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Spanish Language: Learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture
Are you learning Spanish, or do you want to know more about one of the world's greatest languages and the people who speak it? Here you can learn more about the Spanish language, including its grammar and vocabulary, as well as about Spain and Latin America. We have plenty of Spanish lessons, articles and fun activities, as well as resources for Spanish teachers.

Using the Spanish Verb Venir — Spanish Vocabulary
Examples of how the Spanish verb 'venir' is used.

Spanish Today: Tips for Learning and Using Spanish
A regularly updated page with advice and tips to help you improve your abilities to use and appreciate Spanish.

Learning Spanish Prepositions
Learning prepositions can be among the most challenging aspects of mastering Spanish. These lessons can help you learn the differences among the various Spanish prepositions.

Prepositional Phrases and Expressions
A collection of lessons about Spanish phrases that begin with a preposition.

Por and Para
Lessons on the Spanish prepositions 'por' and 'para,' both of which are usually translated as 'for.'

Facts About Colombia for Spanish Students
An overview of Colombia for Spanish students, with information about its languages, history and geography.

Two Uses for Past Participles in Spanish
A look at how past participles are used in Spanish using a real-life example written by a native speaker. Suggestion: Try translating the opening excerpt before continuing with the lesson.

Definition of Part of Speech
Definition of

Spanish Idioms, Phrases and Word Combinations
Sometimes a single word won't do. These lessons provide information and examples on using phrases, idioms and other word combinations to express your thoughts in Spanish.

Idioms and Phrases Using Certain Spanish Words
These lessons focus on phrases using particular Spanish words.

Spanish Phrases That Refer to Animals
In English, you might sweat like a hog, but in Spanish you'd sweat like a chicken. Here's a collection of Spanish phrases that refer to animals.

Conjugation of Pedir, Servir, and Vestir
How to conjugate Spanish verbs that follow the pattern of

10 Facts About Spanish Prepositions
Facts about Spanish prepositions with links to lessons on how this essential part of speech is used.

Introduce Yourself in Spanish
By learning just a handful of short sentences, you can introduce in Spanish even if you don't know the language.

Christmas in the Spanish-Speaking World
The Christmas season is one of the most festive times of the year in much of the Spanish-speaking world. Here you can learn more about this holiday and enjoy our collection of Christmas carols.

Jingle Bells in Spanish
Here are two versions of

How To Use Suffixes in Spanish
Suffixes and how to use them in Spanish, with examples.

The Christmas Story From the Gospel of Luke in Spanish
This is the Spanish version of the Gospel of Luke's account of the first Christmas. A vocabulary guide is included for Spanish students.

Typing Spanish Accents and Punctuation with a Mac
If you're writing in Spanish with a Mac computer and need to type an accented letter or an upside-down question mark, here's how.

Confusing Spanish Words and How To Use Them Correctly
Learn these Spanish words and you'll save yourself the embarrassment of using them incorrectly.

How To Write Business and Personal Letters in Spanish
How to use greetings and salutations in personal and business letters and other types of correspondence in Spanish.

Past Tenses of Ser and Estar — Spanish Grammar
The differences between the preterite and imperfect uses of

A Beginner's Look at the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
A quick look for beginning Spanish students at how the subjunctive mood is used.

Learn Spanish Vocabulary
Here are some resources for expanding your Spanish vocabulary.

Verb Families
The meanings of many Spanish verbs can be expanded through the use of prefixes. These lessons look at groups of verbs that share a common ending.

Challenging Words
In this series, we look at words that can pose challenges for Spain students and point to lessons that will answer your questions.

Translating From Spanish
Here tips for finding the most effective ways of translating Spanish sentences to English.

Spanish Abbreviations
Here are the most common Spanish abbreviations that you can use in correspondence and all types of writing.

How To Conjugate Conducir and Other -ducir Spanish Verbs
Full conjugations of Spanish verbs ending in

Conjugations of Specific Spanish Verbs
Spanish has dozens of irregular verbs. Here you can find the conjugations for many of them.

Spanish Word Lists - Expand Your Spanish Vocabulary
This is a collection of words of use to people who are learning Spanish.

Verb Lists
Lists of Spanish verbs sorted by letter with links to conjugations and lessons.

Spanish at the Zoo — Names of Animals in Spanish
Learn the Spanish names for many of the animals you'll see at a zoo.

Cervantes and Shakespeare: Same Era, Different Tales
Writers William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes lived at the same time and died on the same date. Here's what you should know about them.

Using and Conjugating the Spanish Verb Oler
How to use and conjugate the irregular Spanish verb

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Reír
Complete conjugations of the Spanish verbs

spanish language culture
As you learn the Spanish language, you will appreciate it more as you learn about the culture that comes with it.

Spanish Verbs: How They Are Used and Conjugated
Learn how Spanish verbs are used and conjugated by browsing through dozens of lessons and other resources.

History of the Spanish Language
Learn how Spanish developed from earlier languages, especially Latin, and is continuing to evolve today.

Spanish Verb Tenses and Moods
We often think of the past, present and future as the three verb tenses, although in reality Spanish has other tenses as well. Here you can learn how to conjugate and use the various tenses of Spanish.

Progressive Verb Forms
Lessons focuses on the progressive or continuous tenses of Spanish.

Conjunctions - Learn Spanish Language
Learn more about how conjunctions are used in Spanish.

Spanish Pronouns
Pronouns are substitutes for nouns. Here you can learn how their form varies depending on their role in a sentence.

Accent on Spanish Accents - Uses for Diacritical Marks
Explanation of when written accents are used in Spanish.

Accent on Accents (Page 2)
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Use of Commas in Spanish
Here's how the comma is used in Spanish.

Using the Comma in Spanish
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Patterns of Similarity in English and Spanish Vocabulary
A look at how English and Spanish words often differ in predictable ways.

5 Countries Where Spanish Is Spoken But Not Official
Spanish is widely used in these areas outside of Spain and Latin America, but it hasn't been adopted as a official language.

Future Perfect Tense in Spanish
Learn what the future perfect tense is and how it is used in Spanish.

Present Perfect Tense in Spanish
How to use the present perfect tense of Spanish with example sentences and translations.

Miscellaneous Uses of the Spanish Conditional Tense
Usually, the conditional tense of Spanish is the equivalent of the English auxiliary verb

Definition of Progressive in Grammar
Learn what progressive verbs are and how they are used in English and Spanish.

Differences Between Spanish and English Verb Tenses
A look at how Spanish verb tenses are used differently than the corresponding tenses in English, with links to detailed lessons.

Progressive Verbs Emphasize Ongoing Nature of Action
This lesson from the Real Spanish Grammar series shows how the progressive tense can be used to show that an action is happening now.

Spanish Verbs for Trying
To say

Using the Spanish Verb Seguir
The Spanish verb 'seguir' has a basic meaning of

Verb Mood and Voice in Spanish
An overview of the three verb moods and the two verb voices in Spanish along with comparisons of the same in English and sample sentences.

Value Judgments and the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
An explanation of how the subjunctive mood is used in Spanish to indicate value judgments.

Q&A: Auxiliary Verbs in Spanish
Learn how auxiliary verbs are used in Spanish, and how their use differs from English.

Translating English "-ing" Words to Spanish
You can't translate all English words ending in

Reflexive Spanish Verbs That Change Meaning
Spanish verbs often change their meanings in unpredictable ways when used in the reflexive form.

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs in Spanish
Lesson on the use of transitive and intransitive verbs in Spanish.

Definition of Intransitive Verb
Intransitive verbs, as explained in a grammar glossary written for Spanish students.

Definition of Transitive Verb
Explanation of what transitive verbs are and how they're used in Spanish and English.

How To Use "Si," the Word for "If" in Spanish
Spanish grammar lesson on how to use

U.S. Football Terms in Spanish
Glossary of U.S. football terms in Spanish.

Using the Spanish Verb Parecer
How to use the Spanish verb

Spanish Phrases Meaning "Unless"
Sample sentences show how to use a half-dozen phrases that are commonly used in Spanish to convey the idea of

Placing the Verb Before the Subject in Spanish
Although it isn't the norm, it is not uncommon for the subject of Spanish sentences to be placed after the verb. This lesson lists the most common instances where that occurs.

Using Ceder and Related Verbs in Spanish
Here's how to use the Spanish verbs related to

Using the Spanish Verb Andar
Lesson on using the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb 'Tratar'
The Spanish verb

Using "Caer," the Spanish Verb for Falling
A look at the most common uses of the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb 'Volver'
This brief lesson explains the uses of the verbs 'volver' and 'volverse.'

Using the Spanish Verb Soler

Spanish Punctuation for Beginners
An introductory look at the differences in how Spanish and English punctuate sentences.

Spanish Hyphenation or Dividing Words at the End of a Line
If you're writing in Spanish and have to divide a word at the end of a line because it's too long, the rules are different than in English.

Christmas Songs in Spanish - Las canciones de navidad
If you enjoy singing traditional Christmas carols, you'll love our collection of carols in Spanish.

Overviews of Spanish Pronouns
Want to know more about Spanish pronouns but don't know where to start? These lessons and articles look at Spanish pronouns in general.

Learn Spanish Pronunciation
You can learn every word there is in a Spanish dictionary, but if you can't pronounce them correctly you either won't be understood or will sound less intelligent than your are. Here you'll find complete information on Spanish pronunciation, intonation and related subjects.

Email Lessons from Spanish.About.Com
Learn a little bit of Spanish each day with's free email lessons.

Using 'Tan' and 'Tanto' in Spanish Comparisons of Equality
A phrase such as

Definition of Tag Question
Definition of

The 12 Days of Christmas in Spanish

"Pan's Labyrinth" and Spanish-Language Cinema
When it was shown,

Review of 'El laberinto del fauno' - Pan's Labyrinth
Del Toro's 'El laberinto del fauno' is a brilliant but flawed film that tells the story of a 12-year-old girl in WWII-era Spain. Page 2.

Stress and Accent Marks in Spanish
Learn which syllable of a Spanish word receives the stress and how that can be modified through the use of diacritical marks known as accents.

Choice of Spanish Words: 'Chico/a' or 'Muchacho/a'?
What are the differences between

The Four Seasons in Spanish
Here are the names of the four seasons in Spanish with explanations of where they came from and how they are used.

Units of Time in Spanish
This is a list of the most common units of time in Spanish along with their English equivalents.

How To Use the Spanish Verb Llamar
This common Spanish verb is often used in specifying the names of people and as the equivalent of

Using the Spanish Verb Pasar
Like its English cognate

Story in Spanish About the Poinsettia
This is an article about the Christmas poinsettia written in Spanish for Spanish students. A translation and translation notes are included.

Vocabulary Notes About the Poinsettia in Spanish
Translation and vocabulary on an article, written in Spanish, about the poinsettia. Page 2.

Cervantes Quotes in Spanish With Translations
Some of the Spanish novelist's most beloved sayings, in Spanish with English translations.

More Spanish Proverbs
A month's worth of proverbs and other sayings in Spanish, with translations and grammar links.

More Spanish Proverbs With English Translations
A month's worth of Spanish proverbs with English translations/. Page 2.

Meanings of the Spanish Word Papel

10 Grammatical Mistakes You Can Avoid When Speaking Spanish
English students learning Spanish often make the same mistakes because they think the two languages are alike. Here are some of the most common errors.

Definition of Interrogative
Explanation of what the interrogative parts of speech are in English and Spanish, with examples in both languages.

Prepositional Phrases in Spanish
Learn how prepositional phrases are used in Spanish.

Spanish Prepositions De and Desde
The Spanish prepositions

Using the Spanish Preposition Desde
The Spanish preposition

Using the Spanish Preposition Hacia
Guide to using the preposition

Spanish Prepositions — Spanish for Beginners
Prepositions function much the same way in English as they do in Spanish. However, it is not always easy to know which preposition to use.

Using the Spanish Preposition Sobre

How Is 'Vos' Used in Argentina?
Argentines often use the pronoun

Usage of the Spanish Pronoun 'Vos' in Guatemala — Spanish Grammar
Guatemalans often use the pronoun

Using the Spanish Pronoun Nada
How to use the Spanish pronoun

Using Reflexive Verbs in Spanish
Reflexive verbs are those in which the subject of a verb is also its object. This lesson shows seven ways in which they are used in Spanish.

Using the Spanish Word Menos
How to use the Spanish word

Para Used To Indicate Purpose in Spanish
Lesson 9 in the Real Spanish Grammar series looks at how the preposition

Subject Pronouns in Spanish Can Add Emphasis
The grammar of a selection of Facebook's privacy policy is examined as it pertains to the use of subject pronouns.

Using Spanish Sin With Infinitive
This lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series shows how the preposition

Spanish Beach Vocabulary
Traveling to the beach in a Spanish-speaking area? Here's some vocabulary you can study before you leave (because you won't want to study once you get there).

Saying Best and Worst in Spanish
How to use the Spanish words for

Long-Form Possessive Adjectives in Spanish
Unlike English, Spanish has two forms of possessive adjectives, a short form that is used before nouns, and a long form that is used after nouns. This lesson explains the long form.

Definition of Superlative
This entry from a grammar glossary for Spanish students explains

Using the Spanish Conjunction 'Y'
Although the Spanish word

A Linguistic Look at Spanish
Linguists classify languages in many ways. This article explains three ways that languages are classified and how Spanish fits in them.

Definition of Acronym
Definition of

Mistakes Made by Native Spanish Speakers
Just as native English speakers sometimes ignore the grammatical rules of their language, so do native Spanish speakers.

Spanish Phrases Using Sangre
Spanish phrases that use the word

The Spanish Word Como
How to use the Spanish words

Using the Spanish Word Bien
How to use the Spanish word

How To Say Let's in Spanish
Let's learn this! Spanish has at least two ways that you can make a request of a group that includes yourself.

Spanish Phrases Followed by the Subjunctive Mood
Spanish phrases that are nearly always followed by the subjunctive mood, with example sentences.

Idioms in Spanish — Sudar La Gota Gorda
How to use of idioms in Spanish, using a sentence from a Chilean news site as an example.

Talk About the Weather in Spanish
Expand your Spanish vocabulary with this list of weather terms and an explanation of how to use related verbs.

Talking about Future Events in Spanish
Certainly, you can use the future tense when talking about the future in Spanish. But there are also two other ways that are very common.

Facts About Guatemala
Overview of Guatemala for Spanish students

Linguistic Highlights
Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are the main languages of Peru.

Brief Histotry of Peru
The first city in the Americas was located north of modern-day Lima, Peru. Page 2.

Spanish in Peru
The pronunciation found on Peru's coastal areas is usually the easiest for outsiders to understand. Page 3.

Studying Spanish in Peru
Introduction to studying Spanish in Peru. Page 4.

Trivia About Peru
6 words that Quechua gave to Spanish and English. Page 6.

Quick Facts About Peru
How many people live in Peru? Spanish Language. Page 5.

Peru for Spanish Students
What you need to know about Peru.

10 Facts About Mexico for Spanish Students
Here's what you need to know about Mexico if you're a Spanish student or merely interested in the world's largest Spanish-speaking nation.

Facts About Venezuela for Spanish Students
Here's what you need to know about Venezuela, especially if you're a Spanish student.

Definition of Auxiliary Verb
Definition of an

Where Is Spanish Spoken?
Learn more about the countries where Spanish is spoken and/or is an official language.

How To Say "However" or "Nevertheless" in Spanish
Learn Spanish words and phrases of concession, that is, words that express the concepts such as

Spanglish: English's Assault on Spanish
Is it Spanish, or is it English? Spanglish mixes a bit of both, and some elements of it can be found not only in the United States but in Latin America and Spain as well.

Spanglish: English Words Become Part of Spanish Vocabulary
Spanish Language. Page 2.

How To Tell Time in Spanish
Learn how to tell time in Spanish with complete instructions and 27 sample sentences.

Spanish Food Vocabulary — Vegetables
Here are the names of many common vegetables in Spanish, and some uncommon ones as well.

Definition of Subjunctive
Definition of

Colors in Spanish: Red, Purple, Beige and More
A quick lesson on colors, their names and the way they're used in Spanish.

Is There a Future Subjunctive in Spanish?
A look at the use of the future subjunctive mood in Spanish, a verb form that has become nearly obsolete.

Definition of Noun for Spanish Students
What is a noun? This glossary explains and provides examples in Spanish and English.

Almost, But Not Quite
Some words in Spanish look like English words, but while the meanings may be similar there are often some differences. Here is a look at so-called partial cognates or fickle friends.

Fickle Friends - Tricky English to Spanish Vocabulary
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Almost, But Not Quite
Spanish Language. Page 3.

Almost, But Not Quite
Spanish Language. Page 4.

10 Facts About Spanish Conjunctions
Here are 10 facts about Spanish conjunctions with sample sentences and links to informative lessons.

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Salir
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Translating "By" into Spanish
The English preposition

How to Translate "As" to Spanish
Because the English word

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Caer
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Preposition Por

Conjugation of Entender, Perder, and Similar Spanish Verbs
Lean how to conjugate the irregular Spanish verb

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Dormir
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Expressing Causation in Spanish
There are numerous ways of saying

6 Ways To Use the Spanish Preposition "En"

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Jugar
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Tan vs. Tanto in Spanish Grammar

Phrases and Idioms Using 'Ojo'
The Spanish word 'ojo,' which means 'eye,' is used in a wide variety of phrases and idioms.

Context Is Everything in Translating the Spanish Ya
The Spanish adverb

Comparatives and Superlatives in Spanish
Here's how to form comparitives and superlatives in Spanish. An example would be to say something is greener or greenest.

Spanish Short-Form Possessive Determiners
How to use Spanish possessive adjectives, also called possessive determiners. These are the equivalent of words such as

How To Use Indefinite Articles Un and Una in Spanish

Words New to the Spanish Language
English, pop culture and technology are among the sources of words that have been added to Spanish in recent years.

Spanish Verbs Taking Indirect-Object Pronouns
Some Spanish verbs use indirect-object pronouns even though it may not seem intuitive to English speakers to do so.

Using the Spanish Verb Llevar
The everyday Spanish verb

Conjugation of Saber
Complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Fue vs Era — Past Tenses of the Spanish Verb Ser
Discussion on the differences between the imperfect and preterite forms of the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb Haber

Conjugation of the Future Tense of Spanish
The future tense's conjugation is one of the easiest to learn, partly because nearly all verbs are regular.

Spanish Verbs That Mean To Take
The common English verb

Spanish Punctuation: Periods, Commas and More
An overview of how punctuation is used in Spanish and how it is different than English punctuation.

What Are the Differences Between Spanish and Castilian?
Although it is common to refer to the Spanish of Spain as Castilian, there are several other ways in which the term Castilian is used.

Meanings of "Santo" in Spanish
The Spanish word

How To Use the Spanish Verb "Tener"
The Spanish verb

Que and Other Relative Pronouns of Spanish
Relative pronouns are often used differently in Spanish than in English. Here's an explanation along with examples and their translations.

How Are the Names 'James' and 'Diego' Related?
The Spanish equivalent of James is usually given as Diego, yet the two names don't seem at all alike. Here's why.

5 Spanish Verbs Whose Meanings Vary With Verb Tense
The translation of certain Spanish verbs (among them

Spanish Adjectives: Before or After the Noun?
You may have heard that descriptive adjectives in Spanish are placed after nouns they refer to. In real life, however, that often isn't true.

Spanish and English Translation Resources
Learn about priniciples of Spanish-English translation, or find out where you can find a translator to do the work for you.

Online Translation Services
Most of the online translators listed here instantly translate either full web pages or a limited amount of text you submit.

U.S. Declaration of Independence in Spanish
A Spanish translation of the U.S. Declaration of Independence with links for Spanish students.

Conjugation of 'Hacer'
Here is the complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Spanish Phrases Referring to Parts of the Body
In Spanish you can open your ears or have the brain of a mosquito. Learn how Spanish expressions frequently refer to parts of the body.

Names of World Cities in Spanish
Here is a collection of cities throughout the world that have different names in Spanish than they do in English.

How Location Affects Meaning of Some Spanish Adjectives
The meanings of some Spanish adjectives can vary depending on whether they come before the noun or after.

Word of the Day - Learn Spanish Vocabulary
You can learn a new Spanish word each day with these mini-lessons.

Using the Spanish Word Tamaño
Learn how to use the Spanish word

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Seguir
How to conjugate the verb

Positive vs. Negative Commands in Spanish
Different verb forms are used for positive and negative familiar commands in Spanish.

Conjugation of the Spanish Oír
How to conjugate the verb

Más Que or Más De?
How do you say

Definition of Conjunction
The entry from our Grammar Glossary for Spanish students explains what conjunctions are and provides examples in Spanish and English.

Spanish Possessive Pronouns
Learn how to use the possessive pronouns of Spanish. They are the equivalent of the English possessive pronouns such as

Spanish Verbs Related to Tener
The Spanish verbs ending in

How To Conjugate "Beber" and Other Regular "-er" Verbs in Spanish
The complete conjugation of the Spanish verb

Noun-Adjective Agreement in Spanish
This guide to using Spanish adjectives explains how they must match the nouns they refer to in number and gender.

Definition of Adverb for Spanish Students
What are adverbs? This entry in our Grammar Glossary for Spanish Students tells you what you need to know.

10 Facts About Spanish Adjectives
This quick overview of Spanish adjectives explains how they're used and how they're different from English adjectives.

How To Say "Of Course" in Spanish
A look at several Spanish words and phrases that can be used to indicate that something is obvious, with sample sentences.

How To Use Spanish Object Pronouns
How to know the difference between direct-object and indirect-object pronouns in Spanish and why that can make a difference.

What's 'Cool' in Spanish
Native Spanish speakers from throughout the Americas weigh in on how to tell someone that something is cool.

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish verbs are highly inflected, which is another way to say that they are conjugated. Through the use of various endings, Spanish verbs can indicate tense, mood and number. This page includes links to the conjugations of both regular and irregular verbs.

Nouns in the Spanish Language
Learn how nouns are used in Spanish. Although they are used similarly to their English counterparts, there are some differences.

Spanish Words Whose Meanings Change With Gender
Put an

Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns in Spanish
Reflexive verbs are those that have subjects and objects that refer to the same persons or things. They are more common in Spanish than in English.

Using the Spanish Verb Pensar
Using explanations and sample sentences, this lesson shows how to use the Spanish verb

Pronouncing the Spanish X
The letter X in Spanish varies depending on the region and the sounds that follow.

Why O and Y Can Become U and E in Spanish
Two common conjunctions in Spanish,

Using the Spanish Preposition Tras
Learn how to use the uncommon Spanish preposition

List of Spanish Verb Conjugations
If you're want to know how to conjugate a particular verb in Spanish, you've come to the right place.

Pronouncing Spanish Vowels
A guide to learning the sounds of the five traditional vowels of Spanish as well as the letter

Spanish Adjectives of Quantity
How to use Spanish adjectives of quantity such as

Myths About Spanish and the People Who Speak It
It simply isn't true that more people speak English than Spanish as a native language, nor that Spanish is limited to Europe and the Americas.

Definition of Verb
Definition of

Conjugation of Venir
Complete conjugation of the common Spanish verb

Saying 'the More' and 'the Less' in Spanish
Learn how to say

Spanish Prepositional Pronouns
Spanish has 12 pronouns that are used after most prepositions; they overlap with the pronouns used in other ways.

Definition of Uncountable Noun
Definition of

The Spanish Present Tense
The present tense in Spanish can be used not only for present events, but also, under some circumstances, for the past and future.

Using Spanish Infinitives as Nouns
In Spanish, the infinitive form of the verb is often used as a noun, sometimes in ways that don't occur in English.

How To Use the Spanish Word "No"
The Spanish word

Adverbial Phrases of Spanish
While English prefers simple adverbs to phrases with the same meaning, Spanish tends to prefer the phrases.

How To Say "In Order To" in Spanish
Learn how to express the concept of

The Legend of the Chevy Nova That Wouldn't Go
Is it true that Chevrolet couldn't market its Nova in Latin America because the brand name means

How Many Words Does Spanish Have?
While Spanish probably has fewer words than English does, it has ways of expressing ideas that are used more often than they are in English.

Translating "May" to Spanish
Explanation of the three major ways the English auxiliary verb

Use of Donde and Related Words for Where in Spanish
Learn how to use

How To Use the Spanish Verb Perder
The Spanish verb

Spanish Verbs Comprender vs. Entender
Sample sentences and a full explanation show how to use the Spanish verbs

Capitalization in Spanish
English frequently capitalizes words in instances where Spanish does not. Learn how the two languages differ in that regard.

Origins of Cinco de Mayo
Many suppose that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day. But that's not the case, as you can find out in this bilingual feature on the Mexican holiday. Page 2.

Orígenes de la fiesta del Cinco de Mayo
Many suppose that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day. But that's not the case, as you can find out in this bilingual feature on the Mexican holiday.

Origins of the Ñ in Spanish
The is the only letter of the Spanish alphabet that is specifically of Spanish origin. Here you can find out where it came from.

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb "Ir"

Articles of Clothing in Spanish
A vocabulary list, grammar rules and sample sentences show you how to talk about clothes in Spanish.

Pronouncing the LL of Spanish
Explanation of the pronunciation of LL with an audio clip.

Plural Indefinite Articles "Unos" and "Unas" in Spanish
Spanish typically uses the plural indefinite articles

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb "Ver"
Chart showing how to conjugate the irregular Spanish verb

How To Say Let in Spanish
How do you say

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb "Traer"
How to conjugate the Spanish verb

Making Polite Requests in Spanish
How to come across as polite rather than rude when making requests or giving orders in Spanish.

9 Ways of Using the Spanish Verb "Dejar"
The Spanish verb

Spanish Indirect-Object Pronouns
Spanish has six pronouns that are used as indirect objects. Learn how they are used and how they're different from other types of objects.

Direct Commands in Spanish — The Imperative Mood
If you want to tell someone what to do, in Spanish you use the imperative mood.

Conjugating Spanish Indicative Imperfect Verbs
Conjugation of imperfect indicative verbs in Spanish along with examples of their use in sentences.

Saying "That" in Spanish
To translate

Miguel de Cervantes, Influential Spanish Novelist
Miguel de Cervantes is known best for writing

Spanish Interrogative Pronouns
Interrogative pronouns are those commonly used in questions. In this lesson for Spanish students, you will learn the interrogative pronouns and see examples of how they are used in sentences.

Conjugation of Empezar and Comenzar
Conjugation of the Spanish verb

Conjugation of "Tener" and Related Verbs
Conjugation of the irregular Spanish verb

Spanish Sentence Structure
Learn how Spanish sentences are formed.

Spanish Word Order
Lessons on the use of word order in Spanish.

Parts of Sentences
Spanish lessons relating to parts of sentences.

Waiting and Hoping in Spanish: Using "Esperar"
How to use the Spanish verb

Saying "More Than" and "Less Than" in Spanish

Discussing Temperatures in Spanish
How to talk about temperatures in Spanish, including the use of the verb

Typing Spanish Accents and Symbols in Ubuntu Linux
How to type Spanish punctuation and accented letters with the popular Ubuntu distribution of LInux.

How To Translate the 2 Simple Past Tenses of Spanish
The two simple past tenses of Spanish avoid some of the ambiguity of the English simple past tense.

Using Por and Para in Spanish

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb "Decir"
A conjugation chart and sample sentences show how to conjugate

Spanish Words That Came From Arabic
Thousands of Spanish words come from the Arabic language. Here is a list of the most common.

Arabic Words in Spanish
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Conjugation of "Poder" With Sample Sentence
Conjugation of the Spanish verb

Exceptions to the Rule for Using the Spanish Preterite
When talking of repeated or habitual events, it is common to use the imperfect tense in Spanish. Here are three situations for using the preterite.

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb "Querer"
The Spanish verb

Looking and Watching in Spanish: Ver and Mirar
The Spanish verbs

Definition of Infinitive for Spanish Students
Glossary definition of

False Friends in Spanish and English
False friends are words in two languages that are similar in appearance and/or pronunciation but have different meanings. Here is a list of some of the most common Spanish-English false friends.

Obvious ... But Wrong
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Obvious ... But Wrong
Spanish Language. Page 3.

Obvious ... But Wrong
Spanish Language. Page 4.

Spanish Vocabulary for Lent, Holy Week and Easter
This glossary lists the common terms used in Spain and Latin America to discuss the period that begins with Lent and ends with Easter.

Pronunciation Guide for Spanish Students
Overview of Spanish pronunciation with links to lessons on each letter of the alphabet.

How To Say 'I Love You' in Spanish
This is a simple lesson — it will take less than a minute — on saying 'I love you' in Spanish.

Count to 10 in Spanish
Count to 10 in Spanish. Spanish Language.

Top Spanish Grammar Guides
Are you looking for a book that explains Spanish grammar? You won't go wrong selecting from this list.

Be Polite in Spanish
A simple and quick lesson on how to be polite if you're very new to learning Spanish.

Speak Spanish Unlike a Native
How not to speak Spanish. Spanish Language.

Learn Spanish Grammar
Here are dozens of lessons and articles on the grammar of the Spanish language. Whether you're a beginner or approaching fluency, you'll find plenty of resources here to help you.

Parts of Speech in the Spanish Language
Learning about the parts of speech will help you know more about the structure of the Spanish language and how the words fit together to form sentences. Here you can learn more about nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, verbs and other types of words.

Products to Help You Learn or Use Spanish
Learn about the latest products such as software, books, tapes and audio CDs that can help you learn or use Spanish more effectively.

Tips for Learning Spanish or Another Foreign Language
Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but it can also be fun. Here you will find advice on what is most effective for learning Spanish or another language.

Books for the Spanish Student
Reference and instructional books are invaluable for anyone learning a foreign language. Here we help you find or select what is best for you.

Spanish-Language Entertainment
Movies, music, television: Spanish speakers enjoy all of them as much as English speakers do. Here you can connect with or learn more about entertainment and related aspects of popular culture in the Spanisih-speaking world.

Holidays in the Spanish-Speaking World
Learn about the holidays that people in the Spanish-speaking world celebrate.

Controversies and Issues Involving the Spanish Language
Language is dear to nearly all of us, so it shouldn't be surprising that language can become the focus of political or personal controversy. Controversies can include the correctness of language, bilingualism, language instruction, the legal status of language and other facets of when and where it is used.

Spanish-Language Online News Sources
Thanks to the growth of the Internet, it is now possible to read the same news from Spanish-speaking countries as the people living in those countries read. These news sources are primarily online versions of newspapers.

Rgions of the Spanish-Speaking World
Learn about the culture of regions where Spanish is spoken.

Spanish for Travelers
What's the fun of learning Spanish if you can't use it? Here are information and language resources you will find useful if you plan to travel to where Spanish is spoken.

Tapes and Aduio CDs for Learning Spanish
Audioapes and CDs can be useful for learning Spanish, as they can be used nearly anywhere. Here is our selection of such products worth looking into.

Translations of Particular English Words and Phrases
This collection of lessons explains how you might translate particular English words and phrases to Spanish.

Written Spanish
Spelling, punctuation, organization; they all are facets on writing in a language. Here you'll find a complete guide to putting your words on paper or the keyboard.

Directory of Spanish Language Immersion Schools
There is perhaps no better or quicker way to become adept at the Spanish language than to attend an immersion language school. Our directory includes schools throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Infinitives
In Spanish, the infinitive is the basic form of the verb. Here you can learn how infinitives are used.

Usage of Spanish Verbs
Merely knowing what a Spanish verb means doesn't always tell you much about how it is used. These lessons go into detail on the usage of various Spanish verbs.

Learning the Spanish Verb Moods
Spanish has three verb moods: the indicative, the subjunctive and the imperative. These lessons can help you to master all three.

Verbs Listed by First Letter
These pages include links to verb conjugation patterns.

Spanish Adjectives and Articles
Adjectives are used in various ways to modify or restrict the meanings of nouns. These lessons explain the rules of their usage.

Spanish Adverbs
Adverbs are words that describe or limit verbs, adjectives, other adverbs or entire sentences. These lessons explain how they are used in Spanish.

Culture of Central America
Central America is a diverse region with a rich history despite its small geographic area.

Interjections - Learn Spanish Grammar
Interjections are words, usually short and meant to convey emotion, that can express a complete thought by themselves.

Culture of Mexico
Even though it's located on their southern border, many U.S. residents know little about Mexico.

Online News from Spain
What's happening in Spain? What world news do people in Spain care about? Find out by reading these Spanish-language news sources.

Holidays of the Spanish-Speaking World
Because the Spanish-speaking world is mostly Catholic, the holidays of the Christian calendar are widely celebrated.

National and Secular Holidays in the Spanish-Speaking World
Learn about the secular holidays celebrated in areas where Spanish is spoken.

Culture of South American Countries
Learn more about the culture and lives of Spanish-speaking people in South America.

Culture of Spain
Learn more about the country that gave the world the Spanish language.

Spanish Punctuation
Lessons on how to properly punctuate Spanish.

Online News from South America
What's happening in the Spanish-speaking countries of South America? What world news do people in Suth America care about? Find out by reading these Spanish-language news sources.

Reviews of Books for Spanish Students
Thinking about buying a book to learn Spanish? Read our review first and see if it's right for you.

Tapes and Ad
Here you will find our assessment of audiotapes and CDs for learning Spanish.

Polls Relating to the Spanish Language
What do you think? Here's your opportunity to express your opinion on issues related to the Spanish language.

Country Highlights
Here are facts about Spanish-speaking countries that will come in useful during your travels.

Guide to spelling in Spanish. Spanish Language.

General Advice About Learning Spanish
Why should you learn Spanish, and how should you go about it? Here's some general advice.

Translations of English Verbs
Lessons on the ways various English verbs can be translated to Spanish.

Translating English Phrases
Many if not most English phrases cannot be translated to Spanish word by word. Instead, it is often necessary to translate the phrase as a unit.

Caribbean Culture
The Caribbean is where Spanish first arrived in the Western Hemisphere, and it remains a vital language there today.

Translating Specific English Words
Many English words have multiple meanings that must be translated to Spanish in different ways.

Agencies for Spanish-Language Schools
Interested in going abroad to study Spanish? Various organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, can help you select from multiple schools and make other arrangements for you.

Spanish-Language Movies
Movies are popular throughout the Spanish-speaking world, and a few countries have significant movie industries. Here you can learn more Spanish-language films.

Spanish-Language Music
Whether you enjoy listening to Spanish-language music or want to know more about it, here are some resources to help you find what you want.

Games and Puzzles for Boosting Your Spanish Vocabulary
There are more interesting way to increase your vocabulary than reading the dictionary or studying word lists. Here are some games and puzzles designed to boost your word knowledge.

Words We Share - A Look at Words Used in Spanish and English
Here is a collection of brief articles looking at some of the many words that Spanish and English have in common.

Spanish-Language Literature
As one of the world's most important languages, Spanish has a rich literature. Here you can sample the finest of what the language has to offer and learn more about Spanish-language novels, drama, short stories and poetry.

Resources for Spanish Teachers
If you teach Spanish, you'll find these resources useful for helping your students learn.

Spanish Place Names in the U.S.
The U.S. has dozens of place names, including those of several states, that come from Spanish. Here's a quick look at more than two dozen of them.

Hanukkah Story in Spanish
This Spanish-language article about Hanukkah provides a good way for intermediate Spanish students to learn more about this Jewish commemoration.

Your Learning Style Affects How You Learn Spanish
What's your learning style? If you're studying a foreign language, you can learn better if you tailor your learning methods to what works best for you.

Spanish Words for Eating and Drinking
Get some variety in your speech with these Spanish words for eating and drinking other than

Conjugation of Conocer
How to conjugate the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb Llegar
Meanings and uses of the Spanish verb

Subjunctive Mood
These lessons explain how to use the subjunctive mood in Spanish

Types of Adjectives
Lessons on the categories of adjectives used in Spanish.

Using Adjectives With Other Words
Adjectives almost never stand alone. This collection of lessons shows how they are used in sentences and with other words.

How To Use "Lo" in Spanish

Ordinal Numbers: First, Second, Third, Etc.
Ordinal numbers are those such as

Using the Spanish Adjective "Propio"
Use of the Spanish adjective 'propio' with examples and translations.

"O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" in Spanish
This is the Spanish translation of the 'Veni, Emmanuel,' the Christmas hymn that has come to be known as 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' in English. Included are translation notes for Spanish students.

Spanish Language
Vocabulary notes in English for the Spanish Christmas hymn 'O Ven, O Ven, Emanuel.'. Page 2.

Perfect Infinitives in Spanish
An explanation, with examples, of perfect infinitives and how they're used in Spanish.

Using the Spanish Phrase "Ni Fu Ni Fa"
Learn a new Spanish word each day.

Days of the Week in Spanish
Planets and Roman gods inspired the names of the days of the week in Spanish and English.

Leísmo and Variations in Spanish Object Pronouns
An explanation of lesmo, in which the Spanish pronoun

6 Ways of Saying Then in Spanish

"El" and "La" With Country and City Names in Spanish
Some country and city names in Spanish often are used with the definite article (usually

Names of Nationalities in Spanish
Here are the names of nationalities for many countries in Spanish.

How To Specify Durations of Time in Spanish Sentences
How to incorporate periods of time in your Spanish sentences using the verbs

Time Expressions in Spanish
A list of miscellaneous time expressions frequently used in Spanish.

18 Types of Spanish Verbs
Learning the types of Spanish verbs and how they are used is key to mastering the language.

Spanish Adverbs of Time
The Spanish adverbs of time with examples of their uses.

Using the Spanish "Ser" With Events and Locations
Usually, the Spanish verb 'estar' is used to translate 'to be' when referring to location. But when we're talking about an event, we use 'ser.'

Using the Spanish "Estar" With Prepositions
The Spanish verb

Spanish Verbs Followed by "De" and an Infinitive
A look at Spanish verbs that are followed by the preposition

How To Say "Rest in Peace" in Spanish
This is a part of our collection of Spanish words of the day.

How "Ser" or "Estar" Affects Spanish Adjectives
The way we translate certain adjectives from Spanish to English can vary depending on whether they're used with

What Is the Meaning of "Ni Siquiera"?
Learn a new Spanish word each day.

Avoiding the Passive Voice in Spanish
One of the common mistakes made by beginning Spanish students is to overuse the passive voice. This lesson focuses on alternatives.

How To Guess if a Spanish Noun Is Masculine or Feminine
Even if a Spanish noun doesn't end in 'a' or 'o,' you can often determine whether it is probably masculine or feminine.

Expressing the "Impersonal You" in Spanish
Spanish equivalents of the

Is "Emails" a Spanish Word?
Discussion of whether words such as 'emails' are legitimate Spanish.

Using the Spanish Subjunctive for Real Events
The subjunctive mood in Spanish is typically used to refer to events that are either contrary to reality or are only possibilities. However, sometimes the sentence structure requires the subjunctive mood to be used when referring to real events.

"Caer" vs "Caerse" in Spanish
A look at the subtle distinctions between

Languages of Spain Other Than Spanish
If you think that Spanish or Castilian is the language of Spain, you're only partly right.

10 Facts About Spanish Nouns
10 facts about Spanish nouns with links to lessons for beginning and intermediate Spanish students.

Using "Estar" as a Command and in Reflexive Form
How to use the Spanish reflexive verb

Spanish Words for Whoever, Wherever and Whenever
How to use Spanish words such as 'dondeqiera,' 'cualquiera' and 'quienquiera,' which can mean 'wherever,' whatever' and 'whoever,' respectively.

"De" vs. "De Que" in Spanish
An explanation of when

Definition of "Definite Article"
What is a definite article? This quick lesson explains all and includes examples in Spanish and English.

How To Translate To and From Spanish and English
Translating words from one language to another isn't simply a matter of looking them up in the dictionary.

Describing Sizes and Dimensions in Spanish
Spanish has three very common ways of indicating the length, width, height and similar dimensions of people or things.

How To Say "In Other Words" in Spanish
Here are five ways of expressing the idea of

Adjectives and Word Order in Spanish
Why do some adjectives in Spanish come before the nouns instead of after?

Spanish Prepositions of Location or Place
Sample sentences show how to use Spanish prepositions or phrases of location such as

"Qué" vs. "Cuál," the Interrogative Pronouns of Spanish
Learn the difference between

Spanish Words Without a One-Word English Equivalent
Learn the Spanish words for the space between the eyebrows and the time you take after a meal to chat as well as more than a dozen others.

Asking for Directions in Spanish
Travel to an unfamiliar place and it's very easy to get lost. Here's how to find your way back if you're where they speak Spanish.

How To Make Spanish Crossword Puzzles
Easy-to-follow directions on how to find free software for making Spanish-language crossword puzzles.

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing in Spanish
Spanish version of

Escuchad el son triunfal — Grammar and Vocabulary Notes
Grammar and vocabulary notes on a Spanish translation of the Christmas Carol 'Hark, the Herald Angels Sing'. Page 2.

Two Spanish Verbs for "Introduce"
This brief lesson focuses on the differences between two Spanish verbs,

Shortening (Apocopation) of Spanish Adjectives
About a dozen adjectives in Spanish are shortened when they are used before certain nouns, especially masculine singular nouns.

Using the Spanish Preposition Según
The Spanish preposition

Accents and Other Spanish Diacritical Marks
Glossary definiton of 'diacritical mark' with an explanation of how it is used in English and Spanish.

Using Spanish Infinitives After Conjugated Verbs
Learn how infinitives are used immediately following conjugated verbs in Spanish.

Computer and Internet Terms in Spanish
Spanish-English glossary of common terms involving computers and the Internet.

Names of Body Parts in Spanish
Learn the Spanish words for the parts of the body and how the use of those words is different than in English.

Conjugation of Creer
Conjugation and sample sentences for

Shopping Vocabulary in Spanish
This vocabulary list provides some of the most common words and phrases that will come in handy when shopping in Spain or Latin America.

When To Use or Omit Subject Pronouns in Spanish
Learn the subject pronouns in Spanish and find out when they can be omitted from sentences.

Spanish Baby Names for Girls
Here are dozens of Spanish baby names that can be given for girls, along with their English equivalents and original meanings.

Celebrities Who Speak Spanish as a Second Language
Here are some of the most famous people in the world who have learned to speak Spanish as a second language.

¿Cómo Está? — How To Greet Someone in Spanish
Learn how to greet someone and introduce yourself in Spanish.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Months of the Year in Spanish
Here is a list of the months of the year in Spanish and an explanation of how they are used in sentences.

Definition of Cognate
Definition of

How To Use Angular Quotation Marks in Spanish
Spanish has three types of punctuation it uses to mark quotations, and two of them aren't used in English.

Differences in Spanish Between Spain and Latin America
What are the differences between Latin American Spanish and the Spanish of Spain?

Spanish Numbers: Counting to a Million and Beyond
A complete primer on Spanish numbers: how to count, how to form large numbers, how numbers vary with gender, how they are punctuated and more.

Subject Pronouns in Spanish
How to use subject pronouns in Spanish, such as the equivalents of

Pronouncing the S
Usually, the

Demonstrative Adjectives in Spanish
How to use demonstrative adjectives (the equivalents of

Conjugation of Pensar

Ser vs. Estar, Two Spanish Verbs for To Be
The Spanish verbs

Volver Conjugation
The complete simple conjugated forms of the Spanish verb

Origins of the Spanish Abbreviation Vd. for Usted
Although the abbreviation

Listen to Spanish on the Internet
If you're learning Spanish (or if you already know the language), you can benefit from listening to it spoken by native speakers. You can even get used to listening to the language by listening to music. Here's a list of Internet Spanish-language audio sites recommended by users of the About Spanish Language site.

Conjugation of Ser
All the simple conjugated forms of

Winners of the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards for Spanish Language
spanish travel software learning

What Is the Best Android App for People Learning Spanish?
Update: Readers' Choice Awards winnersThere aren't nearly as many apps developed for people learning Spanish for the Android platform as there are for the

Conjugate Poner
How to conjugate the Spanish verb

Cuando as a Spanish Preposition
The Spanish

English-Spanish Basketball Glossary
Spanish words for basketball terms vary from country to country, and often the English terms are used.

La vida de Estévanico
This bilingual feature for Black History Month tells Estevanico, the African explorer who was the first non-native to see New Mexico and Arizona.

Estevanico the Moor: Slave and Explorer - English-Language Version
This bilingual feature for Black History Month tells of Estevanico, the African explorer who was the first non-native to see New Mexico and Arizona. Page 2.

10 Facts About the Spanish Language
A collection of basic but interesting facts about the world's No. 2 language.

Spanish Abounds With Words for Love
Spanish has many words that translate the English word

15 Challenging Spanish Words Beginning With C
Learn these 15 words, all beginning with

Why Does Alto in Spanish Mean Stop?
A explanation of why the Spanish word

Review of Maria Full of Grace
Review of the film

Spanish Language
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Using "Lo" Before Plural or Feminine Adjectives

Using the Spanish Word Fin
Related to words such as

Holidays of Spanish-Speaking Countries
List of holidays that are celebrated throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Definition of Conjugation
Extensive verb conjugation is one of the features of Spanish, but conjugation also is something we do in English, albeit on a limited scale.

Spanish Words for Snow
Spanish has dozens of words and phrases that can be used to refer to snow and related phenomenon.

Using the Spanish Verb Parar
A look at how the Spanish verb

7 Common Spanish Pronunciation Mistakes
If you want to sound better than most who speak Spanish as a second language, avoid these common errors.

Spanish Conjugation of Regular Preterite Verbs
The conjugation for preterite verbs in Spanish is essential to learn, as it is used to talk about events that happened in the past.

Pronouncing the Spanish RR
The Spanish RR with its trilled sound can be a challenge for many Spanish students. Here's a simple, easy-to-follow explanation of how it's done.

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs: e to ie
How to conjugate dozens of Spanish verbs in which the

Using the Spanish Verb 'Haber'
Learn about using

Saying "Could" in Spanish Using "Poder" and Other Verbs
The English auxiliary verb

Using the 2 Simple Past Tenses of Spanish
English has one simple past tense, but Spanish has two, the preterite and the imperfect. This lesson explains the differences.

Using the Spanish Verb 'Poder'
The Spanish verb

The Power of 'Poder'
Spanish Language. Page 2.

The Passive Voice in Spanish
Learn what the passive voice is, how it differs from the active voice, and how it is used in Spanish and English.

10 Tips for Improving Your Spanish in 2016
10 ways you can improve your Spanish this year.

Spanish Idioms of the Form "'Tener' + Noun"

Spanish Verbs Meaning To Begin
The Spanish verbs

Star Wars in Spanish
What do you call

Foundation Picks Refugiado as the 2015 Spanish Word of the Year
A Spain-based language organization has chosen

Definition of Calque
One way that vocabulary spreads from one language to another is through calques. Here's a full definition of calque with examples in Spanish and English.

Meanings of Pascua, a Spanish Word for Easter and Other Holy Days
An explanation of why the Spanish word for Easter,

11 Things in Spanish That Even Native Speakers Struggle With in 2015
An adjective with an unusual feminine form, social media terms and capitalization rules all proved challenging to native Spanish speakers in 2015.

Using the Spanish Verb Ser

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Estar
A conjugation table and a dozen sample sentences show how to use the Spanish verb

Nicaragua for Spanish Students
Learn about the language and history of Nicaragua, a Central American country known for its natural beauty and a recently turbulent history.

O Christmas Tree in Spanish
Learn the lyrics to a Spanish interpretation of

O Little Town of Bethlehem in Spanish
This is the Spanish translation of

Compound and Periphrastic Future Tenses of Spanish
A look at the nonsimple future tenses of Spanish, with examples and translations.

Future Tense in Spanish
Learn the usages and conjugation of the future tense in Spanish.

'What Child Is This?' in Spanish: '¿Qué niño es este?'
Here is a Spanish-language version of the popular Christmas song

In Grammar, What Is an Object?
A full explanation, with examples, of what objects are and how they're used in Spanish and English sentences.

Silent Night in Spanish
Sing the popular classic Christmas carol

Los peces en el río Lyrics in Spanish and English
This traditional Spanish-language Christmas carol is one of the most popular in Spain and Latin America. Here you will find a literal English translation as well as an original singable English version.

What Spanish Students Need To Know About Spain
Learn how Spanish developed in Spain and more about this country's fascinating languages, culture and history.

Pronouncing the Spanish C and Z
How to pronounce the Spanish letters 'c' and 'z.' This brief lesson includes an explanation as well as an audio version that can be easily downloaded.

Regional Differences in Spanish
How the pronunciation, vocabulay and grammar of Spanish vary among the countries where it is spoken.

Spanish Contronyms: Words That Are Their Own Opposites
While many words have antonyms, or words that are opposite in meaning, there are some words in both Spanish and English that are antonyms of themselves.

Pronouncing the Spanish H
A quick guide to pronouncing the letter

Spanish Words Derived from Poner
Many Spanish verbs in common use are derived from

Common Spanish Words Derived From Poner
Spanish verbs related to

Spanish for Travelers: Dining
Here is a basic vocabulary to use while dining out in an area where Spanish is spoken.