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Cocaine in Spanish: A Look at How Quechua Became English
The English word

Deck the Halls in Spanish
Sing a Spanish version of the Christmas song

Spanish Christmas Songs and Carols
Spanish lyrics for your favorite Christmas songs. Many of the songs include a translation or vocabulary guide to help you understand what you're singing.

The Top 100 Spanish Words You Need To Know
Spanish words you need to know, 100 of them and then some.

Spanish Euphemisms
Sampling of Spanish euphemisms, words or phrases used to avoid directly speaking about things that can make people uncomfortable.

Words for Winter Sports in Spanish
Here is a list of the Spanish words for sports such as those you would find in the Winter Olympics.

Thanksgiving in Spanish
Celebrate Thanksgiving in Spanish with this vocabulary list, sample sentences and notes on how these words relate to Spanish grammar.

Why the Spanish Verb Estar Is Used With Muerto
To the beginning Spanish student, it might seem that the verb

Using the Spanish Verb Levantar

Using the Spanish Verb Traer
More than a dozen sample sentences with translations show how to use the Spanish verb

Spanish Words for Use Around the Home
Spanish words for rooms around the house as well as for appliances and furniture.

Words of War for Spanish Students
Vocabulary list of war-related words in Spanish and English.

Words of War
Spanish vocabulary about war. Spanish Language. Page 2.

Origins of the 'Lisp' of Spain
Is it true that a royal edict gave Spaniards a

57 Examples of Onomatopoeia in Spanish
Here are dozens of Spanish words that are based on the sounds of what they represent.

Spanish Diminutives
Learn how Spanish diminutive suffixes can be used to indicate not only the size of objects but also the speaker's feelings toward them.

Definition of Imperative Mood and How It's Used in Spanish
The imperative mood is used when telling people what to do. Our Grammar Glossary explains and provides examples in English and Spanish.

Definition of Imperfect Tense
This entry in our Grammar Glossary explains what the imperfect tense is and how it is used along with seven sample sentences.

Using the Spanish Verb Probar
The Spanish verb

Singular or Plural? It's Not Always Obvious in Spanish
Spanish has at least five situations in which it may not be obvious whether a singular or plural verb should be used. Here's how to figure out what's right.

Avoid These Common Mistakes While Learning Spanish
Following these tips will help you get beyond the beginning level of Spanish and also prevent you from sounding less intelligent than you are.

10 Mistakes To Avoid While Learning Spanish
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Your Learning Style Affects How You Learn Spanish - Part 2
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Your Learning Style Affects How You Learn Spanish - Part 3
Spanish Language. Page 3.

Spanish Verbs of Dislike and Disgust
Here is how to use

More Spanish Words To Learn
Essential words for your Spanish vocabulary. Page 2.

Definition of Possesive Pronoun for Spanish Students
Learn what possessive pronouns are and how they are used in Spanish and English.

How To Say "By the Way" in Spanish
Learn the Spanish equivalents for

Verbs A-E
How to use select Spanish verbs.

Verbs F-J
Collection of lesson on using specific Spanish verbs.

Verbs K-P
Collection of lesson on using specific Spanish verbs.

Verbs Q-T
Collection of lesson on using specific Spanish verbs.

Verbs U-Z
Collection of lesson on using specific Spanish verbs.

How To Use the Spanish Verb Servir
The Spanish verb

Defective Verbs in Spanish
This article explains three types of verbs in Spanish that are often classified as

9 Ways of Saying Down in Spanish
A guide to translating the English word

Spanish Words Used in Everyday English
Here is a list of dozens of English words that have been imported to English from Spanish. Page 4.

Type in Spanish Using Windows - Accents and Punctuation
Microsoft Windows provides three methods for typing the accented letters and special punctuation of Spanish. Here are instructions to type in Spanish for any Windows-equipped PC.

Compound Words Freely Formed in Spanish
Spanish has an abundance of compound words, many of them colorful. A word for

Why Is It Beneficial to Learn Spanish?
Do you need a reason for studying Spanish? Here are several in addition to the fact that it's one of the world's most widely spoken languages.

Why Learn Spanish? - Employment Opportunities and Fun
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Day of the Dead
A look at the Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos in Mexico.

Definition of Phrasal Verb
English phrasal verbs, made up of two or three words, can pose extra challenges when translating to Spanish.

Referring to Decades in Spanish
Learn how to refer to decades such as the '50s or '70s in Spanish.

'Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish Translation
A translations of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish. Page 4.

Definition of Homonym
Homonyms are word pairs that look alike and sound alike but mean something different. Here are an explanation and examples in Spanish and English.

8 Spanish Verbs Based on Venir
Eight Spanish verbs that are derived from

Tense in Grammar
Definition of

Spanish Masculine Adjectives Ending in '-a'
The tale of the pink pig: Why is the Spanish adjective

Spanish Words Adopted into English
English has dozens of words that it adopted from Spanish. Here is a list of many of them.

Spanish Immersion School FAQ
Are you thinking about going to a foreign country to study Spanish? Here are some details you may want to consider as you plan your studies.

Spanish Immersion Schools Combine Study & Travel
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Definition of Determiner for Spanish Students
In Spanish and English grammar, a determiner is often classified as a type of adjective that tells you which thing(s) or person(s) it refers to.

Using the Spanish Verb Ganar
Learn how to use the Spanish word

List of Compound Words in Spanish
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Using Past Participles in Spanish
Learn how past participles are used in Spanish, and you'll greatly expand the uses to which you can put verbs.

Spanish Translation of the 'Star-Spangled Banner'
A translations of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish. Page 5.

'The Star-Spangled Banner' Translated to Spanish
A translations of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish. Page 2.

7 Phrases that Use the Spanish Verb "Hacer"
The Spanish verb

Omission of the Definite Article in Spanish
Learn when Spanish uses or omits the definite article.

Use and Omission of the Definite Article
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Halloween in Spanish
List of Spanish words relating to Halloween.

'Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish Translation
Here are translations of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' to Spanish.

'The Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish
A translation of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish. Page 3.

Adopted and Borrowed Spanish Words Enrich English
Here is a list of dozens of English words that have been imported to English from Spanish. Page 3.

Spanish Cellphone or Texting Abbreviations
Quickly send text messages in Spanish on your cellphone using this list of popular abbreviations.

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Sentir
Conjugation of the irregular Spanish verb

Hurricane Etymology
An explanation of how a Caribbean word became the Spanish word

Definition of Demonstrative Adjective or Determiner
Definition of

How Did Cristóbal Colón Become Christoper Columbus?
Find out why the Spanish name and the English name of Christopher Columbus are so different.

Using the Spanish Verb Jugar
The Spanish verb

Spanish Astronomy Words
Here is a list of the many common Spanish words you would use in discussing astronomy.

Using Gendered Pronouns in Spanish To Mean 'It'
Gendered Spanish pronouns such as

Grammar Glossary for Spanish Students
Grammar terms you need to know if you're studying Spanish, and many will come in handy in your studies of English as well.

Saying Maybe or Perhaps in Spanish
Here are five ways you can say

Incluir and Other Spanish Verbs Ending in -cluir
Learn how to use the Spanish verbs

Transportation in Spanish
List of the Spanish words for common types of transportation, with sample sentences at a beginning-to-intermediate level.

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Conveying Change in Emotion
One common use of reflexive verbs in Spanish is to indicate a change in emotion.

Definition of Conditional Tense
This definition of the conditional tense from our Grammar Glossary for Spanish Students includes a full explanation and sample sentences.

Libre in Spanish
How to use the Spanish adjective

Animal Sounds in Spanish — Talking Like the Animals
Here are the sounds that the animals make in Spanish. They aren't necessarily the same as they make in English.

Using the Spanish Phrase "A Pesar De"
The Spanish phrase

Spanish Words From Greek Ending in '-ma' Often Masculine
Many Spanish nouns that end in

Introduction to Spanish Verb Conjugation
Understand the concept of verb conjugation as it is used in Spanish and English.

"Hay Que," "Tener Que" and Similar Spanish Phrases
This Spanish lesson explains statements of necessity such as

Translating Feel to Spanish

Types of Spanish Pronouns
Learn how various types of pronouns function in Spanish. Lesson includes examples as well as links to advanced lessons.

When Not To Use the Personal A of Spanish
Although the general rule is that a personal

Why English "Pretend" and Spanish "Pretender" Are False Friends
Although the English verb

Pronouncing the Spanish T

Spanish Capitalization
Learn how capital letters are used (or not) in Spanish. This is part of the Real Spanish Grammar series, which looks at Spanish the way it is used in real life.

Spanish-English Dictionaries
Collection of Spanish-English dictionaries available for purchase

Top Spanish-Language Movies, Ranked by U.S. Popularity
Descriptions of the most popular Spanish-language movies for U.S. audiences.

Top Spanish-Language Movies, Ranked by U.S. Popularity
Descriptions of the most popular Spanish-language movies for U.S. audiences.

Spanish Verbs Oír and Escuchar
How to use the Spanish verbs

Using the Spanish Verb Doler
11 sample sentences using the Spanish verb

Spanish-Language Hits You May Have Heard
A collection of Spanish-language songs that have been heard at one time or another on English-language radio in the United States

Why is Estados Unidos Abbreviated as EE.UU.?
Why is the abbreviation for

Using Spanish Gerunds Without an Auxiliary Verb
Although Spanish gerunds are frequently used with the verb

Spanish Phrases Using Bailar
Spanish has a handful of common phrases that use the word

The Subjunctive: A Quiz - Spanish Language
Do you know the rules of written Spanish? Find out with this self-correcting quiz, from your Guide

The Subjunctive: A Quiz - Spanish Language
Do you know the rules of written Spanish? Find out with this self-correcting quiz, from your Guide

Words Spanish and English Share: Alfabeto and Alphabet
A look at the origins of the English word

A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish
Review of 'A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish' by Butt and Benjamin.

Using the Spanish Verb Mandar
A look at how 'mandar' and related Spanish verbs are used, with sample sentences.

What in Spanish
Here are five ways you can translate the English word

Gender of Nouns in Spanish
In Spanish, nouns can be classified into two categories, masculine and feminine. This lesson explains the concept of grammatical gender and gives examples of what difference it makes.

The @ or At Symbol in Spanish
Learn how the

Phrases Using 'Conocer'
Learn colloquial uses for the verb

'Pagar' and Related Spanish Verbs
How to use the Spanish verb

Adiós Scout
Here's a traditional Spanish-language song sung to the tune of

Real Spanish Grammar: Index of Lessons
Index of lessons in the Real Spanish Grammar series based on Spanish as it is used in real life.

4 Spanish Verbs Ending in '-scender'
Learn how to use the Spanish verbs

Using the Spanish Preposition 'A'
A paragraph from a Spanish newspaper shows three ways in which the preposition

Gender of Spanish Acronyms
An explanation using real-life examples of how acronyms obtain gender in Spanish.

The Neuter Gender in Spanish
Although it isn't as common in Spanish as it is in German and some other languages, Spanish does have a neuter form.

Pronouncing the Spanish G and J
Learn and hear how Spanish speakers pronounce the G and J.

10 Facts About Gender in Spanish
Learning Spanish? This list of important facts about the use of gender will come in handy.

The Definite Article in Spanish
Definite articles are often used in Spanish where they're omitted in English. The only definite article in English is

Volunteer Agencies Using Spanish Speakers
Here is a listing of agencies that have programs in Spanish-speaking areas. Not all require fluency.

Translating the English Verb Would in Spanish
Because the English verb

Using "Aceptar" and Related Spanish Verbs
Learn how to use the Spanish verbs

2 Spanish Verbs for To Know: Saber and Conocer
Know the difference between the two Spanish verbs for

More Confusing Spanish Verb Pairs
These pairs of Spanish verbs are often translated alike, yet their meanings are different.

Spanish Names for Fruits
Spanish words for the common fruits as well as some uncommon ones.

Spanish Sequence of Tenses
This Spanish lesson explains how you can know whether to use the subjunctive mood in the present tense or the imperfect (past) tense.

Here and There: Spanish Adverbs of Location
In English, things are here or there, but in Spanish they can be here, there or over there.

Forming Phrases in Spanish Using De

Differences Between the Spanish Verbs "Haber" and "Estar"
The Spanish verbs

Writing Dates in Spanish
Learn how native Spanish speakers write dates from the calendar.

Saying 'I Love You': 'Te Amo' or 'Te Quiero'?
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Is "I Love You" in Spanish "Te Amo" or "Te Quiero"?

Names of Family Members in Spanish
Learn how to refer to the members of your family in Spanish.

Spanish Verbs Derived from Ver
Here is a look at Spanish words related to

Definition of Pluperfect
A basic explanation of the pluperfect verb tense as it is used in Spanish and English, with examples in both languages.

Spanish Idioms Using "Haber"
Many everyday Spanish phrases use the verb

Translating "Ago" in Spanish
In English, we talk about something happening a certain time ago. Learn how to express the same idea in Spanish.

Using 'Ser' and 'Estar' With Past Participles
To say something is prohibited, do you say

Reflexive Spanish Verbs With an Indirect Object
Here's how to make sense of a Spanish sentence such as

Imperfect Subjunctive Verbs in Spanish
How to use the imperfect tense of Spanish subjunctive verbs, with sample sentences and translations.

Infinitives in Spanish
How to use infinitives in Spanish, and how their use differs from that of English. Numerous sample sentences with translations are provided.

Which Letters Are in the Spanish Alphabet?
Learn the Spanish alphabet, with background on pronunciation and how the alphabet has changed over the centuries.

Morning in Spanish and Others Words for the Time of Day
Here are phrases you can use to refer to morning and other times of the day in Spanish when you don't have to specify an exact time.

Using the Spanish Verb Pedir
Thirteen sample sentences demonstrate how to use the Spanish verb

Using Lo Que To Form Noun Phrases in Spanish
A Spanish-language news article is used to demonstrate the real-life use of

How To Say Both in Spanish
You can say

2 Forms of the Imperfect Subjunctive in Spanish
Why does Spanish have two forms of the imperfect subjunctive? And do they mean exactly the same thing?

Use of the Spanish Subjunctive With Cuando
When to use the subjunctive mood after

How To Use the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish
A lesson on when the subjunctive mood should be used in Spanish, complete with translated examples.

Using the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish (Part 2)
A look at when the subjunctive mood is used in English, which may be helpful to some Spanish students. Page 2.

Phrases and Expressions Using the Spanish Verb Tener

Spanish Progressive Verb Forms
Explanation of progressive verb tenses, also known as continuous verb tenses, in Spanish.

Gustar Rules in Spanish Inconsistently Applied
The rules for singular vs. plural use of

Mexican National Anthem

Two Spanish Verbs Meaning To Clean
How to use the Spanish verbs

Collective Numbers in Spanish
Numerical collectives are used much more in Spanish than they are in English. In fact, many such collectives have no single-word English equivalent.

Irregular Spanish Past Participles
Here is a list of some of the most common irregular past participles of Spanish.

Using Le With Certain Spanish Verbs

Spanish Verbs Morir and Morirse
The differences between the Spanish verb

Indefinite Pronouns of Spanish
An explanation of how to use indefinite pronouns, which don't refer to a particular person or thing, in Spanish.

Expressing Obligation in Spanish
The most common way of saying in Spanish that someone has to or ought to do something is to use the verb

Malo, Mala and Mal — Being Bad in Spanish
How to use the words

More About Por and Para
Lesson for intermediate to advanced Spanish students on the differences between the prepositions

Using the Spanish Verb Trabajar
A dozen samle sentences showing how the Spanish verb

Spanish Language
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Embarrassing Moments While Learning Spanish
People learning Spanish share the mistakes they have lived to regret (or else to laugh at).

Spanish Language
Spanish Language. Page 3.

Spanish Compound Past Tenses
Spanish has several compound past tenses that provide nuances of meaning well beyond the imperfect and preterite tenses.

Using the Subjunctive Mood in Spanish To Express Uncertainty
One common purpose of the subjunctive mood is to indicate uncertainty. This can be done in Spanish even in cases where the English translation would be ambiguous.

Spanish Words That Break the Gender Rule
As a general rule, Spanish words that end in

The Spanish You Need To Know if You're Traveling and Don't Know Spanish
Here's what you should know if you're traveling in a Spanish-speaking country and can't find someone who speaks English.

How Do You Translate This Spanish Proverb?
An explanation of how to discover the meaning of

Irregular Spanish Past Participles That Change in Form
Some Spanish past participles take different forms depending on whether they used as verbs or adjectives.

5 Ways of Classifying Spanish Nouns
Spanish nouns can be classified by number, gender and countability, among others.

Using the Spanish Verb Vivir With Prepositions
Examples of simple phrases formed by using the Spanish verb

Differences in Spanish and English Spelling
If you can spell in English, you have a head start with spelling in Spanish.

Improve Your Spanish Spelling
Here is a list of words Spanish words that are spelled significantly differently than their English counterparts. Page 2.

Two-Letter Words in Spanish
If you play games such as Scrabble, Wordfeud or Apalabrados in Spanish, you'll appreciate this list of two-letter words, complete with definitions.

Demonstrative Pronouns of Spanish
An explanation and complete list of the demonstrative pronouns of Spanish with examples of their use.

Admitir, Transmitir and Other Spanish Verbs Ending in '-mitir'
Definitions and sample sentences for Spanish verbs such as

Spanish Conjugation of Morir
Here are the simple conjugations for the Spanish verb

Definition of Possessive Adjective
Definition of

When To Use the Familiar Forms of 'You' in Spanish
The fact that Spanish has two sets of pronouns that mean

Spanish Singular Nouns Joined by 'O'
In English, two singular nouns joined by

Challenging Spanish Words Beginning With T
Here are more than a dozen Spanish words beginning with

Verb Tenses in Spanish
In the basic sense, the verb tenses are past, present and future. But when learning a foreign language, including Spanish, it's seldom that simple.

Progressive Verbs in Spanish
Learn how to use progressive verb forms in Spanish. It is important to realize they are less common than in English.

Using Progressive Verb Forms
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Definition of Coordinating Conjunction
Definition of

Spanish Nouns of Ambiguous Gender
Spanish has about three dozen nouns that can be masculine or feminine depending on who is using them.

Using "A" in Spanish To Mean "In The Style Of"
The Spanish preposition

Spanish Word of the Day: Toro
Learn a new Spanish word each day.

Why Don't I Hear Spanish Words Correctly?
A look at the effects of elision, which is a fancy way of saying that words run together.

How To Talk About Wondering in Spanish
Although it is possible to translate the English verb '

Spanish Use of 'Haber' — The Perfect Tenses in Spanish
Like the verb

Spanish Expressions Using Ir
Like its equivalent in English,

Challenging Spanish Words Beginning With E
Here are more than a dozen Spanish words beginning with

"Estar" for Beginning Spanish Students
Learn how the Spanish verb

How To Give Advice in Spanish
You can give advice in Spanish using direct commands, the subjunctive mood or through the use of verbs such as

Spanish Verbs Similar to Gustar
Spanish has a number of verbs that are much like

Present Progressive Tense of Spanish
How to use the present progressive tense in Spanish, and how it's different than the simple present tense.

Using Ver in Spanish Expressions and Phrases
Spanish expressions using '

Spanish Words of Possession
A look the different ways in which Spanish can indicate who owns or is in possession of something. With numerous sample sentences and translations.

Context Required for Translating Words
This lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series uses a tweet from Hillary Clinton to illustrate the importance of context in translating words.

Spanish Translation of To Turn
A look at the diverse ways in which the English verb

Adjectival Present Participles in Spanish
English adjectives based on verbs and ending in

"Por" or "Para"? Reader Questions Translation
An answer to the question: Why is

Pronouncing the D in Spanish
Lesson in pronouncing the D of Spanish, including a brief accompanying audio lesson featuring native speakers.

Indicating Possession in Spanish
Spanish has several ways of indicating possession, since you can't use the apostrophe followed by

Splitting Verbs Usually a No-No in Spanish
Although it is common to insert words between an auxiliary verb and main verb in English, the same shouldn't be done in Spanish.

Translating Attributive Nouns to Spanish
Spanish doesn't allow you to use adjectives as nouns in the way that English does. Here's what you can do instead.

Pronouncing the Spanish K and Q in Spanish
How to pronounce the Spanish K and Q. Brief lesson includes a short audio file so you can hear the pronunciation from native speakers.

Exclamations in Spanish
Two dozen examples of how exclamations or exclamatory sentences are used in Spanish.

I Want To Talk with a Native Spanish Speaker
If you're learning Spanish or another foreign language, here's some advice on how to go about finding a native speaker to talk with.

Spanish Word Order in Forming Sentences
As you read or listen to everyday Spanish, you will notice that many sentences don't follow the usual subject-comes-first pattern.

Using the Spanish Pronoun Nadie
Here are the ways in which

Spanish Suffix -dumbre
Explanation of the Spanish suffix

Making Words Plural in Spanish
Here are the rules for making words plural in Spanish.

Present Participles in Spanish, Also Known as Gerunds
Learn how present participles, also known as gerunds, are used in Spanish. They typically are the equivalent of

Translating "For" in Spanish Time Expressions
There are several ways in which the word

5 Differences Between Spanish and English Object Pronouns
A look at the ways in which Spanish and English treat object pronouns differently, with links to related lessons.

Spanish Words Derived From Hacer
Words derived from 'hacer,' with sample sentences.

Spanish Verbs Related to Parar
A look at the Spanish verbs related to

Using the Spanish Suffix "-miento"
Learn about the Spanish suffix

Spanish Verbs Ending in -vertir —
A look at the Spanish verbs ending in '-vertir,' with sample sentences and translations.

Use of the Present Tense in Spanish for Actions That Started in the Past
In Spanish, it is common to use the present tense in cases where we'd use a past tense in English. This lesson explains the common instances with examples.

Building Your Spanish Vocabulary: Prefixes
Spanish and English share many prefixes. Understanding them can help you expand your vocabulary more quickly.

Spanish Subordinating Phrases of Time, or Explaining in Spanish When Events Take Place
Spanish has numerous phrases that are used to explain when events take place. Often, these phrases act like a subordinating conjunction.

Pronouncing the P in Spanish

Definition of False Friend

Pronouncing the N in Spanish
The N of Spanish has three distinct sounds. We use roughly the same sounds in English for the N at times, although we may not realize it.

The Four 'Porqués' of Spanish
They sound alike but they have different uses: Understand the differences between

Don Quijote — An Overview of the Influential Spanish Novel by Miguel de Cervantes
Learn why Miguel de Cervantes' novel about Don Quijote has remained so popular. Page 2.

Using the Spanish Verb Faltar
A look at how the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Preposition En in Expressions
The Spanish preposition

Spanish Gerund Following Verbs Other Than Estar
Here are five Spanish verbs in addition to

Dentro, Fuera, Adentro and Afuera
How to use the Spanish adverbs

Company Names Often Feminine in Spanish
The letter that a company name ends in typically has nothing to do with the company name's grammatical gender.

Rodeo, a Word We Share in Spanish and English
Because parts of the western United States were once part of Mexico, many words associated with rodeo come to us from Spanish.

Pronouncing the U in Spanish
How to pronounce the

Attaching Pronouns to Verbs in Spanish
Learn about the three instances where it is common to attach Spanish pronouns to verbs, making them into single words.

Using Ser With an Indirect Object in Spanish
It may look strange to people who speak English as a first language, but in Spanish it is very common to use an indirect object pronoun with

Direct-Object Pronouns in Spanish
Learn what direct-object pronouns are and how they are used in Spanish.

Approximations in Spanish
How to give approximations in Spanish rather than using exact figures.

Using the Spanish Past Participle To Begin Phrases
Using the past participles in Spanish to begin phrases, often in ways that don't have a direct English equivalent.

Where Is Spanish Spoken Outside Spain and Latin America?
It's common knowledge that Spanish is the language of most of Spain and most of Latin America. But there are other places where Spanish is spoken as well.

Spanish Adverbs Not Ending in '-Mente'
While most Spanish adverbs end in

11 Challenging Words Starting With A for Spanish Students
A common preposition, false friends and some spelling look-alikes can easily trip up Spanish students.

Using the Spanish Phrase Ser De
Using the Spanish phrase 'ser de' to indicate origin or qualities.

Definite Article in Spanish Used With Some Country Names, Personal Titles
A look at how Spanish uses definite articles with some country names and personal titles. A lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series.

Using Hyphens in Spanish
Hyphens aren't used much in Spanish. Here's a quick lesson when to use and avoid them.

Spanish-Language Schools in Peru
List of Spanish-language schools in Peru.

Using Spanish Adjectives as Adverbs
Some Spanish adjectives such as

Translating So to Spanish
A look at the various ways

Using Spanish Object Pronouns Redundantly
A look at the ways in which object pronouns such as

Verbs Related to 'Probar'
The verbs derived from

'Para Qué' vs. 'Por Qué'
The Spanish phrases

Conjugating Spanish Verbs in the Conditional Tense
An easy-to-understand lesson in how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the conditional mood.

The Conditional Tense of Spanish
A description of the conditional tense in Spanish with examples and their translations.

Uses of the Spanish Future Tense
The future tense in Spanish is used not only to refer to the future, but also for other purposes as well.

How To Say "Might" in Spanish
Spanish doesn't have an auxiliary verb that's the equivalent of the English

Expressing Fear
The two most common ways of expressing fear in Spanish are

Conjugation of Regular Spanish Verbs in the Subjunctive Mood
How to conjugate the regular verbs of Spanish in the various tenses of the subjunctive mood.

Tense When Using the Subjunctive Mood of Spanish
A guide to deciding which tense to use in the subjunctive mood of Spanish.

Silent Letters in Spanish Other Than H
It is well-known that the letter

The Personal A of Spanish
The Spanish preposition

Using the Spanish Pronoun Se
Learn about the uses of the Spanish pronoun

Language School: An Inside Look
Thinking about going abroad to study a foreign language? Here's an inside look at what it is like to study in an immersion school.

Spanish Language
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Saying Thanks in Spanish
Learn several ways of saying thanks or expressing appreciation in Spanish.

Definition of 'Present Participle' - Grammar Glossary for Spanish and English
A brief explanation of present participles and how they function in Spanish and English.

Say It Right in Spanish
The English word

Reflexive Verbs Frequently Used in Spanish
A look at how reflexive verbs are used in Spanish, based on sentences in an article about St. Valentine.

Pronouncing the M of Spanish
How to pronounce the

Using the Spanish Word Claro

Inverted Question and Exclamation Marks in Spanish
Spanish was the first language to use upside-down question and exclamation marks.

Making Nouns and Adjectives Plural - Spanish Grammar
Spanish and English have similar ways of making nouns plural. But there are some significant differences you need to know.

Use of Estar and Ser with Adjectives of Marital Status
When used with adjectives of marital status,

10 Facts About Spanish Verb Tenses
Spanish verb tenses involve a lot more than past, present and future. These facts will come in handy as you learn and use Spanish.

Past Participles in Spanish
Past participles are words, common in both Spanish and English, that have characteristics of verbs and adjectives.

Definition of Indicative
Definition of 'indicative' as used in English and Spanish grammar.

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Vivir
The conjugation of

Spanish Subordinating Phrases of Condition
A quick look at the Spanish phrases used for saying things such as

Usiing the Spanish Verb Cambiar
A look at how the Spanish verb

Using Compound Prepositions in Spanish — Sample Sentences
Real-life examples of the use of prepositional phrases or compound prepositions in Spanish.

Names of Occupations and Job Titles in Spanish
List of common occupation names in Spanish with an explanation of the gender rules that apply to them.

Translating When Words Have No English Equivalents
How do you translate Spanish when English doesn't have the words for what you need to say?

Using Alguno and Algunos in Spanish
This lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series looks at how

Collective Nouns in Spanish
A look at how collective nouns such as

More About Indirect Objects in Spanish
Spanish uses indirect object pronouns in many cases where they aren't used in English.

Using Tener and the Personal A in Spanish
A look at the use of tener and the personal

Challenging Spanish Words Beginning With D
Here are 12 words that challenge Spanish students along with their meanings and sample sentences.

Spanish Infinitives Have Characteristics of Nouns and Verbs
A look at how infinitives in Spanish can function as both verbs and nouns. This is a lesson in the Real Spanish Grammar series, in which a sentence from a Spanish publication is analyzed.

Spanish Imperfect and Preterite Tenses Serve Different Purposes
A selection from the Spanish-language novel

Using Definite Articles in Spanish
An in-depth look at a Spanish sentence and how it uses definite articles.

Use of De Que in Spanish
A news article shows how

Spanish Words Become Our Own
Here is a list of dozens of English words that have been imported to English from Spanish. Page 2.

Definition of Collective Noun
Examples of collective nouns include

Using El With Certain Spanish Feminine Nouns
Although Spanish usually uses

Challenging Spanish Words Beginning With B

Spanish-Language Resources About Martin Luther King
Resources in Spanish about Martin Luther King.

Using the Spanish Verb Gastar
The Spanish verb

Spanish Nouns, Adjectives Must Match in Gender
A look at how gender agreement works in Spanish, using an excerpt from a Cuban tourism promotion.

Using the Spanish Conjunction Ni
How to use the Spanish conjunction

¿Detrás or Atrás — Which Spanish Adverb Should I Use?
The Spanish adverbs

Pronouncing the Spanish L
How to pronounce the Spanish

10 Spanish-Language Movies You Can Watch on Netflix
Improve your Spanish listening skills with this diverse set of Spanish-language films available for streaming on Netflix.

Spanish Influenza Vocabulary
List of words frequently used in the Spanish media to refer to influenza.

Spanish Verbs of Becoming
Spanish has no single verb that means

Spanish Can Use Singular Where English Uses Plural
Answer to a question about why the singular form is used in a Spanish sentence such as

Progressive Perfect Tenses of Spanish
An explanation of the progressive perfect tense in Spanish along with sample sentences and translations.

Definition of Idiom

Using the Spanish Verb Correr

Definition of Gerund
Definition of

Why is There So Much English on Spanish-Language Websites?
Find out why Spanish-language Web sites have so many words in English.

Selfi Named Spanish Word of the Year
An English term adapted from social media was named the Spanish word of the year by a leading language organization.

10 Facts About Spanish Pronouns
What you need to learn about pronouns if you're learning Spanish.

Spanish Verbs of Happiness
Spanish verbs related to happiness and how to use them.

Reflexiones navideñas — Christmas thoughts (in Spanish)
Pensamientos sobre la Navidad y su significado.

What Is the Best Online Spanish-English Dictionary?
Update: Readers' Choice Awards winners.Although there are numerous sites online where you can look up translations of English and Spanish words, three stood out

What Is the Best iOS App for People Learning Spanish?
Update: Readers' Choice Awards winners.Of the three software categories for this year's Spanish Language Readers' Choice Awards, this was the most

English-Spanish Political Glossary
Glossary of English political terms translated to Spanish.


O Holy Night in Spanish

Terms of Arithmetic in Spanish
Here are the basic terms of arithmetic as used in Spanish.

How To Build Your Spanish Vocabulary
This collection of lessons and other resources is designed to help Spanish students increase the number of words in their vocabulary.

Which Online Translator Is Best?
Five online translators are put to the test by's Guide to the Spanish Language.

Which Online Translator Is Best (Page 2)
Page 2 of a feature about online translation

Does 'Sí, Se Puede' Mean 'Yes, We Can'?
Sí, se puede has become a rallying cry at many pro-immigration events across the United States in past few days, and most of the news media have

Introduction to Spanish Adverbs — Spanish Grammar
Learn about the types of adverbs in Spanish and how they are used.

Using the Spanish Preposition Con
Although the Spanish preposition

Using Infinitives after Prepositions in Spanish
Learn the ways in which Spanish uses infinitives after prepositions.

Spanish-Language Hits You May Have Heard
A collection of Spanish-language songs that have been heard at one time or another on English-language radio in the United States

Double Negatives in Spanish
Double negatives are considered substandard in English. But in Spanish they are often required. This lesson explains how.

Pronouncing the Spanish R
The Spanish 'r' can be a challenge for some people when learning pronunciation.

Saying "Want" in Spanish
Learn the ways you can express the verb

Spanish Words for Work
Here the most common ways you can translate the English word 'work' to Spanish. Sample sentences are included.

Deber — Expressing Obligation and Likelihood in Spanish
How to use the Spanish verb

Saying the Pronoun It in Spanish — Spanish Grammar
How do you say 'it' in Spanish? This lesson explains.

Reciprocal and Reflexive Sentence Construction in Spanish
Reciprocal and reflexive sentences can be ambiguous in Spanish. Here's an explanation of how to indicate the difference.

Making Adverbs From Adjectives in Spanish
Just as in English it is common to create an adverb by adding the

Using Bueno As an Interjection In Spanish
How to use the Spanish word

Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Hablar
Conjugation of the regular Spanish verb

Tips for Learning Irregular Verb Conjugations in Spanish
Here are some ways to simplify your learning of Spanish irregular verbs.

Why el agua instead of la agua?
Both agua and águila, which mean

Do Su and Tu Mean the Same Thing?
From the mailbox: Is su synonymous with tu? Are the terms interchangeable? Is there a better use for one vs. the other? Both su and tu are possessive

German Roots of Mexican Music
It's no coincidence that some traditional Mexican music sounds vaguely German.

Follow the News Online in Spanish
Keep up on your daily news and improve your ability to read Spanish at the same time.

Proverbial Spanish
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Spanish Proverbs
A small collection of Spanish-language proverbs with English translations on a separate page.

Spanish Words for Get
Learn many ways in which you can translate the English verb

Translating Idioms Using "Get"
Spanish Language. Page 2.

How Can I Increase My Spanish Vocabulary? - Spanish Students Offer Advice
It's a problam most learners of a foreign language face: How can I increase the number of words I know? Here, language students share what has worked for them.

How Can I Increase My Vocabulary?
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Derecho and Derecha — Spanish Vocabulary
The Spanish words

Using the Spanish Verb Poner
Sample Spanish sentences with translations that demonstrate the many uses of the verb

Spanish Phrases Using 'Poner' — Spanish Vocabulary
This lesson covers some of the common Spanish phrases using 'poner.'. Page 2.

Using the Spanish Verb Tomar
More than a dozen sample sentences show how the Spanish verb

Currencies of Spanish-Speaking Countries
Names, symbol and subdivisions of currency of the countries where Spanish is an official language.

Using the Spanish Verb Buscar
How to use the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb Gustar Meaning To Like
Learn how to use the Spanish verb

'Haber De' — Spanish Grammar
'Haber de' can be used to express obligation or probability in Spanish.

Using Gustar in Spanish To Say You Like Something
The Spanish verb

Pronouncing the Difficult Consonants of Spanish
How to pronounce the consonants of Spanish that are quite different from their English counterparts. Lesson includes links to more detailed lessons and audio files.

Pronouncing the Easy Consonants of Spanish
Learn which Spanish consonants are pronounced almost exactly like their English counterparts.

Pronouncing the Spanish W
The W in Spanish is found in words of foreign origin, and it is not always pronounced the same way.

Is the G of Guacamole Silent — Spanish Pronunciation
Answer to a question about Spanish pronunciation.

Word Order in Spanish
An explanation of how Spanish is more flexible than is English in terms of word order.

Using Negation: "No" and Related Words in Spanish
Learn how to use Spanish words that mean

Reflexive Pronouns in Spanish
Learn how reflexive pronouns are used in Spanish. Example sentences are included.

The Spanish Preposition "Para"
How to use the Spanish preposition

Spanish Grammar: Saying 'Any' in Spanish
The English word 'any' can be translated to Spanish in various ways, depending on how it is used in a sentence.

Using Mismo in Spanish To Indicate Sameness or Add Emphasis
How to use the Spanish word

Caperucita Roja — 'Little Red Riding Hood' in Spanish
Spanish-language version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' with vocabulary guide.

Caperucita Roja
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Ways of Saying "Very" in Spanish

Using 'Se' with Verbs To Express the English Passive Voice
Spanish often uses reflexive verbs as a way of indicating that some sort of action is done without indicating who or what performed the action.

Spanish Surnames
Did you know that people in Spanish-speaking countries have surnames that come from both the father and the mother?

Commands and Requests in Spanish Without the Imperative Mood
Here are ways to give commands in Spanish without using the imperative mood.

Spanish for Beginners
Are you thinking about learning Spanish? Here's an introduction to one of the world's great languages.

Trabalenguas — Tongue Twisters in Spanish
If these don't trip your tongue, nothing will.

Tongue Twisters with Translations
Spanish Language. Page 2.

Do Spanish Speakers Talk Faster than English Speakers?
Do people who speak Spanish really speak faster than those who speak English, or does it just seem that way?

O Come All Ye Faithful in Spanish
Spanish translation of the popular Christmas carol

Away in a Manger in Spanish
These are the Spanish lyrics for the Christmas carol

Conjugation of Dar
Conjugation for all the simple tenses of

Asking Questions in Spanish
Learn how to ask questions in Spanish

Spanish Baby Names — Nombres de nenes
This is a list of dozens of Spanish names that can be given for baby boys, along with their English equivalents and original meanings.

Spanish Conjugation for the Present Indicative Tense
Lesson for beginners on conjugating the most common of verb tenses, the present indicative.

Formal and Informal 'You' - Spanish Grammar for Beginners
This lesson explains the different words that Spanish uses for 'you.' It includes an explanation of formal and informal usage.

Conjugation of 'Haber' — Spanish Verbs
Conjugation of the Spanish verb 'haber'

Spanish Indefinite Adjectives
Learn how the indefinite adjectives in Spanish are used differentlly than the ones of English.

Definition of the Perfect Tense
A brief explanation of the perfect tenses with examples in English and Spanish.

Definition of Orthographic Accent
Definition of

Spanish Verbs of Remembering and Forgetting
How to use Spanish verbs that mean

Since in Spanish
The translation of

Slang and Regional Spanish-Language Dictionaries
Spanish has plenty of words that aren't understood throughout the Spanish-speaking world. These dictionaries can help you deal with words that are primarily used in a certain area or among certain groups of people.

Using the Spanish Verb Bastar
One common way to express the idea of

Using the Spanish Verb Beber
How to use the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb Sentir
How to use the Spanish verb

Prepositional Object Pronouns in Spanish
In both Spanish and English, a preposition needs an object in order to be

Spanish Words for Half
The concept of the English word 'half' can be conveyed several ways in Spanish.

Saying "Supposed To" in Spanish
How to say

Referring to Ages of People in Spanish
How old are you? How old is everyone else? Learn how to ask and answer the questions in Spanish.

Impersonal Statements in Spanish and the Subjunctive Mood
The subjunctive mood in Spanish is typically used after statements in the form

Using the Semicolon in Spanish
The semicolon is frequently used incorrectly; this lesson explains how to use it correctly in Spanish.

Spanish-Language Palindromes
Here's a look at some Spanish palindromes, words or sentences that are spelled the same backward and forward.

How It Makes a Difference Where the Spanish Adjective Goes
Whether a descriptive adjective comes before or after the noun it modifies can affect how it is understood in Spanish.

Words Spanish and English Share: Gracia and Grace
The English word

Here Are 3 Uses for Antes
From the mailbox (links have been added):I like to use your website topics/articles with my students.We were looking at your newsletter topic/article about

Talking About the Weather
From the mailbox:I have a question regarding the article about the weather. In Spanish class, years ago I learned to say such phrases as

What Is Spanish for 'Foster Child'?
Spanish Language.

How Can I Learn To Write Better?
Spanish Language.

Ninguno Usually Used in Singular Form
From the mailbox, a question about the example ofNo quiero ningún libro. I don't want any books.from the lesson on indefinite adjectives:In the 1st line,

Caer Can Be Used Similarly to Gustar
From the mailbox:How do you use the idiom caerse bien/mal? For example, how would you say,

How Do You Say 'It' in Spanish?
If you've learned Spanish for more than a few weeks, you probably know that él typically means

Go for It With Pa'lante
Spanish Language.

Spanish vs. French
Which language is more useful, Spanish or French? The question is prompting a lively discussion in our forum. Here's one viewpoint, the one I agree with:

How Good Is Online Translation, and Which Site Does It Best?
Spanish Language.

Spain's Equivalent of April Fools' Day is Dec. 28
If you should be in a Spanish-speaking country today and play a joke on your friends and follow that up with a shout of

How Would You Translate 'Let It Go'?
A look at the two ways Disney has translated the song 'Let It Go.'

What Does "Llano Estacado" Mean?
From the mailbox (link added): I have a question regarding the meaning of Llano Estacado. It is a plain in the Southwestern USA and I have read that it was

Is She Amor Mío or Amor Mía?
From the mailbox: This is about long forms of possessive adjectives like mío/a, tuyo/a, etc., which change with the number and gender of the nouns they

¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!
If you're celebrating St. Valentine's Day today, you might assume that people in Spanish-speaking countries are celebrating el Día de San

How Are You Today?
How do you answer if someone asks you,

Two Letters Dropped From Spanish Alphabet
It's official: The Spanish alphabet now has 27 letters. Despite Internet campaigns and objections from language purists, delegates to a Spanish Royal Academy

Here, There and Over There: Aquí, Ahí and Allí
In broad terms, in English we might think of things as being in one of two places, here or there. But in Spanish, the adverbs of location are a bit more

Is it el Internet or la Internet?
From the forum:

Using the Spanish Preposition Durante
The Spanish preposition

Augmentative Suffixes in Spanish
Although augmentative suffixes aren't as common in Spanish as diminutive suffixes, they are frequently used to expand vocabulary.

Expressing Certainty in Spanish
A look at how 'cierto,' 'seguro' and other words can be used to express certainty in Spanish. Sample sentences and translations are provided.

Accent Marks and Indirect Questions in Spanish
Beginning Spanish students may learn that words such as

10 Facts About Spanish Adverbs
10 important facts about Spanish adverbs with links to more than a dozen Spanish lessons.

Profile of Panama for Spanish Students
A brief look at Panama and its language, history and politics.

Collective Nouns and Verb Agreement in Spanish
Do collective nouns in Spanish go with a singular verb or a plural one?

Predicting Spanish Nouns From Related Verbs
If I know the Spanish verb, how can I predict what the related noun might be?

Dudar and Related Spanish Words
There's no need to doubt how you'll use the Spanish verb

Definition of Mood as a Grammar Term
Definition of

Using Al in Spanish Followed by an Infinitive
In Spanish, using the contraction

Negating Adjectives in Spanish
Spanish has at least five way you can make an adjective negative, as you can by adding

Expressing Disagreement in Spanish
Using phrases such as the equivalent of

Spanish Homophones — Spanish Vocabulary and Spelling
List of Spanish homophones and homonyms, words that sound alike and can easily be confused.

Spanish Vocabulary for Hotels and Other Lodging
Traveling to where Spanish is spoken? Here's a brief vocabulary that you can use at your hotel.

Is the Subjunctive Used after 'Opinar'?
An explanation of the usage (or lack of usage) of the subjunctive mood after verbs expressing opinions.

Translating 'Leave'
How you translate

Using the Spanish Verb Cargar
How to use the Spanish verb

Facts About the Dominican Republic for Spanish Students
A brief but informative look at the language, history and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Definition of Copulative Verb
Definition of a copulative verb with examples in Spanish and English.

Indicating Intent in Spanish
Here are the common ways to indicate intent in Spanish.

Using 'Meter'
How to use the Spanish verb 'meter,' with sample sentences and translations.

Definition of "Compound Verb"
Definition of

The Spanish Preposition Contra
The Spanish preposition

Using the Spanish Verb Hacer

Saying "There Were" in Spanish
While the grammar books say that

Using the Spanish Verb Mentir
How to use the Spanish verb

10 Facts About Spanish Verbs
10 facts about Spanish verbs with links to grammar lessons that students of Spanish will find useful.

Turning Spanish Adjectives Into Nouns
Almost any Spanish adjective can be turned into a noun. Here's how, along with many examples.

Using the Spanish Nouns Hombre and Mujer

Spanish Expressions Using the Verb Estar
A list of common Spanish expressions using the verb

Using the Spanish Verb Quedar
More so than most verbs,

Costa Rica for Spanish Students
Useful information about Costa Rica of special interest to people studying Spanish.

Am I Too Old To Learn Spanish? - Tips for the Young at Heart
So you're at middle age or beyond and thinking about learning a foreign language? Is this a realistic goal?

Spanish Adverbs of Quantity
This Spanish lesson discusses the adverbs of quantity such as

Using the Spanish Preposition Hasta

Pronouncing the Spanish O
Learn the subtle difference between the pronunciation of the

Pronouncing the Spanish E
A brief lesson on how to pronounce the Spanish

Pronouncing the Spanish I and Y
How to pronounce the Spanish vowel

Using the Apostrophe in Spanish
The apostrophe is quite rare in modern Spanish. Its uses in English should not be imitated.

Cerca and Other Related Spanish Words Indicating Closeness
Learn how to use 'cerca' and related Spanish words that suggest closeness or proximity. Sample sentences are included.

Spanish Preposition 'A'

Placement of Spanish Adverbs
Spanish adverbs are usually placed close to the words they modify. Unlike in English, they often can't simply be added to the end of a sentence.

Adverbs of Quantity
This Spanish lesson discusses the Spanish adverbs of quantity such as 'mucho,' 'muy' and 'tan.'. Page 2.

Definition of Article as a Grammatical Term
Definition of the grammatical term

Using the Spanish Noun Vez
Numerous examples of how the Spanish word

Saying 'Again' in Spanish
Spanish has three common ways of saying 'again.'

Gente and Pueblo as Singular Nouns in Spanish

Using the Spanish Adverb Despu&eacaute;s
How to use the Spanish adverb 'después' and the prepositional phrase 'después de.'

Spanish Verbs Derived From Decir
Thanks to the use of prefixes, several Spanish verbs are derived from the very common verb

Using the Spanish Verb Creer
An explanation, with sample sentences, of how to use the Spanish verb

Definition of Gender
Definition of gender as the term is used in Spanish grammar.

Basic Spanish Adjectives of Emotion
Happy, sad, bored or something else? Here's how to talk about emotions in Spanish.

Using the Spanish Verb "Comer"
Eat this up: An explanation of how the verb

Using the Spanish Verb Decir
Examples of how the irregular verb

Conjugations of Verbs Beginning With B
Links to conjugations of verbs beginning with B.

Person as a Grammatical Term
Explanation of what is meant by

Definition of Impersonal Verb
Definition of

Definition of Indefinite Article
Definition of the grammatical term

Using the Spanish Preposition Sin
More than a dozen sample sentences using the Spanish preposition

Spanish Expressions of Frequency
How often? This lesson explains the Spanish equivalents of terms such as

Getting the Most from a Language Class
Follow these tips to make a foreign-language class more than an academic exercise.

Using the Spanish Preposition Entre
The Spanish preposition

Using the Spanish Verb Salir
The Spanish verb

Des- and Related Spanish Prefixes
A look at how the Spanish prefix 'des-' and ones similar to it are used.

Spanish Prefix Super-
Use of the Spanish prefix

Spanish Prefix 'Mal-'
As in English, the Spanish prefix 'mal-' is used to indicate that something is bad, abnormal or otherwise not right.

Using the Spanish Word Bajo
How the Spanish word

The Spanish Adjective Grande
Explanation of how to use the Spanish adjective

Spanish Adverbs of Affirmation
Adverbs of affirmation as used in Spanish to add emphasis or reinforce that something is true.

Commands and Requests
Lessons on the imperative mood and other ways of making commands and requests in Spanish.

Saying Never in Spanish
Spanish has two main ways of saying

Spanish Verbs Related to 'Parecer'
The Spanish verbs related to

Using the Spanish Verb Dar
How to use the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Word Mucho
The Spanish word

Spanish Phrases Using Querer
A collection of sentences with phrases using the Spanish verb

Using the Spanish Verb Hablar
How the word 'hablar' is used in Spanish, along with examples and translations.

The Spanish Adverb Antes
How to use the Spanish adverb