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3 Refreshing Grass Jelly Drinks
Three great ways to enjoy a cold grass jelly drink: with sugar syrup, with milk and with mangoes and milk.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee
Coffee topped with a thickened mixture of egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk.

Fried Rice, Vietnamese-style
What's the difference between Chinese and Vietnamese fried rice? Vietnamese fried rice has milder flavors because of the seasonings.

Vegetarian Fried Rice With Shiitake Mushrooms
Use shiitake mushrooms in place of meat and shrimps to make a tasty vegetarian fried rice.

Vietnamese Steamed Pandan Sticky Rice (Xaoi La Dua)
A subtly sweet snack made with glutinous rice, pandan extract, coconut milk and shredded fresh coconut

Hainanese Chicken Rice: A Very Detailed Recipe
If you want to know if Hainanese chicken is cooked right, when you cut through the thigh bone, check the color -- the center should be pink.

Make the Tastiest Sambal Fried Rice at Home!
Fresh and store-bought spices and herbs are combined to make this delicious spicy fried rice.

Mi Goreng: Indonesia's and Malaysia's "fried noodles"
Mi goreng (also, mie goreng or mee goreng) is the generic term for stir fried noodles in Indonesia and Malaysia.

La Paz Batchoy: Central Philippines' Pork Noodle Soup
Shrimp broth is poured over egg noodles and slices of pork offal (kidney, spleen and liver) and topped with crushed chicharon (pork cracklings).

Shrimp Noodle Soup
The rich flavor is derived not only from the fresh whole shrimps but from the broth made with shrimp heads and shells.

Pancit Guisado With Pork
Boiled pork belly cubes were browned until lightly crisp before they were tossed with the sauteed vegetables and noodles.

The Wide, Wide World of the Filipino Pancit Guisado
Pancit guisado is not a single dish. It is the generic term for stir-fried noodles in the Philippines.

Put Leftovers to Good Use: Cook Asian-style Fried Rice
Asian-style fried rice is essentially a dish made with leftovers.

Congee: Asia's Rice Porridge
Although congee can be as basic as rice boiled in water, the tastiest congee is cooked in rich meat broth.

Merienda: A Spanish Legacy
In Spain, Italy and other regions in Southern Europe, merienda is a light meal or a snack, a ritual that the Filipinos adapted from the Spaniards.

The best balut is made with eggs that have been fertilized for no longer than 14 days when the embryo has not formed feathers and the bones are still very soft.

Lugaw with tokwa't baboy (congee with fried tofu and boiled pork)
Plain lugaw is traditionally served with boiled pork head meat and fried tofu doused with a soy-vinegar sauce.

There are several varieties of local bread, some plain and others with filling. The most popular is pan de sal, sweet rolls coated with bread crumbs.

Rice Cakes
Rice cakes come in numerous forms in the Philippines. Suman, puto, kakanin and bibingka are all rice cakes.

Champorado and tuyo
A sweet porridge, champorado is glutinous rice mixed with chocolate. Its traditional partner is tuyo, salted dried fish.

Banana Cue, Turon and Maruya
Bananas are plentiful all year 'round in the Philippines. There are several varieties including saba which is ideal for cooking.

Halo-halo and maiz con hielo
Halo-halo and maiz con hielo are iced snacks.

Pancit (noodles)
Pancit includes dry noodle dishes and noodle soups.

Lumpia (savory spring rolls)
Another Chinese influence, Filipino lumpia is either fresh or fried just as most spring rolls are in Southeast Asia.

Finely Grind the Pandan Leaves
Grind the pandan leaves with water using a food processor, a blender or a mortar and pestle.

Squeeze Out the Juices
Squeeze the ground leaves to get as much of the flavor and color.

Strain the Pandan Water
Strain the pandan water. Southeast Asian Food.

Prepare the Pandan Leaves
Cutting the pandan leaves into smaller pieces.

Pandan Leaves in Southeast Asian Cooking
Pandan leaves are used to cook rice, stews, grilled meat and a wide array of sweets and drinks.

Palm Sugar: Does It Really Make a Difference?
Palm sugar is sugar derived from the sap of the flowers of the Palmyra palm tree while coconut sugar comes from the flowers of the coconut palm tree.

Nian Gao: Colors, Shapes, Flavors
Nian gao can be savory or sweet. Savory nian gao is added to stir fries and soups. Sweet nian gao is sliced, dipped in beaten eggs and pan fried.

Pan-frying the Nian Gao
Two things are crucial when frying nian gao. The first is the temperature of the oil. The second is not overcrowding the pan.

Flip the Nian Gao Slices During Frying
When the underside browns (and it will brown in less than a minute), flip the nian gao slices to brown the other side.

Drain the Fried Nian Gao in a Stack of Paper Towels
Place the fried nian gao on a plate covered with a stack of paper towels to remove excess oil before serving.

How To Slice Sweet Nian Gao
Let the rice cake sit for a few days in its original wrapping to let out some of the moisture. A drier nian gao is easier to slice.

Dip the Sliced Nian Gao in Beaten Eggs
You don't need a lot of eggs, really, because the egg just needs to coat each slice of nian gao.

Spring rolls are meant for deep frying
The spring rolls must float in the oil and the oil must be sufficiently hot.

Savory spring rolls can have meat or vegetable filling
Fried spring roll filling can be meat or vegetables.

Fry in batches to keep the oil temperature high
Do not overcrowd the pan. Fry the spring rolls in batches so that they move freely in the hot oil.

How To Store Uncooked Spring Rolls
Arrange the spring rolls in rows and sprinkle corn starch or tapioca starch between rows.

In Asia, fried spring rolls are not dipped in beaten eggs nor dredged in flour prior to frying
Egg rolls are an American concoction. In Asia, fried spring rolls are not dipped in egg nor dredged in flour.

How To Make A Well-wrapped Spring Roll
A well-wrapped spring roll is compact and not soggy.

Serving fried spring rolls
Let the fried spring rolls rest vertically in a strainer to allow excess oil to drip.

Finish wrapping the spring rolls before frying
Because cooking time is very short, it is wise to finish wrapping all the spring rolls before you start frying.

Sealing the spring rolls
Use egg wash to seal the spring rolls.

Wrapping the spring rolls tightly is important
When wrapping spring rolls, roll tightly to remove air pockets.

Do not overstuff spring rolls
A common mistake is to stuff a spring roll with too much filling.

Color Changes in the Banana Leaf During Cooking
The banana leaves will continue to soften during cooking and change color.

Banana Leaves in Southeast Asian Cuisine
In Southeast Asia, banana leaves are used to wrap food before cooking.

Cooking the Banana Leaf-wrapped Food
Banana leaf-wrapped food can be steamed, grilled or boiled.

Food Cooked in Banana Leaf
Food cooked in banana leaves acquire a subtle fragrant aroma and a sweetish flavor.

What Does Banana Leaf Look Like?
The banana leaf consists of the center stalk (petiole) and the blades on either side. Mature banana leaves grow to a length of more than one meter.

Banana Leaves in the Market
Banana leaves are sold fresh or frozen.

Using the Fibrous Edge of the Banana Leaf
Cut off the fibrous edge of the blade but do not discard as it is useful for tying the banana leaf-wrapped food parcel.

Cutting a Banana Leaf
To cut the leaves, start by making a small tear at the edge then pull apart.

Wilting a Banana Leaf on the Stove
To wilt the banana leaf over fire, simply put a piece of leaf on the stove. Move it around so that every inch of the leaf is touched by the fire.

Wrapping Food in Banana Leaf
Wrap the food in banana leaf just as you would a sandwich.

Double-wrapping to Seal in the Juices
Depending on the kind of food in the parcel and the cooking time, it is sometimes a good idea to wrap the food more than once.

Tying the Banana Leaf-wrapped Food
Once the food is wrapped, tie up the parcel to prevent the banana leaves from coming apart during cooking.

Navigating the Spicy World of Laksa
Although there are so many variants of laksa, each falls under one of three types: asam, curry or Sarawak.

What is Malay Cuisine?
If one were eating a bowl of spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup in a Southeast Asian restaurant in Seattle, how can one tell if it is Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian or a hybrid?

Chicken and Macaroni Salad
Although four ingredients -- chicken, macaroni, mayonnaise and pineapple -- are omnipresent, the rest vary. Some add raisins, carrot, celery, cheese.

Malaysian ABC Soup Recipe, With Chicken,Potato and Tomato
A simple to make Malaysian soup (that's why it's called ABC) with basic and hearty ingredients including chicken, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

Asian Cooking - Basic Herbs and Spices
Basic cooking ingredients for the Southeast Asian Kitchen. Many of these ingredients can be easily found in your local Chinatowns or Supermarket.

Lemongrass is Cymbopogon
What is lemongrass? How is it prepared for cooking? In what dishes is lemongrass used as an ingredient?

Bruise the Lemongrass Stalk to Release Its Flavors
Lemongrass is used to flavor soups. The stalk is also used as a skewer for grilled food.

How to Trim and Prepare the Lemongrass Bulb
Make a shallow vertical cut along the length of each stalk and peel off the fibrous outer layers.

Lemongrass in Southeast Asian Food
Lemongrass is used in marinades and stews.

Lemongrass Flakes and Powder
When fresh lemongrass is unavailable, dried lemongrass available as lemongrass flakes and powder can be substituted.

Coconut Pandan Crepes (Kuih Dadar)
These bright green rolls with sugar and coconut filling are called kuih dadar in Malaysia and kue dadar gulung in Indonesia.

Pork and Egg Stew (Thit Kho Nuoc Dua) with Bamboo Shoots
The Vietnamese pork and egg stew (thit kho nuoc dua) is a local adaptation of the Chinese red cooked pork. Bamboo shoots are added in this recipe.

Banh Mi With Grilled Pork Filling
Learn how to make banh mi thit nuong, Vietnamese sandwich with grilled pork filling.

Southeast Asian Entrees & Main Courses
Meat, seafood and vegetable dishes cooked with spices and seasonings that make them distinctively Southeast Asian.

Rice & Noodles
Learn how to prepare Southeast Asian rice and noodle dishes at home with easy to follow recipes.

Vegetarian dishes cooked the Southeast Asian way.

Cambodia Desserts, Fruits and Drinks
Cambodian Desserts, Fruits and Drinks add an invaluable taste and dimension to any kind of food, either raw, fresh or cooked.

Laos Vegetarian Dishes - Recipe for Laotian Vegetarian Cuisine
Laotian vegetarian dishes come in many forms and varieties. They are healthy with little oil and use lots of fresh spices and herbs.

Filipino Marinades, Dips & Sauces - Philippines Marinades, Dips & Sauces
Recipes for Marinades, Dips & Sauces from the mystical Philippines.

Laos Vegetarian Dishes
Laotian vegetarian dishes come in many forms and varieties. They are healthy with little oil and lots of fresh spices and herbs.

Filipino Marinades, Dips & Sauces
The variety of Marinades, Dips & Sauces in Southeast Asia is astounding! The colors, the fragrance and the tastes of Southeast Asia can also be found here in the Philippines.

How to Cut and Open Up a Pomelo Fruit
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open a Pomelo Fruit
An easy step-by-step guide (with photos) to cutting and opening a pomelo, a succulent Southeast Asian fruit. Try juicing it or making ice cream with it.

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo
How to Cut and Open up a Pomelo - succulent Southeast Asian fruit

Laotian Sticky Rice with Durian – Recipe for Sticky Rice with Durian - Khao Niao Thu Lien
If you love durians, you will love this dessert from Laos. However, if you find durians too pungent to try, this Laotian Sticky Rice with Durian dessert may still surprise you.

Lao Minced Pork in Cabbage Soup - Recipe for Minced Pork in Cabbage Soup - Keng Kalampi Jak
Lao Main Course Soups can be served with plain white rice. The Southeast Asian dish is a delicately well-balanced meal.

A Brief Introduction to Malay Cooking and Culture
A short profile of Malay food and its role in Malaysian culture. Find an overview of typical ingredients as well as influences from other countries.

Five Popular Vietnamese Street Foods
A list of five of the most popular street foods in Vietnam. Click the links for recipes to try in your own home, complete with pictures.

Guide to Making Vietnamese Spring Rolls - Recipe
Follow the links for everything you need to make Cha Gio, Vietnamese spring rolls. Each page includes step-by-step instructions and photos.

A Brief Introduction to Filipino Cooking and Culture
Filipino food combines Eastern and Western ideas, is influenced by Chinese, Spanish and American traditions, and is often at the center of celebrations.

An Introduction to Indonesian Food, Culture and Cooking
An Introduction to Indonesian Food, Culture and Cooking

An Introduction to Malaysian Food, Culture and Cooking
An Introduction to Malaysian Food, Culture and Cooking

Laos Glossary of Terms - Laos Recipes
Laos - Glossary of Terms for recipes.

Vietnamese Glossary of Terms
Vietnamese Glossary of Terms

Malaysia Glossary of Terms - Malaysian recipes
Malaysia - Glossary of Terms for Recipes.

Indonesia Glossary of Terms - Indonesia Recipes
Indonesia - Glossary of Terms for Recipes

Southeast Asian recipes - Vietnam food recipes
Southeast Asian Vietnam dips, sauces and marinades.

Southeast Asian Desserts - Southeast Asian Recipes
People with a sweet tooth will enjoy cooking Southeast Asian desserts recipes.

Southeast Asian Drinks - Southeast Asian Recipes
Southeast Asian drinks have many properties to help balance the yin and yang of our body.

Southeast Asian Fruits
Exotic Southeast Asian Fruits which are juicy and delicious.