans to float it down the River Thames.

The Floating House Plans to Sail Down the River Thames
The cottage's official name is the Floating House. It was designed by twin brothers, Nick and Steve Tidball.

A View of The Floating House's Front Yard
It's nice to know that the Floating House is dog-friendly. You can see the dog house on the left.

The Floating House Has a Sunny Open Floor Plan
The Floating House has a charming first floor that functions as a living room slash kitchen.

The Floating House's Adorable Front Door
And lastly, here's a closer look at this floating cottage's front door.

DEEP 3D Wallpaper Collection
​This past weekend I went to ICFF. I share five future decor trends spotted at the event.

A Rocking Piece of Small Space Storage
SHIMNA is furniture company that designs and builds wood furniture.This year they debuted a storage collection that resembles a vintage guitar amp.​

Beautiful Light Bulbs
Looking for a light bulb that looks awesome naked? The Nanoleaf Gem is a sexy faceted bulb designed for display.

A Double Duty Murphy Bed
Resource Furniture released another smart small space furniture system called The Kali Theatre.

Turn Any Bottle into an Attractive Vase
The Best New Designer Award at ICFF 2015 went to Pepe Heykoop for Tiny Miracle Creations.

Ikea's GARO Hammock is a part of the Summer in the City Collection
There's nothing like napping in an outdoor hammock on a beautiful summer day. The GARO by Ikea is a cinch to move around.

For the Avid Gardener
I don't spend time outside gardening, but Ikea's collection of practical and adorable garden accessories makes me want to plant something.

Are you planning on spending most of your summer close to home? Ikea has ideas that will make hanging out locally more enjoyable.

An Easy To Tote Beach Chair
If hammocks aren't your thing, you may dig Ikea's MYSINGO beach chair.

Green Up Your Window Sill or Balcony
If you're like me and don't have a yard, Ikea says you still green up your balcony or windowsill with a few planters and flowerpots.

A Gorgeous Garden Shed You Can DIY
This gorgeous potting shed is arguably the most beautiful one in the world. The blogger behind Nitty Gritty Dirt Man built it from scratch.

Convert Your Garden Shed into a Bonus Space
Do you crave a little me space in your home but don't have the square footage to spare? You can create a budget bonus room in your backyard.

​A Glam Cocktail Shed
Nope, this is not a fancy lounge in South Beach. It is a stylish cocktail shed called The Moody Cow.

A Dreamy She Shed
Alison Kynaston–Jones transformed a budget shed into a dreamy backyard retreat.

A Shed Fit for a Houseguest
This tiny A-frame vacation shed is the ultimate mini guesthouse. Even better, it costs only $1,200 to build. It's tiny home by Relaxshacks.

A Shed Inspired by a Japanese Tea House
At the center of Derek Verlander's Japanese garden is his backyard retreat--a shed that resembles a Japanese tea house.

A Construction Trailer is Transformed into a Styling Backyard Retreat
Karel Verstraeten is a Belgian architect who transformed an old construction trailer into the styling office shed shown here.

A Wee Castle Pub Shed
The Rannock Castle is handmade pub shed that is loaded with a few modern creature comforts.

A Modern PreFab Studio Shed
If you would prefer to buy than DIY a backyard retreat, there are plenty of prefab shed options out there.

Another Idea That Makes Space for a Living Room
A loft bed is another solution that will create room for a sofa.

Expecting Houseguests? Here's How to Make Room for Chairs
Small Spaces.

It's All About Space Saving Features
If you are trying to make your studio apartment more livable, the following 5 ideas will make it possible for you to live large in your small space.

Get a Space Saving Bed
Does your studio feel more like a bedroom than a multifunctional apartment? Having a bed that makes room for a sofa can solve your dilemma.

You Only Need One Hard Working Table
When space is tight, you only need one hardworking table that can double as your workspace and dining area.

Lots of Built-in Storage
Floor to ceiling storage will keep your stuff hidden from view.

An Air Plant Garden That Lives in a Gallery Frame
This vertical planter by Airplantman treats air plants like fine art.

Perch is a Vertical Planter That Can Also Get You Organized
If you’re looking for ways to welcome the warm weather into your home, you can spring for one of these 13 space saving and super stylish planters.

Plant-in City is A Super Modern and Modular Terrarium Collection
Plant-in City is a collection of modular terrarium planters that you can collect and construct into unique plant-scapes.

A Table With a Succulent Planter
I love this coffee table by Gems of the Soil that comes with a built-in succulent planter.

Mini Robots With Built-in Planters
Mini robot planters that have succulent hairstyles.

A Redwood Forrest That Fits in a Shoebox
Yes, you can own your own redwood forest, and it will fit on your coffee table or bookshelf. Actually, they're Dawn redwoods.

The Hedge Planter was Created for Apartment Dwellers
HEDGE is a colorful line of beautiful geometric planters that can be used both indoors and out.

A Tiny Planter That Comes in Bold Colors
You can create an eye-popping vertical garden wall with these Mini Spun Sugar Air Plant Pods by Lemon Cucullu.

A Planter That Doubles as a Lamp
The Mkki is a super stylish lamp pot. The LED powered light comes with a house shaped cover that's carved from white Carrera marble.

Create a Beautiful Window Garden
The Living Ledge is a a watertight shelf and vertical indoor planter box that's a cinch to install on any flat, clean vertical surface.

A Printable Vertical Planter Collection by Cubify
If you're lucky enough to own or have access to a Cube Printer, you can make your own garden gallery wall with these 3D printables on Cubify.

A Hanging Planter Inspired by a Yummy Mexican Ingredient
A collective of designers and local artisans in Mexico called La Tlapaleria handcrafted these beautiful hanging planters.

A Portable Herb Planter? Yes Please
The designers of the Nomad Planter (shown above) believe apartment dwellers should be able to have gardens inside their abodes -- and now they can

Ikea is Releasing a Line of Phone Charging Furniture
We share everything you need to know about Ikea's first line of smartphone charging furniture.

A Beautiful Concrete Living Wall Succulent Planter
Want to bring a touch of spring into your home? You can green things up with one of these seven indoor succulent planter projects.

Turn an Old Colander into a Beautiful Succulent Planter
This pretty succulent planter by April from House by Hoff repurposes a thrift store colander.

A Succulent Garden That Fits in a Book
Yes, you can turn an old hardcover book into a succulent planter. Here's how.

Turn Your Old Bundt Pans into a Succulent Flowerpot
You can transform a vintage copper bundt pan into a beautiful succulent planter.

Sherbet Colored Mason Jar Succulent Planters
Nothing says spring like soft, pastel shades. That's why I really like these painted succulent planters by Allison, the driving force behind the blog

A Fabulous Faux Succulent Planter
Here's a fabulous faux succulent planter that is easy to make and even better impossible to kill.

How to Make a Succulent Window Box
How to make a succulent windowsill box

This DIY Table is Going Viral
This DIY table is so clever it's going viral this very minute on Facebook.

A Dreamy Dog House
Samsung Electronics has designed the ultimate pooch pad. It's a hi-tech tiny home big enough for one lucky lap dog.

A Kennel With All The Creature Comforts
The Samsung Dream Dog House is a futuristic dog kennel valued at $30,000

The Samsung Dream Dog House
The Samsung Dream Dog House will be on display at the world’s largest dog show, Crufts, which ends March 8th.

Accessibility is Key in a Small Nursery
Accessibility is key in a small nursery. You want all the essential items within arms reach.

Creating a Perfect Small Nursery
Making room for baby is a challenge in small spaces. Lifestyle blogger, Caroline Curran shares how she converted a tiny home office into a nursery.

Making Room for Baby
How to make room for baby by creating the perfect small nursery.

A Place for Mom and Dad to Sit
Double duty chairs in the nursery room also function as dining chairs for house guests.

A Rug Makes a Nursery More Cozy
A rug makes a nursery room more cozy by having something soft underfoot.

A System Makes Limited Storage Space Work Harder
A system makes limited storage space work harder in a small nursery. These ideas will help you organize your first nursery.

A Crib Skirt Maximizes Storage Space
A crib skirt can help you maximize storage space in small nursery.

A Kiss and Hug Night-Light
Create a night-light for your baby that spells out a sweet message.

Eco-friendly Space Saving Wall Mounted Bamboo Knife Blocks
Finding wall organizers that are compact enough to fit on a sliver of space is no easy task. That's why I like this wall mounted knife block.

A Small House Tour: Smart Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Genevieve Ferraro, the blogger from The Jewel Box Home, shares how she maximized space in her 8-by-8-foot kitchen by adding stylish features.

A Toe Kick Step Stool
A toe kick step stool is perfect for small kitchens. A kick drawer underneath a cabinet will keep the stool handy but out of the way until needed.

A Small Kitchen Design Idea: Bay Windows Can Maximize Space
A great small kitchen design idea: The windowsill in front of your sink should be flush with the counter. It will create more counter space.

Use Natural Cleaners? Your Kitchen May Be Crawling With Harmful Germs
We'll show you how to combat illness-causing germs in your kitchen by using heat to boost the disinfecting powers of these natural cleaners.

You Must Clean Your Kitchen Before Disinfecting With Natural Cleaners
Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can prevent the spread of illness-causing germs and bacteria. But that's only if you use them correctly.

Room Temperature Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide Will Not Kill Many Germs
Room Temperature Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide Will Not Kill Most Kitchen Germs. Here's how to disinfect properly using these natural cleaners.

The Right Way to Disinfect Your Kitchen With Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide
The Right Way to Disinfect Your Kitchen With Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide. You must heat both first to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baseboard Radiator
Dust was an enormous problem in my prewar apartment until I decided to clean behind my baseboard radiators.

How to Clean a Baseboard Radiator
Did you know heaps of dust can accumulate behind a baseboard radiator cover?

Seal Gaps and Holes
How to seal gaps and holes around radiator pipes.

Bonus Tip: Aluminum Tape Also Seals Leaks and Gaps
Aluminum foil tape can be used to seal air duct leaks.

How to Make the Most of Vertical Space: Ikea Storage Cabinets
Ikea helped me solve my kitchen storage issues. I used Ikea Trones to creating additional kitchen storage.

How to Make the Most of Vertical Space: Ikea Shoe Storage
We used Ikea shoe storage to maximize vertical space in our kitchen. They created 21-feet of extra storage space.

Clean up a Messy Kitchen With Vertical Storage and Floating Shelves
I cleaned up my sloppy and poorly organized kitchen with vertical storage. All the extra square footage I gained cost less than $200.

How to Make the Most of Vertical Space: Floating Shelves
Ikea shelves helped us create 18-feet of storage space in our kitchen. We went with their LACK floating shelves in glossy turquoise.

Neutral Furniture Takes the Edge off Moody Blue Walls
Moody blues and rich greens are also hot paint shades for 2015. But colors like these can make a room feel much smaller.

Bright Colors Make Dark Homes Feel More Spacious
One way you can make a dark color work in a small space is by going with a semi-gloss paint. Unlike flat paint, semi-gloss has a reflective quality.

Green is the New White
Tired of ho-hum white? Guildford Green is Benjamin Moore’s top neutral color pick for 2015

How to Pick the Best Shade for Small Spaces
Paint can make a space feel smaller or bigger. These tips will help you pick a paint color that achieves the latter.

A Win-Win DIY Storage Solution
Before you bring your holiday trash to the curb, consider turning a few of those gift boxes in your recycling bin into small space storage.

Decorative Duct Tape
There are two major decorative duct tape brands: Scotch Duct Tape (shown above) and Duck Brand Duck Tape.

Before and After: Duct Tape Storage Box
The best way to figure out how to apply decorative duct tape is to experiment. Here are a few tips.

Sturdy Cardboard Boxes Work Best
You can make sturdy small space storage boxes out of a cardboard box and decorative duct tape.

The Inspiration: Hexagonal Floor Tiles
Hexagon decor will be taking center stage in 2015. These six ideas will spruce up your small space.

Give an Appliance the Hexagon Treatment
Peel and stick wallpaper is great for making over large surfaces. It’s an excellent choice for renters since the removable type won't damage most surfaces

DIY Faux Wall Tiles
You can create faux hexagon wall tiles using a large paper puncher.

Crochet a Hexagon Rug
This super awesome hexagon rug is super easy to crochet and is perfect for decorating a small space.

Hexagon Shaped Hardware
Small Spaces.

Floating Hexagon Shelves
Hexagon shelves are floating shelving.

Put a Gold Spin on Rustic Furniture
Gold hardware and metallic paint can put a contemporary spin on rustic furniture.

Functional and Stylish Gold Storage Boxes
You can give ho-hum office storage boxes a bold new look using gold washi tape.

These Golden Ideas are Perfect for Small Spaces
If you are looking to work the Midas touch in your small space, you can not go wrong with one of these nine inexpensive and gorgeous gold decor ideas.

Turn a Boring Light Fixture into a Bold Statement Piece
This $45 DIY is a knockoff of a $700 sunburst flush mount ceiling light fixture by Global Views.

A Very Affordable and Flexible Bar Cart
The Threshold bar cart by Target is ideal for entertaining and can be used a rolling shelving unit when the party's over.

A Beautiful Gilded DIY Chandelier
You don't have to pay a king's ransom for a gold leaf chandelier. This one was created out of an Ikea lampshape.

Shiny Gold Hardware
I like this corner hanging bar by CB2. Not only does it have beautiful gold hardware, but it turns unused corner space into a closet for less than $40.

Glamorous Gold Switch Plates
Every home needs switch plates so why not have stylish gold ones? I found the art deco inspired covers shown above on Anthropologie

Gold Wallpaper
The gals who pen the decor blog Classy Clutter came up with a smart faux gold wallpaper DIY that's perfect for renters.

A Golden Ikea Shelving Unit Hack
Kathryn from the site House of Hawkes, used gold spray paint and marble contact paper to give the tempered glass and metal shelving unit a chic new look.

Putting the Shelving Unit Together
How to put the closet rod shelving hack together.

Making the Support Pieces: Shelf Brackets a
How to make a shelving unit out of a closet rod.

Making the Shelves
How to make a DIY small space shelving.

The Floor-to-Ceiling Support Pole for Shelving Unit
Here's how you created the support pole for the floor to ceiling shelving unit.

The Electrical Outlets
How to install electrical outlets on to shelving.

Closet Rod Shelving Hack Blends Function With Style
This floor-to-ceiling corner shelving unit is perfect for small spaces. You can make one yourself using a couple of closet rods.

Supply List for Closet Rod Shelving Hack
Supply list for diy shelves: Closet rod shelving unit hack with outlets for lights.

Making the Support Pieces: Wood Doughnuts
Using two different sized keyhole drill bits, we created

Part 2: Building the Floor-to-Ceiling Support Pole for Shelving Unit
The support pole for the shelving unit needs to behave like a floor-to-ceiling tension mount.