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A Shining Star
Ikea has another great holiday item that you can leave up all year around. The STRALA pendant lamp is one my favorite pieces of yuletide decor.

A DIY Hanging Ornament Chandelier
You can create this stunning holiday chandelier using inexpensive ornaments or even colorful balls of yarn.

A Christmas Tree Made From Fairy Lights
A Christmas Tree Made From Fairy Lights.

Oh Joy! Holiday Collection
This Christmas season, they launched an inexpensive line of festive holiday decor called, Oh Joy! I really love the paper fan decorations in the collection.

DIY Rustic Pinecone Garland
I love rustic holiday decor like this DIY pinecone and burlap garland. It can be used to decorate your tiny tree or faux mantel.

Herb and Ribbon Decorations
Here's another idea that you can use herbs, sprigs or branches to create.

DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath
The big box home improvement retailer, Lowes, shares how to create this wreath and many more out of unexpected materials.

Create a Faux Holiday Mantel
These ideas will help you create a faux holiday mantel in your small space just in time for Christmas.

Holly Berries and Holly Leaves
You can make a stunning holiday arrangement using stems of holly berries and leaves.

Felt Pom Pom Garland
I go giddy when I see felt pom pom garland. It's like a strand of pure happiness!

Hang and Drape DIY Ornaments
You can decorate your entire space with holiday ornaments using ribbon.

A Rosemary Wreath
I recently found a super simple rosemary wreath tutorial and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy they are to make!

A Swedish Vinter Wall Tree
You can create the perfect small space Christmas tree using Ikea's Vinter 2014 fabric.

Festive, Cheap and Cheerful Ideas!
These simple decor ideas will get your small home holiday ready. Each one is festive and inexpensive.

A Fragrant Fir Branch Arrangement
If you want a real Christmas tree, but a tabletop one is too big for your space, you can fill a vase or bowl with fragrant fir branches.

Holiday Bunting Made from Vintage Books
Yuletide bunting can add vintage holiday charm to a small space.

How to Squeeze More Clothing into a Small Closet
I live in NYC where walk-in closets are rarer than unicorns. Here's how I created more room to hang clothing in my tiny bedroom closet.

The Biggest Home Design Trends
There's a growing demand for smaller homes that are optimized for both function and enjoyment. Will the McMansion soon become a thing of the past?

A Floating Night Table
This floating night table provides a place to keep books, glasses and even an alarm clock without using a single inch of floor space.

Murphy Picnic Table
This folding table set by Picnic at Ascot can instantly create a spot for four people to dine on a cramped balcony or tiny patio.

The Best Transforming Tables
The best tables for small spaces should practically disappear when not needed. These 11 transforming tables do just that.

Reclaimed Wood Convertible Shelf Table
Small Spaces.

A Stealthy Dining Set
Small Spaces.

Perfect For a Party of One
If you love minimal design, you'll appreciate this practical and good looking pinewood table that folds down flat for easy storage.

A Console That Expands for Dining
When folded in half, the Double Cross Table can be used as a console or desk.

Double Duty Furniture
Here's a double duty wonder: a mirror that transforms into a table.

Clever Custom Decor Ideas
Like the idea of DIYing one-of-a-kind décor but don’t have gobs of free time? Check out these clever custom decor ideas.

Resurface Furniture in a Few Mintes
Woven wallpaper makes transforming any smooth, clean surface from walls to tables a cinch.

Create a Custom Rug in a Few Hours
A single blunder can ruin a painted rug project. But now there’s a mistake-proof way you can customize a rug in under a few hours

Create Your Own Art
I created a photo wall featuring my favorite smartphone snapshots. How did I do it, you ask?

Declutter Your Small Space and Make Money
You can keep your small space neat and clean by selling your pricey clutter.

Think Fabricate will be BKLYN DESIGNS Show
Think Fabricate will showcase their collection of handcrafted furnishings, including the TV Quilt at BKLYN DESIGNS

The Brooklyn TV Quilt XL adds function and organization to small spaces.
The Brooklyn TV Quilt XL is a multipurpose space saver that was created for wee dwelling.

Don't Call it an Entertainment Center
Think Fabricate's TV Quilt is a wall mounted cabinet system that includes a desk, bar and entertainment center.

Micro Dwellings Should Be Affordable
Treehugger founder Graham Hill believes less is more when it comes to housing. But he may feel differently when it comes to money.

A compact bike closet
Micro Apartment Storage. Small Spaces.

The Apartment Sleeps Three
Micro Apartment. Small Spaces.

Dinner for 12 Guests
NYC Micro Apartment. Small Spaces.

Cup Lamp
Cup Lamp from the Umbra Shift collection. It was designed by Paul Loebach.

Spoon Clock and Brick Lamp
hown here are three items from the Umbra Shift collection.

Philippe Malouin's Hanger Chair
Umbra the Canadian based company known for putting a design-y spin on practical housewares unveiled a new extension of the brand called Umbra Shift.

The Rosebud Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.
The Rosebud Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.

Rosebud Kitchen
To make reservations at the Caravan or to learn more about their tiny guesthouses go here: The Tiny House Hotel

A Peek Inside The Skyline Guesthouse
A Peek Inside The Skyline Guesthouse at The Caravan, Tiny House Hotel.

Tandem Kitchen and Loft
The Tandem Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.

The Tandem Guesthouse
The Tandem Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.

The Skyline Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.
The Skyline Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.

A Peek Inside The Caboose Guest House
A Peek Inside The Caboose Guesthouse at The Caravan, Tiny House Hotel.

The Caboose Guesthouse at the Tiny House Hotel, Caravan.
The Caboose guesthouse at the Caravan Hotel.

The Caravan is a One-of-a-Kind Boutique Hotel
Now you can experience the small space life at Caravan, The first tiny house hotel in the U.S.

It's Functional & Sculptural
Usually shelving units are more about function than beauty, but that's not the case with the ROOM Collection by Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho.

The System Includes a Table
Room Collection is a system that includes 25 stackable blocks and a low table.

Each Block Serves a Purpose
You can create clever small space storage with the Room Collection system.

For more details...
Room Collection is made of pine plywood and is finished with a matt lacquer.

Dining furniture for small spaces.
Dining furniture for small spaces by Plyroom, elegant wood furniture.

This side table can be used in the bedroom, bathroom or office.
A side table that's perfect for compact storage,

This benchseat and clothes rack is perfect for a small foyer.
Dining furniture for small spaces by Plyroom, elegant wood furniture.

A compact desk perfect for big screen computers
Dining furniture for small spaces by Plyroom, elegant wood furniture.

Sleek, beautiful and compact bunk beds by Plyroom.
Dining furniture for small spaces by Plyroom, elegant wood furniture.

It's Portable, Affordable and Multifunctional
The IKEA PS 2014 collection is perfect for small spaces and it's affordable and portable.

The Perfect Table
IKEA PS 2014 table. Small Spaces.

IKEA PS 2014 corner cabinet
IKEA PS 2014 corner cabinet. Small Spaces.

The Storage Table
IKEA PS 2014 storage table. Small Spaces.

Wall Shelf with Hanging Rack
IKEA PS 2014 wall shelf with 11 knobs

A Wee Green House
The IKEA PS 2014 greenhouse. Small Spaces.

A Tree Like Coat Rack
IKEA PS 2014 hat and coat stand. Small Spaces.

IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp
IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp. Small Spaces.

A Desk Fit for a Laptop
IKEA PS 2014 secretary. Small Spaces.

Vertical Garden Plant Stand
IKEA PS 2014 plant stand $34.99. Small Spaces.

These Garden Creations
Get your grow on with one of these indoor garden creations.

A Fish Aquarium with a Garden
The AquaSprouts Planter is an aquaponic system that uses fish poop to grow food. Page 2.

A Mini Modernist Planter
The Plantpod is tiny shelf planter made for shallow root plants. Page 3.

A Picture Perfect Planter
The Hngen Wall Planter comes with an easy to use self-watering system. Page 4.

Turn Your Windowsill into a Vegetable Farm
The Modern Sprout Planter turns any windowsill into a vegetable farm. Page 5.

Grow a Garden on Your Windows
If you have a lousy view, Window Pods can turn your windows into a beautiful garden. Page 6.

Vertical Gardens are Perfect for Small Spaces
You can plant everything from vegetables and herbs to annuals and perennials in a micro vertical garden.

Micro Gardens for Small Spaces
You don't need a lot of square footage to create one of these tiny indoor gardens.

A Small Home with a Garden
Small Homes Make Home Ownership Affordable. Page 2.

A Cozy Three Bedroom
Quality small homes can pack a lot of value. Page 4.

Lots of Room for Living
Small Quality Homes Pack Big Value. Page 5.

Super-Sized Homes Are Not Sustainable
Super-Sized Homes Are Not Sustainable.

A Small Home That Thinks Big
A Small Home That Thinks Big. Small Spaces. Page 3.