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Five Things Every Solo Traveler Must Do In Norway
Norway as a country is quite varied, with beautiful picture postcard cities, towns with historic districts, amazing fjords and remarkable remote areas.

How To Find Friends To Travel With And To Share Transport Costs
Long term solo travel is something that will not be for everyone, but those that do travel long term will often find that one of the most challenging aspects is actually keeping their budget balanced and on track, otherwise they can find that the funds run out.

Five Activities For Solo Travelers In Berlin
When solo travelers describe the features that would be included in their perfect city to visit, Berlin ticks many of these boxes as it often feels like an ideal city designed for solo travel.

Meeting People
The best tips for meeting people while traveling solo

Planning and Booking a Trip
The best tips for planning your solo trip.

Singles Travel
Romance on the road. Recommendations and activities/locations for meeting people in a safe and fun way​.

Solo Female Travel
Travel tips for solo female travelers.

Solo Travel Activities
The best travel activities for solo travelers

Solo Travel Destinations
The best solo travel destinations around the world.

Solo Travel Loneliness
How to embrace and deal with loneliness when traveling solo.

The Basics: Solo Travel for First-Timers
Travel planning tips for solo travelers.

Solo Travel Resources
Digital and physical resources for solo travel

Solo Travel Safety and Health
Travel safety and health tips for solo travelers.

Solo Travel Guide
A travel guide to the best destinations for single and solo travelers, including hotel reviews, destination guides, festival reviews, and safety and health information.

How To Ensure You Get Enough Sleep As You Travel Solo
This has long been one of the challenges that many solo travelers will encounter, with travel often including night after night in dorm rooms with several other people, and it is almost inevitable that at some point during your travels you are likely to get some level of sleep disturbance.

Great Hostels For Solo Travelers In Peru
Hostels are among the best places for solo travelers to meet other people who are also exploring a particular destination, and along with being great social places, they also help people to stretch their travel budget by providing inexpensive accommodation either in shared dorms, single sex dorms or private rooms.

Top Photography Tips For The Solo Traveler
Photography is a great hobby for a traveler, and taking fantastic pictures can be a hugely rewarding way to enjoy travel even if you are traveling by yourself.

Why Millennials Travel More
Millennials are traveling more—and saving more money doing it—than other generations. Here's how to copy their success.

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The 20 Best Places to Visit in Scandinavia
From natural beauty to vibrant cities, Scandinavia has something to offer every type of traveler.

Solo Travel
Solo Travel.

Solo Travel
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Solo Travel
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15 Australian Places To Visit On A RV Road Trip
The freedom that comes with RV travel is liberating, and allows you to see all of the sights that really inspired you to travel to Australia!


Seven Destinations For Solo Travelers In North Africa
From amazing historic areas to great shopping to iconic film locations, the solo traveler will find a huge range of things to do in North Africa.

Everything You Need To Know About Solo Travel In Thailand
Thailand is one of the main stops on the 'Backpacker Trail' of Southeast Asia, and one of the first countries to really open up to Western travelers.

25 Of The Most Beautiful Hostels In The United States
Hostels are the best form of budget accommodation for the solo traveler, and provide a comfortable and affordable stay for all travelers.

The Best Ways To Call Home While Traveling
Being able to stay in touch with your parents, siblings and friends easily while traveling helps to reduce that feeling of homesickness.

The Top Solo Travel Destinations
I've compiled an amazing list of the top solo travel destinations that you should include in your next travel itinerary!

Lithuania is going to be joining the Euro single currency in 2015, which will make it much more convenient to include as a destination.

The United Kingdom
While most visitors will arrive in London, the beautiful scenery of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is also well worth including in your trip to the country.

Serbia is a country that has experienced plenty of strife and difficulties over recent decades, but is emerging now as a growing destination

New Zealand
Visitors have been enjoying New Zealand's attractions for decades now, from the wonderful scenery and the beautiful natural sites.

The Republic Of Congo
With over four fifths of the territory being rainforest, one of the most popular activities is exploring the natural areas of the country.

Singapore is an island that will be particularly attractive to travelers this year, with plenty of celebrations and events to help mark this historic occasion.

Hitchhiking Tips For The Solo Traveler
A major challenge for solo travelers is to get around on a budget. Many people choose to use hitchhiking as a method of traveling on the cheap.

Ten Movies To Inspire Your Wanderlust
While not every movie will affect people in the same way, one of these is guaranteed to send you wanderlusting as you dream up your next adventure.

The Top 5 Misconceptions About Solo Travelers
Those who explore the world by themselves will generally be quite different than the misconceptions or stereotypes that many people hold.

The Top Destinations For Single Travelers
Travel can bring single people together in wonderful destinations, as it is a great way to have fun and to meet new people along the way!

A trip to Mauritius offers a whole lot more than just the chance to meet new people!

While Paris may be the traditional city of romance, Rome is the 'Eternal City', and there is no doubt that it is one of the most stylish and exciting places to visit, with plenty of places to meet other single visitors.

New York
if you are traveling and looking for a special someone, there are plenty of places where you can find a potential partner, including specific events.

Dominican Republic
There are particular resorts in the Dominican Republic dedicated to singles so you can be confident that those at the hotel are looking for the same thing.

Meeting Partners Through Solo Travel
Many companies have trips that are specifically designed for single people who are looking to meet partners through group travel or solo travel!

Hong Kong
While there are plenty of dating services that are dedicated to those looking to meet a potential partner in Hong Kong, there are plenty of opportunities to meet others, from the interesting walking tours through to the nightlife.

Events, Festivals and Conferences
Advice for attending events, festivals and conferences alone

Why Travel Solo
Inspiration for solo travel

20 Challenges That The First Time Solo Traveler Will Encounter
There are things that the solo travelers have to face that can make or break a trip. Here's a look at some solo travel challenges and how to overcome!

Seven Ways To Save Money To Fulfill Your Travel Ambitions
To reach your goal, the most important thing is to prioritize saving for travel over other areas of life, and when you do you will see your savings increase.

A Solo Traveler's Guide To Taking Memorable Travel Pictures
Being able to take great pictures as a solo traveler can have a variety of benefits including the ability to preserve those travel memories.

Meeting Other Solo Travelers In Southeast Asia
My top tips for meeting new, like-minded people and other solo travelers during long term trips, and while you explore Southeast Asia.

Put A Tumble Dryer Sheet In Your Case Or Rucksack
A tumble dryer sheet in your luggage will absorb any moisture and will leave clothes smelling fresh and clean when they are taken out of the bag.

The Top Five Travel Hacks For Solo Travelers
After years of traveling, I've compiled my top five, and most popular, travel hacks for you to try on your next solo travel journey.

1. Roll Your Clothes To Get The Most Of Your Luggage Space
The fact that rolling also means there is less space between the clothes means that there is less movement and gaps in between the different garments in the bag.

Carry A Dummy Wallet In Case Of Theft
Carry a small amount of cash and maybe an old card or two that can be used as a dummy should they be mugged

Find WiFi Passwords For Free Internet Usage Online
Paying to use WiFi internet is one of the biggest money spinners for hotels and hostels around the world.

Use Old Contact Lens Cases To Carry Small Amounts Of Toiletries And Makeup
When it comes to carrying small amounts of moisturizer, hand gel or makeup, a contact lens case is the ultimate travel beauty hack.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Planning For A Long Distance Solo Cycling Trip
Good preparation will significantly improve chances of completing your solo cycle journey, and here are things to think about leading up to your trip.

Staying Safe On Public Transport In South East Asia
Transportation in the Southeast Asia isn't the most advanced, so it can take some time to cover long distances, and patience becomes a virtue.

Seven Great Activities For Solo Travelers To Try In Vietnam
Vietnam has a turbulent history, but recently has recovered significantly and is continuing to be hugely popular destination for budget travelers.

How To Ensure You Get A Good Night's Sleep In A Hostel
There are steps that you can take to try and get the best night's sleep possible, and it isn't just about covering your head with the pillow!

Five Interesting Ways To Cross The United States Solo
The adventure of crossing a continent, coast to coast across the U.S., is a big one. There are plenty of ways to carry out the journey, from walking to train travel!

Exploring The Culinary Delights Of Peru
During your next trip in Peru, here are a local cuisines to look out for; and once you've tried one, you'll often want to enjoy them again and again!

Tips For Solo Travel For Big Sporting Events
The majority of the people usually attend sporting events with family or friends, but it can be easy to start a conversation and meet new people if traveling solo.

Solo Camping Trips In The Great Lakes Region
The Great Lakes region covers the northeastern U.S. and southeast Canada, and offers plenty of wild natural areas where you can get off the beaten track!

Getting Around New Zealand As A Solo Traveler
New Zealand is a truly beautiful country to visit with the most amazing scenery, activities, and forms of transportation to enjoy as a solo traveler.

Etiquette Tips For Cooking In Hostels
Hostels have rules up in the kitchen to ensure that everyone has an accessible kitchen. Here are other tips to help to cook your own meals while traveling!

Enjoying Mardi Gras In New Orleans As A Solo Traveler
Also known as 'The Big Easy', or simply 'Nawlins' in the local drawl, New Orleans is a fantastic destination for solo travel, particularly during Mardi Gras.

Eight Adventure Activities To Enjoy In China
It may be a surprise to discover that there's a huge range of activities that can be enjoyed in China, and these eight options are only the beginning.

The Best Solo Travel Destinations In Canada
Canada is a large and beautiful country that has many solo travel destinations

5 Tips For Solo Travel In China
China has a diverse and interesting culture that makes it an amazing and fascinating destination for the solo tourist.

Top Five Cities In The United States For A Short Solo Break
City breaks are perfect for solo travelers who are looking to get away for a few days. These US cities offer culture, amazing shopping and entertainment.

Inspirational Activities For A Solo Trip
For those struggling to find inspiration to set off on a solo trip, here are five wonderful activities that can be enjoyed by the solo traveler.

Top 5 Activities For Solo Travelers In Australia
Australia is a haven for solo travelers, with a well trodden backpacker trail, inexpensive transport options and iconic sights.

Scuba Diving On The Great Barrier Reef
Cairns is one of the most popular places to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, but there are towns along the Queensland coast that offer trips.

Trekking On Fraser Island
Accessed from the small town of Hervey Bay north of Brisbane, Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island.

Go Surfing On The Gold Coast
If you are an experienced surfer or looking to take up the sport, the Gold Coast is a great place to go surfing.

Swimming With Dolphins In Rockingham Bay
The dolphins are regular visitors to the coast of Western Australia, and swimmers and kayakers can often meet dolphins as they explore.

Take a 4WD Safari In The Blue Mountains
Located in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are one of the most beautiful inland areas of Australia.

Top Five US Destinations For Solo Surfers
The social aspect and quality of waves help make these five destinations some of the most popular solo surfing destinations in the United States.

Using Public Transport In South East Asia
The public transport situation in Southeast Asia is one that can vary from country to country, with the wealthier nations, such as Singapore, generally quite good.

Top British Hostels In Amazing Locations
One of the best things about travel is the opportunity to see things that you wouldn't otherwise have been able to witness, but when it comes to really appreciating a view, being able to stay in that location really helps you to take a long look.

Safety And Security Tips For Solo Travel In Russia
For many travelers, the chance to explore a country as alien and different as Russia is one that offers real excitement and adventure.

Planning Your Solo Journey On The Camino De Santiago
The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route that has been in use for centuries, and has seen a recent revival as people start to rediscover this route.

Does A Travel App That Stores All Your Travel Info Improve Your Trip?
Smartphones have made a big impact on the way that people live their lives, but in terms of travel they haven't always made as big a difference.

An Introduction To Ultralight Travel Packing
You don't have to be the person lugging an 80-pound suitcase that's overflowing when you try to get everything in, so ultralight travel packing is the antithesis of that type of backpacking.

Five Amazing Chilean Destinations That Will Blow Your Mind
With the greatest north to south longitudinal difference in the world, Chile has hugely diverse landscapes and also a large difference in altitudes.

Many People Speak English
For solo travelers making their first trip abroad, the fact that Iceland has such a large population of English speakers takes away one of the stress factors. Page 6.

Ice Climbing & Glacier Hiking
Iceland is a country that is all about the outdoors, and one of the great experiences that you can enjoy is glacier hiking. Page 3.

Great Accommodations and Transportation Options
Accommodation will often be one of the biggest costs in Iceland but there are many options from budget hostels to luxury hotels! Page 7.

An Introduction To Iceland
Originally settled by Norwegians and their Gaelic thralls, today Iceland is an unique country with its own heritage, and a true wealth of natural sites.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon
When it comes to relaxing in stunning natural surroundings, the beautiful waters of the Blue Lagoon are second to none. Page 4.

The Wonderful People of Iceland
Friendly and welcoming, Iceland is a very safe country to visit and you will get a warm welcome from people who are genuinely happy to help visitors. Page 2.

Nightlife in Reykjavik
Reykjavik has a great reputation for being a fun and exciting party destination, with some great music festivals, as well as a superb New Year's Eve party. Page 5.

Five Reasons To Go To Iceland As A Solo Traveler In 2016
Iceland is a great destination for solo travelers in many ways, and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider a solo trip there in this next year!

Six Tech Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Solo Travel
Whether you rely on your cell phone, tablet or laptop computer while traveling, there are ways that you can get the most of these tools on the go!

Five Of The Most Unfriendly Destinations For Solo Travelers
Here are five places where solo travelers should definitely research and consider taking steps to limit the risks to their health and safety.

Top 5 South American Cities for a Solo Trip
There are many South American cities offer plenty of activities and different things to do when visiting the continent, and that can be enjoyed as a solo traveler.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
There is no doubt that South American cities offer plenty of activities and different things that can be enjoyed as a solo traveler.

Medellin, Colombia
There is no doubt that South American cities offer plenty of activities and different things that can be enjoyed as a solo traveler.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
There is no doubt that South American cities offer plenty of activities and different things that can be enjoyed as a solo traveler.

Valparaiso, Chile
There is no doubt that South American cities offer plenty of activities and different things that can be enjoyed as a solo traveler.

Cuenca, Ecuador
There is no doubt that South American cities offer plenty of activities and different things that can be enjoyed as a solo traveler.

Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Solo Trip
Wherever you are going to, it is important to make sure that you are looking after your feet by choosing the right footwear for what you will be doing.

What To Do If You Are Mugged While You Are Traveling
Because solo travelers carry all their things with them during most of a trip, a mugging at the wrong time can cause the loss of money, cards and documents at once.

Superb Adventure Activities That You Cannot Miss In The UK
Whether you like to be bobbing on the water or sending tufts of soil flying, the UK has plenty of different activities to choose from during your visit.

Seven Sensational Entertainment Apps To Keep You Company As You Travel
If you are traveling solo on a longer journey, and with a smart phone or tablet, then there are plenty of apps and games that can help you to pass the time.

Five Epic Hikes That You Can Complete Traveling Solo
When it comes to planning a long term solo travel route, hiking is one of the most popular activities as it can reveal stunning scenery and local life.

Amazing Volunteering Projects You Can Help When Traveling In India
Being able to give something back while traveling solo is something that many people want to do, and India is a country with plenty of worthwhile causes.

The Best Hostels For Solo Travelers In Australia
Australia also has a good range of hostels across the country, so whether you're exploring the cosmopolitan cities or are miles from civilization in the outback, a good hostel isn't too far away.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Couchsurfing For The Solo Traveler
A major influence on solo travel has been the growing popularity of couchsurfing. Here are some of the aspects to consider if you plan on couchsurfing!

Planning Successful Activities For Solo Trips
The great thing about traveling solo is that you are your own master and have a blank page for your schedule, so pick activities that excite you!

Dealing With A Long Distance Relationship As A Solo Traveler
Making the decision to travel can be difficult, as it means leaving behind friends and family, but if you have a partner, decision can be even tougher.

Trying New Activities While Traveling Solo
One of the main reasons that many people will want to travel solo is that it gives them the opportunity to try new activities.

Walking Tours To Help You Meet People In New York
Whether you're looking to get a taste for New York food or want to learn more about a particular part of the city, there will be a walking tour that will interest you!

The Seven Activities Solo Travelers Must Try In Chile
Chile has one of the longest coastlines in the world, terrain that ranges from arid desert to snowy glaciers- it has something for every kind of explorer.

Staying Safe On Long Distance Bus Journeys
It is important to take the right precautions and to consider what you are doing during the journey and what preparations to take when taking a long bus trip.

Great Hostels For Solo Travel In New Zealand
When it comes to finding great hostels, New Zealand has a long history of welcoming travelers from across the world with awesome budget accommodations.

Five Superb Street Foods To Try During Your Visit To Vietnam
As one of the most popular countries on the backpacker trail in Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers an inexpensive travel experience and wonderful cuisine!

Dealing With Christmas Away From Home As A Solo Traveler
There are many emotional challenges that those who are traveling fora long term are likely to face, and homesickness can definitely kick in around Christmas.

Safety Tips For Female Solo Travelers In South America
Exploring South America is something that thousands of women do every year but travel safety can be a concern, so it is important to do your research.

Top Street Food Destinations For Solo Travelers In Southeast Asia
Food is a passion for many travelers & the opportunity to enjoy new tastes and ingredients is one of the main reasons that they enjoy visiting new places.

Tips For Solo Train Journeys
There are many people who view travel as a necessity for getting from A to B, but if you have a real enthusiasm for travel then public transport can be one of the best ways of getting to your destination.

Seven Activities For Solo Travelers In Uruguay
Uruguay is a country that is often overlooked for travelers who are exploring South America, but the small nation nestled between Brazil and Argentina is a fascinating place to explore, and has some wonderful things to do.

Renting A Car For A US Road Trip
The idea of taking a road trip across the United States is one of the great travel dreams for people within the country and for visitors coming from abroad. Driving is such a big part of the culture in the country, and especially the idea of tearing up the open road in an open top with the wind in your hair is a massive attraction.

Five Tours You Should Take In Scotland
Anyone who has ever traveled in Scotland will tell you that there is a significant difference between exploring in this proud Celtic nation and the atmosphere you will encounter in England or other parts of the UK.

Five Great Hostels For Solo Travelers In San Francisco
The 'City By The Bay' is one of the most popular destinations in California, and is famous for the impressive Golden Gate Bridge and the former prison island of Alcatraz.

Budgeting For A Solo Trip In Australia
There are few countries that have worked to foster a backpacking culture as much as Australia, and this varied and fascinating destination boasts one of the most thriving communities of expats and travel professionals in the world.

To Learn More About Yourself
Solo travel reveals as much about us as it does about where we go.

Travel Extends Your Life Expectancy
Research has found that stress release from taking a holiday can be a significant contributor to extending the life span of people who travel.

To Try New Experiences
Those who choose to travel alone are not subject to the same restrictions that people experience when they are traveling as a group or as a family.

To Meet New People
Many people have met their partners while traveling solo, with a love blossoming that is based on the shared love of travel.

To Get Away From the Everyday
Solo travel means that you can spend some time being who you really want to be and embracing what new countries have to offer.

What To Look For When Choosing A Scuba Diving Company
Scuba diving is one of those amazing experiences that most people will only really get to try when they are on vacation, and particularly for the solo traveler who may not have a big support network, choosing the right diving company is very important.

Tips For Overcoming Stereotypes About Women Traveling Alone
For those women who are planning a long term solo travel trip, there are many different things that you can expect to encounter, and the simple act of traveling as a woman alone will often be a surprise to local people in some places.

The Top Five Movies To Inspire You To Travel
Different people are inspired in different ways, and while many people will be drawn to travel by wonderful and moving descriptions of locations and travel writing, other people will find that the visual depiction of a destination or activity to be an amazing inspiration.

Six Superb Activities For Visitors To The South Island Of New Zealand
There are many people who have commented on the difference between the people and the cultures found on the South and the North Island of New Zealand, and the rural and more sparsely populated South Island is often cited as being the wilder side of the country.

Seven Superb Activities For The Solo Traveler In Iceland
Just south of the Arctic Circle, Iceland lies in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America, and offers a culture that is very different and one that has been forged by a people who have to work very hard to survive in this part of the world.

Public Transport Options For The Solo Traveler In South Korea
South Korea has often looked across the East Sea (known as the Sea of Japan to those on the Japanese side of the channel) to see how to develop their economy, and their transport network also has taken many of the best aspects of the Japanese network, and improved on it in many ways.

An Introduction To Solo Travel In Ireland
The Emerald Isle has long been a popular destination, with warm and friendly people that help to make this a great place to explore. But there is more to an Irish trip than a few pints with the locals, as it also has an amazing range of sights and experiences that really make it a special place, from the waterside of the Liffey in Dublin city center to the rugged west coast.

Safety Advice For Solo Hiking Expeditions
Going out to enjoy an amazing hike is something that can be a wonderful experience for the solo traveler, and the benefits of hiking alone often make it a more interesting activity than hiking as a part of a group.

Seven Great Street Foods To Enjoy In California
California's cuisine has a variety of influences, and there are some wonderful trucks and stalls in California that offer inexpensive and tasty dishes worth trying.

Making The Most Of A Solo Trip To Rome
Rome is a city that draws millions of visitors every year, and there are plenty of things that can help you to see the city and ways that you can start to understand different parts of the city too.

Seven Books To Fire Your Wanderlust
Travel is a passion that can inspire and consume you when you are working a regular job or are staying and living in one place, but there are certain books that simply take that passion and stoke it into blazing enthusiasm for exploring.

Keeping Your Possessions Safe In Hostels
One of the typical stories that many people will encounter when they travel solo is that of people who have been robbed of valuables or electronics while they were staying in a hostel. While every hostel is different and the level of security available can vary, make sure that you aren't giving opportunist thieves too much of a gift, and that you are smart while you are traveling.

Why Colorado Should Be On The Radar Of Adventure Minded Solo Travelers
This state is home to some of the most dramatic scenery in mainland USA, and there are few people who can visit Colorado and genuinely go away underwhelmed. However, for the solo traveler Colorado has plenty to offer, and for those who have a passion for adventure sports in particular it is a mecca that offers some of the best opportunities to get an adrenaline kick anywhere in the world. Whether you travel to the state in the winter and enjoy great skiing and snowboarding, or you're more into cooling off with great white water rafting and the breeze in your hair while mountain biking, Colorado should definitely be on your radar.

Getting To Know The Locals During A Slow Travel Solo Trip
Solo travel is something that covers a broad range of different types of trip, and there are many people who choose to slow down the pace of their journey so that they can enjoy each destination a little more, and take in the location in a little more detail.

An Introduction To Solo Travel In South Africa
From excellent safari and natural sights through to the stunning surroundings of Cape Town, there are a wide range of attractions to enjoy, and the fact that many people speak English help to make this a fairly easy destination to explore too. It is also worth bearing in mind that there are still significant wealth gaps in many part of the country, but if you are careful you can enjoy a stunning journey around this wonderful destination.

Walking The Camino De Santiago As A Solo Traveler
There are several different routes that make up the Camino de Santiago, and they do tend to join together the closer you get to Santiago. The majority of people walking the route today will start in France, to enjoy the wonderful crossing over the Pyrenees, with most people crossing from the towns of St Jean Pied de Port, or further south from Somport Canfranc.

Top New York Tours For The Solo Traveler
The Big Apple is one of the greatest travel destinations on earth, and millions of visitors travel to this diverse metropolis every year to enjoy its remarkable attractions and vibrant culture.

The Ultimate Gadgets For Solo Travel
Solo travel is one of those things where most people will sort out their travel first, and then spend any money they have left on getting the right equipment for the trip. However, if you are fortunate enough to have saved up enough money, or you are coming into solo travel after a successful career, you might have a little more to spend and can pick up a few luxuries to keep you connected on your journey.

Six Superb Activities For Solo Travelers On New Zealand's North Island
From amazing mountain scenery to superb beaches, along with exploring the wonderful city of Auckland, there are plenty of things to do on the North Island, whether you are looking for physical challenges or amazing adrenaline rushes. Here are six of the best activities to make your visit to New Zealand's North Island even more magical.

Getting Around Mexico By Yourself
Many people will look at Mexico as a holiday destination and think that it is great for a package holiday, but that it is a little too raw and wild for a solo travel adventure. The reality is that the majority of the country is just as safe for visitors as its northern neighbor, and by being smart and not taking unnecessary risks it is perfectly possible to get around the country safely while enjoying every minute of the trip.

Are Single Traveler Cruises For You?
The singles cruise is an interesting development that has happened over recent years, with a growing numbers of are making ships available just for solo travelers who are looking to meet like minded people.

Achieving A Balanced Diet As You Travel
A big challenge for many people setting out on the trip of a lifetime is how to stay healthy and to eat a balanced diet with all of the great food that is out there to try.

Using Public Transport In Australia
Although it is a vast territory, Australian public transport is generally quite good, and you will usually be able to continue your journey without needing a vehicle.

Safety Tips For Traveling By Ferry In Southeast Asia
For the solo traveler exploring on the budget, taking a domestic flight will not usually be an affordable option, so here are a few tips on staying as safe as possible as you travel by ferry in the region.

Street Food Dishes You Must Try In North Africa
Getting to try new types of food and enjoying new tastes is an important part of the solo travel experience, especially when it comes to traveling in North Africa.

Is Long Term Solo Travel For You?
There is a big difference between taking an extended vacation and traveling solo for the long term. Here are some things to consider if you aren't sure if long term solo travel is really for you.

An Introduction To Solo Travel In India
Many people view India as an intimidating travel destination, but once you are in the country, it is much the same as exploring any other destination.

The Best Hostels For The Solo Traveler In Italy
From superb central locations through to beautiful scenery and excellent facilities, here are some of the best hostels in Italy for the solo traveler.

Top Homestay Options For The Solo Traveler
Here are a few ways you can incorporate a homestay experience into your trip.

Great Social Dining Experiences In The Pacific Northwest
Social dining experiences help to make the area interesting for food lovers, and here are some great ideas on different dining options in the region.

The Best Cycling Routes For Solo Travelers In Australia
Cycling Australia is a great option as it gives you the chance to cover a reasonable distance each day, without sitting in the hot cabin of a car or 4x4

Top Tips For Stretching Your Solo Travel Budget In Southeast Asia
Solo travel is something that can vary significantly in terms of cost, and there is a good reason that Southeast Asia is a key part of 'The Backpacker Trail'

Connecting With Other Travelers On A Long Solo Trip
Solo travel is something that can get a little bit lonely at times, and one of the most important things that you can do is to make an effort to meet others as you travel

5 Destinations to Inspire Solo Travel
Here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer.

Here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer.

Here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer.

Here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer.

Costa Rica
Here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer.

Here are five destinations where the solo traveler can relax and enjoy the amazing experiences on offer.

The Best Hostels For Solo Travelers In Sweden
Sweden is a country that is the largest in Scandinavia, and is one that is famous for its food, the welcoming people and the social structure which is a model that countries across the work look to follow

Safety Tips For Solo Travelers Visiting Central America
Here are some useful safety tips to help make sure that your solo trip in Central America is enjoyable and exciting in a good way.

Five Ways In Which Solo Travel Will Enrich Your Life
Not only will solo travel allow you to see places that you haven't seen before, it gives you the freedom to choose your own itinerary and to enjoy your favorite activities.

Five Amazing Activities For Solo Travelers In Colorado
Along with the wonderful activities, you can also wind down in the evenings with the wonderful food that is produced in Colorado.

Exploring Morocco As a Solo Traveler
Most solo travelers will find Morocco to be an interesting and vibrant destination which reveals some amazing attractions behind the mystery.

The Best Way To Take A Walking Tour Of A Destination
Solo travelers will often enjoy the attraction of a walking tour, because it not only gives them a great introduction to the city they are visiting but is also a good way to meet other travelers who are visiting the city.

The Best Ways For Solo Travelers To Call Home
One of the biggest challenges for travelers who are spending a long time abroad is how to keep in touch regularly with people at home, without having to spend large amounts of money paying for calls.

Tips for Visiting Cancun as a Solo Traveler
For many solo travelers, the idea of heading to a major resort destination such as Cancun is the opposite of what they are looking for from a travel destination, but there are actually a raft of reasons why it is worth considering as a potential destination.

Why Solo Travelers Should Rent A Room To Meet Local People
While it is possible to share with other travelers, the really authentic experiences can happen when you rent a room from a local family who are looking for a temporary lodger.

Top Solo Travel Destinations In Alaska
The United States' largest state is also one of its most isolated and mysterious, and when it comes to taking an adventure without leaving the country, then a trip to Alaska is about as adventurous as it can get.

Exploring Turkey As A Solo Traveler
One of the things that many people are worried about is how safe Turkey is for solo travelers, and for the majority of visitors to the country, there is no doubt that it is a friendly and welcoming destination.

Five Useful Skills that can Help a Solo Traveler get a Job Abroad
If you are currently thinking of different ways to fund that travel, or want to do something different while you travel, then here are some great skills that can come in handy.

Five Activities For Solo Travelers In Seville
There is also a thriving culture in the city, and even if you choose not to join the locals enjoying the bullfighting, there are plenty of activities that solo travelers can enjoy in Seville.

Ten Things You Can Leave Behind To Save Weight In Your Bag
One of the biggest challenges when you are traveling solo is making sure that you have packed everything that you are going to need into your rucksack or case before you head out the door.

The Top Ways To Find Cheap Flights For A Solo Traveler
When it comes to flying solo there are actually a variety of methods that you can use to try and save money on these trips.

Working Holiday Opportunities For Solo Travelers In New Zealand
New Zealand also has an agreement with 34 countries that allows visitors to obtain a one year working visa, which is ideal if you are looking for ways to help fund your exploration of this great country.

Exploring The Literary Heritage Of Dublin As A Solo Traveler
Vibrant and interesting, the literary heritage of Dublin has a lot to offer the solo traveler, from wonderful sites to explore to great ways to meet others interested in the same subject.

The Top 5 Apps For The Solo Traveler's Smartphone
There are plenty of apps that can be useful for the solo traveler, but here are five of the most useful apps that will make getting around the world a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel websites in the world, and offers reviews and ratings of hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world.

Google Maps
Probably the most famous navigation app of all, Google Maps is an online repository of maps that cover the majority of the world.

iTranslate Voice
The iTranslate Voice app is a great app for those who are taking a trip through a variety of countries where different languages are spoken, but don't have the time to learn the local language.

Uber is an app that can help you to deal with both of those aspects, offering drivers who can offer you a ride for a lower price than a taxi driver.

Offi – Public Transport Buddy
Offi combines information from a range of sources to offer advice and route planners in a range of destinations.

Five Great Activities For Solo Travelers In Hong Kong
If you are trying to think of some activities to enjoy that won't break the bank here are some ideas to give your trip to Hong Kong a fun start.

Climb The Peak
The peak is one of the most popular spots on the island, and offers a magnificent panorama across the city.

Take A Food Tour Of Hong Kong
One of the most interesting parts of Hong Kong is that the cuisine is quite a distinct fusion from many other parts of China.

Visit Lantau Island
While most of Hong Kong's main island is very claustrophobic and busy, Lantau Island is the largest of the outlying islands and is where locals and visitors go to relax and enjoy the wide open spaces.

Tweet At Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is where locals bring their domesticated birds, in their cages, to socialize and to enjoy the fresher air of the garden.

Take A Trip Across The Bay On The Star Ferry
The Star Ferry is one of the most iconic methods of transport in Hong Kong.

Solo Travel Accommodation At The YMCA Hostel in Basel
The YMCA Hostel is one of the best and most popular hostels in Basel, and provides a great base from which to explore the city.

California Wine Festival
The state of California is famous for producing excellent wine and the California Wine Festival, held in Orange County and in Santa Barbara.

Top 7 US Food Festivals For Solo Travelers
Here are seven of the tastiest foor festivals that are worth visiting, and are particularly interesting or attractive to solo travelers.

Copper River Wild
A trip to the town of Cordova for the Copper River Wild festival can easily be combined with other activities in the region.

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival
With the 2014 Hampton Beach Seafood Festival marking a quarter of a century since this event was first held, this is truly a celebration of seafood.

The Hatch Chile Festival
Chile is a massive part of the cuisine of New Mexico, and in the small town of Hatch, it has become the inspiration for the Hatch Chile Festival.

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival
When it comes to tasty artisan cheeses that are worth sampling by themselves, then the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival is definitely the place to go

The Music City Hot Chicken Festival
The Music City Hot Chicken Festival is social and welcoming to newcomers, with a particularly good vibe as it is held on Independence Day.

Charleston Wine And Food Festival
The Charleston Wine and Food Festival in South Carolina is a real joy for the food and drink connoisseur, with fine wines and great local food.

Safety Precautions To Take Before Traveling Alone
By planning ahead and taking safety precautions, it is possible to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime or an accident while abroad.

Visit The Temples Of Bangkok
While many people visit Bangkok for the wonderful night life, for those with an interest in history and architecture, some of the best temples in Asia are actually to be found there

Volunteer With Thai Elephants
There is a Thai Elephant Nature Reserve near the city of Chiang Mai which allows visitors to volunteer and help with caring for the elephants.

Go Scuba Diving In Raja Ampat
The coast around Raja Ampat has some of the best dive sites in the world.

Explore The Night Bazaar In Chiang Mai
The city of Chiang Mai was once the capital of an ancient kingdom, but it has long since been incorporated into the country of Thailand.

Go Beach Hopping In Ko Lanta
Ko Lanta is certainly one of the most attractive and pleasant islands to visit during a trip to the country.

Enjoy An Introduction To Muay Thai
Thai boxing has long been a sport that is hugely popular in Thailand itself, but is rarely seen outside the country.

Seven Activities For The Solo Traveler In Thailand
Here are seven great activities that make up just a tiny fraction of the wonderful experiences available in Thailand.

Explore The Ruined City Of Ayutthaya
The Ayutthaya Kingdom was once one of the largest empires in the region, and the ruins of this city date from the height of the empire in the sixteenth century.

Where To Meet People While Traveling Solo
One aspect of traveling solo that intimidates many people when they are planning their first trip is the process of meeting new people as they travel.

Top 5 Gadgets for Solo Travelers
Here are five gadgets that the modern solo traveler simply cannot leave out of their bag.

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Top Tips For Saving Money While Traveling Solo
By planning ahead and being smart about your expenses, the costs of traveling solo can be minimized.

Booking Travel Insurance For A Long Term Solo Trip
Travel insurance should certainly be one of the most important things to arrange before heading out on a long term solo trip.

6 Challenges To Overcome When Traveling Solo
For those who are traveling solo, it's important to know how to overcome challenges that can turn the adventure of the lifetime into a tough slog.

Talk To Strangers
Striking up a conversation with a stranger is usually the hardest part of solo travel but it is well worth trying to start a conversation at a bar.

Sit At The Bar
Sitting at the bar is that it means you can talk to the bartender, which is useful if the area is fairly quiet or there is no one else to talk to.

Drink Responsibly
Alcohol can be a lubricant that helps people to open up and to talk to new people, but as a solo traveler, it is important not to become too loose.

Live Music
Live music is great for those who are traveling solo and are unsure about where they can go to enjoy the local night life.

Research Night Time Attractions In Your Destination
For those who are concerned about exploring the night life of a destination, research can be a very useful tool.

5 Cultural Experiences For Solo Travelers In South America
For solo travelers looking for experiences they can try, here are suggestions that will provide insight into the local culture of each country.

The Best Activities for Solo Travelers
There's a range of activities that solo travelers can enjoy whether they're looking to have fun while meeting new people or explore on their own.

Top Tips For Keeping Your Baggage Secure When Traveling Solo
While there are steps you can take to help secure your baggage and belongings, even the most careful people can become victims of such crimes.

Overcoming Language Barriers 2When Traveling Solo
One of the biggest challenges when traveling solo is communicating in a different country. Here are some useful tips for overcoming language barriers.

Choosing The Best Itinerary For A Solo Trip
A great feature of traveling by yourself is that you can pick the best itinerary based on the time you have to travel and what you can afford.

Plan Your Solo Trip
Tips for planning your solo trip.