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Signs You Need a New Doctor for Social Anxiety Disorder
Is your doctor unprofessional, lacking expertise, or hard to get along with? If so, you may want to find a new doctor to treat your social anxiety.

Prozac for Social Anxiety Disorder
Prozac is an SSRI used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Use for Social Anxiety Disorder
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder is one of the leading treatments for SAD. Learn more about this form of treatment.

How is Chamomile Used For Anxiety?
Chamomile is a popular natural remedy used in a variety of contexts including as a sleep aid, for anxiety, skin infections and digestive upset.

How is Aromatherapy Used for Social Anxiety Disorder?
Aromatherapy can be helpful when you suffer with anxiety. Here is a list of essential oils and their use in the treatment of social anxiety disorder.

How Do I Get Over My Fear of Public Speaking?
Fearful of speaking in front of groups? Here is a how-to guide to practice exposure therapy on your own to overcome the fear of public speaking.

How Do I Get Motivated to Overcome Social Anxiety?
Sometimes motivation to change can be a problem. Here are some tips to help motivate yourself to overcome social anxiety disorder.

How Do I Get Over My Fear of Social Situations?
A list of tips on how to practice exposure therapy as part of a self-help strategy to overcome the fear of social situations.

How Do I Get Over My Fear of Conflict With Others?
Do you avoid conflict with others? Use exposure therapy as a self-help tool to overcome the fear of conflict with others.

Asking Small Talk Follow-Up Questions When You Have SAD
Knowing how to ask follow-up questions during small talk is an important skill for having better conversations. Follow these steps to learn how to ask follow-up questions.

How to Ask Someone on a Date When You Have Social Anxiety
It can be difficult to know how to ask for a date when you suffer from social anxiety. Here is a relatively painless way to give it a try.

Shy Athletes and How They Cope
Shy athletes face the difficult burden of being private people in a lifestyle that demands public attention. Here is a list of some famous shy and socially anxious athletes.

Shy Celebrities
Are you looking to learn more about shy celebrities? This master list links you to detailed articles about every type of shy celeb including authors, actors and politicians.

Shy Models and Fashionistas
Shy models and fashionistas include

Shy Historical Figures
Shy historical figures include the likes of Clara Barton, Thomas Edison, and Orville Wright. Each of these figures made a difference in the lives of millions.

How Do I Practice Deep Breathing for Anxiety?
Deep breathing means using the diaphragm rather than taking shallow breaths in the chest. Learn how to use diaphragmatic breathing to reduce anxiety.

How Can I Talk to Myself in a Positive Way?
Do you have a tendency to speak badly to yourself? Here is a list of positive affirmations for use in overcoming social anxiety disorder.

How Can I Help My Child With Social Anxiety?
Clinical psychologist Kate Spere answers questions about how parents can help their children with social anxiety.

How Can I Cope with Social Anxiety Disorder at Work?
Clinical psychologist Danny Gagnon answers questions about how individuals can cope with social anxiety at work.

How Can I Be Less Self-Conscious in Social Situations?
Self-consciousness inhibits your ability to be yourself in social situations. Here are some tips to help you become less self-conscious around others.

How Can I Embarrass Myself on Purpose?
Tips about how to embarrass yourself on purpose to challenge your social anxiety and a list of situations in which to do it.

School Violence and Social Anxiety Disorder
Blog posts discussing school shootings and common personality characteristics of the shooters.

Relaxation Techniques to Manage Social Anxiety Disorder
Relaxation techniques for social anxiety include deep breathing and muscle relaxation. Learn to practice these self-help strategies on your own.

10 Reasons Why it is Easier to Be Socially Confident
Social confidence has many advantages. Here is a list of 10 reasons why it is helpful to be confident in social situations.

An Overview of REBT for Treating Social Anxiety Disorder
Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) is a form of therapy that has been shown effective in reducing emotional distress including anxiety.

A List of Quotes About Overcoming Your Fears
Overcoming social anxiety disorder involves facing fears. This list of quotes about overcoming fear may help you do just that.

18 Quotes About Shyness From Celebrities and Notable Figures
Shyness is a lesser form of social anxiety. Here is a list of quotes from famous people about shyness and all that it entails.

Procrastination and Social Anxiety Disorder
People procrastinate for many reasons. And social anxiety could be one of them. This is what you need to know.

Coping as a Parent of a Preschooler with Social Anxiety
Coping with social anxiety in your preschool child can be hard. Learn when anxiety is a problem and what you can do to help your child.

What Are Positive Affirmations for Social Anxiety Disorder?
An overview of how positive affirmations can be helpful in coping with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Use them now to boost yourself up.

How to Practice Social Anxiety Disorder Exposure Therapy
A list of articles about how to use exposure therapy to overcome a variety of fears that can be related to social anxiety disorder.

A List of Popular Topics for Making Small Talk
Small talk topics can include anything from celebrity gossip to arts and entertainment. Here is a list of popular small talk topics.

The Circus Mirror Effect: Social Anxiety and Friendships
Individuals with social anxiety disorder tend to perceive their friendships with others more negatively than do the friends themselves.

How to Stop Stress Fast When You Have Social Anxiety
Tips on how to stop ruminative thoughts and manage runaway emotions when you have social anxiety.

Paxil CR as a Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder
Paxil CR is a prescription medication used to treat social anxiety disorder. Learn more about taking Paxil for your anxiety disorder.

How to Become Stronger When You Have Social Anxiety
Tips on how to become a stronger person when you suffer with social anxiety.

The Relationship Between Social Anxiety and Alcohol Abuse
Many people with social anxiety also suffer with alcohol abuse. Find out the best treatment options for people with both disorders.

Social Anxiety Disorder: Self-Help Strategies
Looking for self-help strategies for social anxiety? Learn about breathing techniques, conquering negative automatic thoughts, and facing fear.

Walking Down the Aisle at Your Wedding When You Have Social Anxiety
Walking down the aisle when you suffer with social anxiety can be daunting. Here are some tips to help make your trip down the aisle as stress-free as possible.

How to Reduce Stress Using the Power of Positive Thinking
The simple act of thinking more positively can alleviate stress when you have social anxiety.

How to Cope With Learning a Second Language When You Have Social Anxiety
Learning a new language in a new country can be daunting when you are socially anxious. Read more about how best to cope.

Profile of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale
The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale is a self-rated questionnaire designed to evaluate the impact of social phobia on various areas of your life.

Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
If you suffer from social anxiety, developing your speaking ability will help to make you more confident when talking before an audience.

Psychoanalysis for Social Anxiety Disorder
Psychoanalysis for social anxiety disorder involves uncovering underlying conflicts from childhood that may be causing your social anxiety.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview When You're Not Outgoing By Nature
Tips to ace a job interview when you are not naturally outgoing.

Tips for Coping With Office Party Anxiety
Office party anxiety can be a problem for those with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Here are some tips to help you cope with this career social obligation.

Definition of Overgeneralization and Social Anxiety
Overgeneralization is a symptom of social anxiety where you apply one negative experience to all experiences, worsening anxiety and depression.

Learn When to Leave a Party
Learn when is the best time to leave a party, and why you need to have an exit time in mind.

What to Eat and Drink at a Party
Learn what to eat and drink at a party and why you may want to snack on something before you go.

How to Approach People at a Party
Learn how to approach people at a party in order to join the conversation.

What to Do at a Party
Learn what to do at a party to feel more comfortable with other guests.

How to Cope With Anxiety at a Party
Learn how to cope with social anxiety during a party.

What to Bring to a Party
Learn what to bring to a party and why you should plan your gifts early.

How to Decide When to Arrive at a Party
Learn when to arrive at a party, and why you may want to show up late rather than early.

How to Get Ready for a Party
Learn how to get ready for a party when you suffer with social anxiety.

How to Deal With Social Anxiety at a Party
Coping with social anxiety at a party can be difficult if you don't plan well. Here are some tips to help you through every step of the party.

How Not to Care: 20 Silly Things to Do in Public
You can overcome your social anxiety by pushing yourself to do things that make you uncomfortable. Here is a list of 20 silly things to start.

How to Practice Exposure Therapy for Paruresis
Paruresis, also known as shy bladder, can be improved through self-help strategies. Learn more about how to enlist the help of a partner to gradually overcome your fear.

How to Manage Anxiety During a Musical Performance
Anxiety during a musical performance can wreak havoc with your ability to perform. Learn how to keep anxiety manageable when you are performing.

How to Parent Teens with Social Anxiety
Parenting a teenager with social anxiety disorder can be challenging. Learn how to help your teenager cope and how you can provide the best environment for improvement.

Tips on How to Give Compliments When You Have SAD
Learn how giving compliments can help to reduce your anxiety, enable you to start conversations, and develop friendships.

How to Give a Wedding Speech if You Have Social Anxiety
Giving a wedding speech can be challenging if you suffer with social anxiety. Here are ideas for managing anxiety about delivering a speech at your wedding.

Tips to Introduce People When You Are Socially Anxious
Knowing how to introduce people properly is an important social skill. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to introduce people to each other.

How Avoidance Is a Gamble: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself
Avoiding social situations is a gamble to appear perfect. Learn why this strategy is not helpful for social anxiety disorder in the long term.

How Can I Be More Assertive When I Have Social Anxiety?
Assertiveness involves directly expressing your feelings and thoughts while taking into account the needs and feelings of others.

How to Concentrate When You Are Socially Anxious
Tips on how to concentrate when social anxiety is a problem.

How to Be More Outgoing By Playing "I Spy"
How to use the old game of

Obstacles to Getting Help for Social Anxiety Disorder
A list of reasons people don't get help for social anxiety disorder and counter arguments that show why they don't make sense.

Tips for Teenagers With Social Anxiety Disorder
Being a teenager with social anxiety disorder can be difficult. Learn how to cope and how you can manage social anxiety on a daily basis.

Tips for Telling Your Employer That You Have SAD
If you have social anxiety disorder, you may wish to disclose your condition at work. Learn about your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Profile of the Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN)
The Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN) is a self-rated screening questionnaire to assess for risk of social anxiety disorder (SAD).

Neurolinguistic Programming to Treat Social Anxiety
Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is used in psychotherapy, medicine and personal development. It can be used in the treatment of social anxiety disorder.

Motivational Quotes about Social Anxiety
A list of motivational quotes to help you through the process of overcoming social anxiety. Learn from the wisdom of others to help you succeed.

How is Luvox CR Used in the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder?
Luvox CR is a prescription medication for social anxiety disorder treatment. Learn about the potential side effects and who should not take this medication.

How to Make Friends in a New Neighborhood When You Are Shy
Making friends in a new community can be challenging if you are socially anxious. Here are some tips to make the process easier for you.

Tips for Managing Test Anxiety
Test anxiety can negatively impact performance in school, college and university. Here are some tips to help manage this type of performance anxiety.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder
Generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety differ in one important way. Learn how these disorders differ and about the similarities that they share.

Managing Anxiety Before a Musical Performance
Anxiety before a musical performance can be a problem even for seasoned performers. Learn what you can do to manage anxiety before a musical performance using self-help coping strategies.

Staying True to Yourself as You Work Towards a More Outgoing You
Becoming less anxious and more outgoing should not mean letting go of who you are. Stay true to yourself as you let go of your social anxiety.

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10 Worst Compliments You Can Give
A list of the 10 worst kinds of compliment that you can give and suggestions on how to do it better.

Popular Mental Health Campaigns
A list of nationwide campaigns to support mental health awareness.

Social Anxiety Media
A list of books, magazines, and videos related to social anxiety disorder.

Tips for Getting Help With Social Anxiety Disorder
Learn about where to go for help and what to ask the mental health professional once you get there.

Websites to Help you Pass on Kindness to Others
Helping others can help to reduce social anxiety. Here is a list of websites dedicated to helping you help others.

5 Tips to Help You Reduce Stress
Tips to help reduce stress when you have social anxiety.

Mental Illness Awareness Week
A description of five unusual facts about Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Mental Health Awareness Charity Run/Walks
A list of races and walks in support of mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Calendar
A list of important dates for mental health awareness campaigns and description of activities.

World Mental Health Day
5 Things You Didn't Know About World Mental Health Day

Products to Support Mental Health and Anxiety Awareness
A list of products that show support for mental health awareness and anxiety disorders in particular.


Social Anxiety Disorder - Glossary Terms - Glossary Terms Starting with W
Definitions of commonly used terms relating to Social Anxiety Disorder. On this page you will find definitions for words beginning with the letter

Social Anxiety at Work - Tips for Coping With Social Anxiety at Work
Social anxiety at work can seriously impede your performance and advancement. Here are some tips to help you combat social anxiety at work.

FAQs About Social Anxiety Disorder
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Social Anxiety Disorder.

Glossary of Social Anxiety Disorder Terms A - H
Glossary definitions of terms related to social anxiety disorder starting with the letters A through H.